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How to meet a guy in the gym? 5 flirting strategies

Hello to all patients of the immense internet! Immediately to everyone this question is backfilled: have you ever met a girl in the gym? If the answer is yes, then what are you doing here? Well, if it’s negative, then today I’ll try to make a difference.

I remember once in a training session I ... oops, I almost spoke to the article myself. If the wife finds out that I am writing on this topic, the subscription can be torn up in a rush. And not see me training as my own ears without a mirror.

So that I swear: I have never in my life made friends with girls in the gym! In the simulator, I go in for sports and don’t even think about any nonsense! I only know firsthand how to meet a girl in the gym by hearsay, I can assume purely theoretically, the guys told, etc., etc. Well, that’s all, I hope I saved the subscription.

Advantages of dating in the gym

  1. In the future, you will get a slender girlfriend pumped up by a girlfriend who wants to become even slimmer and more beautiful.
  2. Girls in the gym usually lead a healthy lifestyle. Now it may be no difference to you, she smokes, or drinks. But if suddenly she becomes your blood donor your spouse, then your children will have healthy genes (Vasya, Petit). And besides, sports couples are cool!
  3. Getting to know in the gym is almost like getting to know the beach. I mean that the girl here has very small chances to hide all her figure flaws with the help of clothes. And makeup in the gym is not actively used. So little unpleasant surprises remain for later.
  4. There is no room for unnecessary pathos in the hall: grandmothers, cars, status - everything is erased here, everyone involved on an equal footing.
  5. Many girls themselves are not averse to meeting each other.

1. Beauty above all!

Many girls go to training unpainted, with a crooked tail, in a stretched T-shirt and pants with bubbles! And this is a huge mistake. Of course, to go to training with a three-kilogram make-up, evening hair and shorts, barely covering the buttocks, is stupid. But to make a neat scythe, bump or ponytail, color the cilia, apply light eyeliner and hygienic lipstick, choose a stylish tracksuit, you can and should. You should not forget about shoes - it should be combined with a suit and be athletic, and not comfortable, worn moccasins, in which you walk daily along the street. Refuse to use perfume before sports, but antiperspirant is a must.

Tip for a beginner. If you have recently come to a sports club, then you should look around to see if there are any rivals among your regular visitors. Find out who the object of your adoration most often pays attention to: overdressed girls or modest women with a beautiful figure. Your image may also depend on this.

Tip for an experienced athlete. You have an old form of clothing, so for the sake of a nice guy, you should not change it if you are comfortable, but the behavior can be adjusted. Follow him: he loves loneliness - try not to loom near him, the soul of the company - pour in her.

2. Fully armed!

Be sure to find out the names of simulators and exercises, take an interest in what training programs are, then you will have something to talk about with the object of adoration. Be “by chance" next to him, ask him for help, but unobtrusively - let him bring you a bench, give you dumbbells or adjust some kind of exercise machine to make it convenient for you to work on it. Just ask him not often, but from case to case, otherwise you would think that you pester him. Important rule: fewer stupid questions. This is not impressive, but rather repulsive.

Tip for a beginner. You can go up to the guy you like and ask him where the simulator is. He will be happy to tell you, as it will be flattering to him that you addressed him. So, you see him as a professional in his field.

Advice for the experienced athlete. In your case, you can also ask him for help, for example, to insure you. If the guy himself is a beginner, then take the initiative in your own hands - ask him to help assemble or disassemble the simulator.

Where to start preparing for dating in the gym

It doesn’t matter if you want to lure one person you like to bed, or you will get acquainted with any beauty that you like, preparation for acquaintance will always be similar to each other.

You should be dressed neatly, sporty and certainly comfortable.

I personally write this because my wife can read it because I don’t set goals to get acquainted with a girl in the gym, I dress there anyhow. Old worn shorts, some ancient T-shirt found in his father’s closet, slippers-flip flops on his bare foot. You (your wife, after all, do not read these lines) need to look more presentable to attract her attention. No need to go too far and pull on tight cowboy pants and the best shirt from your wardrobe. Your clothes should meet a number of criteria:

  • be comfortable
  • to be athletic
  • not very worn
  • your size.

Neatness is needed not only in clothing. Watch the hairstyle, allow yourself a gramulik of toilet water before training. Antiperspirant is required!

Your victim, the girl you liked should get a little used to you!

To do this, I advise you to glimpse her eyes in front of her nose, let him pay attention to you and have time to get used to your texture a bit. For convincing flickering, you can portray some kind of heartbreaking scene with drama elements:

The speed of the raid depends on your suspiciousness. You can flash her hour and roll up at the exit from the gym. And you can figure a month before you decide. Pull the cat by the eggs strongly tighten, however, I do not advise. And suddenly, during this time, someone more decisive will drive up to her.

Before meeting, make eye contact with the girl.

Play peepers and follow carefully her reaction. Try this technique: look at her with interest until she notices your gaze. Girls are much better than peripheral vision. Your interested look, even from the opposite end of the hall, the girl will certainly notice sooner or later.

After she takes you for a maniac will answer you with a look, immediately portray embarrassment and look away. Now it's your turn to use side vision. Follow her behavior, whether your attention interests her. If you, with the help of the heap of mirrors that are hung on every self-respecting gym, see her look turned in your direction, let your eyes meet again. Now you don’t have to hide your cowardly eyes, on the contrary, the longer your views intersect, the greater your chances of meeting this beauty in training.

Just do not look at her like an idol with the face of a terminator. Allow yourself a slight smile like that of Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura of Bruce Willis in Die Hard. And if she reciprocated, smiled back, consider the matter in the hat. Well, or half the battle.

Well, if all this for some reason did not happen, read the following paragraph carefully.

How to understand whether a girl is ready to meet in the gym

I recently here, when I was going to write this article, collected some statistics from Yandex. There is a request how to get acquainted with a guy in the gym is typed twice as often as how to meet a girl in the gym. It turns out that girls are more likely to meet in the audience than we are. Moreover, a lot of girls go to the gym precisely in order to grab a decent cavalier. And the gentlemen (we mean you and I mean you, I'm still married) are not dreaming about it.

But not all girls are recorded in the gym for dating. Some girls go to the gym for the purpose of training, in addition, they have guys and husbands. But more or less accurately determine the girl’s inclination to meet in the gym, you and I are still able to.

First of all, look at her athletic form. Gym fans can be seen right away: they skillfully perform a whole bunch of different exercises, they are so focused on training (rarely distracted) and they have the most athletic forms in the gym. For example, the photo below is definitely a fan:

It’s more difficult for fans to drive up for at least two reasons:

  1. They have been training for a long time and have seen such Casanovs as you have seen.
  2. They are here for the sake of training, their goals for staying are different with cupid antics.

I do not claim that a fan will not be able to meet. It is possible, but only by non-standard methods. More about this later. All the other girls, whom I would classify as a visitor, are often more accessible for dating a person. But they can pursue other goals of acquaintance, not those that you are.

Girls from the category of “visitor” are more accessible and interesting prey!

External signs of a girl’s readiness for dating in the gym

First of all, I advise you to pay attention to the ring finger of her right hand. I do not say now that defective married girls are not inclined to acquaintance, but you can get a turn-lapel from them more often than from unmarried ones. A girl looking for an acquaintance, without suspecting it, can impersonate herself with some habits.

5. Gadgets - no!

Do you like to play sports accompanied by music? If you want to meet a guy, you don’t need to do this, because with headphones in your ears you look fenced off from the whole world. Thus, you put a wall between yourself and the guy you like. You may be nice to him, too, but of course he won’t be able to come up and snatch the headphones from your ears to speak with you.

Newbie Tip. You can use the original gadgets to study the situation. Therefore, you can, for example, do cardio training with headphones, but you can do strength training without them.

Tip for an experienced athlete. You can use the gadget for dating, for example, go up to a guy and ask him for help, supposedly you have a new phone and you haven’t figured it out yet, but you need music so much that you just can't do it.

To meet a guy in the gym, you can choose one or several strategies for flirting, they are good each in its own right and in the complex. But it’s better to find out if the guy you like has a girlfriend, otherwise you can make some big trouble.

Unconscious symptoms:

  • Prettiness.
    If she often straightens her hair, pulls off her clothes, admires herself in the mirror, then you have a good chance of success.
  • Stroking.
    Another indicator of a girl’s positive mood for acquaintance is her stroking herself under your gaze. When a girl strokes her neck over and over, runs her hand through her hair, chest or legs, she dreams on a subconscious level that you do it. In addition, touching the neck and back of the head, the girl shows her wrists. This is a sure sign of female predisposition at the moment to male attention.

Conscious signs:

The girl may not notice the signs described above, and not even assume that she wants to meet at the moment. But if it attracts your attention intentionally, then you simply do not have the right to allow yourself to pass by.

  • Itself seeks visual contact with you.
  • Does the most revealing exercises in front of you.
  • Performs routine exercises unusually sexy when you look at her.
  • Does exercises obviously wrong in front of your nose.

How, after all, to meet a girl in the gym

Well, enough preparation, it's time to move on to the practical part:

The most important thing is to make an acquaintance and act!

If she responded with a smile to your smile, if she did at least something from here, then you should stop masturbating already and it's time to get down to business. It is best to start acquaintance in the conditions of the training process with some funny cue. Do not be trite, phrases like: “Your mother does not need a son-in-law?” Did not work for a long time. Be original, do not be like everyone else.

How to meet a fan in the gym

A girl who is fanatically interested in sports is less likely to get to know each other. But you can find an approach to it. This is easier to do if you are a fierce fanatic, and she noticed your biceps at the entrance.

But even if you are a newbie, you have every chance to get to know her if you are original. For an acquaintance to be successful, you need to be able to flatter her success so that it is a compliment, but not rude flattery. Look carefully at her body and think how she is most proud of its part.

It is quite correct to start acquaintance with emphasizing the merits of her figure or achievements.

“If my ex-girlfriend also had a cool squat, we would definitely not have parted!”, “You’re doing a cool thing, just like in a bodybuilding textbook. Teach? "," And your boyfriend is not against the fact that you spend so much time in the gym? How, you don't have a boyfriend? So it’s fixable! ”,“ You probably drank some steroids to pump up such a press? ” Not? So the genes are good, if only my children would be like that ... "," I don’t understand why, with such a clear booty, to be able to pull yourself up? ”

True, the last phrase should be more careful, the hour is uneven and you can catch a crack. If a fan is much more experienced than yourself in bodybuilding, you can ask her to explain to you, green and inexperienced, how that simulator works or how to do this exercise correctly. I think a girl who spends so much time of her life near iron with great pleasure will help you stupid.

But don’t expect her to give up training and will violently rush to help you. No matter how. The girl came here for her own purposes, and if you distract too much of her attention there is a chance to get into the ban. The best advice would be to have a light flirt with her in training, and then to catch at the exit from the gym with a persistent offer to drink a bottle of vodka with a protein shake together. Well, or watch a movie about anabolics at your place.

How to meet a visitor

It is easier to get acquainted with such girls, if only because most of them themselves are waiting for when you (or that quality in a red T-shirt) finally stop chewing snot and decide to make acquaintance.

If the girl you like does some kind of exercise incorrectly, come and correct her.

Just don’t be a dry block, it’s better to meet the role of a kind of witty fun guy. I beg you: do not overdo it in your attempts to be witty. Be friendly, a little cheeky and of course fun. If you have established the visual contact described earlier, getting to know you will not be difficult! When you notice visual signs of interest in your person, you can act assertively and confidently. “And how will your boyfriend feel like we're going to the movies today?”

Last few tips

  • If you want to make acquaintance with a girl in the gym, approach her so that she sees you before you get close to her. Do not come from the back.
  • Start dating before you get off the cardio simulator, all wet and smelly.
  • Start your appeal with a greeting (although you can exclude it if you start with an original joke).
  • Be yourself. No need to sway and build yourself do not understand what.
  • Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

Your next step will be to tell me about your successes. I’m sure now you will be able to meet a girl in the gym without any problems. In addition to this article, you should definitely read how to fall in love with a girl and how to win a girl’s heart.Oh yes, I almost forgot about the practical methods of conquering girls.

And I have to move away. Good luck in sport and good luck on the amorous battlefield.

In touch was Vitaliy Okhrimenko.

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I'm just thrilled! Tips are very sensible. It is immediately clear that the author has tremendous experience in the above methods. Well, I mean, he regularly goes to the gym and sees how other guys there are driving up to the girls. I, too, like Vitaly, am very pleased that these amorous tips will not be useful to me.

Yes, yes, I go, I see and draw conclusions

I hope there are still those to whom these tips will not be superfluous

Interesting tips! Oh, what a pity that I don’t go to the gym 😕 And even if I went ... I’ve been married for 16 years

Why such sad emoticons?

The first emoticon in the topic, and the second accidentally clicked! I fix the situation

Of course there are. After all, not all readers of your blog, Vitaly, are already married.

We need to rejoice that it is already 16 years old. Not everyone can boast so.

Chekaterina, I am happy and proud of it! I said that I accidentally made a mistake with a smiley face. But I’m only upset that I don’t go to the gym, but I should

What did you call me? 😕 So no one has insulted me yet

Katya, forgive me for God's sake 🙁 I just mostly read articles and write comments from a smartphone and constantly presses the wrong buttons with my finger! Excuse me, please, Catherine.

Yes, I'm joking, And not a bit offended

Katya, thanks to the game “I Want Not to Want,” I was convinced that you have a good sense of humor, but just in case I could not rely on my instinct and conviction. What if you really were offended? How could I sleep at night?

It’s good that everything was decided. I will now know for sure that you get enough sleep

And here’s another puncture with me. You turn to me, you, and I turn to you. But I don’t even know how old you are and I don’t know whether I agree to this.
First, it doesn’t matter how old you are, but please contact me anyway, because in my heart I’m 17
Secondly, I apologize in advance if I disrespectfully addressed you (as now) to you. Be sure to tell me how I can handle! And then .... I will not sleep at night

You can also contact. I am a little more than 17 (about 8 years old) Oh, this insomnia, you can’t take everything so close to heart

And so you are a young lady And I am 38, but in my heart ... as I said. Well, that’s it, they solved all the problems! I’ll probably go to sleep

Vitaly walks, observes, and puts out observations in an article, and not in practice!

Do not even hesitate, even as there are!

When amorous tips are not needed, it sounds proud, I would say so!

Igor, what is it? Suddenly wanted to go to the gym? Well then, in the company of my wife and the most right decision!

Sadness is just ...

Correct faster until your wife notices a mistake!

This should be a matter of pride in theory.

This is already better!

I thought that you are writing either from a tablet or from a phone, such errors are frequent there.

Anyutka, why all of a sudden? I had a relatively sporting life in my youth. What I just did not do ... and gymnastics, swimming, athletics, wrestling, tennis ....
From 17-21 he was engaged in the park himself (pull-ups, push-ups, running, etc.). Then I had a figure
And at 23 he got married and ... family life went and there was no time for sports. And for 16 years, my figure went for a walk 😛 and I want to get her back. That's why it was impatient to the gym

Igor, of course, you need to return the figure.
I got married at 22, and for the first few years I continued hard training.
And this winter (after I started the blog), I suddenly relaxed unrealistically simply. During the winter, 10 times in the hall went all. After the breaks, it's terribly lazy to start training, but it's worth it.
By the way, lazy only a few first workouts, then like clockwork.

So take your feet in your hands and go to the gym!

It turns out that the article is then useless. Straightforwardly, all married women on this blog have directly done it. Vitaliy, the next article on how NOT to meet in the gym

Probably your wife cooks yours deliciously - spoiled you with goodies. So they stopped going to the gym.

But why? Those to whom it is useful do not comment, but outline Vitaly's advice in order to try them out in practice.

Hah, so it's just plain simple:
headphones in the ears, the dirtiest T-shirt, unshaven, the smell from under the armpits - and no one gets to know anyone!

Vitaly, I hope you will not be mad at me for my confession, but ... when I left the first comment on this article, then know that I read the article quickly, briefly, skipping most of the proposals.
But now he decided to read it from cover to cover. It became very interesting to learn tips about getting to know a girl from a married man. And ... in principle, the advice is a little banal (not all) but, your humor was at the highest level! It was something. Every time I crossed out a sentence, every time I smirked out loud, and sometimes even laughed out loud. Believe me, Vitaly, I have never had such a thing. I mean, jokes in blogger articles never made me laugh.
Thank you for a useful (not for me) and at the same time humorous article
I enjoyed reading it

Igor, thanks for the tip.
For me, this writing style is experimental, I haven’t tried to write like that and honestly admit that now I am very interested in the audience’s opinion on this subject.

Well, if you like, I will introduce this type of presentation further. Not in all articles, of course, this will be relevant. Although, judging by the way I develop my blog, it will be possible to try in all

This applies to married, and young you can try your hand!

Only they read and do not comment. Probably advice in business immediately check!

That's right, there’s no need for an article either, as if no one will do it!

This is the main thing, that means Vitaly’s article is 100% successful.

read something similar in sport.rf
but of course you painted in detail, you won’t say anything

This doesn’t stop some people. So, to someone, this information will come in handy.

It’s right that the wives do not burn before

So what stops you? Or is there not enough time like many? It’s just that I won’t reach it myself.

Yes, Anyutka, you probably fed your husband well too? With such recipes

Well, why, if married, then everything, you can’t get acquainted at once. You can just chat and find yourself a female friend. Well, until the first booze with such a friend. Okay, I’m fumbling, otherwise my wife will read it.

Yes, that what, but I have not yet met a blog with such clear and detailed articles. I think over time your blog will be very popular.

Sanya is right, it doesn’t stop at all now.

I will answer Sanya) No, I try to cook in small portions, at a time, so as not to feed him.

I do not believe in such friendship ... Although no, everything can be on the Internet!

I agree, Sanya is so. Vitaha is the best!

Friendship between a man and a woman is a very controversial issue, it will be necessary to somehow publish an article on this topic, I think traffic from it will be what it takes

Vitaly, you can’t even write an article !! It makes no sense, as it has been proven for centuries that the friendship between a man and a woman .... NO!

Yes, Sanya didn’t speak for me now, but about sports.
The site is really cool, and I think the popularity there is already going through the roof, because it has been going on since 1996.

I’ll answer Mikhail - when I wrote this article and didn’t think about looking at your website, I read other people's articles on this topic, I won’t hide it, but I didn’t see it in the eyes of sports until now I switched to it.
So there's nothing to slander about me

We had to live to see the age of the Internet in order to prove that there is friendship between men and women on the Internet.

Humor doesn’t hurt some articles for sure. So you can safely continue!

I see that everyone has their own opinion.

I really like when there is a certain amount of humor in the articles, and not just boring speeches.

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