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The characteristic features of army haircuts: who suits and should be done in everyday life

The military haircut used to be used by military people because of the peculiar dress code and the need to spend a minimum of time on styling, care. It is popular among athletes who are interested in strands removed from the forehead that do not interfere with movements. Military haircuts are suitable for men with an active lifestyle, thanks to practicality. Such men's hairstyles are neat, do not require long styling, look stylish and modern. Their second name is "army." They emphasize the masculinity of its owner and willpower.

What does a military haircut look like: options

The military style is not characterized by clear restrictions. This is a category that unites several male haircuts with different lengths. All hairstyles are strict, comfortable, convenient. Military style haircuts are done only on short hair, they are multi-stage. The shape varies from protruding strands of a hedgehog to a stylish unusual platform. They are made in the style of minimalism, without any frills. In the Russian army, military hairstyles for semi-boxing and boxing are preferred. American soldiers are characterized by shaved nappies and whiskey, and at the top on the crown, the length reaches 6 centimeters.

Pros of hairstyles:

  • do not require styling,
  • minimum care
  • suitable for any style
  • a visit to the hairdresser takes no more than half an hour.

The main minus military hairstyles: they need a beautiful uniform ready. They emphasize the imperfections of the skull. Army hairstyle does not look aesthetically pleasing on all men.

Zero haircut

Such an extravagant men's hairstyle does not fit every face. Recommend it to people with a beautiful head shape. Shaving in the army is symbolic: a man from a youth becomes a warrior.

People with the right proportional facial features choose it. The length of the bristles is small, the hair on the head is practically absent.

It has been popular for several decades. On the side and on the back of the head, the length is short, and the top (crown, crown) is slightly longer.

This is a military option for men with a sports figure. Boxing has a strict shape. Hair can be done with any shape of the head. It does not look multi-stage, thanks to smooth transitions. Boxing visually increases height and looks good on men with a square or round face shape.

General description of haircuts

The origin of the military style is associated with the war of the North and South States of America. Short, practical haircuts became a real salvation of soldiers from pediculosis. Soft waves of curls replaced the ascetic simple hairstyles borrowed from the North American Indians.

The indigenous population cut the hair of the crown of the crown to 6 mm, the back of the head and temples completely shaved. This hairstyle gained popularity, during the Second World War, the American paratroopers wore “High and tight”. Thanks to the trimmed Iroquois and war paint, the US military looked intimidating.

Military haircuts are relevant all over the world; they are distinguished by their short length, practicality, and versatility. Popular are “Hedgehog”, “Beaver”, “Playground”, “Boxing”, they do not require daily care, you only need to periodically visit the hairdresser. Military hairstyles are simple, easy to do your own haircut. They use not only the military, but also civilians, regardless of age, type of activity.

Features of haircuts:

  • run short
  • may have transitions, include multi-stage techniques,
  • the back of the head, the whiskey is cut as short as possible,
  • neat hairstyle repeats the shape of the skull,
  • do not demand leaving, daily laying.

Half box

Half-boxers consider hairdressers a free boxing option. It is characterized by a smooth transition from short hair to long. Edging is lower than with boxing.

This military haircut is also universal and fits almost every man.

Such a hairstyle in military style is recommended for owners of hard hair, so that the hedgehog is elastic and sticks out. It is not done on thin and sparse hair. Hedgehog does not need to be laid, it is important to wash your hair regularly.

Men's hairstyle is popular among people of different ages: from young men to the elderly. It is recommended to choose a hedgehog if the face has the right features. Thus, people with a triangular shape of the head should be cut.

Statutory haircuts of military personnel in Russia and the USA

According to the Charter of the military personnel of the Russian Federation, the hairstyle should be neat, meet hygiene requirements. Also, the haircut should not interfere with the use of personal protective equipment, wearing equipment. There are no clear requirements to cut to zero, or recommendations for certain models. A short hairstyle in the style of the military is used both among contractors and among young people undergoing military service. Standard “Hedgehog”, “Platform”, “Boxing” are used, it is forbidden to cut hair. The main requirement for a hairstyle is to perform on a short length, as well as a neat appearance.

In the American army, the hairstyles of military personnel are also subject to strict regulations. Men are allowed to wear short haircuts that do not have an eccentric, stylish orientation. This requirement is not surprising, any hint of personality violates the principles of discipline and order. Military personnel can shave their heads; the charter does not prohibit this model. Mustache and beard are not popular in the US Army, and you can not wear whiskers below the earlobe.

There are requirements for hairstyles for women military. They have the right to wear hair, but the strands are neatly collected on the back of the head, curls should not fall on the collar of the form. The hairstyle looks neat, original extravagant forms are not allowed. Neatly laid braids, bunches that do not interfere with the wearing of hats, protective equipment are allowed. According to the Charter, it is impossible for hair to be lower than eyebrows or protrude beyond the collar.

Note! Asymmetric, extravagant hairstyles are prohibited. Also, the use of fixing clips, elastic bands with sequins, lace and other decor is not allowed. They should be as close as possible to the color of the hair or transparent.

Varieties of haircuts military

Despite the fact that the military is a military haircut, today men who are far from this sphere of life can try on their image. A feature of the military haircut can be considered the fact that it implies several varieties and interpretations according to the different preferences of men. At its creation, the hairdresser emphasizes a certain negligence and multi-stage transitions of lengths.

Marine haircut

This is a military version of the military, which is often found among US Marines, paratroopers. The hair is cut in the shape of a platform on the crown of the head, and the nape with the temples is cut shorter. It does not need to be additionally stacked.

Marine hairstyle is suitable for men with a sports figure.

Who is suitable for

Universal hairstyle has no contraindications except for the irregular shape of the skull. One of the most popular haircuts in the world is used by young guys, mature men. Active people will appreciate its advantages, does not require styling, care, except for washing hair and correction at the hairdresser. Emphasizes strength, masculinity, strong-willed character.

Suitable for:

  • boys, young men, gray-haired men, the model has no age restrictions, is appreciated for its simplicity, versatility,
  • You can choose representatives of different professions, not only military, but also athletes, managers, musicians, actors, artists, politicians, businessmen,
  • due to the variety of models you can choose for oval, oblong, square, round faces,
  • military-style hairstyles are combined with a beard, stubble, mustache, but the military is often limited to haircuts, shaving their face smoothly,
  • skin color does not matter, suits guys of different types and nationalities,
  • haircuts on soft, hard, straight, curly hair,
  • suitable for men with a strong-willed, principled character,
  • thanks to practicality, people who lead an active lifestyle, who want to look stylish, choose while not spending a lot of time on hair care,
  • It is combined with sports, casual, street, business style, looks harmoniously with a military uniform.


This is a classic of the military style, when on the top of the head they cut a flat area, and the area of ​​the temples is shaved.

Such a stylish military haircut is suitable for men and young men. The parietal zone is cut straight and sharply goes to the temples. Properly executed men's hairstyle resembles a square. It is recommended to do it with stiff and thick hair. The platform is suitable for round or square face shape. You can trim the head in an oval shape.

Can I cut my hair myself

Military style hairstyles are practical, you can do it yourself at home. With features of appearance, imperfections in the shape of the skull, it is better to entrust the first haircut to a professional. The hairdresser will choose the best option for the correction of appearance. The cost in the salon for military-style hairstyles ranges from 400 to 800 rubles. But it will turn out independently to fulfill the model you like.

When doing homework, it is important to choose high-quality lighting; in addition, a double mirror is used to monitor the work done. You can also ask an assistant to cut the area of ​​the nape of the head, crown, while performing more complex men's haircuts in the style of military with transitions.


  • clipper, trimmer,
  • crest,
  • classic scissors.

Who needs a military haircut?

Military hairstyles fit almost any man. Such haircuts can be seen on teens and gray-haired mature men. She gives her owner a more masculine look. It is not recommended to use men's military haircuts in the military style only with an irregular head shape.

Who should choose military haircuts:

  • men of any age
  • military, athletes, office workers, politicians, businessmen, actors, etc.,
  • holders of round and square faces.

They can be combined with a beard, light bristles or mustache. But often there are men with a military haircut and a clean-shaven face. Military haircuts can be chosen for any type, nationality. They are often done on straight, curly, stiff and soft hair. Short hair is recommended for people who move a lot, have a constant lack of time. Military style hairstyle goes well with sports, street and classic business style.

Execution technology

Among several models of military hairdressers Boxing haircut Other army hairstyles are also performed on the basis of classical technique.

Step-by-step execution:

  1. Hair should be washed with shampoo, dried and combed.
  2. With the help of the machine, start cutting from the right temple with a 1/10 knife. You need to move from the beginning of hair growth to the temporal ledge in parallel stripes.
  3. In the same way, trim the back of the head and left temple. It is important not to cross the border passing through the back of the head.
  4. The upper occipital and parietal region is trimmed on the fingers.
  5. The transition from the hair trimmed with a machine and scissors is treated with a 3 mm nozzle, moving around the head from the bottom up.
  6. At the temples and the back of the head, perform a fringing, cutting off the cannon hair.

Video: Men's half-box haircut.

Self-cutting technology

To make a man's military hairstyle at home is easy. You do not need to attend hairdressers, wasting time, money. You can get in shape in half an hour. In the salon, cutting short hair costs from 400 rubles and above. To perform a military haircut, the room must have a high-quality light and a mirror that allows you to see your head in all angles. This makes it easier to control the work being done. To trim the back of the head and crown, when the haircut provides for length transitions, trust the assistant. Performing this procedure yourself is not easy.

  1. Machine or trimmer.
  2. Comb for combing.
  3. Ordinary scissors.

How to cut boxing?

This is one of the main military hairstyles, on the basis of which a number of other men's haircuts are performed.

Execution algorithm:

  1. Shampoo washing.
  2. Drying with a hairdryer.
  3. A 1/10 knife is selected on the machine. Haircut begins with the right temple.
  4. The movement of the machine continues from the beginning of growth to the temple in parallel lines.
  5. The left side and the back of the head are similarly trimmed.
  6. The top of the head and the parietal region are trimmed with scissors.
  7. The transition between long and short hair is made smoother by passing it with a nozzle of 3 millimeters. Machine movements are performed from bottom to top.
  8. In the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head is a fringing with a cutting gun.

What are the variations of army haircuts

A haircut under 0 is quite extravagant, not everyone can afford it. But in the Russian army, recruits were cut on a bald head, the procedure was especially relevant during the period of popularization of long hair. The model is a kind of symbol of the transition from a period of carefree youth to the duties of a defender, a warrior. Army haircut is suitable only for men with proportional facial features, the correct shape of the skull. It focuses on the shortcomings, so it is not recommended to choose guys with external flaws.

"Hedgehog" is suitable for men with soft and hard hair. A convenient, practical hairstyle does not require styling, it is enough to regularly conduct hygiene procedures. A haircut is popular among young guys, gray-haired men also choose. Suitable for regular, elongated, triangular ovals, focuses on facial features. It is combined not only with a military uniform, but also with a business suit, a sports casual.

The marine haircut is also a military theme. It is popular not only among marines, but also among paratroopers in the USA due to its practicality, versatility. A low platform on the crown of the head and the shortest nape, whiskey are the hallmarks of the hairstyle of the American military personnel. It does not require stacking, it is practical enough to care for. Suitable for young and mature men of athletic build. Emphasizes the strength, masculinity of character.

"Playground" is a success with mature men, popular in the 80s and today it is found in the ranks of the military. It is a flat parietal zone with a sharp transition to the temples, the hairstyle has the correct square shape. It is performed only on thick, stiff straight hair, it requires regular correction by the hairdresser. Recommended for men with a round, square, regular oval shape, focuses on external defects.

Short army haircuts are cut under the machine on one nozzle. The hairstyle is suitable for men of different ages and appearance types. Like all army haircuts, it has practical properties. It is popular among athletes, it does not require styling, it is easily performed independently.

Haircut "Boxing" is a short whiskey and nape, a little longer leave the crown, crown. A smooth transition connects the border of multi-stage technology. The hairstyle visually makes higher, corrects the shape of the oval. Suitable for men with a round, square face, looks stylish, modern, combined with various stylistic trends.

Women's army haircuts are neat, simple form. Mostly represented by a classic square without bangs. Use women of different ages and types of appearance. Suitable for oblong, round, triangular ovals. Hair is rarely dyed, preferring natural shades. Laying involves a side or straight parting, the ends are twisted inward. More often used for formal or special occasions. The hairstyle has corrective, anti-aging properties, is performed on an average length, on straight, slightly curly hair.

The army hairstyle of women military personnel should not only meet hygiene standards, but be practical, comfortable. More often use neat bundles on the back of the head or traditional weaving. The collected hair does not interfere with the tasks assigned by the command. Laying usually takes no more than 10 minutes, a minimum of styling tools is used for fixing.

Styling and Care Options

For a half-box, haircut “hedgehog”, hairstyle “playground” it is important to have thick, thick hair. Otherwise, the army military haircut will not look so impressive - the hair seems thin, rare. If the hair on the head is small and soft, it is recommended to cut it to 0 or make boxing. You should not shave the length too short if there are scars on the scalp or the skull is not too beautiful and ideal. With small growth, military men's hairstyles in military style are not very suitable. They make a person visually lower.

It’s easy to take care of a man’s hair. It will quickly be done at the hairdresser or at home. This is a good option when there is no time for care. Enough half an hour to put your hair in order. The head is simply washed and dried with a hairdryer. You can additionally comb the hairstyle with a comb back or on one side. If the strands curl, the styling is supplemented with varnish (gel).

After washing, you should tear the hedgehog with your hands instead of blow-drying. He will puff, and the hair will become more voluminous. To make the vortices better stand, they are additionally lubricated with styling agents (gel, fudge). For military men's haircuts, Hitler Youth styling is suitable. The barber shaves a parting bar between the length transitions, and the hair is combed to one side.

When wearing a military hairstyle, it is important to timely adjust it in the cabin or at home. Short men's hairstyles do not look greasy, but should always be shaped. Such men's haircuts are cut once every 3-4 weeks. They wash their heads depending on the type of fat content and the rate of pollution. Additional care procedures are needed only for problematic scalp. The use of conditioners and balms is optional. These funds are used as desired. When the military hairstyle military dandruff is visible. With short hair, it is easier to treat.

Military-style haircuts used to be common among representatives of law enforcement agencies, athletes. Due to their versatility, they have become popular with men of all ages and professions. Such a haircut makes the male face brutal and courageous, adding charm. But it is worth considering that office workers need to choose more restrained men's hairstyles. They are more suitable for a strict business dress code. Hair care is simple and does not require styling tools. A man should cut his hair and wash his hair in order to look neat and stylish.

Pros and cons

Army haircuts have become an integral part of the image of the military; they are also popular among civilians. Short hairstyles with transitions are relevant today, a multi-stage technique emphasizes the neat shape. Before deciding to perform a military-style model, it is worth evaluating all the advantages, disadvantages, and performance features.


  • hairstyles include several options, everyone will be able to choose the best model according to the type of appearance,
  • there are no age restrictions, often used for boys, young men, mature men choose
  • practical, convenient models do not require careful maintenance, daily laying, comfortable in any weather and in any climatic conditions,
  • give the image masculinity, solidity, emphasize courage, strength, courage, qualities inherent in the military,
  • performed on straight, curly, curly, sparse, thick, soft, hard hair, even with bald patches, you can create a haircut,
  • suitable for different directions, combined with sports, casual, grunge, classic, solemn style, and even shocking street glamor,
  • representatives of different professions and occupations choose - doctors, officials, politicians, businessmen, office workers, students,
  • corresponds to the latest fashion trends, on the basis of military haircuts today create actual casual sloppy hairstyles with transitions.


  • there are no corrective, anti-aging properties, focuses on external flaws,
  • requires frequent correction by the hairdresser, the hair grows back quickly, the hairstyle loses its neat shape.

Star examples

Pavel Priluchny Chooses military-style hairstyles not only for filming movies. A well-known actor prefers a short haircut with smooth transitions in real life. The army of VKontakte fans never tire of admiring the courageous, strong-willed images of the artist.

Brad Pitt more than once played the military on the screen, the actor is a short haircut. The military-style model emphasizes masculinity and charisma of the image.

Jake Gyllenhaal appears on the screen in different roles, brilliantly played in the Marines, reflecting the difficult everyday life of the marines.

Roberta Pattinson not so long ago radically changed the image. Careless, elongated strands were replaced by a short army haircut.

Modern men's haircuts "Military" and their features

Army haircuts, having arisen in the war, smoothly migrated to civilian life and lingered on it for several centuries, however, in our time, men's army haircuts with a transition, which are characterized by a smoother line, are more popular. Military-style hairstyles They are distinguished by an emphasized sloppy appearance, since their basis is multi-stage. There are no age-related or any other contraindications for performing army-style hairstyles - they equally successfully emphasize the nature of their owners, regardless of their nationality, lifestyle or social status.

It should be emphasized that the "Military" is not the name of a particular haircut, but indicates the style direction, within which there are several varieties of hairstyles. The Military style includes:

  • «Hedgehog»,
  • «boxing»,
  • «half box»,
  • «platform».

Which species should I prefer? Ask your hair stylist and check out photos of military hairstyles for men.

Military style hairstyle

Army Bearded David Beckham

The master’s advice in this matter is very important, because he will be able to objectively evaluate the shape of the client’s skull and recommend the most suitable type of haircut “Military”. Or even dissuade the client, because this style has the only contraindication is the irregular shape of the skull.

On the advantages and disadvantages of army-style hairstyles

Men's haircuts "Military" enjoyed and continue to enjoy high popularity among the stronger sex. And this is not surprising, because this style is inherent several advantages:

  • giving the image of masculinity, strength, style,
  • lack of need for long laying,
  • minimal hair care, which comes down to washing your hair,
  • universality, since army hairstyles are suitable for almost all men - from representatives of military professions to office workers,
  • simplicity of performing such haircuts and reducing the time for a haircut (no more than half an hour).

disadvantages style:

  • inappropriate for men with an irregular skull shape,
  • the need for frequent visits to the hairdresser,
  • unacceptability for men of short stature, since such a haircut visually reduces growth.

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Types of haircuts in the style of "Military"

There are several varieties of army hairstyles. They all differ:

  • short length
  • neatness
  • conciseness.

These include:

  1. A haircut "Hedgehog": perfect fit for men with stiff hair. This is important because the hair should also be upright with this haircut, and therefore “hedgehog” is contraindicated for men with thin and sparse hair.
  2. A haircut "boxing": Characterized by a minimum hair length. It is this kind of "Military" that is preferred by many representatives of the military professions. Boxing is the most practical almost hairless army hairstyle.
  3. A haircut "half box»: Performed in a minimalist style. In this case, whiskey is not shaved, but simply sheared shorter than on the back of the head and crown. The owner of such a haircut will have the opportunity to experiment with hair styling, which can comb in different directions.
  4. Hairstylearea", or"platform": Is a classic army haircut. This haircut is characterized by cutting on the top of a flat area and shaving temples. Some hairdressers-stylists do not recommend this haircut to adult men, believing that it is more suitable for young and young men. But remember that the choice of any haircut must be approached individually!

Army hairstyles will emphasize the masculinity of their owners, but for the representatives of the stronger sex, who have soft facial features, such hairstyles will not work, contributing to the creation of a general dissonance in the image

Haircuts of American soldiers

As already mentioned, the military style is based on military haircuts, with each country giving preference to a particular type of hairstyle for military personnel. For example, in the countries of Europe, representatives of military professions basically shaved bald or preferred boxing and hedgehog haircuts. But the US Armed Forces have acquired their own military hairstyle, which has become widespread. it "Army haircut" or "Military"very popular today.

American Military Haircut Pattern simple:

  • the hair on the tops is cut to a length of 6 mm, while they are shaped into a platform,
  • the hair on the temples and the back of the head is shaved “to zero”.


Many modern men, primarily active and athletic, choose military-style haircuts, and this is not surprising: these hairstyles are comfortable, fashionable and brutal. Another indisputable advantage of an army haircut: even your mother can make it to you if she has a hair clipper.

History and advantages of the military style

A competent combination of hairstyle and style of clothing, together with additional accessories, gives completeness to the created image, emphasizing the characteristic features of its wearer.

Short haircuts, made in the style of the military, are most in demand by males, who are accustomed to an active lifestyle and hardness of character. This style originated in the 19th century during the Civil War in North America. and pursued not aesthetic, but a practical goal, proceeding from the convenience and hygiene of his adherent. Short haircuts protected from lice, and, accordingly, from the transfer of dangerous diseases in the field.

After that, short hairstyles and haircuts completely under 0 became the standard of the American army, and subsequently the armies of other countries. Each of them was guided by its own chosen style: under 0, hedgehog, Canadian, half-box, etc.

Military hairstyles quickly gained popularity: they began to be worn not only by military personnel, but also by civilians of different ages who wanted to emphasize their masculinity. Now the military style is classic, having various types of embodiment.

The advantages of this style are:

  • lack of age restrictions,
  • simplicity of execution
  • minimum care
  • matching different styles of clothing: from classic to sporty,
  • compliance with hygiene standards in all weather conditions and climatic zones.

Recently, the military trend has become popular in women's fashion, but so far it is only a trend in which haircut, makeup, clothes and related accessories are combined in a single style.

Every year, men's military haircuts gain more and more fans and look harmonious with both a tuxedo and sportswear.

Types of haircuts and features of their selection

Army haircuts have several types, which, despite the obvious stylistic differences, are united by such common features as short hair, accuracy and minimalism. The rigor of these hairstyles attracts most men because of their versatility for any environment and wardrobe.

There are several main types of data haircuts:

Before doing such haircuts, you need to determine which one exactly corresponds to the image that you want to embody and which suits your appearance, character and lifestyle.

A military haircut will most successfully look on strong muscular men who lead an active lifestyle. Such a hairstyle gives some severity to the image, making its owner brutal. At the same time, this style is not always suitable for small representatives of the stronger sex, since the visual effect of understating growth is created. The exception is the platform (platform) - it visually increases growth.

A haircut under 0 is suitable for men with the correct structure of the skull and a somewhat elongated face. It smoothes out the receding hairline and thinning hair. In this case, the skull is either completely shaved, or a uniform length of up to 6 mm is left.

Hedgehog is almost an ideal option for owners of stiff hair, which hides bumps in the front of the skull. Since the hair with this hairstyle should be upright, this haircut is not suitable for people with thin and rare curls.

Boxing is the most characteristic haircut for military personnel, where the nape of the head and temples are cut very short and the transition to the upper part of the skull is made, where the hair is left longer, about 3-4 cm. It is believed that this name was given to the haircut precisely because the athletes involved in martial arts were cut this way. This hairstyle is universal: suitable for the stronger sex of almost all ages.

The half box is different from the haircut boxing with smooth transitions from short hair on the temples and back of the head to longer strands on the top and bangs.

A platform, or platform, is also a common army hairstyle, which is performed by shaving the temples and the occipital part of the skull and cutting the area from longer hair on the crown at the front of the skull with the creation of clear boundaries between the shaved and hair parts. This haircut is more suitable for the younger generation.

Execution technique

The main feature of the army haircut is the form, which must be constantly monitored, updating the hairstyle regularly depending on the speed of hair growth. It is advisable to purchase a clipper with several nozzles, scissors and a convenient hand mirror. Nozzles are required from 3 to 13 mm (depending on the type of haircut), since the basis for the implementation of such varieties is multi-stage.

These types of haircuts are unpretentious to the tools and skill of their performer and are made according to the following plan:

  • preparation of a haircut and necessary tools (preferably a bathroom with a well-lit mirror),
  • marking of the haircut zone: designation by the typewriter of the contour to which the hair cover will be shaved or cut very short, using a 3 mm nozzle (or without a nozzle),
  • from the neck to the back of the head and from the temples to the crown, evenly shave or cut the hair to the border of the previously outlined outline,
  • the remaining hair with a nozzle for a selected length evenly cut across the entire surface: first from the frontal part to the crown, and then vice versa,
  • put on a smaller nozzle (3 or 6 mm) and carry out a haircut along the border of the hairline contour,
  • with wet palms, randomly ruffle the hair and from different viewing angles we determine individual hairs knocking out of the total length of the cut hair, then carefully and accurately remove them with scissors.

The whole procedure takes no more than 30 minutes. At first, difficulty arises when cutting the occipital part, for this it is necessary to determine for yourself the optimal retention of the hand mirror, through which visualization is carried out in a large wall mirror, and also to choose a comfortable grip on the machine. From the second or third time, these simple manipulations reach automatism.

Beautiful examples

Currently, military haircuts are popular among the male population of almost all ages, thanks in large part to movie and sports stars. Each of us, on a subconscious level, tries on the image of a movie hero or champion.

The stern look and deliberate composure of David Beckham, Brad Peet, Jason Statham and many others inspire us to use the same characteristic “attributes” as the manner of behavior, hair and clothing.

And there is something to be equal - the best stylists of the world work with them. First, we believe the hero, and then, without noticing it, we turn into him.

The most successful solutions for men's haircuts in military style are the following:

  • David Beckham - a half-box haircut,

  • Ryan Reynolds - boxing,

  • Brad Pitt - Playground,

  • Leonardo DiCaprio - a hedgehog,

  • Jason Stateham - under 0,

  • Brad Pitt in the movie "Rage" - platform (platform).

Representatives of the stronger sex, especially leading an active lifestyle, prefer military-style hairstyles, trying to emphasize their masculinity, as well as save time on hair care. But we must remember that updating such haircuts is necessary with a certain regularity, in addition, having a hair clipper and scissors at home, all this can be done by yourself in no more than half an hour.

See the master class on haircuts.

Features of a male army haircut

Army haircuts became iconic due to the hygienic requirements of the armed forces and comfort considerations. So that the soldiers did not have any “liveliness”, and their hair did not require additional care and always looked aesthetically pleasing, they cut their hair as short as possible. Safety also played a role: with short hair it is easier to use protective equipment (for example, a gas mask and other uniforms) - the hair does not cling and does not climb into the eyes).

To make sure that this haircut is really very stylish, look at the stars who prefer military haircuts: Channing Tatum, Eminem, Michael Fassbender, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and many others.

1. Fashionable men's haircut “Boxing”

Hairdressers argue that it is this hairstyle that is a sign of iron will, steel character and self-confidence. Refers to one of the types of "Military". It indicates that its owner is not a timid and used to achieve their goals.

Characteristic hairstyles:

  • The back of the head is bare
  • On top, the hair remains about 2 to 3 cm long,
  • Often combined with bangs,
  • The bangs are laid back, or just hangs,
  • It can fit evenly or create the effect of slight negligence.

This haircut can be worn by men of different ages. The type of hair also does not matter. Owners of fat strands stylists strongly recommend choosing this option. This men's hairstyle does not require special styling tools.

Types of military haircuts

An army haircut is the general name of the direction for short hairstyles that soldiers of various countries loved, securing their military status. See what haircuts are in this style.

Even if the army bypassed you and did a couple of laps past, you probably heard about a hedgehog cutting. It is suitable for owners of hard hair, cuts at the same length and mimics the needles of a hedgehog.

No wonder athletes and Hollywood stars love this haircut: the classic haircut boxing combines rigor, brutality and convenience. Short-cut whiskey and nape are combined with an elongated crown (up to 3-4 cm). This is a very popular haircut option for men of any age.

2. Fashionable men's haircut “Military” - photo

One of the most popular hairstyles that are in trend in 2018-2019. The name is for the similarity with army haircuts. It represents the maximum shortening of the length of the strands.

  1. Men prefer this particular model for simplicity, comfort and the absence of the need for care and styling,
  2. Does not require the use of care products and styling,
  3. Perfect as a youth option and hairstyles for older men,
  4. Give the image elegance, masculinity.

3. Fashionable men's haircut "Tennis"

Haircut "Tennis" is suitable for men who are adherents of a strictly, classic style. It is an elongation at the crown. The nape and whiskey are shaved shortly. The main task of the master is to achieve a smooth, uniform transition from one length to another.

There are several varieties of "Tennis". These include the "Hedgehog", "Beaver." Hairdressers argue that it is this model that can suit any man, regardless of age, hair structure, face shape.

This model is designed for short-haired guys. Despite this, owners of luxurious hair or curls can find their own version of this hairstyle.

Who would like this option:

  • often chosen for children
  • suitable not only as a youth model,
  • you can safely choose this option for business men,
  • suitable for those who have an imperfect head shape - it will hide it perfectly.


The favorite form of Sylvester Stallone and many conservative men is a haircut pad. The nape of the head and temples are trimmed evenly, and the parietal part of the head imitates a lawn of the same length. This option is perfect for holders of expressive faces and hard straight hair. By the way, the platform is a fashion trend among young people who are nostalgic for the 80–90th years.

Light bristles (under zero)

Favorite hairstyle for football players Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane: when he seemed to have shaved baldly, but his hair was a little regrown.

Light bristles on the head look very courageously and in the best traditions of army life. A laconic look with light bristles will look great against the background of a business suit and sportswear.


Military style can not do without one of the most striking hairstyles. The shortest nape and whiskey in combination with a small area of ​​vegetation on the crown is a sign of the US Marine Corps and paratroopers. Even if you are not an American, this is no reason not to try this stylish option.

Who should use an army haircut?

We tell who should take a closer look at this fashionable haircut.

Military style will look good on both a young man and an adult gray-haired man. There are no restrictions.

A short haircut will suit both the athlete and the businessman. Army haircut will help representatives of creative professions to create a cult image and achieve a recognizable image.

The most difficult thing is for the owners of a round face shape, too short an option can make you fat. In general, military-style haircuts are for everyone, but the masters select the one that suits your type.

  • Facial hair

Classic army haircuts go well with a mustache, beard and stubble.

Under zero

All existing men's hairstyles for military men can be ideal for some men, and for others - to be categorically contraindicated. Especially if we consider the option of a military under zero, when men almost do not leave hair on their heads. This haircut today is most often preferred to soldiers in the army who do not have time to care for their hair and so requires a dress code. In ordinary life, hair is trimmed to zero only with the perfect shape of the head and the absence of dandruff.

This version of the haircut is similar to the standard haircut, but the hair should be as short as possible. At the same time, the hair should be stiff and thick in structure so that they take on a sticking out in all directions and a somewhat sloppy appearance. It is permissible to use cosmetics for styling, but in minimal quantities, since this is not about a model, but about a manly strict hairstyle.

This version of the short haircut in the style of the military is popular in the West among young men. The haircut is carried out according to the requirements for standard boxing, but the length of the hair on the crown should be as short as possible, and the whiskey is shaved with a special machine with a nozzle. In Russia, athletes who do not have the ability to care for their hair prefer this type of military haircut.

Who should use such a haircut?

Most often, stylists recommend men's military hairstyles to young men who prefer a moving lifestyle and have a clear life position. Such a man should set goals, conquer the peaks, resemble the hunter and the earner outwardly. Often athletes, for example, football players and tennis players, tend to haircut military.

Such a haircut requires a perfectly correct head shape, as well as a courageous face. Otherwise, a bold haircut will give the image a certain comic and absurdity. If a man has any problems with the scalp, before you make a haircut in the style of a military, you need to cure the epidermis. You need to understand that all interpretations of military hairstyles in a man reveal a certain strength and even aggression.

Is hair density important in military?

Haircuts and military hairstyles can be performed in several interpretations. Therefore, for varieties such as a military half-box, a hedgehog and a platform, the density and thickness of the hair is extremely important. Otherwise, the hairstyles will look “liquid” and make the hair visually even less and thinner. For owners of rare and thin hair, shorter military versions are suitable - under zero, boxing.

Short versions of military haircuts can reveal masculinity and strength in a man, but at the same time, any irregular skull lines or scars can be further emphasized. Therefore, not every man should take such a risk and cut his hair under such a critically short length. You should also not wear military haircuts for men of short stature, since visually they will look even lower.

Care Features

The main advantage of military haircuts is the simplicity of the hairdresser and the lack of need for caring for her. If a man prefers men's army haircuts in the style of boxing or semi-boxing, it will be enough to wash your hair, dry it and comb it with a comb to the side or back. If the hair is curly or puffed, a small amount of gel or varnish can be applied.

When cutting a hedgehog-shaped military, you also need to wash your hair, and then tear it apart with your hands in different directions until they dry. And so that the hairs are even more bristled, as a hedgehog requires, you can apply fondant or wax for styling on the ends. Stylists also advise styling hair in the style of the Hitler Youth, when a part is shaved between the short and long parts of the haircut, and the hair is combed to the side.

Photo gallery

To visually try on a military haircut style to your image, a man just needs to look at all kinds of hairstyles in the photo.


Military style is suitable for all men with a perfect head shape and healthy hair, as well as courageous and rude features prevail in a man's appearance. Most often, military haircuts are active and athletic personalities, such people do not have time for styling and hair care, so a short and practical military haircut is the perfect solution. And only for men with soft facial features, such hairstyles can create visual dissonance.

TOP short men's haircuts with names

Men are not easier to choose a haircut than women, especially if they do not know the name of these haircuts. Therefore, we have collected for you the main types of men's short haircuts and prepared a lot of photos. See which haircut best suits your style, save and bring it to life.

Haircut Boxing

If you don’t have the patience, time or desire to comb your hair, you will probably be interested in this haircut. Boxing is the most popular men's haircut for short hair, because it does not require styling and always looks good, only you need to adjust it in time. Boxing haircut involves a maximum hair length of up to 4 cm at the crown and ultra-short hair at the temples and neck. All the lines (transitions) of the boxing haircut are quite smooth and gently outline the contour of the head.

5. Stylish men's haircut "Under the fritz"

One of the fashionable men's haircuts is considered "Under the German." The hair on the temples is cut short, elongated locks remain on top.

In 2018-2019, fashion experts offer different styling options:

  • With different types of parting: straight or at different angles,
  • With a bang laid back
  • With bangs laid forward
  • With different types of shaving temples,
  • Coloring in different colors.

6. Stylish men's haircut "Caesar"

  • short nape
  • longer tip
  • little bang
  • no clear boundaries.

This hairstyle is recommended for boys. For those with curly hair, stylists do not recommend choosing it. It is also undesirable to wear it for those who have a large face.

Military or Army haircut

A military haircut emphasizes courage and brutality, if you have a manly jaw and wide cheekbones, it will suit you. Military haircuts mean ultra short hair all over the head.

This haircut looks great on men with a strong physique and strong facial features. Army haircuts also help hide thinning hair.

Men's haircut Tennis

Tennis haircut is universal and suitable for everyone, regardless of face shape, physique or hair structure. The haircut received such a name in honor of the tennis players, it was they who began to cut their hair short so that they did not interfere with them during training. In this haircut, the whiskey and the back of the head are cut almost to zero, and the hair on the crown is longer, more than 5 cm. The cut of the strands is made even and straight, and easy thinning is also acceptable.

Men's haircut BuzzCut

BuzzCut hair cuts very short and has the same length throughout the head, including in the forehead. This haircut is ideal for coarse hair, because it will keep its shape well. This haircut is suitable for both young men and older men.

Haircut Caesar

In this haircut, the most important thing is a clear, even edging of the hair around the entire circumference of the head. The formation of the hairstyle is from the bangs, which are cut short with a strict, straight cut. The length of the entire crown and the bulk of the hair depends on the bangs. The whiskey and the nape are the same length as the crown, or may have a slight graduation, due to which the strands are shortened down.

Short men's haircut without bangs

A short haircut completely reveals the face, emphasizes facial features, so it is important that they be courageous.

Short haircut with shaved parting

A men's haircut with a shaved parting is now at the peak of its popularity, especially among young men. A shaved parting can be done with a professional machine and it requires regular correction. The parting can be located on the left or right, along the temple or in a small deviation from the middle of the head. To add volume to the hair, it is necessary to use a multilayer, graded effect in a haircut.

Short men's haircut with shaved designs

Such a haircut will attract the attention of others and will not leave you unnoticed. The drawing is done using a professional machine and without a good hairdresser it will be difficult to do. The most popular in recent years are stripes, geometric shapes and simple symbols.

Short men's haircuts with a typewriter

One of the most popular men's haircuts is a haircut with a machine for men who love the army style. This haircut is best suited for everyday wear. Ultra short nape and pendants, the top is also very short, which means that the haircut does not require any styling.

Perhaps this is the simplest haircut of the short options, so it has not lost its relevance for many years. The haircut can be quite short if the shape of the face and proportions of the head allow, or elongated when it is necessary to slightly model the oval of the face. For this, a different length of the nozzle is set on the typewriter (for transitions), and the edging is done without the nozzle at all.

Photo of short men's haircuts

We bring to your attention a photo of the latest variety of men's haircuts for short hair:

Choose a haircut that you like, save a photo and go to the salon to bring your idea to life!

7. Cool sports men's haircut

This season is very popular among men of various ages. It is preferred for its simplicity, comfort and lack of need for care. Suitable for those who have a large, colorful face. It harmonizes with any style of clothing.

  • short whiskey
  • extended top
  • the classic does not imply bangs, however many leave it.

9. Classic men's haircut

The classic model is always in trend. Shortening hair from the neck is considered to be a haircut. There is the most exposed area. From the neck to the temples and crown, the strands are lengthened. Everyone selects the length depending on taste preferences. In the photo of fashion portals, you can find different types of lengths of the classic haircut.

  • absolutely any age category: from children to elderly men,
  • respectable men in a certain position or position,
  • holders of a round face shape.

Stylists do not recommend wearing it to those who have an oval face shape.

10. Trend men's haircut "Princeton"

Princeton is a classic haircut. It is an elongated strand on top, which smoothly pass into the side and back. Whiskey and nape slightly shorter relative to the top.

How to wear such a haircut:

  • parted,
  • combing back
  • combing to one side.

11. Men's haircut "Canada"

The main feature is the presence of clear boundaries going from the top of the head to the temples and the back of the head. The top is left elongated. A stylish hairstyle is considered mainly a youth option.

There are two varieties:

  • traditional, The length of the upper strands is at least 4 cm. A smooth transition to shortened temples and the back of the head.
  • sports. Shorter whiskey and nape than with the traditional version.

12. Men's haircut "British" - the choice of youth

Outwardly very similar to the "Canada". It differs from it by a longer top and nape. Allows you to create a fashionable and very stylish look.

  • the presence of a bang,
  • whiskey and nape are very short,
  • can be parted without it.

Elongated upper strands are stuck up, or combed back.

13. Men's haircut "Bob"

Fashion trends this year include the extraordinary haircut "Bob". It is intended for those men who seek to create a creative image.

  • long locks covering the ears
  • volumetric nape,
  • the front strands create the effect of slight negligence.

14. Popular men's haircuts "Anderkat" - fashion trends

One of the most striking and fashionable men's haircuts this season. Gives charm, elegance and sophistication. Distinctive features are very short hair at the temples with a long bang and nape.

  • retro, elongated locks are combed back,
  • shortened, nape and temples short, top slightly longer,
  • pompadour, long strands on top,
  • parted,
  • in punk style.

15. Men's haircut "Romantic"

Creates a soft, delicate look. Features are long strands. Suitable for owners of curls. Long hair can be styled in different ways: comb back, parting. Many options can be seen in the photo. The main requirement is well-groomed, clean and healthy hair.

16. Men's haircut "Grunge"

Such a hairstyle gives carelessness, disheveledness to the male image. The main condition - negligence should look stylish and neat.

To achieve the desired result, you need to follow the advice of hairdressers:

  • constantly monitor the preservation of the form,
  • grunge on long strands will create more interesting images, but requires care,
  • season trend - wet effect.

17. Men's haircut "With shaved temples"

Fashion trends highlight men's haircuts with shaved temples. They are more relevant than ever this year. Such hairstyles give men brutality and spontaneity.

  • Many options
  • An opportunity to emphasize beneficial advantages and remove some disadvantages,
  • Does not require maintenance and use of styling and fixing means,
  • Rejuvenates.

18. Fashionable men's haircut "Elvis" - photo

The haircut is identical to the hairstyle worn by the world famous musician. It may be a youth option, it may suit mature men.

  • curls on top with a length of at least 5 cm raised,
  • elongated, combed back sides,
  • perfect styling of each strand of hair.

19. Fashionable men's haircut "Voyage"

The top is elongated and voluminous. The transition from elongation can be uniform or pronounced. The first option makes the shape of the head rounded, the second - gives volume. Owners of hard hair will have to style them after each wash, giving them a certain shape.

20. Fashionable men's haircut "Hedgehog"

It is considered one of the varieties of "Tennis", or "Military". It is called so because it looks like a hedgehog. The hair on the crown is elongated and styled with single protruding strands. There is a variant of a hedgehog with a bang that fits on any side. Such models give clarity to facial features, create the effect of slight negligence.

Who would like this option:

  • It will look great on the owner of a rounded face shape,
  • ideal for those with coarse hair
  • Models with bangs are often chosen as a youthful, stylish hairstyle.

21. Fashionable men's haircut "Beaver"

Also applies to varieties of "Tennis". It represents a shorter area of ​​the crown. Due to this, the top looks flat. The nape and whiskey are shaved almost completely. Transitions should be smooth and even. The photo of fashion portals presents different variations.

Who should give preference to this model:

  • suitable for those with fine features
  • help visually reduce a long, elongated face,
  • for those with lush hair, stylists recommend focusing on the tips,
  • owners of rare hair is better to choose the option with a flat top.

22. Fashionable men's haircut "Sagittarius"

Current fashion trends recommend wearing such a hairstyle for those who have a pronounced chin line. Creates a very relevant youth image.

  • long, straight bangs
  • all hair is the same length
  • the ends are milled.

23. Fashionable men's haircut with a machine

Current trends do not sweep the haircuts made by the machine. In the photo of fashion portals, you can find many options. Many people choose this method due to the ability to cut their hair at home.

Types of haircuts with a machine:

24. Creative men's haircut "Hat"

Current trends have breathed new life into the “Cap”. In modern photos, this is not a well-known hairstyle, but a stylish extraordinary model. It is intended primarily for boys and young men. Not suitable for tough, naughty strands.

  • with soft, blurry borders,
  • with clearly defined contours,
  • tiered
  • using broken lines.

Having studied photos of modern trends in the field of men's hairstyles, everyone will find a relevant and stylish option for themselves.

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