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Editor'S Choice - 2020

15 best shampoos for men

* Review of the best according to the editorial board of expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Previously, men used universal shampoos, as there were simply no separate rulers. Later, when they appeared, many did not pay attention to them, and indeed they did not take the choice seriously, buying the first goods on the counter. But it has long been scientifically proven that the hair and skin of men differ from that of women, the sebaceous glands work more actively, dandruff appears more often, and the stronger half are more at risk of baldness. That is why the right choice of shampoo is the key to a well-groomed and healthy appearance.

Today, the most famous cosmetic brands develop and produce a wide range of products for men that are aimed at solving specific problems. There are shampoos for dry and oily hair, there is anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss. On sale are medical, fortifying and prophylactic products, for daily use and for application once a week, completely natural and with chemical additives. Separate remedies are available for men with gray hair, which look after thin, weakened hair.

High-quality shampoo must meet the following requirements: exactly match the type of hair, have a similar PH to the skin, wash dirt and grease well, neutralize static stress, and not cause irritation. Experts selected 12 best remedies for men, which fully comply with these parameters, in the rating. Buyers who have already tried these shampoos in action agreed with them.

Rating of the best men's shampoos

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best men's shampoos for oily hair1Zeitun Health and Freshness for Oily Hair 525 ₽
2Kondor Hair & Body Hops 570 ₽
3Orising shampoo for oily hair and scalp 1 590 ₽
4 Active regular shampoo complex ICHTYONELLA 740 ₽
Best Men's Dandruff Shampoos1ESTEL Alpha Homme for Dandruff 487 ₽
2American Crew Against Dandruff 1 340
3MEN DEEP EFFECT 3 against dandruff with zinc pyrithione 192 ₽
4Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Anti Dandruff 239 ₽
The best men's shampoos against hair loss1Lebel Cosmetics TheO Scalp 1799 ₽
2Pantovigar anti hair loss for men growtect formula 630 ₽
3Alerana Male Growth Activator 352 ₽
4DX2 for men against hair loss 396 ₽

Zeitun Health and Freshness for Oily Hair

The gold medalist is a shampoo brand from Jordan specializing in natural cosmetics. It consists of valuable natural components used in ancient medicine. The mild formula not only gently removes impurities and excess fat, but also affects the function of the sebaceous glands, normalizing the process until the skin is completely healed.

Rock chamomile oil and Arabian myrtle extract narrow the pores, have high self-regulating qualities. They have antiseptic and calming effects, eliminate inflammation, itching. Castor oil stimulates hair growth, heals and strengthens follicles. Moisturizing and nutrition is provided by a whole range of healthy ingredients. These are noble oils: castor, almond, olive, hemp.

According to reviews, despite the absence of chemical detergents, the shampoo is well applied, foams and rinsed off with water of any temperature. Hair becomes shiny, freshness is maintained for 24 hours. The product is packaged in a nice bottle with a bright design. The aroma is persistent, neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Kondor Hair & Body Hops

On the second line of the rating is a product with a safe composition that quickly restores the function of the sebaceous glands and restores healthy appearance and long-lasting freshness to the hair. Its PH is as close as possible to the pH of the skin. Intensive cleansing is very delicate without overdrying the tips. Active ingredients: zinc, provitamin B5, hop extract. They not only eliminate external symptoms, but also affect the cause of increased fat production.

The consistency is medium-thick. She foams well. Dirt and grease are washed off once. Hair becomes silky, unhealthy greasy shine does not appear during the day. A regular course leads to a stable result. The formula affects the scalp and hair from root to tip. Inflammatory processes stop. Hair becomes stronger and more elastic. Over time, an increase in density is observed.

Men rated the Russian medium “five” for their quick effect, lasting effect, pleasant texture and natural aroma. The bottle is equipped with a metering pump, so there is no excess during use.


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Kondor Hair & Body Hops

On the second line of the rating is a product with a safe composition that quickly restores the function of the sebaceous glands and restores healthy appearance and long-lasting freshness to the hair. Its PH is as close as possible to the pH of the skin. Intensive cleansing is very delicate without overdrying the tips. Active ingredients: zinc, provitamin B5, hop extract. They not only eliminate external symptoms, but also affect the cause of increased fat production.

The consistency is medium-thick. She foams well. Dirt and grease are washed off once. Hair becomes silky, unhealthy greasy shine does not appear during the day. A regular course leads to a stable result. The formula affects the scalp and hair from root to tip. Inflammatory processes stop. Hair becomes stronger and more elastic. Over time, an increase in density is observed.

Men rated the Russian medium “five” for their quick effect, lasting effect, pleasant texture and natural aroma. The bottle is equipped with a metering pump, so there is no excess during use.


  • high self-regulating property,
  • gentle cleansing
  • anti-inflammatory effect
  • easier care after washing,
  • convenient packaging.


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Shampoo for oily hair and scalp Orising

The third place in the rating was given to shampoo that can quickly solve the problem of fat content and normalize the condition of hair and scalp. It has a therapeutic effect, and the natural active substances included in the recipe stabilize the result and lead to complete elimination of an unpleasant ailment. The tool stimulates water-salt and fat metabolism in cells. It reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands. The soft consistency helps dissolve and quickly remove excess fat.

The complex contains thyme and lemon balm, which are distinguished by high regenerative and anti-inflammatory qualities. They cool, relieve discomfort. Hydrolyzed silk, burdock and thyme oils, linden extract are also included in the recipe. This combination of components allows you to act in several directions. There is growth stimulation, strengthening. Hair becomes smooth, soft, obedient. Fat control occurs within 24 hours.

The men surveyed opted for this shampoo, despite the rather high cost, because of its 100% effectiveness. A highly concentrated product lasts for a long time.

Active regular shampoo complex ICHTYONELLA

On the fourth line of the rating is a tool designed for men who suffer from excessive oily hair. Soft cleansing components gently remove dirt and wash away accumulated lard once. Highly effective formula affects the internal processes in the skin. It affects the work of the sebaceous glands, stopping their activity. The composition does not contain any chemicals that would overload and worsen the condition of damaged hair.

The recipe contains a patented formula of natural ingredients. Minerals of ichthyol and plant hydrolates have anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, softening effects. The first use already reduces fat production. Constant use leads to complete recovery. A greasy type of hair becomes normal.

Men note that this is one of the most inexpensive and effective products on the market. Discomfort is instantly eliminated. Freshness and purity last for several days without the formation of greasy plaque. Hair is easy to comb and style.

ESTEL Alpha Homme for Dandruff

The first line of the ranking is occupied by men's shampoo from a professional series, which is used in salons and at home. You can use it every day and clean even extremely sensitive scalp prone to irritation. The formula consists of several components that comprehensively affect the causes of dandruff. Regular use leads to a lasting effect without the risk of relapse.

Pyrocton alamine has antiseptic and disinfecting effects. Zinc pyrithione is recognized by world experts as the No. 1 substance in the fight against dandruff. It not only neutralizes visible symptoms, but also affects the causes of the appearance. Allantoin stimulates blood circulation in the skin, strengthens hair follicles, and helps normalize the secretion of sebaceous glands.

Shampoo has good foaming. There is enough minimal amount to rinse even heavily soiled hair at once. Despite the professional category, the tool has an affordable price. The bottle has a concise, purely masculine design. The application is very convenient, the lid fixation is reliable.

American Crew Against Dandruff

The second rating nominee in this category is shampoo of a well-known American brand, which will help to get rid of the disease in the shortest possible time and prevent its occurrence again. It acts on the scalp, normalizes the hydrolipidic balance, soothes, relieves itching, strengthens the roots. After application, tonic and softening effects are felt. The mild formula does not injure sensitive skin, but it perfectly cleans all dirt.

The complex includes zinc pyrithione, which is effective in combating dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Plant extracts have various properties. Rosemary has a softening effect, eliminates the unpleasant odors of sweat and tobacco. Sage leaves activate new hair growth. Tea tree and peppermint oils make the strands soft, supple, and remove the effect of fluffiness.

Shampoo is recommended for men with various skin types. It has an excellent therapeutic effect. The product has a thick consistency, which is well distributed and foams. It is economically consumed. According to reviews, the shampoo has a long deodorizing and refreshing action.

MEN DEEP EFFECT 3 against dandruff with zinc pyrithione

Recently introduced to the market, the novelty, but has already become quite popular among men - is in third place in the rating. Shampoo works in three directions, so it quickly copes with dandruff and prevents its appearance again. Skin, hair and roots receive not only the necessary care. In each of them, processes leading to recovery are activated. In the skin, the hydrolipidic balance is normalized, dryness and itching disappear. The roots are strengthened. Hair becomes denser.

The shampoo has a thick, well-foaming consistency, which washes away all contaminants once. It eliminates the smell of tobacco and sweat, preserves freshness and gives a light cooling effect. The recipe is developed based on the latest technology. The zinc in the composition fights the causes of dandruff and prevents its occurrence in the next few months, provided that it is used regularly for six months.

In addition to good characteristics, shampoo has an affordable price, which attracts the attention of an increasing number of buyers.

Head & Shoulders Men Ultra Anti Dandruff

Inexpensive popular among Russian buyers shampoo takes the fourth line of the rating in this category. It acts in several directions, solving the problems of dry, thin, weakened hair. Means perfectly copes with all the impurities, creates a lush foam. It cares, strengthens and nourishes. Regular use normalizes the water-lipid balance in the scalp. The formula contains caffeine, which makes the roots stronger and the hair more dense. It is also a natural growth promoter.

After applying the shampoo, the result is immediately visible. Discomfort associated with dryness and itching is eliminated. A moisturizing effect is maintained throughout the day. Regular use leads to 100% elimination of dandruff. Hair becomes shiny, obedient, not subjected to static stress.

The tool has repeatedly passed laboratory tests and was tested on a group of volunteers. The results were really impressive. Dermatologists have also confirmed that it is not only effective, but also safe for sensitive scalp.

Lebel Cosmetics TheO Scalp

The first place in the ranking is occupied by a professional tool that was created specifically for men with the problem of increased hair loss. In its formula there are no silicones, sulfates and other harmful substances that can further worsen their condition. The composition includes glacial alpine water, Himalayan rock salt, extracts of bamboo root, black ginger, seaweed, soybean and remany seeds, camphor. The entire action of the product is not aimed at disguising, but at eliminating the causes of thinning.

For several applications, the result is noticeable. Hair becomes denser, less fall out. With regular use, the process stops altogether. The tool is multifunctional. It is used not only for washing the hair, but also for the beard and body. Light cooling effect gives a comfortable feeling for the whole day.

Shampoo can be used for daily cleansing. Hair looks clean all day, even with high humidity. They are easy to comb, do not get confused. The Japanese product foams well in water at any temperature. The unique aroma is able to hide the unpleasant odors of sweat and tobacco. According to reviews, a rather high price (for 320 ml - about 1800 rubles) is not a drawback, but fully justifies the effectiveness of the shampoo.

Pantovigar anti hair loss for men growtect formula

On the second line of the ranking is a famous brand shampoo that specializes in products for the care of problem hair and scalp. It is used as a therapeutic drug and maintains a long-lasting effect. Scientists of the brand have created a patented complex that affects the excessive production of dihydrotestosterone, which is the main cause of hair loss. Its formula consists of three components that enhance each other's action: biotinyl, oleanolic acid, apigenin.

The consistency gently flushes out the dirt without injuring thin, weakened strands. Shampoo foams well even in cold water. To achieve a lasting result, daily use is recommended for at least 4 consecutive months. Already the first procedures begin to work actively on strengthening. Hair begins to fall out less, the growth of new ones increases.

According to reviews, the shampoo really has the characteristics promised by the manufacturer. After use, the hair becomes soft, easy to comb, there is no static stress, and the main problem of hair thinning is very effectively solved.

Shampoo Male Alerana Growth Activator

The third in the ranking is shampoo, developed in the own laboratory of a well-known brand.When creating the formula, the structural features of the hair and head of men were taken into account, all the reasons that affect intense loss and leading to early baldness were identified. The composition includes plant extracts that normalize the function of the sebaceous glands, prevent the appearance of dryness and fat content. This is burdock, sage, ginseng, chestnut.

Oils of rosemary and tea tree nourish and give a healthy shine, facilitate combing. They are natural growth promoters, so the use of shampoo leads not only to prevent loss, but also to the appearance of a thick beautiful hair.

Men who opted for this product confirm its effectiveness. It foams very well, therefore it is minimally consumed, smells good, and is easy to apply. Shampoo is recognized as a good prophylactic and therapeutic agent for baldness and is recommended for use by men under 35 years old.

Shampoo for men against hair loss DX2

In fourth place in the ranking is a means of Polish production, the effectiveness of which was confirmed by reviews of men who have been using it for a long time. It contains organic components and does not include chemical additives. Shampoo can be used by people with hypersensitive scalp. The formula fights against the causes of loss, strengthens the bulbs, makes the hair strong and elastic.

The product is well washed, forming a fragrant foam, gently removes dirt and grease. It has an antioxidant effect, removes toxins, creates a protective coating against negative external irritants. Shampoo gives the hair a radiant look. They comb better, become obedient and fit into any hairstyle. Cleanliness and freshness lasts for several days.

Active components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, normalize the hydrolipidic balance, prevent dryness and peeling. According to reviews, shampoo tones well, soothes, slightly cools. It is packed in a tube that facilitates use, and in which it is convenient to transport the product without the risk of spontaneous opening.

Shampoos for men against dandruff

Itchy scalp and dandruff are a fairly common problem. Especially carefully for such phenomena, it is necessary to select the shampoo for men.

Since most men's shampoos are different in that they can dry the skin, provoking these unpleasant symptoms.

While specialized shampoos can not only remove such manifestations as peeling of the skin or itching, but also the root cause of their appearance.

By what criteria are TOP brands selected?

Only men's hair shampoos can cope with the stiff, thick, thick, naughty hair of men. But few men know how to choose the most suitable for themselves from such a huge variety of manufacturers and the offer of funds. Therefore, experts focus on two main selection criteria, namely:

Hair structure and type. That is, it can be a shampoo for oily hair, dry, falling out or weak hair, as well as a specialized remedy for dandruff. It is on this parameter that you must first select for yourself a line of cosmetics for the care of hair.

Manufacturer. As practice shows, most men do not set aside for themselves

favorite producer, preferring to sort through different options for funds. In fact, this is true on the one hand, given that the scalp and hair get used to the same remedy and it needs to be changed periodically. But a man must choose for himself a reliable brand of cosmetics that meets his needs. Specialists offer
top 5 manufacturers list - Schaum, Timotheus, Loreal, Sies and Heden Sholders.

An important parameter in the selection of top-end hair care products is considered by experts to be a composition. The effectiveness of the use of shampoos, as well as the reaction of the scalp and hair to washing procedures, directly depends on it. Preference is given to products without sulfates, parabens, aromatic additives, fragrances and dyes.

Each type of hair has its own shampoo

First of all, the best male shampoo should relieve a man of any existing problems with hair, such as dandruff, their excessive dryness or greasy, loss or weakened structure. Even if a man has decided on the brand of shampoo, if it is not suitable for its intended purpose, such cosmetics will not be of any use to itself. Moreover, the wrong choice can only exacerbate existing violations.

For oily hair

The most typical problem of a strong half of society is excessive greasy hair. Accordingly, care products for oily hair are in greatest demand. An active lifestyle, disrupted sebaceous glands, hormonal disorders and genetics can contribute to this. Oily hair often causes itching and can even cause various diseases, such as seborrhea.

Experts advise the following types of shampoos to combat oily hair in men:

  1. Kerastase Homme Anti-Oiliness Effect. This product strengthens hair, eliminates excess sebum, restoring smoothness, silkiness and natural shine to the hair structure. In addition, the shampoo prevents the previously greasy hair, it eliminates the effects of contact with hard water and does not dry the epidermis of the head.
  2. Nivea Men Extreme Freshness. German shampoo with menthol, which refreshes, relieves inflammation and itching, deeply cleanses, while strengthening the hair structure. The composition contains valuable components besides menthol - lime juice and guarana extract. Nivea shampoo washes “to the creak” even the thickest hair, but at the same time the hair remains soft and obedient.
  3. L’oreal Pure Resource. The French brand Loreal effectively, but gently cleanses the scalp and strands, eliminating excess skin fat. This product is a professional shampoo that provides a comprehensive “treatment” of all the problems of a man’s hair style, but it will cost a little more than other means of this profile.

The three listed products can be supplemented by Heden Scholders, which also produces effective shampoos for the treatment of oily hair. It is important to choose a shampoo not by price or volume, since quality products are economical in cost and justify their cost, but by characteristics and reviews, recommendations from specialists and other men.

For dry

Dry hair is very demanding on makeup cosmetics, they do not tolerate a composition that is too saturated with chemical components, and also need delicate moisturizing and nutrition without weighting. In addition, dry hair is prone to brittleness and loss, so a good shampoo should guarantee strengthening and maximum control over their structure.

Experts consider several brands as the best products for dry hair:

  • American Crew Daily Moisturizing. This product is rich in valuable herbs in the composition (thyme, rosemary), as well as oils, for example, rice oil. Thanks to this combination, the product “heals” the brittle hair structure, moisturizes and gently nourishes them from the inside from the roots to the ends. And chamomile extract relieves itching and peeling of the epidermis of the head. Crew shampoos are professional cosmetics, respectively, are more expensive than other shampoos.
  • 10 itch Away by Green People. If a man suffers from dry hair and itching, what is the best shampoo to choose will tell the trichologist. Leading trichologists advise the 10 itch Away shampoo from Green People from the Organic series, which God has valuable herbal ingredients and tea tree oil with anti-inflammatory effects. The advantage of this shampoo is its natural composition.
  • Natura Siberika. The Russian brand of hair care products Natura Siberika is the production of natural sulfate-free shampoos. Particularly noteworthy are the nourishing and moisturizing series of shampoos that contain plant extracts and natural, harmless hair oils. The advantage of such cosmetics is an affordable price and 100% natural composition.
  • Kapous professional - The Russian brand Kapus produces a large number of professional-profile shampoos to combat dry scalp, peeling and weak hair structure. In addition, Capus men's shampoo is suitable for the prevention of dandruff and loss of strands.

You can choose from the proposed options according to the composition of each product, the method of exposure to hair, as well as according to reviews and recommendations of specialists. The first option is notable for its high price, but high-quality composition, in the second and third case, 100% natural composition, but the Russian brand will be much cheaper.


Dandruff is a medical disease of the scalp, which is a consequence of impaired metabolism, the work of the glands and skin problems. In pharmacological practice, medications are produced for the treatment of dandruff, but cosmetic shampoos of this profile also cope with this task.

Experts advise choosing a dandruff shampoo from the following options:

  • Ax Secure Anti Dandruff - the Ax brand has created a multi-component and valuable dandruff shampoo with its characteristics, in addition, it acts as a conditioner for easy combing,
  • Head & Shoulders 3-in-1 “Comprehensive care” - any shampoo from the Heden Scholders brand anti-dandruff brand copes with the task, but it is this remedy that, thanks to zinc in the composition and other components, deeply “heals” the scalp and other dermatological diseases, establishes blood microcirculation and metabolism,
  • Success Shampoo EXTRA COOL - An excellent tool for combating dandruff and dry skin and hair, as it contains components such as coconut oil and menthol that nourish and cleanse the skin and hair structure,
  • Clear vita ABE "Ultimate control" - in addition to zinc, there is an antifungal agent klimbazol, respectively, shampoo cleanses the scalp from pathogenic flora and treats dermatological ailments, in addition, shampoo acts as a conditioner for easy combing of hair.

All of the listed manufacturers have rich experience in creating high-quality cosmetics, reliability and time-tested shampoos to combat dandruff.

From falling out

Another serious problem for many men is hair loss, which leads to early baldness and the formation of a rare meager hairstyle. The problem needs to be solved in advance, for hair prone to such a problem, manufacturers offer special means to strengthen and stimulate growth.

  • L’oreal Professionnel Homme Fiberboost - the minerals and vitamins in the composition nourish the hair follicles, and the esters of oils stimulate their additional growth, the Intra-Cylane component strengthens the hair stem from the inside, protecting it from brittleness and loss,
  • Concept Green Line Hair Loss Reducing and Stimulant shampoo - The concept of shampoo for the activation of hair growth and the prevention of hair loss, which is not inferior in composition and quality to medical medicines,
  • Horsepower - the Russian brand of high-quality, but inexpensive hair cosmetics, shampoo without silicones and sulfates strengthens hair from the very roots to the ends, saturating with valuable components in the composition,
  • Shampoo tabaco premium - a professional Russian-made shampoo against dandruff, hair loss and excessive oily hair with minerals and vitamin supplements,
  • KeraSys Hair Balancing Shampoo - Korean shampoo for the treatment of hair loss, in addition, the tool eliminates dandruff and other dermatological problems of the epidermis of the head,
  • Olin Chili - the Russian brand of professional cosmetics, red pepper shampoo speeds up blood flow and thereby makes sleeping hair follicles grow, improving cellular metabolism and strengthening the hair shaft,
  • Alerana - A Russian company producing shampoos and against hair loss containing all the necessary vitamins and mineral supplements to stimulate hair growth.

All of the listed brands and their shampoos undergo dermatological testing and receive evaluations from trichologists. And only after confirmation of effectiveness, they go on sale.

What is the difference between male and female shampoo?

To understand the difference between men's shampoo and women's shampoo, you need to understand the physiological characteristics of hair and scalp in people of both sexes. The main difference is the purpose of the shampoo and its principle of exposure. The composition of male products contains cleansing components much stronger in action, but the nutritional and moisturizing components will be much smaller than those of female products.

For men's shampoos, manufacturers have developed special components against hair loss, which are added to the composition in large quantities. The composition of men's hair care cosmetics will not have components for additional hair volume. The difference is the aroma of shampoos, as men prefer completely different smells, for example, marine aroma, woody notes or the smell of green tea.

TOP 5 men's shampoos

Today, many specialists trichologists are studying the composition and principle of action of all well-known brands and their products for men's hair, as a result of which they sum up, making top lists of the best brands. The last top list and rating from leading experts included 5 manufacturers.


The Schauma brand is in great demand thanks to more than affordable prices for all products. If we consider men's shaum shampoos, such products do not contain silicone in the composition. But the composition is full of useful components, plant extracts, mineral and vitamin supplements. Shampoos make hair obedient, scalp deeply cleansed from sebum.


The manufacturer of hair care cosmetics Timotei offers a whole line of shampoos for men, it is Strengthening and strength against hair loss and for maximum hair growth, TIMOTEI MEN 2in1 ACTIVE ACTIVITY for cleansing and moisturizing hair, Cleanliness and care for deep cleansing of the scalp and hair, Coolness and Freshness from dandruff and oily hair, as well as anti-dandruff shampoo. The advantages of this brand are good quality shampoos and reasonable prices.


The French brand of cosmetics Loreal today is popular and in demand around the world due to the highest quality and innovative developments in the production of cosmetics. Men's shampoos from Loreal cope with any tasks, whether getting rid of dandruff, eliminating excessive oily or dry scalp and hair, strengthening the roots and trunk of the hair, stimulating growth and comprehensive care of the external condition of the hairstyle. At a cost, Loreal shampoos are assigned to the middle price segment.

Syoss cosmetics brand is a line from the German manufacturer Schwarzkopf & Henkel Professional, and for men a separate series of Syoss Men Power products has been created. The unique formula of men's shampoo is rich in vitamins useful for the scalp, in addition, the composition destroys pathogenic bacteria, deeply cleanses from impurities, enriches hair with energy and strength. Shampoos Syoss Men are suitable for daily use, in addition, an affordable price fully accompanies this.

Heden shulders

The most popular today are men's shampoos from the H&S brand, as no one can surpass German quality and many years of experience. Shampoos H&S Heden sholders almost all primarily intended to combat dandruff.

In addition, the manufacturer has created a series of men's products with refreshing, energetic, nourishing and deeply cleansing hair products. And affordable prices and a wide selection only further increased the demand for Heden Sholders products for men.

No less good shampoos not included in the TOP-5

The above brands of men's shampoos entered the top 5 most sought after products primarily due to criteria such as many years of sales experience, affordable prices, worldwide fame and a wide selection.There are also many new manufacturers who have already managed to consolidate their position in the competitive market and have demonstrated high quality.

  • Nivea is a German brand of high-quality and effective cosmetics for men,
  • L’OREAL is a French manufacturer of broad-spectrum shampoos with innovative ingredients,
  • Recipes of grandmother Agafia - inexpensive and 100% natural shampoos based on herbal ingredients,
  • Alerana - vitamin shampoos for home hair therapy,
  • Hair Therapy is a manufacturer of high-quality and hypoallergenic shampoos for sensitive scalp,
  • Korres - worthy premium men's shampoos against hair loss, brittleness and slow growth,
  • Siberica is a Russian brand of safe natural hair cosmetics, men's shampoos prevent hair loss, dandruff and other dermatological diseases.

These manufacturers include Dove and Schwarzkopf.
The listed products do not contain dyes, preservatives, harmful components for the scalp and hair. All of them belong to the segment of inexpensive high-quality men's shampoos, are in demand and trust from both men and specialists.


Men's shampoo should first of all fit the structure and characteristics of the hair, for example, shampoo for naughty hair, for thin and weak hair, etc. In addition, a man must know the existing problems with the hair in order to choose a narrow-profile remedy - against dandruff, excessive fat or loss, etc. Another important selection criterion is a reliable manufacturer, which is recommended by experts. Only in this case can you choose the right product.

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