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Long men's hairstyles: who goes, photos and types

In hairdressing salons, men are offered different types of model men's haircuts. An experienced master can recommend the option taking into account the structure and length of hair, the shape of the head and face, the style of clothing of a man. Due to graduation, thinning, multi-layering and other techniques, you can visually simulate the proportions of the exterior. The cutting technique depends on the haircut selected.

The main model men's haircuts

A male model haircut is called the basic version, which is selected for a specific person and finalized taking into account his individual characteristics, adding original accents and details. Consider the most popular types of model hairstyles for guys and men.

  • Classic
    Universal simple men's haircut, which is done for short or medium length. It features simple geometry and straight lines, suitable for any clothes. The longest strands of a classic hairstyle for men always remain at the top. The basic classic is performed by cutting to approximately the same length throughout the head, often using light graduation. The bangs can be short or medium.
  • Sports
    Short model haircut, which is characterized by minimalism and ease of care. A balance of short and slightly elongated hair is maintained. The parietal part is made a little voluminous, the temporal and occipital part - the shortest. The length can vary from a few millimeters to several centimeters. Bangs with such a male hairstyle is not provided.
  • Romantic
    Model haircut, which is done for medium and long lengths. The haircut technique can be different, it is selected for a specific person. The tips are cut straight or milled. Asymmetry of bangs is allowed. A romantic men's haircut suits creative sophisticated natures, those who prefer to change their styling often.
  • Creative
    Creative men's haircuts belong to the model category, as the base and accents are selected exclusively for the person. To create such hairstyles there are no certain standards and stereotypes, they simply stand out with their unusual shapes and details. It can be asymmetries, short shaved whiskey with patterns, unusual graduation and much more.

Top most popular model men's haircuts

Hairstyles for men are recommended to be selected taking into account the shape of the head and facial features, the style of casual wear. All types of men's haircuts are a variation of the basic models (classic, sport, romance, creative).

    Universal straight haircut for men with a small smooth transition of the volume to the crown. Approximately the same length is maintained everywhere. A small bang is made. The hairstyle is worn with a side parting, in a neat styling. Suitable for men of any age, with different style preferences.

How to cut a model men's haircut

How to make a man’s haircut? A model hairstyle for men is done using various techniques, scissors or a machine. Men's classic hairstyles are cut at the same level with further design. Creative modern options require a multi-level, cascading, graded shearing scheme. Short men's haircuts are performed from the bottom up, starting with the smallest length.

Scissor haircut

It is advisable to do a haircut on dry, clean hair. To create a classic hairstyle for a man, the strands are moistened (thick hair can be cut dry), gently comb. A parting is made from the forehead to the crown, the hair is divided into three parts. Then the separated strands are cut alternately from the face to the back of the head, with a hair extension of about 90 degrees. The comb is introduced into the male hair in the direction opposite to the hair growth, and everything above the teeth is cut off with scissors.

Then, according to the same scheme, the temporal part is trimmed. The occipital part is trimmed from the bottom up, from the smallest length and an acute angle of cut is observed (so that there are no "steps"). Soft transitions should also be between the temporal and occipital parts. To smooth out the difference and make the transitions smooth, craftsmen use razors or thinning scissors. After cutting all the strands to the desired shape, the edging of the entire head is done.

Using a clipper

The machine is used to create short model men's haircuts in the style of sports, creative, grunge. Cutting requires different types of nozzles. Cars are also used to shave patterns, to perform edging all over the head.

How to cut with a machine? You need to start from the back of the head from the bottom up, cutting the hair to about the middle of the head. The upper part is then modeled with scissors or another nozzle with a longer length.

Fashion for long men's hair

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old. Fashion for men's hairstyles with long hair is no exception.

Long hair in men appeared during the reign of emperors. Then they wore wigs, and their natural ones were either grown and tied in a tail so that they did not interfere, or trimmed so that they did not stick out from under the artificial hair.

Until the mid-twentieth century, men walked with short-cut hair, carefully laid to one side or back. In the 1950s, the singer Elvis Presley became very famous, who contributed to the fashion for men's hairstyles. He grew his hair and combed them back. This became a very popular styling that men began to create for themselves.

The next decade, men finally decided to grow curls and wear voluminous hairstyles. Further more.

Today, hairdressers make out long hair very beautifully and effectively. Even a man in a senior position can have a similar hairstyle. And all because the rebellious or informal style with long hair is far in the past, now it is relevant and stylish.

Who is suitable for

Any hairstyle is determined by the shape of a person's face. Long men's haircuts are no exception. They can favorably emphasize the general image of a man or spoil it.

What haircut is required for each type of face?

  1. For men with a square face, professionals are advised to cut their whiskeys shortly, and leave the strands on the top of their heads average length. Laying such a haircut will allow you to round the upper part of the head,
  2. The triangular face will help elongated multilayer hairstyles. Strands falling down the face will smooth the wide upper part of the face. A sharp chin can hide facial hair
  3. Hairstyle for long hair will contribute to editing the elongated face. A cascade-style haircut with its roughness and ragged edges will hide the imperfections in the shape of the face,
  4. For men with a round face, a long hairstyle is also acceptable, but on condition that they will be laid up. Otherwise, the length will add extra volume, making the appearance even fuller,
  5. Any haircut is suitable for the oval shape of the face, but straight long hair will emphasize courageous cheekbones,
  6. The face of the “diamond” form will be more proportionate if the man has an average length of strands and gives them volume at the temples and crown,
  7. Men's haircuts with long hair will suit those representatives of the stronger sex, whose nose is disproportionately large and stands out on the face. Falling curls on the face will allow you to divert attention from the nose,
  8. For owners of a long neck, stylists are advised to wear long curls of medium volume.

Short hair

Appearance can say a lot, and from what hairstyle a man will have, it will be possible to assume with great confidence that he belongs to a particular style:

  1. Classic. These hairstyles are always with clearly defined lines and equal hair length - everywhere they are no more than 5 cm. Hair styling is always smooth, with an even side parting, a small bang or the hair is slightly raised up. Such hairstyles never go out of style because of their simplicity and ease of styling. These include a haircut in the style of a hedgehog, half box, box, pad, Canadian or British. All of them have a short hair length and minimal styling.
  2. Sport. Although the beginning of such hairstyles comes from athletes, ordinary guys also adopt their image and embody them in their lives. Sports haircuts are always practical, easy to perform, and give the image a certain focus. It can be either ultra-short hairstyles without bangs, or with medium hair length and bangs of different directions - oblique, ragged, asymmetrical. The image of a young man looks smart, concentrated and charming at the same time.
  3. Military style, or military. This type of haircuts can be performed both on medium length and short, the image of a man is belligerent, even a little stubborn. Hair is given some kind of negligence - after all, in a military campaign there is no time to follow careful styling, but in any case they are chosen by courageous individuals. In the photo - a hairstyle in a military style:
  4. Romance. Not all sports and military styles in hairstyles are suitable, some guys are inherent in romanticism, a kind of poetry in their image. Basically, their hair is not as short as in the previous versions, a little longer. Moreover, there are a great many ways to style such hairstyles - with a parting exactly in the middle, on the side, combing the hair back, with different forms of bangs up to the greatest length. But the main attribute will be slight carelessness in styling - there are no clear lines, parting and hair can even be of different lengths.
  5. Grunge - this trend in men's hairstyles today is very popular among young men and older people - the strands are always disheveled and the temples are clean-shaven, sometimes they are lightly tattooed. The bangs are necessarily long and oblique, the appearance is extravagant and even exotic, if the young man decides to custom-color the strands.

And now a little more about the features of hairstyles for short hair:

  • A distinctive feature of the boxing haircut will be smoothly shaved whiskey and a little longer hair at the crown - resembles a gladiator helmet,
  • The half-box is a little longer, and is very suitable for active young men,
  • The look of the British haircut resembles the English boatswain - obligatory side parting and elongated side curls,
  • Canada has long locks in the forehead and an asymmetric long bang,
  • In a bob-style hairstyle, all curls are turned upside down, as if the bangs should be rounded,
  • Hedgehog is popular among young men of a sports lifestyle, they have no time to do styling, so they choose this ultra-short haircut,
  • If you remember the image of Schwarzenegger, and you like it, then the hairstyle of the platform will be what you need. It looks especially perfect on hard hair.

How a men's sport haircut looks and how it is made can be seen in the photo in this article.

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More for long hair

Conventionally, they can be divided into symmetrical and asymmetric types - the first option assumes hair of the same length throughout the head, and the second - differently long, with the maximum curls leaving only on one side. It may also differ in the length of the bangs on long same hair - it can reach the ear line.


  • Tail or original braid. By themselves, long hair can interfere with work, constantly hanging on the forehead. Therefore, energetic guys put them in a low, rarely in a high tail, and some even weave exotic braids from it. Such a hairstyle will not interfere with sports activities, and will suit a strict men's suit. And if your hair naturally curls, it is best to pick it in a low tail.
  • Hairstyle under the "squirrel tail»Suitable for young guys who like to show themselves in an extraordinary way. Performance technique - all back hair is carefully shaved, the remaining strands on the top of the head are tucked into the tail - a kind of creative and non-standard that many guys will like. You can experiment a little with the tail, and make it a high bun without pulling your hair out to the end, and it may not be done carefully to give it more extravagance.
  • Male braid. In order for long hair to be removed, some representatives of the male half with long hair braid them in almost the same way as women do. But there may be other braids resembling African hairstyles - they are weaved as close to the head as possible, placed in freely. Well, fans of African ideas can make a whole pattern of braids.

  • Long hair dreadlocks. It should be noted right away that they do such a hairstyle for a long time, because during styling, the strands are treated with a special indelible composition, that is, almost for life. If you really like the African style, then you can try, but you can get rid of the hairstyle only in a radical way - to completely shave your head.
  • You can do nothing with your hairstyle from long hair, just in the morning you will have to tinker with styling - apply a latch for resistance to wind and weather.
  • The video shows the types of long men's hairstyles:

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    But here's how stylish men's haircuts look for short hair in the photo, you can see in this article.

    Care Tips

    To make the hairstyle always look perfect, you need to take care of your hair - sometimes do medical wraps, masks or other active procedures.

    Often washing is not recommended, but if necessary, use gentle hair products to prevent premature loss.

    If your hair can hold the volume yourself, then give it a slight negligence - ruffle, and lift the bangs up. And fix with varnish.

    Or just throw all the strands back - the image will turn out to be very courageous, it cannot fail to please the weak half.

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    Who goes long hair?

    Before looking for fashionable ideas to refresh your look, evaluate your chances. Especially if you used to wear exceptionally short men's haircuts and growing haer only in plans. Not everyone has long hairstyles, for example, with an elongated shape of the face, hair below the level of the cheekbones is a “taboo”. Such a man’s haircut, even if it’s three times fashionable, will make your face even longer and your look ridiculous.

    The type of hair is equally important. Owners of hard hair should understand that, growing back, they will become even more indomitable. And if you have rare thin hair, long men's hairstyles will only emphasize this. Such a haircut will not add beauty, and trouble in hair care - by all means. But for owners of slightly wavy hair and even active curls, long haircuts should be tried on.

    What hairstyle to choose?

    Long men's hairstyles are not just strands hanging down.The variety is amazing! All men's haircuts can be divided into 2 categories: symmetrical and asymmetric.

    Geometrically correct, symmetrical models with straight lines go, at most, to owners of ideal proportions and ovals of the face. Stately men over 40 should consider just such classic options. With a symmetrical haircut in the future, especially if you need to follow the dress code, hair can be removed in a ponytail or a low bun-loop, as in the photo. To make asymmetry with the prevalence of strict men's suits in the wardrobe is a rash act.

    But nevertheless, the main hair trend of recent years is negligence. As stylists conceived, sloppy hairstyles are a way to show the world their own emancipation, but in practice it makes it easier for men to style everyday. It is easier to achieve the effect with an asymmetric hairstyle. Asymmetric men's haircuts mean different lengths of strands to the left and to the right of the parting. In such hairstyles, bangs often become the main element - elongated, oblique, combed on one side and covering part of the face. Asymmetry involves parting and laying on the side, while part of the bangs from the side with a smaller volume of strands can be laid behind the ear, whiskey can be shaved.

    Perhaps the most popular haircut is an asymmetric bean with an extended bang. It looks advantageous on thick strands, but if there is not enough volume, you can add it with a light graduation on the crown.

    A torn cascade is a haircut that has not lost ground for years. The optimal length is just below the chin. But the haircut has an "age", not all men over 40 will fit this fashionable hairstyle.

    Creative young people should look at long men's haircuts in the style of Grunge. Such a hairstyle can combine shaved whiskey, disheveled bangs and the chaotic length of the strands.

    The haircut with the funny name “squirrel tail” looks brutal and courageous. The idea is as follows: the longest hair is at the crown, and the whiskey and the entire back to the back of the head are shaved “under the C grade” or a little longer. Care is simple, styling is straightforward - long strands are collected in a high tail. The result, as seen in the photo below, looks very impressive, however, this option is only for courageous and creative personalities.

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