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10 Hollywood beauties who are better off with a beard than without her

Fashion for a man's beard almost completely absorbed the world. Unless only a lazy man did not try to grow a beard, according to statistics. So, Hollywood and domestic stars of show business regularly flash on the red carpet, in films, on stage and photographs with different beard styles. For them, a stylish beard is not just a fashion accessory, but also the ability to dictate fashion to their fans.

The fashion trend for beard, mustache and whiskers has touched men of all ages, prejudices and views. Politicians, athletes, singers, presenters and showmen, all of them were able to combine the features of professional activity and dense facial hair. But it is the actors who deserve the most attention, and the famous bearded men and barbel originate from the time of the USSR.

Classical actors

Famous men with beards originate from ancient times, just look at the beards of famous politicians such as Abraham Lincoln, President of America, Albert Einstein and others. The design and styles of the beard were named after such personalities. As soon as artists appeared on the screen of the first TVs, mustaches, beards and other details of images became popular. Therefore, special attention should be paid to famous actors of the classics.

Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin's main advantage and expressive mark were his comic mustache. The king of silent films from his first films flickered in front of the audience only with a mustache, emphasizing in an advantageous perspective the image of a “little tramp”.

The actor himself added a mustache to the appearance to slightly add age.

Ben Affleck

The famous Hollywood actor, who initially starred in films without facial hair, exactly as in life. But with the arrival of a beard in men at the peak of popularity, Ben Affleck was no exception, and not in vain.

Critics noted that with a beard and mustache, he looks many times more attractive than shaved.

Keith Harington

The new Hollywood movie actor, who broke into the peak of popularity thanks to the series “Game of Thrones”, where he played the ruler of the North.

That image of a stern bearded man was appreciated by fans, producers and directors, and by Kit himself, so he still wears a mustache and beard.

Mel Gibson

This actor in his youth never shone with a magnificent beard and a typical mustache, but recently, on the red carpet and photographs of reporters, you can see a brilliant new image of the actor with a gray long beard.

Not surprisingly, a young lover appeared right next to him.

George Clooney

One of the most beautiful men in Hollywood, George Clooney, also succumbed to the "bearded and mustached fever" and appeared in front of the whole world in a new image with gray, but brilliant facial hair, which gave him even more charm and charm.


The race for popularity has touched those actors who are still in the shadows. Many also began to imitate box office actors, decorating their faces with a thick beard and mustache. Some movie actors, such as Charlie Chaplin, became generally the founders of a special style of mustache or beard. For media individuals, a beard is not just an accessory, but an element of a successful and colorful image.

Jeff Bridges

At 66, the actor continues to win female hearts and conquer with his charm. His track record includes more than 80 film works. He is the owner of an Oscar, Golden Globe and a star on the Walk of Fame. For a long time he walked without a beard, but the decision to grow her was correct. The appearance of the actor was transformed before our eyes, she became clearly richer and more attractive.

Konstantin Khabensky

The famous Russian actor, who played the inimitable Admiral Kolchak, has a memorable appearance. Over the past few years, he has radically changed his image: a beard replaced a smooth-shaven face.

Konstantin prefers the classic Hollywood version - Brett.

Ryan Gosling

Canadian actor Ryan Gosling realized that a beard was needed and important at the beginning of his career, so he did not go without it for long. She gives the image of an actor of charisma and adds a degree of attractiveness. Apparently, therefore, such actresses as Sandra Bullock, Rachel McAdams, Jamie Murray, Famke Janssen and Eva Mendes did not resist his charm. The latter, by the way, gave birth to the actor two beautiful daughters.

Denzel Washington

One interesting detail was noticed - “bearded” actors often receive an Oscar than their smooth-shaven colleagues. Maybe the secret lies in the charm that gives its owner a beard. One has only to look at the example of the colorful actor Denzel Washington, whom the beard clearly colors.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Many young actors are pursued by the same rock - once playing a student, they constantly receive offers of similar roles. Such a flare is attached to the actor for a long time and something needs to be done. So Jake Gyllenhaal thought, so he grew a beard and matured before his eyes.

Kevin Costner

Actor Kevin Costner is just at that age (photo 61), when a beard is best suited for a man. For almost his entire career, viewers are accustomed to seeing Kevin without a beard, and so he seems more familiar, but fashion is fashion.

Steve Carell

Thanks to his talents, the comedian managed to earn Oscars, Emmys, the Guild of Actors award and public recognition. The lack of a beard did not stop him in any way, but with her he looks much more attractive.

Dmitry Pevtsov

The star of Gangster Petersburg was able not only to build a successful career, but also to become one of the most handsome men in Russian show business. Dmitry is not averse to experimenting with his image.

For several years now, he has been wearing a beard, often changing its shape - appearing with balbo, a circular goatee, and bretta.

Vladimir Yaglych

Vladimir Yaglych surprises not only with his perfect physical form and shooting in successful projects. He grew a beard, so he began to look more courageous and even more attractive.

A Russian actor with a beard prefers van dyke, a circular goatee, and Brett.

Brad Pitt

There was a time when Brad walked in crumpled suits and with a long beard, and it was impossible to recognize the former handsome man in this large father. Recently, the actor has been returning a little to an adequate sense of self - a neat mustache, a small beard and positive thinking are clearly in favor of the main sex symbol of Hollywood.

Fedor Bondarchuk

One of the most promising directors of Russian cinema and an actor in combination has an interesting appearance. He elegantly combines a bald head and a neat beard, the shape of which changes from time to time.

Publication by Fedor Bondarchuk (@fedor_bondarchuk_original) Nov 20, 2018 at 8:23 PST

He wore a circular goatee for a long time, then grew it to a bretta and recently preferred garibaldi.

Danila Kozlovsky

Danila Kozlovsky is another favorite of women who decided to radically change her image. This young actor with a beard looks great in any look. Danila Kozlovsky can only shave for his role - in everyday life he prefers only a beard.

For several years now he has been changing his style: goatee, van dyke, elongated goatee.

Grigory Dobrygin

Actor Grigory Dobrygin from the very beginning of his career appeared with a beard. The directors liked this feature, so there were no requests to get rid of vegetation.

During his popularity, Gregory almost never refused his favorite form of garibaldi.

Andrew Garfield

We have a suspicion that Andrew Garfield has grown a beard to hide from Spider-Man fans. A natural disguise helps to go unnoticed. For example, we identified him on the third attempt.

Hirst Shkulev Publishing

Moscow, st. Shabolovka, house 31b, 6th entrance (entrance from Horse Lane)

Nikita Dzhigurda

The shocking Nikita Dzhigurda has long been one of the main bearded men of Russian show business. He painted his vegetation in the original way, combining several shades at once.

The artist preferred a circular goatee and a full Russian beard, and in In 2016, Nikita Dzhigurda shaved facial hair, after which he began to grow a completely gray beard.

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