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Famous football players with a beard and their photo

Andrea PIRLO, ex-midfielder of Italy, AC Milan and Juventus

He was an icon of style on the field: he scored most beautifully from the straight, he most effectively distributed programs. Pirlo recently completed his career in New York, but this does not prevent him from becoming a role model in terms of elegance and self-presentation. Hanging boots on a nail, Pirlo devotes himself to winemaking and produces about 20 thousand bottles of gourmet drink a year.

Assessment of the famous Moscow designer Andrei PONOMAREV:

- The ideal form of a beard, which is suitable for the type of face, for a sloppy hairstyle and style of clothing! There’s nothing to complain about!

Tim Howard, the goalkeeper of the United States and Colorado, in the past played for Manchester United

Returning to his homeland after playing for Manchester United and Everton (as part of the Butterscotch, Howard played 329 matches!), The most experienced goalkeeper hit the charity and religion. He advocates the prohibition of the use of natural fur and even made a tattoo on this subject. And in 2014, he published a motivating book in which he told what it cost him throughout his career to cope with Tourette’s syndrome, a genetic disorder of the central nervous system that is characterized by multiple motor tics.

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

- Honestly, a beard does not fit the face shape at all. The American goalkeeper has an oval face, and a beard extends this oval even more. Howard would have suited a more square beard and, of course, shorter!

Daniele de rossi, Italy and Roma midfielder

For many years, he to some extent remained in the shadow of Francesco Totti. But now it’s De Rossi who is the main gladiator and living legend of Roma. His brutal appearance can make any opponent nervous. Even De Rossi’s tattoos are thematic - with an illustration of his harsh tackles. At the same time, Daniele’s life is sentimental: a couple of years ago, at the funeral of close to him ex-administrator of the Italian national team Pietro Lombardi, who died at the age of 92, Daniele put his gold medal in his coffin for winning the 2006 World Cup.

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

“A crazy person who reminds me of Cota Basilio.” In my opinion, he is absolutely harmonious in this image. And in terms of the color of the beard, and in terms of form, which perfectly emphasizes the shape of the face!

Sergio RAMOS, defender of the Spanish national team, captain of Real Madrid

They say Ramos is far from being the smartest person in the world. At least he managed to finish school at only 28 years old - apparently, before that, football took too much time and effort. But this does not prevent Sergio from being one of the best defenders in the world, regularly scoring the most important goals in decisive matches for the national team and “Real” with a bandage on his sleeve. And, of course, to remain an idol for millions of girls and women around the world. Beard to the rescue.

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

“I think Ramos has an absolutely perfect head in every sense!” Starting from the hairstyle and ending with the color of the beard. It is immediately clear that the athlete monitors his appearance very carefully.

Joe LADLEY, Wales midfielder and Derby County

Appearance perfectly complements the sporty image of Ledley. He does not play in the Premier League, but in the championship - a league that retains a purely British flavor to a much greater extent. Frantic attacks through the flanks, cruel tackles, crazy emotions - Ledley's bearded central midfielder seemed to be created for such a football.

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

- A careless beard completely spoils the proportions of the face! Ledley even looks 10 years older. But a beard should, on the contrary, beautify, not disfigure. That would be shorter, the player’s perception would change completely.

Maxim BELYAEV, defender of the Tula Arsenal

Let us be patriots in the inclusion of the Russian bearded man in the rating. Perhaps Max Belyaev deserves it like no other. And the matter is not only in the external appearance, but in the combination of this image with the internal content. Indeed, the defender of Arsenal is one of the most well-read, comprehensively developed of our players. And recently Belyaev sheltered a homeless Tula dog at home. Romantic!

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

- The balance is a little upset here. A haircut and an unformed beard do not fit together. You need to choose: either shave off the whiskey, or remove the zygomatic part of the whiskers.

Davide MOSCARDELLI, striker Arezzo, in the past played for Chievo

Forward, already 38, has never been very successful on the field. Throughout his career, he scored only 12 goals in Serie A. But thanks to the lush beard, Moskardelli has an impressive fan club, which several years ago actively called for a player to be called into the Italian national team. And the attacker has his own clothing line. Of course, prints on t-shirts are dedicated to one topic - the beard. For example, they illustrate the evolution of man: from Neanderthal to Moskardelli.

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

- Colorful Italian! In my opinion, he will be fine without a beard at all. He has a lumberjack hairstyle, and, I note, the lumberjack is very stylish. But shaggy beards - this, in my opinion, is too much. Too much!

Publication by Davide Moscardelli (@moscagol) Apr 29, 2018 at 2:25 PDT

Gerard PIKE, defender of Spain and Barcelona

The husband of one of the greatest contemporary singers, Shakira. One of the leaders of the cult football club Barcelona. A fierce supporter of the independence of Catalonia, and in the future, it is possible, a public figure or even a politician. All these titles simply oblige Piquet to be extremely scrupulous in matters of appearance and photogenicity. And I must admit, he does it very well.

Assessment by Andrey PONOMAREV:

- Perfect bristles turning into a shaped beard! For this type and face shape - this is the best that can be! Bravo!

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Sergio Ramos

This footballer holds the honorary position of captain in Madrid Real Madrid for a reason. He masterfully owns not only the ball, but also his body. After the athlete decided to change his image and have a beard, he began to look more courageous, and in his features now you can find similarities with young Stalin.

Tim Howard

Until recently, the US goalkeeper was completely bald and smoothly shaved. But today, his style has changed dramatically. Now once smooth cheeks and chin cover thick hair. We can say that the athlete keeps up with fashion trends, because he recently acquired facial hair. The combination of a brutal beard and Howard's high stature create an impressive image that the player goes without a doubt.

Asgeir Asreirsson

This Icelandic footballer has an authentic Scandinavian appearance, which is further emphasized by a thick red beard. Asgeir can give odds to most of his bearded colleagues. Its explosive rebellious character blends perfectly with the look, and the brutal long facial hair reminds fans that the athlete is interested in not only football, but also develops his career as a rock musician.

Andrea Pirlo

Our list will not be complete if we do not mention this comrade in it. Football players can be divided into cool players and bearded players. Andrea has long secured the glory of one of the coolest players in football, and a thick beard adds to his style a certain charm. When you watch matches with his participation, it seems that it is the beard during the player’s run that flies in the direction of the ball and helps him score.

Antonio Nocerino

If we talk about famous Italian football players, then we can not miss Antonio Nocerino. This footballer shines in the midfield of Milan. His abilities are rated quite highly in the sports world, as is his stylish beard. Some fans suggest that it is she who brings Antonio luck on the field.

Ada Turan

At one glance at this football player, the film “300 Spartans” is immediately remembered. Definitely Ada would have looked spectacular in the title role. His energy, explosive character and brutal beard are combined in one warlike image.

I would also like to add that a brutal beard adds masculinity to even the mildest guy. Therefore, if you want to create the image of a "macho" or a strong brutal, then you can not do without facial hair. To make this men's accessory look neat and stylish, it is recommended to entrust its design to a professional master who will choose the perfect shape, as bearded football players do. After all, what suits the idol will not always work in real life in your case. You need to make a choice consciously, and not engage in thoughtless plagiarism.


Remember the most sad, difficult moments of your life. Make yourself sad, maybe grief. Look at your reflection in the mirror. Give the face an expression of deep sadness, the corners of the lips are down, the brows are mournfully mourned. Your face is a tragic mask. Try to keep this imprint of grief on your face. Now listen to yourself. What are your feelings now, at this moment when you are full of sadness?

How are you feeling? Not very good. It doesn’t matter, frankly. Grief, fatigue, loss of strength, etc. After strong sad or negative experiences, you feel like you were carrying huge stones all day. Old diseases remind of themselves, new ailments are discovered, and so on.

Here came the tears. Enough sorrow. Let her come out with tears.

So, down with sorrow and sorrow! Is it hard to readjust quickly? Imagine that you are standing under a small waterfall. A stream of water washes you, taking away all sad experiences, freeing you, giving strength and vitality! You feel unshakable calm.

Now - simply and mechanically lift the corners of the lips. Your face is a bit like a laughing theater mask. But still! Such a small thing is a smile, and your face immediately becomes friendly, takes a joyful expression. And let your smile be somewhat artificial. Support this artificial joy with the most pleasant memories for you.

Imagine, in your palms clasped with a bucket, - water, dissolved in itself all your joyful experiences, your best moments, all the most pleasant for you. Lower your face in the palm of your hand. Feel the influx of joy, feel how joy fills you. Now listen to your feelings. What happened to your smile? Does it seem natural?

And what has changed in your well-being? If you want to analyze the changes in your feelings, you will notice how cheerfulness gradually appears, you feel much better, no hint of a breakdown, etc.

Excellent result, you say, but why is that all?


You managed, rejoicing and sad, to make sure that these conditions are reflected in your well-being. Such a simple exercise made you understand how much this or that emotional attitude can change your well-being.

The exercise also showed us how important it is to be able to arbitrarily change the emotional mood. Such a skill is very useful in a difficult conflict situation, it will allow you not to follow the emotions, help overcome the effects of shock, get out of a depressed state, and help manage mood.

To do this, stretch or, as we say, “swing” emotions.

This is extremely important! It is necessary to eliminate stagnation in your emotional background. It must be flexible, elastic.

Raul Meireles wrote recently on Twitter: “I am glad to see more and more bearded players on the Euro. Our society is growing. Burn, guys! ”

Well, we'll see too!

The most bearded player at Euro 2016 in France - you don’t even have to argue here. Joe began to grow his beard even before the qualifiers. The beard, perhaps, really influenced the “luck,” and so much so that everyone around asked Ledley to leave her for the final part of the tournament.

Namesake and fellow countryman Ledley, another Joe , but already Allen . We are also used to seeing a Welsh Xavi / Pirlo with a beard.

Another representative of the UK. . Four years ago, he was recognized as the best young player in the championship of Northern Ireland, and now wears a real adult male beard.

Do not move to the continent yet! On an island full of geysers and volcanoes that prevent planes from flying, the red-bearded captain of the Icelandic national team lives, who still exchanged T-shirts with Cristiano Ronaldo. and his beard.

We are transported to France, where the European Championship takes place. Russian saladGiroux . A man who promised to paint his beard in the colors of the national flag in case of victory. Therefore, he forced me to look even more closely at the hosts of the tournament and their campaign for the trophy.

But he already has a trophy, and even a world champion. ThemselvesKhedira . Related genes from Tunisia clearly made themselves felt on the facial hair.

MartinHarnik . A football player who not only was born, but also spent all his years in football only in Germany, plays for the Austrian national team. His father is from there. But also, perhaps, he could already wear the title of world champion. But so far wears only a beard.

One of the best players in this year's Champions League final - Yannick Ferreira Carrasco . Let him be still young, and his beard is not so thick yet, but he is already drawing attention to himself.

Atletico Madrid Partner Carrasco Juanfran after an unsuccessful and decisive blow from the penalty spot from the fans received only support. Sales of T-shirts with his name skyrocketed. Like the hair on his face a few years ago.

Captain of the spanish Sergio Ramos . Together with Juanfran and the company, they are ready to defend the European title.

Another Spaniard. Cesc Fabregas . The fan of flights Barcelona-London probably knows that during flights people have hair growing faster. Here's what happened.

Portuguese National Guard Rui Patriciu . Rui also flies, only at the corners of the goal to catch balls from the attackers of his team. Those guys are still there.

Patriciou's partner Rafa Silva . A young soccer player is just starting big steps in adult football. But he already got a beard.

Daniele de rossi in recent years, burns out the entire supporting zone in Roma and the Italian team. But on the face of the Italian is not going to burn or shave anything.

In the Italian team, not one bearded man. Antonio Candreva also boasts a beard.

Andrea Barzagli and helps his companions higher in defense, and maintains a brutal style led by a beard.

In the second round of the group stage of Euro 2016, Barzagli played against the Swedish bearded man. Jimmy Durmaz . Assyrian genes also awarded the guy dense facial hair.

Durmaz has a partner in the Swedish national team, who can also be proud of his beard. Erkan Zengin (on right). Turkish roots make themselves felt.

Speaking of Turkey. Here it was possible to submit photographs of almost the entire national team, but we will dwell on some players. Captain Arda Turan tops this short list.

Goalkeeper of the Turkish team Volcano Babacan mustache is cooler than a beard. But the latter should be noted.

Another turk Oljay Shahan It has long been famous for its beard.

How about without your own? Yuri Lodygin also wears a beard for a long time. She’s not going to shave it, but in one interview she even asked: “Does anyone not like my beard?”

Such a composition without a coach is nowhere. Roy Keane here too. He had already managed to light up on this Euro not only with his thick beard, but also with jokes in training the national team of Ireland.

A photo: twitter.com/joe16led, twitter.com/OficialMeireles, twitter.com/joe16led, gettyimages.com/Stu Forster, bbc.com, Reuters, bestimage.fr/Cyril Moreau, gettyimages.com/Matthew Ashton, gettyimages.com/Matthew Ashton, gettyimages.com/Ian Walton, gettyimages.com/Bulent Kilic, gettyimages.com/Nicolas Tucat, twitter.com/LopyrevaVika, gettyimages.com/Handout, gettyimages.com/Francisco Leong, gettyimages.com/Catherine Ivill, gazzettaworld .com, gettyimages.com/Catherine Ivill, gettyimages.com/Jonathan Nackstrand, gettyimages.com/Anadolu Agency, gettyimages.com/Jean Catuffe, gettyimages.com/Anadolu Agency, rfs.ru, skysports.com

Today, the beard is at the peak of popularity, so any stylish man is trying to grow it. Fashion did not pass by well-known athletes. Football players with a beard are now not uncommon. Thus, they try to change their image, making it unforgettable and stylish.

In the article, we consider the most famous bearded football players who flaunt the field with a new-fashioned men's accessory. These athletes of different ages and different nationalities, but all as one look courageously and stylishly.

More recently, such a huge number of bearded football players was hard to imagine for an ordinary fan.

For reference! Today, watching the game of football teams, you can confuse them with lumberjacks, because a thick and long beard replaced light shaven.

Olivier Giroud

Recently, the striker of the London "Arsenal" and the French national team has made a beard an integral attribute of its image. Before Euro 2016, the striker even promised to paint it in the colors of the French flag if his team won the tournament, but the French team could not beat Portugal in the final.

Aron Gunnarsson

Iceland's national team became the main sensation of 2016 in the world of football. Everyone who was able to watch this team at Euro 2016, remembered not only the game of the Icelandic team, but also the very image of the harsh bearded men in which the players appeared. The main bearded man of the Icelandic national team was its captain - Aron Gunnarsson.

Ivan Novoseltsev

The defender of “Zenith” is rightfully considered one of the most stylish players in Russian football. He devotes a lot of time to his image, but this did not prevent him from becoming one of the best in the country in his position.


Without Socrates An article about bearded football players is forbidden to write under the law. The vegetation on the face of the Brazilian was as beautiful as his game. And if Arda Turan would have looked great in the film “300 Spartans”, then Socrates - in any of the many adaptations of “Robinson Crusoe”.

Lionel Messi

In 2016, the star Argentinean Lionel messiah radically changed his image. The striker of Barcelona first let go of the beard, and then dyed the blonde, which was one of the main reasons for discussion among fans around the world.

The red beard of Xabi Alonso perfectly complements his image of an intelligent and intelligent footballer. Moreover, the Spaniard can boast not only a beard ennobling his face: he is actually an intellectual. Well, a beard is so, a nice addition.

Many used to say that Gerard Pique has a childish face. The Barcelona defender solved this problem like a real man: he grew a beard. And in fact, he began to look much more courageous, firmly entrenched in the tops of the most attractive football players, became Shakira's husband and a happy father.

David Beckham is trying his best to match the image of one of the most stylish footballers of our time. Now Becks is already well over 30, so it’s not a sin to let go of his beard, which, of course, will suit PSG midfielder perfectly.

Arsenal fans, of course, remembered Robert Piraeus for a long time, thanks to the excellent play of the Frenchman. But I want to forget this beard, probably, even to the most devoted fans of the Frenchman. Too ridiculous is such a desperate attempt to become even more stylish.

Young children sometimes try to be like their fathers and try on their costumes. But Michael Owen went even further: it seems that he stole from his dad not only a suit, but also a mustache. In the 70s, I would probably appreciate it.

A serious player is a serious image. When Andrea Pirlo planned to grow a beard, he hardly thought about the consequences. Meanwhile, now the ageless star of Juventus is very reminiscent of Chuck Norris. And the jokes about this are so tired that we will probably refrain from them.

Looking at Olaf Mellberg's beard, you understand that in front of you is a real Viking. It seems that he is about to get the ax, put on a horned helmet, sit in a boat and sail to fight. But no, the Swede prefers to fight exclusively on the football field. Moreover, he always did it well.

In many films there is such a template scene: a hero or heroine walks along a deserted dark alley, and then out of nowhere a terrifying look of a homeless person appears. No offense to Alan Cork (the former Sheffield United striker, Wimbledon and Fulham striker) will be said, but he resembles just such a homeless man. And you will not believe it, but in this photo he is only 34 years old.

Daniele de rossi

Let’s take a look and look at a more pleasant beard owned by Danielle De Rossi. She, of course, makes him not so brutal as Pirlo or Mellberg, but still the Italian looks much more courageous than before.

George Best was always loved not only by the fans, but also by the fans, as a result of which the brilliant Northern Irishman did not open up to the end due to regular bouts. And when Best let go of the beard, it looked like he just got out of the next binge, somehow got out of bed and barely made it to the stadium, without even thinking about shaving. Maybe this is not so far from the truth.

Some people like to monitor their appearance. Others trust nature. Argentine Sergio Batista - from the second category. It seems that his body is simply a testing ground for hair growth. And it may also seem that Batista’s beard lives a life of its own, completely controlling the mind of a football player. But this is already quite a fantasy.

And you thought that brutal men are only in Sweden? Turkish goalkeeper Volkan Demirel will happily prove the opposite to you. His beard is close to ideal, so when he decided to get rid of her, many fans of the Fenerbahçe goalkeeper were upset.

In general, Djibril Cisse had so many different beards that one could make a separate list from them. But all this vegetation on the face had one main purpose: to distinguish its owner from the crowd. Well, I must admit that she did it.

Every year in November, many men release mustaches and beards. This is called “movember” and is done to increase men's awareness of men's health issues. So Sean Derry found this idea great, letting go of the funny mustache that made him look like the lost brother of Hulk Hogan.

A great soccer player with a great beard. The legend of Brazilian football. A certified doctor who lost his life after football struggled with alcoholism and died. Socrates’s beard is no less famous than himself - together they formed an inextricable unity, thanks to which the football player looked like Robinson, who spent many years on a desert island.

Portuguese Abel Xavier was remembered by fans around the world after playing a hand in his own penalty area, burying the hopes of his team for victory in Euro 2000. But they remembered him not only because of this, but also because of his unusual beards, which may well compete in originality with the vegetation on the face of Djibril Cisse.

This beard is from the category of those that could well fit into the history of not only football, but also rock music. Honestly, it seems that you can just grow the same beard as the American football player Alexi Lalas, pick up a guitar and immediately play the hardest solo, even if before that you only saw the guitar in the pictures. That's how cool this beard is.

Nicknamed "The Killer," Brian Kilkline was an old-fashioned quarterback and was the first acquisition of Kevin Keegan at the head of Newcastle. It was back in 1992.

But Kilklein will be remembered, of course, thanks to his breathtaking appearance. It seems that he deliberately tried to look as stupid as possible so that the attackers could not do anything because of laughter.

Hungarian goalkeeper Peter Distl did not achieve any particular success as a player: he spent almost his entire career in his native Hungary, only briefly leaving for Germany and Malaysia. And, frankly, the reasons why this guy did not become the best goalkeeper in the world are not entirely clear. Just look: it seems that he can stop the ball with his eyes. Well, or a beard. The standard of brutality.

30-year-old defender of the German "Hansa" Matthias Holst resembles a forester. It would be interesting to find the comments of the attackers who have ever played against such a wonderful beard.

I admit both in spirit - recently I suffered one of the most severe disappointments in my life. I saw no beard. And I do not even want to know what prompted the American to this crime that does not fit in my head.

Because the red beard of Lalas is a real work of art, a unique exhibit of any exhibition, a cult image for a whole generation. Alexi's beard at the World Cup 94 was cooler than all the other matches, players and generally any events in the tournament. Taken together. But who needs all these games and goals when there is such a beard ...

“Bad is the professor who has no beard.” Known and, incidentally, not the most meaningless stereotype. did not contradict him. A professor from football looks especially spectacularly and organically with a thick beard. It seems that during transfers and penalties she helps the ball fly exactly where Pirlo wants to.

The main thing, Andrea, do not shave. In no case. Homeland will not forgive you for this.

“300 Spartans” is not the worst movie on earth, but its producers made one unforgivable mistake. Taking the main role is clearly the wrong actor. Gerard Butler Of course, nothing, but the Turk is much more suitable for the type of desperate Spartan. Fighting to the end for his homeland.

In the meantime, Turan remains “only” to fight for the well-being of Madrid “Atletico”.

More tattoos in a husband attract me only to his stunning beard, - my wife recently admitted. Raul Meireles Yvon . Without getting into the personal life of the couple, we note that the vegetation on the face of the Portuguese is really impressive. Especially “complete” with those same endless tattoos.

Perhaps the best years of Meireles the football player are behind us, but it’s time to star in Raul fashion magazines.

The “captain of Rome” wears a more “intelligent” version of the beard. With her, he is extremely stylish, just good and clearly adds to the brutality. Given the shape of the face and the type of beard, de rossi can be compared with Xabi Alonso . Despite the dissimilarity of these players, their image is almost identical.

A little sad image of the cult British football player. Eternal booze Besta forced to perceive his beard as rather something negative. Like, George has become a Neanderthal, now he still doesn’t shave ... One way or another, Best looked cool anyway. Whoever thinks.

If you can’t choose a beard - then Jibril coming to you! Already Cisse is a specialist of the highest level. And most importantly, the Frenchman has an incredibly rich experience. Forward changed the style, color and density of his beard - but anything.

In recent years, the appearance of Cisse generally struck many times more than the level of his game.

Watch the video: This Is What Best Players Would Look Like If They Have Beards (February 2020).

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