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How to relieve pain with hemorrhoids

The attending physician will always tell you how to relieve pain with hemorrhoids and which methods are the safest for health.

Hemorrhoids are a disease that is not customary to speak out loud in public. Not all patients can normally survive these infernal pains, so you have to turn to specialists. A similar disease can occur in both men and women, regardless of age.

Experts say that methods of getting rid of unpleasant sensations can be very different. Both medication and simple home recipes can help in this process. If hemorrhoids really hurt, then it is better not to ignore it and be sure to consult a specialist. This way you can get rid of the pain and not harm yourself.


The main causes of unpleasant sensations with hemorrhoids

Many people still do not understand why hemorrhoids hurt. The fact is that in the patient all blood vessels in the anus become inflamed and infringed. In severely inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes, severe acute pains, and sometimes bleeding, also often occur. All these processes sooner or later provoke the appearance of thrombosis. Numerous inflammatory processes cause a severe spasm of the sphincter, on which a huge number of nerve endings are located. All of the above problems create pains that we sometimes can’t tolerate at all.

The nature and type of pain is determined primarily by the stage of development of the disease. How hemorrhoids hurt, everyone who has encountered this problem knows, but still the opinions of each will radically differ, because each patient has a different neglect of the problem. Most often, acute pain is felt. In milder forms of the disease, there is a slight burning sensation and itching around the anus. Sometimes in the process of stool, patients experience a feeling of fullness, which resembles constipation, although in fact nothing of the kind is observed.

During bowel movements, severe pain only increases. This is because feces damage the inflamed areas of the mucous membranes. Sometimes this is the main source of strong psychological problems. In this case, the patient knows that during the next trip to the toilet he will be tormented, which is very difficult to endure. Often people endure, just not to go to the toilet, and this develops the problem with even greater speed.

If thrombotic processes also affected the hemorrhoid, then in the anus an alien body can develop. But if this body also becomes inflamed, then the pain there will have a pulsating character.

Often, severe pain with hemorrhoids becomes so unbearable that a person can neither walk, nor sit, or lie down. In such cases, it is necessary not to anesthetize the problem, but to act on its pathogen.

Medication for discomfort

Before you independently start choosing anesthetic methods and means, you should definitely consult a doctor so as not to harm yourself. After talking with a specialist, it will immediately become clear how to remove pain with medication, and what means are prohibited.

Most experts argue that the most effective local drugs. If acute pain with hemorrhoids is unbearable, then no traditional remedies like paracetamol, analgin and other drugs will help.

Most often, we get rid of hemorrhoids with special candles that are injected into the anus at night or in the morning. If the pains are excessively strong, then even these forms of medications do not help. In this case, it is most advisable to take pills. To do this, they should be thoroughly crushed until a homogeneous powder is formed, and then put on the affected area.

The most rapid relief of pain with hemorrhoids is provided by candles, which are intended exclusively for the treatment of this ailment. In addition to the fact that this medication eliminates pain, it also contributes to a speedy recovery or at least attenuation of the inflammatory process. The composition of such candles, as a rule, includes calendula and sea buckthorn oil, which have unique analgesic and soothing properties. Among such funds, Relief candles can be distinguished. They are based on shark liver oil. At about the same level, ichthyol candles also help. They do an excellent job of relieving inflammation, so blood flow after the procedure improves significantly.

If the disease has passed into a more severe stage, you should use suppositories that act on the body like local anesthesia. These drugs will definitely cause relief in the affected area.

Candles with adrenaline can also eliminate pain. Such medications can act in 3 main directions: blocking nerve endings, relieving inflammation, relieving spasm of sphincter muscles.

It is the above medications that can remove all kinds of causes of unpleasant sensations and significantly accelerate the healing process.

How to relieve pain at home?

How to relieve pain with hemorrhoids with the help of medications is understandable. But nevertheless, it is not always possible to buy one or another remedy, but pain is being pursued, and it is necessary to get rid of it. Especially for such cases, even our ancestors were engaged in the search for effective folk remedies that everyone can afford. All these methods are based on one very serious factor - the cold. That cold is the main lever of influence on pain in the anus.

The easiest way to get rid of the symptoms of hemorrhoids is to use a cold compress. In order to carry out this procedure, it is necessary to take napkins and an antiseptic solution. As a solution, you can use a decoction of chamomile, calendula, nettle, plantain, wormwood and other plants. It is very important to apply cold liquid to the hemorrhoid cones that have fallen out, otherwise the outflow of blood will only worsen.

Such a recipe will remove all painful symptoms, inflammation, as well as eliminate muscle spasm. In the same herbs, you can take a bath. If you have severe hemorrhoids, baths should be taken as rarely as possible and exclusively in cool water.

Another method that helps eliminate pain is using candles made from ice. Before you enter them, you should repeatedly make sure that they are smooth and do not have any irregularities. If this is not followed, it will be very difficult to call them facilitating. They will only damage the mucous membrane, after which the patient’s condition will only worsen.

They relieve pain and potato compresses well. Often, candles are also made from cold raw potatoes. If such a procedure is not suitable for certain reasons, you should make a compress in the area where it hurts the most. For cooking, peel the potatoes, wash them thoroughly and cool. The slice of this vegetable is placed in the anus area and holds for 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, it is necessary to rinse the perineum with cool water to remove starch residues.

Warm lotions are appropriate only if the patient does not detect bleeding while going to the toilet. Keep warm lotions should be until the gauze cools. As a solution, both plain water and a decoction of chamomile, calendula, etc. can be used.

Now you know how to relieve hemorrhoids at home without the use of expensive drugs.


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What can not be treated with hemorrhoids?

Many people who have experienced pain with hemorrhoids do not know what to do, and therefore begin to try to apply a lot of ineffective, but simple ways to eliminate the pain.

One of these techniques is considered to be massage of the affected area. According to professionals, doing this is strictly prohibited. Thus, we intensify the pain and allow the hemorrhoidal lump to move closer to the anus. If, in the process, the lump nevertheless falls out, in no case should you try to straighten it. In such a situation, you need to urgently visit a doctor who will prescribe the right treatment or send you to the operating table.

Pain can be aggravated with constipation. Therefore, the patient must monitor his diet. Every day, everyone should consume a lot of vegetables and fruits, as well as at least 2 liters of clean water. In this case, the chair will be moderately hard, which will greatly facilitate the procedure for going to the toilet. If constipation does happen, you should immediately drink a laxative.

Now you know how to get rid of hemorrhoids pain at home. Before you start using even folk recipes, it is better to consult a proctologist about this.

Causes of pain in the disease

The mechanism of hemorrhoids development is the appearance of a hemorrhoidal node, which is formed due to a pathological increase in the cavernous node in the walls of the rectum. With the progression of the disease, the formations begin to grow rapidly, affecting more and more tissues, blood vessels and nerve receptors located in the rectal canal, which causes pain. The nature of the pain syndrome is affected by the location of the cavernous node, since the mechanism of the onset of pain during internal and external hemorrhoids has some differences.

The main reasons why hemorrhoids hurt:

  • The development of the inflammatory process (damage to the rectal mucosa).
  • Cracks in the anal canal (cause irritation of the soft tissues during bowel movement).
  • Firm feces (damage the mucous and soft tissue of the rectal canal, and anus).

As a rule, all of the listed reasons contributing to the fact that hemorrhoids hurt are combined, leading to a thinning of the connective tissue of the anal canal.

In the last stages of the disease, the connective tissue of the anus can be densified, which leads to severe edema, compressing the nerve endings of the hemorrhoidal nodes, involving more and more large areas of healthy tissues in the inflammatory process.

Relief of pain at different stages of pathology

The intensity and nature of the pain syndrome depends on the staging of the pathological process. Therefore, situations where hemorrhoids are very painful are found at the last stage of the disease, and pain is less pronounced at the initial stage. However, there are cases in which the pain syndrome has an atypical clinical picture. Therefore, the patient needs to know how to use pain medication to stop the pain syndrome at home.

Stage One

At the initial stage of the formation of the disease, pain is practically absent. Soreness can be observed after bowel movement, but by nature it is insignificant and short-lived.

With the progression of inflammation, pain intensifies. There are cases when the pain syndrome at the initial stage of the disease becomes acute. This phenomenon occurs in connection with the formation of foci of inflammation and the formation of cavernous nodes, when injured, which causes bleeding.

Pain syndrome lends itself well to complex drug treatment, for this, topical suppositories are used, which are used during an exacerbation of the disease. As a rule, analgesic suppositories contain anastatic substances in their composition.

The list of suppositories that help relieve pain with hemorrhoids at the initial stage of the disease:

  • Anastesolum (contains benzocaine, which effectively relieves pain).
  • Relief (promotes the healing of damaged tissues, thereby reducing pain).
  • Neo-anusole (the drug reveals an antispasmodic and anesthetic effect).
  • Procto-glivenol (contains lidocaine, therefore, has a pronounced analgesic effect).
  • Posterisan (prescribed for low-intensity pain).
  • Sea-buckthorn suppositories (by reducing the inflammatory process eliminates the pain).

Stage Two

This stage is manifested by an increase in cavernous formations, which, when strained, leave the lumen of the anus. The pain syndrome becomes intense, intensifying in attempts to empty the intestines.

The disease is complicated by the appearance of spotting and anal fissures that increase pain.

Medications for pain with hemorrhoids of the second stage:

  • Local therapy (Aurobin, Ulraproct, Nefluan, Proctoglivenol).
  • Combined funds (Hepatrombin G, Proctosedil).
  • Ointments (Heparin, Troxivazin, Levomekol, Levosin).

Stage Three

There is a significant increase in nodes in size, they fall out of the lumen of the anus and are difficult to set. The inflammatory process affects a large area of ​​healthy tissues, which is accompanied by severe swelling of the tissues and their irritation around the anus. The patient often has bleeding, which brings intense soreness. Thrombosis of cavernous sinuses is possible.

Conservative therapy is ineffective, pain medications are prescribed as an additional treatment before surgery, and in the postoperative period.

The following medications will help relieve pain with hemorrhoids at home:

  • Anuzol
  • suppositories with ichteol,
  • Proctosed M,
  • Olestesin.

For pain caused by damage to the tissues of the rectal canal, antispasmodics are used, as well as plasters, sprays, and drugs with nitroglycerin.

Stage Four

The advanced stage of hemorrhoids is characterized by the formation of blood clots with further necrosis of the connective tissue. The patient experiences acute pain that radiates to the urethra. Painful sensations arise both when walking, and in a calm state. Medical anesthesia does not bring significant results, so the patient is shown to undergo a radical operation.

You can quickly anesthetize hemorrhoids at home with the following medications:

  • Nonsteroidal drugs (Diclofenac, Citramon, Ketorol).
  • Local anesthetics in suppositories (Benzocaine, Ledocaine).
  • Lotions (use bromanilidiethylaminopropanoic acid).

Features of the treatment of hemorrhoids pain in women

In women, hemorrhoids are observed more often than in men, due to the anatomical differences in the structure of the body. So, in the fair sex, the pathology develops after pregnancy and childbirth. Pain in hemorrhoids in women is intense and localized in the anus, giving back to the perineum.

Many patients are interested in the question, does the stomach hurt with hemorrhoids? This phenomenon is a typical symptom of an early stage of the disease.Soreness in the abdomen is due to impaired functioning of the intestine, which causes constipation. As a rule, pain is localized in the lower abdomen, accompanied by sharp attacks, and flatulence.

Hemorrhoids and lower back pain is another typical sign of the development of a pathological process, however, this symptom is more characteristic of people suffering from diseases of the spine. So a long stay in a sitting position provokes an exacerbation of pathology. In the rectum there are a large number of nerve receptors, which is why during the period of exacerbation, soreness can spread to the lower back when pinched hemorrhoids. With this symptom, it is necessary to start taking painkillers.

You can get rid of pain of insignificant intensity using the following folk methods:

  • Compress with ice. Helps to eliminate swelling and inflammation of tissues. To do this, place pieces of ice in a bag, wrap it in cloth and attach to a sore spot for 15 minutes.
  • Lotions based on medicinal plants. A sterile gauze section should be soaked with cool medicinal decoction of chamomile, calendula or nettle. Then apply to the painful area for 15-20 minutes.
  • Cool sitz baths. They help to eliminate non-intense pain by reducing the swelling of damaged tissues.
  • Potato compress. Grate washed potatoes on a fine grater, place the resulting mixture in a sterile gauze section. Attach to the affected area for 10 minutes, after the procedure it is recommended to wash with cold water.
  • Lotions based on agave juice. Grind the inner part of the plant, filter the resulting juice. Moisten a sterile gauze in solution and apply to the hemorrhoid.

Recipes of traditional medicine help to reduce pain at the initial stage of the pathological process, when it has a low intensity.

Hemorrhoids in men, accompanied by severe pain, are subject to similar therapeutic measures as in women. However, taking analgesics in men has some features that consist in the continued use of medications, which depends on the age category of the patient. So, the older the patient, the longer the pain medication.


The therapeutic effect after the use of tablets is detected not only in the elimination of pain, but also in the restoration of blood circulation in the damaged areas, as well as the elimination of blood clots of hemorrhoids.

Popular pills that help to relieve hemorrhoids at home:

  • Detralex (has a pronounced effect 30 minutes after administration).
  • Phlebodia (strong anesthetic, contributes to the elimination of inflammatory phenomena).
  • Hemoroidin (in the composition contains plant components that relieve pain and burning).
  • Pilex (combination drug, effectively relieves soreness).
  • Ibuklin (has a very pronounced anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect).

Acute pain with hemorrhoids is also eliminated with the help of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which include:

The use of tablets on their own at home should be agreed with a specialist, since they have a whole range of contraindications and side effects.

Analgesic suppositories

Proctologists prescribe rectal suppositories of anesthetic action, which provide urgent care for severe pain. These drugs include:

  • Ginkor Procto. Contains butamben, helps eliminate soreness and itching in the anus.
  • Neo-Anuzol. It is prescribed for the chronic form of pathology, contains substances that inhibit the development of pathogens.
  • Posterized. Promotes healing of anal fissures, reduces pain.
  • Candles containing adrenaline. It allows you to quickly relieve pain, eliminates bleeding.

In the period of exacerbation of the disease, suppositories containing lidocaine can be used:

Suppositories may contain not only lidocaine, but also benzocaine or anestezin, which are widely used in cases where hemorrhoids hurt:

Anesthesia for the external type of hemorrhoids

Ointments and gels are among the most effective drugs for the treatment of pain with external hemorrhoids, since anesthetics penetrate directly into damaged hemorrhoid veins. The remedies have a quick analgesic effect and a long-lasting effect, which will help the patient live for some time without pain.

The list of the best anesthetic ointments and gels:

  • Levomekol. It is used after childbirth, as well as in the postoperative period.
  • Relief It has a wide mechanism of action, has a wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Ichthyol. Relieves soreness during bowel movements.
  • Heparin. Eliminates itching and pain in the anus.

The use of ichthyol ointment should be carried out strictly according to the instructions, since with prolonged use, the development of allergic reactions to the components of the drug is possible.

Injection methods for pain management

What should patients do in case of severe pain if topical and systemic drugs do not help?

The main advantage of injections is the instant penetration of anesthetics into the general bloodstream, in connection with which the therapeutic effect is observed after 7-10 minutes.

As drugs for injection elimination of pain use:

To block the pain, the drugs are injected into the anus, which makes it impossible to carry out the procedure at home.

The elimination of pain with hemorrhoids should be carried out in combination with a therapeutic course to eliminate the underlying disease. When choosing a medicine, it is necessary to consider: the severity of symptoms, stage and form of the disease.

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