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Which club can

If you decide to meet a girl in a club or in a disco, know this is one of the easiest ways to get to know each other. Girls come to clubs to get acquainted with guys, so the question “What does this person want from me” will not arise in your address when you come to a girl to establish contact.

Features of dating a girl in a nightclub

1. Your goals coincide

In the club girls are much more willing to make contact, because the purpose of their stay here is the same as yours - to enter into communication with a representative of the opposite sex.

If you decided to meet a girl on the street when she is late for an important meeting at work, your chances would decrease at times.

If a girl doesn’t have a boyfriend and she says that she came to the club just to dance, do not trust her.

2. Clarity of your intentions

In connection with the coincidence of your goals of being in a club, you should not think out a reason to start a conversation with a girl and analyze what first words you need to use.

The girl will initially understand why you approached her, and it will be absolutely natural. Everything is very simple: you come up and start talking.

3. At the club, the girls are more relaxed

This is influenced not only by the appropriate situation, day off, the presence of an environment in the person of close friends, but also by the dose of alcohol consumed.

If your self-esteem is up to standard, you have taken preparatory steps or become a professional in the field of Internet seduction, it will be quite easy for you to get acquainted with the girls in the club.

Even without any “if” it is very simple. All that is required of you is to approach the girl and begin to say something. In this case, follow some recommendations.

Positive attitude

When it comes to how to rent a girl in a club, you first need to talk about the proper installation. If you go to the club with the sole purpose of removing some beauty from the bar, and initially you are set to quickly eat and leave this exciting establishment as soon as possible, then you can not even go into it. You do not need to think how to get to know a girl in a club, you must first think about how to have a good time there.

I apologize for the banality, but it is unlikely that you will succeed if you show with all your looks how much you want to take off your girlfriend for the night in this club. Guys who spray their gaze between all the girls of the establishment, constantly strip their eyes with beauties on the dance floor, buy cocktails for all the beautiful women in the hope that at least one out of a dozen will be generous and give it, they usually go home alone and in complete confidence that the stars who agreed “are not to blame” So". Before entering the club, you should be positive (I am sorry again for the triviality).

Go to the club with your friends and expect bright, indescribable emotions from this evening. Hang out, have fun, chat and enjoy every minute of your stay at the dirty dance and vice establishment. Self-aim is a good time, it is fun, it is emotions, and getting to know everything that follows is more a circumstance that follows from the goal, but not vice versa. It’s best to go to a club with friends. In this case, you have time to look at the situation, the girls, and it is unlikely that you will have a lonely bored look.

But if you came to the club yourself, then act right from the entrance. Begin to get acquainted after the first glass of gin, do not put off your goals in a long box. Otherwise, the girls will notice your doom and it is unlikely that someone will lead you. But I repeat: one is better not to go to the club, at least for the first time.Over time, you will begin to feel confident in a familiar place and lonely hikes will be acceptable, at the first stages it is better to stick to a friendly company (together with a sculpted friendship is an ideal option).

Girls love easy-going, nice guys with a good sense of humor. Be cheerful, be sociable. Do not swear and do not get into a fight, this is not the place where you need to pull up and show “your masculinity”, at least if you are interested in how to rent a girl in a nightclub.


Do not forget that a night club is a place where you should definitely get acquainted in a more directive style than, for example, on the street. Everything is more than clear and understandable to everyone, therefore it is completely natural when a guy is suitable to get acquainted.

For the same reason, it will be absolutely normal to start touching a girl both during the first interaction, and subsequently in the process of communicating with her or when moving her.

When your first words are heard, you can immediately put your hand on the girl’s waist, take her by the hand and pull it towards you, put your hand on her shoulder or scroll the girl, holding her hand in advance.

The complex of shame about your sexuality has been inherent in girls (in general, as in boys) since childhood, so you should level out its effects with your actions, while setting the communication frame not as a new friend and girlfriend, but as a man and woman.

You must make it clear to the girl that you want her as a woman and you are ready to go all the way. Touch the girls, they love it, and you will be pleased, plus the effectiveness of your acquaintances will increase dramatically.

Club seduction loves action

The club needs to act. The walls are backed by losers who don't shine. You need to be confident and relaxed. If you are too tense, nothing will come of it. Kent, sipping a lonely glass of swill at the bar and looking at the wistful (or animal) look of the beauties on the dance floor, is doomed to failure. You need to make sure you don’t show how much you want to take someone off.

In general, do what you want. Do not put before yourself any obstacles, you are allowed everything. And the only person who may not allow you something is yourself. If you want to suck a girl, take it and suck it. Want to take her with you until the morning, so what are you waiting for? You are a macho man, you are a womanizer, today you are a walking emotion, the soul of any company which any girl in this establishment should be glad of.

How to look to remove a girl in a club

Any nightclub is primarily a pathos place where each (!) Member of a visitor is judged by his appearance and behavior. We’ll talk about behavior a little later, but about the appearance it's time. Before you understand how to seduce a girl in a club, you need to understand how you should look for this. And no matter what your status in this world is and how much money you can spend today, the appearance requirements remain unchanged: a sleek look, stylish clothes, an appropriate hairstyle and a pleasant smell.

Sleek look

I understand that you are a man, and hanging around the mirror for hours is not a man’s business. However, I assure you: forget about prejudice, spend an hour before leaving your appearance and thereby you will increase your chances of success. Well-groomed hands, neatly trimmed nails, neat clothes, polished shoes (preferably not very well-worn) - all these points are MANDATORY!

How to dress in a club?

Your appearance should match the setting. Clothing should not be conservative; it is a club, not a board of directors. In general, a cool tip: put on the newest and most beloved clothes. Just keep in mind that the main purpose of clothing is to hide the flaws of the figure, and vice versa - to display virtues. For example, a tight-fitting T-shirt is not a very good piece of clothing for both skinny and fat guys.

A shirt in the club is welcome, but it is very desirable that it is not classic, like all clothes.It goes without saying that clothing should be clean, tidy and sized. It will be nice if one of the elements of the apparel will be variegated. Only without extremes, okay, do not pose as a rainbow or a Christmas tree in a color palette. Shorter than fanaticism.

I advise brunettes to pay attention to red and green tones, for blondes it is best to go blue in all shades. White and black tones are universal, but I would still advise saving dark clothes for work or a funeral (God forbid). It’s profitable to look bright in the club!

Read the girl’s face from her face

Look carefully at the girl’s face, at her facial expressions, eyes. So I can always determine that I can already do with the girl now, but what is too early.

From her face I read at what emotional level the girl is. Thanks to this, I can determine: can I right now suck this girl without words.

If I read on the girl's face slight discomfort, which means she’s not yet used to the club. So she will react badly if I quickly start hugging her. Then I'm in no hurry. This fine calibration should always be.

Pleasant aroma

Girls are the beautiful half of humanity, which means they must notice everything beautiful. A friend of mine said: "the peasant should smell like blood, then fume." Of course, if we talk about gladiators, or about those men who prefer a peaceful life to war, then yes, then this is correct. However, if we are talking about how to get to know a girl in a club, then our stereotype should slightly change: "perfume, fume and sex." In short, on a clean shirt before going out, do not forget to spray a bit of your favorite toilet water. And the more expensive it will be, the better.

What exactly do not

Do not try to start with banal questions. In clubs, this is the most inoperative technique. I’m talking about questions such as: “hello, am I such and such, will we be acquainted?”, “Girl, can I meet you?”, “Do you mind if I sit down?”, “And who do you work with?” And other boring nasty things. Club is a place of separation, tackle should be unobtrusive, easy communication .

You can start with something that will provoke her to a question. For example: “DJ is a slop here, in my club the music is much more interesting.” She will be interested in what kind of “my club” is involved, and after a couple of leading questions you will answer what the club in your area (near your home) meant. Well, or something like that. The main task is to play on the main female vice - on her curiosity!

Do not offer to buy her a drink before the acquaintance itself happens. Keep yourself at ease and do not show with all your appearance how much you want to fuck her to take off. Demonstrate your interest, but at the same time hold on as if you practically do not care how further acquaintance goes. But do not get acquainted with the purpose of acquaintance. Pretend that you are getting acquainted with the purpose of communication, this technique is much more appreciated by girls.

Never think about whether a girl has a boyfriend or husband. All you need to know is whether he is here. If he is not here, then the girl is free today. Except for cases when the club may have friends of her boyfriend. In this case, you will inevitably expect a lapel-turn without explanation.

Dance in the club is a powerful weapon of seduction. But if you are 100% sure that you don’t know how to dance, it’s better not to do it. A funny dancing guy looks funny (oops, the pun came out). Girls like funny guys, not ridicule.

Is it easy to rent a girl in a club?

Actually, I already answered this question a little higher. But in order to increase your chances of success you need:

  1. Determine by external signs how much the chosen girl is still predisposed to intimate acquaintance (and indeed to acquaintance in general). Choose, again on the basis of external signs, the girls who are the best / easiest to shoot.
  2. Get to know her right.The very first thing I will advise you: to enjoy the game. Remember, your trip to the club is a game where all the actors. As I said, focusing on results can deprive you of this result. Hang out, enjoy the process. The result is really not so important, a real buzz in the game of seduction. Pleasure does not begin when you go out of the club with the girl in an embrace, but when you are all so sleek and confident you cross the threshold of this hot spot.

Dynamo cars

This is the type of ladies who catch the buzz from stitching guys. They dress provocatively, look damn appetizing, and make a notch on their purse each time by stitching some loser who mistakenly decided that she could ... get to know in general. These are the queens of the evening who look impregnable and desirable, who hold on arrogantly, but love to feel devouring men's glances on themselves. These girls tend to always remain in sight. And the higher you will be able to amuse her pride, the more spectators will be in your shame.

On the one hand, it’s appropriate to recall the saying: “steal, so million, kiss, so queen ”, And on the other hand, it’s better to save your self-esteem and stay away from dynamos. If such girls allow themselves to be seduced, then only by choosing a victim on their own.

If you are lucky and this snow queen decided today to put a notch on the opposite side of her purse, then you will understand this very quickly. Languid looks in your direction, sexual poses and movements under your gaze. In general, it’s not you who shoots, they shoot you. If you are sure that this is exactly what is happening now, don’t get lost and boldly roll it up, most likely it will turn out to be luck.

By the outward signs of dynamo machines can be distinguished thanks to their arrogant look. They shuffle, have fun (often, by the way, almost do not drink), always look expensive. Dynamos are driven by money, and if your high status and fat wallet allows you to stand out among the "commoners", then they themselves will notice and give signs that you are interested in them.

By the way, dynamos in 80% of cases are local.


It's about those girls for whom club life is the norm . Which all weekend stick out in this club. Among other visitors, they stand out for their confidence. . Of course they are beautifully dressed, of course appetizing. They always have a lot of friends in the club (including bartenders and security guards), they feel at ease and they really have fun. However, if among the locals throw 50% of pathos bitches (they are dynamo machines), then these girls usually evaluate each male person already at the time of his entrance to the club.

Most of these girls in clubs . They shuffle there every Friday and Saturday, and therefore feel almost at home. Heaps are shuffled in heaps, dancing near mirrors or on the stage (usually in the most prominent places), and look like mistresses of the situation. The risk of failure when we talk about locals is approximately 55–65 percent.

True, it is appropriate to note that local guys have become boring for local girls for a long time (besides, everyone has already slept with everyone), but incoming new faces can bring new interesting acquaintances for them. Most of them do not have a permanent guy, and if there is, then he is most likely here and very soon you will understand whether this is so. And even if he is not here by a monstrous coincidence, then his friends are definitely there. And no matter how much she likes you with them, you have no chance (unless there is only a chance to get it in the nose).

However, one shouldn’t roll out a lip strongly at local ones; these girls are horrified how tired of all these standard tackles are. Local welcome objects for dating and seduction, but here's how not to get on the dynamo, of which a good half are among the locals.And you can hook up such a baby in one of two options: either you will really surprise her with something, or she will give you unambiguous signals, which can quite be regarded as a call to action (as is the case with dynamos).


It's about all the girls who are rare guests of a nightclub , which means they will not be able to read the question in your eyes: "who would be filmed today in this club." Often these are gray mice that accidentally wandered into the club. Most likely they are somewhere in a large company, although not necessarily. They can celebrate her birthday together with a best friend. In any case, they are guests here, their goal is to have fun.

Zaletny can be divided into two types: those who will shy away from the guys, and those who want to break away in full.

Gray vagrants

On the one hand, such girls will avoid guys, almost shy away. Well, on the other hand, they are not spoiled by all these standard “bondings” in clubs, which means it’s not so difficult to drive them. And the chance is great enough: with a successful approach, the probability of success is 60–80 percent. But there are not so many chances to spend this night right after meeting, for such girls are wary of spontaneous, non-binding sex.

True, the "gray-haired" often themselves do not notice how they are typed. A drunk girl, as you know, is "weak to the front." But if it will be possible to be proud of such a victory - the big question.

You can identify them by gray clothes, fettered movements and terrified eyes.

Mini training

Before becoming acquainted with the useful will set the stage. There are several options: a long confident look at the girl you like, some kind of an ambiguous compliment with the removal, a wink or "clinking at a distance." An exchange of several phrases at the bar is cool. Better some kind of ambiguity with an opaque hint.

for instance : “I wonder what can be put in such a small handbag. Even the phone, in my opinion, does not fit. Unless money and condoms. "

Then smile and surrendered. You already left an impression!

Do not put too much pressure on her

If I feel that the girl is freezing, scared because of me, I say sentences that turn off the pressure between us and relieve tension from the girl.

For instance: "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm too arrogant. I have».

With these words you let her know:

  • that you are an adequate person and you have a healthy emotional system,
  • you don't want to scare her or hurt her.

Such suggestions must be said. Then she relaxes and feels safe next to you.

Task 1. Present yourself correctly from the very beginning.

It is necessary to attract the attention of the fair sex not at the moment of the beginning of communication, but immediately after appearing in the club. The female gender is notable for men's attentiveness, and many girls constantly monitor each incoming person, instantly assessing his attractiveness.

No one can compete in everything with other guys in the club, but you should follow the “minimum program” - clothes should be absolutely clean and more or less fashionable. It is enough to put on one conspicuous thing - for example, an unusual bright shirt.

At the entrance to the institution it is better to smile, even if there are no special reasons for that.

A smile is subconsciously perceived as a symbol of confidence and carelessness.

How to meet a girl in a nightclub in dance

The dance with a girl, which in the old days was also called slow dancing, thanks to the club culture, has changed very much and gives many opportunities for more intimate hugs that excites both partners. Do not be afraid to squeeze it, so you will quickly achieve your goal. To dance with a girl, it is not necessary to be a star on the dance floor. When dancing with her, do not try to satisfy her, the main thing is that you should be comfortable from this.

Of key importance on the dance floor is the non-verbal.Words in a noisy atmosphere of dance is more likely an occasion for closer communication. So do not pay words a lot of meaning, more attention to the look and touch. Touch it not only on the dance floor, touch it a lot and often. If she smiles back and answers with touches to you, then victory is already in your pocket. Very soon, it will be time to call a taxi and drive it to your bed (or where are you going to take it there?). It’s not worth it to delay it, because you can lose her interest in yourself.

There are a whole mass of ways and methods of meeting a girl in a club. For example, you squeeze along the dance floor towards the girl you previously noticed and approved. It’s better to move forward, face to face. Before you get close, you allow yourself to be noticed, and of course you smile with a Hollywood smile (remember Bruce in Hard Nut). If it’s crowded on the dance floor (it would be better if it were), then you seem to accidentally cling as close to the girl you like as you pass. And it seems as if for convenience of passage you grab it and slowly move it along the body with your hand (it’s too early to hold on to the bust, but it’s the best thing to hold on the ass or stomach).

Or you dance near it, squeezing closer (again, it is very necessary that the dance floor is crowded, then it will be maximum at ease). Not necessarily talking about the dance floor, you can at the bar. The main thing is that there are many people for every square meter. I caught her hand, squeezed it in my own, stopped and look at the reaction. If you don’t pull your hand and look at you without bewilderment, then everything is in order. He pulled her hand towards himself, for the sake of decency asked about the ability to dance and dragged to the side of the dance floor.

Or another option: you dance somewhere near her, periodically glancing at the object of attention and smiling sincerely. When the girl shows interest turn to her half-turn (or even turn away) and dance so little for fun. Then turn to her and continue the game of peepers. In the rhythm of the dance you involuntarily approach her, brazenly take her hand with the words: "apparently, until we dance, you will not leave me alone", you begin to circle her in the dance. Moreover, these words from the song “you have nowhere to go” will come in handy, because your behavior should be for her something like a tsunami, from which it is impossible (and do not want to) escape.

How to seduce a girl in a nightclub

Remember: a club is one of the best places to meet thanks to loud music. Going up to the girl, you can easily hug her waist and whisper (or scream) something into her ear. In the club it will be as easy as possible, even with a completely unfamiliar young lady. It is very exciting when you at this time seem to accidentally touch her ear with your lips. By the way, the opposite method: you say something confidently, but intentionally quietly, which provokes the girl to lean toward you. Very workable technique.

Banal conversations and questions are prohibited. Moreover, the look in the club plays a greater role than words. But this is only in the case of direct communication. Your gaze should have interest and warm emotions. Eyes are a powerful seduction tool. The look should be intriguing and at the same time "with a spark." Just a glance you can get a girl. When you look at her, say to yourself: "today I will be on top, and you will scream." Mentally pronounce sexual attitudes, no matter how absurd it may sound, but it works.

No need to splurge on a girl from the first minutes. Guys often think that a girl will give after the first glass, but this is far from the case.

Save the money for the martini that you take with you, and for the taxi you’ll ride with her to “continue the night.” However, be sure to treat her with a cocktail or something else than if you see that everything is going in the right direction, girls are sewn up by the mean-spirited girls one or two even after a successful meeting.

Do not start the tackle with a too bright compliment and especially do not ask her whether it is possible to glue her to meet her.It’s better to start with some kind of ambiguous phrase, such as: “you dance interestingly” or “didn’t think that you can dance like that on stilettos”.

Carefully follow her, turn on the psychologist-observer and be able to draw the correct conclusions of her condition through her appearance. If she is comfortable, then you can act. If she is uncomfortable, then create conditions of comfort. If you see that the girl is not very comfortable, tell her something like: you do not pay attention to my arrogance, it’s just hard to stay adequate when talking with such a beauty. ”

4. Chat with guys: make your game easier

Chat with strangers. Many guys come to the club to get acquainted only with girls. Do not limit yourself, communicate with peasants. FROM any of them you can find a common language. He can even become perspective excellent partner for joint trips to the club.

What to do after meeting a girl in a club?

Play with her. Do not pay attention to only one girl. Chat with her, then go away, or smile at the other. After some time, return to this girl. She will already have time to take offense at you, get angry, jealous and miss you. Connect the charm and the thing in the hat. After you met a girl, do not get cold from her friends. Get to know them, while trying to please them (just do not have to climb out of your skin). But soon try to isolate her from her friends. Take her to the bar or just take a tour of the club. Imagine it to all your friends (and even the security guard with the waiter) as your girlfriend. This will help you get close to her as quickly as possible, and therefore improve the rate of your results in seducing a girl in a club.

Do not get hung up on one girl. If a girl is too brazenly demonstrating her unwillingness to communicate with you or is generally behaving ugly, turn around, step back ten meters and meet another girl. Let her prick of jealousy prick, and her eyes drill you - she had a chance.

Do not run after the girl whom you met in the club. It is more correct to show her with all your appearance that on occasion you can easily find her a replacement.

Task 4. Do not give up on mixed companies of boys and girls

In most cases, the club is not visited alone or even in pairs, but by more or less large companies. You can’t immediately reject such potential acquaintances just because these people came together. After meeting with a whole company, a guy can make a lot of male friends and next time go on an adventure with them. Moreover, it is they who will certainly offer to get acquainted with the other ladies. And in order not to put yourself in an awkward position, “rolling” to a stranger’s girl, it’s enough to observe a little about the relations within the company.

Stranger guy can help you

So you made friends with a guy in a club. Then you can always find him, and you can dance and jump together on the dance floor. Can do respite, talk about your topics.

Once I once talked to one interesting guy. He himself bought me juice, and then together we made approaches and met girls. He was very good with girls and also came to the club alone, just like me!

Extreme but damn effective trick

Another cool assistant for you is your arrogance. You see a lonely girl on the dance floor, even a very beautiful girl, which can be classified as dynamo. You approach her from the front, hug at the waist and begin to dance. It is important that she is a little under the driver. The girl does not immediately understand what is happening.

But know that only the predominant minority of us can take an overlap. Instead of asking her name, ask her if she likes getting an orgasm. Most likely, the girl will immediately be at a loss and answer the truth (of course she loves, who doesn’t love). Then the next phrase, invite her to get the most vivid orgasm of her life, and until she has time to come to, take her hand and get her out of here.

I assure you, although the method seems absurd, it is workable! And if it doesn’t work out, then the problem is not so much in the girl, but in your arrogance. In order for it to work, you have to be a lightning and bold conqueror to resist before the energy of which simply does not make sense. And of course you should feel very, very confident. The method will not work for those guys who are the first (or even the first 5 times) in this institution. For a real sense of confidence comes when you know all the coils-nooks and crannies of club life. But everyone can try it, and if charm and insolence is enough, then the point is in the hat!

By the way, before using it you should be fully equipped and clearly know what and where you will lead it. And you should definitely have a bottle of whiskey / champagne / martini in stock ... shorter than a delicious alcoholic drink that you will choke in between love.

All that I will demand from you in return is to tell later in the comments about my results. Well, if you share the record with your friends then you generally have no price!

Good luck, friend! See you on FitKis.

Wishing you success Vitaha Ohrimenko !

Task 5. Learn permissiveness, do not be afraid to be impudent

Even if in reality all these affirmations are far from true, the following attitudes should be fixed in the mind of an insecure or inexperienced guy:

  1. This is his club, and he is the boss here.
  2. There is no need to deny yourself anything.
  3. It holds the whole party.
  4. Like a girl - he will achieve it.
  5. All those present are extremely happy to see him and are eager to meet him.

Learn how to become more confident in yourself from the following video:

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Yes, one cannot escape from this “phenomenon”. Damn, even though the articles do not publish "same-sex", otherwise it’s really all our male chips

... they will only know that this is a divorce
If a girl sets a goal to leave the club is not alone and have a good time, then this manual will play into her hands only, she will know how to behave accordingly

But the atmosphere that prevails there in the club stimulates debauchery even among those guys and girls who initially did not set themselves this goal

Hi Vitaliy! I wanted to ask for a long time ... how does your wife relate to your "outpourings"? I would have nailed my long ago))))). And are you in such detail about rentals, etc.? you describe. Logically, you had to do all this yourself ... That is, it was a stormy personal life. So, a lot of girls "tried." From my ideas and fantasies, my brain would have boiled long ago (like what happened and with whom - I have a sooooo wild fantasy). So how does a wife relate to all this?

So it’s great if the article has a positive effect on the girls and they change their behavior for the better.

No, I do not really like clubs. Even when I was not married, I almost did not go to them. With friends, we like to go to theaters or cafes)) I generally have a theory that it is very unlikely to have a serious relationship with a guy by meeting him at the club. The guys in the club are not in the mood. But at work, at school, at some courses - a completely different matter. Although, of course, in all the rules there are exceptions.

Clubs themselves have created a frivolous reputation for dating and because of the behavior of girls as well.

Yes, and most of the guys going to the club are immediately tuned to a frivolous mood. Tatyana, you are probably very jealous. Both doctor’s peepkins

Hah, what kind of “victim” will the fish refuse to change the water in the 3-story penthouse

No, this article is actually useful. Because girls by nature are more inquisitive and sociable and learn how to behave in a club quickly and quickly. And more open and relaxed. But the guys are more difficult. And the volume of the article is quite appropriate, I was comfortable reading. Thanks for the article and interesting thoughts. And in general, girls should thank you for speaking more for such articles) there are less cattle and nerds in places of rest!)

Task 6. Be fundamental

Having received an undeserved turn from the gate from the side of an arrogant or rude girl, the best tactic will be to defiantly approach another. And since the desire to be in the center of attention (especially for men) is inherent in almost all the ladies, the girl who "rebuffed" the guy afterwards will surely regret her behavior, or even feel a prick of jealousy.

Task 7. Do not worry about failures and otshivy

If communication with a girl you like does not start, and she refuses to dance, do not immediately look for a problem in yourself. There are dozens of guy-independent reasons for such a failure:

  1. She is tired of the constant “tackle” and does not get to know anyone.
  2. She came with a guy.
  3. Her friends are nearby, which fetters and embarrasses her.
  4. The guy with the girl is now “on different waves” and in a different emotional state, which is why they cannot understand each other correctly.
  5. She doesn’t hear him because of the roar of music.

Dating in the club and quick eat!

To make it easier for you in your development, I will try to give the most detailed information and examples from personal experience. So you can apply dating and seduction lessons in a club or bar, I will give you step-by-step instructions.

Everything matters, so in this article about dating and seduction in the club, I will write down all the details. Consider everything that is written here - this is how I and my students do it. Let's get started!

Preparation for going to the club

Why do girls sew guys to clubs? You think the only thing is that they don’t know to How to meet girls? I think otherwise. When a girl makes you sick, you screwed up not at the moment when he came up. And much earlier! Wrong attitude or goal. Wardrobe or expression, there are a lot of reasons. And we analyze each of them at trainings of the project "LoveHacker. Secrets of the natural attraction of girls." But here we will figure out how to do it right!

Step one - why are you going to the club?

Many guys go to clubs and bars to just have a drink and spend time with friends. Someone goes to get acquainted with the girls and, possibly, to shoot someone. But most often they get drunk and spend time with friends.

Our goal is to have fun! Yes exactly! When the boys and I go to a club or a bar, we go to have fun. We are not very interested in the possibility of renting in a club or bar, we are attracted by the pleasure of the process.

Club Rule No. 1.

Go to the club to have fun and enjoy the process.

  • Step Two - How do we dress and why?

How do guys usually dress when going to a nightclub or bar? Jeans, a T-shirt, moccasins ... This is not about us! We go there exclusively in formal clothes. Suit and classic shoes or trousers and shirt.Every normal person has a question:"But what for? It's not convenient!" .

Firstly, spit on comfort, this is the enemy of any man! Secondly, such clothes attract the attention of girls and do half the work for us in attracting girls. How does this happen?

The girls themselves are looking for a reason to speak. And the other guys in the club or bar do not risk dominating. A suit is a uniform of the powerful of this world, and this is exactly the man every girl wants.

Club Rule number 2.

Dominate at the entrance to the club! Let your style say everything for you, you just have to say: "Hi" and the interest on the part of the girl will be ensured by your “uniform”.

  • Step three - what are we doing at the club and why?

What are people doing at a nightclub or bar? That's right - they drink! And they absolutely do not control themselves. But the girl can not rely on a drunk animal, which is not even responsible for itself! The girl needs a security guarantee. But this is not the most important thing in clubbing.

The most important thing is that you cannot enjoy the process and what you are doing. Alcohol turns off your brain and turns you into a dumbass who is unable to interact with the environment, and just have fun. This still has a lot of disadvantages, but how do we catch the “wave”?

First of all, we come when the fun is in full swing. We go to the bar and order tea or water. We take a place, in clubs it’s usually crowded and we don’t have any questions “next to girls or not”! Settle wherever you like, there are a lot of girls! But do not go to the "gallery".

We drink a cup of tea and just absorb the rhythm of the club. This happens very strange and at first glance, we just communicate. But in fact, we tune in to the “wave" of the club. About thirty minutes later, we begin to walk around the club and throw "Hello" to all the girls, no matter who she is, the top model or the "donut". A lot of friends in the club is good!

Fifteen to twenty minutes we get to know each other and only after that we go out onto the dance floor!

Dance is a magnet for girls!

The most important thing in club dancing is not to think and not to seek the reaction of approval of your choreographic talent. Just forget it! Move as you like! We jump and sing in full throat! We have fun and we don't care what people think. And as a rule, girls begin to flirt with us on the dance floor.

They push and make faces, trying to somehow attract our attention. The question is, why is this happening?

We are fun and they also want fun.

We are sober and we can just make fun of it, and not load the girls like drunk guys do.

We are not like the other guys - we are in suits and it attracts them like a magnet!

And when we get tired of dancing or we just get tired, then just tell the girl: "Let's go rest, I'm tired. " And eight out of ten girls agree.

If the girl does not agree, just go alone! And while you are resting, you can meet another, because nobody limits you!

Club Rule No. 3.

Have fun and play, and when you get tired, just take it with you! She will trust you, because you are a cheerful and sober guy who caused her a lot of emotions.

Fourth step - a girl with home delivery, want to try?

Congratulations! You are already on the sofa with a girl who is crazy about you! How did it happen? You didn’t have any calculation and plan, but clubbing is going smoothly!

And so, we came with the girl to a calmer area and you probably think that now the girl’s seduction will begin. Nea = R.

That is why the slogan LoveHacker is a natural acquaintance and seduction. We do not seduce, we allow sex to be! And this is how it happens.

Sitting on the sofa, we just chat. About anything! Sometimes I talk about my favorite cartoons and other nonsense, but more often the girl fills me with a bunch of questions. And I answer them without troubles and absolutely honestly.And when she asks what I am doing, I show the girl LoveHacker site and that’s another hundred questions. And I without excitement tell that I help guys to part with complexes and problems, and to enjoy communicating with girls.

About twenty minutes later, I propose to go for a walk in the fresh air and say that I’m leaving home after a walk. I ask you to take all things in case she also goes home and warn her friends so as not to lose. Any girl takes this as the norm! And given that with a bracelet she will be allowed into the club, she is not soared about how she gets back.

We walk, chat on personal topics and no seduction of the girl happens. We walk for another half hour maximum and I call a taxi. Usually I book a car to a place that is ahead of our walk route. It’s more convenient for me, and it’s more likely that she will not return to the club, because he is already far away.

When a taxi arrives, as if nothing had happened, I open the door for her and put her in the back seat, I sit next to him. I’m talking about what we will do, usually we cook!

Arriving home with a girl, I take a shower, and I ask her to peel potatoes or chop something. After the shower, I’m dressed already at home. And having supper with the girl, I go to bed. She lies down and finish! The girl is in my bed, but I didn’t even glue her!

Club Rule No. 4.

Do not seduce the girl and do not try to take her off. You should not think about whether you will have sex or not!

These are not all the secrets of the natural attraction of girls! And even more, I will discover LoveHacker girls' natural attraction trainings.

For a long time in Moscow, bars and clubs were parallel Universes. Bars were perceived solely as places where stern men and girls' guests drank at the tables until it was time to stagger, catch a taxi to the house or dance, depending on the condition.
In turn, the people came to the dance clubs in fair condition to give way to the energy accumulated during the working week on the dance floor.
However, over the years, the situation has changed, and in the capital, like mushrooms after the rain, dance bars began to appear with a very different audience and concept.

Their appearance can be associated with the penetration of Western corporate culture standards and related traditions, such as bar flyinga: the movement of office people in bars on weekends and weekdays in order to get drunk and get acquainted with an individual of the opposite sex.
Unlike dance clubs, night bars are more oriented toward flirting than dancing, and therefore the music format is, as a rule, of secondary importance to them. The music appears there as a background for inter-sex communication, and members who are warming up with stingy body movements that have flowed after bent over in the office. To take off and drink is the unspoken motto of the capital's bars (as well as the world’s ones, too).

By the way, some clubs, sometimes positioning themselves as places of acquaintance and rent, rather than as a purely dance institution, sometimes copy the bar formula for organizing space. Recall purely nominal dance floors and huge bar counters in the very center in Diaghilev, Opera or Famous.
But back to the topic of our conversation. One of the most successful bars for a long time was Real McCoy on Kudrinskaya Square. The stylization of the Prohibition American bar is successfully complemented by the favorite hour for clerks and expats - happy hour. From 11 a.m. on weekends, you get a double drink of alcohol for the price of one, and only proven explosive hits from Beastie Boys to Benny Benassi shake the walls.

For several years, this institution was the starting point of the route of many metropolitan clubbers, it was there that you could kick at a minimum of expenses and shoot the first pair of phones, and at the end of the night there it was easy to make the last attempt to find a party for the night and celebrate victory or failure with the last killer cocktail.Unfortunately, in the past two years, the public of the institution has degraded: the cute students of Moscow State University have been replaced by pimply inhabitants of the sleeping areas, and clerks in Zara suits and severe guys from the outskirts filled the voids released by bohemian drinks from PR agencies and glossy magazines.

In the wake of the popularity of Real McCoy, the Che Guevara bar, similar in format and public, appeared in the Lubyanka district, which, as the name implies, differed in a big roll towards Latin American themes.
About a year and a half ago, Sorry, Babushka enjoyed frenzied popularity, where both students with foreigners and the audience from pathos clubs, temporarily tired of show-offs, flocked over the alcohol bar. Every second was given cards, on which the drink cost exactly 2 times cheaper.
However, at the moment, the public of the thrash squash on Slavyanskaya Square has undergone the same depressing involution as the visitors of Real McCoy.

Among the expats, another ancient place of the democratic category continues to be popular - Chesterfield-Boar House on Kurskaya. Happy hour there passes throughout the week. And, if in the evenings, football fans watch sports broadcasts, then with the onset of darkness they will be replaced by English-speaking people and prostitutes of all rates and sizes. The place, of course, is not for everybody.
All the institutions listed above are still alive. Also in their clip you can add the extremely popular among students "Theme bar" on Chistye Prudy.

Naturally, as in the case of clubs, the bar segment could not do without pathos and glamorous establishments. The most famous of them, perhaps the now closed bar 30/7 on Petrovka. Here arrogant bartenders, expensive costumes with cigars and well-groomed girls, drinking expensive tropical cocktails to the rhythms of a traditional commercial house, have already mixed together. However, in the middle of the night, alcohol began to act and the atmosphere of passions was already not much different from trash, which takes place in democratic places.

Continuing the success of Thirty, her mistress opened no less status, but even more closed Bar N1 and Just Another Bar.
And on 30/7, no less successful neighbors appeared, the Tundra Bar, named after its promoter, the Tundra, widely known in narrow circles of Inna. Tanned models bored at the bar, serious men, colorful party-goers and Comedy residents as their favorite guests - the Tundra was not much different from its pioneer neighbors. The regulars of both places even went from door to door to see where there are more girls today.

Unfortunately, at the moment, both 30/7 and Tundra are closed. But their business lives. Just Another Bar, which has become a popular after-party for the passengers of the “Roof of the World”, is quite alive. New establishments of a similar format are opening from the Royal Bar on the banks of the Moskva River, where even with the onset of cold weather the flow of visitors does not decrease to a more youthful version of Version 1.5 (ex 1.0), in which only half-school girls who begin nightlife and their no less young companions with rims on their hair.

If you are not interested in clubbing as such and your heart does not freeze under the names of this or that DJ, but alcohol and flirting are your favorite way to forget about weekdays on weekends - dancing bars will suit you much more than regular night clubs.
Moreover, the choice of bars is now more than wide. Within one night, you can both try to buy the favor of a silicone doll with a five-hundred-mojito mojito in a welcoming establishment, and hone your alco-pickup techniques on compliant students in its democratic counterpart.

Any place, situation and atmosphere for meeting two people has its pros and cons. Acquaintance in a night club is no exception.

  • informal, relaxing environment
  • music, alcohol, good mood,
  • no need to look for a special occasion,
  • easy to find a common theme or just treat a girl.
  • Acquaintance in dance is possible, without words.

  • crowds of people
  • loud noise,
  • mistrust of many girls the seriousness of dating in a club,
  • dangerous dating.

Task 8. Approach, hug and take to the dance floor

Such tactics help to step over the long and tedious primary stage of acquaintance with all its banal “What is your name?” And “Are you the only one here?” Joint dance makes two strangers feel as if they have been friends for several years.

It is in the dance that, after accidental or intentional touches, attraction to each other can develop. Do not be afraid of scandal - in the clubs the vast majority of girls love to get together without a word.

Where to start dating?

How to meet a girl in a nightclub (in a disco)? to "pick up" a girl? At first, worth a look . If among all the girls dancing at the tables and the bar, there is one you like, you can approach her. Before that, it is worth watching a little girl to make sure that she came alone.

If you have a companion with her, it’s better not to provoke a conflict and get to know another girl. If you still have one, you can start dating.

Acquaintance succeeded. What's next?

Some guys get lost after the acquaintance in the next club was successful, and do not know how to spend the evening with the girl. Here are some ready-made “recipes” and tips for hanging out:

  1. Take to the dance floor. In addition to the fact that this is the most obvious option, it is also a way to impress a girl with his dancing skills (if a guy took several club dance lessons in advance).
  2. Take a walk around the club. The main thing is that the man should be the navigator so that the girl does not feel the responsibility for entertainment transferred to her.
  3. Visit her karaoke room.
  4. Immediately after you managed to get acquainted with the girl in the club, it is better to isolate her from the friends with whom she came, so that they do not interfere with the rapprochement. After - on the contrary, introduce yourself and chat.
  5. Introduce the lady and your friends. To strengthen the bond with her, a guy can even tell friends that this is his girlfriend. She is unlikely to begin to protest in her voice.

5. Hug and dance with her quickly

Dancing and a quick hug give you the opportunity to immediately get close to the girl. With a quick hug you jump over all these commonplace questions: "What's your name?". You seem to have known her for five years.

This method provides an understanding of how to quickly get to know a girl. Thus, you easily get close to her and suck her.

Dancing with a girlan important key to getting closer! It is in the dance that you feel each other, touch each other and become excited. In the dance, you feel her nice figure, waist, and bird. It is in dance that the attraction and passion for the girl is quickly created. Girls also love close hugs and fast rapprochement.

How to attract attention?

To make it easier for you when meeting a girl, it’s better to get attention in advance . It can be done:

  • in dance . On the dance floor is to be next to her, you can dance together so that she remembers a mysterious stranger,
  • by the bar . You can order a girl a drink and ask the bartender to tell her that he is from you,
  • depending on the situation . During the observation of the girl, there may be a situation in which she will need help. Here you can offer it and thereby be remembered, it may even start a conversation. The same goes for.

Not every girl wants to meet in a nightclub. Some come there just to dance, to see friends, to celebrate a birthday, etc. Signs that the girl is ready to meet :

  • she sits at the bar, sipping a cocktail for a long time,
  • she looks around, pays attention to young people,
  • laughs merrily and loudly, attracts attention,
  • discusses with friends the guys in the club
  • she is dressed brightly and beautifully, she has bright makeup,
  • a girl with stilettos or high heels,
  • girl eagerly communicates with people, smiles, flirts.

Keys for dancing with a girl in a club

  • Dance with a girl so that you have fun first of all. Do everything for your own pleasure, to enjoy YOU. Know that everything will be ok!
  • Be completely in the moment. Do not look around, do not look at people aroundimmerse yourself in a dance with her. Let the fun music through you. Enjoy the process. Focus only on yourself and on dancing with a girl.

How to flirt with a girl: top 10 cool principles for good flirting.

Peerless dances to the camera: 3 videos of how guys dance cool in the club and on the street.

Read more about how to hug a girl in a new article here.

Club dating alternative

Extremely shy people, still not ready to meet in crowded clubs, we recommend that you try your hand at dating sites. This method has a number of impressive advantages:

  1. All information is at a glance. You can find in the shortest time exactly the one that you like both as a person and externally, without spending days, weeks and months on fishing out information from dozens of girls.
  2. Relative anonymity and invisibility. At any time, you can break off a boring conversation or acquaintance.
  3. More sincerity. As Cicero used to say, epistula non erubescit - the letter does not blush. Those. On the net, people, as a rule, can write more quickly and more honestly about themselves that only close friends know about in real life.
  4. The most suitable contingent. On specialized sites EVERYONE wants to get acquainted, which cannot be said even about such free places as night clubs.

Absolutely any young person can approach and get acquainted with a girl in a club, as the atmosphere of the institution contributes to this. To increase his chances of success, the guy should:

  • beautifully present yourself
  • choose the right moment and place to talk,
  • observe the non-verbal signals of the interlocutor,
  • not be afraid of meeting big companies,
  • not one iota to doubt your abilities,
  • to have a sense of pride and not to indulge arrogant girls,
  • not to worry about the "otshivy",
  • try the tactics of "hugged and led to the dance floor."

A nightclub is the place where girls specially come to meet. Here, absolutely everything is conducive to quick acquaintances and easy communication. We’ll show you how to take advantage of these amazing benefits.

Advantages and disadvantages of club dating

Here are some of the key benefits of a club environment:

  • Atmosphere. Girls specially come to the club to relax, dance, meet new people. A charge of joy and good mood will contribute to your communication.
  • Alcohol. Most people in clubs are a little tipsy. Alcoholic drinks liberate girls and help to quickly break distrust.
  • No need to look for a reason. The club does not need to look for a reason to meet. Just go and say hello.

The biggest drawback is loud music, which makes dialogue difficult. Therefore, if you want to learn how to get to know clubs. Learn to express your thoughts as short as possible and use gestures more often.

At the entrance, face control

At the entrance to the club, there may be a queue, delay or entry problems. If for some reason the girl you like does not miss control, you can help her with the entrance. This is an ideal dating option, but it will work only if there are friends of the club staff.

Other dating options at the entrance:

  • skip the girl forward, open the door in front of her, etc.,
  • help take off your coat, put things in your wardrobe.

In a word, to somehow identify yourself, to show attention. After that, there will be a whole night ahead to get to know each other better.

Where to start dating in the club

The first thing you should start with is appearance.

The club environment is not so demanding on the perfect appearance. On the dance floor, in the gloom, in a crowd of people, no one will carefully examine you.

The only recommendation is to wear more light things: white and pastel t-shirts, shirts and polos, light jeans or trousers. This is necessary in order for you to be more noticeable in the darkness and catch your eye against the background of other people.

In addition, in some clubs at the entrance you will find tight face control. More about clubwear and face control in this video:

On the dance floor

In clubs, there are practically no slow dances; there is constant movement. It is unlikely that it will be possible to invite a girl to the classic “delay”, but this is not scary.

You can dance close to her, come closer and try to interact in the dance. If a girl answers such a flirt - the first step is taken. Then when she gets tired of dancing worth going over and talking to her :

  • praise her dancing ability
  • to compliment the appearance,
  • start a conversation about her, find out the phone number,
  • continue communication.

If the girl on the dance floor does not show interest in communication, for sure do not continue to hint at an acquaintance . Most likely, she is in a relationship, and dating in the club does not interest her.

How to choose a girl and attract her attention

How to determine if a girl is counting on getting to know someone or just came to relax and dance? If a girl wants to attract attention, then she will:

  • actively look around, "catch" the views of guys,
  • willingly chat with others, smile, flirt,
  • have fun laughing with friends
  • she will be beautifully dressed and brightly made up,
  • located in a place where it is easy to approach: in the aisle or near the bar.

As soon as you notice a suitable girl, you need to be in the zone of her visibility. In order to attract her attention you need to "catch" her eyes and smile. As soon as you get a return smile, you can safely approach and start dating.

At a table or bar

If you like girl sitting at the bar :

  • you can sit next to me and ask a question about her (Why is she sitting alone? Why is she sad at the club? Why is such a beautiful girl not having fun?),
  • depending on the answer, decide whether to continue the conversation or not:
    • if she answers that she is waiting for a guy / waiting for a guy to pick her up, etc., it’s better to politely move away from this conversation, as it is meaningless,
    • if a girl laughs off, says that she is waiting for a friend, etc., you can continue communication.
  • ask what she likes or wants to drink and treat,
  • to defuse the conversation with a joke, ask the girl about her,
  • take the phone number.

If a girl with a company girlfriends sitting at a table in the club:

  • send companies of girls champagne / wine, etc. Thus, it is possible to win over not only the chosen one, but also her friends. This is very important, because girls like to advise, discuss guys,
  • after a while, go up to the ladies and ask if they liked the present,
  • start a conversation with all the girls, trying to stay closer to what you liked,
  • in the process of conversation unobtrusively find out if she has a young man,
  • if not, continue communication, ask for a phone number.

How to approach her and start a conversation

The informal club atmosphere does not imply any special reasons for acquaintance. Therefore, it’s quite simple to go up to her and say something like:

"Hi. I liked you. Let's treat you to a cocktail ”or“ Hello. You are doing a great dance. My name is Aleksey."

This does not mean that you can get acquainted only on the dance floor. There are other great places to explore, such as face control or a bar.

A very useful video, where all aspects of club dating are discussed in detail:

We meet at the entrance to the club

Entrance to the club and face control is a great place to meet. A line is usually formed here and there is a great opportunity to talk. In order to start a dialogue, you can ask the girl something or make a comment. Here are some examples:

"Hi.Do you often come here? Do you like this club? This is my first time here. ”

“So many people today. Don't push around. ”

We meet at the bar or at the table

If you see that the girl is sitting alone at the bar, then this is ideal to try to make an acquaintance.

The easiest way is to simply treat it to a cocktail. In addition, the same phrases as for dating on the dance floor are perfect.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Do not concentrate on one. No need to focus on one girl, even if she really liked. The right strategy is to communicate with everyone a little and continue to get to know only those who have shown great interest in you.
  • Emotions In club dating your emotions play the biggest role. If you came there after a hard day's work, nothing good will come of it. You must come to the club having a good rest before this. It is best to sleep a few hours before, or just lie in bed.
  • Confidence. When communicating with women anywhere, it’s important to be confident. A nightclub is no exception. Often fear and shyness interfere with guys. In order to overcome them

Hi friends! My name is Vitaha Ohrimenko , and today I decided to prepare high-quality works for all men who are still (or already) interested in the question of how to rent a girl in a club.

If desired, you can or even. But this is somewhat more complicated, because such places are not quite intended for dating. Is it a matter of nightclubs where almost every girl is just prone to meeting a guy with all the ensuing consequences. And she has a lot of time, in fact, and the scenery is suitable.

However, do not rush to immediately roll your lip to the club’s most appetizing beauty. Below I will give a classification of girls in the club based on their goals. Read on and the next time you visit the place of alcohol, dancing and debauchery, you will definitely know who to drive effectively to and who not to. Although in any, even hopeless case, there is no need to rush to despair, because the very atmosphere of idle life, with dimmed lights, dances and alcohol can make any girl move to obscenity.

To begin with, I want you to remember one phrase that is especially relevant when filming a girl in a club:

Do not chase the one that escapes, just as you avoid the one that pursues


Uncertainty at the very entrance to the club will ruin all plans for a good acquaintance. All the girls who are in the club at the time of your appearance, observe all the people entering it.

If there is a self-doubt, stumbling, stammering guy, no one will pay attention to him.

8. Use tables with friends for a break and relaxation.

If you met good old friends and acquaintances at the club, always remember where they sit. So, if you’re tired of meeting girls in the club, you can always go back to your friends and sit at their table.

With friends, you don’t need to create trust and comfort, with them you can just relax, shut up, be distracted.

It will be likeyour base vacation spot. At any time, you can stop and sit at a table with your friends.

9. Have impudence and permissiveness

You can do everything in the club!

Implement the following helpful beliefs:

  1. Do not forbid or deny yourself anything.
  2. Wanted - received. I saw - approached - sucked.
  3. This is your club and you are the main person in it.
  4. You are this party and walking emotion.
  5. Everyone is happy with your company. Everyone wants to be with you.

No prohibitions. Especially remember this towards the end of the evening.

Don't ask anyone for permission to be the guy you want to be. And no one will stop you. Realize all these beliefs, and pickup meeting a girl in a club will be a pleasure for you.


At the first stage, you should not concentrate all attention on one girl. Even if she really liked.

The fact is that women are interested in popular, attractive men. The best communication option would be strategy “Closer, farther” .

It means that increased attention to the chosen one, then complete estrangement and communication with other ladies. So it seems that you are very in demand and popular. The main thing is not to allow yourself too much so as not to look too frivolous.

10. Drama with girls who misbehave

If I start to communicate with a girl, and she includes arrogance or behaves ugly, right before her eyesI go to meet other girls!

As soon as she sent me off, I go up to the girls dancing nearby, and cuddle with them. The previous girl sees all this, and probably regrets and is jealous. But I don’t care!

It’s me who I choose to hang out with, not the girl.

Less words

The club has loud music, beats, and talking is not always convenient. Do not get too carried away by conversations. There are many non-verbal ways of communication: looks, gestures, dance, etc. It is necessary to speak, if necessary. In the club you can easy to meet without words at all It’s worth practicing this method.

11. Understand that there are no failures and otshivy on the dance floor

Know that if the girl for the first time did not want to meet or talk with you, it's not your fault!

Possible the reasons for the girl’s reluctance to get acquainted now:

  • Very loud music and you can hardly hear.
  • Her friends nearby are embarrassed, with them she is clamped and doesn’t get to know anyone.
  • The left guys always come up to her and pull her, she refuses everyone contract.
  • You and the girl have very different emotional states and vibrations. Because of this, you do not resonate and do not attract each other.

Therefore in the club you can meet any girlthat you like, and it's cool to spend time with her. If not, it is because of the above reasons, and it's not about you.

The girl does not want to chat now, - Better come to her a little later. Again! And that’s all!


The main rule for everyone. Club - scene rather than conversations. If someone sits in a nightclub lonely and detached, he looks like a hermit and a loser. You can not "guard the place", you need to move, move, maintain the overall dynamics. Otherwise, it’s easy to get out of the picture and stay on the outskirts of the holiday of life.

No need to depend on the result

Many guys initially come to the club only with the idea of ​​taking the girl to their home. Get rid of such thoughts. This in the club only gets in the way.

It is when you start thinking about how to rent a girl in a club that all the fun will collapse and nothing will work. This creates a dependency on the result..

To remove someone means to do something, to try to attract a girl by deception. This type of thinking won't let you be yourself. Just relax for your pleasure, feel at home in the club.

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If you met the very one how to spend time with her

So, you found in the club the very girl that you really like. Everything is fine with you.

You always have to know how to spend time with her. And you will never get lost and linger, you will know what to do. The girl will feel your confidence and will trust you more.

  1. Chat and meet her friends. Build trust and comfort with her friends.
  2. Dancing with a girl on the dance floor in different variationsvideo above.
  3. Required: isolation of the girl from friends and communication with her in private! This is a very necessary moment. Girlfriends will stop you from getting close. Just tell the girl: “Let's step aside, it's too loud here”, “Let's go stand by the bar”, “Let's go say hello to my friends”.
  4. Drop by with a girl in a karaoke room for slow dancing with her.
  5. Take a walk with her in the club. You lead, not her! Make her a little excursion.
  6. Introduce her to your friends. I even say to all familiar wardrobes, guards and friends: “This is my girlfriend". it strengthens the bubblein which you and she. And nothing else matters.

Put all these awareness into practice.

I told you some of my tips on how to get to know a girl in a night club in an original way.

You can get even more secrets and advanced material on my live programs and individual training!

The best way

All the qualities beneficial for a successful acquaintance in a nightclub fit into one situation. A good example of meeting a girl in a club :

  • I liked her
  • you need to quickly, with a solid step to approach (confidence),
  • take her hand (fewer words)
  • take you to the dance floor (act)
  • dance with her, hugging her waist, moving together, etc.,
  • after the dance, take her hand, carry her to the bar,
  • treat, find out the phone.


What to do if the girl refused, does not show interest. Such situations often arise in night clubs, as the girl is not always ready for instant acquaintance. Here it is important to understand with what expression and for what purpose she does it.

Sometimes women refuse that men ask again. You will immediately feel it. In this case, it is worthwhile to approach a little later in another situation and try to make acquaintance again.

If the girl refused seriously, you should step back. Nothing good shines with this girl, do not waste time and run into rudeness.


Do not neglect your safety during club dating. Better to be alert and attentive. When meeting a girl, you can easily provoke a conflict or even a fight. This is not worth doing.

So that no incidents happen, you need to make sure that the girl is free . The sudden appearance of her young man may end in a very stormy showdown. If the conflict is still brewing, you need to try to repay it in the bud. They go to a nightclub to relax, not to fight.

Thus, meeting in a nightclub differs from meeting in all other places, it has both pros and cons.

Basic postulates of acquaintance in a club with a girl:

  • be confident, but not arrogant,
  • be sociable, but not intrusive,
  • be in the middle of things, but not sprayed,
  • be dynamic and agile
  • Do not provoke conflicts
  • find an original way to meet a girl,
  • act on the situation, make decisions quickly,
  • Do not get hung up on one girl at once,
  • don't talk too much.

The main thing is to be yourself and then everything will work out.

No need to build from yourself that person who is not. Any acquaintance is a step that can completely change life. That is why you need to do this as often as possible and more, suddenly a new girl acquaintance - happiness for the rest of your life, who knows ...


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10. Normal guys

As they say, he who seeks will always find. My best friend met her husband in a nightclub, but before that, she came across 9 types, completely unsuitable for the role of a true chosen one. The main thing is not to be upset and continue to strive to embrace real, sincere love. Good luck to you!

With a girl, others say the worst. I’m telling you that this is a great place where you can “pick up” a girl not only for a date, but also for sex without any obligation.

Do you think that clubs are visited by easily accessible girls who have already come configured for sex? Or do you think this is a gathering place for proud and impregnable glamorous ladies? Get out of your head all these stereotypes, forget about loud music and just act! How to meet a girl in a nightclub who will meet all expectations. And what needs to be done, I'll tell you now.

Your explosive energy

If you are heading to a club for the sake of acquaintance, you need to stock up on excellent energy, which will have to be distributed left-to-right. Do not go there if you simply do not have the mood, because you have to cling, bewitch, conquer. Be fun, energetic and easy. You can drink for this (in fact, everyone does it), only strongly.

Be the brightest guy in the club

A pretty famous pikaper once gave good advice about clothes - wear light things. This makes sense, since you first need to stand out among the mass of other guys. In the light of the spotlights, white clothing stands out best - it just glows, making you visible and recognizable.

Start seduction with gestures and facial expressions

Since the club plays music almost constantly loudly, you need to act through non-verbal contact. That is, try to smile, wink, look and give other signs of attention to the girl you liked. You can raise your glass up as if you are clinking glasses with it. To meet at a disco, your posture should express confidence: you can hold a glass with one hand, and put the thumb of the other hand in your pocket.

Dose your communication

You do not need to find one victim upon arrival at the club and follow her on his heels all night. You can go up to her, lay the foundation of your contact, and then just leave. So you will rekindle the desire more, will not be very intrusive and will be joyfully received when you return. Just get away from her and sit down at your table with your friends. And you can even prepare the way for communication with another girl.

Acquaintance in dance

Do not ask the question anymore: how to get to know a girl in a club, just move around - you can safely crop the girls on the dance floor. Just meet with someone special, establish non-verbal contact with her: smile, look away from her, then look again. When you understand that she is also interested in you, you can come closer and just openly dance right next to her. Then pay attention to her reaction: if she is also actively dancing with you, you can proceed further. If the girl moves away or expresses discontent - just switch to another.

What to whisper in her ear

In fact, in the club this is not so important. There are many openers who work with the same efficiency as the most standard phrases. Tell her something like this: “You are moving very well,” “Hi. Today is a great DJ, right? ”,“ I would never have thought that in such a club you can meet how beautiful a girl is ” etc. Most often, even these phrases with a pre-established contact is enough to start communication.

Superhero dance floor

If you are already bolder enough to mess with other men and be a defender, you can use the superhero method. If you see that some guy is clinging to a girl - act, but not with your fists. Just come and say: "Hi dear. I'm sorry I was late. ” . At the same time, reach out to your opponent and say hello to him. Invite the girl to your table.She is immensely grateful to you, and then it’s the small business - to treat her with something and continue the conversation.

And of course, don't forget about slow dancing. This method worked with our fathers and also successfully works with us. Invite the girls to the dance without being shy. In the end, they also came here for the purpose of acquaintance - you can dance at home in front of the mirror.

The main rules of success

  1. Try to always catch signs of attention to yourself. Girls look at you the same way you look at them. Therefore, notice smiles, looks, facial expressions. And come up completely boldly if the girl gives at least some hope.
  2. Do not become a pushy man himself, from whom the lady will have to save. Perseverance is our trump card for men, but also know your best.
  3. Do not try to be a super dancer, because most likely you will seem just ridiculous.
  4. And yes, if you know that you don’t dance very well and want to translate it as a joke - it’s better not to, because you just show yourself as a clown.

Make her a party to your holiday

Arriving at the club, just be sure that with the right approach you will find a girl. They can dance at home in front of the mirror, and today their goal is to hunt for you, a real attractive man. So how to get to know a girl in a club? Just sit down at the bar and say that your favorite football team won today. You can come up with another reason to celebrate. And invite her to join the company: “Imagine today (such a holiday), and the friends all left. Can I offer you something in connection with this wonderful event? ”

Just treat the girl with something

If today you are going to splurge on girls, then the easiest way for you. Find a group of beautiful girls (from 2-3 people), ask the bartender how long they have been sitting and what they drink. Then order them the same drinks and ask the waiter to take them to them, not saying who they are from. Now you just wait for the right moment: you behave at ease, from time to time you can go away somewhere. The girls will either guess who the drinks are from, or they will ask the bartender and will most likely come up to thank you. And then you join their company.

  1. It is very convenient to get acquainted using the 2x2 method: you and your friend approach two girls. In the presence of your friends, it will be easier for you to relax before each other.
  2. Starting a conversation, do not start to ask the whole biography of the girl! It is important to be interested in it, but not manic.
  3. Better speak according to the situation: if you don’t like the club, say so: “Hmmm ... I expected more from this club. How do you like it here? ” etc. So both of you can agree on a common opinion (the statement is true) and continue your acquaintance.
  4. If possible, invite the girl to a slow dance.
  5. I could write “be witty”, but I understand that you are either witty by nature or not. Therefore, do not try to joke if you are not doing very well. Just be fun and easy to talk to - that's enough.

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