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Modern show business has inadvertently become the main trendsetter and the promotion of trends, and many movie and pop stars can propagate a way of life and an external way. When fashion touched a man’s beard, many famous personalities immediately changed their image, paying tribute to fashion and working on their own self-improvement and creating a reliable image.

Many fans turn to stylists and barbers with a request to make a beard like the famous actors of Hollywood and Russian cinema. It is no secret that after the release of Iron Man, many men began to wear Tony Stark's beard, exactly as after the appearance of Jack Sparrow with his shocking facial hair. Russian actors with a beard are not inferior in these movements and also dictate a fashion for bristles and facial hair.

Vladimir Yaglych

The young actor shone on stage with no facial hair, showing his courageous athletic face. But in the painting “Warrior” his face was decorated with a neat beard, which gave him solidity, chic and nobleness. Now the actor and in real life prefer a little facial hair.

Fedor Bondarchuk

It is Fedor Bondarchuk who is considered to be the true and first trendsetter of beard fashion in Russian show business. Initially, the beard was a compensation for the lack of hair on the head, but today no one can imagine Fedor without a beard, which gives him charm.

Vladimir Mashkov

This actor also for the first time released a thick beard for his role in the film, in this case we are talking about the films “Ashes”, “Gregory R.” and others. There are paintings in which make-up artists applied Vladimir’s beard, but none of the audience would have guessed about it fact.

Daniil Kozlovsky

This young actor and a favorite of women has grown a beard for the movie "Duhless", and this period took several long months. And in one of the paintings, the actor has to shave his beard, which was quite risky, given how much time and effort it took to cultivate it.

Grigory Dobrygin

This actor has repeatedly had to change his image, including growing a beard. First, a beard was needed for the role in "The Most Dangerous Person", then for the film "Territory". Since then, the actor rarely parted with his facial hair.

Mikhail Boyarsky

Known not only in the domestic space, the Russian actor with a mustache, which is difficult to imagine at all without his mustache. In memory of the Russians, two accessories are associated with Fedor Boyarsky - a hat and a mustache, vegetation has become a real trend and flavor of Mikhail.

Vladimir Vysotsky

The brutal and courageous image of Vladimir Vysotsky is not only the merit of his rich voice and timbre, but also his mustache over his upper lip. It is difficult to imagine this great man in the field of creativity without his mustache.


Russian cinema requires actors to do a lot of work not only on roles and images, but also on changing their appearance, up to the growth of a mustache and beard. Almost 90% of Russian cinema actors grew their beards for months for one role, and most of them so merged with the image that for a long time they did not shave their beards. Only a few used a false beard and mustache.

Nikita Repin



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Bearded - means special

We look at the "lambersexual" portraits of the 19th century along with Sofia Bagdasarova.

Lambersexual (from the English lumberjack - "lumberjack") - a brutal man with a beard. Nowadays, a beard is a symbol of masculinity, a way to emphasize your own personality, to stand out from the crowd. In the middle and in the second half of the 19th century, a beard was also worn in Russia in order to show the difference of its owner from those around him..

At that time, only completely “free" people could afford not to shave - those who were not in the service of the state. (Moreover, representatives of simple estates - clergy, merchants, peasants and Old Believers.)

For others, there were special laws and rescripts. Under Nicholas I, only officers could wear a mustache, and officials were required to smoothly shave their entire face. Only by going up, they could afford short whiskers - and only if the authorities were supportive.

The vegetation on the face of the capital's inhabitants was considered a sign of freethinking and was not approved by the authorities. By the second half of the 19th century, intellectuals, representatives of the liberal public began to grow beards intensely. As the famous memoirist Elizaveta Nikolaevna Vodovozova writes, “They did not want to resemble, as they were then expressed,“ officials ”or“ binoculars, “did not want to bear the official stamp”. Growing a beard was a clear challenge to total state control.

After resigning, the smoothly shaved artillery lieutenant Leo Tolstoy grows a beard - and one of the most recognizable in Russian art. Petrashevets Alexey Pleshcheyev, exiled as a simple soldier to the Orenburg battalion, upon returning from exile, soon gets magnificent vegetation on his face. A graduate of the Naval Cadet Corps Vasily Vereshchagin, having left for a civilian and completely surrendering to painting, joyfully joins the ranks of the bearded man. There are countless examples. A beard meant belonging to a "free" profession - a writer, journalist, artist, architect, "barefoot" person - the presence of exacting bosses with stupid rules.

In the same era, Slavophilism spreads: among thinking people, this meant a return to “old Russian traditions” in fashion. They recalled that before the law of Peter the Great in 1705 “On the shaving of beards and mustaches of all ranks to people, except for priests and deacons, on the collection of duties from those who do not want to fulfill it, and on the issue of signs that paid the duty” a beard was an indispensable feature of a real Russian man.

This was combined with a pan-European fashion trend: mustache, whiskers and beard in the 1850s became a popular accessory for Victorian men. Contributed to this, it is believed, the long residence of the British among the mustached Indians, as well as the Crimean War and the massive return of overgrown veterans. Before that, in Europe, facial hair was also considered a symbol of revolutionary spirit and political provocation.

The position of the state regarding beards was softened in the Russian Empire only from the era of Alexander III, who himself preferred the “official nation” and wore a beard. In 1874, a regulation was issued "On allowing civil servants to wear a beard and mustache, with the exception of employees in some institutions ...". In 1881, vegetation was officially authorized by naval officers. Nicholas II followed the example of his father - however, he could not grow an equally magnificent beard.

Fashion for beards by the beginning of the twentieth century ends. The First World War with trench parasites and gas attacks finally undermined this custom: putting on gas masks on beards was very inconvenient.

Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa is famous for his brutal image. A breakthrough in his career was the super-successful series “Game of Thrones”, where the actor played the warlike khala Drogo. Jason fit into the screen image so organically that the audience hardly imagined it in a different role.

Momoa also secured a reputation as a brutal macho after playing the role of Aquaman superhero. A stern look, long hair and a magnificent beard - this is how millions remember and love him. Many have already forgotten that in 1999, Jason starred in the series “Rescuers Malibu”, where he looked completely different.

In a smooth-shaven young man, it is difficult to recognize the future sex symbol. Yet a mature beauty to face Jason Momoa.

Keith Harington

Another actor of the “Game of Thrones”, whose movie character was very popular with a female audience. Those who did not like the brutal khal of Drogo gave their hearts to the valiant John Snow. A burning brunette with a mustache and beard looked unusually courageous, and a noble character complemented the image of a real knight.

Viewers are so accustomed to the character of Keith Harrington that they did not want to let go of their favorite image. When at 29, the actor shaved off all the vegetation from his face, fans did not appreciate the transformation. The Internet exploded with jokes and memes; for the most part, netizens lamented why Volodka shaved his mustache.

Kit himself was not enthusiastic about the new image, but he had to make sacrifices for the role. As soon as the work was over, the actor began to grow his beard and mustache again.

Universal verdict - Keith Harrington is better with them, without facial hair, he looks more simple and less courageous, and with a beard and mustache, the actor turns into a real handsome man with a memorable appearance.

Lionel Messi

An outstanding football player who has won many titles and popular love. The Argentine striker did not wear facial hair for a long time, and when the audience first saw him with a beard, many were perplexed. Messi's hair was always dark, and his beard was red.

The fact is that due to the special gene of a star football player, hair color varies depending on the growth zone. The unusual combination quickly became a signature chip, thanks to which the player was instantly recognized. For a while, Lionel even considered a beard his talisman for good luck and did not shave from superstition.

The opinions of fans were divided - some believe that with a beard Messi looks like a real warrior, and the redhead only gives him brutality. And others believe that it is better for a football player without facial hair, a beard dissonance with the natural color of the hair occurs and it visually lengthens the already elongated face.

In addition, with a beard, Lionel looks older than his age.

Danila Kozlovsky

In life, a Russian actor prefers to walk with facial hair. The range ranges from light unshaven to a thick beard. Kozlovsky usually shaves for roles. Every time he uploads photos with a clean-shaven chin in social networks, the fans are divided into two camps.

Some believe that without a beard, Danila looks younger and generally more attractive. Others insist that with facial hair, the actor looks more courageous, and without it, he loses his personality and turns into a standard handsome. Both opinions have a right to exist and in each there is some truth.

Danila himself does not comment on his image, but the photo of the star is more eloquent than any words. As soon as the shooting ends, he again begins to grow a beard.

Apparently, Kozlovsky wants to be perceived as a strong dramatic actor and a mature man, and not a boy for the roles of romantic handsome men.

Ivan Dorn

Everyone is already accustomed to the dense vegetation on the face of Ivan Dorn. The last few years, a popular performer wears a beard and mustache, although at the start of his career he looked completely different. Once, Ivan shaved smoothly and the maximum that he allowed himself - light stubble, and then only sometimes.

But Dorn is known for his love of experimentation, both with musical style and appearance, and once he decided on a radical change. The singer grew a thick beard with a mustache and introduced a new image to his fans. Many met with hostility - Ivan was urged to put himself in order.

“As he ran out of the woods”, “Looks like a homeless man” - the fans did not skimp on sarcastic comments, but gradually the passions subsided and the brutal image took root. When Dorn decided to shave his beard, he made a real performance.

He shot the shaving process on camera and invited fans to choose a new image for him.

With or without a beard - we love these outstanding men primarily for their talent, the rest is a matter of taste. However, for all of them, one thing is true - with the vegetation on the face, the whole five looks more mature and brutal.

Actors with a beard: Hollywood and the Russian scene

Recently, men have increasingly begun to grow a beard. Fashion trend or tribute to traditions, religion, culture, is incomprehensible. But we can definitely say that some celebrities have become much better looking with a beard than without it.

Hollywood bearded men

And tops our list of Hollywood actors with Keanu Reeves's beard. American actor, the dream of millions of women has grown his beard immediately after the acclaimed "Matrix". But earlier, he did not try to look after her. And now his beard is well-groomed and neat, which gives Kean more masculinity and elegance.

Hugh Jackman is another actor with a beard. Chic Hugh will not leave indifferent any woman on our planet. The attractive mutant Wolverine has grown a neat beard and has become a real sex symbol.

Robert Pattison. The mysterious vampire from the Twilight saga charmed more than one hundred women with its cold beauty. But now little is left of the mysterious guy Bella, Robert's face is covered with a thick beard, although even she will not hide this deep look.

Jim carrey. Yes, that same comedian who cannot be imagined as a serious brutal has grown a rather big beard on his expressive face.And now it's just an alpha male.

Antonio Banderas. Solid, brutal, but just a handsome man. With no beard, with a beard, he will always be one of the most romantic machos in Hollywood.

Daniel Radcliffe. Young Harry Potter, after filming all parts of the film about the little wizard, immediately grew a red beard. Maybe she’s just tired of being young, that's why she is trying to look older.

Orlando Bloom. From a young romance turned into a sexy young man, whose eyes tremble girlish hearts. The same case when a beard did its job 100 percent.

Sean Bean Oh, that charming villain from Scarlett, Boromir from The Lord of the Rings, and Eddard from Games of Thrones. It was from here that his beard originated, which gave even more courage and danger to this Englishman.

Johnny Depp. Can you not mention this pirate of all the seas. He may have a very small beard, but how much she gives him sexuality.

In the list of Hollywood bearded men you should definitely add such actors as:

  1. Ben Affleck
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal
  3. Jude Law,
  4. Chris Evans,
  5. Robert Downey Jr
  6. Tom Hardy
  7. Justin Timberlake,
  8. Ryan Reynolds
  9. Chuck Norris,
  10. Ashton Kutcher.

Russian macho

Now let's take a look at the rating of the beard among Russian actors. So, the first on the list, of course, will be Russian actor with a beard Vladimir Yaglych.

After the picture “Warrior”, where he needed to grow a beard, Vladimir never shaved it, which did not spoil him at all. On the contrary, now Vladimir looks even more courageous and brutal, although, it would seem, much more.

Danila Kozlovsky. Incredible magnetism gave the beard to our Danila. His natural sexuality is fully revealed thanks to this small vegetation on his expressive face.

Fedor Bondarchuk. Nobody already imagines Fedor without a beard. Perhaps someone thinks that he is thus compensating for baldness. But be that as it may, he definitely has a beard like no other.

Konstantin Khabensky. For the series "Method", the actor had to grow a beard, but immediately after the shooting he shaved it off. And many fans are interested in the question of why he did it.

Another Russian actor with a beard is Nikita Dzhigurda. You can’t even imagine this shocking personality without a signature beard.

Celebrities with a white beard

No less brutal and courageous look beards with gray hair, or, as they say, "white beards".

Male actors with a white beard include:

  1. George Clooney. Charming Danny Ocean, cheeky, dangerous and insanely sexy. His beard is covered with silver, but that made him no older.
  2. Sean Connery. The 88-year-old actor wears a completely white beard, which gives him wisdom and impressiveness.
  3. Bruce Willis The tough nut is still handsome, though not so young and daring anymore.
  4. Morgan Freeman. The celebrity has long been not the first youth, therefore, that the beard, that his hair is completely covered with gray hair. However, his charm does not suffer at all from this.

Why do men need a beard

So why did men so began to grow a beard? And we have 5 reasons for this. By the way, Igor Nikolaev, also with facial hair:

  1. Tribute to fashion. Hipsters are especially relevant now.
  2. Belonging to religion. These are mainly Muslims and Jews.
  3. Uniqueness. Among the many shaved men, the bearded just wants to stand out in order to become noticeable to women.
  4. I'm a man. That's right, with the help of a beard, many men want to show their strength.

Bearded and sexy movie characters

And finally, we recall a few legendary movie heroes, who really went beard.

  • Captain Jack Sparrow,
  • Wolverine,
  • Tsar Ivan Vasilievich,
  • Athos, Porthos and Aramis,
  • Hagrid,
  • Count de Bussy and many others. other

Well, we conclude, gentlemen. Most men with a beard, if she is well-groomed and neat, look very sexy and attractive.

Russian actors with a beard

Full information on the topic "actors of Russia with a beard" - all the most relevant and useful on this issue.

The relationship of domestic actors with facial hair is different. For some this is a production necessity, for others it is part of the image and a tribute to fashion. We remembered which of the Russian actors recently appeared in the frame with a beard and where they came from.

Konstantin Khabensky in "Method": released his beard specifically for the role

On October 18, on the First Channel, the premiere of the series "Method" took place, which in no way is a remake of the American "Dexter".

The main character of Rodion Meglin, a mysterious and secretive lone investigator with incredible disclosure of the affairs of various maniacs, was played by Konstantin Khabensky.

According to the director Yuri Bykov, the actor created an image on the screen that was completely unusual for him: there wasn’t anything like this in his filmography. To create a severe ascetic appearance, the director insisted that Khabensky let go of his beard. Cloak and cap was added to the image by Alexander Tsekalo.

Konstantin Khabensky in "Method" / Konstantin Khabensky at the closed premiere of "Method"

At the closed premiere of "Method" Konstantin Khabensky appeared already without extra facial hair. The actor admitted to the Vokrug TV correspondent that he did not really like the beard that he released specifically for the role.

“The beard in the Method was made specifically for this project. The director and I were looking for an image. And in terms of comfort, I can say this: a beard is a beard. But I'm not chasing fashion. Image and fashion are two different things.

It is the image that sets the fashion, and not vice versa, ”Konstantin Khabensky explained in an interview with Around TV.

By the way, the beard, specially “grown” for filming in the “Method”, was useful to the actor for working on another project. We all remember that in "Christmas Trees 1914" Khabensky finally comes out of the shadows.

If in the previous parts of the franchise he only read the voiceover, then here he came up with a small but important role. The actor played an officer of the imperial army, who helped one of the main characters.

And to the delight of the make-up artist, Khabensky did not have to glue the beard - the main sign of that time: he came to the shooting of "Yolok 1914" with his own.

Konstantin Khabensky in The Method / Konstantin Khabensky in The 1914 Fir-Trees

Sergei Svetlakov in "Christmas Trees 1914": the beard was a bill

But Sergei Svetlakov’s beard and mustache a la Anton Pavlovich Chekhov had to be glued in “Fir-trees 1914”. Costumers picked up a light linen suit in a theme. The image was really colorful, but the make-up artists had to sweat.

“Sergey Svetlakov has a very complex hair color, so it was hard for him to pick a beard that looked natural and looked like a natural one,” says the makeup artist Larisa Zhukovskaya.

- Fortunately, my colleagues from Mosfilm shared quality material that was produced back in the 70–80s. Today, such beards no longer do: they lost their qualifications. But before there was the right manner of sewing. Therefore, Svetlakov’s beard in the frame turned out to be very natural.

When the correspondents came to the set on the last day of shooting, during the interview he joked that this was his native beard, and everyone believed. ”

Sergei Svetlakov in Yolki 1914 / Ivan Urgant, Timur Bekmambetov and Sergey Svetlakov at the Moscow premiere of Yolok 1914

Vladimir Yaglych in the series "Family Business": his beard

Vladimir Yaglych today, of course, is the main sex symbol of Russian cinema. And with a beard, he became even more symbolic. She definitely added brutality to him, although, it would seem, much more. But compare Vladimir Yaglych in “The Warrior”, for the sake of filming in which the actor shaved his beard, and in the second season of the series “Family Business”.

Vladimir Yaglych in the movie "Warrior" / Vladimir Yaglych in the second season of the series "Family Business"

So he thought so, that’s why he is in no hurry to part with extra facial hair and wears a beard in real life. Brutality does not happen much!

Vladimir Yaglych with his beloved Antonina Papernoy at the premiere of the film "Ghost" / Vladimir Yaglych with his beloved Antonina Papernoy at the premiere of the film "Warrior"

Fedor Bondarchuk in “Warrior”: he released his beard specifically for the role

Elegant beard has long been an attribute of the style of Fedor Bondarchuk and the main vegetation on his head. We no longer remember when the actor and director was different. Ivan Urgant reminded us of this on the air of the “Evening Urgant” show, showing photographs of Fedor Bondarchuk with luxurious hair on his head.

Fedor Bondarchuk with his son Sergei

Now she has only memories and compensation in the form of a small beard. But for the role in the film "Warrior" Fedor Bondarchuk had to let go of a real beard.

Fedor Bondarchuk in the movie "Warrior" / Fedor Bondarchuk at the premiere of the movie "Warrior"

Vladimir Mashkov in the TV series "Grigory R.": the beard was an invoice

In general, the actor let go of the beard specifically for the role. He did this for the filming of the series Ashes, directed by Vadim Perelman. Vladimir Mashkov does not act in parallel in several projects, therefore, in principle, he can afford such a luxury - to grow a beard.

True, in another project of Channel One - the series "Grigory R." - the actor’s beard in the frame is an invoice. Perhaps simply because in different periods of the hero’s life, the vegetation on his face is of different lengths. Meanwhile, the false beard Mashkov in "Gregory R.

"- a subject of special pride for the make-up artists of the project. She looked naturalistic and did not peel off, no matter what happened to the actor during the day. Mashkov could calmly act in scenes of fights and even wash with her.

It’s all about a special technology: a special glue was applied to the actor’s cheeks and a beard was literally put by the hair. The only drawback is that applying makeup took two hours every day, it took a little less time to remove it.

By the way, the actor has grown half-long hair for the role of Grigory Rasputin himself - this is not a wig.

Vladimir Mashkov in the series "Grigory R." / Vladimir Mashkov on the set of the movie "Crew"

Danila Kozlovsky in the sequel to the film "Spiritless ": let go of the beard specifically for the role

For several months, the actor was growing a beard for the month of filming in Bali. In the story, his hero leaves for the island in the finale of the first part. But circumstances force him to return to Moscow. In one scene, the hero shaves his beard with his own hands. The episode was filmed in tremendous tension.

For everything about everything, just one take! If something went wrong, you would have to put on an artificial beard and shave it already - the effect would not be the same. Moreover, the actor deliberately let go of facial hair for the role. But in the end, the scene was shot from one take.

In general, one hundred percent managed to maintain reliability, and in the frame the audience naturally saw how Danila Kozlovsky was shaving off his real beard.

Danila Kozlovsky in "Duhless"

Danila Kozlovsky on the set of the movie "Crew" / Danila Kozlovsky in real life

Grigory Dobrygin in the "Territory":let go of the beard specifically for the role

This is not the first time that a young actor Grigory Dobrygin has grown a beard.

He already let her go on the set. Anton Corbein “The most dangerous man”, where Dobrygin got the role of a Muslim from Chechnya, drawn into espionage games.

To work in the "Territory", the actor was again forced to acquire facial hair. But it seems that the beard is not at all burdensome for him. In the instagram of Grigory Dobrygin, try to find his pictures without a beard!

  • Sergei Makovetsky and Grigory Dobrygin in the short film Verpaskungen
  • Grigory Dobrygin and Rachel McAdams at the premiere of "The Most Dangerous Man"
  • Grigory Dobrygin and Jude Law on the set of the film "Black Sea"

Grigory Dobrygin on the set of the film "Territory"

The detective and criminal series of the First channel with Konstantin Khabensky and Paulina Andreeva ("Thaw", "Dark World.

Charlie Chaplin

The most recognizable actor with a mustache is Charlie Chaplin, who worked on old Hollywood comedies. A tramp in a bowler hat with a cane in his hands and aristocratic manners in behavior is known and loved by connoisseurs of silent cinema.

However, this is just a movie. In life, Chaplin looked very different. He himself admitted that he added a mustache to the image of a tramp to look a little older.

Nikita Mikhalkov

It is difficult to imagine the famous Soviet and Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov without a thick gray mustache. Even the filmmaker’s daughter admitted that she would be disappointed in her father if he shaved his mustache.

However, this was not always Mikhalkov. The network comes across old photos of the director and without facial hair.

Ilya Oleinikov

The sight of the star of Gorodok Ilya Oleinikov without a mustache even shocked him. The actor is so used to this attribute that he did not shave his mustache even for the role of Kisa Vorbyanov in the film “Twelve Chairs” (2005), although the directors insisted on this:

“Once I parted with a mustache, and believe me, the sight is not for the faint of heart. I wonder how my wife let her go home later, ”joked Oleynikov.

Danny Trejo

The well-known foreign actor Danny Trejo has the appearance characteristic of negative characters, which he has been masterfully performing for many years. So, he shone in the films “Spy Kids”, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, “Machete” and others. A consistent attribute of his image - a thick mustache also helps to match the image.

Alexander Rosenbaum

Bald show business representatives also love to let go of their mustache. Although the main field of creativity of Alexander Rosenbaum is music, in the movie the musician also often appears with a beautiful and neat mustache. Sometimes Rosenbaum enters the stage with a beard and mustache.

The artist chose this image in his youth, so without a mustache he is captured only in children's photos.

Vladimir Mashkov with a beard - Russian actors with a beard and mustache

Modern show business has inadvertently become the main trendsetter and the promotion of trends, and many movie and pop stars can propagate a way of life and an external way. When fashion touched a man’s beard, many famous personalities immediately changed their image, paying tribute to fashion and working on their own self-improvement and creating a reliable image.

Many fans turn to stylists and barbers with a request to make a beard like the famous actors of Hollywood and Russian cinema.

It is no secret that after the release of Iron Man, many men began to wear Tony Stark's beard, exactly as after the appearance of Jack Sparrow with his shocking facial hair.

Russian actors with a beard are not inferior in these movements and also dictate a fashion for bristles and facial hair.

Sexual unshaven: Harington, Kozlovsky and other actors who really like stubble and beard

The slide that I chose instead of advertising. Browse further, there is still a lot of interesting The slide that I chose instead of advertising. Leaf further, there is still a lot of interesting Fashion for neat hipster beards has been around for several years. Of course, neither Russian nor foreign actors were able to pass this trend and, it seems, solved one of the main secrets of masculinity and sexuality.

Beard is a very controversial element of the image. Some are confident that the men who wear it attract much more female attention, while others consider it repulsive. One way or another, there are famous personalities who are already hard to imagine without a beard or a neat stubble. A selection of the most popular bearded men is in WMJ.ru material.

Maybe the character of Game of Thrones, John Snow, does not know anything, but actor Keith Harington, who played his role, knows at least that he is much better with a beard. Bristles gave the pretty face of the actor the necessary masculinity and added charm.

And the news that John Snow shaved his beard, and even with a mustache, blew up social networks a couple of years ago. Without hairy surroundings, the actor’s face immediately lost its appeal to fans.

“There was a macho man, but it became incomprehensible by whom,” is the mildest comment that followed. Harington needed the victim for a reason: he cut his hair and shaved for the role in a theatrical production.

However, Keith does not want to take any more risks - since then, such decisive actions, fortunately, have not been repeated.

The actor Danil Kozlovsky also had to initially acquire dense facial hair for the role in the sequel to the film "Duhless". The hero leaves for the island, but is forced to return to Moscow. In one scene, the overgrown man takes on a civilized appearance, shaving his beard with his own hand.

In general, an actor shaves smoothly only for the sake of roles, at the usual time preferring light unshaven. Without vegetation, Danila looks younger, but it does not seem to bother him. We admit - us too.

In 2010, the audience was shocked by the strange film of the mock-commentaries and the reality project of Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix, in which the latter successfully imitated a slight clouding of reason - he appeared on the David Letterman show and announced that he was ending his acting career to become a rapper. Phoenix really gave several hip-hop concerts, and that all this is one big swindle, near-minded viewers learned almost a year later, when the film was released.

All this time, Phoenix obediently walked with a ridiculous beard, which made him much older, and, despite the gray hair and all the rest of the vegetation, did not shave it until now.

Yaglich did not immediately become a sex symbol. In the film "Warrior" everyone appreciated his steel muscles, but he got the most devoted fans after he let go of his beard. Agree, in “Family Business”, “Youth” and “Awesome Crew” he looks much cooler. A chic, albeit short beard has become the hallmark of the actor, now playing the role of tough guys.

Thor performed by Chris Hemsworth is a good example of how a beard can only make a man more beautiful. Courageous, charismatic, brutal, sexy - all these synonyms about a bearded Australian. It is also significant that without the traditional "Thor" beard, fans will not even recognize the actor - probably that's why he does not shave.

If you want to remember the "main psychopath of Hollywood" without a beard - see "Dunkirk" as one of the last works, where he appears to be smoothly shaved.

Hardy prefers at least a stubble, but most often a full beard (“Hollywood”, as in “Taba”, or “duck tail”, as in “Sharp peaks”).

The actor has large facial features, especially the nose and plump lips, and a beard helps to successfully mask this not always appropriate sensuality.

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