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Prostate massage

Therapeutic massage of the prostate is necessary for many men. Even if the man is healthy, with this procedure you can increase sexual potency and strengthen orgasm.

What is it? How is a prostate massage done by a urologist? Read the answers to these questions in the article.

Therapeutic massage of the prostate gland: what is it?

This procedure involves a mechanical effect on the prostate gland. Usually a massage is done with a finger or massager. Such an effect provides an outflow of secretion from the prostate. The outflow of secret is necessary both for medicinal purposes and in order to obtain a secret for research in the laboratory.

Why is this necessary?

Healing goals

Indications for use are many factors. It is done to treat chronic prostatitis, sexual dysfunction. It also helps to avoid stagnation of the secretion of the prostate, provoking its secretion.

Diagnostic goals

In this way, secretion of the prostate gland can be provoked. There are laboratory studies of prostate secretion that can detect some diseases of the prostate gland.

Effect on the prostate

  1. During this procedure, the vessels expand, blood supply becomes more active. This helps supply the prostate with oxygen.
  2. Due to more active blood supply, absorption of drugs improves.
  3. If there is an inflammatory process, then massage of the prostate gland reduces it.
  4. Using this procedure, you can increase potency. It is believed that a man who regularly does prostate massage can improve the quality of his sexual life. Sexual intercourse becomes longer and the orgasm more intense.
  5. Massage reduces the risk of inflammation of the prostate gland. If these processes already existed, then with the help of such a procedure relapse can be avoided.

The appointment can be made by a urologist. It occurs after examination of the body. It should be prepared for it.



It should be remembered that it is advisable for a urologist to massage the prostate with a full bladder. After all, immediately after the massage, it is advisable to urinate.

In addition, if the bladder is full, it will allow the prostate to be closer to the rectum. In this case, the massage will be performed more efficiently. 40 minutes before the procedure, it is recommended to drink a certain amount of liquid.


The skin before the procedure should be clean. Therefore, it is worth taking a shower or, in extreme cases, using wet wipes. It is also necessary to make an enema. In case inflammation is present, for an enema, you can use chamomile infusion. It will help reduce the inflammatory process.

Psychological training

For many men, this procedure can be troubling. In order for there to be no painful and unpleasant sensations during her, it is necessary that the man can completely relax. If possible, it is advisable to get acquainted with the doctor who will conduct the appointment in advance.

In the office, a man should feel comfortable. It is advisable to choose a good clinic in which at the doctor’s appointment prostate massage would be comfortable for the patient.

How do prostate massage in the clinic read below.

How does it go?

How do prostate massage in the clinic?

Most often, the clinic provides a manual internal massage:

  1. A doctor inserts a finger into the patient’s anus.
  2. During the procedure, the patient lies on his side, legs bent at the knees and pressed to the body.
  3. The doctor should feel for the prostate.
  4. After the doctor felt for the prostate gland, he presses on it. The amplitude of motion must vary.
  5. A specialist massages each lobe of the prostate gland alternately for two minutes.
  6. The doctor must ensure that his actions are painless for the patient.

The secretion of the prostate gland is secreted from the urethra. It usually stands out during a massage. It must be collected in a sterile container.

To do this, during the massage, the container should be in close proximity to the urethra. If secretion does not occur, the patient needs to change position.

The mechanism of action of prostate massage

  • restores patency of the ducts of the prostate glands, thereby ensuring an adequate outflow of secretion from the prostatic glands
  • improves penetration of antibiotics into the tissue of the prostate gland, apparently due to improved blood circulation in the prostate gland
  • positive effect on muscle tone of the prostate
  • improves venous and lymphatic outflow from the prostate

Contraindications to prostate massage

  • acute inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis) and other accessory gonads (cuperitis, vesiculitis), acute urethritis, orchoepididymitis
  • prostate cancer and suspected prostate cancer
  • prostate adenoma (BPH)
  • prostate tuberculosis
  • prostate stones
  • large prostate cysts
  • impaired urination with a large amount of residual urine
  • anal fissures, exacerbation of hemorrhoids, proctitis, other diseases of the rectum

What is useful massage in the treatment and prevention of prostate diseases

Men who have a sedentary lifestyle or have irregular sexual contacts develop congestion in the prostate gland. At the same time, an elaborated secret accumulates in the tissues of the organ.

Untimely removal from the ducts can lead to the formation of various pathologies. In order to prevent stagnant processes and treat related diseases, prostate massage is used. What is a procedure? How and by whom is it carried out? You will find the answers to these and other questions below.

In what cases is a procedure prescribed

Massage of the prostate gland is called massaging an organ through the wall of the rectum.

Indications for it can be:

  • chronic prostatitis in remission caused by pathogenic microorganisms or stagnation of prostatic juice,
  • asymptomatic inflammation of the prostate,
  • erectile dysfunction associated with inflammatory processes in the gland,
  • weak reaction or its complete absence to the use of antibacterial drugs,
  • the need to study the composition of the secretion secreted by the glandular lobules.

What is the therapeutic effect of the procedure?

Prostate massage has a positive effect on organ function. What is the effect of such manipulations? The result of physical exposure is irritation of the receptors and the expansion of blood vessels in the prostate gland. The result is increased blood flow. An increase in the volume of blood entering the organ helps to saturate the cells with a sufficient amount of oxygen and all the substances necessary for life.

Together with blood, medications that are used to treat the inflammatory process enter the prostate. At the same time, their penetration into inflamed tissues improves. Prostate massage helps outflow of lymph, along with which toxins and decay products produced by pathogenic microorganisms are eliminated.

Prostatic juice is a breeding ground for pathogenic bacteria. Regular excretion of the secret located in the ducts allows you to cleanse the gland from harmful microflora. Massaging helps to restore the tone of muscle fibers, on which the expulsion of the secretion from the glandular lobes depends. After a course of treatment, patients note an increase in potency, restoration of sexual desire, an increase in the duration of sexual intercourse, sensations during intimacy become more vivid.

Professional prostate massage: benefits and harms

The essence of massage is to provide effects on the nerve endings of the gland.

This helps her secrete an inflamed or stagnant secret, along with which pathogenic substances leave the body.

Stagnation can occur as a result of hypothermia, irregular sex, or various diseases.

The best result in the treatment of prostate diseases is achieved by the appointment of complex therapy. Along with massage, other procedures are carried out, medications are prescribed.

It is better to conduct sessions with a specialist who is well acquainted with the anatomy of the gland, the types and forms of its diseases. When the doctor constantly palpates the gland, he sees how the patient feels, whether to continue the prescribed treatment, or if he needs to be corrected.

Professional prostate massage allows you to achieve the following goals:

Regular massage sessions help medications be absorbed. Since the prostate is well saturated with blood during the procedure, it absorbs the active components of drugs much faster.

What position is the patient in during manipulations

There are several poses that allow you to effectively affect the prostate gland.

The patient may be offered one of the following positions:

  • you need to kneel on a low couch or table and rest your elbows on them,
  • standing on the floor you need to bend in a belt at a right angle and lean on a chair or other support,
  • lie on your side, bend your knees and pull them to the body,
  • it is necessary to lie on your back and widely spread your legs in different directions.

Cases when a procedure is prescribed

Assign a procedure when the following diseases occur:

In cases such as prostatitis, which proceeds without symptoms, constant monitoring by a doctor and testing after each session is necessary.

Which doctor in the clinic should I contact?

In the clinic you need to contact an andrologist or urologist. The proctologist does not perform such a procedure.

In some medical centers, a specialist writes out a referral to an office where a nurse will massage the patient.

But often this is not possible, so the session is conducted by a doctor. Often in hospitals, you can arrange for a massage at home. This service is paid, the price is determined by agreement.

But undergoing the procedure at home is not always possible. In some cases, additional medical examinations are required, and you have to visit the clinic.

Massage Technique

Prostate massage is carried out strictly in a certain sequence. First, the right and left lobes are alternately kneaded, then they pass to the isthmus. At the first stage, massage movements should be washed soft, intense exposure can lead to a feeling of discomfort and pain. Massaging the lobes follows movements resembling an inverted figure of eight from the periphery to the center along the excretory ducts or in a spiral from the edges of the lobes to their center, while all sections of the organ must be worked out uniformly. During the process, the intensity of exposure is gradually increased, focusing on the density of the gland and the patient's sensations.

Under the action of massaging, it should be compacted, which indicates the imminent release of the secret. The duration of the physiotherapy can be 1.5-2 minutes, and a signal for its completion is the release of several drops of prostatic juice from the urethra. To wash out the secretion with the bacteria from the urethra, it is recommended to empty the bladder after the manipulation.

Improving blood circulation in the organs of the male reproductive system contributes to the parallel massage of seminal vesicles and testes. Massage of the prostate can cause discomfort, mild swelling of the tissues, which makes urination somewhat difficult, and pain. Sometimes there is a burning sensation in the urethra. Such symptoms at the beginning of the course are considered normal and usually disappear after the first sessions.

Prostate massage is an effective way to eliminate congestion. In combination with drug treatment and other physiotherapeutic procedures, it can improve the patient's condition, help eliminate the causes of the development of prostate pathologies.

Mechanical action on glandular tissues is a good prevention of many diseases associated with blood stasis and secretion. This is especially true for men who are much more likely to develop stagnant processes. Risk factors include work associated with a long stay in one place, an inactive lifestyle, and the absence of a permanent sexual partner.

How is a prostate massage done by a urologist?

In the medical center, this procedure is as follows. A specialist inserts a finger into the anus to affect the prostate. Most often it is located at a distance of 3-5 cm from the anus.

Direct prostate massage

When the gland is found, the doctor begins to gently massage the right, and then the left area. The strength of the effect depends on the patient's sensations, but gradually the intensity increases. The massage lasts about 2 minutes.

The patient’s position can be any: standing, lying, on his side. Most men prefer to lie on the couch on their right side.

At the end of the procedure, the doctor slightly presses on the center of the gland and carefully holds it from top to bottom along the groove located in the middle. Now the patient can cope with a small need, after which the urinary canals are disinfected.

How to do prostate massage: correctly and effectively

Every year, the number of men who have problems with the prostate gland is increasing rapidly. To diagnose the disease, doctors use clinical, instrumental and laboratory methods. To identify inflammatory and stagnant processes in the prostate, specialists conduct a comprehensive examination. Each of these phenomena can be eliminated by applying effects on the gland with massage movements.

Does it hurt or not?

The sensations during the procedure are really not the most pleasant, but a good doctor will try not to cause pain and minimize discomfort.

In addition, it gives an excellent effect and allows you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms that can poison a person’s life for a long time. Sometimes this treatment is even enjoyable.

Tantric massage, which is called so because of the effect on certain points, allows not only to cure prostatitis and adenoma, but also to experience many pleasant sensations and improve potency.

How to make free at home?

Patients are often interested in whether it is possible to massage themselves or to entrust it to a loved one, for example, if the wife massages her husband's prostate.

In principle, this is possible, but not recommended.

The procedure has too many contraindications, which the patient may not be aware of. If you nevertheless decide to massage yourself, you should consult your doctor.

A home session can be done on a couch or in a bathtub with warm water. The sequence of actions is the same as with a professional procedure. Massaging movements should be soft. To increase blood flow, you need to relax as much as possible.

In time, home massage takes longer - about half an hour, but the first few times can be reduced to 15 minutes.

What ointments and traditional medicine can be used for prostatitis?

In the treatment of prostate diseases, ointments and time-tested folk recipes are actively used.

Good reviews of patients received such funds as Finalgon, Vishnevsky ointment, “Zdorov” cream. From traditional medicine, honey, propolis, chestnut broth, oil from pumpkin seeds can be recommended.

In addition, patients who have undergone a prostate massage course are prescribed medicinal herbs, for example, in the form of alcohol tinctures.

They help restore immunity and destroy pathogens in the prostate gland. Therapy is considered quite effective and useful by such plants as chamomile, hemlock, yarrow, aloe.

Alternative therapeutic methods for influencing the male organ

In addition to conventional massage, you can act on the prostate using special devices. They are of several types:

  • vibro massager. This is the most gentle way to treat prostatitis. Iron is massaged due to vibrations that are safe for the body,
  • an electric stimulator that affects the iron with electric current,
  • apparatus for exposure to laser radiation.

There are other alternative methods of exposure, even such unusual ones as hirudotherapy.

Treatment with leeches is now considered one of the most effective ways to combat inflammation and stagnation in the prostate. Leeches are believed to be very beneficial for both arterial and venous blood supply.

History of use in medicine

Once the most popular therapeutic technique used to treat prostatitis in Western countries was canceled as the main method back in the 1960s.

In the late 1990s, a small number of doctors in Europe and the United States used prostate massage in combination with antibiotics to treat chronic bacterial prostatitis with mixed results. However, in recent studies, prostate massage has not shown an improvement over antibiotic treatment alone. As a consequence of these results, prostate massage is not officially approved in Western medicine for the treatment of any medical disorder. Prostate massage should never be performed in patients with acute prostatitis, because the infection can spread elsewhere due to the active effect on the infected organ.

In Russia and China, the practice of using the procedure in the treatment of chronic prostatitis has been preserved.

Therapeutic effects of massage

The therapeutic effect of this type of massage is explained by such physiological mechanisms:

  1. Increased muscle tone in the gland.
  2. Improving microcirculation by normalizing the outflow of lymph and venous blood.
  3. Improving the effectiveness of therapeutic therapy by improving blood circulation.
  4. Normalization of the functioning of the gland due to the restoration of duct obstruction.

Techniques and rules for massaging an inflamed prostate

Therapeutic massage of the prostate gland is a mandatory medical prescription in situations where the patient is undergoing treatment for prostatitis in any form.

This procedure can not only reduce inflammation of the organ, but also acts as an excellent alternative to the prevention of the disease.

In order to find out how prostate massage is done at home, you should first consult with a competent specialist.

Used poses

Massage should be carried out only after a medical appointment. It will bring harm or, conversely, benefit, depends on the technique in which it will be made. The general course is fifteen sessions lasting 120 seconds, conducted every other day.

One of the effective methods of treating the male prostate gland is its massage.

The most effective poses:

  1. Squatting with self-massage.
  2. Lying on its side, knees pulled up to the stomach.
  3. Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees and divorced.
  4. Standing, bending in the lower back at an angle of 90 degrees.
  5. On the knees and elbows.

The feasibility of massaging the prostate

At the same time, the urologist emphasizes that treating prostatitis with a massage at home does not reduce the overall effectiveness of this manipulation. Moreover, there is a high effectiveness of this method of therapy due to the fact that the man independently controls the entire process.

As for situations when you can do prostate massage, urologists distinguish the following main indications for its implementation for therapeutic purposes:

  1. Prostatitis in a chronic and acute course.
  2. The presence of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  3. The development of erectile dysfunction.
  4. Decreased sex drive.
  5. Presence of congestion in the pelvic organs.
  6. Decreased duration of sexual contact.

How to do prostate massage

Any of the above poses is suitable. The sequence of movements in this case should be as follows:

  1. To put on a hand with which all manipulations will be done, a medical glove.
  2. Lubricate it with oil, a lubricant or any other suitable means.
  3. Carefully insert the index or thumb into the anus.
  4. Pressing on each part of the gland separately, evaluate the soreness of the gland.
  5. In accordance with the recommendations of the doctor, perform a massage.

First of all, it is worth saying that it is necessary to engage in such manipulations only as prescribed by the doctor

Advantages of the treatment technique in case of malfunction

Experts recommend a prostate massage, as this procedure has a number of obvious advantages.

First of all, it is with a combination of the drug effect on the foci of inflammation in the organ and this therapeutic manipulation that a full recovery can be achieved.

As medical practice shows, antibiotics alone cannot achieve a high result in the treatment of various diseases of the genitourinary system in men. And only with an integrated approach, favorable conditions are created to achieve a positive outcome.

In addition, prostate massage acts as a gentle manipulation that can reduce the painful symptoms of cystitis and many other related symptoms. With the right approach to this procedure, the natural patency of the ducts of the prostate gland is restored, as a result of which the outflow of stagnant secretion improves.

When using a special prostate massager at home, normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs is observed, which positively affects the manifestation of the therapeutic effect of the drugs taken.

This is due to the fact that with active blood circulation, antibiotics are better absorbed and distributed. In addition, vessels expand during the massage. As a result of this phenomenon, the volume of blood necessary for normal functioning enters the prostate gland, which positively affects the fertile abilities of men.

Thus, if the procedure for massaging the prostate is carried out correctly and with caution, patients improve metabolism, biosynthesis processes are much faster, swelling of the organ decreases.

Features of preparation for prostate massage

Many men are worried about the possibility of prostate massage on their own. A urologist allows this procedure at home. To do this, you can use a special device or resort to the help of his wife.

Before you learn how to make therapeutic massage of the prostate, you should familiarize yourself with the anatomical structure of this organ. For proper massage, you should grope the prostate gland, which is located in the region of the anterior wall of the rectum.

For a better idea of ​​where the prostate is located, you can be guided by the fact that it is 2-3 cm from the anus.

Before starting a massage of the male gland, you should familiarize yourself with the main recommendations for preparing for it.

Basic rules include the following organizational steps:

  1. You need to purchase a special gel for massage of the prostate on a water basis. For this manipulation, doctors do not recommend the use of petroleum jelly and cosmetic creams, which, due to their fat content, only provoke irritation of the mucous membranes of the rectum.
  2. Due to the specifics of the anatomical structure of the male genital gland, therapeutic massage should be performed with a full bladder. With this approach, the maximum possible efficiency of the procedure is increased due to the additional pressure of the hollow organ of the excretory system. For this purpose, the patient needs to drink about 700-1000 ml of distilled water 60 minutes before massaging the prostate.
  3. Due to the fact that the massage is carried out in a rectal way, the rectum should be cleaned in a natural way before it. In case of stool disorder in the form of constipation, patients can use a special rubber bulb. Microclysters are carried out using boiled clean water at room temperature. In some cases, urologists recommend the use of chamomile broth for additional anti-inflammatory treatment.
  4. Keep in mind the rules of intimate hygiene. After a complete cleansing of the rectum from feces, you need to thoroughly rinse the genitals, the area of ​​the anus.
  5. Massage is performed only with disposable latex gloves to prevent infection.
  6. A man should take the correct position in which the massage will take place in the most comfortable setting. This requires lying on the right side and pulling the legs bent at the knees to the chest.

It may seem that these training rules are too simple. But it is precisely on them that the attending physician focuses, when a patient with a diagnosis of prostatitis is interested in how to massage the organ.

Massage Therapy Techniques

If a man with inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system does not want to treat the disease on his own, he can go to a specialized clinic where a competent doctor makes medical massage of the prostate.

The following prostate massaging techniques are distinguished:

Type of massage Features of the procedure
ManualThis massage method is considered the easiest to perform. Its high efficiency and accessibility of execution make the procedure so popular among men. There are many recommendations on how to do therapeutic prostate massage at home.
HardwareThis technique of exposure to foci of inflammation in the prostate involves the use of special medical equipment. The most pronounced healing effect is achieved by combining thermal, infrared and magnetic radiation. External prostate massage is highly effective in the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system. Specialized devices undergo clinical studies that confirm their effectiveness and safety of use.
The use of hydraulic engineeringWith this method of massaging the prostate, rectum is injected rectally into the rectum in the required volume to increase local blood circulation. Anal hydromassage is prescribed even for patients with severe chronic forms of prostatitis. Reviews about this procedure are extremely positive in view of the achievement of a mild effect on the inflamed prostate

In order to find out exactly what method of exposure to the affected prostate gland will be the most effective in each case, a urologist consultation is required.

The right procedure for massaging the prostate

After the man has taken the correct position, the wife can begin to do prostate massage. Wearing latex gloves, insert your index finger into the anus.

You need to remember that you should always use a cream for massage of the prostate. The movements during the manipulation should be soft and careful to avoid injuring the soft tissues of the rectum.

Having felt the prostate, you should do slow translational movements with your finger.

The pressure on the prostate gland is directly dependent on the phase of the disease and the general condition of the male organ.

If the soft structure of the prostate is groped, then the movements of the finger should be light, and with a hard one, it is allowed to act with a little pressure.

Urologists recommend the first five procedures for massaging the prostate gland to be performed without strong pressure. And only after the man gets used to this manipulation, you can increase the onslaught.

Doctors pay attention to the importance of self-monitoring the color of the fluid released. With the normal course of therapeutic massage, the shade changes from murky yellow to transparent or white.

If, however, the patient observes yellow purulent discharge, then immediately massage the prostate gland and consult your doctor.

In this case, correction of the therapeutic course or additional instrumental studies of the patient will be required.

In order to find out how often you need to massage the inflamed prostate, you need to consult a urologist.

This is due not only to the need for constant medical monitoring of the dynamics of the disease, but also to the fact that many factors that need to be considered influence the duration of therapy.

As a rule, it is advisable to perform a massage every day to achieve a lasting result.

Contraindications to the manipulation

Patients are so actively interested in how a therapeutic prostate massage is done.

This is also due to the fact that the problem of treating prostatitis remains relevant at all times due to the high percentage of morbidity among men of mature age.

However, despite the high effectiveness achieved by massaging the prostate gland, one should use this method of exposure to foci of inflammation with caution.

First of all, consultation with a qualified urologist is required. Based on the results of laboratory tests and instrumental studies, the course of the disease will be identified and a decision will be made on the advisability of prescribing prostate massage.

  • inflammation of the cooper gland located near the bulbous part of the urethra,
  • diagnosis of inflammation of one or more seminal vesicles (spermatocystitis),
  • infection of the urethra in the acute stage of the course,
  • large tumorous malignant neoplasms in the prostate gland,
  • benign prostatic adenoma,
  • prostatic tuberculosis
  • fever,
  • high concentration of residual urine,
  • problems associated with the process of natural outflow of urine,
  • diseases of the rectum in the form of hemorrhoids, anal fissures,
  • the presence of urogenital infections: syphilis, herpes,
  • bacterial etiology of prostatitis.

If you ignore the prohibitions on the massage, the disease progresses rapidly, provoking various serious complications. As a result of the development of prostatitis worsening, you may have to apply more aggressive treatment methods that cause serious side effects.

Massage movements

To avoid the appearance of discomfort and pain during massage, in no case should you use force. It is best to have a gradual effect on the gland. The direction of massage movements should be from the edges of the prostate to its middle, as well as from top to bottom, that is, in full accordance with the location of the excretory ducts of the prostate gland.

The most effective movements:

  • "eight",
  • funnel-shaped
  • massage of the isthmus at the end of the procedure.

Depending on the patient's sensations, the intensity of the procedure should increase with each session.

Massage Aids

Modern medical technologies allow you to do prostate massage at home with a special massager. In pharmacies, you can purchase devices for this procedure, making it more easily performed.

With this use of special devices, an external effect on the prostate gland is performed, which saves the patient from additional discomfort.

For this reason, this method of massaging an inflamed organ is the most popular.

A man can perform an independent massage of the gland using the following devices approved by doctors:

Name of device Features of use Duration of therapy
Milta-F-5-01 and RiktaThe effect on the inflamed gland is externally. Do not cause any discomfort during the procedure. The treatment of prostatitis in this way in combination with drug therapy demonstrates high effectivenessIt is recommended to use the device for about 2 weeks.
Markelov deviceMassage with this device is carried out for 15 minutes. This device also does not require insertion into the rectum.Massage course is 14 days.
Deta rhythmDoctors recommend using this device in situations where significant prostate tissue damage is diagnosed.The device must be used for 15-20 days
IntraGUPThis device allows you to effectively increase local blood flow, as a result of which the affected tissues of the prostate are saturated with oxygen and regenerate fasterThe duration of prostatitis therapy is 3-4 weeks
Mavitthe most popular device with a triple effect on the foci of inflammation of the prostate. As a result of its application, heating, massaging and transmission of magnetic pulses are achieved. Mavit should be inserted into the anus, so the rectum should be emptied before the procedure.Urologist recommends massage with this device for 2 weeks

It is possible to do prostate massage with the most special apparatus only after preliminary consultation with a qualified urologist who will determine the frequency of this manipulation. In order to properly massage the gland externally and rectally, patients should carefully read the instructions for the device used.

Prostate massage: harm and benefit

Despite all the advantages, this procedure is quite unpleasant for literally every man. Many of them try to avoid it, but this attitude leads to serious complications.

If a man experiences a feeling of constraint, only with one thought about conducting a massage session in the doctor’s office, it is best to carry out all the manipulations at home independently or with the help of his wife.

Under such circumstances, the technique of its implementation plays a very large role. The main thing is to fulfill all the appointments and recommendations of the doctor. Start the procedure only after you completely relax. This is the only way to avoid injuries and acute pain. The maximum benefits of massage can be felt if done correctly and on an almost complete bladder.

From the point of view of medicine, the benefits of prostate massage are as follows: the blood flow in the organ improves


In the presence of prostatitis of any phase, congestion in the pelvic organs, erectile dysfunctions, one can achieve better health with the help of therapeutic massage. This procedure can be carried out by qualified specialists in specialized clinics. In modern urology, there are ways of both external and internal effects on the prostate gland.

If a patient with inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system decides to independently carry out this manipulation, then you should familiarize yourself with how a therapeutic massage of the prostate is done at home. To achieve a positive effect, you must follow the rules of this procedure.

Sources: medicalnewstoday.com, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, health.harvard.edu.

Massage effects

Physical and emotional sensations after massage of the prostate gland in all men are purely individual. Some may get off with a slight embarrassment, while others feel a burning sensation and a sense of constriction. If these or any other uncomfortable sensations do not go away within a few hours, you should immediately contact a medical specialist.

The effect of prostate massage

Prostatitis occurs in 40% of men aged 25 to 60 years. The greatest effect in treatment is achieved by massage of the prostate. But due to a bias towards the method itself, many men refuse to undergo this procedure.

This technique is surrounded by a mass of rumors and gossip, which give a radically incorrect idea of ​​the benefits or harms.

Therefore, when a urologist prescribes this procedure, men refuse, not even knowing why they need prostate massage.

Hospital prostate stimulation

Doctors are often asked how prostate massage is done in the clinic. This procedure scares men. But do not be afraid of her. Stimulation of the prostate gland allows you to get rid of many unpleasant problems of an intimate nature.

For this reason, it is necessary to understand what effect massage has, what problems it is used for. It is worth noting that the procedure has a number of contraindications. When performing a manual exposure by an illiterate doctor, various complications can occur.

Before starting the treatment course, you need to be examined and find out the opinion of other patients.

Prostate massage as a diagnostic tool

There is an opinion that prostate massage is not only a humiliating procedure, but also painful. As a result, men shun it with unprecedented ingenuity.

In fact, it provides an effect that even the most famous and expensive drugs do not give.

By performing prostate massage, not only a therapeutic effect is achieved, but also a diagnosis is made. This procedure is called palpation.
She identifies important factors:

By massaging the prostate, the effect of the treatment of the disease is viewed in dynamics.

Massage function

Many men, leaving the urologist’s office, are wondering: why is he prescribed?
To dispel doubts you just need to know what effect it gives:

  1. No medicine can remove bacteria and their metabolic products from the prostate. This effect is achieved through massage. In the process of complex inflammation, purulent masses are removed in this way,
  2. Elimination of stagnation of blood supply, which improves the flow of nutrients and oxygen into the gland,
  3. Medicines prescribed by a doctor are not always safely absorbed in the prostate. This is due to the fact that inflammation can provoke an edematous state. To remove the swelling and help the body in the absorption of drugs, it is recommended to undergo a prostate massage course,
  4. Increases potency.


Most men who agree to undergo massage treatment prefer not to be made by a stranger, but by a wife. And they are fundamentally mistaken. The process of massaging seems very simple, but it is not. Especially when you consider how serious the harm is from a wrong procedure.

Promotional, expensive massagers are not a panacea. Nine out of ten are fakes that can harm human health.

1 Benefits of the procedure

A disease such as inflammation of the prostate gland is quite common. Almost every third man at least once in his life faces such a problem, and the appointment of a doctor in the form of massage can discourage and frighten the patient. Therefore, it is important to understand the benefits of this procedure and to understand the technique of its implementation.

Conducting massage sessions allows you to cure the disease in a shorter time, because with the mechanical effect on the gland all the nerve endings of the penis are excited. And the excitement leads to the expansion of blood vessels, which are quite a lot. At the same time, more blood saturated with oxygen and drugs enters the genitals. With the right massage, all congestion successfully passes and the sexual function of a man returns to normal. In the first minutes after the session, pain decreases, and after a few - completely disappear. Therefore, do not doubt whether prostate massage is beneficial

In addition to the therapeutic effect, massage makes it possible to diagnose certain diseases. After all, with a mechanical effect on the prostate, the secretion of the gland is secreted from the penis, the appearance of which can determine the presence of an inflammatory or infectious process. And if you sow the seed on a life-giving medium, you can determine the causative agent of the disease and its sensitivity to certain drugs. For further treatment of the patient, massage is an indispensable procedure, without which it is difficult for the doctor to make the correct diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment.

Useful massage of the prostate and as a prevention of future dysfunction of the reproductive system. It has a general strengthening property, prevents the development of stagnant processes in the pelvic organs and the development of impotence in middle-aged men.

2 Types and techniques of carrying out

Many people think that massage consists of one technology. This is a wrong opinion, because in medicine there are several types of them: manual, indirect, external, rectal, urological and hydromassage. Recently, special devices have appeared that can be used at home.

Manual or direct massage of the prostate is most often used for chronic prostatitis. In this case, the prostate is massaged with a finger directly.

Best when done by a specialist. With indirect massage, the hands of a massage therapist do not touch the gland. This is the easiest technique to perform: patients themselves can do massage, and in any suitable place. To do this, it is necessary to rhythmically reduce and relax the muscles of the anus. This type of procedure is suitable for the prevention of diseases and with a mild form of inflammation of the prostate gland.

External massage involves stroking the prostate from the outside. Why such a massage? It is less painful and patients willingly agree to it, it does not allow the penetration of a finger into the rectum. To do this, slightly raise the scrotum upwards and at a distance of 2-3 cm from its edge, in a circular motion, stroke the skin. It is better to do prostate massage in the supine position, with legs wide apart.

Rectal or internal manipulation is done with a finger. To do this, you first need to put on a glove and grease your finger with petroleum jelly or glycerin. Then cleanse the rectum with an enema. Insert a finger into the intestine to a depth of 5-6 cm: it is at this distance that the gland is located. In smooth circular movements, so as not to damage the intestinal mucosa, massage the prostate for several minutes until a few drops of secretion appear on the tip of the penis. This type of painful and unpleasant, but is considered one of the most effective.

Urological massage is impossible and dangerous to use at home. It is done only in special rooms. This type is made by the bougie through the urethra. Its technique is complex and it is strictly forbidden to conduct such a massage on its own.

3 Consequences and contraindications

If you do prostate massage at home, you must remember that sharp movements, sharp long nails and improper technique can lead to rectal injury, cracks and scratches, which can subsequently become inflamed and cause inconvenience. The most severe consequence may be severe bleeding, which can only be stopped in a hospital setting.

Do not massage at home and under the following conditions:

  • hemorrhoids in the acute phase,
  • the presence of cancer of the reproductive system, especially a tumor of the rectum and prostate gland,
  • prostate stones
  • infectious diseases in the acute phase.

With such diseases, you should consult a specialist.

4 Duration of the procedure

Massage can be done in any comfortable position. If the procedure is performed by a nurse or doctor, then in most cases the patient needs to kneel down with his elbows on the pillow. In this case, it is necessary to bend so that the entrance to the rectum is free and accessible. This pose is suitable for rectal massage. It can also be done in a standing position, while bending slightly. It is better to rest your hands on a table or a stool. At home, when there is no one to help, the patient lies on his back and bends his legs at the knees. It is necessary to push them apart so that it is convenient to reach the anus or prostate.

The duration of the procedure is 2-3 minutes. If this is a professional massage, it can take tens of seconds. Usually, 10 procedures are required per treatment course. In rare cases, their number can increase up to 20 times. It all depends on the results of treatment. Between courses of treatment should take a short break of 3-5 days.

Such patients should not have questions about why prostate massage is needed. You should trust your doctor and strictly follow all instructions.

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Prostate massage

Prostate massage is a finger action on our prostate gland, this procedure is performed to drain the secretion of the prostate gland. From a medical point of view, the purpose of this procedure is medical or to obtain a secret for laboratory research.

Prostate massage is used for diagnostic purposes to collect material (prostate secretion), as well as for the treatment of the following conditions: chronic prostatitis, atony of the prostate gland, inflammatory processes of the seminal vesicles, impaired potency and male infertility (due to prostatitis).

It is better not to carry out the massage yourself, it is carried out by a specialist doctor - a urologist or andrologist, the procedure is carried out in a disposable medical glove.

In addition to medical indications for this procedure, there are contraindications. Massage is not performed for adenoma, for acute forms of prostatitis, urethritis, for orchitis, neoplasms of the prostate gland, expansion of hemorrhoidal veins. Also, you should not carry out the procedure if you have increased body temperature or have an acute urinary retention.

The mechanism of therapeutic action

  • prostate massage restores patency of the ducts of the gland, thereby improving the outflow of secretion,
  • there is an improvement in the penetration of antibiotics into the gland tissue, most likely this is due to an improvement in blood flow in the organ,
  • massage has a positive effect on the muscle tone of the prostate,
  • venous and lymphatic outflow from the gland improves.

With this treatment, the normal tone of the prostate gland is restored. In addition, the mechanical effect on the organ leads to irritation of the nerve endings and the expansion of the blood vessels of the prostate gland, thereby improving its innervation and blood supply. Improving blood flow leads to an increase in its supply of nutrients and oxygen, along with this improves the flow of drugs.

Treatment with this method contributes to the secretion of the prostate and pathogens come out with it, and the effect of antibiotics and other drugs that are used to treat complex prostatitis also increases.

How to carry out the procedure

The section is for guidance only and is not an instruction for conducting prostate massage on your own.

At this stage of time, there are 2 massage techniques: the first transrectal and the second bougie. How to properly massage the prostate with a bougie, for this, the patient needs to lie to one side, his legs are brought as close to the body as possible, the patient lies facing the doctor doing the prostate massage.

Through the urethra, the patient is injected with bougie, when he reaches the prostate gland, massage begins, it lasts about 1.5 minutes. The course of treatment is no more than two weeks. Obviously, everyone here understands that massage of the prostate at home by this method is not possible on its own.

Let's look at how to do the transrectal method. In this case, the doctor conducting the procedure puts on a rubber glove, on which finger massage will be done, Vaseline is smeared. Then the finger is inserted into the rectum to a depth of approximately 5 cm.

In this case, the patient must periodically change position. First, the patient rests on the couch with elbows and knees. This position is called knee-elbow. The next step will be to get up, bend over to special. little table, and lean on it with your elbows, and at the same time you need to bend your back a little. The last position will be - lying on the right side. The patient's legs in this position lead to the body as much as possible.

The prostate is anatomically located on the front wall of our rectum. The first sessions of sensations are more likely to be stroking the right and left lobe of the gland, a little later and the central part. Subsequent sessions will be more intensive each time. A massage session lasts about 1.5 minutes, the optimal course of treatment is 10-14 days. For the effectiveness of treatment, the session is carried out daily or every other day.

Massage of the prostate at home in this case, in principle, is possible. But do not self-medicate yourself, we hope you understand that this massage has its contraindications and that only doctors do the procedure.

Varieties of procedure

There are several varieties of prostate massage. The clinic uses such types of stimulation as:

  • external impact on the lumbosacral area,
  • massaging the perineum
  • hardware stimulation,
  • internal effect on the prostate.

External impact on the lumbosacral region of the spine is carried out by hand. The doctor warms up the skin with circular pressing movements. Warming up is accompanied by acceleration of blood circulation and lymph flow. But this variety is recommended for home use. It has a weak positive effect and is rarely used by specialists.

Massaging the perineum has a more active effect. Rubbing is carried out in the area between the scrotum and the anus. With pressure on this area, there is an increase in the flow of blood fluid to the pelvic organs. This variety is used both in the clinic and at home.

Many clinic specialists recommend hardware-based prostate stimulation. This effect is carried out by various medical devices. Tissues can be affected by magnetic waves, electric current, or thermal effects. Rarely used electric massager.

Electrodes or magnets are created on the patient’s body to create a field. The field causes an increase in body temperature. Against this background, the walls of the vessels expand. Blood circulation increases. The organs receive more oxygen. Lymphatic flow is also restored.

Electric current causes the dissolution of inflamed tissues and eliminates swelling from the prostate gland.

A common form of stimulation is internal influence. With this procedure, a specialist inserts a finger into the rectum. He gropes for the back of the prostate. Each session lasts no more than 60 seconds and is carried out with sterile gloves. Massaging should be carried out only by a competent doctor.

For various reasons, not all men can receive massage in the clinic. In this case, the stimulation is carried out by a partner or independently. But with this procedure, you need to get specialist advice.

Reasons for the appointment of the procedure

Visiting the clinic for the course is necessary for a variety of reasons. A prostate massage is prescribed in the presence of the following problems in the intimate sphere:

  • increase the density of the base of seminal fluid,
  • the development of a chronic form of prostatitis,
  • the formation of adenoma of the glandular layer of the organ,
  • change in the quality of sex,
  • erection pathology,
  • poor sperm counts.

A common cause of massage in the clinic is a chronic form of prostatitis. This pathology occurs due to infection of the urinary tract by bacteria, hypothermia or the presence of concomitant diseases. For all these reasons, the membrane of the prostate gland becomes inflamed.

The process is accompanied by edema and an increase in the diameter of the prostate. This disease adversely affects the functioning of the genitourinary system. A man has symptoms such as: frequent urination, pain during ejaculation, deterioration in the quality of an erection.

Chronic prostatitis also affects the reproductive function of men.

Stimulation is also used in the development of adenoma of the glandular layer of the prostate. Many patients confuse adenoma with prostatitis. These are different concepts. With an adenoma in the glandular layer of the prostate, a tumor forms. It can be oncological or non-cancerous. Adenoma is formed from atypical cells.

They appear due to changes in the characteristics of the cell membrane or nuclear structure. Such tissues can quickly grow and degenerate into oncology. You can get rid of adenoma without surgery in the early stages. In this case, a massage course is prescribed, followed by a diagnosis of the state of the tumor.

With this disease, exposure is carried out in a clinic. Self-massage is prohibited.

Additional indications

Recommended procedure and with a deterioration in the quality of sexual life. Each patient has an individual duration of sexual contact. Sexual activity is also different.

The presence of any pathologies leads to a shortening of the duration of sex and a decrease in the number of contacts. Not always these changes develop sharply. Violation may occur gradually.

If a man noticed a decrease in sexual activity, you should visit the clinic. The specialist will identify the cause and select the appropriate treatment.

Erectile disorders can also cause anxiety. An erection depends on the activity of various body systems. Excitation occurs with an active rush of blood to the penis. Fluid enters the cavernous bodies and causes tissue stretching.

The flow of blood occurs due to irritation of the nerve endings. Nerve roots receive an impulse from the pituitary gland. When excited, the pituitary gland produces a large amount of testosterone.

Erectile dysfunction develops in violation of one of the listed systems.

Why is stimulation useful?

Massage of the prostate in the clinic allows you to get various positive effects. With stimulation, the following negative processes are eliminated:

  • delayed secretion in the prostate gland,
  • hormonal imbalance,
  • low oxygen content in tissues
  • slow lymph flow
  • chronic inflammation and tissue edema,
  • slow cell renewal.

Stimulation of the prostate eliminates the delay in secretion. Fluid is produced daily in the organ. Excess secretions are excreted during nocturnal emissions or during regular sexual life.

Due to various negative factors, the secret lingers in the prostate. Massage exerts slight pressure on the wall of the prostate gland. With such a problem, fluid removal during the procedure is observed.

A gradual elimination of stagnation occurs.

Used therapeutic effect and in violation of the hormonal level. The hormonal background of a man is formed by the pituitary gland and the prostate. They produce the main male hormone - testosterone. The level of the substance decreases with inflammation of the prostate gland. To restore the hormonal background, it is recommended to undergo a massage course.

It allows massage even with low oxygen supply to the tissues of reproductive organs. Oxygen enters the system from the blood fluid. It is carried by red blood cells. Manual exposure enhances blood circulation by expanding the lumen of blood vessels. Fluid carries more oxygen. Cells get enough nutrients.

Struggling massage with slow metabolic processes. These processes are characterized by the acceleration of the formation of new cells. Young cells eliminate old tissue. Organ recovery occurs.


In the clinic, massage is carried out only with a certain preparation of a man. A few days before the start of the course, the man must undergo a complete medical examination. Inspection will allow the specialist to establish the cause of the negative changes. Also, the examination eliminates the presence of contraindications to the manual session.

A few hours before the session, the man needs to thoroughly clean his intestines. For this purpose, you can use an enema or take a laxative drug. Enema is carried out with ordinary boiled water or a decoction of medicinal chamomile.

Before the procedure, the specialist must wear sterile latex gloves. The finger is treated with baby cream or sterile petroleum jelly. A man should take the right position.

The patient should lie on his side and press the bent knees to the chest of the torso. The duration of the massage is a minute.

If the patient complains of pain or discomfort, the session must be interrupted.

In the clinic can be carried out and hardware exposure. In this case, a nozzle is introduced. On its surface are electrodes or magnets that produce heat. With this massage, the electrodes can also be installed on the perineum. Preparation for hardware treatment is carried out according to the listed rules.

If the doctor does not follow the procedure, various complications can occur. If the procedure is disturbed, damage to the intestinal mucosa may occur. Also, if the finger or nozzle is inserted incorrectly, cracks in the anus may occur. To avoid such problems, a man must carefully follow all the recommendations of a specialist.

Prostate massage is performed both in the clinic and at home. The positive effect of the procedure allows you to get only subject to the rules. If there are contraindications, prostate massage is prohibited.

How do prostate massage in the clinic: who is shown the urological procedure and which doctor conducts it

Problems with the prostate gland that occur in every 4 men of different ages lead to the fact that their sexual health is noticeably worsened, the risk of developing more serious diseases increases. One of the options for the prevention and treatment of the prostate gland is massage. How do prostate massage in the clinic, we will examine in detail in our material.

Indications for massage

Such unpleasant therapy mainly causes men only to deny it. However, massaging has a positive effect on the state of both the gland itself and the body as a whole.

Blood flow in the prostate is normalized and stimulated, various bacteria that have settled in the body go outside, and the risk of cancer cell formation is reduced.

In order to identify certain diseases, men intentionally do massaging of this gland. The bottom line is that after the procedure, a lubricant is released, which is then tested under laboratory conditions.

Typically, indications for such specific therapy are:

  • inflammation of the prostate gland,
  • erectile dysfunction,
  • investigation of the secretion secreted by the gland,
  • progressive prostatitis
  • infertility,
  • inflammatory process in the testicles.

Important! Massaging can significantly improve the quality of potency, if done several hours before the planned sexual intercourse.

What gives massage to the prostate gland? The whole essence of the technique is that when feeling the prostate, its nerve endings are also affected.

As a result, a stagnant or inflamed liquid, a variety of bacteria, begins to stand out from the secret. There are several reasons for this stagnation - sedentary work, irregular sex, and frequent hypothermia.

Therefore, one of the main indications for massaging is a malfunction in the normal functioning of the male urogenital system.

After such therapy, drugs are better absorbed, and the desired effect is achieved faster.

Massage of the prostate with a finger of the prostate at home by a man is done by his wife. There is no embarrassment between spouses, and the husband can trust his spouse. In this case, the wife should familiarize herself with the basic technique of massaging. Video and photo massage is on the Internet.

For the treatment of prostatitis in medical practice, a number of varieties of techniques for massage for the prostate gland are distinguished. Here are the main ones:

  • On the side in a lying position. What is the procedure? A special catheter (bougie) is inserted through the urethra. The man presses his legs to the body, and his face should be turned towards the one who does the massage.
  • Normal using a finger. It does not require special medical education for its implementation. The main thing is to lubricate the finger well. There is internal and external, which involves stimulating the prostate from the outside - in the groin area slightly above the scrotum.
  • Hydromassage. A liquid is introduced into the rectum, which must be in it for at least 30 minutes. The vessels begin to expand, including the prostate gland.
  • Hardware With the help of the device, air under pressure enters the rectum. It massages the gland - it stimulates blood circulation and tissue regeneration.

Massage of the prostate can be done both at home and in the clinic. However, in order to perform manipulations at home, you need to know the technique of proper massage and make sure that there are no side effects.

Be sure to consult a doctor, because The procedure has a number of contraindications.

Therefore, it is better to seek help at a clinic where the doctor will conduct all the manipulations. The psychological factor is constraint, they only prevent a man from establishing an intimate life and curing the prostate gland.

Such a technique is contraindicated in case of prostate adenoma, but experts are convinced of the opposite. If it is correct to massage the gland, with a small intensity, then the blood supply will really increase.Often treatment is carried out in combination, the main thing is to carry out it with a certain frequency.

Massage in the clinic

How is the procedure in a medical institution? The clinic usually practices several methods of massaging - using a bougie, which is inserted through the urethra, or with a finger, which is inserted through the anus.

Men fear that therapy may bring pain, but this is not so. The doctor does everything carefully, without delivering unpleasant sensations to the patient.

The profile physician involved in the treatment of the prostate gland is a urologist. In the hospital, after a full examination, the patient will be prepared before the procedure. They will put an enema with chamomile broth and offer to drink about 1 liter of drinking water.

Before starting, the patient takes a comfortable position:

  • tucking his legs to the side, lying on the couch,
  • lean forward deeply while standing
  • on the couch, kneeling, and leaning on his elbows.

The doctor must lubricate, after putting on the glove, petroleum jelly and inserts the index finger into the anus. Usually 5 cm is enough to feel the gland.

The doctor will evaluate its shape, condition and begin the procedure on the right side of the gland, which is not so sensitive. From the middle to the edges. The first penetration is carried out within a minute, then the time reaches 5 minutes.

Both the urologist and the nurse in the treatment room can do the procedure.

At first, the patient may feel discomfort, but after a few procedures he will go through. The course of massage of the prostate gland is designed for 10 procedures with a break in one day.

Finger prostate massage for a high husband, a technique for performing prostate self-massage

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  • Update Date: June 2019

While experimenting in bed, many couples practice prostate massage with a finger for high.

This element of the sexual game allows the man to be maximally aroused and experience a brighter orgasm than without additional stimulation of the prostate gland.

In addition, massage can be considered the prevention of a disease such as prostatitis, which is often found in those who neglect the right way of life.

Massage technique for a wife

Any woman who has previously familiarized herself with the technique of performing such manipulations can hold a prostate massage at home to her husband’s finger. A method of direct exposure to the gland through the anus is commonly used. At first, the massage may seem very strange and incomprehensible. However, a man should really like him.

The following is an instruction that explains how to properly massage the prostate:

  • Shave your nails, wash your hands and prepare grease,
  • The finger that will be inserted into the anus must be greased liberally. After circular motions you need to gently stroke the anus,
  • It is necessary to wait until the man is completely relaxed. Then the entry will be less uncomfortable,
  • Now you can fully enter the lubricated finger into the anus by about 5 cm. You should lightly press on the intestinal walls that will surround it,
  • Need to grope the prostate. It has the shape of a small tubercle. It is he who needs to be carefully massaged. It is best to avoid pressing movements so as not to accidentally damage the prostate gland.

To make the sensations for the man more pleasant, the woman can combine movements massaging the prostate with her finger with caressing the genital organ with the tongue or with the other hand. Such stimulation of the member will allow the partner to achieve a bright orgasm, and until this moment have fun.

Separately, it is worth highlighting the technique of external massage, which men choose more often. Sometimes external exposure to specific points in the perineum is enough to massage the prostate gland and strengthen the erection.

The technique of performing external massage of the prostate gland with a finger consists of several stages:

  • It is best to start the massage with oral caress of the penis and light massaging of the penis with your hands. At this time, you can begin to search for the area located between the testicles and the anus. There is a point here that indicates the localization of the prostate gland,
  • Use your fingers to gently push on the found point,
  • At this time, one should not forget to stimulate the genitals with the second hand or mouth.

Thanks to this technique, a stable erection and a high-quality orgasm are guaranteed to men.

It is important to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Self massage technique

Many men are embarrassed to ask their women to stimulate the prostate during intimacy. Sometimes, for certain reasons, the wife cannot do this. Then husbands have to perform finger massage on their own.

Men consider finger self-massage as an additional stimulation during masturbation. Some of them decide on such procedures, because they want to protect their own health from prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system with this preventive method. Urologists claim that self-massage also gives good results. But it must be done correctly.

To enjoy, a man can massage the prostate with his fingers or with a special device that is sold in sex shops. He will also have to work hard to reach the right place without harming himself, since this technique requires a certain plasticity.

Self-massage of the prostate gland for high is done in the following way:

  • The first step is to empty the intestines. If necessary, you can use the help of a cleansing enema,
  • The anus and genitals should be washed well with soap. The same goes for the hands,
  • Next, the man needs to take the most comfortable posture for him, in which he can get to the anus. They usually recommend standing up and raising a leg, or lying on your side and pulling your knees up to your stomach,
  • It’s advisable to put on a glove on your hand, and lubricate your finger with Vaseline,
  • It is necessary to slowly penetrate the anus, find the prostate and begin to massage it with gentle movements.

If all the actions are performed correctly, then during the massage a man will experience only pleasant sensations. In case of severe discomfort, it is better to stop the procedure.

You can use a massager from a sex shop

When massage is prohibited

Not all men can afford to additionally stimulate the prostate for more pleasure during sex. This procedure has a number of contraindications:

  1. Febrile temperature
  2. Acute form of prostatitis,
  3. Urolithiasis disease,
  4. Hemorrhoids,
  5. Rectal fissures,
  6. Cysts and stones in the prostate gland,
  7. Genitourinary infections
  8. Malignant or benign tumors.

In the presence of such diagnoses, prostate massage is prohibited. Otherwise, the man will have serious complications that can become a threat to his life.

Additional recommendations

If a man or his companion had not previously had to massage the prostate gland, then they should initially carefully read the thematic literature. It does not hurt to watch videos in which an experienced specialist talk about the features of this procedure.

Anyone who conducts massage should be familiar with the anatomical structure of the male body. Thanks to this, it will be easier for him to find the prostate gland.

It is necessary to ensure that the man during the massage is as relaxed as possible. Tension and tightness will lead to pain during the execution of basic manipulations.

There is nothing wrong with a man enjoying prostate massage. This attitude to the ordinary procedure is not a sign of hidden homosexuality, as many believe. In fact, it allows the couple to fully reveal in bed. In addition, do not forget that gland massage is a pleasant way to prevent prostatitis.

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Watch the video: Prostate Massage London (February 2020).

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