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What are men's sweaters in fashion in 2019: fashion trends

Fashion does not stand still, offering men novelties and trends, thanks to which you can express yourself and show your environment an impeccable taste and sense of style. Even a simple jacket can become a bright and original accent in the image if it matches the fashion trends and recommendations from stylists. In this regard, it is worthwhile to carefully look at the trends and trends of fashion, indicating men's fashion sweaters.

The times when the latest collections from designers were exclusively watched by women have long sunk into the summer. Today, every modern man carefully monitors his appearance, responsibly approaching the compilation of outfits and images. Even a simple sweater, cardigan or jumper can be selected taking into account the latest trends, in this regard, you can emphasize your versatility and sense of style.

What men's sweaters are in fashion?

With the onset of 2018, men must definitely reckon with the trends and trends that he will bring to men's fashion. If you take into account fashionable sweaters for men, designers and stylists offer two design options - restrained and concise, which is suitable for business and adult men, as well as a bright and original style for young and creative guys.

If you look at the collections of designers and forecasts of stylists, fashion sweaters in 2018 will be of several models:

  1. Cardigan - a knitted jacket, which is an alternative to outerwear.
  2. Jumper - a knitwear with a U-neck without fasteners.
  3. hoody - knitted jacket with fasteners, which is presented in a variety of models.
  4. Sweatshirt - Youth men's jacket with a U-neck and a V-shaped insert in the neck.
  5. Bomber jacket - a fashionable jacket with a fastener and a stand-up collar, serving as an alternative to outerwear.
  6. Olympic shirt - A sports jacket with a zipper, with cuffs and an elastic band on the sleeves and hem.

Also, sweaters can include models such as a sweater, pullover or turtleneck, between which the main differences are in the form of a collar and neck. But it is these 6 items of sweaters that are considered the most trendy in 2018, as many stylists and designers believe.

Color spectrum

Beautiful and cool sweatshirts for men from the latest collections are presented rather in classic and calm shades, since they are universal in the stylistic issue, as well as practical and comfortable in terms of socks. When choosing a color, stylists identify several leaders, namely:

  • classic and brutal black color, such sweaters are harmoniously combined with classic items of clothing,
  • bright white color that fades spectacularly with geometric print and asymmetry,
  • calm gray color, due to its monotony it is combined with different even the brightest colors,
  • contrasting red color, which is combined with the same contrasting tones,
  • military-style camouflage color for brutal and impudent men,
  • cool pink color for young and confident guys.

Particular attention should be paid to the proper combination of shades and colors. If we are talking about pastel colors, it is much easier to choose an outfit for them. But bright and deep colors require a competent approach, so you should carefully read the advice of stylists.

Cool sweatshirts for men: photos

Especially popular today are cool and original models of sweaters that differ in vivid color solutions and prints. The most popular hits of this season are the strip, patchwork mosaic and cage. Sweatshirts with animalistic print of deer and snowflakes deserve special attention, which is ideal for the winter season.

Another very specific trend in the design of men's sweaters is models with fur trim in the applique, on cuffs and collars, in the role of interior decoration and much more.

Also fashionable and cool models of sweaters are those that differ in a certain texture and texture of knitting.

Famous brands

The most fashionable and beautiful knitted sweaters for men this season have already managed to present the world famous brands of men's fashion. Stylists immediately highlighted the most striking and original models of men's sweaters, presenting a top list of branded sweaters and sweaters. The following logos were included in this list:

  1. Nike with fashionable and diverse sports sweatshirts.
  2. Ad> hoodies and jumpers of a fitting style.

The first two brands specialize more in youth clothes, and the third manufacturer offers sweaters in soothing classic tones that are more suitable for men of respectable age.


Regardless of whether they are branded men's sweaters or from not so popular manufacturers, a man needs to rely solely on the fashion trends of the current season, his personal preferences, indicators of quality, style, practicality and versatility. It is better to choose options that harmoniously fit into the overall style and image of a man, and are also made from natural fabrics.

The most fashionable models of men's sweaters from the collections of 2019

It is unambiguous to decide which sweaters are in fashion in 2019, despite the fact that we are talking about a men's wardrobe. The latest trends are so diverse, these are models with a different neck, knitted sweaters and vests, sweatshirts, elongated, fur, combined knitted options. Only by evaluating each trend in the photo, you can determine your preferences.

Classic Crew-neck Sweaters

The most popular classic models, characterized by a round neckline, as well as restrained plain colors. This season, fashion designers have proposed not to depart from the classic length; thin knitwear and cuffs look especially stylish.

Slim cardigan

A universal offer for practical guys - a thin knit cardigan in a simple concise design. A semi-fitted silhouette will emphasize the dignity of the figure, cuffs along the sleeves and the bottom, a round collar brings the style closer to the classic.

Knitted vests

Designers announced at the latest shows presented two types of vests that can be worn with classic shirts. These are neutral options that can fit into the business style and bright elements for a stylish kit.

Combo Pattern Sweaters

If you like warm and cozy things, many popular brands and designers have provided a choice of sweaters with combined patterns. Especially memorable were options from melange yarn for connoisseurs of classics, as well as striped prints for fashionistas and dudes.

V-neck sweater

A model with a V-neckline perfectly emphasizes the strength and masculinity of the chin, the length and strength of the neck. Such clothes can only be worn on a naked body; combination with a shirt is inappropriate. A sweater will emphasize the strength of a man in good physical shape.

Extra Long Sweaters

If it is important for you to stay stylish even in rainy autumn or frosty winter, we suggest considering the option of an elongated sweater. One condition is that you must be tall and slim. You should not combine it with a business image, it is rather an informal style for everyday wear.

Closed neck sweater

Such a style, where a high neck is provided, is perfect for a frosty winter. Best sweater will look on a man of thin physique. If you have a short neck and excess weight, the cut will only give the image massiveness and volume.

Throat Sweater

For lovers of sports, a model with a clasp at the throat is perfect, besides it can be safely combined with other items of the wardrobe of a sports cut. The result is a harmonious bow for outdoor activities and sports.

Bulk yarn sweaters

Volumetric sweaters from melange yarn will look warm, cozy and original, which will dilute the gray colors of autumn and cold winter with their fresh shades. How voluminous a sweater will sit is a purely personal matter, even semi-fitted options are appropriate.


A practical and super-comfortable thing is a button-down cardigan that does not need to be worn over the head. It fits into the office style, it can be worn over both shirts and t-shirts. But the main trend of 2019 is that it isn’t buttoned up by all the buttons; on the top and bottom, they leave a couple unfastened.

Fashionable colors of men's sweaters in 2019

Shades and colors can both emphasize an impeccable sense of taste and spoil the look. Therefore, a man should carefully familiarize himself first with trending models, and then with actual colors. In 2019, the designers focused on the classic black, gray, blue tones, khaki, beige, green and red are also popular.


This is at the same time restrained, and not too strict and businesslike option, giving the guy balance, calmness, but at the same time sophistication and masculinity.

The black

The choice of connoisseurs of minimalism is a foregone conclusion - this is a black sweater, with which you can profitably create classic black and white bows. With dark shades there is a risk of getting too gloomy image.


The most popular color is blue, which will be a great alternative to black. It can be combined with brown wardrobe items and jeans.


Bright and juicy red color attracts attention, so this model will be the choice of confident guys. If you combine a sweater with a white shirt, you get an elegant and at the same time strict bow. But for work it is better to prefer a muted shade of burgundy.


Green in the latest collections was presented in dark and muted shades, it can be safely combined with beige and gray wardrobe elements. You should not try on green models for a working image, it is rather an outfit for free time.


Khaki is a shade in the green palette, which is closer to sports and military style. Therefore, you can look at volumetric models with patch pockets or large viscous.


Sweaters in beige shades are perfect for a sleek classic look. This color is universal, as it can be combined correctly with almost all other colors.

Fashion sweater prints 2019

Do not underestimate the importance of proper selection and combination in the image of prints. Fashion designers presented many interesting options in the cage. Striped geometric patterns. Sweaters with a computer and Scandinavian pattern, as well as logos, attracted special attention.


A checkered print looks special on sweaters, it is obtained either by mixing different colors, or with a special knitting pattern. The result is both a classic and everyday look.


A favorite print of both fashion designers and men choosing their clothes is a strip. If it is a vertical strip, it will help to visually lengthen the figure, if horizontal, on the contrary, expand and make it strong.


But with the help of models with an asymmetric geometric print, you can perfectly adjust the figure, hiding excess weight and other shortcomings. It can be both strips, and cells, and rhombuses.


A peculiar prank of male designers was a computer print, which is characterized by a peculiar and sometimes funny graphics. Such models are chosen by young guys and creative creative men.

Scandinavian patterns

The decor of men's sweaters, popular in the new season, is Scandinavian patterns, which are perfect for the winter period. It can be both small patterns and large folk ornaments throughout the sweater.


Some brands have so boldly and loudly announced themselves in previous seasons that their logos have become a real trend. As a result of this, models of sweaters for guys with similar prints appeared at the shows.


Cotton is used to produce low-cost but high-quality models. But such a fabric does not protect sufficiently from frost and cold, sits with every wash, passes moisture, therefore such a proposal is inappropriate for a frosty winter.


The most inexpensive fabric for the production of clothing, synthetics sweaters for a long time retain their original appearance and shape, but at the same time they are not well protected from the cold and do not shine with quality characteristics. Much more appropriate clothing in a combination of natural fabrics and synthetics.


The latest fashion trends for men's sweaters are classic models with a round neckline, sweaters and sweatshirts, cardigans, models with different throat styles, elongated looks. For a strict work bow, you can choose a black, gray or blue sweater, red, green, beige and khaki shade are suitable for an informal style. Pay attention to the texture of fabrics and prints, the cell, strip, geometry, patterns and graphics are relevant.

Black sweater

Clothing that has black or gray color does not particularly fit the concept of “colored” things, but you should definitely talk about them, as many people consider them as an option for a new sweater. Black is ideal for fans of minimalism, to create such a black and white image. In other cases, he will probably look too gloomy.

Plain sweaters for men: fashionable colors of the winter 2019-2020

A plain sweater is perhaps the most popular occupant of a men's winter wardrobe. Modern models 2019-2020 can be worn under classic pants, jeans and even a jacket. Men usually do not bother with the choice of color, preferring dark shades blue, green, brown and gray.

And here they are right, the fashionable colors of the winter of 2019-2020 welcome such decisions, and also offer to add some bright colors. Among the favorites of the season are shades of red, burgundy, yellow, orange. Do not forget about the classics: black, beige and white colors are very popular in the winter fashion 2019-2020.

Men's sweaters with a pattern: photo 2019-2020

Fashionable men's sweaters 2019-2020 can be with bright fun patterns. And this is not only about popular diamonds and deers (we will talk about them below). Beautiful ornaments, inscriptions, symbols and various kinds of prints noticeably decorate a men's sweater for the winter of 2019-2020.

Especially popular among men are colored knitted cardigans. Once upon a time, the legendary rock musician Kurt Cobain introduced this warm, button-down clothing into men's fashion. By the way, more recently, one of the cardigans of the famous rocker was sold at auction in New York for 334 thousand dollars.

Knitted sweaters: winter fashion for men

A knit or crocheted sweater is perhaps the warmest and cutest clothing a brutal man can wear in the winter of 2019-2020. Modern models of knitted sweaters will appeal primarily to those who follow the fashion. Indeed, in this season, models of large knitting, sweaters with arana, braids and Scandinavian patterns are very popular.

We already talked about how to wear a sweater in the winter of 2019-2020 in women's fashion. And now we offer several stylish options for creating a winter men's bow with a knitted sweater with a pattern.

Strip, rhombus and cage: men's sweaters 2019-2020 with geometric pattern

Geometry is one of the main fashion trends of the winter of 2019-2020. In the men's wardrobe, exactly as in the women's, there must be at least one thing in a cage, strip or in rhombs. In cold weather, such sweaters can be put on top of the shirt or slightly “hide” them under a jacket. Such combinations in the style of casual are perfect for creating business men's bows for the winter 2019-2020.

New Year's mood: men's sweaters with funny patterns

New Year and warm cozy clothes are, perhaps, the main reasons why most of us love winter. Recently, we talked about what to meet in 2020, the Rat, so that the symbol of the year brings good luck and prosperity. One of these details is a merry Christmas sweater.

In the winter men's fashion 2019-2020, there are many options for warm sweaters with bright and funny patterns. Christmas theme, Christmas trees, deers, Santa Claus and snowflakes - in such a sweater you are guaranteed a festive mood.

Themed Christmas sweaters in the style are very popular in the winter. family onions - for couples in love or for the whole family.

Sweatshirt, hoody, sweatshirt: warm models 2019-2020

Men's casual fashion 2019-2020 is impossible to imagine without cozy sweaters in a sporty cut. These are comfortable and cozy hoodies, warm and soft sweatshirts and super universal sweatshirts. If you are afraid to get confused in this textile world of men's winter sweaters, see the photo and read our mini-guide.

So, sweatshirt - This is a sweater with a round neck and elasticated cuffs on the sleeves. It is usually sewn from natural cotton fabric, so it is warm, soft and absorbs moisture well.

Hoodie - This is a sweater made of soft cotton knitwear, with a hood and a zipper.

hoody Is a dense jacket with a hood and a large kangaroo pocket

Forms and types of sweaters

In the variety of varieties of sweaters it is easy to get confused, so they are divided according to some details and distinguishing features.

Classic. These include sweaters with a front closure and a collar.

With a hood. The hood is found in sportswear, mainly windbreakers and sweatshirts.

With a throat. This includes sweaters and sweaters with a high collar.

With a zipper. The zipper along the entire length of the product has: sweatshirt, sweatshirt, bomber jacket.

On the buttons. Button fasteners are found on cardigans. There are also sweatshirts with and without a hood, which may have a button closure.

Sports. This includes knitted sweaters, mainly olympics, sweatshirts, sweatshirts.

Knitted. That is, from cotton or wool, which includes a sweater, pullover, cardigan.

We can distinguish several models of sweaters, where there are interesting details.

  1. Biker Jacket. This is a jacket with a slanting lightning. Such lightning can also occur in hoodies.
  2. American. This is a jacket or jacket where the color of the sleeve is different from the product itself.
  3. Polo. This jacket or shirt is made of thin knitwear, has a small fastener, a collar and usually a short sleeve.
  4. Hoody. Thin product without fasteners and hoods.
  5. Mantle. Long clothes with a hood.
  6. Kangaroo. Models with a large patch pocket in front.

All sweaters have different lengths and are:

  1. Elongated. That is, those that cover the buttocks.
  2. Long, somewhere to the middle of the thigh and most often with a hood and pockets.
  3. To the knees - these are cardigans and sweaters.

The main difference between sweaters from each other is the style, material and color.

At the peak of men's fashion in the spring-summer 2018 season, black color. It can be combined with a fashionable men's shirt 2018 in the same color, as well as with a white shirt and a black bottom. White color is usually complemented by black, in the form of drawings, inscriptions, logos. Dark red color is widely used in men's fashion, gray color appears either alone or in combination with other colors. Camouflage colors, the fashion is not the first season and is used on hoodies. Pink has come into fashion this year, mainly in sportswear.

In 2018, a cage, strip, drawings, for example with deer, are popular. One of the fashion trends will be men's sweaters with fur.

The main materials for sweaters will be: cotton, wool, alpaca, polyester, fleece, denim, gin, broken twill, velvet. Leading sports brands have developed a number of sports sweatshirts for men.

The main criteria when choosing a sweater is the look, color and composition. For work, for example, you can choose a sweater or cardigan in neutral colors, and for walking bright sports models. It is important for a sweater to combine correctly with other clothes. Sweaters and sweaters to use with clothes in business style, and sportswear with sports t-shirts 2018 and trousers 2018.

Thus, a man’s wardrobe should consist of at least four sweaters for everyday life and leisure.

Gray sweater

It will be the perfect complement to a restrained, but not too strict business image. But in general, this color gives a sense of calm, balance and moderation. And light gray can even bring a touch of sophistication.

Classic costumes never go out of style, more about them here.

Fashionable men's pants 2020 here.

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Blue sweater

It can be attributed perhaps to the most popular colors of men's sweaters. And there are several good reasons for this. Firstly, it is suitable for those who refuse black due to its excessive gloom. Secondly, a sweater of this color just fits perfectly with jeans and trousers of brown tones, and every man must have such things. Therefore, buying such a sweater does not need to think about choosing the bottom of the wardrobe. Thus, we can conclude that a blue sweater is in any case a win-win solution.

Red sweater

As the red color itself, so the clothes made in this color always attracts a lot of attention. If you are not afraid of the opinions of people around you, then this option is for you. Some incorrectly believe that the red color is suitable only for going to parties and clubs, but this is not so, red sweaters when combined with a white shirt add sophistication and severity to the image. However, bright red sweaters are more suitable for a weekend; for work, you should choose more muted shades, such as burgundy.

Green color

Dark green or khaki sweaters go well with soft colors such as gray or beige. But sweaters of such shades can not be attributed to the business style, they are best suited for free time. And bright green, like red, is very positive, cheerful and attracts attention. Therefore, it is worth combining them with more muted colors so as not to look too defiant.


Sweaters differ not only in styles and colors, but also in materials. Material is no less important factor in the choice of clothes, because it depends on it how long the thing will retain its original appearance, the feeling when worn and most importantly milking sweaters is its warming qualities. So, the main materials:


This material is made from the undercoat of cashmere goats. It differs from wool in that it is softer and thinner and protects against cold worse. Often cashmere is mixed with sheep's wool and at the same time it turns out to be warm and at the same time soft and pleasant to the body material. Cashmere sweaters are great for other elements of a men's wardrobe.

To simplify the difficult choice of hairstyles in a huge variety of models, we have prepared a review of modern and trendy haircuts for the 2019-2020 season here.

In the fall-winter season 2019-2020, the boots are presented in leather, suede, nubuck and decorated with original decor elements, more about this here.

You still don’t know how to choose boots this season, then here you are.


It is considered to be the best material for making sweaters. For many centuries, it was used for the production of warm clothes. The most affordable option is sheep wool, but many do not like it because it is pricked. Merino wool is considered the best and warmest, but it has a high cost.

Fashionable geometry, striped and checked sweaters

If you want contrasts, then feel free to choose one of two current prints of the season: a cell or a strip. Pay attention to special combinations of colors and patterns inside the kit. Creative studios Alexander Wang, Tommy Hilfiger, Brioni, Fendi and other brands shared their ideas on the topic of preset prints.

Other geometry, color blocks

The brands MSGM, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Berlutti, Port 1961 and others have experimented with the theme of randomly combining color blocks on jumpers ... Choose your favorite colors from the assotriment and boldly combine original knitwear with basic things.


Designers have proposed two types of knitted vests, some are a bright addition to the kit, while others are neutral in nature and invisible against the background of things that are so calm in color. We look at examples at Salvatore Ferragamo and Orley.

Small slit sweater

His entire collar is round and only in front there is a small incision. Thanks to him, the chin is emphasized and the face takes on more masculine features. He will not fit under a shirt with a tie, since the cut for them will be small, therefore he is usually worn on a naked body. Most of all, this type of sweater is loved by men in good physical shape, as it helps to demonstrate their developed muscles.

Throat sweater

It can be considered a truly winter option, since it will protect the throat from the piercing cold wind. Ideal for men of lean physique. But on chubby ones with a not long neck it will look unsuccessful, since such a cut visually gives the figure a certain massiveness.

With throat closure

This sweater is a more athletic option and is best suited for men who lead an active lifestyle, since this type of sweater can successfully be combined only with sports-style clothing and is ideal for sports or outdoor activities in the country.

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