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Style rules for short guys

Solid suit instead of unpaired jackets and trousers

A one-color suit with a simple light shirt eliminates all color barriers that the observer's eye can catch on and creates a vertical line in silhouette. For a business image, this is an ideal option.

And for every day you can choose a jacket and trousers in the same color scheme and minimize the contrast between the top and bottom. For example, a beige jacket and dusty brown trousers.

What to buy? Costume Versace, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren. Separate jacket and trousers from Dior, Hermes, Calvin Klein.

A small pattern or its absence instead of a large print

A large cage or shirt with "cucumbers" looks impressive, but hides the growth. This also applies to large vertical stripes (only frequent plain stripes stretch the silhouette). A small rhombus or “crow's feet” print takes up less space and almost does not attract attention, respectively, does not make you visually smaller. If you want more color, put on a bright tie or pick up a cool pocket square.

What to buy? Ralph Lauren, Burberry Gingham Suit. Silk or satin silk pocket square Lacoste, Alexander McQween, Kenzo.

Single-breasted jacket with two buttons instead of double-breasted

Double-breasted jackets make the shoulders wider and more massive. This is good for tall and thin, and a short man, even slim, such a jacket will make stocky and squat. We advise you to look for single-breasted jackets, which, by the way, are much more popular and modern than double-breasted jackets. Wear them with jeans or straight trousers. A simple option is simple blue trousers. We found one in the Trolls store.

What to buy? Jacket Alexander McQween and a thin dark tie Kenzo, Givenchy.

Pants with medium and high rise instead of understated

Pull-down chinos are sporty and casual, but only for tall men. Such a fit distorts proportions, making the upper part unnaturally long. If a low rise is more convenient for you, then make sure that the trouser line is not visible under the shirt or jacket.

What to buy? High Rise Pants Morgan, Chanel.

A tucked-in shirt instead of a shirt

Same story as low landing. A long shirt will shorten our legs, but we need to do the opposite! Tuck your shirt into jeans and don't forget about the stylish belt. We remind you: this rule does not work with T-shirts! Gant has the perfect shirt.

What to buy? Checked shirt by Calvin Klein, Burberry.

A jacket with diverging floors instead of an elongated jacket

Look for a model with rounded floors that diverge slightly on the sides. Such a technique will not “cut” the silhouette much and create the illusion of high growth. Remember that the belt of the trousers or the bottom of the T-shirt and shirt should not be visible from under the jacket.

What to buy? Jacket Lacoste, Prada.

Trousers with pleats instead of lapels

Turns on the legs take away precious centimeters. Look for cropped trousers, slightly tapered down - they add growth. Make sure that there are no folds and “accordions” below - if the trousers are long, immediately bring them to the atelier.

What to buy? Pants ⅞ Columbia, Colin’s.

Matching shoes with pants instead of contrasts

Contrast sneakers shorten you exactly to the height of the shoes. It is better to give preference to monophonic sneakers or shoes matching the rest of the image. Want bright colors? Wear cool, colorful print socks.

What to buy? Sneakers Nike, Adidas and socks Puma, New Look.

Clothing in shape instead of oversize

You can find a similar jumper in the Trolls store.

We do not force you to wear tight athletic trousers or extremely tight-fitting T-shirts. But keep in mind that overly explicit oversizing will not make you bigger, taller or more massive. In oversized clothes, you will appear more fragile and younger.

What to buy? Track pants and jacket Esprit, Nike, Adidas.

1. Less parts

The golden rule for all short guys when choosing clothes is to distract attention from their small stature. This means that you must minimize the amount of unnecessary parts on your clothes. Think about optimizing your own appearance: a limited number of pockets on your coat and shirt, lack of large accessories, such as a watch or tie. Thus, for other people, your image will seem more integral and not stumble over noticeable details that seem to divide you into parts. The absence of weighting elements of appearance is the first thing with which you need to start forming your image for a short guy.

2. Long live the monochrome!

The color scheme of your outfit, monochrome or weak in contrast, helps you create a more streamlined look. A sharp color spread is not the best option for a guy with a small stature, because he literally divides your body into several parts, emphasizing either short legs, or a short torso, or all at once. Dark tones (dark blue, black, dark brown) are more suitable for a monochrome classic style, as they are successfully combined with shoes.

3. Harmony of colors

If you still decide to diversify your outfit with more than one color, then stick to light shades in the upper part and dark shades in the lower one. A good solution to maintain a vertical line is to combine, for example, a light shirt and black or navy blue trousers.

Accessories can provide additional assistance. If the color scheme makes the look very simple, then you can diversify it with a pocket scarf or tie. Just remember the first rule: you should not get carried away with the brightness and number of accessories. And no long scarves. It is desirable that the shoes were comparable in color to the trousers - this visual trick will not interrupt the line of legs and will make them longer.

4. Vertical lines and textures

The fact that vertical stripes are great for stout people, we already wrote here. Actually, for the same reason, the vertical is a good solution for short guys. The mission of vertical drawings is the same: to stretch the image, making it taller. Unlike horizontal stripes that “flatten” or visually expand the torso, vertical patterns allow a person to appear taller, because the viewer's eye follows the line from the waist to the shoulder. Try to choose clothes with narrow stripes - this will keep the expected effect.

Cordura - a fabric with texture lines in vertical streams - is able to provide a similar effect. These include tweed and velveteen. Denim is another great option when choosing a fabric, especially for a jacket or shirt.

Successful jacket style

When determining the right style, it is always necessary to pay attention to the perfect fit. Slim and fitted models are suitable for short men, because they successfully stretch the silhouette.

To choose daily clothes, you should understand the following rules:

  • strictly avoid down jackets,
  • Do not opt ​​for a coat below the knee line.

The bulk of modern warm clothing has several layers to protect against moisture, wind and insulation, which together add extra weight. You cannot do without these obligatory layers in the moody and cold season, but you should do everything possible so that visually they do not add unnecessary growth to the volume and excess weight.

For example, a puffer jacket with quilted material and filled with a feather is very warm in the winter, but it gives a lot of volume.

To avoid this effect, you need to choose the thinnest model in the length to the middle of the thigh, not devoid of modern heaters.

Every day with great success will be decorated with a jacket-parka. Fashion brands offer a wide range of various park designs, among which a short man will be able to choose the most successful style. The trend of several seasons in the form of a bomber jacket is also applicable in parks, which is predominantly for small growth. This model visually stretches the legs.

5. Shirt and its length

The length of the shirt is also very important for a short man. Naturally, it should not go too low relative to the waist. Also pay attention to the ratio of the length of the sleeve to the length of the jacket or jacket. The shirt cuff should peek out from under the outer clothing by about 0.5-1 cm, but no more. This will allow your hands to look proportionate to the size of your jacket or jacket.

In general, it is better to tuck a shirt in trousers or jeans. This will allow her to be above the waist and will not shorten the length of your legs. A short man is allowed to do without a belt - this, even if only slightly, will lengthen his trousers. In general, the belt can create in this case an unnecessary load and extra contrast.

Warm clothes length

It is permissible that with a short torso a man may have long legs, or vice versa. With this type of figure, the length of outer clothing should end at the level of the bottom line of the buttocks, which will bring the desired harmony of the bottom and top.

In case of short stature it is forbidden to wear a coat shortening the legs and an unbalancing figure.

The best choice will be cropped models: denim jackets, harrington, bomber jacket and cropped pea jackets.

You should completely abandon the models in which there is a tendency to short sleeves, sleeves of the “bat” style, and even more so to combine them with trousers sagging in the crotch.

6. Costume rule

For a short man (in fact, like for everyone else), it is preferable to sew a suit on order. The length of the jacket should be harmonious, dropping just below the waist. It should fit snugly to the body, maximizing flatness and not increasing the width of the body. Pants should fit more tightly to the hips to emphasize the length of the legs. Avoid creases and wide legs: they destroy the vertical elongation of the leg and create a clumsy look.

Actual shades

Monochrome jackets and black and white combinations will be able to keep the balance of clothes, figures and growth. Woody shades, pistachio, olive and charcoal are fully suitable for short men.

Dark blue and sulfur shades not only perfectly slim the figure, extend the silhouette, but are also considered shades outside of time and style.

Outerwear in these colors is always at the peak of popularity. Lighter shades will successfully attract the eye to the top and give the necessary visual growth. Light colors of gray and beige soften the image, but it is important to choose the bottom is not contrast, so as not to break the silhouette.

What style is suitable for short men?

Jackets and blazers look great on all men if the fit is right. Narrow jacket silhouettes for low men are more acceptable. This will help to lengthen the upper body and make the body thinner.

Some very simple rules must be followed:

  • avoid bulky outerwear, for example, a down jacket,
  • Don't wear a coat that goes below the knees.

Most winter jackets contain layers of insulation that add volume and mass to clothing. This is normal, after all, warmth is more important than style. But you must try to do everything possible to avoid being overweight. For example, consider puffer jackets. Such quilted jackets filled with goose down are, of course, very warm, but they add too much excess weight and volume to the body.

If a man plans to wear such a jacket, then you need to choose a thin model, small in scale. However, they look inappropriate with a lot of clothes and should only be used for outdoor activities.

For everyday outerwear, a park-style coat is recommended. There are many kinds of parkas: some have removable hoods, some have an elongated tail at the back, others have better insulation (although they are all waterproof).

The recent trend of a bomber jacket is especially desirable for short men. Her shape can make her legs visually longer.

Correct length

It is possible that a man may have longer legs and a shorter torso, or vice versa. In this case, it is recommended that the length of the jacket and jacket remain the same: it ends on the bottom of the buttocks. This will streamline as well as smooth out the look around the waist.

Anything longer than this, such as a full-sized mac or coat, will have a negative effect and shorten the legs, leaving the proportions of the man unbalanced.

Instead, stick to cropped versions of jackets for low men: harringtons, denim jackets, single-breasted pea jackets or the trend of the season - a bomber jacket.

You should stay away from jackets that sag freely in the armpits, even if the sleeves are short enough, and avoid any pants with a lot of sagging tissue in the crotch.

Actual colors

An ideal and effective palette for this type of body is that it revolves around monochrome shades or black and white. Combined with muted colors such as brown, charcoal or olive, excellent results can be achieved.

As for the choice of color, in the upper part you should give preference to dark blue or black. The idea is that dark colors work together to lengthen and extend, but not only that, when they are superimposed on lighter shades, the final vertical line will be created, which will increase the torso.

While navy blue and black are timeless and easily styled, if a different color is required, you need to take into account what will be worn in the lower half of the image. With the introduction of lighter colors, bold contrasts should be avoided. Examples of some good color combinations:

  • red, white and blue,
  • gray, black and white,
  • gray and plum.

Large deviations in tones break the vertical lines and shorten the body. Similar shades or slightly lighter tones from above will attract eyes up and help lengthen the silhouette. You should try to integrate lighter shades of gray, cream and white in such a way as to soften the appearance, and not tear it.

1. Use a monochrome style in clothes.

As minimalism reduces visual clutter in an image, so removing contrasting colors from your appearance helps streamline how you look. Keeping all things in a uniform color scheme, especially black or gray, you will create the illusion of higher growth.

When you wear different colors or different shades of the same color, try using dark colors closer to the lower half of the body. It’s ideal if the viewer's eyes begin at your feet and move up. Dark trousers with a lighter shirt create an extension effect, while a dark shirt with lighter trousers reduces growth.

2. Create a vertically oriented image.

Most of us know that vertical stripes on clothing extend, and horizontal stripes expand. Stripes directed horizontally will make the man wider because the eye wants to follow them to the sides of your body. It happens naturally.

Using continuous vertical lines and stripes is one of the best ways to appear taller. Shirts should have an alternation of vertical lines that will be narrow enough not to create wide and empty monochrome stripes, but also wide enough to be distinguishable among themselves. A striped fabric with alternating widths of white and colored stripes, sometimes called “candy strips”, is a good choice.

Thick or thin fabric with an “up-down direction” has the same effect as any other, so clothes made of thick velveteen or thin cambric cloth can be had in your wardrobe. Give preference to smooth fabrics, as coarse, rough textures will add visual clutter that you better avoid.

3. Choose your clothing size.

Clothing that does not fit tight enough to the body of a short man emphasizes his short stature and sends a signal to people around them that the person in front of them is too small even to find clothes of their size. Do not let this message be sent to the world!

When trying on clothing before buying, pay close attention to how it sits on your body. Many men who are accustomed to wearing clothes 1-2 sizes larger than they need, this create a lot of additional difficulties for their appearance.

Do not buy jackets that hang freely around the armpits, even if the length of the sleeves suits you. Also avoid any pants that have a lot of free space in the groin. Believe me, this will not make you more attractive. You will look like a child in dad's costume.

Remember that most men's clothing is intentionally sewn with a margin so that it is suitable for as many types of figures as possible. Clothing marked Small is not made for one type of small man. She is often sewn, trying to please both low, and dense, and thin, and any other uncles.

Today, many popular designer brands have their own line of different clothes for certain types of physique. It is better than clothing made for everyone. Things of good designers, as a rule, cost a little big money, but by carefully watching the sales, you can significantly save money and make purchases of quality things of their size more affordable.

Finally, entrust the tailor with tailoring the purchased clothing to you. Make sure that he is a professional, and understands the proportions of the body and physique of people. You will find that the adjustments he makes can greatly transform your appearance. Shortening the length of a shirt or trousers is not so expensive, and more complicated work, for example, suturing pants, or again a jacket for many can afford. Having the right size jacket or T-shirt on the shoulders, you can turn a sluggish look into a lively and energetic.

4. Correctly observe proportions when choosing clothes.

Keep in mind that low men need to adhere to slightly different proportions in clothing than tall or people of average height. For example, many men wear a suit so that about 3 cm of the shirt’s cuffs peep out from under the jacket. Low men, however, need to wear a shirt with a jacket so that the shirt shows 0.5–1 cm. This width of the shirt strip around the wrist will look more proportional in short arms.

The pieces of clothing that you wear on top of each other contribute a lot to your visual effect. The upper part of the body, for example, is affected by the shirt collar and jacket lapels. Try to choose both of these details narrower and be careful with a variety of lapels. If you wear a jacket with very loose or wide lapels, then you risk looking unsuccessful.

A collar with elongated ends directed downwards is well suited for visually increasing growth. Stay away from clothing with angles between the edges of the collar of more than 120 degrees and collars that are more than 6 cm high, especially when the ends of the collar are angled outward.

Your tie should be narrow enough, especially if you have a narrow torso. If your torso is very wide, then a narrow tie may not look completely proportional to the body. However, this is better than wearing a tie that is too wide.

Reading this article, it may seem that narrow cuffs, small buttons, miniature pockets and so on should be used all together, and immediately in your image. No, but when you start combining all the usual elements of clothing in the right proportions, you can eventually look taller. A small change here, a slight improvement there and as a result you will have a much better appearance.

Various designer brands create different types of clothes and their details in their own style. You do not need to buy all this. You also do not need very expensive clothes. Just be patient and find out which brands have high-quality clothing of small sizes with vertically directed parts that will work best for you.

5. Wear eye-catching parts.

You can hold attention and move it in the direction from the legs to the head if you wear bright details in the upper part of your body. A scarf in the breast pocket of a suit or a tie of bright color will help move your interlocutor's eyes up. Just be careful not to add too much clutter to your image at the same time. Bright small accessories and brooches are useful to wear with a scarf in your breast pocket, and with a tie. You can choose a jacket with shoulder straps or shirts with a contrasting color of the inside of the collar for a more informal look.

You should not wear a hat in order to add a few extra centimeters of growth, as this can have unpleasant consequences for your appearance. Some argue with this statement, but in reality the hat acts as a “cap” for your body, which completely stops the viewer's eyes. I have seen many times how this works and what the outcomes are. I think you too. Of course, there are cases when a hat on a low man looks cool, but in order to choose a hat correctly you need to have a little more knowledge and experience in choosing clothes than an ordinary buyer.

Do not complicate. Observe a vertically oriented look and wear 1 or 2 bright details to attract attention up.

6. Wear suitable clothing.

Sports jackets and suits It is also worth including a short man in the wardrobe. You can wear a jacket with trousers of the same fabric and / or shade.

High waisted trousers. It is important for small men to visually lengthen their legs and this can be achieved if you wear pants or trousers with a high waist. Do not wear your pants low on your hips, as this makes your legs short. High-waist pants do not need to be tightly tightened with a belt, as we do when we wear them on the hips. For best results, wear pants without belt loops and use suspenders.

Avoid shorts and short-sleeved shirts. If you wear clothes that pay attention to your arms or legs, especially when they look large and lean (ideally, the limbs should be proportionally more compact with respect to the torso), then this will make you lower. It is better to cover your arms and legs with clothes, but in practice this is not always possible, for example, in the summer, so in this case you can wear light linen trousers, as well as long-sleeved shirts rolled up on your forearms. You get a classic look that helps create a good look.

7. Add growth physically.

Choosing the right pattern or size of clothing details, you can create an image that visually makes you taller. But what if you really want to add a few extra centimeters of growth? It is possible. But, as usual, the main thing is a reasonable approach.

For small men it is useful to wear shoes with heels. There are certain models of men's shoes that look good (mostly classic models with 2-3 cm heels), but there are those that look worse. In particular, special shoes for short men, designed to increase growth by 5-10 cm and above, do not always look advantageous. In pursuit of height, its manufacturers often attach too massive heels to their shoe models. In most cases, such a heel does not fit the shoe style and as a result, it attracts attention and looks tasteless. It is better to use high-quality classic-style men's shoes for formal meetings, and shoes that increase height in more informal situations.

8. Buy clothes in foreign stores.

Many types of clothing are made for a particular region, taking into account the preferences and average size of the potential buyer. Japan and Italy are 2 countries where they mainly produce good clothes of small sizes for people of average and below average height.

The Internet has given us the opportunity to buy clothes abroad without leaving our country. The disadvantage is that international delivery is not always cheap and many good online stores in Italy or Japan do not even have a normal English version, not to mention the Russian one. Google translate helps, it's just a pity that it doesn't translate clothing sizes yet. Trying to figure out what inches and feet in centimeters equal is not very convenient, especially when you are considering several different options at once. In any case, you can contact the support service on the store website to help you choose the sizes. In good online stores, usually consultants sincerely try to help their customers with purchases. Do not hurry. First, find a store with the size you need, buy some things in it for testing, measure it and if everything is fine, then order a lot of clothes there at once, saving on shipping. Just don’t buy too many identical clothes so that the customs does not consider your purchase as a commercial party, otherwise it is not a fact that you will receive it at all.

Generally speaking, you need to travel more around countries, get new emotions and at the same time look for something from clothes, then you will have a full closet of perfectly selected things, and an unforgettable shopping experience.

9. Visit clothing departments for children and adolescents.

Good clothes for low men can be found in teenage and children's stores. Some styles of such clothes, of course, are not suitable for adults, but there are also many clothes from manufacturers that produce reduced versions of quite presentable outfits that are allowed to be worn by low men.

A big problem when choosing teenage clothing for adults is that it has a narrow chest and stomach. See clothes in XL or L size, it has recently been made more loose and long enough for low adults.

The bonus is that clothes for children and adolescents often cost significantly less. If you are small enough to fit in it, then you should step over your pride and look at quality clothes in the children's departments of stores.

10. Buy in special stores for low.

About a year ago, in search of specialized clothing stores for short men, I found Jimmy Au's - www.jimmyaus.com. They have an English website, the store itself is located in California and is considered very prestigious in America, so the prices are appropriate. They make clothes especially for short people and have many years of experience in this area. I know that in Russia some guys ordered Jimmy Au's jackets and greatly praised their quality and appearance.

Another similar store is in New York - Peter Manning Five Eight www.petermanningnyc.com. Assortment and prices are almost the same as in Jimmy Au's.

Study what they sell in these stores and find something similar in your city, in other online stores, and so on. In this way, you can save money and create a great wardrobe for yourself, the clothes of which will not only help to appear taller, but will also contain complementary details, and look like they were picked up by a professional stylist.

In conclusion, I want to wish you look natural. You should be comfortable in the clothes that you wear. This article has a lot of tips for short men on how to look taller, more stylish ... but, again, DO NOT use all at once. Instead, take a few and apply them over the coming months. Then leave the ones that work and remove the tips that do not work.

A stylishly dressed man evokes sympathy and self-confidence. Know who you are and express your personality with your personal style. Good luck!

Clothing Combination Tips

When choosing jeans, you should pay attention to models with conically narrowed trousers, as they instantly narrow the silhouette and shape the legs. Classic black and indigo skinny jeans will be universal, but still it is important to experiment with other colors so that the image always remains interesting.

Vertical lines can be found in suits, on a shirt, or in a T-shirt.

In winter, you can try a pair of corduroy pants - vertical scars have the same effect on the silhouette as the stripes. The turns that form the bottom of the roll, excessive accumulations of tissue around the ankle and bold contrasting socks are usually “no”, as they only break the vertical line and shorten the legs.

Shirts must be chosen that end just below the waist and show 0.5 cm cuffs if worn under a jacket. The shade of the shirt should be lighter than the color of the jacket. As for knitwear, here it is necessary to pay attention to things with a V-neck.

Hats are a great way to instantly add a few centimeters for short men. Given the huge number of styles, it will only require self-confidence and a desire to experiment. As for belts, you should choose thin models in black or brown.

It is very important to choose the right shoes. Shoes with a small heel under the heel can add height and improve posture. Thin sneakers look much better than large athletic shoes. A classic rounded toe will be the best choice for shoes. Excessively sharp or square socks should be avoided.

The key detail is the shoelaces: when they are hidden, they are able to make the legs longer, but if they are shown, then the leg will appear wider.

What should a short man avoid:

  • loose items of clothing or things that look too big,
  • large, bold patterns on clothing and accessories. You need to choose small prints that will increase growth,
  • larger trousers, they will make it seem even shorter
  • wide ties.

What features does a man’s wardrobe not tall?

It is better to choose a suit from a fabric without lint and a pattern that expands the figure (for example, in a large cage). The vertical strip should not be wider than 2 centimeters. Double-breasted jackets should be avoided, which visually shorten the figure. Fitted models with one or two buttons are preferred. The shoulders should be clearly marked but not overly bulky. The length of the jacket, slightly covering the buttocks, is important. Short sleeves open the cuffs of the shirt, which can be decorated with beautiful cufflinks. Pants sitting on a waist of moderate length should not be crossed by a horizontal line of cuffs that are contraindicated for men of small stature. The best trousers in this case are required to be not wide, and not narrow, but clearly in shape. Below they should not be gathered in an accordion. It looks careless, and does not attach to the desired centimeters in height.

It is good if the shoes matching the trousers look like a continuation of the monochrome image. Wide ties should be avoided, it is better to use thinner striped models, or in a light speck. A good solution would be to use this accessory in one softer color. The costume itself can be in black, dark gray, saturated blue and brown colors. This gamut is perfect to use throughout the wardrobe. Dark color, as a rule, slenders and draws a figure.

As for shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and jumpers, they should not be baggy, but strictly in size. Too long products reduce growth.Large images and prints are bad for the visual image. An excellent option are vertical stripes, or compact drawings. A win-win decision in choosing a shirt will be a monophonic model that is ideal for trousers. The principle of selecting the top and bottom is to prevent contrast, dividing the figure in half.

Massive shoes categorically are not suitable for men of small stature. It is best to wear shoes, boots made of smooth leather of a classic style with a small heel. Sneakers should be selected to match the color of the tracksuit.

It is worth abandoning long coats, it is better to choose shortened models. They look beautiful on this category of men, fitting the figure of the jacket. Bright, flashy colors in the ban. Of light colors, it is better to use cream and gray.

In summer, many men like to wear shorts. Low males are preferable to have shorts slightly higher than the knee in the wardrobe, without lapels. Drawn figure shorts with a pattern on the sides.

No matter how tall a man is, well-fitting clothes will correct any situation.

Pants & Jeans

Now let's move on to a detailed analysis. Let's start with trousers (jeans). As you know, short men are not recommended trousers with cuffs, in addition, they are not advised to tuck trousers. However, there are less obvious points, the main one is the height of the waist.

Once I saw a very short young man in jeans with a waist on the verge of decency (that is, very understated). It looked, to put it mildly, not very good. But a too high waist (the most classical, in the style of the first half of the 20th century) can also be unsuccessful, especially if a man has relatively long legs and a relatively short body. The result may be a somewhat funny, somewhat caricatured image, so be careful.

The ideal I see is a classic modern waist, not very low, not very high. Depending on your personal proportions, the optimal waistline for trousers may vary. I advise you to just go to a large store and try on trousers / jeans with a variety of fit options at the waist. When deciding which option is best for you, remember it and look for similar pants or jeans.

The length of the trousers is the next important point. The accordion below does not suit anyone, neither low nor tall men. However, on low people it looks (usually) especially unsuccessful. The ideal option is with a minimum acceptable length, when the trousers touch the shoes, covering the socks, but do not cover two-thirds of the shoe and do not reach the middle of the heel, as required by classical canons. Arrows will not hurt, they will even be useful. A good example is in the photo below. Not too low landing, arrows, good length.

Blazers and suits

The length of a classic suit jacket for short men is determined very simply: the jacket covers the buttocks, and ends immediately after them. There may be a deviation of a couple of centimeters back and forth, depending on the specific case.

Now very popular casual jackets with a very short length, which put a good half of the buttocks (if not more) on public display. It does not look very nice. A jacket that is too short is bad regardless of how tall the man in question is.

Costumes on short men look better than combinations of unpaired trousers and jackets - this is the generally accepted opinion. But exceptions can be deduced from this rule. So, the pattern and texture of the fabric, which will be discussed below, are equally important.

The cut of a suit or jacket should be as fitted as the decency rules and your figure allow. Do not forget about convenience: do not stitch the jacket to the point where it becomes crowded in you. Pay attention to the waistline of the jacket: the higher it is, the better. Jackets are quite long and with a low waist: they should be abandoned.

The sleeves of the jacket should not be too long; of them, the strip of the cuff of the shirt must be visible. If this is not the case, the jacket will seem too large. In the photo below, the sleeve is a little short, but even in this form it is better than a sleeve that completely covers the shirt cuff.


Pants with a modern classic waist and a vest (without a jacket) are a good option for a short man. Three-piece suits can look great on slender short men, but hardly possible on full ones.

Incidentally, under the vest you can hide the too long narrow end of the tie. Fred Astaire is said to have done so.


So, if you follow the general recommendations and take into account all the nuances when dressing lower men, then with the help of correctly placed accents in the clothes, you can stretch the silhouette and make the man visually taller. And, of course, do not forget about the quality of things. It is better to have three great outfits than thirty bad ones. You need to choose your clothes wisely.


Short men should not buy long ties (Long, Extra Long). Give preference to models with a length of 146-150 centimeters. If the tie is too long when tying a classic simple knot (“four”), tie a double “four” (Victoria or Prince Albert) or half-windsor. To make these knots look better and more elegant, choose thin ties with a thin lining.

The optimal width of a tie for short men is 8 centimeters, if we are talking about knitted (knitted) models - 6-7 centimeters. As for the picture, monophonic, striped, small discreet specks will look most advantageous.

Drawings, patterns, ornaments and textures

A cell (especially a large one) does not look good on fat, short men, but on slender ones it can look quite acceptable, the same is true for textured fabrics such as tweed and (to a much lesser extent) flannel. An inconspicuous cell is a good compromise option for slender short men.

Stripes are a good option, but not too wide (especially on shirts! But also on suits, too) and preferably on smooth fabrics. Plain fabrics, especially dark ones, are also successful. Herringbone-type drawings are also quite acceptable.

Handkerchief in a breast pocket

Firstly, it is good if the chest pocket for the scarf is cut at a noticeable angle. If it is also high, it’s also good. Secondly, the scarf must be inserted into it at an angle, slightly tilting it to the shoulder. So your figure will visually win the most. Again, Fred Astaire can be cited as an example. But the giant boutonniere, so beloved by Aster, is not necessary to wear.


If you decide to shorten your pants as much as possible, you will need rather long socks - ideally to the knee, but at least to the middle of the calf. As for the picture, various stripes will be optimal. Of course, plain socks are also quite an acceptable option, as well as models with a small discreet pattern, for example, in a small speck.

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What can you say about the coat? Should I buy a coat with a growth of 173? Do you have in your wardrobe? I saw medium-sized jackets and shortened ones, maybe they can be worn without fear, what will you look funny?

You can, why not? 173 centimeters is not such a small stature. Did Frank Sintara and Humphrey Bogart look comical in a coat / raincoat? I would not say that.

I myself wear a coat.

Thank you for the article! Eh, still to find such a store in Moscow)

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