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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Wood perfume for men: choose eau de toilette

* Review of the best according to the editorial board of expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective, not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The external image and style of a modern man should be complemented by high-quality perfume. It is important to correctly choose perfumes in accordance with the age and lifestyle of a person. We will find out what persistent aromas customers consider the best, and how to choose the right toilet water.

How to choose persistent men's perfume

The main criterion for choice is a person’s lifestyle, his taste and temperament. Therefore, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

  1. for business men, a woody and grassy smell with cedar and sandalwood notes is suitable,
  2. a young sexy guy should choose perfumes with ambergris, patchouli and oily fluids,
  3. creative personalities prefer unique, perfectly matched smells,
  4. The active athlete’s eau de toilette is usually restrained and contains shades of citrus and sea breeze.

Perfumers are advised not to chase fashion trends and buy those perfumes that really like. The correct aroma attracts the attention of others, but its carrier does not smell.

As for persistent ingredients, woody, musky and chypre notes are considered the longest-playing. For a long time, aromas are felt:

It should be noted that any spirits behave on different men in their own way. This also applies to stamina. Therefore, when acquiring a new fragrance, it is worth listening to it on the skin and only then come back for a purchase. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to get acquainted with the rating of the best perfumes for the stronger sex, which is based on the opinions of experts and consumers.

Rating of the most persistent men's spirits

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best lasting perfume for men for the evening1Chanel Allure Pour Homme 4 700 ₽
2James Bond 007 Ocean Royal by Eon Prodaction 450 ₽
3Christian dior homme 3 700 ₽
4Paco Rabanne 1 Million 2 900 ₽
5Gentlemen Only Intense by Givenchy 4 100 ₽
6Big Pony Collection 2 by Ralph Lauren 2 234 ₽
The best lasting perfume for men for every day1Lacoste L.12.12.White 2 800 ₽
2Carolina Herrera Chic For Men 3 450 ₽
3Blue Seduction by Antonio Banderas 2 700 ₽

Chanel Allure Pour Homme

The men's perfume from the famous Chanel brand opens the rating. Allure Om has earned immense popularity due to its excellent fragrance and high persistence. This is the perfect choice for strong and charming males. Such an individual attracts girls with sensuality, intelligence and courage. The aroma stands out for its lightness and freshness. He harmoniously combined warm notes of wood and sweet spices. The composition includes shades of jasmine, ambergris, sandalwood and cedar.

French perfume is famous for its unique aroma, impeccable atomizer and incredible durability. The smell is suitable for young men and mature men, especially in the winter and autumn months. During the day you don’t have to use perfumes, because they last until the night. The price is 4700 rubles.

Features of woody aromas

As already mentioned, the woody smell of male perfumes gives the owner a sense of self-confidence, warmth and poise, moral calm and a certain severity. The modern perfume industry is constantly developing new aromas and smells, creating a huge number of different types of perfumes for men. But it is the woody note that is most valued, as they differ in attractiveness and sexuality.

Most often, wood perfumes are compared with perfumes containing pheromones, since they are similar in principle of action. Modern perfume manufacturers with pheromones often mix excitatory components with tree esters, achieving a double effect. Experts note that such smells are actually somewhat specific, so not every man can taste it.

Who needs these scents?

In fact, woody perfumes, although they are popular and in demand, are not suitable for every man because of their specificity. First of all, experts advise to pay attention to the season and season, for example, floral or fruit aromas are more suitable for a warm pore, and woody ones will give warmth and coziness in the cold season.

Perfume makers note that the woody aroma will be in perfect harmony with a man of balanced and calm disposition. If the aroma is complemented by tobacco notes, it is better to use it for business men with entrepreneurial acumen. Woody-grassy aromas emphasize the best aspects of the character of a strict and courageous person, hiding his any emotional experiences.

For romantics and men, in the search for a second half, specialists create woody-musky smells that attract attention from the opposite sex. Woody-spicy aromas are suitable for lovers of home comfort, friendly gatherings and romantic dates. But eau de toilette with a woody aroma and floral notes is in perfect harmony with a man egocentric, emotional and strong in character.

Chanel egoiste platinum

Almost all experts recognize that the Chanel brand offers the best woody scents for both sexes. The fragrance of Chanel Egoiste Platinum consists of 3 accents - woody, musky and floral. On top of the fragrance, lavender, rosemary, petitgrain and neroli are felt. Further, you can smell the cloves of clary sage, galbanum, geranium and jasmine. The lower tier of the aroma will be the composition of sandalwood, ambergris, cedar, oak moss and vetiver.

James Bond 007 Ocean Royal by Eon Prodaction

The aroma from the American brand combines anise and musky notes, coffee and tonka bean. Fresh notes of perfume give the man heroism, masculinity and self-confidence. With such a perfume, every guy will feel like agent 007. The fragrance makes him sexy, elegant and charming.

Water resistance reaches 6-7 hours. The product is ideal for any time of year and different ages. Buyers are delighted with a well-felt loop. The price of toilet water is consistent with its durability and quality of compilation. The minimum cost starts from 450 rubles (per 30 ml).


Such a fragrance is only for lovers of nature and naturalness from the creators of Dean and Dan. Manufacturers use the northern attractiveness of Canada's forest aromas as a basis, even the packaging of such a perfume is made of red alder. Brand product for connoisseurs of high quality and durability.

Cedre by Serge Lutens

The manufacturer takes as a basis cedar, which is fragrant with its ethers. As a result, you can feel the depth and richness of the perfume, which is softened by a hint of tuberose. To make the aroma sexy and attractive, musk, ambergris, cloves and cinnamon are added to it. Thanks to its rich composition, the aroma gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.


  • not everyone can afford it.

James Bond 007 Ocean Royal by Eon Prodaction

The aroma from the American brand combines anise and musky notes, coffee and tonka bean. Fresh notes of perfume give the man heroism, masculinity and self-confidence. With such a perfume, every guy will feel like agent 007. The fragrance makes him sexy, elegant and charming.

Water resistance reaches 6-7 hours. The product is ideal for any time of year and different ages. Buyers are delighted with a well-felt loop. The price of toilet water is consistent with its durability and quality of compilation. The minimum cost starts from 450 rubles (per 30 ml).


  • optimal cost
  • matchless fragrance for all occasions,
  • for any age
  • beautiful and stylish bottle
  • a well-composed pyramid,


  • There are no serious minuses.

Wild Forest by Armand Basi

Thanks to this smell, a man can enjoy the texture and all the facets of an endless wild forest. The fragrance has no age restrictions, it allows any man to reveal his potential. A refined oriental accent will transform a man in the perception of others.

Christian dior homme

The next place in the ranking belongs to the popular fragrance from Dior. The main notes of perfume are iris, vanilla, lavender and sandalwood. They are quite bright and not suitable as everyday toilet water. This is an option for a special occasion, which is worn perfectly if the man is in a suit.

Buyers consider the aroma itself incomparable. They admire the perfectly balanced composition. The smell is called "impudent", "sweet, but not cloying." Two sprays are enough for the whole day. This is an excellent indicator of durability. As weathered, perfumes change their colors. For a bottle of 100 ml will have to pay 3500-4000 rubles.

London for Men by Burberry

The aroma as if reminds antiquity and features of London, emphasizing the impeccability of the English style and fashion. Such an aroma is ideal for a gentleman with an elegant style in clothes, and an amber-woody aroma with additional components will cause admiration from the opposite sex.

Herve Leger Homme by Avon

A man with such an aroma will become a real dream for any woman who needs stability, masculinity and sensuality in a partner. The rich composition will allow any man to feel like a millionaire, and woody notes will reveal their facets on the skin of the owner.

Big Pony 4, Ralph Lauren

This fragrance is ideal for men with an impeccable sense of humor and unshakable optimism. In addition to the woody aroma, charming notes of grapefruit are added here, which harmoniously resonate with the whole woody chord.

Paco Rabanne 1 Million

The main difference between the next participant in the rating is a unique bottle in the form of a gold bar. The million dollar fragrance is recognizable from the first notes. It suits mature men and young men. A persistent smell follows its owner everywhere and is firmly worn on the skin for 9-10 hours.

Bright notes shimmer with mint, tangerine and grapefruit. They are replaced by a combination of spicy cinnamon, skin and patchouli. This is a great option for evening outings, dinner in a luxurious restaurant and a romantic walk with your beloved woman. Price - 2800-3500 rubles.

Cartier brand Declaration

Despite the fact that we are talking about men's perfumes, numerous women appreciated its rich and versatile composition. Woody notes and additional compositions emphasize the sensuality of a passionate nature, so the manufacturer recommends it to open and loving men.

Original Santal, Creed

If you try this flavor, you can plunge into the mentality and flavor of India, since the woody basis is sandalwood from this country. Additional additives will help get rid of fatigue, bad mood, consciousness will expand with new faces. In addition to the woody components, the composition is supplemented with an orange tree extract that increases vitality.

Pour Homme from Givenchy

The producer created such a fragrance for the modern version of a gentleman, a rich complex structure will transform any man into an aristocrat. First, the fragrance will give owners a hint of grapefruit, tangerine and coriander, then you can feel the woody plume of vetiver, and in the end the fragrance will give the man an olbanum and a cedar smell.


It is difficult for a man to choose a wood perfume, since high-quality and worthy perfumes have several levels and notes. To feel their depth and gradation, you need to try to apply a small amount of smell to the skin. Woody aromas are specific, but experts advise to experiment, enjoying the charm and warmth of natural odors.

Fahrenheit, dior

Fahrenheit is a classic from Dior. Warm, woody-floral aroma with notes of musk - the choice of a purposeful and confident man who fearlessly takes risks. The fragrance was created in 1988 by perfumers Jean-Louis Suzac and Maurice Roger.

Top notes: lavender, mandarin, hawthorn, nutmeg, cedar, bergamot, chamomile and citruses.

Heart: nutmeg, honeysuckle, cloves, sandalwood, violet leaf, jasmine, lily of the valley and white cedar.

Base: leather, tonka bean, ambergris, patchouli, musk and vetiver.

Egoiste Platinum, Chanel

Having barely appeared, the fragrance Egoiste Platinum has become synonymous with success and luxury. This perfume is timeless. Chic, sophisticated, catchy and elegant - these are synonyms that come to mind when you first get acquainted with Egoiste Platinum. A true classic of the genre from Chanel. This woody-floral-musky fragrance was released in 1993 and is still one of Chanel’s best-selling men's fragrances.

Top notes are rosemary, lavender, neroli and petite grape.

Heart: galbanum, clary sage, jasmine and geranium.

Base: ambergris, sandalwood, oak moss, vetiver and white cedar.

Declaration, Cartier

This fragrance is a true declaration of a charming and charismatic man. Men who are not afraid of change. The Woody-Floral-Musky Declaration was created in 1998 by the legendary perfumer Jean-Claude Ellen.

Top notes: artemisia, caraway seeds, coriander, birch, mandarin, bergamot, neroli and bitter orange.

Heart: iris, ginger, cinnamon, pepper, juniper, iris root, jasmine and cardamom from Guatemala.

Base: leather, ambergris, tea, vetiver with Tahiti, oak moss and white cedar.

L'Homme, Yves Saint Laurent

L'Homme - The choice of a unique and courageous, luxurious and sophisticated man with impeccable taste. The classic perfume sounds elegant and sensual. L'Homme was launched in 2006 by a trio of perfumers: Anne Flipo, with her love of natural ingredients, by Pierre Varney, author of the most popular men's perfumes, Dominic Ropion.

Top notes: ginger, bergamot, citruses.

Heart: spices, white pepper, basil and violet leaf.

Base: tonka bean, vetiver with tahiti and white cedar.

Boss Bottled, Hugo Boss

Woody spicy aroma captures from the first chords with the magic of elegance, success and confidence. A bold, sensual, highly refined perfume embodies the quintessence of masculinity, devoid of aggression, but endowed with an elusive style and warmth.

Top notes: plum, oak moss, green apple, citruses, bergamot and geranium.

Heart: mahogany, cloves and cinnamon.

Base: sandalwood, olive tree, vanilla, vetiver and white cedar.

Guerlain Homme, Guerlain

Woody aromatic aroma - prickly, piercingly bright, but at the same time gentle, caressing and sophisticated, thanks to a combination of bitterness, zest of limet, fortress

The composition also includes notes of lime, mint, mojito and geranium.

Givenchy pour homme, Givenchy

This woody-spicy aroma can rightfully be considered a luxury item. Elegant and noble, fresh and sweet at the same time. Givenchy pour Homme - the choice of a man with impeccable education and manners.

Top notes: coriander, mandarin orange, grapefruit and violet.

Heart: vetiver and lavender extract.

Base: labdanum and white cedar.

Light Blue pour Homme, Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue pour Homme is a citrus-fougere fragrance, released in 2007, but which has already become a classic for men. In Light Blue, the hot sun, sea and sensuality of the Mediterranean are fused together. The Light Blue man is a modern playboy, and the Mediterranean Sea is his scene. An ideal summer fragrance, time-tested and still not lost its attractiveness.

Top notes are sicilian mandarin orange, juniper, grapefruit and bergamot.

Heart: rosemary, rosewood and pepper.

Base: musk, oak moss and incense.

Kenzo pour Homme, Kenzo

Eternal classic - fresh and bright woody sea scent. Kenzo pour Homme is woven in contrast with fresh marine and sensual woody tones.

Top notes are mahogany, sage, bergamot, citruses and sea notes.

Heart: nutmeg, cloves, juniper fruits, iris root, peach, jasmine, caraway seeds, lily of the valley, rose and pine.

Base: sandalwood, ambergris, musk, zero balm, oak moss, vetiver, cedar and labdanum.

Del Mar, Baldessarini

Woody-spicy "Del Mar" - a luxurious and noble, crystal-clear aroma that exists outside the rush and hustle of colorless everyday life. It is inspired by a journey through the azure expanses and the enjoyment of the blue distant horizon.

Top notes: mandarin orange, bergamot and pepper.

Heart: cinnamon, cedar and cardamom.

Base: ambergris, patchouli and vetiver.

What flavors, in your opinion, should continue the list?

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Intense

The Gentlemen line appeared more than 40 years ago. For a long time in the series there was only one flavor. Not so long ago, the collection was supplemented by a new version of Gentlemen Only. Perfumes from Givenchy are the standard of elegance. Their aroma captures shades of patchouli, wood and honey. The composition is called sexual. She literally drives the bag and plays on the senses, attracts the opposite sex.

This is the best option for elegant men who want to make an unforgettable experience. The price of perfume is not affordable for everyone. But the aroma is very stable and consumed slowly. Price - from 4000 rubles.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection 2

The next participant in the rating is a fragrance perfect for winter and cold autumn. It includes sweet chocolate notes, hints of musk, citruses and spices. Spicy smell will warm in bad weather. Many men wear it in the warm season. A persistent perfume with an exquisite train is the best option for middle-aged men.

Our experts studied the results of surveys about this fragrance and noted a pronounced loop, resistance up to 8 hours. This is the best choice for the afternoon and evening. Price - from 2234 rubles.

Lacoste L.12.12.White

The ideal option for young men with an active lifestyle is the Lacoste L.12.12.White perfume. This is a woody daytime sports scent. It sounds cool chords that charge with positive energy. The magic effect is achieved due to rosemary, vetiver, grassy notes, citrus echoes.

The fragrance lasts up to 8 hours. Buyers say there is nothing superfluous in the composition. They like beautiful packaging, wonderful long-lasting aroma and slow consumption. The price of toilet water starts from 2800 rubles.

Carolina Herrera Chic For Men

At first glance, the fragrance from "Carolina Herrera" seems heavy, but it is ideal for young guys and belongs to the classic aromas. The composition combines ambergris, citrus, vanilla and musk. There are tobacco notes in it. The fragrance is chosen by men with a confident life position who want to keep up with the times.

Buyers note that the smell is specific and not everyone will like it. But the strength does not take away from him. Do not choose perfumes as a gift if a man had never used them before. Cost - from 3450 rubles.

Antonio Banderas Blue Seduction

In the last place of the rating is a hot and temperamental smell from the actor Banderos. The main notes are water and woody ingredients that refresh and add sensuality to the aroma. Perfumes are chosen by men who rely on their confidence and emotions.

Consumers are delighted with the laconic design of the aroma, bright notes of bergamot and mint, which smoothly turn into soft nutmeg and cardamom. The smell is easily picked up and quite recognizable. It is worth considering that it is not suitable for those who do not like the aroma of melon on the skin. Judging by the reviews, the durability of perfumes is from 4 to 8 hours. They can be worn at any time of the day. Price - from 2700 rubles.

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