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How to wear a cap and not look like a fool

Fashionistas around the world appreciate the eight-blade for its versatility. Infrequently there are accessories that are equally suitable for men, women and children, which can be worn at any time of the year. A wide selection of colors and textures will satisfy the most demanding choice. That is why it is often possible to meet this headdress on eminent dudes.

Cap story

The first mention of woolen caps dates back to the 14th century. However, they became widespread only in 1571, when the British Parliament passed a law requiring all men over 6 to wear woolen caps on Sundays and holidays in order to support local light industry and cattle breeding. And if such a law seems wild to you, we recall that in Russia, officials want to preinstall domestic software on all mobile devices sold in the country.

The peak of popularity of caps came in the first half of the 20th century - then it was possible to see representatives of various layers of the population in them. However, over time, hats ceased to be an obligatory part of men's wardrobes, and caps went out of fashion.

Today they are returning from the abyss of oblivion: the reason for this is the fashion for masculinity, as well as the success of the BBC series “Sharp Peaks”. The latter should not be underestimated - the joint collection of David Beckham and the creators of the series became key at the January Men's Fashion Week in London, and in September a festival was held in Birmingham dedicated to the criminal past of this city.

Appearance story

The eight-blade got its modern name due to the features of the cut of eight panels. This has not always been the case. Previously, she was given many names. After all, it is not only an example of British elegance, but also an accessory with more than a century of history. There are suggestions that the first eight-blade appeared at the beginning of the last century on the streets of different countries. Immediately in three countries, the future image of everyone's favorite cap was formed:

What does a “bully” look like?

To sew an eight-blade cap, you need eight triangular elongated panels that are joined together by sharp corners. A fabric-covered disc-button is usually located at the junction. The opposite edges of the triangles are trimmed so that each one makes an elongated pentagon - two additional sides of the resulting geometric shape are sewn together, giving the same volume and shape that makes the cap male, child or female model.

The visor completes the picture, which can be of different sizes and which, in fact, can turn a cap from a fashion accessory to a fashionable suit into a sign of belonging to a well-defined marginal social group.

Example? If the top of the cap, while moving forward, lies on the visor, completely covers it, the look of the wearer of such a cap becomes outrageous and even to some extent threatening. The effect is achieved by the wedge-shaped form of the headgear, with which its owner seems to aim at you with its sharp part.

Types of caps

Despite all the differences in volume, length and other details, conventionally classic caps can be divided into two large groups - eight-blades and ordinary flat caps. In the former, the upper part is sewn with 8 triangles; in the latter, it is simply a single piece of fabric.

Also, when choosing a cap, its width is of great importance. If you look closely at the photographs of the beginning of the twentieth century, you will notice that at that time caps of a wide cut with a voluminous top dominated. However, if you do not pursue the goal of reproducing the images of that era, then it is better to give preference to narrower options - they, as a rule, look neater.

In Italy

Caps of eight panels have been known for a very long time. In the last century, they could usually be seen on newspaper peddlers and yard boys. It never occurred to anyone that over time the simplest cap will evolve into a fashionable wardrobe item.

Vintage classic

In contrast to such a cut, there is a vintage design, with a more massive and voluminous upper part, which practically does not move forward and does not fall on a wide visor. The shape of the visor is also different from the “hooligan" one - it is not small and rounded, but of a larger size and usually square with rounded corners.

Due to such openness of the front part of the tulle, the image of the carrier also changes dramatically, it becomes more kind and trusting - although it is also somewhat defiant: "Yes, I’m such / such, take me as such / such as I am!".

How to wear a cap

If there is no way to measure the cap before buying (for example, when ordering it on the Internet), it would be nice to first determine your size - for this you need to measure the length of the circumference of your head in centimeters. It is necessary to measure in the place where you plan to wear a hat - apply a centimeter approximately in the middle of the forehead and above the ears. And do not press it too hard!

The cap should be worn with clothes made of the same “coarse” materials - for example, a woolen coat, cardigans or a tweed jacket. Modern narrow models of fine torsion wool can also be added to more casual looks with a cloak or quilted jacket. But you can’t wear a cap with a sports suit - even despite the fashion in the 90s.

In the choice of color and pattern, it is better to proceed from the shade of your skin. However, we do not recommend choosing a hat exactly matching the texture and tone of your outerwear. It is better to create a contrast - so the image will look more interesting.

In England

The modern headdress has British roots. At the beginning of the last century, it was chosen by both representatives of the working class and intellectuals in England. The eight-blade could be found on the driver, the bully, as well as students of prestigious universities and aristocrats. No wonder in Britain she bore the name "Gatsby." The hero of detectives Sherlock Holmes also appeared before readers in a cap of eight panels.

What do male hooligan caps look like?

Quite often, at a fashion show, you can see men's hooligan caps. These models are very popular and well reflect the taste of the stronger sex. These caps are suitable for many men, you just need to choose them correctly.

Today we will consider the difference between hooligans and other hats. To whom she suits and how to combine her with clothes. We will see what you need to pay attention to when choosing this model.

Seasonal differences

The cap is convenient in that it is sewn from different fabrics and using a different pad can serve as an all-weather headdress. Only headphones need to be provided for the cold season - retractable inward or fastened on the top of the head outside, as is customary in the English version of the eight-blade.

In the summer version they use light, breathable fabrics that freely pass air. Demi-season models are characterized by more dense than summer fabrics and the absence of warming linings.

In Russia

In turbulent post-revolutionary times, Russia already knew about the existence of this cap. In our country, it did not have the most pleasant associations associated with the fact that representatives of the proletariat and bandits fell in love with this style. That is why the name “hooligan” was coined for her.

At the end of the twentieth century, all the prejudices associated with the history of the cap were dispelled. Fashionistas and fashionistas actively began to exploit it in their everyday looks.

Cap hooligan, what is it?

Cap hooligan, appeared in the last century. She has two styles - this is a duck cap and an eight-blade. The first option is a cap, in which the soft part goes into the visor. The second option has a visor and eight wedges that are fastened with a button in the middle. Although these are two different models, they create one image of youth and insolence.

They make caps from different materials so that men can wear them at different times of the year. Woolen and leather options are designed for spring or autumn. In summer, you can wear a hat made of fine wool, linen and cotton. For the winter season, fashion designers made hooligans from wool and fur.


These are the details that can give the cap some flavor. A typical English winter or demi-season eight-blade has flap-up earphones-flaps with a clasp on the crown, which, moving down, fastens on the chin. Instead of a buckle clasp, there can be ordinary ribbons tied at the top or bottom, like on a cap with earflaps. In front of the tulle, the English eight-blades are usually open, not lying on the visor, and it is large and round.

Sometimes caps have a strap that runs along the border between the crown and the visor. Its function can be purely decorative or serve to hold the cap on the head during strong winds - this will help the buckle-runner, which will extend such a strap in case of need.

In continental Europe, models with hidden headphones that are retractable inside the cap are more accepted. This arrangement of headphone valves has its pluses and minuses.


  1. Externally, the cap is not overloaded with accessories, which makes it more versatile, suitable for different styles of clothing.
  2. An important part usually for the French: NON-English style. The centuries-old rivalry of nations continues, despite widespread tolerance.


The main, and probably the only minus: with the head-valves removed inside, the cap is made at least one size smaller and begins to put pressure on the head.

Features and benefits of a bully

The hooligan even now only strengthens her position from season to season, and her popularity is growing. It can be seen on street fashionists in all corners of the world at different times of the year. The universally recognized style icons among world celebrities joyfully flaunt a bully cap outside the carpet. What is the secret of such universal love and recognition?

The answer lies in the history of the dress itself. Coming out of the streets, a fashion accessory forever remained in the hearts of representatives of different groups. And simple hard workers, and stylish dandies find him application in their everyday outfits.

The hooligan entered the women's wardrobe in the middle of the twentieth century, during the period of the surge of feminism. Women appreciate it for its simplicity and versatility.

Having caught fashion trends, designers were quick to offer the public variations of children's fashion hooligan caps.

There are a number of advantages of a hooligan cap over the others:

Versatility - It is worn by women, men and even children. There are models for warm summer weather and winter frosts.

Simplicity of cut allowing you to combine it with different styles of clothing.

Appearance. Such a cap is able to add a strict suit of enthusiasm and English style, to add elegance to relaxed bows, to add seriousness to children's images.

Availability. In modern stores, a wide selection of caps of different price segments is presented.

Who is it for?

A strong floor with a different face shape can afford to wear such a cap. You can lay it in different ways, the appearance of the guy will depend on this. This model looks very stylish and beautiful, if you choose it correctly. In winter, it must be worn in the center of the head so that it protects from the weather. In the warm season, this cap is worn as an accessory, so it must be worn with a slight slope forward or to one side.

You can wear costumes and sweaters under the cap. The key to a successful image depends on the correct combination of color and pattern of the accessory with outerwear. In summer, the accessory is best worn with moccasins, a T-shirt and jeans. You can add a windbreaker or blazer.

Choosing a fashionable cap

In order to make the image relevant, it is important to choose all the components correctly. Accessories play an important role. Therefore, the cap should be chosen so that it is combined with the overall style of the kit and was made in the same color scheme. The cap should ideally suit the owner in shape and color. Only by observing these rules you can get the decoration of your fashionable wardrobe.

Photo selection

If it is wrong to pick up and wear a bully, then she looks ugly. To understand how to combine this accessory with clothes, look at the photo selection of ready-made images.


First of all, it is important that the headgear is correctly selected for the season. From a wide range of eight-blades, you can easily choose the right one for any weather conditions. There are three types of caps:


Winter hooligans are more voluminous, they are thicker than summer and demi-season ones. Mostly made of thick dense fabrics. Warm models have an additional woolen or fur lining. The colors of winter models are calmer, although the palette is diverse. Colors and fabrics are selected according to the season.


Demi-season caps are perfect for autumn or spring. Such models are designed for fairly warm, but windy weather. Therefore, dense, non-blown fabrics are more often used for their production. The lining of such models is thin or completely absent, this is done in order to be comfortable in warm weather.


Summer assortment of caps is made of lightweight breathable fabrics. Hats designed to protect us from the sun are usually light in color and light in texture.

Fashionable styles and models

The styles of women's, men's and children's caps differ from each other. For men and women, designers offer different models of caps. In addition, when choosing the perfect accessory, it is important not to ignore the recommendations of fashion experts regarding current styles for the season.

There are some of the most popular styles.


The model that most resembles the very first caps sewn from eight panels is a classic that does not go out of style. In such caps, the upper part is almost completely pulled over the visor. Outwardly, they are similar to the flat caps that drivers loved so much at the beginning of the last century.

With ears

The ears of the caps are used to protect against wind and rain. Ears can either be hidden or they will always be in sight. This is determined by the design features. Usually caps with ears are made for winter or autumn weather, in summer they are useless. The presence of such an element is more characteristic of male and children's models, in which practicality is valued higher than beauty.


The style most loved by women. Reminds high caps of past years. Gavrosh is distinguished from other models by a high volumetric upper part that is not pulled over the visor. Gavrosh - the favorite caps of English boys of the last century and modern fashionistas.

Children's models

Children's models are dominated by convenience and practicality over external beauty. Winter children's caps will definitely have big ears to protect against the elements. Children's caps should completely cover the head and part of the neck. The visor of such styles is small, because it should not close the review. Often the visors are made of soft and plastic materials, in order to protect the child from injury in the event of a fall.


The colors of fashionable caps are limited only by the choice of fabric. For more traditional dense fabrics, designers offer calm, natural shades. Light summer models can be made in different colors, although most often the colors are more close to natural. At the peak of fashion, the following colors:

White. Both clothes and accessories in pure white look very noble.This color is suitable for summer eight-blades, it refreshes the complexion and well complements any image.

Natural colors of fabrics. Often, for the manufacture of caps using unpainted fabrics of natural shades. This trend has arisen since the emergence of caps and has survived to this day.

Characteristic colors for a particular type of fabric. For example, leather caps sew brown and black tones, linen and cotton are dyed in various muted colors.


Octagonal caps can be sewn from different materials. Fabrics for such caps are usually selected high-quality. The choice of materials determines whether the cap belongs to a particular style. The fabrics used for eight blades are divided into:


For winter models, warm dense fabrics are used, mainly:

Leather. For female models use delicate thin skin in light shades. Male models, in contrast, are made of rough leather in black, brown or gray.

Wool. Caps made of wool are distinguished by warmth and a classic look.

Tweed. Fashionistas appreciate it for its warmth, unusual texture and colors.

Knitted woolen fabric Looks appropriate on winter caps in a democratic youth style.


They are distinguished by unusual textures, in harmony with the melancholy autumn outfits. The most common ones are:


For summer caps, light breathable fabrics are used, such as:

Fabrics for decor

Headwear is decorated with unusual beautiful fabrics to give the product exclusivity and individuality. For a decor fabrics are used:

Fur. A good choice for a harsh Russian winter, fur can be present both on the outside and on the inside. For decor use the fur of different animals. The most popular species: from the seal, rabbit fur, mink fur.



How to choose and to whom they go

Stylish eight-corners go to everyone, without exception: to desperate fashionistas, and adherents of the classics. The main thing is to choose the right color, style and style. When choosing a cap, be guided by several basic rules:

Size should fully match yours. This means that the cap should sit tightly, but at the same time freely. A sense of constriction or, on the contrary, too loose fit means that the size does not suit you. Discomfort and a constant desire to take off your clothes will not add appeal to your image.

Cap style should decorate you. It is very important to choose the right model that suits you. Observe proportions. The narrow face will be decorated with a flat cap with the base pulled over the visor. Different models will suit the oval face, volume gavrosh will look especially attractive. He will balance the round shape of the face.

The style of the cap should repeat the style of your bow, and the texture of the fabrics should not argue among themselves. Incompatible items in one set - the easiest way to spoil the impression of him.

What to wear with an eight-angle

You can wear such a cap with different items of clothing. Designers combine it with different outerwear:

  • Coat. Male and female, classic or oversize,
  • Jackets, both business and casual,
  • Jacket pilot
  • Sheepskin coat or coat of various cuts,
  • Easy trench coat
  • T-shirt and shorts
  • and even a sporty dress.

Stylish looks

Now, when clothes in a man’s relaxed style at the peak of popularity, you can create any images with a cap. We offer you some ideas:

To create a sophisticated casual look, complement a brightly colored feminine jumpsuit with a sleek vest and a calm gavrosh cap.

Recreate the look of a Parisian by combining gavroche with a vest and flared trousers.

Men can easily create a preppy look with a camel coat, three piece suit and bow tie. An octagonal hooligan of deep blue color will help to complete the image.

Remember, your main accessory is a good mood. Put on a smile, and the right cap will emphasize its beauty.

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