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Suppositories for hemorrhoids Anestezol: reviews, instructions for use

Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by pain. At the beginning of the disease, it occurs during bowel movements, neglected forms are characterized by constant unpleasant sensations that haunt the patient even at rest.

Simple and safe means can help - for example, rectal suppositories with anesthetic effect. One of the most famous and effective suppositories is Anestezol.

What is not customary to say out loud

Unfortunately, human life is so arranged that it is almost impossible to avoid health problems. Moreover, some diseases are considered something shameful, which is not customary to talk about. These diseases include hemorrhoids. With a bowel problem, soreness, itching, the appearance of bumps in the anus, the doctor is most often consulted when the disease is already sufficiently started and requires long-term medication or even surgical treatment. Since the anemia from hemorrhoids, "Anestezol" is one of the sought-after medicines in the treatment of hemorrhoids. But you should always remember that high-quality treatment can be prescribed only after an adequate diagnosis, and therefore self-medication of intestinal problems is not worth it.

What is part of the drug?

Suppositories from hemorrhoids "Anestezol" composition are multicomponent, because 4 active substances work in this preparation:

  • benzocaine - a widely used anesthetic,
  • zinc oxide - a chemical compound of natural origin, used in pharmacology as an absorbent, antiseptic, astringent and anti-inflammatory agent,
  • Racementol - a natural substance of plant origin, which has anesthetic and antiseptic qualities,
  • bismuth subgallate - a compound with anti-inflammatory, drying properties.

To give the drug a specific shape - conical suppositories, it includes components such as polyethylene oxide 1500 and polyethylene oxide 400 in the amount necessary to give the mass a moldable consistency.

How do active substances work?

Suppositories for hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews from patients suffering from hemorrhoids are mostly grateful, because the drug is used as a local anesthetic, drying and antiseptic. How does it work, which for several decades remains a demanded antihemorrhoidal remedy?

Benzocaine acts on receptors, blocking the sodium channels of cell membranes, which prevents the passage of a nerve impulse.

Racementol stimulates the cold receptors of the skin, which makes pain less apparent. Antiseptic properties are manifested by the action of a substance on microbial cells.

Zinc oxide has the ability to form albuminates and denature proteins, which reduces inflammation and irritation on the skin.

Vi smoot subgallate at the site of application causes the process of coagulation of proteins, cell membranes and extracellular fluid. As a result of this, a film is formed that protects sensitive nerve endings from irritation, which relieves pain and prevents the development of edema. It also causes narrowing of local blood vessels, lowering vascular permeability, decreasing exudation and reducing tissue inflammation. This substance, when applied externally, is slightly absorbed into the systemic circulation.

It is on the complex effect of the active substances of the suppository for hemorrhoids "Anestezol" that the majority of respondents receive positive reviews.

In what cases can I use the drug?

The instructions for use attached to the drug "Anestezol" (suppositories) indicate its use in problems such as anal fissures and hemorrhoids. The medicinal substances that make up rectal suppositories help to relieve pain, have an antiseptic and drying effect, which has a beneficial effect on the treatment of these diseases. This drug is most often prescribed in combination with other means and methods of treatment.

And when can’t you use candles?

Quite often, the recommended remedy is suppositories for hemorrhoids "Anestezol". The instruction for him indicates some contraindications to their use. This is children's age - up to 12 years, as well as intolerance to the components of the drug, in particular methanol and benzocaine. Allergies can be established on bismuth and zinc, which also serves as a reason to abandon such therapy.

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids are a common problem, but due to the fact that bismuth enters the systemic circulation, albeit in small quantities, from there through the placental barrier into the bloodstream of the fetus, this drug is not recommended for use during gestation. The same limitation applies to the period of breastfeeding.

Side effects

Suppositories for hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews are mostly recommendatory, although some of them mention the appearance of not very pleasant side effects, such as itching and burning. In addition to these sensations, when used in the treatment of hemorrhoids or anal fissures, an allergic reaction can develop. It should also be remembered that rectal suppositories can have a laxative effect.

How to use suppositories?

About a drug such as suppositories for hemorrhoids "Anestezol", the instructions for use say that the method of their use is rectal, that is, suppositories are introduced into the anus. The introduction algorithm is as follows:

  • after a natural bowel movement or a cleansing enema, it is necessary to wash and dry the anus area with a clean cloth,
  • it’s most convenient to place candles lying on your side, but you can do this by standing with one foot on a raised platform, for example, on a chair,
  • with clean hands, open the contour cell with the drug, remove the candle,
  • gently insert it into the anus, moving your finger as deep as possible,
  • lie down for a while.

Putting suppositories before bowel movement is not worth it, since their introduction will cause bowel movements, and the drug will be removed from the body without having any therapeutic effect. The candle will be used in vain.

Apply this medicine 1-2 times a day. A single or repeated intake is best done before bedtime, so that the medicine works actively during the rest period.

How to buy and how to store suppositories from hemorrhoids?

Suppositories for hemorrhoids "Anestezol" reviews are positive from those who, with the help of this drug, got rid of the painful sensations caused by problems with the intestines. You can buy this drug at any pharmacy, it is sold at the request of the buyer without a doctor’s prescription. Its price is as affordable as possible - a drug package costs from 80 to 120 rubles, depending on the pharmacy network.

Suppositories are stored in a cool place, avoiding exposure to high temperatures - above 25 0 C. Candles must be kept away from small children.

What do doctors and patients say about the drug?

The anti-hemorrhoidal drug "Anestezol" (suppositories) reviews from both specialists and patients are recommendatory and grateful. Doctors talk about the effectiveness of the drug in complex therapy, and patients note that suppositories relieve unpleasant and painful sensations arising from cracks in the anus and hemorrhoids. Very rarely, drug responses mention side effects - burning and itching. Many of the patients who used this drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids note its low cost, which is important for such drugs, because people from all walks of life suffer from this disease.

There are grateful reviews from women suffering from postpartum hemorrhoids and cracks. They note a quick relief of soreness, as well as a cure for the problem.

Since the evening with hemorrhoids "Anestezol", reviews from doctors are also positive, because experts base their opinions on the condition of patients, the course of the disease, the rate of disappearance of painful symptoms.

Are there any analogues?

Hemorrhoids - a serious disease that can cause a serious deterioration in the quality of life, and often leading to much more serious problems than recurring pain and discomfort. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the disease on time. Since the evening with hemorrhoids "Anestezol" the reviews have positive, like many similar drugs.

For example, rectal suppositories "Anuzol", which have the same properties as "Anestezol", but as active components include xeroform (bismuth tribromophenolate), belladonna extract thick and zinc sulfate. Another drug available to treat the “silent problem” is Olestesin, which employs benzocaine, sulfaethidol, and sea buckthorn oil.

There are undoubtedly hemorrhoid medications that are in a different price category, for example, Proctosedil, Relief, Proctoglivenol. Which rectal suppositories to choose for the treatment of a painful and serious disease - hemorrhoids, the attending physician should say after a thorough examination and an adequate diagnosis.

Discomfort in the anus, the appearance of itching, hemorrhoids, bleeding require a mandatory visit to a proctologist. Health is the most important thing, and you don’t need to be shy to see a doctor with your problems, because time for medical help may be missed and then you will have to resort to surgical intervention. In addition, oncological diseases of the rectum can have symptoms of hemorrhoids. Therefore, first - a visit to a doctor and a thorough examination, and only then - the use of drugs and physiotherapy prescribed by a specialist.

Features of the drug

Anestezol - rectal suppositories with anti-inflammatory, wound healing and analgesic effects. The complex drug is suitable for the treatment of various forms of hemorrhoids: external, internal and combined.

It is possible to use after operations for resection of hemorrhoidal nodes or removal of polyps of the rectum.

Subject to the recommended course, suppositories are able to:

  • quickly stop acute pain attacks,
  • remove the severity and dull pain characteristic of chronic hemorrhoids,
  • prevent inflammation and suppuration,
  • reduce external and internal edema,
  • accelerate the healing of small tears and anal fissures,
  • improve the general condition of the patient, normalize the bowel movement.

Rectal suppositories act locally without irritating the digestive organs, liver and kidneys.

A few minutes after administration, the fatty components begin to melt, releasing the active components. The drug is absorbed into the tissues, helping to relax the walls of the rectum, healing small tears, stopping bleeding and relieving pain.

Relief comes very quickly, after 15 minutes the patient feels much better.

In the long run, the drug helps to heal wounds, accelerating cell regeneration. Candles have a positive effect on both internal tears and deep anal fissures.

Composition and packaging

White or light yellow candles have a traditional torpedo shape and a slight menthol smell.

Suppositories are packaged in plastic blisters of 5 pieces, 2 blisters are packed in a cardboard box. Detailed instructions are available.

The composition of the drug includes:

  1. Benzocaine. An active anesthetic that quickly relieves even very severe pain. The component acts on a limited number of pain receptors. Anesthesia helps with bowel movements, compressed feces pass without causing severe discomfort. It softens the itching and burning, promotes the outflow of blood from inflamed hemorrhoids.
  2. Bismuth subgalate (dermatol). Dries the inflamed areas, enhances the outflow of lymph, removing internal and external edema. It inhibits inflammatory processes, covering the damaged areas with a thin film that prevents the access of pathogenic bacteria. Participates in the regeneration process, stimulating the growth of new cells. Constricts blood vessels, reducing internal bleeding.
  3. Zinc oxide Strong wound healing component. Disinfects the skin and mucous membranes, killing pathogenic microflora, accelerates the tightening of internal and external cracks, prevents the appearance of new tears.
  4. Menthol. It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, acts on nerve endings, and gives a slight cooling effect. Relieves swelling, enhances the action of other active components.

Candles can be used for 2 years from the date of release indicated on the package. You need to store them in a cool dark place, in the hot sun, suppositories can melt. When opened, the candles dry quickly.

Brief description of the drug

"Anestezol" - suppositories for the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease of local symptomatic action. They are used in proctological practice in order to treat rectal pathologies and related disorders. Used primarily in the internal form of the disease in adult patients.

Often patients use special anesthetics suppositories, which have many positive qualities

The drug is a suppository for rectal administration (through the anus). In appearance, these are greenish cone-shaped candles with a solid and oily structure. 5 pieces are produced in a contour blister, 1 or 2 plates in a package with instructions. Stored no more than 3 years in a dark, dry and cool place. Pharmacies are sold over-the-counter.

The composition of the Anestezol suppositories is multicomponent, they contain four active substances and auxiliary ingredients in small quantities at once:

  • bismuth subgallate - 40 mg in one suppository,
  • benzocaine - 100 mg,
  • zinc oxide - 20 mg,
  • menthol - 4 mg,
  • polyethylene oxide
  • fat.

Thanks to the complex composition of the drug, a quick and comprehensive healing, anesthetic, anti-inflammatory and astringent effect is achieved.

Anestezol is produced by various pharmaceutical companies; specifications may vary slightly. The appointment should be made by the attending physician, self-medication is prohibited.

Drug benefits

The great advantage of the drug is that its action begins immediately after administration. Benzocaine almost instantly (within a few seconds) literally freezes the cell membrane, relieving pain. Other benefits of suppositories include:

  • affordable price - depending on the region, it can vary from 50 to 100 rubles. for packing.
  • ease of use - you can enter candles on your own,
  • minimum number of contraindications. Due to the peculiarities of use, candles affect only a certain area, without affecting other organs and systems of the body. In particular, they do not exert any additional burden on the kidneys and liver.

Suppositories for hemorrhoids Anestezol: instruction

Candles are administered 1-2 times a day, the course of the drug is prescribed by the doctor. Usually it lasts no more than 10-14 days, then it is recommended to take a break.

  • It is better to introduce candles in the evening, before going to bed. Analgesic components will help to relax and fully relax, during sleep, all active components are absorbed to the maximum extent.
  • Before the introduction you need to visit the toilet, with constipation, it is recommended to make a cleansing enema.
  • After defecation, the anus is washed with warm water and dried.
  • The candle is injected to a depth of 2-4 cm, after the introduction you need to roll over on your stomach and lie down calmly for 15-20 minutes.

The drug is not able to cure hemorrhoids on its own. Its task is local anesthesia, it is possible to supplement the drug with venotonics, antitumor and hemostatic drugs.

For the treatment of anal fissures, bactericidal ointments and gels can be used, with internal hemorrhoids, tablets and capsules help.

Therapeutic effect

"Anestezol" is intended for the symptomatic treatment of hemorrhoids, the elimination of its acute symptoms, relieving inflammation and healing of wounds.

The mechanism of action is based on the work of each individual component:

  • bismuth - an astringent that has a wound healing effect, dries, tightens and protects the damaged area from infection, promotes regenerative processes in tissues,
  • benzocaine - a strong local anesthetic that reduces sensitivity and pain impulses, anesthetizes the inflamed area,
  • zinc - a disinfectant component, cleans the site of inflammation from harmful microflora, accelerates the healing of the wound surface,
  • menthol - an organic anesthetic with a cooling effect, eliminates itching, burning and discomfort in the anus, relieves swelling of the nodes, normalizes blood circulation,
  • additional substances enhance the action of active components, hold the dosage form of the drug.

By gradually dissolving, suppositories quickly and effectively remove unpleasant symptoms, promote tissue regeneration, and prevent injury to hemorrhoidal nodes during bowel movements. A positive result occurs immediately after the first application, persisting for a long time.

Release form

The drug is available in the form of torpedo-shaped candles of 10 pieces in a cardboard box. Appearance of candles and their packaging

Candles are placed in standard sealed blister contour cells of 5 pieces each. The drug exists only in the form of suppositories for rectal use and has no analogues for external use.

Pharmachologic effect

Rectal suppositories Anestezol is recommended for use in various forms and at any stage of the disease. With severely advanced hemorrhoids, they are used as part of a comprehensive treatment in combination with other antihemorrhoidal agents.

The substances contained in suppositories act as a local anesthetic, acting on the mucous membrane of the inflamed area. Almost immediately after the introduction of the drug into the anus, pain sensations significantly decrease, or completely disappear.

  • In addition, suppositories have an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerate tissue regeneration, relieve swelling, heal wounds, and facilitate the bowel movement.
  • Such a complex action allows not only to temporarily relieve unpleasant symptoms, but also significantly accelerate recovery.
  • Numerous reviews of patients who felt the beneficial effect of the drug on themselves speak about the effectiveness of treatment with Anestezol.
  • The positive effect of this tool is noted not only by patients, but also by proctologists.

Contraindications and side effects

Anuzol is well tolerated by patients; serious severe diseases can become serious contraindications, excluding the additional intake of active drugs.

These include:

  • diabetes,
  • renal failure
  • autoimmune diseases
  • blood diseases.

In some cases, an allergic reaction to the drug is observed. Candles can cause problems with concentration, so they are not recommended for drivers and people working with various mechanisms.

With the introduction of the suppository, burning and itching can be felt. After a few minutes, all the unpleasant sensations pass. If swelling occurs, noticeable redness, rash, nausea, or dizziness, the treatment should be interrupted.

Anestezol is an affordable domestic drug, an effective analgesic and wound healing agent. It is used for various forms of hemorrhoids and is well tolerated by patients.

Indications and contraindications

Suppositories "Anestezol" according to the instructions are used exclusively in proctology for the treatment of diseases of the rectum and anal passage. Appointed with:

This medicine is intended to eliminate pain and other symptoms of hemorrhoids.

  • hemorrhoids internal
  • external nodes
  • cracks, damage to the anus,
  • erosion of the intestine and perianal region.

Effective as part of complex therapy at different stages of hemorrhoidal disease. Actively used during rehabilitation after surgery, along with other systemic drugs. Allowed as a one-time help with a sharp exacerbation of pathology.

Anestezol is a safe drug, but there are some contraindications. The main prohibitions include:

  • hypersensitivity to the components,
  • pregnancy,
  • lactation,
  • children's age (up to 18 years).

The drug should be used with caution with people whose work is associated with controlling machinery and driving, as it can cause a slowdown in reaction.

The advisability of appointing suppositories for the above conditions is determined by the doctor, taking into account the benefits and possible risks for the body. Self-medication can cause serious complications.

With great caution, you can use the drug for car drivers, as well as people managing complex mechanisms.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The use of candles is accompanied by a number of distinctive features:

  • therapeutic effect is achieved in a short time,
  • high bioavailability of active ingredients,
  • lack of systemic effects on the body,
  • ease of use of the drug.

Macrogol, which is the basis of the drug, provides a uniform distribution of the active ingredients on the surface of the rectum and enhances their therapeutic effect.

The complex composition of the candles guarantees several types of therapeutic effect:

  • Anesthesia. The use of candles allows you to get rid of severe pain during the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Benzocaine is not absorbed by the intestines and does not affect the overall activity of the body.
  • Astringent action. Provided by combining bismuth subgallate with zinc oxide. Both substances are synergistic and enhance the therapeutic effect of each other. Anestezol effectively eliminates the processes of exudation of the inflamed intestinal walls during hemorrhoids and reduces bleeding in the presence of anal fissures.
  • Regeneration. Active substances accelerate the healing of wound surfaces and the restoration of intestinal mucous membranes. The regeneration processes are also enhanced against the background of a decrease in the exudation of the intestinal walls.

    Indications for use

    According to the instructions attached to the drug, indications for its use are:

    • chronic hemorrhoids,
    • exacerbation of the disease with its external or internal form,
    • cracks and ulcers in the anorectal zone,
    • complication of the external form of hemorrhoids.

    You can start using Anestezol from the moment the first symptoms of hemorrhoids appear (pain, itching and burning during bowel movements and immediately after it).

    In addition, candles are well established as a medication for postoperative therapy, accelerating rehabilitation and helping to avoid relapse.

    Suppositories Anestezol created for rectal administration.

    For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean the anus before use. This is easiest to do with an enema. Also, before the introduction of the suppository, you need to wash your hands and the anorectal region. You need to wash yourself with warm water (the best way to relax the anus is a warm bath).

    Candles themselves should also not be cold. If the drug is stored in a refrigerator, then it must be removed 30 minutes before use - so that it has time to warm up to normal temperature.

    For the most correct introduction of the candle, it is necessary to lie on its side with legs bent at the knees. After the introduction of the suppository, it is not recommended to get up and move - it is better to spend 30 minutes in bed lying on your stomach.

    If the irritation in the anus is too strong and the use of suppositories causes unpleasant pain, then they can be softened (melt) and an ointment can be made from them.

    The resulting soft substance is applied to a gauze swab, which is applied to the site of inflammation.

    "Anestezol" candles - instructions for use

    The form of suppository is easy to use, therefore, difficulties during treatment usually do not arise. During the procedure, it is important to follow simple rules:

    • pre-empty the intestines or cleanse with an enema,
    • wash with warm water and dry the perianal region,
    • wash your hands well
    • take a lying position with legs slightly bent to the stomach,
    • insert the suppository into the anus, slowly and carefully,
    • lie until the drug is completely dissolved for about half an hour.

    The number of suppositories and the duration of treatment are selected individually. The recommended regimen involves 1-2 suppositories per day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime. Therapy continues until the disappearance of painful symptoms, usually 5-7 days is enough. The appointment and adjustment of the treatment course is done by the attending physician.

    Pharmacological properties

    The most painful is the internal form of hemorrhoids. With it, in the rectal channel in humans, large plexuses form from damaged blood nodes. They provoke fluid retention and severe swelling. At the same time, increased pressure brings discomfort and heaviness to the lower abdomen.

    Such hemorrhoid plexuses can overlap the rectal lumen. With the passage of feces, they are compressed and injured, which causes acute pain to the patient. In addition, discomfort can cause:

    • chronic constipation
    • anal fissures
    • inflammatory processes in the anal area,
    • fistulas and suppurations.

    After surgery to remove hemorrhoids, the pain is quite natural. As the wounds heal and the mucosa heals, it subsides. But all this time the patient has to take special drugs that relieve her severity and give the person the opportunity to do familiar things. Hemorrhoids suppositories Anestezole is a good complex drug that helps solve this debilitating problem.

    It is suppositories that are the best treatment option in the presence of large internal nodules in the anus. They do not require a dosage calculation, they quickly dissolve when they enter the mucosa. So useful components can be delivered as close to the site of inflammation as possible. With increasing elasticity of the blood vessels in the patient, swelling decreases, all unpleasant symptoms go away.

    Standard dosage

    The dosage of the drug, the timing of administration and the number of uses of suppositories should be determined by a specialist.

    Standard dosage: 1 suppository 1-2 times a day in accordance with the instructions for use. The best time for candles is morning and evening (immediately after waking up and immediately before bedtime).

    The course of treatment can vary from 10 to 14 days. You should continue the course even if the acute symptoms of the disease have disappeared.

    Subsequently, if necessary, treatment can be repeated, but strictly on the recommendation of a doctor.


    In addition to the analgesic effect, suppositories have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. They help alleviate the condition of the patient and reduce the intensity of other symptoms. Proctologists recommend them for good results in such medical situations:

    • removal of pain after surgery on the anus,
    • rectal canal improvement during exacerbation,
    • microtrauma healing,
    • reduction of hemorrhoidal cones and strengthening of blood vessels.

    Among the positive reviews about suppositories Anestozol, one can distinguish rapid absorption into the mucosa and a short period from administration to the beginning of exposure. They are practically not absorbed into the blood, therefore they are not dangerous for liver cells. Ease of use allows you to use them for home treatment and not resort to outsiders.

    Anestezol during pregnancy and lactation

    It is recommended that pregnant and lactating women use the drug with extreme caution and only for serious indications.

    The expediency of using Anestezol for hemorrhoids in this category of patients is determined solely by the doctor. Prescribing is possible only when the expected benefit of the drug significantly exceeds the possible risk to the fetus.

    Side effects

    Taking the drug is usually not accompanied by negative side effects, among those occurring the following are distinguished:

    • laxative effect
    • burning sensation after the introduction of a candle,
    • allergy to the components of the drug.

    The laxative effect of the drug is associated with the properties of macrogol - the basis for candles. The substance is actively used in the manufacture of powerful laxatives for internal use and is characterized by an effective ability to attract and bind water, which leads to thinning feces and the development of diarrhea. In the treatment of hemorrhoids, this effect will contribute to its speedy elimination, since constipation is extremely undesirable during therapy.

    Active components

    Many patients see the name of the drug and mistakenly believe that Anestezol suppositories from hemorrhoids have only an analgesic effect. In fact, this is an excellent medicine that works in several directions at once. It dries microtraumas, is a light antiseptic, which is so necessary for exacerbation of the disease. The composition of the suppository includes only active and potent substances:

    • Benzocaine: one of the most popular analgesics that is widely used in medicine. Powerful anti-inflammatory drugs are made from it. In the suppository from hemorrhoids, he is responsible for the rapid removal of the pain syndrome, which often occurs after bowel movements. This is a great way to calm discomfort in the postoperative period. The principle of action of benzocaine is the blocking of nerve receptors responsible for the transmission of alarm signals. Therefore, the effect of use lasts as long as possible.
    • Zinc oxide: the component perfectly dries the mucosa and does not cause additional harm to it. After use, a person secretes an inflammatory secretion - a transparent and sticky fluid that appears from the anus during burning. This speeds up the healing of anal fissures, strengthens the upper layer of the mucosa and makes it healthier.
    • Dermatol: An active ingredient that is derived from lead compounds under laboratory conditions. It has a pronounced astringent effect, enveloping injured places with a thin film. It reliably protects wounds and damaged mucous membranes from pathogenic intestinal microflora and enhances the action of benzocaine.
    • Menthol: This healthy and natural extract is made from peppermint. It has a large amount of antioxidants and sedative essential compounds. Therefore, when applied to the mucous membrane, a slight cooling effect occurs, itching and burning in the anus pass.

    Based on the composition, proctologists do not recommend anestezol suppositories from hemorrhoids as a prophylactic.They prefer to prescribe it for an exacerbation of the disease, loss of internal nodes or severe pain, which provokes the development of thrombosis. Doctors warn that these suppositories should not be taken as the only medicine for such a serious illness: for a successful and quick result, complex therapy using different procedures is necessary.

    Method and dosage

    According to standard guidelines, suppositories are administered 1 twice a day. The average course of treatment is 10 days. If necessary, the duration can be increased to consolidate the therapeutic effect.

    To increase the effectiveness of drug therapy, a number of requirements should be observed:

    • suppositories are preferably administered after an act of defecation to evenly distribute the active components along the intestinal mucous membranes,
    • before using the drug, it is necessary to hold a toilet in the anus using soft soap and warm water,
    • suppositories should be stored in the refrigerator door to preserve their hardness and healing properties, this approach will also not allow the candle to soften under the influence of hand heat and will not lead to a partial loss of active substances,
    • open the blister cell carefully so as not to damage the candle, in case of difficulties with extraction, you can use the scissors to cut the suppository along the contour and reveal the halves,
    • it is permissible to introduce a candle only on the pointed side, with the introduction of a blunt end, there is a high probability of additional injury to painful areas,
    • to facilitate and accelerate the administration process, lie on your left side and bend your knees, the posture reduces the distance between the arm and the anal area and relaxes the round muscle of the anus.
    Recommended route of administration
    • after the introduction of the suppository, it is advisable to lie down for 15 or more minutes to avoid premature leakage of the melted preparation,
    • during therapy, you should briefly trim your nails or use a fingertip, before introducing a candle or finger, you can lubricate it with liquid paraffin,
    • to enhance the therapeutic effect and in the presence of external hemorrhoids, the use of suppositories can be combined with the application of ointments on the outer region of the anus, it is also possible to partially melt the suppository with your fingers and lubricate the painful areas with the resulting composition.

    Video with visual instructions and features of the introduction of rectal suppositories:

    Packaging and composition

    Candle Anestezol ready to use

    Candles from hemorrhoids Anestezol produces a Russian concert Nizhpharm, so they are distinguished by a low affordable price. Suppositories have a streamlined conical shape that glides easily and makes application easier. Each piece for sterility is packed in a sealed plastic cover. A cardboard box protects the medicine during transportation and storage. Before starting a course of treatment, you should carefully read the instructions in order to prevent complications and deterioration.

    How to apply painkillers

    The proper use of candles

    The drug is intended for rectal administration. To make it work as efficiently as possible, you should adhere to certain treatment rules:

    • pre-clean the intestines with a normal enema with water to release the mucosa,
    • administer anestezol only in the supine position,
    • movements must be neat and smooth,
    • no need to pre-lubricate the anus with special emollients,
    • suppositories and external anti-inflammatory creams can be combined.

    Analogues of the drug

    The composition of the drug is currently unparalleled.

    As for the medicinal properties, Relief is considered the most effective drug with a similar effect. The composition of the latter includes liver oil of young sharks, which has a beneficial effect on the body, preventing the onset and development of inflammatory processes, reducing bleeding and healing wounds.

    Similar properties also have:

    • rectal suppositories with novocaine,
    • Hemoproct
    • Hemorrhoid
    • Betiol
    • Proctosan
    • Anuzole and some other drugs.

    Of folk remedies, licorice root, field steel root and antihemorrhoidal collection (senna, yarrow, buckthorn bark, coriander and licorice root) have a similar effect.


    No clinically significant interactions with other drugs have been identified. The components of "Anestezol" when combined with additional external remedies for hemorrhoids can enhance each other's action and speed up the process of getting rid of painful symptoms.

    Suppositories from hemorrhoids are an effective method of treatment of its main manifestations. However, do not delay, because the disease inevitably progresses, and to cope with painful symptoms is much easier in the initial stages of its development. With advanced forms, in most cases, it is not possible to do without surgical methods.

    Video about the causes and methods of treating hemorrhoids:


    1. Despite the fact that Anestezol is a non-prescription drug and can be freely bought at a pharmacy, it is strictly forbidden to use it without consulting a doctor.
    2. In addition, when the first signs of any side effects appear, you must immediately stop using candles before consulting a specialist.
    3. It is recommended to store the drug in a dry and cool place at a temperature of no higher than 20 ° C.

    Instructions for the use of suppositories Anestezol for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fissures

    Hemorrhoids is one of the most common diseases due to the lifestyle of a modern person.

    Pathology causes a lot of inconvenience and is accompanied by intense pain. For treatment, suppositories from hemorrhoids "Anestezol" are used. It is recommended to use them in a course.

    The drug is complex and has a multilateral effect in the presence of several symptoms.

    Anesthesol candles

    Anestezole is a suppository containing local anesthetics.

    This medicine is used in a limited area - to eliminate pain in various pathologies of the anus.

    In addition to eliminating the main symptoms, the drug removes some signs of inflammatory processes and dries the mucosa. Anestezol is indicated in cases where it is necessary to alleviate the course of the disease associated with damage to the mucous surface of the anus. Basically we are talking about hemorrhoids, anal fissures and some other pathologies.

    In this article, we will consider why doctors prescribe Anestezol, including instructions for use, analogues and prices of this drug in pharmacies. REAL REVIEWS of people who have already used Anestezol candles can be read in the comments.

    Composition and form of release

    Anestezol is available in the form of rectal suppositories of standard oblong shape with a rounded end of 5 pieces in a blister (in a cardboard package - 2). If you bought a medicine of another form or quantity - an occasion to think about a fake.

    • The composition of Anestezol includes substances: zinc oxide, bismuth, menthol and benzocaine. Perform their functions in the fight against the disease.

    Clinical and pharmacological group: a drug with anti-inflammatory, astringent, drying and local anesthetic effects for local use in proctology.

    What helps Anestezol?

    Doctors recommend using suppositories for hemorrhoids only if there are appropriate indications:

    1. Uncomplicated internal hemorrhoids.
    2. Internal hemorrhoids complicated by infection and profuse bleeding.
    3. All stages of external hemorrhoids.
    4. Complications of external hemorrhoids.
    5. Suspicion of the formation of internal hemorrhoids.
    6. Thrombosed hemorrhoids.
    7. Intestinal outlet fistulas.
    8. Chronic fissures of the anus and outlet of the rectum.

    In addition, the medication is widely used during the recovery period after surgery, or the procedure for removing polyps.

    For the treatment of hemorrhoids, anestezole is only in combination with other drugs. As a mono tool, it will not bring the expected result. Since its action is aimed only at stopping pain and reducing the sensitivity of receptors, and it lasts for a limited time.

    Method and scheme for the use of suppositories Anestezol for hemorrhoids

    Rectal inserts Anestezol used rectally after bowel movement and washing with warm water without detergents or a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

    To do this, you need to free the candle from the packaging, take a comfortable position, for example, standing with legs apart shoulder width apart, push the buttocks with one hand, and insert the insert into the anal ring and push it to a depth of 3-4 cm. After the procedure, it is recommended to lie down for about half an hour and wash your hands thoroughly with soap.

    According to the instructions, manufacturers advise using Anestezol one suppository once or twice a day, depending on the severity of the symptoms and the presence of complications. The duration of therapy is determined by the attending doctor. It is strictly forbidden to engage in self-medication.

    The drug Anestezol acts locally, therefore, does not cross the placenta, which allows it to be used during pregnancy. But this medication can only be used as prescribed by the attending doctor, who believes that the value of the therapeutic effect is above all risks to the fetus.

    Suppositories from hemorrhoids Anestezol are contraindicated during lactation, so in cases where you can not do without it, breastfeeding should be stopped.

    Candle treatment Anestezol, following the recommendations of a specialist, rarely leads to adverse reactions.

    The most common undesirable effect of the use of the medication is hypersensitivity to it or its components, which can manifest itself as hyperemia, itching, burning and swelling of the anus, urticaria or dermatitis. Manufacturers do not provide data on the development of systemic allergic reactions.

    • Also, with prolonged treatment with the drug, methemoglobemia may develop.
    • Given the risk of allergies, the drug is not prescribed to persons who have previously had manifestations of intolerance to its components, as well as amide anesthetics.
    • Rectal anesthesol liners are contraindicated in childhood and adolescence.

    Suppositories for hemorrhoids Anestezol is an over-the-counter drug, so it is dispensed by their pharmacy without presenting a prescription from the attending doctor. But this does not mean that you can self-medicate, because only a professional can prescribe the optimal treatment regimen, as well as reduce the risk of side effects.

    Manufacturers recommend storing the drug in its original packaging, in a dark place at a temperature of + 5- + 25 ° C for no longer than three years from the date of manufacture.

    The cost of the drug depends on the number of candles in the package and the region of the country. On average, for packing an Anestezol suppository (10 pieces) you will have to pay 110 rubles.

    Patient reviews about the drug

    Rectal suppositories Anestezol are an affordable and effective antihemorrhoid drug that quickly eliminates such painful symptoms of hemorrhoids as soreness, itching and burning, and also reduces the risk of infectious complications and accelerates tissue repair.

    The effectiveness of this medication is confirmed by the mass of positive reviews of patients, examples of which we will present to you.

    Jeanne, 34 years old: “I often suffer from exacerbations of hemorrhoids, but in my medicine cabinet there are candles from Anestezol hemorrhoids, which instantly eliminate pain and itching in the anus, making it easier to visit the restroom. The advantages of this drug are low price, high efficiency, ease of use, of the minuses I can only note that during treatment with these medications you can not drive. ”

    Victor, 42 years old: “I suffer from hemorrhoids for about 7 years, because my work is connected with a long stay in a sitting position. Two years ago I underwent an operation - ligation of the nodes with latex rings, but, unfortunately, a month ago the node got out again.

    My attending doctor, I was prescribed a course of Detralex, a diet and suppositories from hemorrhoids Anestezol. The last drug pleased me, because literally after the first use of suppositories my condition was relieved. No side effects were observed during treatment.

    I recommend a great drug! ”

    Ekaterina, 29 years old: “In the second trimester of pregnancy, I developed constipation, which led to hemorrhoids. There is no proctologist in our clinic, and I did not have the opportunity to go to a private clinic, so the gynecologist I observed was involved in my treatment.

    At first, I was prescribed homeopathic medicines that did not alleviate my condition, so the doctor recommended Anestezol to me. This medicine from the first day of therapy eliminated the pain and itching during bowel movements, and a week later I noticed that the nodes were completely gone and the crack healed. I was very pleased with the cost of the medication - only 97 rubles per pack.

    But the main advantage of Anestezol candles is safety in relation to my unborn child. A good drug for a reasonable price, I recommend! ”

    Description and composition

    The drug Anestezol is produced in the form of rectal suppositories. The drug provides analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. The composition of the drug contains such active components as:

    • benzocaine
    • bismuth subgallate,
    • zinc oxide
    • menthol.

    Pharmacological group

    Anestezole is considered as a combined action drug used in proctology. The active ingredient has a pronounced antiseptic, local anesthetic, drying effect.

    Benzocaine is considered as a strong anesthetic. The component drowns out the pain syndrome and ensures the elimination of discomfort in a limited area. A decrease in the sensitivity of the tissues of the rectum is ensured against the background of the elimination of pain due to reflex tension. A similar condition provides unhindered passage of feces.

    Bismuth subgallate prevents the development of inflammatory processes, has an eavesdropping effect. Components provide healing of wound surfaces due to the formation of a protective film.

    The substance reduces the penetration rate of pathogenic microorganisms, and also enhances the positive qualities of the active substance acting as an anesthetic.

    Menthol has a cooling effect, due to which the intensity of inflammation decreases. A substance such as zinc oxide provides a healing effect. The component cleanses the mucous membranes from pathogenic microflora and prevents its reproduction.

    The substance is actively involved in the process of surface disinfection. The listed components of the drug eliminate pain and relieve muscle spasm due to their relaxation.

    The components ensure the passage of feces and reduce the severity of deformation of the mucous membranes during bowel movements.

    For adults

    Patients in this age group, as well as children over the age of 12 years, can use the drug if there are indications for use. The drug composition is highly effective and safe.

    The composition of the product contains components that do not provoke disturbances in the liver and kidneys. Such a condition can significantly reduce the list of contraindications. The drug composition can be prescribed to the elderly.

    Since the drug is well tolerated, dose adjustment is not required.

    For children

    The drug composition can be used in pediatric practice for the treatment of hemorrhoids in children over the age of 12 years. With extreme caution, the product is used at the initial stage of application. There is a risk of adverse reactions. The appearance of such complications during use requires the abolition of the drug.

    For pregnant and lactating

    The medical composition Anestezol can be prescribed to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. It is worth noting that the appropriateness of use is determined by the attending physician on an individual basis and depends on the commensurability of the possible harm to the fetus with the benefit to the mother.


    Despite the safety of the drug, there are contraindications to its use: The drug is not recommended for children under 12 years of age, as well as for patients with intolerance to the active components. With the observance of the rules of increased caution, the medication can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers.

    Dosage and Administration

    The dosage regimen of a drug is determined individually. Suppositories are recommended to be used rectally, after a cleansing action or an independent bowel movement. The drug is used 1-2 times a day, in doses recommended by a specialist.

    For adults

    The drug can be used by patients of this age category. Candles are recommended to be administered in the morning and evening. A single dose is 1 suppository.

    For children

    Children over 12 years old use the medicinal composition in doses determined for adult patients. Children under the age of 12 do not use the drug due to the lack of clear information about the safety and effectiveness of the application process.

    For pregnant and lactating

    Women during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding, can use the composition if there are indications for use. In most cases, the drug is well tolerated and adverse reactions are not traced. To minimize the likelihood of side effects, it is recommended to follow the dosage regimen recommended by the attending physician.

    Special instructions

    A prerequisite for the use of the drug is the emptying of the rectum. The drug is administered after defecation or setting an enema. The active components of the drug are not absorbed into the systemic circulation, so the likelihood of systemic reactions remains minimal.


    Cases of overdose are currently not registered due to the lack of a significant systemic effect on the body. Among the consequences, only local reactions of the intestinal walls to the active components of the drug can occur.


    No clinically significant interactions with other drugs have been identified. The components of "Anestezol" when combined with additional external remedies for hemorrhoids can enhance each other's action and speed up the process of getting rid of painful symptoms.

    Suppositories from hemorrhoids are an effective method of treatment of its main manifestations. However, do not delay, because the disease inevitably progresses, and to cope with painful symptoms is much easier in the initial stages of its development. With advanced forms, in most cases, it is not possible to do without surgical methods.


    In its composition contains: menthol, benzocaine, zinc oxide, zinc subgallate.

    Release form

    It is produced in the form of greenish-yellow torpedo-shaped suppositories (in a package of 10 rectal suppositories for hemorrhoids).

    Pharmachologic effect

    Combined drug used in proctology. Anestezol has a pronounced antisepticlocal pain medication, drying and astringent effect.

    Indications for use

    Anestezol is used for anal fissureseffective for hemorrhoids.


    The drug is not prescribed for children under 12 years of age, with intolerance benzocaine, menthol, zinc oxide, zinc subgallate.

    Use with caution in the period pregnancyat breastfeeding.

    Side effects

    The use of Anestezol suppositories may be accompanied by a sensation of itching, a burning sensation in the rectum at the site of contact of the rectal suppository.

    In rare cases, the drug has laxative effectcauses some forms allergic reactions.

    Suppositories Anestezol, instructions for use (Method and dosage)

    Anestezol is recommended to be administered after self-emptying of the intestine or after a cleansing enema.

    Suppositories are administered rectally. According to the instructions for candles Anestezol, the frequency of use of the drug is 1-2 times a day.

    Terms of sale

    Anestezol is dispensed in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription form.

    ANESTESOL: reviews

    I would never have thought that one of the intimate problems that many people face can arise literally just like that, it would seem from scratch. Without changing my lifestyle, eating habitual and useful food as much as possible, without overheating, I got a rectal fissure. The symptomatology of the disease is known and extremely unpleasant.

    During the treatment I had a decent collection of suppositories, which in my case, together with one single and once effective folk remedy, turned out to be useless.

    I decided not to buy very expensive suppositories, but in the meantime my condition only worsened and everything else was supplemented with daily painful bleeding, combined with bowel movements and general weakness associated with them.

    Many drugs add heparin, which with blood loss can only worsen the situation. As one familiar specialist said, heparin-based suppositories must be used at the very beginning of the disease and then they will be effective. In my version it was like that: they just took off pain for a while and that’s all. The trouble is that medicines without him must still be sought.

    • For the better, things moved when I began to use the candles “Anestezol”. ”
    • The only problem was that many pharmacies prefer not to get involved with such an inexpensive drug, preferring more expensive ones, and the principle works when the matter is not in price but in composition. It consists of four active ingredients,
    • which provide such a necessary integrated effect. It’s just that the monument should be put to the specialists of the well-known company “Nizhpharm” ”,
    • helping the afflicted and sick to defeat the disease.
    • The shell is removed comfortably,
    • and suppositories themselves do not pollute the laundry at all, which is also important.

    It is best to use them after toilet procedures, and it is advisable to allocate twenty to thirty minutes to lie on your stomach, and then you can go to work. The instructions indicate a two-time intake, but once a day was enough for me, especially since at first the candles also have a laxative effect, which must be taken into account when planning the time of application.

    In the evening I supplemented the treatment with microclysters (do not forget about the diet). Bleeding stopped on the fourth or fifth day of admission, and by the end of ten days I forgot about all the unpleasant sensations associated with this disease. So, in my not at all encouraging case, the simplest drug helped me. Do not be ill!

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