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The effectiveness of the treatment of hemorrhoids with leeches

Understanding of “traditional” and “traditional” medicine is absolutely opposed to each other - alternative treatment practices accuse doctors of prescribing dangerous medicines to patients, while others, on the contrary, convict traditional healers of a “universal” approach to diseases and sick people. But there is one way of therapy that both parties practice.


It is used not only to cure hypertension, cerebrosclerosis, angina pectoris, but also in the presence of hemorrhoids. Yes, leeches from hemorrhoids really help. Medical practice reports that with this pathology, the condition of patients improves significantly, and hemorrhoids disappear. Sometimes hirudotherapy for hemorrhoids is the last effective tool for many sick people.

Why is there an effect

If a person has hemorrhoids, leech treatment is often practiced. Why? There is no doubt that this method of therapy is ancient, because many people know that even inside the pyramids in Egypt, patterns of the use of bloodsucking were discovered. The first time the world heard about leeches from such famous practitioners of alternative treatment as:

Nowadays, medicine has advanced, and therefore there is scientific evidence that leech hemorrhoids treat:

  1. When hemorrhoids is diagnosed, treatment with leeches provides the following effect:
  2. The suckers select the bite site independently, and it exactly coincides with the bioactive points of a person.
  3. During the period of blood sucking, bloodsuckers inject their saliva into the bloodstream, which contains a huge number of physiologically active elements, which normalize the state of the body.
  4. Leech saliva in the composition has a component that does not allow blood clotting - it acts neurohumorally on a person with hemorrhoids at the intracellular level.

Generally speaking, the sucker can be called a kind of living needle, which sends a large number of healing elements to the body with a therapeutic effect: they prevent blood from clotting, which prevents blood clots from forming, normalize blood pressure and trigger protective human functions. Leeches with hemorrhoids will help in getting rid of painful hemorrhoidal nodes, the main thing is to contact a competent specialist.

All About Medical Bloodsucking

So is it possible to cure hemorrhoids leeches? Yes. Therapy is completely safe, although many, having read the articles, think differently and are afraid of something. Shatter another famous myth that surrounds hemorrhoids and leeches. During the procedure, unique, medical leeches are used, and not those that can be found in the pond in the country.

They are specially grown in special institutions, they are sterile and are used only once. Yes, once and nothing else.

The person who came to the procedure receives individual leeches during the session, which will be destroyed after therapy. This is done in order to make the therapeutic measure as safe as possible from infection of the patient. Doctors assure that the therapy of pathology with the help of leeches is very effective, because sometimes it is the only possible way for a sick person.

In addition, often hirudotherapy hemorrhoids treats in conjunction with traditional methods - homeopathic remedies, for example. However, with this combination, the patient needs to use additional, preventive measures and beware (this is relative to hygiene procedures and physical overloads).

How and where to put

Many people wonder when hirudotherapy for hemorrhoids is prescribed, where to put medical leeches?

Hirudotherapy for hemorrhoids is carried out according to the schemes of points on the tailbone only in a hospital. Experts advise going to the procedure once every 7 days. Someone is afraid that he will be hurt and unpleasant. This is a complete fallacy. Usually medical bloodsuckers do not give the patient any pain.

When treatment for hemorrhoids with leeches is prescribed, the setting points are chosen by the doctor, these are either bioactive zones on the body, or the hemorrhoids themselves. The session continues fairly quickly, but the procedure is not regulated: as soon as the leeches themselves fall off, the treatment is considered over.

How is the treatment process going?

Where to put leeches with hemorrhoids, the attending physician will decide. A pathology treatment session is performed once in 7 days, usually up to 4 healers are used at a time. The patient before the start of the session needs to be prepared in terms of psychology - the doctor notifies him about how the treatment will be. Also, the person who goes to the procedure on this day should not use absolutely no perfume, cosmetics, and should not smoke.

The preparatory process for therapeutic measures also applies to hygiene - experts recommend that patients who go to therapy, after going to the toilet, use not toilet paper, but to wash themselves, but without using soap, the anus should always be in almost perfect condition. Also, the patient needs to perform special gymnastics for the muscle tissue of the perineum every day: relax and strain the anus at least 300 times a day.

The doctor sets leeches on bioactive points in the projection:

It is also possible to put leeches on hemorrhoidal nodes or the region of the anus, the specialist decides, it all depends on the stage of the disease. The patient, while the leeches will "work", should be located in a supine position. The duration of the procedure depends on how the bloodsuckers behave. As soon as they pump the required amount of blood and fall off by themselves (this is the most important condition), the session can be stopped. The full course of treatment for this disease usually consists of 10 procedures in a hospital.

Prepare for therapeutic measures should not only be a sick person - a specialist should have at hand the following:

  1. Special table for manipulations,
  2. Tool holder
  3. Sterile wipes,
  4. Cotton pads,
  5. Forceps,
  6. Dressing material,
  7. Medical test tube,
  8. 40 percent glucose solution
  9. 70 percent alcohol
  10. Boiling water in a container
  11. Containers with disinfectants,
  12. Ammonia
  13. A piece of fabric
  14. Medical gloves.

To understand that bloodsuckers are suitable for treatment, you can at certain points:

  • Activities
  • Shine and smoothness of the surface,
  • A pronounced reflex when touched (at this time, the body of the leech will become harder, shorter and thicker).

When treatment activities completed, the patient in the place where the leech was placed, apply sterile wipes, on them - a medical gauze bandage, which must be fixed with a bandage for 24 hours. A person who has trusted a doctor should know that due to the fact that bloodsuckers inject a substance that affects coagulation into the bloodstream, an additional 2 days may cause minor bleeding from the site of the bite.

This means that the patient can not be afraid of the development of anemia or other pathologies of the circulatory system. During treatment, a leech can penetrate the anus: this only means that a sick person has hemorrhoids not only outside but also inside. This situation is absolutely normal - when a leech is pumped a sufficient amount of "excess" blood, it will come out on its own. Therefore, there should not be any panic.

Exposure and contraindications

What is present in the saliva of natural "healers" that helps in the treatment of the disease? Almost all therapeutic effects are associated with an enzyme that is injected by unique bloodsuckers - gerudin. It has antiaggregant qualities - this means that the enzyme not only affects blood coagulation and interferes with the formation of new blood clots, but also eliminates those already present.

In the future, due to the fact that blood becomes more fluid, stagnant processes are eliminated and, as a result, swelling of the hemorrhoid is removed. Thanks to this, the pain syndrome is eliminated as quickly as possible and the size of the hemorrhoidal nodes is reduced.

The enzyme also has a disinfecting effect - it prevents the development of infection, the inflammatory process in the nodes. There is no doubt, the positive effect of such treatment inspires confidence, but therapy cannot be a panacea for pathologies.

Hirudotherapy is contraindicated for people who suffer from diseases that are associated with blood coagulation - hemorrhagic diathesis, hemophilia. Also, treatment is not prescribed for patients with a diagnosis of anemia - therapeutic measures can provoke a decrease in already low hemoglobin to dangerous numbers.

Treatment is contraindicated for people with low blood pressure or those who are diagnosed with an allergy to an enzyme injected with leeches during the procedure. That is why, before prescribing and conducting therapy with leeches, it is necessary to do testing for an allergic reaction and tolerance - place a leech on the arm, let the enzyme penetrate the body. If after this the human condition is normal, there are no side effects - you can safely be treated for hemorrhoids.

Leech therapy is not prescribed for women who have a baby and people with cancer pathologies. For these reasons, before prescribing a course of treatment for a patient with hemorrhoids, his condition should be well diagnosed. However, even with such a list of prohibitions, hirudotherapy is actively used in medical practice.

The main advantage is the absence of side effects (with the exception of the 2-day blood flow from the wound), which can not be said about surgery. But it should be remembered that self-treatment is strictly prohibited - only an experienced doctor can determine the number of leeches, their location on the body during the session, the duration of the procedure.


Leech saliva dilutes blood, therefore, as has been said, has an effect on its coagulability. After the procedure, bite sites may bleed for a certain period, but this is normal. Before prescribing hirudotherapy to a patient, a specialist must send a person to a blood coagulogram. If he has pathologies that violate blood coagulation, treatment is not performed.

Putting leeches with hemorrhoids gives successful results, the main thing is to treat the process responsibly, not to be afraid and undergo a full course of therapy in stationary conditions.

Therapeutic effect

By piercing the skin of a person, the parasite injects its saliva into the blood containing active substances that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and blood thinning effects. The worm provides the donor with blood renewal, relieving inflammation, and pain. With a course of treatment, it is possible to achieve:

  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels,
  • cleansing the body of toxins,
  • improve blood circulation,
  • increase local immunity.

The use of hirudotherapy in the early stages of the disease allows you to completely get rid of hemorrhoids in 5-10 sessions.

The use of hirudotherapy in the early stages of the disease allows you to completely get rid of hemorrhoids in 5-10 sessions. Treatment of severe pathologies requires 2-3 courses as part of complex therapy.

Rules for using leeches

Treatment with hirudotherapy requires compliance with several rules:

  1. Use only medical leeches. They are grown under special conditions, which eliminates the risk of infection in the patient’s blood at the time of a bite. In medical practice, reuse of leeches is not allowed. Individuals that have already been used for therapeutic purposes are destroyed.
  2. Treatment by an experienced hirudotherapist. Leeches independently find a point for suction, but if they are located in close proximity to the hemorrhoidal cone, then the risk of damage to the vessel wall and the opening of bleeding increases. After the second session, the patient may experience bleeding due to the introduction of the hirudin enzyme. Bite points must be properly processed to prevent the development of complications.
  3. Compliance with a gentle regimen after each treatment session. The patient is prohibited from taking blood thinners, lifting weights, and exercising with high physical exertion, or combing bite points.

Home treatment

Treatment of hemorrhoids with leeches is one of the areas of hirudotherapy. Since the main cause of the disease is thrombosis in hemorrhoidal nodes, anticoagulants are contained in the leech saliva. They interfere with blood coagulation and improve blood flow in hemorrhoids.

Due to this action, leeches are successfully used in the treatment of proctological diseases. The therapeutic effect of animals on the body is not limited to this. The work of the intestine as a whole improves and blood circulation in the pelvic organs normalizes. The number of constipation is reduced. All this together will be an excellent prevention of recurrence of hemorrhoids.

Do not be afraid of the fact that leeches stick to a sore spot.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, they can be placed in the lower extremities and back.

Sessions take up to 2 hours and are held 1 or 2 times a week. The number of leeches required for one session depends on the severity of the phase of the disease.

Between sessions, you need to take a break of 4 to 5 days. Painful manifestations of hemorrhoids pass in 2-3 sessions. The same number of sessions is required to consolidate the result.

After these statements of the scientist, many experts began to carefully study the effect of bloodsuckers on hemorrhoids. To date, it has been repeatedly proved that leeches with hemorrhoids really quickly relieve pain symptoms. And the main healing property of such therapy is the improvement of blood circulation in the pelvic organs and the strengthening of venous vessels.

What is hirudotherapy

The name of the method is hirudotherapy, treatment with leeches, comes from the Latin hirūdō. This is a ringed worm, numbering about 14 thousand species of different individuals. In medicine, we are talking about the maxillary representatives of the hirudinide family, or medical leeches.

They have two suction cups. The first is in the front, called the head, has 3 pairs of chitinous jaws in the oral cavity. The second is located behind, represents an anus. Suckers are simultaneously a way of moving worms.

They live in fresh water. There are 62 species in Russia.

It sticks to the body, thanks to powerful jaws it bites the skin deep enough, by 1.5-2 mm, it starts to suck blood. A young individual saturates 5-10 mg in 1 feeding, and an adult, wise by experience, can suck out 10 times more in 20-40 minutes. This time is enough for her to feel full and fall away by herself.

In the 21st century, hirudotherapy, we can say, is experiencing its rebirth. And this happens for a number of reasons:

  • medical discoveries are becoming less and less
  • chemicals cause many negative reactions of the body, and some are frankly dangerous to health.

People began to understand and accept the philosophy of harmony with nature, which was begun by the inhabitants of Japan and China.

What is the therapeutic effect of leeches

The healing properties of a medical leech are due to a complex effect on the body. As a result of a bite:

  • blood liquefies, it is updated like a donation procedure, since it is dosed,
  • biologically active substances contained in saliva trigger natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, analgesic processes, improve properties, blood and lymph composition.

The body begins to respond to blood loss in the most positive way:

  • blood coagulation decreases
  • even old blood clots resolve
  • improves, blood supply increases,
  • there is a breakdown of fat depots,
  • toxins and toxins are removed from the body,
  • improves the condition of internal tissues,
  • any pain is stopped.

The most important thing is that a leech bites through the skin exclusively at certain, biologically active points. They say that she “feels”. Therefore, a hirudotherapy session can be considered an analogue of acupuncture therapy.

Due to the wide range of therapeutic actions used in:

  • proctology,
  • endocrinology
  • cardiology
  • neurology
  • gynecology and urology,
  • pulmonology
  • gastroenterology,
  • ophthalmology
  • cosmetology, other areas of medicine.

What are useful leeches for hemorrhoids?

Leeches are annelids, the saliva of which contains a large amount of hirudin, an enzyme that dilutes blood and has an antithrombotic therapeutic effect. With hemorrhoids, the outflow of blood from the veins of the anus is impaired, which creates a favorable soil for the formation of blood clots, so hirudotherapy in this case can help a lot.

Also, the therapeutic effect of leeches is that they thin the blood and improve blood circulation, due to which the outflow of blood from hemorrhoids is established. In turn, due to the active outflow of blood, nodes are reduced, pain and itching are relieved.

In addition, hirudin has an antiseptic effect, which allows you to destroy pathogens and reduce the risk of infectious complications.

Thus, the use of leeches for hemorrhoids can alleviate the symptoms of the disease, normalize blood circulation and reduce the risk of complications. In addition, hirudotherapy can be used as a prophylaxis of the disease for people who are prone to this disease.

What is the difference between “medical leeches” and “wild” ones?

The main difference between "medical" and "wild" leeches is that the first species of worms is grown under artificial conditions and used for therapeutic purposes, and the second species lives in natural reservoirs.

It should also be noted that “medical” leeches can be called disposable, since they are used only once for treatment. At the same time, “wild” leeches that live in open waters can drink blood from many people, in particular, patients with infectious diseases, and “accordingly” transfer the infection from one person to another. The leech itself does not suffer from the infections that it carries.

Is it possible to put leeches with hemorrhoids themselves at home?

Hirudotherapy is a procedure in which contact with blood is possible, therefore, it should be carried out exclusively by a qualified specialist in a special room in compliance with all the rules of the anti-epidemic regime.

Thus, we can say for sure that hirudotherapy at home is not only unacceptable, but also dangerous to health, since it is unlikely that you will be able to provide sterile conditions.

Is preparation for hirudotherapy necessary?

Before putting leeches, it is necessary to consult a specialist - a proctologist. Only the attending doctor will be able to reliably assess the feasibility of such treatment, eliminate the presence of contraindications and minimize the risk of complications.

In addition, it must be understood that treatment with leeches is not the main method of treating hemorrhoidal disease, therefore, it can only be used in combination with traditional antihemorrhoids therapy.

Also at the preliminary consultation, the hirudologist gives Tips on how to prepare for the procedure, namely:

  • a day before a hirudotherapy session it is forbidden to drink alcohol,
  • 5-6 hours before the procedure you can’t smoke,
  • on the day of hirudotherapy, you can not use a shower gel or perfumed soap, as well as perfume.

How to behave after treatment with leeches?

After a hirudotherapy session, the patient can lead his usual lifestyle. The peculiarity of this period is only that in a day it is necessary to remove the bandage that was applied after the procedure. In cases where the dressing has dried on the wound, it must be moistened with hydrogen peroxide (3%) and only then removed so as not to damage the blood clot and cause bleeding.

To prevent bleeding, for five days after a session of applying leeches, the use of hot shared baths is prohibited.

If hyperemia and itching appeared at the site of the wound, then this indicates individual sensitivity to the components of the saliva of leeches, therefore it is recommended to take any antihistamine, for example Suprastin.

When is leech treatment contraindicated?

As we have already said, hirudotherapy is a safe method that has practically no contraindications, but nevertheless in some cases it is worth giving up such treatment.

These include the following:

  • bleeding disorder (hemophilia, hemorrhagic diathesis),
  • blood diseases (anemia, leukemia),
  • arterial hypotension,
  • individual intolerance to hirudin and other leech saliva ingredients,
  • cancer of any location,
  • gestation.

Can complications arise after hirudotherapy?

Most often, after hirudotherapy, the following complications are observed:

  • hematoma. This complication arises from the friability of subcutaneous tissue. Such a hematoma resolves on its own, but if this does not happen, then heparin ointment is used, and in a difficult case, an opening of hemorrhage,
  • infection in the wound. This is the most common possible complication of hirudotherapy. A similar complication arises for several reasons, namely: violation of sterility by a specialist during the session, combing of the wound and patient's non-observance of personal hygiene rules,
  • regional lymphadenitis. If the lymph nodes are enlarged moderately, then treatment is not required. Only with severe lymphadenitis, antibiotic therapy is used,
  • an allergy to a leech (edema, hyperemia and burning of the skin in the area where the leech is applied, Quincke's edema, urticaria, and other reactions). Such a complication develops rarely and mainly in people prone to allergic reactions. To exclude this complication, hirudotherapy is not performed for those who previously had signs of an allergy to leeches or components of their saliva, which could be part of creams and ointments. In case of mild allergies, the procedure is stopped, antihistamines are prescribed, and in difficult cases, it undergoes hormone therapy in the intensive care unit.

Where to do and how much does the procedure cost?

As you can see, despite the safety, hirudotherapy can sometimes cause complications, which can be reduced by choosing a specialized office or clinic with a good reputation for this procedure, as well as a qualified and experienced specialist. Therefore, take seriously the question of choosing a clinic and a specialist for whom you will be treated.

In Russia today, such clinics operate in almost every big city. Prices for the procedure depend on the region of the country where the clinic is located, the prestige of the institution and the qualifications of a specialist. The average cost of a hirudotherapy session is 3 thousand rubles.

Patient Reviews

The effectiveness and popularity of hirudotherapy in the treatment of hemorrhoids is evidenced by many positive reviews from patients. To your attention some of them.

Dmitry, 39 years old: “I have hemorrhoids for about eight years. During this time, that I just did not try in the fight against this unpleasant disease. I regularly see a proctologist. Recently I learned from a friend about a treatment such as hirudotherapy, so I went for a consultation with my doctor, who advised me to take a course in a private clinic. Over the entire period of hirudotherapy, I had 10 sessions where five leeches were given to me for one procedure. Literally after the second session, I felt relief and noticed that the nodules had slightly decreased. In parallel with hirudotherapy as prescribed by the doctor, I took Detralex and used Ultraproct ointment. Thus, I managed to cope with an exacerbation of hemorrhoids! ”

Elena, 42 years old: “After the second birth, I had external nodes, which from time to time became inflamed, sore and bloodied. I did not go to the doctor, I tried to treat the disease on my own, but there was no lasting effect. My friend advised me on hirudotherapy, which helped her in the fight against hemorrhoids and varicose veins of the lower extremities. Choosing a private clinic, which was not far from my house, I signed up for a hirudologist. My course consisted of eight procedures that were performed once a week. During each session, four leeches were put on my external nodes and tailbone. The effect was noticeable literally after the first procedure: the pain decreased and it became easier to go to the toilet. At the end of the course, there was no trace of hemorrhoids. Now I know what to do next time, but I hope it will not be! ”,

Oksana, 34 years old: “I work as a cashier, so most of my day is spent in an armchair, which led to the fact that I got hemorrhoids. From the first symptoms of the disease, I am registered with a proctologist in our clinic and strictly follow all his recommendations. Recently I saw an advertisement for a clinic that treats leeches, so I was interested. After consulting with my doctor, I decided to undergo a course of hirudotherapy. At first I was a little skeptical, but the treatment was successful, the exacerbation went through three procedures, but to consolidate the effect I was done five more sessions. There were no complications and side effects, after each session the wound was a little bloody for 24 hours, but it’s not scary, a gauze dressing with hydrogen peroxide helped. ”


As a result, we can conclude that hirudotherapy is a fairly effective method of treating the initial stages of hemorrhoids, which can quickly remove pain in the anus, relieve swelling of the tissues and dissolve blood clots in the hemorrhoids.

But even with this method of therapy it is impossible to cure the disease completely, therefore it must be combined with traditional antihemorrhoids treatment, which can only be prescribed by a proctologist.

What is the effectiveness?

Hirudotherapy has been practiced since ancient times. This type of annular blood-sucking worms was used by physicians of Ancient Egypt, Messopotamia, the Roman Empire. Leeches treated a range of diseases, from migraines to malignant tumors.

This type of therapy remains relevant today. In modern medicine leeches are quite successfully used for treatment thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, kidney disease, genitourinary and cardiovascular systems, osteochondrosis and high blood pressure. They help with hemorrhoids.

With proper use, treatment for hemorrhoids with leeches is capable of:

  • normalize blood flow
  • lower blood viscosity
  • increase lymph outflow and relieve swelling
  • relieve pain in hemorrhoids
  • reduce the size of the cones,
  • relieve hypertonicity of the intestinal walls,
  • suppress the activity of pathogenic bacteria,
  • reduce the risk of thrombosis,
  • restore the patient's immunity.

The analgesic effect causes a hirudin substance that a leech releases during a bite. This is a kind of anesthetic, it is included in the composition of antihemorrhoidal ointments and creams, suppositories. Hirudin slightly dilutes the blood, preventing the formation of adhesions and blood clots, has a bactericidal effect, is not addictive.

The effect of the procedure lasts for several days, then you need to repeat the session. Usually, hirudotherapy is carried out in courses, but some doctors recommend it as a universal express agent that quickly relieves pain and inflammation. Treatment is possible at home or in the doctor’s office.

Using minimally invasive procedures:

Indications and contraindications

Hirudotherapy is used for various diseases associated with increased blood viscosity and its stagnation. It is widely practiced in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Leeches in the initial stage of the disease and the middle are especially effective. Dosage is indicated for patients with chronic or acute hemorrhoids, accompanied by pain, itching and burning, anal fissures or prolapse of overgrown nodes.

Despite its effectiveness, Leeches have a number of contraindications. They can not be used when:

  • hemophilia and other blood diseases,
  • heavy rectal bleeding,
  • anemia
  • low blood pressure
  • severe forms of diabetes,
  • autoimmune diseases
  • necrosis and deep fistulas,
  • allergies to hirudin.

Leeches are not used to treat very weak patients: elderly with reduced immunity or a particularly advanced stage of hemorrhoids. When bitten, bloodsuckers can bring bacteria that adversely affect the already undermined health of the patient.

Suitable for the procedure are adult, active leeches that respond to touch by instantaneous contraction of the body.. They are purchased in a pharmacy immediately before the procedure, stored in clean water and used only once, after which they are destroyed. This approach guarantees the complete safety of the patient and the impossibility of infection with diseases transmitted through the blood.

General information about the disease

Hemorrhoids - a disease associated with the blood vessels of the rectum around the anus. It manifests itself when their thrombosis, inflammation, “twisting” of the veins, edema and the formation of external and internal hemorrhoidal nodes occur.

The disease is usually affected by:

  • people who sit a lot, move a little,
  • work on hard physical work,
  • pregnant and just giving birth women, especially after difficult births,
  • people with bad habits and malnutrition,
  • those with frequent constipation or diarrhea.

Hemorrhoids develop gradually. At first, the patient can feel severe itching, burning in the anus, especially during or after bowel movements. Then internal and external hemorrhoidal "bumps" or nodes are formed. Pain begins to be felt, sometimes very severe, blood can be detected in the feces, and bloody marks on the toilet paper.

If the disease is started, then it is treated surgically. We are talking about the removal of nodes in case of thrombosis or necrosis.

At the first stages of the disease, it is enough to follow a diet, drink plenty of fluids, take conservative treatment in combination with hirudotherapy, alternative treatment methods, and perform exercise therapy exercises. As a result, the hemorrhoidal nodes disappear, and the patient’s condition and his quality of life improve. The main thing is to prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic condition or an advanced stage.

Traditionally, phlebotropic drugs are used to treat hemorrhoids, as well as suppositories, ointments and enemas with analgesic, anti-inflammatory effects. In 1995, a non-invasive minimally invasive method of treating hemorrhoids was discovered - de-sterilization. The main principle of the procedure: search for the location of the arteries supplying the hemorrhoidal node and dressing them (HAL technology).

This manipulation stops the access of blood to the node, it is emptied and disappears.The method can be used to treat 2-3 or even 4, the most advanced stages of the disease. It allows you to do without surgical intervention, a long postoperative rehabilitation, postoperative complications. Another procedure complements the manipulation - tightening the internal node and fixing it to the intestinal wall (RAR technology).

The healing properties of leeches

The times of Duremar and the catching of medicinal leeches in a swamp or pond are in the past. Now they are grown in special conditions in biological factories. This ensures the safety of the method, sterility, the impossibility of infection of the patient.

The main healing properties of leeches are:

  • blood thinning
  • restoration of vascular tone,
  • removal of puffiness,
  • anesthesia,
  • disinfection.

Leech saliva contains a considerable number of components, due to which the above properties are realized. One of them is hirudin. It is he who contributes to the dilution of blood, prevents its coagulation. As a result, the formation of blood clots is prevented, existing ones resolve. Leeches with hemorrhoids, especially when it is not already running, very effectively cope with its nodes, alleviating the patient's condition. This is perhaps the most effective method of treating the disease in the early stages, which is recognized by official medicine.

In addition to hirudin, a leech in the course of research found:

  • bradykinins - have an anti-inflammatory effect on the blood,
  • destabilase - dissolves blood clots,
  • apyrase - lowers cholesterol,
  • hyaluronidase, collagenase - substances that have an antibacterial effect,
  • eglins - proteins that help relieve inflammation in the tissues,
  • orgelase - improves blood microcirculation, restores capillaries.

In addition to alleviating the condition of a patient with hemorrhoids, leeches heal the whole body, thanks to the active substances that their saliva contains. Blood pressure decreases, blood circulation and blood supply to organs improve, blood clots resolve, swelling and inflammation of tissues decrease, and stool normalizes.

How is the procedure

Leeches with hemorrhoids are installed on the coccyx or directly on the external node and around it, over passing large vessels. The patient is laid on his stomach, the place of the leeches is freed from clothing. The skin in this area is wiped with alcohol, and then with clean water. Leeches are sensitive to odors, may not stick to the desired point if they do not like it.

In addition, the skin must be clean so that local infection does not occur. At the same time put no more than four individuals. Each leech is usually placed in a thin tube or glass vial with the head facing out. The doctor tightly puts the tube at the desired point, as a result, the leech should be sucked. If she does not, she is replaced by another.

The peculiarity of the leech action is that it disappears itself when it sucks out a sufficient amount of blood. It takes between 35-40 minutes and longer. In the clinic where hirudotherapy is carried out, they must always ensure that leeches are hungry before the session.

Then the amount of substances injected by them will be maximum. And this is more than 100 components.

The patient does not experience pain during the bite and throughout the session, only a slight pinching at the beginning. The leech first introduces the anesthetic contained in its saliva to the bite point. After the procedure, for some time (about a day, sometimes longer), blood in the places of bites does not stop. It continues to act enzymes. You should not be afraid of this; special hemostatic agents should not be taken. Usually, the wounds remaining after the leeches are placed are covered with a sterile dressing and sealed so that clothes do not get dirty.

It is recommended to repeat the procedure at least, but not more than once a week. Their total number is 10-12. With moderate severity of the disease, the number of leeches is increased to 6-7 pieces. A break between hirudotherapy complexes is recommended for 1-2 months. You can invite a hirudotherapist to your home. It is better if the procedure at home is also performed by a specialist. Although you can buy therapeutic leeches in a pharmacy and do everything yourself or with the help of relatives, but strictly following all the recommendations on the procedure. Caution must be observed at the time of purchase. If this is done from an unverified source, then the risk of side effects and the risk of infection increase dramatically. To buy leeches should only be in a pharmacy or specialized clinic, having previously read the quality certificate.


Before deciding on hirudotherapy for the treatment of hemorrhoids, a consultation with a proctologist and a medical examination are necessary. Since leeches thin the blood, contraindications also relate to blood counts.

You should not be treated with their help, if there is:

  • poor blood coagulation, hemophilia,
  • hypotension - low blood pressure,
  • anemia, low hemoglobin,
  • there are oncological diagnoses,
  • pregnancy, especially in the second half,
  • allergic reaction to active substances secreted by a leech.

In addition to contraindications in which hirudotherapy cannot be used, side effects of the procedure may appear in its process. If the rules for keeping leeches are not followed, sterility is impaired when they are placed, local irritation or infection of the skin can occur, and a hematoma can form. If the leech gets to the place where a thin layer separates the vein from the skin, biting and severe bleeding can occur. In places where leeches were placed, hyperpigmentation may appear.

Not quite a contraindication, rather, the psychological factor that impedes hirudotherapy is fear and an squeamish attitude towards leeches. If the patient, most often the female, does not overcome this sensation, then the procedure will be difficult or impossible. But with hemorrhoids, the patient does not see the location of the leeches and they themselves, and the bite is not felt. Only this can help convince such a person to decide on an effective procedure.

The information on our website is provided by qualified doctors and is for informational purposes only. Do not self-medicate! Be sure to contact a specialist!

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Complications after exotic therapy can occur if the procedure was performed incorrectly.

Leeches can not be attached directly to the veins, should retreat 1 - 2 cm.

The bite site must be carefully treated after removal of the animal. Then, in no case can you comb it.

The use of low-quality and sick leeches can also harm the patient. That is why "wild worms" are not suitable for therapy. Before performing the procedure, make sure that your living individuals are suitable for such work.

Another common cause of complications is an incorrect combination of hirudotherapy with medical treatment. Leech saliva components can enter into an uncontrolled chemical reaction in the body. Therefore, this procedure should be carried out under the strict supervision of a physician. Before starting therapy, warn him about all the medications you are taking at the moment.

To avoid getting dirt and infections into the wound from a bite, do not take hot baths for 6 days after the procedure. Physiotherapy can be done 4 days after.

Hirudotherapy has few side effects, but they also exist. As a rule, this is a slight swelling of the tissues around the site of the bite, redness of the skin and skin itching. Allergic reactions are also possible, but they occur extremely rarely.

What do leeches inject

Piyaki saliva contains:

  • Hirudin enzyme - anticoagulant, thrombolytic, increases coagulability, dilutes blood. It has antiseptic effects, which reduces the risk of infection of the wound to zero.
  • Aeglins - proteins with powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Collagenase and Hyaluronidases - immunostimulating enzymes that increase the body's defensive reactions to any pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Orgelase - improves blood circulation, speeds up blood flow, promotes the formation of new capillaries.
  • Destabilase - has a powerful bactericidal effect. Increases coagulability, dissolves existing blood clots.

For medicinal purposes, annelids are grown in special factories, where they then go through the certification process. When sent to hospitals, biologists select adults by age, size, and health status.

When selecting pay attention to such factors:

  1. Activity. Released, quickly move with the help of suction cups. Instantly stick around a hand, if you lower it into a container, twist when touched.
  2. The ability to quickly and firmly stick. If there is not enough water in the bank, they climb up and remain on the inner surface.
  3. Healthy individuals never stretch to their full length.
  4. Appearance. There should be a shiny damp surface.
  5. Clear reflex when touched. Instantly decrease in size, become elastic, thick, short.

After a full session, they most often disappear on their own. Reuse is not provided, therefore, simply destroyed.

What is the benefit of hirudotherapy for hemorrhoids?

Summing up, we can say that the action of a bloodsucker resembles a live injection, which sends a large number of therapeutic substances into the body, thereby providing a powerful therapeutic effect. As a result, blood stops clotting, blood clots resolve, blood pressure stabilizes, and the body's defenses increase.

Rules of procedure

To make the right decision about the appropriateness of treatment, the future patient must know:

  1. The sessions must be entrusted to a specialist - a hirudotherapist. They must be held in a hospital, in a special sterile room. Self-medication at home is not recommended, as it is associated with various risks - from allergic reactions to the development of infectious processes and severe bleeding.
  2. Before the first session, a consultation with the attending physician is necessary. The proctologist must tell the patient about the features of the method, its goals and consequences, prepare psychologically.
  3. The procedure is carried out no more than 1-2 times a week.
  4. 1 course is 10 sessions of 5 pieces at a time. It can be repeated by taking a break of at least 4 weeks.
  5. The effectiveness of hirudotherapy is directly related to regularity. If you started, do not skip the procedure.
  6. The break between sessions is usually 5 days.
  7. You cannot call a painful procedure, because saliva acts as an anesthetic.
  8. Duration - from 20 to 40 minutes. It depends on the behavior of bloodsuckers. They will depart on their own only when they are fully satisfied.
  9. Hirudotherapy is mainly used for external hemorrhoids, and only in rare cases with internal hemorrhoids.
  10. Use exclusively hungry bloodsuckers, otherwise they will not drink enough blood to recover.
  11. Hands are forbidden to tear from the body. They will fall away on their own. Otherwise, the place of the suction cup you just need to sprinkle with salt.
  12. A medical leech is used only 1 time, since it will digest the resulting 2 years. In addition, repeated manipulation is associated with a risk of introducing the infection into the site of the prokus. After the session is destroyed.

To avoid the unpleasant consequences of manipulation, you must ensure that the doctor is also prepared for the procedure. In his office on his table at hand should be:

  • sterile instruments: forceps, tubes, in a special stand or tray,
  • sterile wipes, dressings, towel,
  • medical and ammonia
  • 40% glucose solution
  • a container of boiling water,
  • medical gloves,
  • container for used tools.

The patient should lie on his side or on his stomach. The hirudotherapist determines the setting points individually. It depends on the stage of the disease, the severity of its course, the quantity, type of hemorrhoidal nodes.

The selected place is thoroughly washed with water, then treated with alcohol.

After all the bloodsuckers fall away, a sterile napkin is applied to the bite site. Above - a fixing gauze bandage and a bandage for at least a day.

It should be borne in mind that bleeding at the site of the bite lasts from 6 to 48 hours due to a decrease in coagulation. This is not worth fearing: the blood released from the hemorrhoid cones does not participate in the general mole flow, does not affect the general well-being.

Where and how to put leeches with hemorrhoids, photo

In the hirudotherapist’s office, special schemes should be hung with the indicated biologically active points on which leeches are placed. With hemorrhoids they are placed on the anus, coccyx, lower back, and the area of ​​the projection of the liver.

Scheme: Points of the leeches in the treatment of hemorrhoids

If a blood clot has already occurred or a strong inflammatory process has begun, they are placed on the perineum, around the anus. In this case, their direct contact with the thinned vein, only around it, is not allowed. As a result of a bite, severe bleeding can occur, which will be difficult to stop.

Only in rare cases, with extensive experience and high professionalism, a hirudotherapist can decide to place directly on the hemorrhoid.

The procedure is considered complete when the bloodsucker falls off itself. Cases of its independent penetration into the anus are possible. You should not be afraid. After the leech sucks out the excess and is saturated, it will leave the area on its own. But this means that the patient, in addition to external ones, has internal nodes.

Recommendations to the patient before and after the procedure

Leech treatment is associated with blood. Therefore, special care, caution, attention and sterility are required. On the Internet you can find a lot of information on how to do it yourself, at home. However, if you care about your health, then this method is not for you. If a decision is made, then treatment is carried out only with the participation of a qualified specialist, in his presence, in a specially equipped room.

Only he can answer the question of how appropriate the application of the method is, provide for all contraindications, side effects, and weigh the risks of complications.

The number of sessions, their frequency, other moments are determined taking into account the severity of the disease, the stage of hemorrhoids, the presence of complications or other chronic diseases.

Preparation for the procedure

Keep in mind that leeches are living things. Therefore, their behavior will depend on how you prepare. So that they quickly stick to the body, try:

  • do not drink alcohol for 24 hours,
  • do not smoke at least 6 hours before the scheduled session,
  • before visiting a doctor, take a shower or bath without detergents - soap, gel, especially with a strong aroma,
  • Do not use toilet water or perfume.

Also, keep in mind:

  • it’s better to take a small amount of food a few hours before the session, and even better to come on an empty stomach,
  • when staging hirudin in the perineal region, the doctor may decide to set up an enema to clear the intestines,
  • before you start, you should definitely go to the toilet,
  • the room should not have drafts or open windows, especially in winter. Normal temperature is important so that you do not catch a cold.After all, you’ll have to lie about naked or half-naked for about an hour,
  • in the presence of hair, it must be removed,
  • body temperature is also very important: cold wet, it will cause bloodsucker rejection. In this case, it is advisable to put a warm compress, after which wipe the skin dry,
  • the latter should be clean, without traces of adhesive tape, inflammation or ulcers. The smell of drugs emanating from them is also not allowed. The skin is usually treated with burdock oil, washed with water without soap.

With hemorrhoids, it is important to lie down during a session to avoid fainting.

What to do after the procedure

After a course of hirudotherapy, you can and should lead a familiar lifestyle. After 24 hours, remove the bandage. If it is dry, pre-treat it with hydrogen peroxide, so as not to damage the healing hemorrhoidal nodes, not to provoke bleeding.

If it is still strong, use a new sterile dressing, fix it. If necessary, if it is quickly saturated with blood, put a few more layers of bandage or gauze on top.

Before dressing again, be sure to treat the wounds with alcohol.

  1. Comb bite places. With hyperemia or itching, you can take any antihistamine such as Suprastin.
  2. Take a bath for 5 days, shower only, without soap and gel.

Try not to perform work associated with heavy physical exertion during this period.

Advantages and disadvantages of the method

With hemorrhoids, according to numerous patient reviews, the reduction of unpleasant symptoms occurs after 1-3 sessions. Hirudotherapy gives the fastest and most effective result at an early stage of the disease, when the nodes are not so large, the bleeding is not so strong, and the sphincter is not cramped. But positive cases have been repeatedly reported with 3 and even 4 stages of the disease.

The main advantages of treating hemorrhoids with leeches include:

  • the ability of bloodsuckers to independently find the most problematic places and act on them,
  • improving the general condition, increasing the immunity of the whole organism under the influence of the hirudin enzyme,
  • other saliva substances have a positive effect on all organs and tissues of the pelvis, and not just on the rectum,
  • restoration and stabilization of normal pressure in the veins.

A full course or several sessions in many cases can cure hemorrhoids forever.

What are the disadvantages of the method

If the disease is started, relief can only be temporary.

Many are concerned about the pain of the procedure, discomfort. But after 2 times they disappear, and the benefit remains for a long time.

Especially if the patient complies with all the rules prescribed by the doctor before and after the procedure, combines leeches with general therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture or massage.

Thus, it is possible to do without surgical intervention, which has a long rehabilitation period, the risk of relapse and unpleasant consequences.

Where can I do the cost of the procedure

Such a universal method as hirudotherapy has caused a new surge in popularity over the past few decades. Therefore, specialized clinics are in almost every city.

Give preference to the center, which has an excellent reputation, to the specialist whose professionalism and experience has already been tested by time.

The cost of the session also depends on the reputation of the treatment center and the qualifications of the doctor, as well as on the region of your residence. On average, it is about 3 thousand rubles.

Answers to frequently asked questions

She will die, since this enzyme is involved in the processes of her digestion and nutrition: it does not allow blood to coagulate, improves protein absorption.

The usual scheme is 10 sessions of 5 pieces at a time with interruptions of at least 5 days. The doctor may suggest a different method, which depends on his skill, experience and intuition, as well as on the stage of hemorrhoids.

The leech is attached to the skin, bites it to a depth of 2 mm. Rather, the sensations can be compared to a mosquito bite. Consider the fact that there are painkillers in her saliva. Although the threshold of pain for each individual, you will not feel too much pain.

The opinion of proctologists and adherents of traditional medicine

Alternative therapy with leeches is widely used by naturopaths and specialists in the field of traditional medicine.

However, the opinions of doctors are somewhat different. And if the former consider hirudotherapy almost a panacea for all diseases, the latter do not share such optimistic views.

Video clip of Maryana Abritsova

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On the other hand, despite its popularity, hirudotherapy is considered a young science, many of its questions are not fully understood and cause controversy even between experts.

Therefore, in order to make the right decision, you need to weigh the pros and cons, find a doctor whom you trust completely and fully, to listen to his opinion.

Remember that treating hemorrhoids with leeches can only help with the initial symptoms. Nevertheless, even in this case, it should be combined with traditional methods of therapy, which are prescribed by the proctologist.

Hemorrhoids: treatment with leeches, how is the procedure?

How to treat hemorrhoids with leeches? For a hirudotherapy session, it is not necessary to visit the treatment room. However, the patient is unlikely to cope alone, he need an assistant who will carry out all the manipulations with leeches. On the day that treatment is prescribed, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the intestines, followed by the toilet of the anorectal zone.

Before starting the procedure, the skin is wiped with a swab with alcohol or vodka, then treated with clean water and dried with a napkin. 4-5 leeches are enough for one procedure. They are taken one at a time and planted on a selected area. For anesthesia of hemorrhoidal nodes, the zone of the sacrum or tailbone is suitable.

Where to put leeches with hemorrhoids, photo:

You can not put leeches on the mucous or protruding hemorrhoidsIt can cause severe inflammation. Some experts believe that it is not necessary to force the worm to stick to a certain area, it will choose the right place reflexively, focusing on body temperature.

Blood-sucking worms bite through the skin, at the same time injecting an anesthetic substance hirudin into it. The process does not hurt, however impressionable patients may feel weak or dizzy. Leeches hold to full saturation, and then fall off on their own.

If this does not happen, you do not need to tear off the bloodsuckers by force, just lightly sprinkle them with salt. The leeches that fall off are not suitable for reuse; you will have to purchase a new batch at the pharmacy. The whole procedure lasts 15-20 minutes. For maximum effect, it is advisable to lie still, completely relaxed.

In place of bites, bleeding wounds remain. They can be treated with hydrogen peroxide, and then covered with a sterile gauze cloth and sealed with a medical plaster. After the procedure, the patient should rest for at least half an hour.

The bandage on the site of bites lasts 2-3 days, after which the wounds are healed. The course of treatment depends on the condition of the patient. To start 2-3 procedures are enough with an interval of 7 days. When treating particularly painful nodes, 9-10 sessions are performed.

Leech therapy is a proven method with good results. Subject to the necessary hygienic rules, the negative consequences are minimized, the pain and swelling pass, the patient experiences significant relief.

How to supplement therapy?

Leeches alone are unlikely to cope with hemorrhoids.. Their task is to improve the outflow of lymph, reduce blood viscosity, removing pain, swelling, a feeling of heaviness.

When dosed, leeches can slightly reduce the size of hemorrhoidal nodes or inhibit their growth, but they are not able to affect the cause of the disease.

For a full treatment you need to connect venotonics and anticoagulants in tablets or ointments. They improve blood flow, prevent thrombosis, strengthen venous walls and reduce capillary fragility.

Antibiotics in tablets or injections can remove inflammations, they are used in courses for no longer than 5 days in a row. Read more about hemorrhoids medications in our article.

To improve bowel movements and treat internal injuries, rectal suppositories with natural oils are used: sea buckthorn, cocoa, and rosehips. All these funds can be used during hirudotherapy and in between sessions.

Essential component of treatment - balanced diet. A diet rich in fiber, sour-milk products, fruits and vegetables, and lean fish will help fight hemorrhoids. To prevent anemia, include fresh and frozen berries, pomegranates, pomegranate, carrot and beetroot juice, beef or chicken liver in the menu.

Leeches from hemorrhoids - useful and effective procedure, but it is not suitable for all patients. After the first session, you need to carefully monitor your well-being. With unpleasant symptoms, treatment is interrupted, in some cases, antihistamines that relieve the allergic reaction may be needed.

What is hirudotherapy

Hirudotherapy for hemorrhoids is realized through the use of leeches grown in factories and laboratories. Simple of rivers and lakes are not suitable for these purposes, since they do not have a healing effect. Treatment reduces blood coagulation, reducing the likelihood of thrombosis by several times. The regularity of the sessions is once a week, for this 4 leeches are used.

An important step is the preparation of the patient, before the session you can not use tobacco products and flavored products. Experts recommend that the patient, after a natural bowel movement, wash the perineum with water without using soap. The anal lumen must be kept clean.

To increase the effectiveness of the method, you need to perform gymnastics, tonic muscle tissue of the perineum. The procedure is performed as follows: about 300 times a day, it is necessary to strain and relax the anus.

The duration of the session largely depends on the leeches, they detach from the active points independently. The effectiveness of the method depends on regularity, so the maximum pause is 14 days. After the first week, the patient is feeling better. The treatment course is designed for 12 procedures, repeated is carried out after 45 days.

What is the value of a leech for the treatment of complex diseases

Studies have shown that in the saliva of these individuals there are important vitamins and all kinds of enzymes necessary for the human body. The main positive quality is the anesthetic effect, so the patient does not feel pain and discomfort during the session.

The main substance is hirudin, when it enters the circulatory system, it makes the blood thinner, reducing the likelihood of blood clots. After the procedure, circulation in the circulatory system is established, inflammation and tumors disappear. Hirudin brings blood vessels into tone, which improves the functioning of all body systems. During a bite, an analgesic enters the body, it has a disinfecting and analgesic effect.

Leeches with hemorrhoids go through several stages of selection, they must have the following qualities:

  • increased activity
  • a pronounced touch reflex (the body thickens, changes its length, increases elasticity),
  • smooth and shiny outer surface.

Many do not know that a leech can be used only once, at the end of the session it is destroyed. Otherwise, there is a high probability of reinfection.

Treatment for hemorrhoids

Treatment of hemorrhoids with leeches at home is carried out only after proper preparation.

It consists in the following activities:

The appearance of minor bleeding is a normal phenomenon, which is not a reason for stopping therapy. After hirudotherapy, you can’t swim for 4 days. It is forbidden to touch bites and especially to comb them. Contraindications include increased physical activity, it should be abandoned during the entire treatment course.

How to properly leeches

Treatment of hemorrhoids with hirudotherapy is best done on an outpatient basis under the supervision of a specialist, but with some skills, the therapy is implemented at home. With tweezers, the leech is taken closer to the front, put to the right place and wait for it to fix. To increase comfort, a transparent test tube of small thickness is used; a leech is placed in it with the head towards the hole. This allows you to place the individual in a remote place, one of which is the tailbone.

If she did not succeed in sucking, and she immediately fell off, then the individual is removed to the side and put another. After each session, sterile dressings are applied to the bite sites. When the bleeding stops, the area must be treated with iodine or peroxide, after which the dressing is applied again. Fallen individuals are placed in a concentrated salt solution.

How to treat hemorrhoids with hirudotherapy

Many consider treating the manifestations of hemorrhoids with leeches an uncomfortable procedure. But everyone who decided on the method speaks of the absence of discomfort and pain, and the improvement of well-being comes already from the first session. Each leech absorbs approximately 65 ml of blood. The duration of the procedure does not exceed 45 minutes, it is considered completed when the leeches begin to detach.

To reduce the likelihood of inflammation, leeches are placed exclusively on special points. At advanced stages of the disease, the therapeutic effect should have on hemorrhoidal seals.

To obtain the desired result, you should adhere to such recommendations:

Common questionsRecommendations
Where to carry out the procedure?It is necessary to conduct the session on an outpatient basis under the supervision of an experienced specialist.
Do I need to pause between sessions?A break between sessions - 1 week.
How many leeches are required?For one procedure, 3-4 leeches are used.

It is important to monitor the condition of the skin, first the bite area is treated with alcohol, and then washed with water. The event has an antiseptic effect and reduces the likelihood of developing a secondary infection.

Where is the best place to put leeches with hemorrhoids

Before treatment, you should determine where to put leeches with hemorrhoids. In the process of research, experts determined which places are most suitable for leeches. With such a serious illness, the anus is the best area for hirudotherapy. If the veins are very sore and clogged, then the leech is placed directly on the affected area. However, this must be done carefully, as bleeding may occur if a vein is bitten.

At the advanced stage, the leech is fixed on the tailbone, in this place is the active point. The patient does not feel pain and discomfort, but neglect of preparatory measures can provoke some complications.

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