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Face types for men: we select accessories, a hairdress and a beard shape

Categories: For Men, Hair Style | Tags: hairstyles | 06/11/2016

Like clothes, a hairstyle cannot equally suit everyone and everything. True, unlike a jacket, a haircut cannot be removed from one's body and put aside as inappropriate. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s right for you, even before you get ready for the master.

How to choose a haircut? Determine your type and see examples - at least in this article, at least in gloss.

How to understand what my face shape is?

Of course, the easiest way to determine at a glance.

However, there are situations when the type of person tends to be mixed and here we need a little calculation.

Then you need to look at:

  1. Forehead. Measure from the highest point of the right eyebrow to the highest point of the left.
  2. Cheekbones. Remember the distance between the top (just below the outer corner of the eye) and the bottom (located at the point where the jaw converges) points.
  3. The chin. Calculate the distance from its middle to the earlobe or, more precisely, to the extreme point of the lower jaw. Multiply by two.
  4. The length of the face. From the hairline (for the reference point, we take the middle of the forehead) to the chin.

Now that all the parameters are there, we begin the calculation.

  • In an oval shape, the length of the face is greater than the distance between the cheekbones, and the forehead is wider than the chin. The lower jaw looks more rounded rather than angular.
  • For a square face, all indicators are more or less equal. The lower jaw is more angular.
  • The owners of a rectangular face have the highest indicator - the fourth, but the distance between the cheekbones, forehead and chin are almost equal.
  • A round face suggests that the distance between the cheekbones and the length of the face are almost identical. The forehead and chin are almost the same width. The line of the lower jaw is rounded.
  • For a rhomboid face, the length is the largest value, then in a descending order: cheekbones, forehead and chin.
  • A sharp (heart-shaped) face suggests that the forehead is wider than the cheekbones and chin. The latter is narrow and pronounced.
  • In a triangular face, the chin is wider than the cheekbones, and those, in turn, are wider than the forehead.

Well, with the form, it seems, sorted out. Now let's see how to choose the right hairstyle according to the shape of the face. It is not as difficult as it seems.

Face shape and haircut

It is considered the optimal form for a female face ... however, for men it is an excellent field for experimentation. Symmetrical and proportional oval looks good with most hairstyles. And he does not need to be balanced with a beard.

However, it’s better to take note of a couple of tricks. So, it is better to lay your hair up to get volume and, if necessary, pronounced angles. The classic version with short temples and a longer top on a straight parting is a universal haircut for such a person.

It is better not to lay the bangs forward, otherwise it overloads the forehead and rounds the lines.


It is considered the standard for a brutal man. Like an oval, many hairstyles go to this type of face: at least a “hedgehog”, at least a long quiff. True, it should be remembered that the shorter the haircut, the sharper the features appear.

Side parting, a small step haircut and smooth styling look good with this type of face. It is better not to let go the beard, because it will expand the heavy lower jaw.

Determine the shape of the face

In the instructions for women, Lifehacker already wrote about how to determine the shape of a face using a mirror and a marker. In short: you need to take a few measurements. Determine the length from the hairline to the chin and three widths: forehead, cheekbones and jaw. Now compare the measurement results.

  • If the face is proportional, the length is slightly larger than the widest part, with pronounced cheekbones - you oval type faces.
  • If the length of the face is noticeably greater than the width, the chin is wide and angular, and the forehead and jaws are approximately the same width - you rectangular type faces.
  • If the length and width are approximately equal, the cheekbones and forehead are the same in width with a weakly expressed chin - you round type faces.
  • If the length and width of the face practically coincide, but the forehead is angular, and the chin is pronounced - you square type faces.
  • If the jaw line is the widest, with clear cheekbones and a narrowed forehead - you have triangular type faces.
  • If the length of your face is slightly larger than the width, but the cheekbones will be the widest, and the chin has rounded outlines - you rhomboid type faces.
  • If the length of the face is slightly larger than the width, the forehead or cheekbones are the widest, and the chin is pointed to the bottom - your face type “Inverted triangle”.

Choose the right hairstyle

Determine what shape your face is, and find the right haircut from the picture. All of them are aimed at balancing the flaws and emphasizing the advantages of each type of face: visually narrow too wide parts or shorten long ones.


The oval type of face is suitable for such haircuts:

  • "Canadian",
  • undercut (underker),
  • classic short haircuts: boxing and semi-boxing,
  • pompadour
  • options with bangs combed up.

If you have an oval face, you are very lucky, as you can safely experiment with various hairstyles and hairstyles.

Round face shape

For chubby young people, an important point is the creation of asymmetry. This is necessary in order to visually sharpen the shape a little and create the illusion of height. You should choose a hairstyle short on the sides with an elongated top. The “mess” above is a great solution.

For oval face shape

The oval face is ideal by default, and we will try to give this type to other types with the help of visual tricks. In principle, any model of glasses and facial hair will suit you. But we still give a couple of recommendations.

  • Avoid things that upset your face: large round glasses, a thick bang that completely covers your forehead, narrow sideburns that stretch your face.
  • The symmetry of the face is emphasized by geometrically regular shapes. And the classic model of rectangular glasses with rounded edges.

Triangular face shape

A triangle-shaped face is characterized by a narrow (sometimes pointed) chin and a wide forehead. The main task when choosing a haircut for men with a triangular (or heart-shaped) face is to focus on the eyes and chin, while diverting attention from the forehead.

For those who prefer short hair, you can choose a hairstyle with short strands on the sides and with a volume in the crown zone. A layered hairstyle without sharp outlines will look beautiful.

Rectangular face shape

Since your face itself is saturated with straight lines (cheekbones, chin line, elongation in length), our task is to soften it a little.

  • Wide glasses with rounded lenses are ideal. For example, aviators.
  • Avoid narrow rectangular patterns: they will further narrow the oval of the face.
  • We do not recommend experimenting with goatees such as goatees, goats and others that visually stretch their faces.
  • Short or medium length beards that frame the chin will give harmony. They will hide a long chin and make facial features smoother.
Properly selected beard shape dramatically changes the image.

How to choose a haircut and hairstyle for a man

When deciding to change the image, you should not be guided only by beautiful pictures from magazines and the Internet. In choosing a male hairstyle, one should be guided by some conditions:

  • The presence of a bang, its length and appearance. At this stage, it is worth determining the need for bangs. Her presence makes the hairstyle less unpretentious and takes away from the owner time for styling. If necessary, you will need to choose its length and shape
  • Hair length. From a short hedgehog to long silky strands, any men's hairstyle will look appropriate. At a certain time, there is a fashion for different types of haircuts, but you should choose in accordance with your style. The shorter the length of the hair, the easier it is to take care of it. Long model haircuts will require more time, special care products and some styling skills.
  • Classic or model version, asymmetry or symmetrically arranged strands. Depending on the type of activity, lifestyle, you should choose a more conservative hairstyle or emphasize a unique image with original solutions of the master.

In addition to these simple conditions, which help to choose a men's hairstyle in stages, it is worth considering two important rules:

You can not visually add hair volume in outstanding problem areas.

The combined image of the face and hairstyles in combination should look like a neat oval.

Diamond shaped face

As we have already noted, this shape is also called a “diamond” - this is due to the fact that due to the wide cheekbones, as well as a narrow forehead and chin, it looks faceted. Young people with this type of face are better off wearing sloppy hairstyles than perfectly styled and “licked” ones.

Elongated face shape

If you have an elongated or oblong face, you should choose haircuts in the shape of a trapezoid with unshaven temples. As a rule, this form also involves a narrow face, which means that your hair needs to be added volume, but high hairstyles should be avoided.

How to choose a men's haircut by hair type

A brief classification of suitable haircuts will be possible only after the main criterion that affects this choice. According to the type of hair, the following options can be distinguished.

The main types of hair:

    Straight locks. Almost all types of model haircuts for men look great (Canadian, semi-boxing, short underker, Hitler-hairstyle), and the result depends more on the styling and obedience of curls. A good alternative to the usual short haircuts is the length to the chin. With different styling styles, such an image will look different. A beautiful stylish men's hairstyle will be an asymmetric haircut with the effect of careless styling and sharp tips. Not everyone will like this style, but if the creative is yours, you can try this option. And in order to make the haircut look perfect, use men's hair styling products. Fashionable haircuts for a boy with straight hair is easy to choose. You can stop your choice on the “hat”, “under the pot” or tamba.

Thin hair, prone to fat should in no case be grown long. Such "horse" tails have long been no longer popular and, coupled with a greasy look, give the impression of neglect and untidiness. The best solution is a moderately short haircut and thorough care. Hairstyle cap for men on thin hair looks great.

Wavy hairDespite some limitations, they are an excellent basis for many hairstyles. The most popular and practical option will be the minimum length at the temples with the relative splendor of the crown. Provided that it suits your face shape, a polka or a haircut is recommended. Long haircuts are also suitable for curly hair, but in this case, the main criterion will be your face shape and individual preferences. Only there is a nuance

An additional “accessory” will be a mustache and beard, which, by the way, is now more popular than ever. It is, of course, not about the old Russian beard to the waist, but a completely modern element of a stylish look. Light unshaven is traditionally associated with a masculine sexual image, giving it an additional charm.

A small beard will hide irregularities and imperfections of the chin and help to visually lengthen the face a little. For a round face, on the contrary, similar details are not recommended, which will give the man a slightly ridiculous look.

Mustaches and whiskers should be more careful, since they are not suitable for everyone.

Moreover, untidy or unkempt hair looks terrible, it does not matter if it is a beard, sideburns or a mustache. Daily care and hygiene should always be priorities in such matters, then the hairstyle will look as attractive and sleek as possible.

Inverted Triangle Face Shape

Men with this type of face have an outstanding forehead, which, although it speaks of the remarkable mind of the owner, still violates the harmony of perception. To look perfect, divert attention from him and widen his pointed chin.

  • Take a look at glasses with thin arches, especially for models with rounded corners.
  • Weight the jaw with an impressive beard: walking along the line of the chin, from temple to temple, with an additional emphasis under the cheekbones.
  • By the way, majestic whiskers like Lincoln are right for you. And to make the face longer, select the chin area.

How to find out which hairstyle is suitable?

How to choose a men's haircut according to the shape of the face quickly at home? We stand at the mirror, we will take measurements. We determine the elongation from above the vegetation of the head to the chin. We measure how wide the forehead, cheekbones, and jaw are. How do you know which hairstyle is right, you ask? Better write down all the measurements, the fun begins:

Oval - proportional appearance, with elongation of a slightly wider section. Distinctive cheekbones are characteristic.

A circle - almost equal length and width. The cheekbones with the forehead are equally wide with a weakly expressed chin.

Square - The oblong with the width of the appearance is almost identical, but the forehead is angular, pronounced chin.

Triangle - The widest outline of the jaw. Clear cheekbones, narrowed forehead.

Rhombus - The oblong appearance is slightly larger than its width. The cheekbones are widest with rounded chin outlines.

How to choose hairstyles by type of face to a man

The most suitable in this regard will be a proportional oval face. Men with such an appearance are lucky: most of the well-known youth men's short haircuts suit them, photos of which can be seen in magazines, and each will look amazing. In order to visually lengthen the face, it is recommended to comb the hair back. Hairstyles for an oval face for men should hide the imperfections of appearance.

A heart-shaped face is more difficult to distinguish correctly. If the chin is too narrow and the forehead is wide, disproportionality appears, if it is desirable to hide it, a rather long bang should be made. The second option is to grow a beard or just light bristles, but whiskers in this case will not create a very good image. Here https://ilhair.ru/muzhskie/mpricheski/dlya-muzhchin-s-kruglym-tipom-lica.html you can read about men's hairstyles for a round face.

A round face does not favor voluminous hairstyles, so the emphasis is not on length.

Most short haircuts look good enough, and a long oblique bangs will transform the face beyond recognition. Complex multilevel hairstyles will be a good choice, but the second factor should be considered - the type of hair.

A triangular face, on the contrary, needs additional volume and looks great with a slightly disheveled and careless styling.

The informal style is not to everyone's taste, but more traditional alternatives always exist. The width of the hairstyle should be as possible as possible, but overdoing it is also not recommended.

If you are interested in a men's bob haircut, you can read more about it in our article.

Men's hairstyles with curls on the side - a common way to style wavy hair.

In men, you can often also see a unique face shape, called the "diamond". This is when a wide line of cheekbones comes from a fairly narrow forehead, gradually narrowing to the chin. This disproportionality is extremely suitable for many men, making their appearance more memorable. In this case, you can recommend a high haircut on the crown or a long bang on the face. Perfectly similar haircut looks on wavy hair.

A square face is most difficult to properly shade with a hairstyle, it is strongly not recommended that too short a hair length.

The haircuts that visually stretch and smooth the corners will look most advantageous. The small volume at the top perfectly copes with this task. Too long hair is also not suitable, as they further emphasize the disproportionality of the chin. It is best to limit the minimum volume at the temples and the length to the chin, the rest is at the discretion. For men with a square type of face, hairstyles for tennis are great. And for fans of extravagant haircuts, drawings on the head with a typewriter will do.

The choice of men's hairstyles should not be limited to traditional boxing and semi-box hairstyles. There are many options that can emphasize the advantages of appearance and, if necessary, correct minor flaws. There are many alternatives for men's hairstyles, the main criterion for a good choice will be the orientation on the type of hair and the shape of the face. Thus, you can choose the most winning haircuts, and the tips of our article will help you with this.

We recommend that you also read in more detail about the men's haircut on the back of the head.

Narrow face

A narrow or thin appearance is chosen by the length of the desired curls. If you let go of the vegetation on the crown, then short whiskeys will not work for a narrow face. Keep a balance: shorten from above - sides too, voluminous top - great elongation at temples. If you have a straight hair structure, refrain from long designs.

Sometimes a beautifully trimmed bang goes well, especially elongated. But this is individually decided with the stylist. You can also make an asymmetric bean or canadian for such an appearance. And to narrow the appearance visually shortened, get a mustache, a small beard.

Hair type

In addition to determining the shape of the face, it is also necessary to consider the type of hair. Since very often it is this factor that is determining when choosing a hairstyle:

  • On straight hair all types of modern haircuts look good: hitlerugend, “canada”, underker, half box. A successful result depends on the obedience of hair and styling.
  • Wavy hairmost likely cause embarrassment in its owner, but very in vain. “Canada” and “Polka” go well with them, especially if the hair is thick.
  • For curly hair the best solution is haircuts underkerk and fayd. To “calm down” your hair, use styling products.

The barber shop “WHITE BORODA” employs professional stylists who will be able to choose a hairstyle that best suits your face shape and hair type. Our customers always leave satisfied, and those who come to us for the first time remain for a long time!


The "circle" must be visually stretched. Any performance due to which the physiognomy is enlarged is excluded. Cutting your hair short, getting a bang is not your option. We give angularity, elongation: we sufficiently shorten the sides, leaving splendor at the top. For a round head, chaotic styling in a hooligan style looks great.

Angularity will create asymmetry. Wanting to grow long strands, we recommend combing them on one side or cutting them in levels. Modern Quiff (a kind of mohawk) will go to the “Circle”, as well as Men's hairstyles in the shape of their faces should also take into account the structure of curls. Straight curls will go short haircuts, curly - oblong variations.

Wide square face

Strong, daring, in many ways dominated by the type. Most of all for a wide face, performances where torn edges, shortened curls are suitable. Definitely not parting in the middle or oblong curly curls.

  1. Original, quick to care, fashionable haircuts with intentional creative mess, where styling complements or modifies the appearance.
  2. A modest classic look, side parting. Leave a perfectly even, well-groomed bang.
  3. Executions for square types are similar to style “tectonics”. We modify the image of the 80s, getting shaved whiskey and long strands at the top.
  4. With a slight baldness, it is allowed to completely shave off the hair. For an angular appearance, this is attractive. You can shave off a little bit, getting used to a new image, and then everything is bald.

There are no restrictions in leaving, there would be a desire. Oblong hair can be styled differently every day and voila - a new look. First, consult with a stylist how to properly handle them, monitor them. Then you can do the whole procedure in person.


The rhomboid face is characterized by: cheekbones - the widest section, a narrow forehead with a jaw, a long chin. Rhombus fit:

  1. Ankle down hair of medium elongation. They soften the appearance, giving extra volume at the top.
  2. An oversized clipping, tapering at the cheekbones with greater pomp at the crown, from above.
  3. A design in which a smooth side bang is structured. Also there is a multilayer execution, additional volume at the top.
  4. Avoid options where there are sharp transitions of elongation at the temples. They give out ears.
  5. Also, do not do straight, smoothed on the sides of the styling. Curly fluffy hair visually softens the appearance.


An approximate ideal, which is the classic embodiment: skeins, trimmed on the sides, elongated at the crown. The combing on one side looks good. That is, the strands must be removed backwards, and not combed to the forehead. So we avoid roundness.

The angularity and splendor of the top slightly exacerbates the appearance. Experiment with a bunch of skeins on your head. They go to the oval, like long curls. We pay close attention to the underker, British or Canadian. Pick up a bang, and on long curls comb it back. Perhaps “boxing”, “semi-boxing” is suitable.


How to choose a man's haircut "triangles"? We are guided by the following: shorter temples, more on top. The "Triangle" is important to visually reduce the wide forehead, expanding the shape of the chin. Short performances are great, especially with bangs or mops combed to the side.

Take a look at the “underkat”, “British”, “Canadian”, where she combes her back. Some of this is obvious to you. More original? Consider the quiff. If you prefer longer, comb the curls to the right or left.

An excellent solution is to create a haircut whose elongation coincides with the ear line, covering most of the ear. This is a shortened bob, bob. It would be nice to add a straight line or a bang of obliquely medium length to it. Indefinite lines, filing - what the "triangle" needs.


The Canadian looks stylish, spectacular. Any male is a luxurious gentleman with her. It is voluminous at the temples, forehead, cut short on the back of the head. Consult a specialist. Perhaps she is your guide to success. It is necessary to learn simple but thorough skills of care, styling. Chaos and negligence are not for her. Choosing it, honestly answer: can you stack a Canadian every day?

Far from a female variety. Moreover, you will be surprised, but initially such a performance was peculiar only to men. Now this kind of hair is worn by romantics, people of creative professions.

The square looks great on wavy curls and when combed to the side. But if you are a business person, constantly engaged in business transactions, it is better to limit yourself to such liberties. In addition, it needs regular styling, constant care.

Which haircut to choose thin?

The choice of men's hairstyles for thin guys is based on the following criteria:

  1. Sports double caret that is adjusted by an elongated bang.
  2. Asymmetric bean. Also, for a thin face, an elongated performance, Canadian, which can be combed to the side, is suitable. Unleash your imagination.
  3. Long curls with one shaved side. The new-fashioned variation is performed with one temple completely shaved and elongated hair on the other side.
  4. Wavy leveling, a variety of oblique, asymmetric combing.

Stylists advise to get a haircut with a thin appearance briefly in middle years, because hair at this age lose their strong former structure. Choose based on your tastes, preferences, hairdresser tips.

Hairstyles for men with glasses

Surely they wondered how to choose a men's hairstyle if you are a fashionable intellectual. Classic whiskey, smooth oblong curl on top, smooth smoothing will do. All this emphasizes the ease of character, the intellectual approach to their appearance. Elegant, modest, graceful appearance - this is the image that the intellectual creates.

Try seasoning the image with a brutal spice. A three-day stubble is perfect. In addition to a gorgeous pile of strands, perhaps having cut “under zero” to be a charming guy. Feel free to introduce new details, grow stubble, mustache, experiment. In this, men's hairstyles with glasses will help you perfectly, which we propose to consider for each type:

Perfect view. Any modification of glasses is suitable.
But you should avoid things that upset the balance of appearance: large round optics, magnificent bangs, which fully covers the frontal part. There is no need for narrower whiskers that stretch their physiognomy. To emphasize the symmetry of the appearance, choose the shapes of the correct geometric shapes, for example, rectangular glasses with rounded edges.

Balancing the round appearance, our task is to visually stretch the frontal area with the nose and chin. Ignore round or rectangle-elongated glasses. Choose models of a square structure.


Since the jaw stands out prominently, give preference to glasses in which a large upper arch. Their width allows you to visually increase the frontal horizontal. Rounded patterns soften the chin line.

The widest part of the cheekbones. The appearance should be visually lengthened, balanced, adding volume to the frontal, chin areas. Buy glasses that have massive, elongated lenses down. Avoid large wide arcs, because they accentuate the cheekbones, which you do not need.

Attractive in simple

From the publication you learned how to choose your own hairstyle, having one or another face shape. Armed with useful tips, not afraid to experiment, change, you will certainly find your unique unique image. Or maybe even a few. Reincarnate only with a smile and joy. Good luck!


Sometimes this shape is simply called an “elongated face." It is a cross between the first and second type. The main trick is to avoid short temples with a long top, because such a combination further lengthens the features.

Volumetric texture bangs and strands on the sides will bring harmony and will not visually stretch the face. But a long beard should not be released, as it gives the opposite effect. Brutal unshaven - this is the maximum that you can afford.

Owners of this type often need tips on how to choose the right hairstyle. The rounded oval requires a haircut, which will make the image more pronounced. The rounder the face, the more square shapes will go to it. Lift the strands from the hairline and style them.

A neatly trimmed beard will make the lower half of the face more masculine. If you have short whiskeys, remember that they should not merge with the vegetation on the chin: one of these needs to be released more truly.

This rather rare type of face is characterized by a narrow forehead and chin and wide cheekbones. That's why stylists recommend side parting and other styling methods that make the top more voluminous.

But letting go of the length is not recommended: the strands of habit are tucked behind the ears, and the cheekbones look even more massive. Short whiskeys will not work for the same reason.


A person with a characteristic wide cheekbones and forehead, as well as a narrow chin, will look more harmonious if you resort to a small optical illusion. In any packing, volume should be cultivated. If the haircut repeats the shape of the head exactly, it will only make the chin narrower. The optimal hair length is to the middle of the ear and below.

The required volume will also increase the beard. She will visually expand the chin and align the upper and lower halves of the face.

Oval face shape

Choosing a men's haircut for this type of person will not be difficult, because it is recognized as universal for creating any image. A good choice for the stronger sex with such parameters will be haircuts from the classic category. They have removed sides and elongation at the back of the head, you can do a comb on one side. In order not to betray a greater lengthening of the facial oval, it is worth avoiding large volumes in the parietal zone and looking at the haircuts with strands combed back. For owners of an oval face shape, hairstyles are great:

  • Short options with bangs
  • Sports options “Boxing” and “Semi-Boxing”
  • Currently fashionable Undercut, with shaved temples
  • Classical “Canada” with volume in the forehead and crown.

How to choose a haircut based on the structure of hair

The structure of the hair is no less important criterion for choosing a hairstyle than the shape of the face. Wavy, straight, thin or bold, each feature can become a true fiasco for a face-shaped haircut. A poorly selected form will require extra costs for care products, a lot of time and, possibly, another visit to the hairdresser. In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a haircut, you need to take into account the features:

  • Wavy strands look spectacular in many hairstyles, but with a considerable length will require additional care in the form of conditioners and other cosmetics
  • Long haircut options are best avoided for those with a straight, oily structure. The best choice for such strands will be sports short haircuts such as "Hedgehog"
  • For curly hair, a light mess will become a stylish addition
  • Curly locks visually make the face more voluminous, therefore, for owners of a round face shape, hair should be straightened or reduced to the extent of their curly hair
  • For voluminous hair, you can experiment with cascades and different shapes of haircuts.

Nuances when choosing a hairstyle

Each length of the hairstyle, with a good choice, can correct the imperfections of the face or emphasize its merits. For example, an average length can hide defects in the auricles, bulky cheeks, or bulky cheekbones. They combine perfectly with bangs made using the asymmetry technique, below the eyebrow line or with a flat edge.

Significant hair length is the choice of brave men who want to express themselves. An important condition for any haircut with such strands is to have a healthy hair structure and a lot of free time to care for them. This option allows you to stretch the oval of the face, adjust sharp features and highlight the line of the cheekbones.

For representatives of the stronger sex, prone to the appearance of bald patches, it is worth choosing hairstyles with elongated locks on the head of the head.

With the help of a random arrangement of hair, you can visually increase their number and create additional volume. An extreme option to hide the presence of bald patches is to completely shave off the strands or to cut your hair in the shortest possible way. For the shaving option, it is worth considering the shape of the skull, it must be correct, without pronounced defects.

Watch the video: Top 10 Men's Facial Hair Styles 2019 EVERY Man Should Know (February 2020).

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