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Keychains for cars of different brands: from Toyota to Volkswagen

Toyota in Russia.

In the mid-eighties of the last century, the first Toyota cars began to enter the Russian market. On October 11, 1986, the Toyota Kuntsevo Center opens in Moscow, specializing in the maintenance and repair of Toyota cars. Subsequently, the Toyota Center Kuntsevo will become the first official Toyota dealer in Russia.

In the mid-90s, in the process of forming a dealer network in Russia, when designing Toyota Centers, a new concept of dealerships began to be implemented. It is based on the principle of "Customer comes first." The main idea of ​​the new approach is not only to present the entire lineup of Toyota cars, but also to provide the guest with maximum comfort and convenience so that every visit to the cabin brings pleasure. Characteristic features of the new concept are the hospitality and openness of staff, the willingness of consultants to provide complete information on any matter of interest to the client, as well as provide a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of cars.

This material is taken from the Toyota Russian Club website.

Purpose of car trinkets

Initially, the main function of the keychain is to decorate and originalize the bunch. Many believe that such an accessory does not carry a functional load, although this is not entirely true. With the help of a weighty and catchy suspension, the keys will always be in sight, which means that the chances of losing them will decrease several times. When choosing a keychain, experts advise paying attention not so much to its appearance as to its ease of use.

You also need to pay attention to the materials used to make the keychain and its compactness, since along with the keys the accessory will be constantly in use, falling into your pocket, then into a car, etc. Cheap plastic options quickly wear out and lose their external gloss. Today on sale there is a variety of trinkets with a built-in button for the car alarm to open the hatch or trunk. There are also keychains for finding keys.

Which are there?

Original trinkets for different car brands are necessarily made of natural materials, decorated with high-quality metal elements. It is best to come to the store and visually pick up an original, brand and high-quality keychain with the right logo. Today, due to the wide variety of popular and popular car brands, a large selection of key chains for them is also due.

Keychains for the owner of the car can be the following logos:

Toyota. To date, under the Toyota car, many different models of trinkets are offered. This can be a massive keychain with a large logo, and a model in the form of a car, and a keychain-carbine.

Volkswagen. For such a solid car as a Volkswagen, a man can choose a keychain with a restrained and strict design or a fashionable modern option.

Ford. For a classic and brutal Ford car, experts advise choosing the same elite and sophisticated models of key chains.

Skoda. A Czech-made car is in demand today, respectively, and men's versions of key chains with such a skoda logo in trend.

Lada. For a domestic Lada car, manufacturers offer original key chains with a logo in the same style as the car itself.

BMW. A German car of the bmw brand is one of the most high-quality and durable cars, and key chains for different bmw models always look brutal and bold.

Hyundai. Japan has always been famous for the successful production of cars, which is only the Hyundai brand cars. A must-have addition to such an expensive car should be no less luxurious keychain.

Peugeot. For an elegant and aristocratic French-made Peugeot car, a stylish original keychain with a car logo will be an excellent addition.

Lexus. For the Japanese brand of Lexus cars, a huge number of stylish and original trinkets with sophisticated functions or just as a key decoration are offered.

Opel. Germany is a country that has repeatedly confirmed that it can produce high-quality, reliable and comfortable cars. And to make the Opel car more comfortable, you can supplement the keys with a stylish accessory.

Mitsubishi. They produce Mitsubishi cars in Tokyo, and the original key chains and other accessories for the owners of such a car around the world.

Subaru. Residents of the land of the rising sun are in awe of the stars, so the Subaru brand logo is decorated with them. As well, and trinkets for such cars.

Chevrolet. The global brand of Chevrolet cars is in demand around the world, and is produced in the United States of America. You can supplement any car brand with such a logo with a beautiful keychain in this theme.

Kia. Cars from South Korea are popular because of reasonable prices and excellent quality. To emphasize the good taste in choosing a car, a man needs a keychain with the kia logo.

Mazda. Compact and comfortable Mazda cars are spread all over the world, as are key chains with such a logo.

Honda. For men who prefer Japanese cars of the Honda brand, accessories manufacturers offer different models of key chains with such a logo.

Infinity. According to the latest statistics, the Japanese automobile brand Infinity is recognized as the leader in demand. Therefore, key chains under the car fly apart at a frantic speed.

Audi. This car brand is recognized as the highest quality, especially among used cars. Corresponding to the quality and durability of the car service must the same brand keychain.

Vaz. A domestic car is the most common in Russia and neighboring countries, therefore, key chains with this logo are sold in large quantities.

Mercedes. Most mercedes cars belong to the business class, therefore it is better to choose key chains in the same style to emphasize the status of the driver.

UAZ patriot. A brutal and bold all-wheel drive car with increased cross-country ability for the most extreme roads requires the same courageous and bold accessory.

Volvo. Cars are manufactured in Sweden and are recognized as the best trucks with good wear resistance. You can find a volvo keychain for sale in any specialized store in many interpretations.

Porsche. The most expensive and exclusive cars belong to the Porsche brand. Accordingly, key chains for cars look bright and stylish.

Land Rover. British premium cars Land Rover differ brutal dimensions and high traffic. Keychains for Range Rover must comply with such indicators.

Land Cruiser. Japanese SUVs are suitable for strong real men, just like bold and original key chains.


To date, the automotive market is replete with a variety of brands of cars for all occasions. These are comfortable cars of a universal plan, and a business class for business men, and brutal powerful models, and exclusive brands for special occasions. It is difficult to imagine the owner of a car without a keychain with a car logo. In addition, manufacturers of accessories offer a huge selection of models of the highest quality.

How to choose the original?

As a rule, when buying a new car, the keys already have a brand suspension of the brand. But such trinkets are usually of very poor quality and do not last long. Therefore, after some time you have to think about buying a new one or do without it at all. If, however, it was decided to update it, then the best solution would be to buy a quality item. A great option would be products made of genuine leather, as they are very durable. Leather trinkets with metal accents will be a great addition to your keys.

It will be ideal if you come to the store and touch it with your hands before buying. So you will be able to check the quality. But if such an opportunity is not provided, then a good alternative is to order in an online store. Moreover, now many sellers provide the service of payment for goods upon receipt and verification. This gives you the right to refuse the key fob if something does not suit you at the very last moment.

Under the original are meant exactly those pendants that were released by the manufacturer of your car. As mentioned above, initially the original keychain comes with your machine. But for it to be of good quality, you just need to pay extra for some other of the assortment, which are commercially available separately.


From childhood, we all know the legendary Soviet cars VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, Niva. Or their modern continuation Lada with a new line. "Vesta", "X-Ray" - to any of them there is a branded accessory. Literally every brand has its own unique logo, which reveals the content of cars.

Sign UAZ - This is a wide and spreading checkmark inside the circle. She emphasizes the dimensions of machines that really have large dimensions. Logo GAS - This is a running deer against the background of a shield with teeth of the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, it was in this city that the first automobile factory was located. VAZ with its current counterpart, Lada have a common logo in the form of a floating boat. The letter "B", which is clearly discernible in outline, symbolizes the Volga and the Volga Automobile Plant.

Trinkets for all these brands can be bought from car dealers and other special stores. The material can be anything, but skin substitutes should be avoided whenever possible.


German clarity and pedantry manifested itself in this sector of the economy with their rich variety of car brands. The most famous of them are:

  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Opel

Premium Porsche boast a keychain in the form of a shield, divided into 4 parts. In the center is a horse, which symbolizes the strength and speed of the machine. BMW with their signature black-and-white-blue coloring in the form of a wheel stand out from the rest. A bold move - to divide the circle into 4 parts and fill them, at first glance, with not very matching colors, gives a certain authenticity to the entire trinket as a whole. A dangerous enemy for such pendants is poor paint, which is used to fill everything inside on fakes, and uneven surface color is also possible, which will manifest itself even more with time.

Badges Audi, Mercedes and Opel very similar and no different delicacies. Famous four rings Audimade of metal are usually sewn into a leather substrate to make the overall picture at least somehow more interesting. Key rings Mercedes they are performed in the form of a medal, on which swift lines diverging from the center are seemingly built up, the brand name flaunts a little higher. Opel also does not shine with a special fantasy with its "understated" Z in the form of lightning inside a circle. "Astra", "Mokka", "Insignia" and other models flaunt this symbol on the grille and keychain.

Icon Origin History Volkswagen covered in mystery and begins as early as the mid-1930s of the last century. Historians claim that Adolf Hitler himself ordered the release of a car for people. By merging the letters W and V, a distinctive feature of all these machines was born. The pitfall of all such trinkets is spraying on the letters themselves, over time it can fade and fade.


Japanese auto industry famous for the reliability of its products. Japan was once the most massive automaker, but since 2009, this title has passed to China, and it dropped to the second line of the list. A flexibly debugged business structure allows you to produce a huge number of copies and remain among the leaders. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the main market segment is divided between such world famous brands as:

  • Toyota
  • Mazda
  • Honda
  • Mitsubishi,
  • Nissan
  • Suzuki,
  • Subaru
  • Lexus

Lexus, of course, are included in the premium segment. Expensive cars emphasize the high status of the owner. But their icon is pretty simple: the usual letter L, inscribed in an oval. Such trinkets just need to be supplemented.

A similar story with Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi and Suzuki. The first car from the list has the familiar letter M on their cars. In the outlines, the emblem of the city of Hiroshima is guessed, where the history of the company began. Logo Mitsubishi motors - these are three diamonds diverging from the center, which symbolize diamonds. Their location is also not accidental: in Japan such a figure is called "triceps" and it means heavenly power. Their logos look boring without any addition in the form of leather. It can also be an engraving on a steel plate of an unusual shape.

In Japanese Subaru means a cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus, all 6 heavenly sanctuaries are reflected on the brand's key rings. The dark blue background, as it were, emphasizes the image of the sky in the night. Company Nissan with their magnificent "Skyline", "GT-R" and "Leopard", it took care of its brand recognition by simply placing its name on the sign. In the original versions, the inscription was on the bright red rising sun, but later it was abandoned, leaving only the inscription framed by a circle. Key pendants are not distinguished by special chic, but there are also unique pieces decorated with jewelry or amber.


Budget and affordable cars from the Czech Republic already managed to fall in love with the mass consumer. Company Skoda represented by its line:

  • "Octavia",
  • "Fabia",
  • "Superb",
  • "Yeti",
  • "Karoq",
  • "Kodiaq".

All models of the manufacturer can have a branded keychain on their keys - a winged arrow inside a silver disk with a black frame around. The authors want to convey to us the speed and determination with which cars move along the road. A really good keychain is made exclusively of steel and painted with a special wear-resistant coating.


Fast growing market in south korea can not ignore the automotive industry. So he has already become a supplier of many famous brands, such as:

  • KIA
  • Hyundai,
  • Daewoo.

Typical representatives KIA Are Cee'd and Rio. Their icons are decorated in a simple style, an oval stroke frames a black background with the inscription KIA. A distinctive feature is that the letter A does not have a horizontal line, which gives some mystery.

Hyundai also not issued by the original design of its logo. Oblique H, as is clear, indicates the first letter in the name. "Genesis", "Solaris" and all other brands have it in the front and back. Emblem Daewoo a scallop shell was chosen, made in the style of minimalism with only contouring.

Choose charms from the real metal, and not its imitation, over time, all-metal copies lose their attractive appearance much less, do not crack and do not wear out.


Most american cars - These are typical representatives of the middle class.

  • Ford
  • Chevrolet,
  • Jeep
  • Dodge.

Here, each of them stands out with its logo, except for the outstanding Jeep. Ford - with a branded blue oval with a harmoniously inscribed name. Origin of the mark Chevrolet somewhat romantic, the whole point is that the founder of the company, William Durant, in one of the hotels in France noticed the image of a male butterfly on the wallpaper of the room. This became the prototype of the future sketch, which we all can easily recognize now on keys.

Initially, John and Horace Dodge decided to make bicycles, but then the company retrained for machine parts, and later for cars. Over the course of history, it has been replaced by many trademarks, and since 1994 it has become the ram’s head familiar to everyone now.But that’s not all, in 2010 a new sign was born - the inscription “Dodge” with two inclined stripes on the right. From this wide variety, everyone can choose the keychain that he will like and proudly attach it to his keys.


Huge corporation Renault which has long built its plants around the planet, has a substantial number of different models, characterizes itself as a mass production brand. The current keychain sign Renault - This is a slightly elongated rhombus. But, if you look into the past, we will find out that the company is closely connected with tank building and in a certain period of time it had a tank on the logo. This fact suggests that the rhombus is nothing more than the intersection of the tracks of armored vehicles. The most common keychain from Renault is made in the form of an ordinary pendant without a yellow background, but it is the presence of the background that gives the sign an original look.


Sweden does not differ in large volumes of the car market. The best she can offer is undoubtedly Volvo. An ancient symbol in the form of a circle with an arrow pointing up and to the right along the diagonal was chosen as a trademark. The usual performance of trinkets is also metal. In the middle of the circle is an inscription with the name of the brand.


The United Kingdom Introduces Us Jaguar. The only brand whose logo has acquired volume in the performance of the keyring. The graceful and majestic animal the jaguar as if freezes during a jump. Such a suspension cast from pure steel will accompany the car for a long time and will not undergo aging.


In recent years, China has become a leader in many industries and has been pleasantly surprised at the price of its products, but somewhat disappointed with quality. Chinese cars are short-lived. Think for yourself, can a keychain be of better quality. For example, icons Chery - These are the most common steel ovals with a triangle in the form of an “A” inside. Or Lifan with its triple L.

Celestial is famous for its replicas, there are fake key rings for all brands in the world, but because of so many of them the quality suffers.

If you like to frequently change pendants, then you should pay attention to the Chinese market segment. There you will find an unimaginable variety of shapes, sizes and materials of products at an affordable price.


The lower limit of the value of the company keyring is 70 rubles. These will be the simplest faux leather pendants with embroidery. Logos of good quality cost from 450 rubles., Such products will definitely serve you for a single year. The maximum price can be set at around 1000 rubles. Instances coated with precious metals can be several times more expensive.


Reviews on key rings for cars vary greatly and it depends mainly on the price at which a person took the suspension. The higher it is, the more positive the review. After all, genuine leather is more expensive than its counterpart and lasts much longer. And metal trinkets are different: it happens that under the guise of steel people do not notice plastic, which quickly breaks and becomes worthless. Therefore, you need to beware of low-quality replicas.

The process of manufacturing key chains for leather keys can be seen in the next video.

Watch the video: Men's favor,Cool metal Car logo keychain,car key ring (February 2020).

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