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Hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead for men

Men's hair is fundamentally different in structure and characteristics from female, in addition, many men are familiar with the problem of early hair loss. Experts offer many methods to eliminate this problem, and stylists have developed men's hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead to camouflage the problem. Thanks to the right choice of haircuts and styling, you can hide the hair from the surrounding bald spots.

Experts advise all men to easily perceive the presence of bald patches, as this is a natural physiological process. If aesthetic discomfort occurs, hairstyles for balding men will help visually correct the problem, give hair extra volume and density, and also cover unwanted areas on the head. Thanks to this effect, a man can feel confident, in addition, haircuts visually make him younger.

How to deal with male pattern baldness?

In fact, baldness at different ages can be either a consequence of disorders in the body, or a natural process. Therefore, a man needs to visit a trichologist for a consultation and choose the right cosmetics for hair care and protection. You need to pay attention to the choice of haircuts and styling, thanks to which you can also correct the situation.

Stylists give some tips:

  • short haircuts smooth the difference between the density of hair on the entire head and areas with bald patches,
  • if the man has dark thick hair, you can balance the difference between the volume with the help of additional thinning,
  • to create a brutal image, hair can be styled in grunge style in a disheveled tousled look,
  • styling hair on one side allows you to hide bald patches and still wear long curls.

Do not be upset about the appearance of bald patches, as stylists believe that a high forehead and bald patches transform the appearance of a man, giving her solidity and masculinity. In addition, the masters have developed many options for haircuts, thanks to which you can camouflage the problem, hiding from the surroundings bald spots. Fashionable and stylish haircut will make a young attractive guy out of a man.

Causes of baldness

Experts are sure that each case of hair loss is individual. In addition, all the advertised hair restoration products are just marketing. Therefore, sometimes hair can be restored, and sometimes it is much easier to cut it.

Among the most common causes of baldness:

  • family predisposition
  • prolonged stress
  • disturbed hormonal background,
  • age-related changes.

Men's hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead are most relevant after the age of 40. However, even at a young age, this process can be activated. According to statistics, 80% of men are bald by middle age.

Types of men's hairstyles for thinning hair

Rare and falling out hair is an urgent problem for many men, which can be solved with the help of special cosmetic and pharmacy products, recommendations of a trichologist, as well as a properly selected haircut and hairstyle. Stylists distinguish several varieties of haircuts for rare hair and balding men, for example, a haircut under zero, a short hedgehog, Caesar, Roger Sterling, half box and many others.

How to hide bald patches on the forehead

If the trichologist has come to the conclusion that bald patches are caused by a genetic factor, it remains only to reconcile. However, there is no need to despair - and with a thinned hairstyle, you can look stylish. In addition, stylists know well how to delicately hide this flaw:

  • Choose short haircuts. If the hair is short, it opens the scalp and bald patches do not stand out against the background of the hairstyle,
  • slight negligence is what you need. However, it should be the result of styling, not a natural mess,
  • Professional hair thinning helps to divert attention from bald patches. Almost all men's hairstyles with bald patches are made with thinning. This is especially true for brunettes and brown-haired,
  • a small stylish beard will help to visually balance the upper and lower parts of the face. If the bald patches are not very deep, you can try sideburns or a mustache.

If you notice thinned hair at the temples, consult a stylist. He will be able to tell you a way out for your situation.

Under zero

If the man is not impressed with the proposed male haircuts with bald patches, you can solve the problem radically - cut the hair to zero. Due to the lack of hair, no bald spots and bald patches will be visible at all, and the appearance will glow with brutality and audacity. For many years, Bruce Willis has been considered a bright representative of such a haircut. But this option is suitable for men with perfect head shape and healthy skin.

Not every man can decide on a complete rejection of hair, so stylists offer other short hairstyles for men with bald patches, for example, a hedgehog. Hair is cut shortly under the minimum nozzles of a machine of the same level, after which, using styling products, protruding hairs are formed in different directions, simulating hedgehog needles. Haircut refreshes and rejuvenates the man, giving his appearance spontaneity.

What hairstyles to choose with bald patches

If you carefully approach the choice of haircuts, the disadvantage will be practically invisible. Most popular hairstyles:

  • haircut with texture. If the hair has different lengths, they easily mask the bald patches on the forehead. No styling needed, however, foam or gel is still necessary,
  • British haircut. Like many other hairstyles with bald patches on the forehead for men, photos of which are here, they hide baldness. Short hair at the temples combined with a voluminous crown. This allows you to visually hide too high a forehead. If the hair is thinning on the crown too, you’ll have to refuse a British haircut,
  • a haircut "under zero". The first impulse of most men with the news of hair loss is to cut their hair radically. This can be either a great solution or a bad one. If you have an even skull shape, a haircut will suit you. Of course, you can find out about this only after a haircut. Therefore, it is better not to do it before important events.

In the style of Roger Sterling

For men of advanced age and a strict classic look, a haircut in the style of Roger Sterling is ideal. Visually, it resembles a Hitler Youth haircut, when hair is grown on the top of the head of medium length, and the temples and neck are shortened. After that, you need to comb your hair smoothly to one side, covering problem areas with bald spots. The haircut has the following slogan - "My motto is financial success", emphasizing the success of men.

Short haircut with bald patches

A short haircut is a good way out for balding men. It makes the face more expressive, and hair care is very simple. Moreover, for many women it is the “zero” haircut that seems especially brutal and courageous.

She is very simple in leaving. even you can update it not in the cabin, but at home. If you buy a machine with nozzles of different lengths, then the haircut will look professional. Stacking is not required, which can also be a plus.

Therefore, do not treat hair loss as a disaster. After small experiments, you can find a good image. It is possible that it will suit you even more than the usual haircut.


Caesar's hairstyle is named after Julius Caesar. It is no secret that it was commander Gaius Julius Caesar who suffered from premature hair loss, which he carefully tried to hide with his hairstyle. A short haircut with an elongated crown should be combed from the crown forward to the forehead, after which the hair should be trimmed with a short straight bang. This direction of the strands will allow you to cover areas with bald patches, and a clear border will emphasize masculinity and brutality.

Half box

The most versatile haircut that combines with all styles of clothing is the half box. To make such a haircut, you need to shortly cut the hair on the temples and the back of the head, and on the crown leave strands of medium length, creating a smooth transition of lengths. Next, the hair on the crown can be styled in a tousled or smooth way, covering the area of ​​the falling hair.

In the style of the Ivy League

Not only hairstyles for men with bald patches, but also ideal haircuts for thinning thin hair perfectly hide any problems. The Ivy League style haircut is a kind of university style, characterized by rigor and minimalism. Around the circumference of the head, the hair is evenly trimmed with a machine with a nozzle, after which the hair is combed to the side to emphasize the classic style.

Retro style

The retro style of men's hairstyles will be an ideal choice if there are bald patches and thinning patches of hair on the head. A feature of this style is the volumetric hair styling on the top of the head, while the whiskey and the back of the head can be shortened, creating a sharp or smooth transition. The hair should be straight, but thick and raised to form a three-dimensional styling. Most often, on rare hair, you can achieve this effect if you make a side parting and combing the strands in one direction.


Short haircuts are still more often in demand among men, so cutting a lipstick will be a great way to camouflage thinning hair. Feature of the haircut is a raised and protruding bangs, shortened temples and the back of the head. Moreover, the pompadour haircut can be of different lengths, it all depends on the preferences of the man himself. But it is a short variation that best conceals the problems associated with bald patches on the sides.

Short mohawk

You can hide any problems with the hairstyle with the help of pronounced accents and shocking motifs. For example, a short version of a mohawk haircut perfectly distracts attention from thinning hair, emphasizing the originality and style of a man. In addition, a short styling of the mohawk up will be in harmony even with the classic style in clothes, this image can also be tried on for special occasions. Age restrictions for mohawk - 25-45 years.

Which haircut to choose?

Fashionable hairstyles with bald patches should, with the help of regular geometric lines, hide rare falling hair. An experienced master will create such a haircut that distracts attention from thinning hair, emphasizing the shape of the head and facial features of men. The following methods of masking bald patches are welcome:

  • textured haircuts with hair of different lengths, so that the hair acquires additional volume,
  • chaotic styling also camouflage bald patches, complementing the volume of haircuts,
  • comb styling, resembling a short mohawk, perfectly covers the bald spots of hair on the head and rejuvenates the man,
  • a haircut under zero is a 100% effective haircut with bald patches and hair falling out.

Only through trial and error, experimenting with his haircuts and styling, can a man choose the perfect options. Pay attention to the shape of the head to emphasize only the best facial features. Zero haircut, for example, is only suitable for holders of an oval-shaped head. The angularity and imbalances of the face will help to hide asymmetric, texture haircuts with a side parting or tousled disheveled hair.


It is harmonious to choose a hairstyle for a man who has a receding hairline and the problem of early hair loss, only an experienced master can. These can be short, medium or even elongated haircuts, but require special cutting and styling technology. In any case, hair loss is not a cause for concern, the problem can be solved and hidden by various methods, including using the right choice of haircuts.

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