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How to grow stubble quickly at home: all methods and drugs

Male stubble - a curious thing in all plans. If you want to look elegant and at the same time brutal - bristles will be the perfect solution. It’s hard to call stubble an alternative between a shaved face and a beard. Rather, it is an independent option and style that can be independently adjusted.

Bristle is popular not only for its appearance - many men grow it because they get tired every day to shave or simply avoid unnecessary irritation. Thanks to the brutal facial hair, you can get rid of childish round shapes, give the appearance of masculinity and, in the end, grow a beard, which will become a real decoration.

All the beauty of the bristles is that it practically does not need to be looked after. Unlike a beard, which requires constant care, bristles can only be trimmed occasionally. Also, due to the bristles, you can significantly change your appearance.

Due to the courageous stubble, you can add a little age to yourself, make your appearance more “mature” and authoritative in the eyes of others.

We grow bristles - professional recommendations

Many men think that grow stubble it’s simple, because it grows by itself and does not require special care, but this is a mistake. There are several recommendations that will help to grow a noble stubble:

  • It should be noted that the abundant bristles that actively grow on the neck and cheeks look neglected and not elegant. She will have to be trimmed on a daily basis,
  • The second and no less important point - you should monitor the length of facial hair. Having launched the stubble, it will already grow in the form of a sloppy beard in 1-2 weeks,
  • Not every man has facial hair growth evenly. For the cultivation of "noble" and beautiful stubble will have to take a number of measures.

Attention! In view of the constant formation of bristles, you should consider whether it is suitable for you at all.

  • If you have a rounded face, then your bristles should have a trapezoidal shape or have the shape of a goatee,
  • With an oblong shape of the face, sideburns or square bristles can be grown,
  • The oval face is "alternative" - ​​the bristles of any shape look perfect here.

If you decide to grow a manly stubble, you will have to purchase a trimmer - a device equipped with a set of nozzles that will allow you to cut hair to a certain length. As for the frequency of haircuts, it all depends on the speed of hair growth. Some cut bristles once a week, and some have to repeat this procedure almost daily.

When trimming hair with a trimmer, it is recommended to smoothly shave those areas where, in your opinion, there should be no bristles - this way you can give the bristles a shape and make it well-groomed and attractive to others.

Stubble grows poorly - we solve the problem competently

Not every man bristles grow correctly, evenly and densely. Bristles can have bald spots, it can be fluffy and soft. Very rarely, these problems arise due to heredity - the problem may be poor health, lack of vitamins. If you want to grow beautiful male stubble, you need to pay attention to your diet, eat foods containing calcium, proteins and phosphorus (there are a lot of them in seafood), drink milk and take vitamins of groups D and K. Such a vitamin complex will help strengthen not only hair, but also teeth with nails.

Caring for your skin

To make bristle care complete, do not neglect facial skin care. Do not ignore peeling, which will help get rid of dead skin cells. After this procedure, you will feel a pleasant lightness, and the skin along with the bristles will acquire a healthy, attractive appearance.

It is recommended that you wipe your face regularly with a damp towel or a small brush with soft bristles. It is necessary to wash your face with exclusively cold water - this is justified by the fact that hot water dries the skin. All kinds of lotions have a beneficial effect on the skin - you should not take the first one you get, but you should choose the type of your skin. If you have oily skin, alcohol-based lotions are ideal. Dry and normal skin, require more gentle care (lotions are used without alcohol).

Why stubble does not grow - the main reasons

If the stubble does not grow on the face, the causes are most likely internal, rather than external. Usually this issue is very worrying for young people when stubble does not grow at 17, and it is important to look like a real brutal macho man and seem older than his age. If at 25, for example, the stubble does not grow, what to do then is the only answer, rejoicing that you do not need to shave often. But jokes are jokes, and if the stubble grows in shreds or too slowly, you need to figure out why this happens - this is a loud cry for help from your body, in which something is clearly wrong.

So, the main reasons why the bristles grow unevenly or too slowly:

  1. Racial affiliation. Each nationality has its own characteristic external features. For example, Arab men grow bristles from neck to eyes, the first vegetation can appear in boys as early as 11-12 years, and then cover not only the entire face, but also the body. But the Mongoloid high cheekbones remain smooth until old age. So before you ask Google how to grow stubble, if it does not grow, dig around in your roots first.
  2. Genetic predisposition. It’s now fashionable to link everything with heredity in a row, but in this case, a lot really depends on DNA and chromosomes. If a beardless and beardless grandfather is looking at you from a black and white photograph, then you, his grandson, will also hardly be able to grow stubble and beard with an enviable density.
  3. Testosterone deficiency. If the stubble does not grow on the cheeks of an adult man, then the problem may be in hormonal failure - this happens not only in women with menopause or PMS. With a lack of testosterone, serious changes occur in the body, including stubble that does not grow. What to do in this case, only the doctor will determine, because there are many causes of hormonal imbalance, from banal bad habits to dangerous pathologies.
  4. Age. There is nothing reprehensible and surprising in the fact that stubble does not grow at 17 years old. And even if the stubble does not grow at the age of 19, this is not a reason for panic. All puberty proceeds differently, there is no exact timeline here and cannot be. Therefore, up to 25 years of age, patience should be gained - and if it is very unbearable, try one of the methods below to quickly grow stubble on the face and neck.
  5. Bad habits. Many people ask what to do so that the stubble grows on the face, but they are not interested in what to do in order to stop smoking a cigarette after a cigarette, pour coffee in the morning, and beer in the evening, and all this to the accompaniment of shawarma and dumplings from a bag. In vain. Because recipes on how to grow stubble, if it does not grow, are enough, only none of them will help if you do not adjust the way of life.

  6. Vitamin deficiency and stress. Actually, these two reasons can also be attributed to the previous one. Since vitamin deficiency occurs with improper nutrition, which also refers to bad habits. Yes, and the manner of exploding, constantly raising your voice, sitting up and frowning cannot be called good form. Therefore, if you do not know how to make the stubble grow, stop first of all getting angry and envious of the lumberjacks with a huge beard, go to the pharmacy for vitamins and wait.
  7. Wrong shaving. In this case, most often, the stubble grows on one side of the face or grows with bald spots. And the fault of everything is the father’s busyness and laziness of his older brother, who at one time did not explain to the young boy with the first gun on his cheeks how to properly hold the machine and guide it in the face. The result is scratches, irritation, ulcers now and an uneven beard after a couple of years.

Sometimes the growth of a beard is suspended temporarily with prolonged illness and treatment with certain medications. With eczema, psoriasis, after an injury or a burn, the stubble on the cheeks may not grow - what to do better in such cases, only a dermatologist will say.

Medications for bristle growth

Minoxidil is the very first, proven and affordable way to quickly grow beautiful bristles at home. This drug acts on the hair follicles at the cellular level, stimulating metabolic processes and causing blood flow to them. Bulbs receive more oxygen and nutrients, they are better absorbed - which means that the beard grows denser and faster. In order for the bristles to grow by leaps and bounds, Minoxidil can be taken internally in the form of tablets and simultaneously used externally as a grind. In general, Minoxidil, in my opinion, is the most effective and safe drug. Read more about it in my article.

There is another pharmacy way to make the bristles thicker and more magnificent - this is nicotinic acid. Do not rejoice if you smoke - you can’t get it from a cigarette. Nicotinic acid belongs to the B vitamins, it acts on the same principle as Minoxidil - it speeds up the metabolism in cells and dilates blood vessels, stimulating blood flow. In addition, you can buy multivitamins at the pharmacy and drink the full course, it will not be worse, especially if the stubble does not grow at 19 or 20 - the age when everything is perfectly absorbed.

If you have already exceeded 30, and still nothing is growing on the chin and cheeks - what to do, the endocrinologist should decide. In general, before running to the pharmacy and sweeping the shelves, it’s wiser to go to the family doctor first, share your problem and get tested, all the funds that the network or a company of friends advised. Remember: what is on the face is already the end result of what happened inside, therefore any problem is solved, first of all, from the inside.

Folk remedies

The people also know for a long time and for sure how to make stubble grow, and moreover, quickly. First of all, you should try a variety of oils - castor, burdock, coconut, wheat germ. Here's how to make the hairs thicker, stronger and grow faster:

  1. Burdock oil and red pepper. In some pharmacies, a ready-made mixture is sold. But not all. Because it will cook it yourself. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of burdock oil into a small bowl, add half a teaspoon of hot pepper tincture or a good pinch of ground chili, and stir. Then we rub it into the beard - there will be a sensation of heat, it will even burn, but it is necessary. We keep it for at least a quarter of an hour, then we wash the beard well with warm water and soap. Read my article on burdock oil for a beard, the method is described in detail there.
  2. Castor oil and mustard powder. We mix castor and mustard powder in equal parts to make a sufficiently thick paste. We spread it on those parts of the face and neck that need vegetation. Wash off after 20-30 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can wrap the lower part of the face with polyethylene, and after washing off, rinse the beard with a decoction of nettle or burdock root (all herbs are sold in a box in a dry and chopped form in a pharmacy, it is written on the package how to brew them).

How to grow beautiful stubble quickly and without loss? Wait at least four weeks. During this period, actively move and play sports - this enhances the production of testosterone. Avoid stress, get enough sleep and try to drink less coffee and smoke. Follow the diet: proteins should certainly be supplemented with vitamins, but it is better to refuse carbohydrates. That is, we have lunch with meat and vegetable salad, and for dessert we take a milkshake with strawberries, instead of pizza with pies and rolls. In addition, rub Minoxidil or nicotinic acid into the beard every day, once a week we make a mask with burdock or castor oil. And most importantly - we’re smiling, guys, you’re almost a gorgeous beard that you've been dreaming about for so long!

Why do men grow stubble?

If a man already wears a beard, but wants to go to the “stubble” level, then you need to figure out how to shave his beard beautifully to leave a small mark from the old beard. But in practice, men tend to stubble more often if they have not worn facial hair before. The latest fashion trends and the desire to give the appearance of age, solidity and masculinity can prompt the decision to let go of the bristles.

Men grow thick or insignificant stubble for the following purposes:

  • stubble, mustache, pots and beard are now at the peak of popularity, which is dictated by fashion trends,
  • bristles can become an integral element of the image and style of a man,
  • bristles can be something new in appearance,
  • in order to save time on shaving, you can wear bristles,
  • stubble helps give a man age and solidity.

The main thing is to understand the man in detail in the question of what to do in order to grow a beautiful and fashionable stubble. A thin line between the attractiveness of the bristles and the uncared-for appearance of a man is present, so you should responsibly approach this option for changing the image.

Who is it for?

To understand a man whether the bristles are suitable for his image, it is worthwhile to understand the advantages and disadvantages of such facial hair. The following criteria are considered advantages of bristles:

  • combined with all the images in clothes and shoes and the types of appearance of men,
  • does not look exotic and shocking, like many forms of beards,
  • bristles do not require such careful care as a beard,
  • no need to shave every day, avoiding abrasions, cuts and irritation,
  • bristles can be grown easily and quickly,
  • bristles give an image of masculinity and brutality,
  • You can shave and simulate the bristles yourself without special knowledge and skills.

In addition, if a beard attracts only a certain circle of women, then almost all women will appreciate the stubble. At the same time, the bristles also have drawbacks, for example, it has sharp hairs that can irritate the girl’s skin, the bristles require care, otherwise it will make an untidy person out of a man.

What kind to choose?

Before deciding how to shave a man in order to leave the bristles or how to grow them from scratch, you need to decide on the types of bristles. As in the case with a beard, there can be several types of bristles, it all depends on the preferences of the man and fashion trends. The only "right" bristle does not really exist, every man can give free rein to his imagination and creative message.

The most popular and universal types of bristles are as follows:

  1. Solid bristles - such vegetation can be different in length (up to 5 mm), but always uniform and uniform. It is easiest to grow, it does not require any special care, except for cleansing and timely cutting.
  2. Fluff Bristle - a shortened look of bristles, which harmoniously fits into any image and under all types of appearance of a man, is distinguished by sophistication and accuracy.
  3. T-shaped bristles - a kind of goatee, but of shorter length and when the hairs are left around the lips, nose and chin, and the cheeks are left smooth.
  4. Overgrown Bristles - the length of the standard bristles can be slightly exceeded, creating a deliberately sloppy look.
  5. Running bristles - its length is finely bordered by the beginning beard, giving the male appearance of audacity and brutality.

Also, barbers can model bristles, imitating popular beard species. For example, anchor bristles, brett and balbo, burnsides and chinstrap.The difference will be only the minimum length of the hairs, but the shapes and lines will need to be repeated as accurately as possible, as if a barber formed a man a beard.

How to grow thick stubble quickly?

Bristles look most beneficial if a man prefers neat and short haircuts on his head so as not to overload the image. To get used to the skills of how to align and model stubble, a man first needs to stock up with the necessary tools, namely:

  • a trimmer that has several tips
  • razor,
  • shaving products
  • after shave care products.

Then grow bristles quickly and correctly according to the following instructions:

  1. It is necessary to refuse the razor for several days.
  2. If a man wears a beard, you need to use a trimmer to shave with a short nozzle.
  3. The maximum increase in bristles is up to 12 mm per month.
  4. The hair on the neck needs to be shaved off to the Adam's apple.
  5. Then, using a razor, they form the area of ​​the bristles, removing excess hairs on the cheeks and tanks.

After shaving, you need to wash your face with cool water, apply lotion or gel after shaving to prevent irritation. Now all that remains is to look after your facial hair, so as not to spoil the appearance with an untidy shade. To determine how to shave the beard so that the stubble remains, you can consult a barber or use a trimmer with a nozzle up to 5 mm.

What to do if the bristles do not grow?

Only some men were naturally lucky with facial hair. Others constantly ask questions how to accelerate hair growth, how to make stubble stiffer, how to make bristles thicker and more uniform, etc. To quickly grow a thick and healthy bristle, you need to use tools that accelerate blood flow in this area.

The most popular and effective ways to stimulate the growth of bristles:

  • ester oils - lavender, orange, cedar, rosemary, patchouli, bay,
  • vegetable oils - burdock, castor, olive and mustard,
  • sea ​​salt, ground for face scrub.

One day you can carry out home skin peeling procedures, for this they take a tablespoon of salt, 5 drops of any ether and a tablespoon of base vegetable oil. Next, rub the skin of the face, where the bristles should grow, and then wash off the rest of the product with soap and warm water. The second day you need to give an oil mask, for this, 1-3 drops of ether are added to a tablespoon of burdock oil, rubbed with your palms and applied with massage movements to the skin.

The peeling mask is kept on the face for about 5-10 minutes, periodically rubbing on the skin. But the oil mask should be worn on the face for about an hour, and to enhance its effectiveness, a pinch of red pepper is added to it. Such procedures are necessary to make the bristles thicker, for 3-6 months systematically. Within 1-2 weeks of therapy, it is better to shave off the overgrown bristles, since the hairs will heal only after a while.

How to care and keep fit?

Many men do not know how to level the stubble after it has begun to grow, and they make a number of mistakes at the first attempts. To do this, you need to take care of your skin and vegetation, as well as use a trimmer with a specific nozzle. A special trimmer will also prevent the bristles from moving into the beard, lengthening with time. As soon as the hair length exceeds 5 mm, you need to shave the bristles with a trimmer with such a nozzle.

It is necessary to move the trimmer during shortening and modeling of the bristles from the lower lip to the line of the chin, further from the nose to the upper lip of the man, to the cheeks from the line of the temples, from the lower point of the chin to the neck, as well as from the neck to both cheeks. In this way, a uniform and uniform bristle structure can be achieved. Care for the bristles will need to be every few days as the hair grows.


Bristle is an ideal alternative to a beard, as it can be easily and quickly grown, at any time, without a bit of regret, shave or change shape and length. Small facial hair is suitable for all men, without exception, except for blondes and those whose hair grows rarely and unevenly. In this case, you can use cosmetic procedures and means to accelerate the growth of the beard and increase its density. You can trim the bristles every day or after a couple of days, it does not require any special care.

Why doesn't the bristles grow?

To understand why stubble does not grow, one should turn to human physiology. During puberty in young men, the body begins to produce the male hormone - testosterone, and it is during this period that the growth of the first hairs and the gun on the chin begins. After the young man uses the razor for the first time, the hairs will begin to become thicker, because the razor helps to renew the vegetation and the growth of the bristles.

An alarming bell will be that the beard is completely absent or suddenly stopped growing. This is a signal that a hormonal failure has occurred in the body, as a result, the necessary hormone is not produced in sufficient quantities.

The most common causes of impaired testosterone production:

  • lack of sleep
  • nervous exhaustion
  • chronic fatigue,
  • malnutrition
  • abuse of alcohol and cigarettes.

If the young man does not grow bristles on his face in some places, you need to contact a specialist to find out if there are any violations in the endocrine system.

How to enhance the growth of bristles?

The absence of dense facial hair does not always signal serious health problems and is often temporary. In order to decide what to do and how to grow stubble on his face, a man should, first of all, think about his lifestyle:

  1. Change the diet. If the beard grows poorly, you must definitely follow the norm of such an element as zinc. It can be obtained from protein products (meat, cheese, fish, kefir, legumes). Also, seafood and nuts should be eaten, this will help grow hairs.
  2. Lose weight. When getting rid of extra pounds, the level of testosterone in a person begins to increase significantly and this helps to quickly grow stubble.
  3. To grow stubble, you need to minimize stress levels. If the body is under stress for a long time, then it begins to produce cortisol, and it, in turn, blocks the production of testosterone. And this prevents light stubble from growing.
  4. Go in for sports and spend more time outdoors.
  5. Do not take alcoholic beverages and stop smoking. Minimize the dose of coffee.

These measures will help not only to make the bristles grow faster, but also to improve the health of the body as a whole.

Cosmetology for bristle growth

In stores and pharmacies, special products are sold to stimulate hair growth, they will help grow a beard, but you need to handle them carefully. The fact is that they are usually designed to grow hair on the head. Before applying them to the entire face, start with a small area of ​​the skin and look at the reaction. After all, you need to think not only on how to grow stubble, but also on safety.

Also, a good way, if a man has a poorly growing beard, is to use burdock oil. It has long gained fame and is good for hair growth. How to quickly grow stubble with burdock oil: it is necessary to steam the face over hot water and apply warm oil to the desired areas, starting from the ears and leave for 2 hours. During this time, the oil will moisturize and soak the hair follicle. After the specified time, wash off the oil with a cleanser. It is possible that in a day light shaving of 3 mm will appear.

Using a scrub will also help to grow stubble. The tool can be purchased at the store or prepared yourself. To do this, you need ground coffee and honey. Put 2 tbsp in a bowl. honey and add to it 2 tsp. ground coffee, mix. Apply to cheeks and massage in circular motions for 2-3 minutes. By stimulating blood circulation, hair can be grown much faster.

General recommendations

  1. To grow a beautiful three-day stubble, it is important to moisturize the skin well. It will be useful to use various fatty creams and serums.
  2. Three-day stubble and, especially, four-day stubble require special care. Light unshaven needs constant trimming and cutting. You must choose a shape and length that is suitable for the face. Then you get fashionable bristles.
  3. In order for the hairs not to puff, you should purchase a special gel or wax. They will help to lay hairs beautifully and maintain a fashionable and stylish look.
  4. It is important not only to grow a beard, but also to make it harmoniously blend with the hair on the head. This will help the electric shaver.

A beard is a sign of courage and power. She helps a man express all his strength and brutality. Unshaven men are more likely to attract women. To decorate himself with such a sign of courage and grow stubble, it is enough for a man to follow these recommendations and enjoy the result.

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