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Simple ways to make a beard soft and supple

In recent years, a thick beard has turned into a sort of fashion accessory. Even songs are dedicated to her. But not all bristles grow silky, so here are some tips on how to soften your beard and mustache.

Every bearded man knows - a beard needs to be scratched. The basic rule is to comb your hair often and thoroughly. The more often, the better. At least 5-10 minutes a day should be given to your vegetation: comb the beard in different directions with a comb, up and down, several times. First “against the coat”, and then along the hair growth. Why is this needed:

it directs hair growth - in which direction you scratch, they go there,

this is massage: blood circulation improves, the beard grows better, it becomes obedient.

But not every comb should be allowed to the body. It is necessary to choose an option with not very frequent and not too sharp teeth. The comb should be strong (ideally wooden) and with sparse teeth. Such a comb will not scratch the skin, pull out the hair and, in addition, dirt will not accumulate between the teeth. And this means you don’t have to wash the comb constantly, which is also a plus.

Now the stores offer a whole arsenal of tools for caring for a beard and combs, there is plenty to choose from. Therefore, you should not skimp, and choose a specialized comb so that the beard does not prick. If the beard is quite long, you can indulge in a massage brush. It uses a pile of a boar or horse, which penetrates well into the depths of the bristles and combs.

In addition to combing hair, it also needs to be washed. But what does an ordinary man mean by washing his head (or beard and mustache)? Pour shampoo into your hand, soap the hair from the heart and rinse. This is the end of the process. But if you want to know how to make a beard softer at home, you need to understand what it means to wash the beard correctly.

You cannot handle a beard with a simple shampoo. These products break down fats on the skin, which means that the hairs no longer stick together, are fluffed with a Christmas tree and prick. The barbers give a comment: you can use a special shampoo for beard or emollient soap. But also not any - either special for a beard (tarry, with oils, activated carbon, etc.), or ordinary laundry soap with an alkali content of not more than 65%. Every day you can’t wash your beard, again - so as not to wash the natural lubrication of the hair. Once every two days is enough.

After soap, use a special balm. It can be used not every time, but once a week. Here the choice is simply huge. In principle, you can buy any. It is good if the composition is more or less natural, even better - if there are oils: burdock, shea or others.

If you apply the balm after washing and let the beard dry, you can feel the bristles become more manageable and supple. Some simply have a smooth hand touch to give the beard and mustache the desired shape so that they do not prick.

You can give direction to the hair and achieve softening with proper care. It was said above that there may be oils in the composition of the hair balm. These same oils can separately care for facial hair. This will be especially true for those who have saved and began to use laundry soap for washing. Banal castor oil can have a striking effect! If you mix it, for example, with burdock, you can make an excellent mask that moisturizes. This is a super remedy for softening a prickly beard at home.

It is necessary to apply this oil mixture to the lower part of the face and to the middle of the neck, where there is vegetation, and leave it for fifteen minutes or more: the longer, the better. Then rinse and rinse thoroughly with soap and balm. After this, the beard will become much more obedient and will grow denser. Castor oil helps straighten hair, but not immediately. The effect is achieved after some time.

Size matters

Beard Weight Theory. There is one. There are people who have a barely breaking beard immediately begins to curl in different directions. This is not very pleasant, but nothing can be done about nature. Here, only the option with hard styling products (wax, lipstick) or growth can save the situation. It is it that helps some to solve the problem of how to make hair on the beard softer.

Having set a goal, you can endure the initial difficulties and grow longer hair. Usually after a haircut for a couple of weeks, the beard sticks out, and the face looks slightly wrinkled. There is nothing to be done about it, it remains only to wait until the beard becomes long enough. Then, under its own weight, the beard will begin to straighten, and the hair will cease to be unnerving with its curl. It’s a paradox, but the bigger the beard, the straighter it is.

If none of the above ways to tame and soften your beard helps, you can try extreme measures. Robber hair, which is constantly curled and pricked, can be corrected and softened not only by complete shaving. Look carefully at your reflection and try to objectively highlight the problem areas. Where it is not possible to soften and straighten hair, you can remove the excess.

If you shave off places that do not want to grow even and supple, it’s easier to understand how to make a beard soft and docile.

An excellent assistant for caring for a beard at home will be a shaver, or, more simply, an electric machine. He has fine-grained blades that remove only one to two-day stubble, and if he accidentally touches his beard, then nothing will happen. The device will not take thick and long hair.

These are bearded tips. Now you know how to control your beard, how to make it straighter so that it does not curl and does not grow in different directions.

Reasons for too stiff bristles

Before fixing any problem, it is necessary to find out and eliminate the cause of its occurrence.

There are several reasons for the excessive stiffness of facial hair:

  1. Split ends are a common cause of hair stiffness, both on the head and on the face. If you do not regularly cut the ends of the hair, they exfoliate, become dry and stiff. Such unshaven looks unaesthetic and unpresentable.
  2. Vegetation on the face, like hair on the head by nature, or from negative factors is too dry. Excessive dryness provokes stiffness of the bristles.
  3. Inadequate care. Many men want to look stylish and attractive, but unlike women who are ready to do everything possible and impossible for this, they are too lazy to take care of themselves regularly. The more attention you pay to your beloved beard, the more beautiful and presentable it looks.

If a stiff beard interferes with kisses

Many men are looking for remedies to soften the beard at the request of women. Girls complain of discomfort during kisses with a man who has tough, prickly vegetation on his face. Of course, we can say: what a touch, does not allow the guy to kiss himself. But the girls can be understood, since often after hugs and kisses redness appears on the delicate skin of a female sex. Banal advice: wash your beard more often, which would be soft - does not save everyone.

So, a beard is pricking, what should I do?

How to soften hard hair?

Care for the beard has been of interest to humanity for a long time. During excavations of ancient burials in the territory of modern Germany and Poland dating from the 6-5th millennium BC, bone scallops similar to those found in female burials were found in the funeral attire of men.

The least hard hair in Europeans. Among them, blondes stand out as the owners of the softest and finest hair.

Representatives of other races were less fortunate: their vegetation is thicker, tougher.

Previously, oil was a popular care product. In Russia, it was considered faithful to care for the beard with the help of "lamp oil". Balm, as a means of softening the bristles, appeared in the late 19th century.

Effective Softener

Now there are many means to soften facial hair, which help to easily and effectively care for the beard. All of them have their own specific goals and purposes. One way or another, thanks to special shampoos, oils, balms, you can significantly transform your beard, make hair softer and more manageable. Let's take a closer look at each of the means without which not a single bearded man can imagine his life.


Any shampoo can be used to care for your beard: either special or regular, which you use regularly. Wash the beard with shampoo and comb it with a comb should be no less than every other day (it is better to do this five times a week). This should be done at least because food remains in the beard, dirt, which makes the stubble ugly and groomed. Using shampoo, be sure to rinse it thoroughly so that the hair does not stick together after the procedure.

Since the hair on the beard and head have some differences, then you need to care for them in different ways. That is why over time it is still better to switch to a special shampoo for caring for a beard. Use a mild shampoo that cleanses the skin and exfoliates dead cells.


Experienced bearded men cannot imagine how to care for a beard without having special oil in the arsenal of the bottle. This tool is simply necessary for those who dream of a soft and fluffy beard. Usually, oil is used twice a day, but more often. You need only a few drops of this tool to drip in the palm of your hand and rub it. After that, with gentle stroking movements, apply the product on the beard so that it is evenly distributed.

You can use not only special cosmetic oil, but also its other types, for example, coconut, snake, grape seed oil, almond. At the same time, it is better to abandon the use of olive oil, as it is poorly absorbed and can clog pores, leaving a greasy glow on the skin.

Apply the oil on the beard evenly, and this will help it become softer, more obedient, while this tool perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, which will relieve it from peeling.

Oil is literally an indispensable tool for those who are just starting to grow a beard and have already experienced what itching and irritation on the skin are. In this case, the oil helps to remove redness and irritation, the skin will no longer itch.


Balms are very appreciated by bearded men, as modern balms not only nourish the skin of the face and make it healthier, but also allow you to easily and beautifully lay your beard, giving it the desired shape. For allergy sufferers or those with very sensitive skin, it’s better to use natural beard care balms with a minimal amount of synthetic components.

Air conditioning

It is best to use conditioner shampoo at the same time. This combination helps to get rid of dirt and food debris effectively. In addition, after applying the conditioner, the bristles are soft, very easy to comb and become silky and docile, like a feather.

Will the comb help?

In addition to cosmetics, a massage brush also helps to cope with hard and coarse bristles. Regular combing is not only a way to smooth, smooth the hair, but also a method of massage the facial hair growth zone. When you use a massage brush or even a regular comb, you stimulate facial hair growth and activate blood flow.

A great option is to apply oil to the beard and distribute it through the hair with a massage brush. Thus, the oil softens the bristles from the inside, and the brush improves blood circulation and smoothes naughty hair.

When choosing a massage brush, make sure that its bristles are natural. Boar bristles are considered the best. Such brushes are softer and more flexible than plastic ones. They do not injure the skin and gently massage it, removing dirt and food debris in the hair.

Recommendations of specialists

Experienced hairdressers advise you to follow simple rules so that your beard is not only well-groomed and beautiful, but also soft.

  • Trim your mustache and beard dry, because it is in this state that the result will be what you expect it to be. If the long beard is trimmed wet, it may turn out to be somewhat out of shape that you expected to see.
  • Every time after eating, be sure to look in the mirror and remove the remnants of food from the hair. At first glance, they may be invisible, but if you do not remove them on time, this unpleasant moment can ruin your reputation.
  • To soften facial hair, take a hot shower more often. Wet, warm steam will help moisturize the beard and make it more supple and soft.
  • Do not blow dry your beard - this provokes brittle hair and due to exposure to hot air and then they will split more.
  • The nature of the beard is greatly affected by the nature of the diet. Therefore, if you want to have a magnificent magnificent beard, do not forget to eat fruits, vegetables, more vitamins. It is also very important to observe a sleep pattern and not be nervous in vain.

Reviews bearded

Men who have long grown a beard and regularly look after it have already learned some tricks and know how to accelerate hair growth or soften them. Here are three main tips from experienced bearded men on how to make a beard softer.

  1. Use regular special beard cosmetic oil. It will not only help affect the structure of the hair, but also improve the condition of the skin by moisturizing it. If it is not possible to use special oil, it can be replaced with coconut oil, the effect will be the same.
  2. When buying beard oil, smell it. This is important, because this smell will be with you regularly in the near future and it is better if you like it and not annoy it.
  3. Instead of conditioner, you can use only shampoo, but at the same time regularly rub oil into the beard.

Now that you know the main secrets that help make your beard soft and docile, like fluff, than soften the stubborn stubble, you have no right to walk with unkempt stubble. If you follow all the recommendations, your beard will never look like a hard, dry ruff sticking out in different directions.

Control what you eat, try not to overwork and devote at least a few minutes a day to your beard and then it will soon look stylish and neat, which people will certainly appreciate.

Beard Care Tools

Professional barbers have in their arsenal a large number of tools that can make a beard a real work of art. If you do not have such a goal, then you can take care of it yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • special beard care products,
  • massage brush with natural bristles,
  • hairdresser's scisors,
  • trimmer,
  • comb.

Beard care products include

  1. Shampoo - conditioner. There are specialized remedies for growing a beard, but you can do with ordinary hair shampoo. A beard must be washed, as dirt and food particles accumulate in it. It is better to use a mild shampoo that exfoliates the skin. Do not use soap to wash the beard. It gives hair rigidity and makes it less docile. An exception is baby soap (used for allergic reactions to other cosmetics).
  2. Oil is a balm. Funds that must be held by every bearded man. It is oil that can soften the beard and make it more docile.After morning procedures, you need to apply a few drops of oil (balm) in the palm of your hand, rub and apply with massaging movements in the chin and beard. Keep the product evenly distributed. It is not recommended to use olive oil, as it is poorly absorbed into the skin, contributes to the appearance of acne on the face. Try almond oil, avocado, jojoba oil.
  3. Wax. It also regulates hair growth with the help of wax, you can control the direction of hair growth and do styling. For this purpose, use varnish and hair gel.
  4. Aromatherapy. This tool is used by bearded smokers. Hair strongly absorbs the smell of cigarettes, in order to avoid this, special aromatic oils are used. They serve as additional hydration to the hair. Incense, tea tree oil, chamomile or orange oil are used to treat hair.
  5. Masks and compresses for the beard. The use of castor and burdock oil as masks contributes to the enhanced functioning of hair follicles, accelerates hair growth and gives them density. Before use, make sure there are no contraindications for use.
  6. Massage brush with natural bristles. So that the beard does not lose its shape, it is recommended to massage it with a special massage brush with natural bristles. Use it to evenly distribute oil along the entire length of the hair, massage the skin and improve blood circulation. The latter contributes to accelerated hair growth.
  7. Hairdresser's scisors. Good hairdressing scissors are great to cut loose hair, align the line of mustaches, beards. Scissors are also used to cut beards from dense vegetation. Such a beard should be cut with a sharp tool, directing it from the bottom up.
  8. Trimmer. It is a small-sized device used to cut hair. Universal trimmers can be used throughout the body, adjust any haircut, remove unnecessary hairs on the face. Separate models of trimmers are used for cutting beards, mustaches. The kit, as a rule, includes several nozzles. For beginners, it is recommended to start leaving a short hair length, so that if you try unsuccessfully, the error can be corrected.
  9. Comb. To care for facial hair, you need a comb with wide, sparse teeth. If a man grows not only a beard, but also a mustache, then a comb with small, private cloves will suit him. You can get a comb for free by buying a trimmer in a specialized store, it comes with the kit.

Beard Care Tips

  • After each meal you need to look in the mirror and remove the remnants of food, crumbs from facial hair. Otherwise, a well-groomed and neat beard will turn into greasy vegetation.
  • It is better to cut a beard (mustache) on dry hair, since long ones are stretched under their own weight, and the result may be completely different from what you imagine.
  • It is not recommended to blow dry the beard, as hot air has a negative effect not only on the hair, but also on the skin of the face.
  • To make your beard grow better and thicker, include in your diet: vitamins, folic acid, vegetables and fruits. Try to avoid stress and get enough sleep.
  • To make a beard soft and obedient will help a hot shower. Steam and moist air collected in the bathroom have a softening effect on the beard.
  • Beard staining should be carried out in salons or at home, but remember to use special paints for such procedures. Normal hair dye is not suitable, burns may remain on the skin.

Beard Trimming Recommendations

  1. All actions and manipulations with tools must be performed directly in front of the mirror. With the help of a magnifying mirror you will avoid mistakes while cutting hair.
  2. Use a comb. It helps control the length of the beard. Run it gently through the hair and cut it off the outside of the comb. A similar method is common among many hairdressers and barbers.
  3. To maintain the symmetry of the haircut will help a way in which the beginning of the process will be carried out from the ear, gradually moving towards the chin. Similarly, it should be done on the other hand.

If you decide to grow a beard, then you should especially carefully monitor your face. Pay attention not only to growing hair, but also to the skin. Do not forget to comb them, wash 2-3 times a week, dye (if gray hair appears), apply aromatic oils, in order to avoid an unpleasant odor, eat correctly and get enough sleep. Only then will you have a well-groomed and attractive beard or beard that will give individuality and masculinity.

Effective Ways to Soften Naughty Stubble

How to make a beard soft? In fact, care for the bristles on the face is quite simple. To keep the bristles always well-groomed, adhere to 4 basic rules:

  1. Use shampoo and conditioner. Try to wash the vegetation as often as possible: at least 5 times a week. Use shampoo and conditioner for this. Choose a mild shampoo. It is best to give preference to either special bristle detergents or baby shampoos (they are the mildest). Do not forget to rinse thoroughly shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Use balm and oil regularly. These products must be constantly present on the shelf in the bathroom. They are the basis of hair softening. How to soften the beard with oils and balms? To do this, you need to rub balm into the bristles every evening, and moisturize it with oils every morning: just drop a couple of drops on your palm and distribute it throughout the bristles.
  3. Comb your beard regularly. How to make bristles softer with combing? Yes, very easy and simple. To do this, you need to get a massage brush with natural hair. Specialists especially recommend natural boar bristles. It is soft and affects hair better than plastic or metal varieties. Comb your hair thoroughly daily so that you get rid of dirt and make it fluffy and soft.
  4. Watch your diet. Remember that we are what we eat. To make your hair soft and silky, you should not abuse tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages. Omega 3 fatty acids-rich foods should be present in your daily diet. This is mainly fatty fish, flaxseeds, rapeseed and sesame oil, walnuts, soy.

Feature of popular bristle softeners

How to soften the hair on the beard we figured out. Now consider the most popular care products for unshaven and their effects on bristles.

What is shampoo and hair conditioner, we will not consider, this is already known to everyone. But not everyone knows about the beneficial effects of oil on bristles. And this is really a priceless storehouse of nutrients for hair. The main effect of oil on the bristles is nutritious and moisturizing.

Regular use of the oil will make your beard soft and weightless like a feather.

Another advantage of the oil is its ability to eliminate itching. This is especially important for those who first grow a beard. In this case, from a habit, almost always the skin under the bristles begins to itch. To quickly and effectively eliminate discomfort, it is enough to use natural oils.

How to make a beard soft with balm? Simply and easily. To do this, you just need to regularly apply it on the hair. It has the same beneficial substances as oil, but in addition to these properties, the balm also helps to shape the shape of the haircut on the beard.

When choosing a balm, pay attention to its composition. Ideally, it should be natural and contain a minimum of synthetic ingredients. Especially if you have sensitive skin.

A massage brush with natural bristles will also serve faithfully your beard. Regular combing of the beard acts on the skin as a massage, which improves blood circulation and positively affects the growth of the bristles and its condition.

Thus, we figured out how to soften the beard at home. It is necessary to regularly monitor its purity and beauty. To do this, wash your facial hair (preferably every day), moisturize, nourish (use oils and balms for this). Do not forget to regularly massage, just combing. After these simple and simple manipulations, your beard will shine with health and beauty, and the vegetation will be soft and supple.

With regular care, a fashionable and stylish image is provided to you. Do not be lazy to pay attention to your beard, because in order to look beautiful, you need to make not so much effort. With a beautiful beard, you are provided with the enthusiastic looks of passers-by and attention from the opposite sex. After all, facial hair at all times was a sign of courage, strength and nobility of its owners.

Folk remedies

  1. Combing. This home care method will help to make the beard soft, properly prepare it for applying oil. Combing will eliminate lifeless hair, which is also the cause of high barbs. It is better to use a special comb for a beard.
  2. Decoctions of herbs. Often used nettles, burdock, burdock, as well as others that enhance hair growth and soften them.
  3. The bathhouse. Hot steam with a broom - facial massage that enhances blood circulation. After washing in the bath, the hair becomes softer, has a well-groomed appearance, especially if you apply a care and emollient immediately after the bath.

All the means and methods for caring for the beard described in the article, select depending on the type of skin, hair structure, shape and length of the beard, the presence of allergic reactions and contraindications.

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