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Stages of facial hair growth: from stubble to beard

To grow a beard, you need to remove the razor and trimmer away in the closet and wait. That's probably all that needs to be done, most men who have never before grown a beard will think. The fact is that you learn a lot of new things about caring for a growing beard and you have to solve many problems and tasks that meet on the way to a new image. At the time of writing, I myself decided to grow a beard for the first time in my life in order to try something new.

Puzzled by the question, I studied a certain amount of information on how to grow a beard and conditionally divided it into 3 parts: growth of a beard, definition with the style of a beard, care of a beard. I will not highlight the stage where the question is being discussed: "... why do you need a beard at all?" Everyone answers this question himself, so there is no point in talking about the pros and cons of this solution. However, it is possible to describe how the attitude of people changes after they saw you in an unusual light, which will be reflected later in the article.

So, the first thing you need to do at the very beginning is to remove the razor away and grow a beard, with patience. In fact, patience is one of the main requirements that many beard owners allude to. The beard is not measured in centimeters, but in months or even years.


In order to start growing a beard, you do not need to do anything except a little preparation.

The day before you start letting go of the bristles, it is advisable to shave smoothly without missing a single area on the face - it is necessary that the hair grow evenly in the near future and require less trimmer treatment.

First week

The most difficult thing is to hold out for the first week. What is the difficulty? On the contrary, there is no need to waste time at the mirror! You can throw an electric razor! This is the difficulty. In the morning, a hand reaches for a razor.

But this is not the most difficult psychological barrier. It is most difficult to appear with such stubble in public, because at first it does not look very aesthetically pleasing. And it’s unusual to see yourself unshaven.

So, what exactly will have to face in the initial stages?

Depending on the level of testosterone in the body, the first bristle will appear at least in a day, at most - in three days.

One-day unshaven

We struggle with the desire to shave everything and forget. Perhaps you do not have this desire right away. It all depends on the growth rate and color of your hair.

Not necessarily, the color of the hair on the head will match the color of the beard. They may vary slightly. For example, Sergei Yesenin, who was proud of his golden-headed head, always carefully shaved his facial hair. Once, his friends found him unshaven, and it turned out that Yesenin had a red beard. This is characteristic of many owners of blond hair.

For most people, a one-day stubble is a barely perceptible spiky fluff that after years of continuous shaving can seem annoying, can prick your skin. You don’t need to worry - the longer the hair, the more soft it is, so that after a few days the unpleasant and unusual sensations will go away.

Dark stubble is more visible and attracts attention. In addition, it can grow quite quickly. On average, a two-day stubble grows by 1-2 mm.

Three day stubble

At this stage, discomfort will appear on the skin. Overgrown hairs will irritate the face and neck. Redness may appear.

No need to remove the razor again. Better go to the barbershop and pick up a soothing lotion. Be careful, alcohol-containing products will dry already irritated skin, so they should be avoided.

The problem with the three-day stubble is that the hairs have already grown by 3-4 millimeters. This length is enough for them to twist and stab the skin.

Think of yourself as a teenager. Then it was the same, but it hardly bothered you. By the way, your 3 mm bristles may well resemble teenage ones, because hair follicles do not wake up at the same time, which makes the bristles seem rare and untidy. You can use oil that accelerates hair growth in those places where the islets remain.

Most often, the hair grows more actively on the chin, so the trimmer will not be out of place. Use it to control the uniformity of hair growth.

It needs to be purchased immediately, because it will help you to adjust the length in the future. Choose the one that suits you best. You can simply purchase a nozzle for your electric shaver. It will be both convenient and familiar, and you will have less chance of cutting off the excess.

The border between the bristles and the beard is 5 mm long.

First month

  1. 5 mm - usually at this length the skin ceases to shine through the hair. Hollywood stubble. Unwanted to complete men.
  2. 6-7mm - more brutal, may not be suitable for a very young man (up to 20 years). Claims for such a beard by companies requiring a strict office dress code, including full shaving, have not yet been filed.
  3. 8-9 mm - from this length you can already form most of the styles that are currently popular. Fat men can already use such bristles to mask their shortcomings.
  4. 10 mm is a beard that may look funny on a young man and may not be suitable for some recruitment agencies.

After a week, you definitely have the right to consider yourself the proud owner of a real beard.

You can get a razor and trim the contours to make it look more neat. A 5 mm beard is still not like what you were dreaming of, but hair regrowth is not a quick process. Hair so far stick out in different directions. There is a slight itching. It will pass soon. 5 mm hair, curling, still scratches the skin.

The two-week bristles will not be too different from the weekly bristles. Every week you need to maintain the desired circuit. A razor and trimmer will come to the rescue. It’s best not to start shampooing your beard because your skin is still sore.

A three-week beard brings long-awaited relief. Both moral and physical. It grows on average by 6mm and is no longer pricked.

It would seem that there are only some 3mm, but what is the difference in appearance and well-being.

By the fourth week, it will grow by about 10mm. For someone, it can grow even more than a centimeter, it all depends on age and other factors. It's time to visit the barbershop again. Specialists will help you choose a form, and you can grow a beard as you originally intended. And if you didn’t think of anything concrete, they will help and advise you that will be better suited to your facial features.

How to grow a beautiful beard?

On the face of a man there are about 20 thousand hairs, they grow at a speed of half a millimeter per day. It would seem that there is nothing easier than becoming a bearded man. But in fact, if you fully trust Mother Nature, you can grow a shapeless tow. Moreover, not every man has facial hair growing evenly, but it happens that a beard does not grow at all.

The first thing a potential bearded man needs to know is that it is not worth growing a beard as a teenager. Thick and lush it will not grow due to the characteristics of the hormonal background. At the same time, taking synthetic hormones and drugs that accelerate the growth of bristles will still not give the desired effect, and they can harm health. In addition to hormones and age, there are several more reasons why a beard does not grow. The chances of becoming the owner of lush vegetation are affected by:

  • diet and the presence of micronutrients necessary for hair growth in food,
  • the state of the body's water balance,
  • physical activity,
  • quality of sleep, usefulness of rest,
  • stress level
  • bad habits
  • genetics.

Stage one: evaluate your chances

To assess your chances of success, you will have to keep your hands away from the razor for at least 2-3 weeks. During this time, everything from which your beard can be formed will grow, and it will become clear whether it will be possible to achieve the desired density in your case. But before that, experts recommend a deep shave with preliminary steaming of the skin, so that later the hairs grow back the same length.

Tip: The first two weeks of the shield on the face will look untidy. In order to avoid unnecessary questions from others and not to explain to everyone what happened with your razor, it is better to plan a beard growing for a vacation or to do it during the sick-list. By the way, in the cold season, the process of growing vegetation on the chin is more comfortable.

If your beard does not grow, there are bald spots or voids on it, you need to look for the cause among the above. In case of uneven facial hair growth due to genetics, beard specialists - barbers - advise to leave the plant with growing and confine to bristles or small areas of facial hair, such as goatee, Zappa beard. In other cases, if the beard grows poorly, you can speed up the process by adjusting the diet, revising your lifestyle. Vitamins and special preparations for internal and external use will be effective. But about them a little later.

The following section is dedicated to all those who after the first three weeks of unshaven did not leave this venture. We will tell you how to grow a gorgeous beard.

Stage two: grow the length

About a month from the day the hairs on your face began to grow frivolously, the most difficult stage of growth for many men begins. Here you will need all your patience and endurance. Alas, the beard does not grow immediately with an ideal shape, at first the hairs can naughty stick out in different directions.

Shield growth can cause unbearable itching. Discomfort will have to endure. High-quality moisturizing of the skin of the face can help, periodically it is recommended to do scrubbing. Relief can occur after combing the beard, even if its length is minimal. It relieves itching.

Tip: do not be lazy to wash your beard using special products: conditioners, balms, oils. They will make the hair softer and more obedient.

During this period, it is worthwhile to carefully monitor the shape of the beard, gradually giving it the right look. As the stubble grows, trim it on the sides so that the main “weight” of the beard is added around the chin. In this case, the Adam's apple should be open, you will have to shave your neck regularly. Do not forget to cut the hair under the lower lip, this will give accuracy to your appearance.

Tip: facial hair absorbs and retains odors well. Do you want extra problems? After eating, wash your face thoroughly and purchase a special hair fixer with a pleasant fragrance.

Choose a beard shape

Already at this stage, it is worth deciding on the shape of a beard, which will help you create your unique style. So, the surest way is to focus on the type of person, but do not forget about fashion favorites, because not every form is now in trend.

For men with an oval face, almost any form of beard is suitable. But remember that the oval is considered the standard, it is the owners of other face shapes who strive to come closer with the help of a beard and hairstyle. Therefore, having an oval face, do not violate its contours with an angular or too elongated beard. The best choice is the so-called medium length Hollywood beard. Her characteristic features are a completely closed chin, rounded soft contours, the absence of whiskers, and the presence of a mustache.

Men with an elongated shape of the face should combine a beard with a mustache. Clear horizontal lines in the middle of the face will make it visually shorter and give harmony. As you probably already guessed, you should not try to grow a long beard. This will only enhance the effect of the elongation of the face.

Chubby men, by contrast, should avoid mustaches and whiskers. The main task of facial hair is to stretch it visually. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to a beard in the form of a trapezoid, for example, an Anchor shape narrowed downwards or a beard with the funny name Duck Tail.

Holders of a triangular face should opt for a short, but magnificent, voluminous beard. She is able to hide a pointed chin and harmonize the proportions of the face as much as possible. A great option is Garibaldi's beard. This is perhaps the most trendy shape, having a rounded base, combining perfectly with a thick mustache. Another interesting shape is the French fork. Its feature is a split base, like the teeth of a French fork. And, of course, no goatee or goatee. This is not just a bad choice, it is absolutely taboo!

How to trim a beard yourself?

Do you want it to be like in the song: “But he is so beautiful with a beard ...”? Then you have to carefully monitor the appearance and maintain the shape of the vegetation on the chin. Ideal if you have the opportunity to use the services of a barber. But their own efforts will give a good result. Your faithful assistant will be a trimmer with various nozzles.

Tip: first attempts to use a trimmer should be unhurried and extremely careful. One wrong move and six months of work will go down the drain.

If you cut your beard on your own, be sure to get good hairdressing scissors with sharp blades. When giving the desired shape to the vegetation on the chin, never cut a lot at once. Cut a few millimeters, constantly combing your hair and pulling it to the side. Cut hairs only when dry!

What if the beard does not grow?

As we already mentioned at the very beginning of the article, up to a certain age, the representatives of the stronger sex do not grow a beard. The first vegetation on the young man's face is more like a fluff, and it can appear at the age of 14-16 years.

Note: it is interesting that nationality affects the density and timing of the appearance of vegetation on the chin of a young man. So, representatives of the southern peoples have observed rapid growth of facial hair, and at the age of 15, most guys already have shaving foam and a machine tool. But representatives of the Eastern Slavs begin to shave their faces by the age of 18-19 years.

If, after 18-20 years, the guy does not have a beard, it is worth checking the level of hormones and the health status of the body as a whole. To do this, you need a doctor's consultation.

In cases when there is vegetation on the chin, but the beard does not grow at the desired speed or has insufficient density, it can be stimulated to grow. You can speed up the process by acting on the body from the inside and outside.

Correct daily routine

Hair growth, including on the face, depends on the health status of the body as a whole. Negative effects on it can be lack of sleep, stress, a sedentary lifestyle.

Regular exercise can help grow a beard, no matter how ridiculous it may sound at first glance. The growth of bristles on the face depends on the production of the hormone testosterone, which sports can stimulate the synthesis of. At the same time, nerve stress reduces the level of testosterone in the blood due to the production of the stress hormone cortisol.

Balanced diet

Improper nutrition, unbalanced diet, lack of fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals and dairy products in the daily menu will inevitably lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. This, in turn, will negatively affect the condition of the hair, including the face.

Vitamins necessary for hair growth:

  • biotin (vitamin B7): present in nuts, beef, egg yolks, shrimp,
  • vitamin A: found in carotene form in orange and red vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, apricots, pumpkin,
  • Vitamin C: in large quantities is present in citrus fruits, rosehips, sea buckthorn, all varieties of cabbage,
  • Vitamin E: found in nuts, olives, avocados, oatmeal, spinach, dried apricots,
  • Vitamin B9: eat in seeds, peanuts, parsley, cod liver, legumes.

For a healthy appearance and rapid growth of hair on the chin, it is important to enrich your diet with products containing not only vitamins, but also trace elements. Zinc, calcium and iron must be ingested in sufficient quantities, especially if you decide to grow a beard.

Synthetic Vitamins for Hair Growth

If the vegetation on the chin is in no hurry to grow, it is possible that there are not enough vitamins with food in the body, or their absorption is disturbed. It is worth consulting with a doctor regarding the intake of vitamin complexes. There are many drugs, the composition of which is specially selected to stimulate the growth and strengthening of hair. Perfectifil, Pantovigar, Evalar, Merz, Revalid tablets will help grow faster on facial hairs.

Choose tools that accelerate the growth of bristles

On sale you can find special products for the growth of a lush beard. Initially, most of them were designed to accelerate hair growth on the head, but with the popularity of lush beards, these drugs began to be used to make hairs on the chin grow. Their main component is minoxidil. The substance dilates blood vessels and enhances blood circulation at the site of application. Due to this, oxygen and nutrients more actively enter the hair follicles, and the hair begins to grow faster. In addition, minoxidil is able to awaken the hair follicles in the latent phase. Due to this, hairs begin to grow where previously they were not.

Popular remedies with minoxidil:

  • Alerana spray 5% - is a medicine, is applied twice a day to the surface of the skin, it is not necessary to wash off the product, the price is about 700 rubles,
  • Regein Lotion 5% - the drug is hypoallergenic, odorless, used twice a day, designed specifically for men, the cost is around 1,500 rubles,
  • Generolon spray - when using the drug, the hairs begin to grow actively after about a month, at first they are thin, but over time their thickness increases, the price of the product is about 600 rubles.

Important: drugs with minoxidil are sold in pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, however, it is worth consulting a specialist before starting treatment, since using them may develop side effects, including skin allergic reactions, swelling of the soft tissues of the face, headaches, jumps pressure.

Folk remedies to accelerate the growth of bristles

Affordable and safe means such as nutritious oils can make bristles grow faster. The most popular - burdock, but a good effect will give olive, linseed and almond oil. They can be used in pure form, rubbing the chin and cheeks into the skin. Before applying the oil, you need to hold it a little in the palms of your hands to warm up to a temperature that is comfortable for the skin. An hour after application, the remaining oil is washed off with warm water.

Important: use oils that affect the growth of the beard, you need no more than 2-3 times a week. If you overdo it, you can clog the hair follicles and impair the nutrition of the hairs, because of which they will stop growing at all.

Why not try making oil-based masks that enhance blood circulation? You can add a little ground cinnamon, dry mustard powder or red pepper to the oil. But before applying the self-prepared mixture to the skin of the face, it is better to first conduct a test on the hand. The fact is that if you go too far with the amount of the “burning” component, you may encounter redness of the skin, and possibly even burn it. And in no case do not apply the product on damaged skin! With carelessness, the use of folk recipes can have a bad outcome!

The simplest folk method that can make bristles grow is washing with ice water. Low temperatures stimulate a rush of blood to the tissues, due to which the nutrition of the hair follicles improves, and this positively affects the growth of the beard.

As you can see, growing a beautiful beard, and at the same time not being like a street homeless, is not so simple. We hope our tips will help you in such a difficult task. If you have a self-tested recipe that accelerates beard growth, why not share it in the comments?

Hygiene and Beard Care

What if the beard does not grow? The hairline is important to keep clean. All dirt, fat deposits and the stratum corneum of the dermis can cause dull hair growth. As soon as a man begins to grow stubble, it is important to regularly wash his face in the morning and in the evening, and during the procedure to use gentle cosmetic cleansers. This will help to avoid irritation. If there is excessive sweating, then wash your face more often.

You will also need to use facial scrubs. Such remedies help eliminate residual keratinized skin. When shaving, residues are removed with a razor. As soon as a man begins to grow stubble, it will be necessary to eliminate them by other methods. After washing the bristles on the face, resort to applying moisturizers. Doctors recommend giving preference to creams with eucalyptus.

Proper nutrition

How to grow a beard? When growing, it is very important to monitor your diet. So that hair growth is not slowed down, the body should be completely satisfied with fluid. Nutritionists and doctors advise drinking 2 liters of fluid daily - this is a glass of water every hour.

How to make a beard grow faster? A diet with the inclusion of a sufficient amount of oil and protein will come to the rescue. The vegetation itself partially includes protein and is coated with oils and fats. Include as many beans, eggs, nuts, meat and fish as possible in the diet.

It is important to eat foods containing vitamins A, E and C in large quantities. A competent combination of vitamins contributes to good conditions for the strength of hair follicles and the growth of bristles. If the beard does not grow, what to do and what measures to take? Use these vitamins:

    Retinol. Helps maintain the scalp and hair in a natural state. A lack of vitamin A causes dandruff and dry hair. Retinol is found in sufficient quantities in broccoli, carrots, pumpkin, meat products, seafood, green vegetables with leaves.

If the beard grows slowly, then you need to limit yourself in the consumption of sweets. With an excess of these products, the hair becomes thinner and prone to breaking. It is worth refusing to drink sugary drinks.

Doing sports

How to grow a beard if it does not grow? The problem, among others, is the deficiency of the hormone testosterone. Pay attention to physical activity, as exercises help to normalize blood circulation and maintain a natural metabolic rate. Exercising in the morning or jogging will help to grow a beard in a natural way.

Avoid stressful situations.

It is extremely difficult to resist stress, but it is important to deal with it. How to quickly grow a beard? Of course, avoid stressful situations, since stress is the main root cause of hair loss. This inhibits the growth of bristles. Conflict situations also negatively affect human immunity, and this also leads to dull growth.

Healthy sleep

The emphasis in maintaining normal body functions can be done on a healthy and sound sleep. It also contributes to the normal growth of bristles. How to grow a beard? The first thing to get enough sleep. At the time of rest, the cells self-renew and an increase in hair growth rate is noted. Doctors recommend at least 8 hours of sound sleep.

Have patience and strength

Many men are interested in how much the beard grows in time, how to speed up the process. But the main problem of the strong half is an attempt to grow a beard as soon as possible. It is impossible to sleep, and the next morning to wake up with overgrown stubble.

While hair grows, a person will feel itching and discomfort. But as the hair grows and grows in length, such unpleasant sensations will disappear. It is recommended to distract, devote time to a hobby.

Rules for care during growing

Growing a beard from scratch is a laborious process. Start bristle care from the very first days. It is too early to trim it in time or wash it with special shampoo. The skin will begin to itch as soon as the hair reaches a length of 1.5-2 cm. It is possible to eliminate such an unpleasant symptom with the help of lotions and moisturizing drying oils. It is important to abandon funds that have alcohol in their composition. Refuse scarves and sweaters with collars that additionally irritate the skin.

The stages and stages of growing a beard can be divided into the following:

  1. First stage - adjustment and circumcision. To carry out such actions, a special machine or beard trimmer is used. A dangerous razor, scissors and a comb with frequent cloves will also be required to let go of the beard. It is equally important to have the skills to use all devices. You still have to learn how to use them, since regular care is necessary. What is important to do to grow a beard? Smooth the hairs on the sides, thereby giving shape. You will also need to shave off the hair in the Adam's apple and below. The emphasis is to recreate the volume in the chin area. The hair that is under the lower lip should be trimmed regularly.
  2. Create focus on the extreme area. This stage starts from the second month of releasing vegetation. It is necessary that the hairs are already quite elongated, for this you need not to shave. They can be washed, scratched and stylized. During this time, any guy will master the skills of using a trimmer. The latest models of devices are equipped with a unique laser and a flashlight. Thanks to such functions, you can easily adjust your beard, choose the shape.
  3. Stage Three - Line Shading. It is important to know how to properly grow a beard, and what to do if the hairline is rare. In this case, the lines on the cheekbones can be left natural. But it is important to ensure that the hair does not go beyond the designated boundaries. If the beard grows densely, then the area of ​​the cheeks will need to be shaved. Elongated hairs are removed with special devices. Excess should be removed with a razor.

Causes of Poor Beard Growth

Every guy wants to become the owner of a beautiful, thick and long stubble. But if the beard does not grow fast enough, not thick, the hairs curl, what is the root cause? There are many reasons why a beard grows poorly, and when growing these factors should be taken into account. So, why does a beard grow poorly?

  1. Heredity. If there were no men in the family who had a long beard, then the likelihood that a new generation will have it is extremely small.
  2. Age. The time of the beginning of the growth of hairs on the face is marked at all ages. Therefore, when the question arises why a beard does not grow at 25, one can answer that age is the root cause. This is a natural occurrence. If at 25 she grows, but badly, consider other reasons.


If the beard grows too slowly, then decoctions of various herbs can come to the rescue. The following herbs are most effective:

  1. Horseradish. Juice activates hair growth. It has a stimulating effect on sleeping follicles. The root of the plant is used. The composition has many vitamins, volatile. The components in the composition help to cope with skin problems, for example, seborrhea, fungal infections.
  2. Dandelion. The root of the plant is rich in vitamins and beneficial acids. These substances protect the structure of the hair from negative effects. Make hair thick, attractive, improve the structure with this unique flower.
  3. Horsetail. It contains unique substances - saponins, which in combination with water act like soaps. The hair structure is cleansed, cell regeneration is stimulated. When using products based on horsetail, you can stop hair loss, give them a healthy look.
  4. Nettle. The composition contains a large amount of ascorbic acid. Nettle-based products enhance hair growth. After taking, you can increase the density.

Vitamin Complexes

How does a beard grow in men? Vitamins and essential substances provide normal growth. Vitamins of group B are the most important substances that ensure the natural growth of facial vegetation. What vitamins have an effect:

  1. Vitamin B1. How fast does a beard grow? In the presence of all the necessary vitamins in the body, including thiamine, the growth of the beard is significantly accelerated. He takes an active part in the metabolism of proteins and fats. They are necessary to nourish the epidermis and hair. With a lack of thiamine, foods such as meat, eggs, brewer's yeast, beans, lettuce should be eaten.
  2. Vitamins B3 and B5. Promote a rush of blood to the hair follicles and improve blood flow. With a shortage, eat fish, beef, avocados, dairy products, cereals.
  3. Pyridoxine. It takes part in the metabolism. With a deficiency, dandruff occurs, hair loss begins. A large amount of vitamin is found in potatoes, carrots, nuts, cabbage.
  4. Biotin. This is an essential element that promotes hairline growth. Eat tomatoes, spinach, yeast, mushrooms, and liver more often.
  5. Folic acid. When you use vitamin A, hair begins to grow more densely. Vitamin is found in legumes, yeast, green vegetables with leaves.
  6. Vitamin B12. To start growing a beard, you need to use vitamin B12. It saturates the hair with oxygen and nutrients. The primary sources are soy, eggs, green vegetables with leaves.

Gels, masks and shampoos with the addition of B vitamins are secondary things. Vitamins are absorbed through the bloodstream and digestive tract. Through the skin, vitamins are absorbed in small volumes.

It is possible to get B vitamins with food, as well as in a pharmacy or in highly specialized sports retail chains in the form of supplements. In the pharmacy you can find a huge selection of vitamin mixes, the action of which is aimed at nutrition and hair strength. The most effective means are:

  1. Alphabet. This is a fortified complex that men who let out stubble cannot do without. Vitamin mix enriches the bulbs with vitamins and useful substances, normalizes the hair structure, does not cause any third-party reactions.
  2. Revalid. Promotes rapid hair growth. It is aimed at preserving existing hair. It does not cause unwanted reactions.
  3. Perfectil. It has a positive effect on the state of the dermis of the head. The result is noticeable when the monthly beard grows.

Prescribing the complex can only be performed by the attending physician.

If all else fails?

How fast is the beard growing? It depends on individual characteristics, genetic predisposition. In some men, hairs may not grow at all. This applies to mustaches, beards, whiskers. How to deal with this problem? If all folk remedies have been tried to accelerate hair growth, vitamin mixes are used, but the result is zero and nothing has grown, then in this case surgeons will come to the rescue.

There are many latest technologies for transplanting vegetation to problem areas. The operation takes place without any pain, and the machine for building carries out the procedure efficiently and quickly. After 4 hours, the man cannot be recognized. Formed form of bristles, density. How to grow a beard, take care of it? Hair care remains the same. For uniform growth, you can shave, cut. Care will be required even more actively.

How to shave in order to grow stubble after transplantation? As well as in the presence of natural hair. If the question arises, what to smear, then use the previously described effective folk recipes.

Growing a good beard is not so difficult today. It is important to adhere to all recommendations, properly care for the hair, use vitamin mixes. But the main thing is to have patience, because the hair on the chin in a week will not appear. Growing bristles is a lengthy process. And if there are problems with growth, then the first thing to do is check with the doctors for any pathologies. If there are health problems, then the emphasis is on treating the disease.

One month old beard

At the stage of beard growth for 2-3 weeks, you will notice that the beard begins to itch. The hair does not grow evenly, and in general, the beard itself looks rather untidy. The reason for the itch of the beard is that the ends of the hair, which became sharp after the last shave, grew enough to bend and prick your skin. The most “itchy” place is of course the neck, which we constantly move. If you grow a beard in the winter, then the scarf can even intensify this itch.

  1. Be courageous and just wait. This is a temporary phenomenon and will pass in a week or two.
  2. Use a moisturizer and be sure to buy beard oil. Try not to use products containing alcohol, which dries the skin and makes it worse.


At first, they do not recommend the use of various shampoos or conditioners. For washing a beard, ordinary soap is suitable or buy soap for a beard in our online store.

As soon as the beard ends, the time will come when the beard will grow here and there with uneven islets. Obviously, such a beard looks untidy. There are two ways to solve the problem:

  1. If you have decided on the beard style, and you don’t need a mustache or whiskers in this style, you can trim the beard a bit and shave off unnecessary areas.
  2. If you decide to be bearded as much as possible, just be patient and leave your beard untouched. Sooner or later, the hair will grow back and cover empty areas, you just have to wait.

Many lack patience, and here and there they begin to shave lonely hairs around the edges, however, after playing, they shave not what is needed. Be a man to the end, adopt a harsh, unshaven look and don’t touch your beard, otherwise you can do things. You can use beard oil from natural ingredients to prevent “islets” of hair from the beard and cheeks.

Beard popularity

Men have long worn a beard to protect the delicate skin around their mouth and neck from weather and cold. Almost all countries in ancient times sacredly applied to facial hair. Over time, in Russia, the beard began to give even a sacred meaning. Religion condemned shaving, therefore, in history, all the glorious heroes and great people have been illustrated with a thick natural beard.

Today, the beard among modern men is perceived as a manifestation of a certain subculture, a special worldview and style. For women, male beards are perceived, as in ancient times, as a sign of high testosterone in the body, and therefore, male sexuality and brutality.

To diversify men's fashion for a beard, barbershop salons began to open in cities in which barbers offer many options for modeling a beard.

1-2 month beard

When you manage to maintain possession of yourself and grow a beard in one month without touching it, it is time to make it tidier. To preserve the length of the beard, use small scissors. If you have recently started to care for your beard, there is a chance to shave off too much hair. It will take time to restore the hair on the beard, so adhere to the principle of "less is more." Cut less hair and do not cut it too short. To straighten the beard and evenly cut the length of the hair, use a small straight comb. Massage comb will not work, keep in mind.

Take care of your beard. Each time you find yourself in the shower, rinse it with clean water and wash with soap. For complete care, use special beard oil or regular burdock oil.

How to grow?

The initial task of any man is to grow a beard, later on from it you can simulate a neat haircut and the shape of a beard. But not all men know how to make a beard grow fully, quickly and densely. And if everyone manages to grow stubble, then to get a long and thick beard you need patience and work. Beard growth is affected by several factors:

  • healthy lifestyle,
  • hormones and testosterone levels,
  • balanced diet,
  • a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients,
  • genetic predisposition.

The process of beard growth can be divided into 3 stages, namely:

  1. Bristle appearance. Having refused shaving for 1-2 weeks, a man will be able to understand if he has a chance to grow a thick and long beard. When the bristles appear, one can see whether there are bald spots on the cheeks and neck and the areas are empty, where the hairs are not visible.
  2. Growth in the first 3 months. It is very important during this time not to touch the beard, allowing it to increase the length and density. The exception will be the area of ​​the Adam's apple, there should be a small stubble or a completely shaved area. Periodically, you need to cut the hair under the lower lip. It is important to wash the grown beard regularly with soap or shampoo. A beard is trimmed a little, but only on the sides.

  1. Beard growth for six months. It is half a year that an average man needs to grow a full, thick and long beard. Such vegetation requires constant washing and care in order to be a matter of pride. Hair is constantly cut, laid with wax or oil, combed.

For the growth of a beard, you can use auxiliary means. If we talk about medications, they are used only after the appointment of a doctor. And for home care, you can use folk recipes and cosmetic products.

2-3 month beard

For those who have been waiting for more than 2-3 months and have grown a really good beard, the fun begins. You will begin to notice that the beard, or rather the hair on the beard, is not the same as it was before. They begin to twist, stick around in all directions, and even have a curly look. Actually, it suits many. A brutal man is about you.

A two or three month old beard also requires care. Do not forget to rinse the beard daily with water, wash the beard with soap at least 1 time per week. It will be even better if you buy a special shampoo for your beard. If possible, use beard oil every day.


What are the types?

In order for a neat beard of one kind or another to be suitable for a male face and his general image, you need to consider visually existing versions of beards in the photo of stars. Beards can cover the whole face or make up some part of it, combine with a mustache, have a geometric shape or a sloppy look.

There are several popular types of male beard, namely:

  1. Full Russian beard - The best option for a courageous and heroic beard for stately and confident men. The beard has a natural and natural look and does not require special care.
  2. Hollywood beard - in the 30s, a beard haircut was called "Bretta", but today, true machos prefer this form of beard.
  3. Balbo - A fashionable beard this year, which is similar to a Russian beard, but the sideburn area is being cleaned. A mustache is often supplemented to a beard, it requires special care and not every man can handle it for independent modeling.
  4. Goat beard - A universal type of beard that suits all men, but more often it can be seen on the face of creative natures.
  5. Goatee - a beard popular in the 90s, which is necessarily complemented by a fashionable haircut. The purpose of such a beard is to cover his chin, gives men the appearance of an intellectual.
  6. A curtain - An ideal beard for giving movie characters a colorful look. Thick whiskers along the oval of the face turn into a beard and mustache. And the neck and chin are shaved smoothly.
  7. Canadian - the vegetation remains only around the zone of the mouth, the contour of the bristle itself should pass along the circumference of the chin.
  8. Ducktail beard - A newfangled trend among men, which is distinguished by the presence in the beard of long hairs trimmed in the shape of a triangle. The beard includes a mustache and whiskers, which gives men masculinity and natural beauty.
  9. Lincoln - Suitable for men with an oval oblong or triangular face. The beard is a flat strip along the edge of the chin and cheeks, flowing into the whiskers. Mustache is not expected, cheeks are also shaved smoothly.
  10. Royal royal - a sophisticated and restrained look of a beard and mustache for true connoisseurs of minimalism.
  11. Short boxed beard - A popular style among young people, namely a neat mustache, sideburns and the beard itself, but of medium length and density.

Beard 3-6 months long

After such a long period of growing a beard, we can say that you have a great deal of self-control. All the difficulties are behind and it remains only occasionally to correct the borders of the beard and its shape. The only difficulty is drying the beard after a shower. Many people dry their hair with a hairdryer, so you need to blow up the beard with hot air from the bottom up. Thus, the beard will be more magnificent and neat. In order not to dry your hair, do not put the temperature on the hair dryer too high and use a beard balm. For styling a beard, use a wooden or iron comb.

You can stylize a beard in different ways, however, a lot depends on your genetics. To understand which style is right for you, you need to see how big your beard can be in six months. Then, turning to a specialist (in large hairdressing salons, there are specialists in cutting a beard - barbers or broad-razors), choose your style.

How to choose the right shape depending on the type of face?

A beard is actually not so much a way of giving a man brutality and masculinity. Using the right shape and type of beard, you can adjust the shape of the face, hiding some of the imperfections and asymmetry.

Therefore, barbers are advised to choose the type of beard according to the shape of the face. Namely:

  • for a triangular shape - in order to expand the lower part of the face, perform Hollywood, classic beard and balbo,
  • for a round shape - with the aim of lengthening the shape of the face, a goatee is cut, goatee, van dyck or a goatee is made,
  • for a thin long face - correct the face with sideburns and a round horseshoe beard,
  • trapezoidal or square shape - the beard covers the entire face, for example, chinstrap and skipper beard.

Thus, we can conclude that a beard can be not just a manifestation of a man’s originality or special worldview, his genetic characteristics and a high level of masculinity. With the help of facial hair and a correctly selected beard shape, you can adjust the shape of the face, eliminating any flaws.

Beard Mowing & Care

A beard needs to be cut almost daily to maintain the right beard appearance. First, you need to wash your hair with shampoo and comb, after which they begin to cut from the neck and cheeks. Gently shave off excess hair, adjusting the level of density and length of the beard. In the end, you must always cut the mustache so that the hairs do not look out and puff out of the overall density of the mustache.

Next, you need to cut off excess vegetation on the side of the beard. It is better to use special scissors, in which the ends will be straight and sharp. If you look at a goatee beard or other style where a cone-shaped beard ending is created, you need to cut the beard so that its tip is in the center. Finish a haircut in the temple area. Using a trimmer remove excess hair even in the nose.

The beard needs to be washed with soap after each meal, so that the hair does not accumulate a characteristic smell, and the skin does not become clogged with sebaceous glands. You need to wash the facial hair with shampoos, and the thicker the beard, the more often it is washed. After that, the hair must be combed with a thick comb. Styling can be done with special cosmetic oils and wax.

How to care for a beard

Each person has his own genetics, therefore, someone can grow a beard without problems, and someone does not have the opportunity to grow a 2-month beard. If you want to know how to quickly grow a huge beard that you can be proud of, here are some simple tips.

With the right lifestyle, an ideal diet and no stress, you can count on a good and fast beard growth. Remember the rumors that the more often you shave a beard, the more it will grow faster? It is a myth.

Of course, not everyone can lead a right lifestyle, so various vitamins and supplements come to the rescue. You can recommend multi vitamins, biotin (vitamin H) and fish oil. All this will allow hair and nails to grow faster. You can also recommend B vitamins and magnesium.

In addition to vitamins, it is recommended to increase testosterone levels. Eat more meat while avoiding soy products. Also suitable for increasing testosterone levels are: spinach, nuts, avocados, olives, broccoli.

Read on our website for more information on what to do if the beard does not grow.

The reaction of people to your beard

If you first decided to grow a beard, then you need to realize that you are now an object of increased attention. People will pay attention to you, especially those who saw you 3-4 months ago without a beard, and then suddenly this.

First of all, you need to find support from people close to you. If people love and value you, they will gradually get used to your new image and style. If suddenly friends or relatives do not share your choice, you should prove yourself as a person and insist on your own. Try to argue your decision, as a rule, it works.

Next on the list are colleagues at work that you come across 5 times a week. Depending on the place where you work and the position you occupy, there may be different difficulties, however, if you have at least a little authority, then there should be no problems. Stand your choice and show courage. You decide you grow a beard. People will be imbued with your confidence and will accept your choice.

One thing to understand, you’re not a carrot to please everyone. Try to ignore the words of people who do not share your decision to grow a beard and follow your course.

After a while, you will be recognized by your business card - a beard! This is an interesting feeling when much attention is paid exactly to your style and the image formed by the beard. From time to time they will even ask to be photographed for memory, since you are an extraordinary and interesting person.


Growing a beard is a wonderful life experience for a man to get in his life. If you can not shave for a long time, especially if you do not like to shave 2-3 times a week, then growing a beard will be even a joy to you! In the end, growing a beard is a great opportunity to diversify your life. I wish you good luck and hope that changing your image with the help of a beard will make you a little happier. All the best, and grow beards forward!


For several years now, a man’s beard has been considered a true trend among men of all ages and styles. Fashion offers many types of beards for each type of face, for men of a different style and image. Many barbers advise men to wear a beard in order to perfect their face shape. But you need to remember that the beard needs regular washing, styling and cutting. Otherwise, she will only repel the interest of women and their sympathies.

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