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Men's haircuts are no less diverse than women's haircuts. Someone likes to make a top knot out of their long hair, someone prefers classic boxing, and someone even makes a choice in favor of a haircut bald.

The latter option is becoming increasingly popular due to the fame of many of its "carriers", which include Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Sean Connery. Among domestic stars, there are also men who find it difficult to refuse charm. These are Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, Rostislav Khait (see photo), etc.

Who is going to?

There is an opinion that a haircut under zero is universal and suitable for any man. However, this is not the case. You should refuse such a haircut in the following cases.

  • Irregular skull shape
    All the tubercles and depressions that usually hide under the hair will be revealed to the eyes of others. In addition, shaving such a head is not easy even for an experienced craftsman.
  • Scalp diseases
    This is the only restriction on a man's haircut, which can be called temporary. When a dermatologist helps you solve this problem, you can take up the typewriter.
  • Too hard hair
    Growing, they will create an unpleasant touch and visually stubble. In this rare case, thin hair is a big advantage.
  • Birthmarks on the scalp
    After all, you don’t want to cause others to associate with the last general secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, right?

So who needs a completely shaved head? Haircuts can be recommended for men without any dermatological and cosmetic problems of any age with the correct shape of the skull and fairly thin hair. If you fall into this category, you can familiarize yourself with the next section of our article.

Main advantages

The male look at the hairstyle is always pragmatic - even if the man is a stylist. That is why it is worth listing all the advantages of a haircut. So she:

    • easy to care
    • allows you to save decent money on shampoos and styling products,
    • has no age restrictions,
    • combined with clothes of any style - from classic to sporty,
    • easy to do at home (just buy a machine or a good razor),

  • gives the image of brutality and impressiveness,
  • can be complemented by tattoos (if we are talking about young people),
  • allows a man to feel comfortable even in the hot summer (however, do not forget about the headgear if you have to go out in the sun),
  • makes the look more expressive
  • is a convenient way to hide bald patches.

Execution technology

Even a beginner in hairdressing will be able to perform a male haircut on a bald head. However, it is advisable to get acquainted with the recommendations of the masters before starting work.

  • Do not rush to shave baldly, because you may not like your reflection in the mirror. First, use any program for the selection of hairstyles, which allows the user using the downloaded photo to try on different images and evaluate their success.
  • Use low nozzle numbers (0 to 3) or do not use nozzles at all when cutting with a clipper.
  • If you cut yourself, get a cordless machine and a small mirror in addition to a large one to process the back of the head.
  • Haircuts start on the forehead and crown, and then go to the temples and the back of the head.
  • You can shave your head with an ordinary machine, but this requires skill and knowledge of some tricks. So, before you are planning to shave your hair, it is better to take a hot shower, wet a towel with hot water and wrap around your head. After a few minutes, you can start shaving. This steaming avoids cuts and irritation on the skin.
  • If you have long enough hair, cut it with scissors before tackling the hair clipper.
  • The machine should be driven smoothly and slowly against the direction of hair growth (see video at the end of the article).

A man’s hair cut can be considered a change not only in image but also in world outlook. This is a kind of update, an attempt to start living from scratch and at the same time a challenge to the outside world. That is why, before such a haircut, you should answer yourself the question of how easy it will be for you in the new image.

General description of haircuts

The history of shaving the head goes back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, Greece. Long, flowing locks were a symbol of wealth, but all the slaves shaved their heads. The shearing procedure is also mentioned in the Bible, the heroic Samson, the insidious Delilah, also cut off her hair, depriving him of strength. In the 20th century, representatives of the working class, as well as prisoners, mentally ill, shaved their hair bald. In the second half of the 20th century, the original model was used by representatives of art - poets, artists, musicians.

Law enforcement officers in the pre-war Soviet Union shaved their heads baldly under Kotovsky, inheriting the image of the legendary person of the criminal world of Odessa and the hero of the Civil War. Today, not only prisoners are subjected to a hair shaving ritual, monks, representatives of informal movements use it, they also perform it in support of people who have undergone chemotherapy.

Modern men often shave their heads bald not only with the aim of changing their image. Mature gentlemen often resort, with the help of shearing they solve the problems of the appearance of bald patches. Not surprisingly, the hairstyle was called under zero.

Interesting fact. Cutting off his hair, a person seems to say goodbye to the past, zeroing the distance traveled, starting a new period. Therefore, after the procedure, the character may change, new preferences, hobbies may appear. Shaving hair is not just one of the fashionable haircuts, the process has sacred properties.

Who is suitable for

The hairstyle suits confident, charismatic individuals with an active lifestyle. They do not follow fashion trends, adjusting to the desired direction, but create their own trends. In the past, it is associated with the images of “bad guys”, today men and creative professions prefer to cut their hair, refuting the prevailing stereotypes.

Before deciding to radically change the image, it is worthwhile to find out whether the model is suitable for the appearance type. To do this, you can use a special program, uploading a photo, you can see yourself in a new image. Also, a swimming cap will help in resolving the issue, it will provide a more accurate idea of ​​future shaving results.

Who needs a haircut bald:

  • men of different age groups, choose young men, as well as mature men,
  • often used to hide hair growth problems - bald patches, alopecia, can also be used for thick, curly locks, a haircut will help to solve problems with tangling and styling,
  • suitable for men with the correct shape of the skull, as an oval, it is recommended for owners of a triangular, oblong face,
  • goes well with bristles and beards; for a business-like, classic style, a nevertheless smoothly shaved face is preferable
  • complexion does not matter, but if there is problem skin, scars, it is worth remembering that this option of haircuts to highlight all the shortcomings,
  • by type of appearance is still the prerogative of tall athletic men, but he’s also good for guys of average height,
  • there are no restrictions on the field of activity, representatives of many professions, as well as subcultural areas, choose.

Haircut bald to very full men with a round oval shape is contraindicated. Also performance in the presence of moles, scars on the scalp, age spots is not recommended.

Can I cut my hair myself

You can cut your hair on your own, many men carry out the procedure at home, having studied all the intricacies of the process. The procedure requires preparation and shaving skills, in which case cuts and irritations can be avoided. If the scalp is sensitive, it is better to contact the salon. Getting a mirror bald head should be entrusted to a professional, the price varies from 300–1000 rubles.

It is recommended that you do not go to an ordinary hairdresser, for men a barbershop will be the best solution. How much the procedure will cost depends on the professionalism and experience of the master. He will not only be able to perform the perfect haircut procedure, but will also help determine the choice of style. This method is suitable for men who prefer a haircut with a dangerous razor, as well as with moles in the area of ​​hair growth. The price includes not only hair removal, but also scalp care, the use of funds to avoid irritation, redness.

The procedure can be performed independently, for this you need to have a standard set of tools:

  • clipper,
  • razor,
  • shaving brush
  • shaving foam,
  • warm compress
  • moisturizing, soothing cream.

Bald Head Care Rules

At first glance, the haircut is practical, but the model requires more thorough, gentle care compared to complex model hairstyles. Hair has protective properties, after shaving, the scalp needs special care, protection from adverse climatic conditions. The main problems faced by owners of a stylish bald head are irritation, itching. There is also an allergy to selected cosmetics, peeling, as a reaction to temperature changes, the scorching sun.

How to care for your bald head:

  • regularly use a cream or balm suitable for the type of skin, with the slightest reaction, you need to change the tool, give preference to natural, professional lines, the composition includes vitamins, herbal components, valuable oils,
  • wash your hair with shampoo, carefully approach the choice of funds, the absence of parabens will protect against irritations, redness, moisturizing formulas will not only help cleanse the skin of impurities, but will not upset the pH balance,
  • use gentle temperature conditions, after shampooing complete the procedure with a short cold shower to close the pores, remove moisture with a soft towel
  • After carrying out all hygienic procedures, it is worth using talcum powder, which eliminates the mirror effect of bald patches, it is important not to overdo it, use the minimum amount so as not to clog pores.

Attention! Throughout the year, wear hats by season, during the active sun, do not forget to use a cream with UV filters.

Pros and cons

It is important to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages before performing the procedure. Many will eat a haircut, using to increase the density or solve problems with alopecia, irritation, itching of the scalp. Therefore, it is worth exploring all the pitfalls, which many do not know about, before radical external changes.


  • suitable for men of different types of appearance, has no haircut and age restrictions, use young men and mature men,
  • It is characterized by convenience, practicality, no need to waste time on daily styling, regrown hair can be cut on your own, this does not require professional skills,
  • you can forget about such problems as peeling, seborrhea, head lice, alopecia,
  • comfort is especially appreciated in the hot summer season,
  • it is easy to hide the presence of bald patches, bald spots, soft, sparse, thin hair,
  • suitable for active men, representatives of different professions and fields of activity - actors, businessmen, politicians, scientists, doctors, managers,
  • goes well with a beard, a three-day stubble, a similar image is chosen by men of different age groups,
  • It looks solid, harmoniously looks with different directions, successful tandems with biker, rocker style, no less impressive with a business suit, you can use classic wardrobe elements or turn to street outrageous,
  • corresponds to fashion trends, a haircut bald retains popularity for decades, emphasizes the brutality, charisma of the image.


  • suitable for men with a regular, oblong oval, it is important that the skull be flawless, the model is contraindicated for people with an elongated head shape, like an egg,
  • the benefits of shaving for hair growth and density is a myth
  • scalp requires careful care, the selection of high-quality cosmetics, the use of hats throughout the year,
  • requires frequent correction, updates at least once a week,
  • after removal of the natural protection of the scalp, heat transfer is enhanced,
  • the model does not have corrective and anti-aging properties, emphasizes all external flaws.

Haircut (bald): male

Each man creates an image that simultaneously emphasizes the strengths of appearance and character.
Hairstyle is one of the significant elements of attractiveness. A beautifully made haircut is able to change the shape of the face, hide defects, highlight advantages.

Only a confident person can shave baldly. Such an image opens the gaze at the same time to the beneficial sides and flaws of the head, skin or face.

Simplicity and brutality are the main qualities that influence the popularity of bald haircuts in men. Famous personalities, actors, athletes prefer to shave bald. Seeing such an example, in an attempt to catch a hype, some teenagers repeat and shave baldly.

The bald head is the military style of the army. Therefore, a model under zero is often perceived as a symbol of masculinity, sexuality, a muscular body and charisma.

For men, a haircut is not recognized as a way to stand out from the crowd. This desire for convenience and mobility, readiness for unforeseen circumstances.

There is a medical fact - men with excess testosterone begin to go bald early. And some are genetically prone to alopecia. This can happen in 20-30 years or later.

Hair falls out quickly or vice versa, gradually, forming large bald patches or bald spots on the back of the head. There is a choice: to constantly hide signs of loss of hair or to shave baldly.

When lice or dandruff appear, the first method that doctors recommend is to make a haircut bald. This quickly solves the problem and facilitates treatment.

Recently barbershops - men's hairdressers - began to open in large numbers. This is a whole culture, like a closed club, an introduction or involvement in which is honorable.

Barbers (masters) perform an unusual haircut and shaving of the head or face with a dangerous tool that has not been done in simple hairdressing salons for a long time.

The conclusion suggests itself, men have enough reasons to completely cut their hair bald.

Which of the celebrities used to do such a haircut, who is now

More than one celebrity got a haircut, men have a popular model in their favorites for a decade.

Jason Statham a great example of a successful haircut bald, the colorful image has won many fans around the world.

"Toughie" Bruce willis one of the first stars to shave hair.

Hard to imagine Diesel Wines with long strands, the star of the movie "Fast and the Furious" shaves his head throughout his career.

Dmitry Nagiev preferred extended haircuts, today the showman does not even change his image even for new roles.

Maxim Averin I remembered the audience with a haircut to zero in the series "Capercaillie". New roles require changes and today the actor wears magnificent hair.

Dima Bilan often changes haircuts, shaving hair became an intermediate option between a model hairstyle and a short hedgehog.

Nikita Panfilov does not change the image of the brutal guy from film to film. The image is complemented by light unshaven and stylish tattoos.

Haircut: female

For women, this is not a search for a unique image, but a way of self-expression. To get away from the same type of girl are ready to wear a bald haircut.

Some stars risked an ultra-short hairstyle for the role in the film, some of the ladies because of a desire to draw attention to their person. Business ladies get their hair cut in order to equalize their chances with male partners.

According to ancient customs, a hairdo is the beginning of a new life. Plus short haircuts rejuvenate. Each person has his own reason for such radical measures.

Advantages and disadvantages

Haircut is very popular among many men. This is due not only to the fact that the stronger sex has no other choice, there are many reasons because of which they prefer to completely cut their hair.

  • In the summer, with such a haircut is not hot.
  • This is one way of healing the skin. Shaving hair eliminates dead cells.
  • No need to spend money on the purchase of detergents.
  • No need to wash and smooth your hair.
  • Bald head helps to deal with problems such as peeling, head lice and seborrhea.
  • You don’t have to spend a lot of time on cutting haircuts.
  • You can cut your head at home.

It is important to note that some men decide to shave their heads baldly, as they already have patches of bald head. In order not to treat dormant or diseased bulbs, they simply get rid of their hair.

However, there are significant disadvantages of bald head. For example, many people think that only “bad guys” shave baldly. When crossing the border, customs officers may doubt their identity by checking documents. Moreover, since the hair holds heat, their absence leads to the fact that heat transfer is enhanced.

Some believe that men with a bald head scare away gangsters from themselves. Also, in a fight, you can grab hold of hair, which is not very good.

A haircut under 0 competes with haircuts boxing, semi-boxing and tennis.

The benefits of haircuts "under zero"

Most people who cut their hair and wear a haircut to zero can name a number of reasons why they decided on such an experiment. We list these advantages:

  1. Economical and fast process.
  2. Walking with a bald head is not hot.
  3. No time is wasted on washing hair, as well as funds for the purchase of shampoos, balms and other care products.
  4. As one of the ways to improve the skin of the head (in the process of shaving, dead cells "leave" the head).
  5. The ability to keep the skin clean (a great way to deal with diseases such as pediculosis, seborrhea, peeling).

In addition to the positive points, possible disadvantages of cutting “to zero” can be highlighted:

  1. Negative reaction of others (many think that only bandits or prisoners are cut in hair, why people bypass bald people).
  2. There may be problems with checking documents at customs (customs officers may doubt your identity by checking photos with long hair in your passport with a real bald man).
  3. The head loses thermal protection, due to which there is enhanced heat exchange to maintain an acceptable temperature of the head and the whole body.

Among other important points (possibly comic), the following deserve attention:

  • In any fight, a bald man cannot be grabbed by the hair.
  • If a person drowns, then you can no longer grab onto the hair.
  • A bald head is able to scare away the “unwanted” contingent.
  • All hair problems are not about you.
  • Shaving bald makes a man brutal and gives masculinity (remember the famous "bald", Bruce Willis, handsome Jason Statham, Fedor Bondarchuk, Gosha Kutsenko, Dmitry Nagiyev and others).
  • In the pool they will not be required to wear a swimming cap (for some, a bald head gives hydrodynamics during swimming and aerodynamics during cycling).
  • There will never be problems with unraveling the hair if any ill-wisher sticks the chewing gum to the hair.

Regarding the haircut of the bald babies, there is an opinion that after it, new hair begins to grow more dense and attractive. However, in reality, this is not entirely true. Doctors have established that the quality of vegetation on the baby’s head is determined at the genetic level, so cutting “to zero” will not be able to change their quality for the better, and sometimes can cause damage.

Firstly, after shaving the hair in babies, they often begin to grow worse, and also go through a long recovery period. This is due to the fact that the skin of the baby’s head is damaged with a razor or a machine, and small capillaries can even burst due to the strong tension of the skin.

Secondly, this procedure for very young children can be a lot of stress, and cause psychological trauma. Therefore, before cutting a child's hair bald, parents should think carefully.

At home or at the hairdresser?

Of course, everyone decides where and how to cut their hair. Even an inexperienced master can shave his hair, but before starting, he is better acquainted with the advice of experienced hairdressers. There are many videos on the Internet how to shave your hair. In order not to fool themselves, men prefer to turn to specialists.

It is important to remember that a haircut to zero may not suit you, so use a special program that will show how you will look in this image. If you decide to remove hair, then you need a machine with nozzles numbers from 0 to 3. You can not use the nozzle at all. You need to start cutting from the forehead and crown, smoothly moving to the back of the head and temples.

Having a thick and long head of hair, get rid of the main length with scissors. Need to cut against hair growth. Some try to perform this procedure using an ordinary machine, but you need to know the technology for cutting with this tool. For example, you need to take a hot shower to steam out the pores of the skin. This will help to avoid cuts on the head.

Which of the men would fit a haircut?

Every man can cut his hair at zero, regardless of hair type, however, skin imperfections in the head can be a limitation. Owners of such defects are better off not risking with such a haircut, as this can scare others.

Advice! To hide imperfections on a bald head can tattoos that match the image.

Who goes bald head?

Haircut is suitable for men and women in the following cases:

  • even beautiful skull
  • the absence of defects on the head - a lot of scars, a large burn or birthmark, very large ears,
  • it’s important that there are no dermatological problems on the scalp,
  • the best option for the structure of the hair - thin hair,
  • face type - ideally oval or square, but without a massive chin, but this applies more to women.


Do not forget about the negative aspects of such a haircut. First of all, it should be noted that this completely changes the image of any person. And it can also create a problem for many with documents, because a person becomes almost unrecognizable. therefore for those who travel a lot, you must definitely change the photo in your passport.

In addition, those who decide on such a haircut lose their natural thermal protection, which is especially important in the winter. However, in this case, everything can be solved by putting a warmer cap on your head.

It is very difficult to change your image. If you want to change your hairstyle, then this action will not work quickly, since hair grows for a long time. In some cases, you can resort to extension, but this is possible only when the hair grows even a little.

In especially extreme cases, for example, when an accident occurs or a person simply falls, the head will be most vulnerable.

In cases where a person is drowning, it will be difficult to save him.

Face shape and haircut

Zero haircut suits any man, regardless of his hair type. However, it is important to keep in mind some limitations. If you have an ugly head shape, then without hair it will not look attractive.

You also need to pay attention to existing imperfections, scars or moles. The bare head immediately attracts the attention of others and if there are any defects on it, the whole image of masculinity is immediately lost.

Such a haircut emphasizes the masculinity of a man, his self-confidence, which in turn attracts many women. Having shaved his head naked, the man declares that he is not afraid of the opinions of other people, and is ready to defend his life position, even if others do not like it.

The bristles are perfect for this look. However, before you grow the bristles, make sure that your hair structure allows you to have such an accessory. Men can make tattoos on their heads to decorate their image and emphasize their independence from the opinions of others.

Photo gallery

Many famous stars love bald head. Many fans want to imitate them, so they make such a haircut. On the Internet there are many different photos of bald guys who are ideally suited for a new image. Before you get rid of your hair, look at different photos - this will help you make the right choice.

Instruction: how to shave bald

To perform a haircut at home, you will need tools:

  • hairdresser's scisors,
  • hair shaving machine,
  • comb,
  • machine,
  • shaving gel and lotion (without alcohol) or body milk if the skin is very sensitive.

Before the main work, it is necessary to prepare:

  • comb your hair
  • you need to cut each strand with a guy 90 degrees closer to the roots with a straight cut on the fingers,
  • remove the rest with a machine without a nozzle,
  • Steam your scalp by taking a hot shower.

Do not be afraid! Excitement will interfere with shaving bald correctly and efficiently. We share a simple technology, using which irritation is minimized.

The pattern of the haircut is as follows:

  1. Apply the gel to the skin (in moderation).
  2. Start shaving smoothly, freely moving the machine from the frontal part to the neck.
  3. Each pass must be completed by flushing the tool.
  4. With this technique, the hair of the front zone is shaved against growth, and in the occipital zone - by growth. Otherwise, the skin may become inflamed, which will cause severe irritation.
  5. Swipe the shaved area with your hand to check for smoothness. Wash residual hair in small steps.
  6. Apply gel on the occipital area. Now the direction is the opposite. The machine should move from the neck to the crown (up). Increase pressure on suboccipital cavity.
  7. On the side zones, pull the ear a little, the machine moves from bottom to top in small steps.
  8. Repeat the same movements on the temples.
  9. Rinse your head with cool water to wash off the remnants of the gel mass.
  10. Treat your skin with lotion or milk. Excellent recommendations for Panthenol cream.

This bald haircut technique is great for basic skills. Gradually get your own technique.
After shaving, the skin will be lighter. In winter, you can even out your tone by visiting the solarium, in the summer walking in sunny weather.

If there is irritation, redness, rashes that do not go away for a long time, it is better to use only a machine.

The better to shave your head bald

There are 3 hair cutting tools:

  1. Electric razor - leaves invisible stubble, does not require the use of a mirror. It does not cause damage to moles or scars.
  2. The machine is the fastest haircut option, with dexterity injury is excluded. Not completely removes hair with a soft structure.
  3. Machine - creates a perfectly smooth surface, sold special razor sets for the head.

To understand which of the haircut tools suits your skin, you will actually have to apply each of them.

Grooming haircut

As already mentioned, such a haircut is very easy to follow. The main thing is to cut your hair in time so that the image does not lose its attractiveness. If you decide to grow your stubble, then do not forget to adjust it and do not start it. To make the bald head look beautiful, you can nourish the scalp with different oils or masks.

What happens if you cut your hair

A close environment is best prepared in advance for such a radical change in image. This is especially true for women who have long worn long curls. For most men, a haircut on a lady's heart can be a serious stress.

Be prepared for public opinion. Many associate a haircut with crime and bandits. There may be problems with documents at the customs - they will not let them pass by discrepancy, they will have to take a new photo on their passport.

Doctors do not recommend cutting the hair of young children, at least up to a year.

  • when cutting, the baby may get scared, suddenly jerk, which will lead to cuts,
  • the sound and sensations on the skin of the machine can provoke stress in the baby,
  • the children have fragile places on their heads - these are fontanelles on the top of the head. If damaged, the consequences may be irreversible.

Haircuts are safe for adults. The only caveat is that you have to grow your hair for a long time to the previous length.

Why do girls get their hair cut?

There are various explanations for this choice, one of which is the need for radical changes in appearance. Some men believe that a woman's very short haircut makes her more sexy and attractive.

Some girls cut their hair to zero for practical purposes (hair does not need daily care), however, “bare practicality” is not so characteristic of the fair half of humanity than of a strong half. Therefore, among the main reasons for girls to have their hair cut:

  • creating a new image,
  • manifestation of originality,
  • demonstration of belonging to a certain group of people,
  • search for attitude, a kind of way out of a depressive state.

Some experts say that the vegetation on the head (especially women) is able to absorb negative energy (despite the opinion that magical power lurks in the hair). This may be an explanation for the fact that girls in a state of depression or stress remove everything superfluous from their heads, thus changing their lives.

Similar changes in image and style give rise to a new, more successful life. An example is the stars in the world of cinema and show business, who achieved great success after they cut their hair bald. You can recall such personalities as Yulia Chicherina, Masha Makarova (soloist of the group "Masha and the Bears"), rock singer Sinead O’Connor, actress Natalie Portman, Demi Moore, Charlize Theron, Russian singer Slava and others. Many movie stars are simply forced to lose their luxurious hair for the role in the movie. Of course, many of these girls for a long time could not decide on such a responsible act, but it was worth it.

Advice! A bald head is not suitable for all women. In order for the haircut to look more attractive, it is necessary to have the correct facial features and an even skull shape.

By the way, from a psychological point of view, it is easier for a man to shave off hair on his head than a girl.

Zero haircut

It is necessary to carry out a haircut on dry hair.

This haircut is performed using a special machine (mechanical or electrical) without the use of nozzles. Before shaving hair, they must be combed in the direction of their natural growth. If the hair is long, then it must be cut to the desired length. Then you need to raise the hair on the forehead, install the machine on the frontal protrusion along the edge of the hair growth and take the time to push it to the crown. Shaving occurs against the growth of hair. Haircut is carried out in strips (from the borders of growth to the crown).To ensure the same length of haircuts, it is necessary to cut each subsequent strip, capturing a little of the previous one. In addition, attention is paid to the hair on the top of the head and the occipital twists, which are cut against the direction of their growth. At the end of the haircut, trimming is performed in the temporal part of the head, behind and over the ears, on the neck.

Attention! To avoid the negative attitude of the client to a haircut to zero, it is recommended to start cutting from the back of the head towards the top. In this case, it is still possible to leave the total hair length. The client during a haircut can dramatically change his mind, and it is already impossible to correct the situation when the strip in the front is already cut!

Should you cut your hair?

When choosing a hairstyle, correlate how much it matches your lifestyle, habits and style.

Pay attention to the following details:

  • Anatomical features that can ruin an impression after a haircut,
  • own character, are you creative enough
  • social status.

The main incentive is your desire; you really want to make radical changes.

How to care for a bald head?

Follow these steps:

  1. Thin or sensitive skin - daily moisturizer treatment.
  2. In summer, use creams with UV protection, in winter - cosmetic oil.
  3. Wear hats appropriate for the time of year.
  4. In men, increased fat production, with heavy sweating in the morning and evening, apply alcohol-based tonics to the head. You can use wipes with a matting effect, which must be used throughout the day.
  5. So that the skin does not become coarse, massages are recommended to improve blood circulation.

Even the hairdo should look well-groomed.

Shaving head

Before shaving, you must first perform a “zero” haircut, as described above. After that, shaving foam is applied, distributed throughout the head. Then the shaving is performed for the first time - in the direction of hair growth (from the crown to the forehead, down and to the sides), the second time - in the opposite direction. Then the foam is applied again and the procedure is repeated.

Important! An excellent result is achieved with a razor that guarantees safe operation. But the use of a dangerous razor requires certain skills from the master, accuracy in work.

To create an interesting image, they often resort to performing various drawings on a bald head. It can be simple patterns, inscriptions, simple lines, and sometimes whole pictures.

Is it good or bad to cut your hair?

Shaving can have a harmful effect with serious dermatological problems - the formation of a crust on the scalp, inflammatory processes, and open wounds.

As a result of cutting, cuts can be made on an uneven surface. It is difficult to disinfect a tool at home.

The biggest harm is to infect the wounds or cuts. The benefit is that when performing a haircut, pores open, dead cells are eliminated, and the sebaceous glands work. More details are described above.

Haircut care

A “zero” haircut does not require special care, the only thing to watch out for is the regularity of going to the hairdresser. Constant hair regrowth makes the image groomed and unattractive. Despite the simplicity of the haircut, it is best to contact the master, who will not only perform this work quickly and efficiently, but also give valuable advice on the need for a haircut. Such a hairstyle can be one of the ways to "re-educate" naughty hair. For example, you have a desire to grow long and luxurious hair, which can be styled as soon as you like, but your vegetation does not allow this because of “naughty”. A haircut under zero will allow you to change the direction of hair growth!

Execution technique

Haircuts are becoming very fashionable now, so many decide to make this hairstyle. But first, you need to familiarize yourself with the execution technique in order to have an idea of ​​how a person will look before and after the haircut.

In order to make such a haircut, you will need some of the most necessary tools. These are scissors for a haircut, an electric clipper, an ordinary comb and a razor. For those whose heads are especially sensitive, you need to additionally purchase a lotion or shaving gel.

When you have all the necessary tools, you can proceed to the haircut itself. It is necessary to carefully comb the hair, and then with the help of scissors cut their hair as short as possible. Therefore, for this, each lock must be pulled back 90 degrees. Then you can take a clipper and remove any remaining hair. When the haircut is over, you should steam your head well under a rather hot shower.

The next step is shaving the head. So that after this procedure it is possible to minimize skin irritation, you must first apply a moisturizing gel on the head. However, its amount should be moderate. After that, you can start shaving with smooth movements. To do this, you need to start from the forehead in the direction of the neck.

After each movement, it is necessary to rinse the machine in boiled water so that there is no infection.

The front zone of the head shaves against hair growth, and the back of the head - vice versa. This will help prevent skin irritation on the head. After that, you need to hand over the entire surface to make sure its smoothness. If there are at least small errors, you need to carefully finder them.

Ears should be pulled out on the sides to facilitate shaving. Shave with light movements from bottom to top. When the haircut is complete, rinse the head with plain water at room temperature. This will help get rid of the remnants of the applied gel.

Then the head should be treated with lotion or milk to make the skin softer and smoother.

Other men's haircuts are almost bald

Table of ultra-short hairstyles.

TitleExecution time in minutesDifficulty in points
Half box40-605

The difference between the models is a slight lengthening with an emphasis on bangs.

With massage

If you do regular head massage, it will help to cause blood flow to the head, which will greatly improve the blood supply to the hair follicles. In addition, it is not necessary to do it in one pose. Massage should give only pleasure, so you can do it not only sitting, but lying down. The procedure itself must be done no more than 10 minutes.

Using masks

For quick hair growth, you can try to apply some masks that will contribute to this.

  • Onion mask. It has a slightly annoying effect, which also causes blood flow to the head and accelerates hair growth. To prepare it, grate the onion on the smallest grater, and then mix the onion gruel with honey. The proportions should be 3: 1. After this, the resulting mixture should be rubbed into the head and immediately insulated. After one hour, it must be washed with shampoo, and then rinsed with clean water with lemon juice.

The only drawback of such a mask is the unpleasant odor, which will be retained for another week.

  • Cinnamon. This mask is considered the most effective for accelerating hair growth. To prepare it, you can try to use both simple powder and essential oil. However, its use should be very careful. You need to take 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 20 grams of honey, a few drops of mint, 5 grams of coconut oil. Melt the oil in a water bath, and then add the remaining components to it. Then the mask is rubbed into the scalp and wrapped in a bath towel.

Literally an hour later, you can wash it off with shampoo.

  • With pepper. To prepare such a mask, you need to mix 20 grams of tincture, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of onion juice, one egg yolk and a teaspoon of burdock oil. All components must be mixed and then rubbed into the head. After half an hour, you can wash off the mask with water at room temperature using shampoo. In the end, you need to rinse your head with clean water and lemon juice.

To summarize, we can say that Haircuts not only allow girls to emphasize their brightness, but also improve their scalp.

See the steps in the next video for the steps of a haircut.

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