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Bezornil ointment for hemorrhoids - composition, instructions for use, side effects, analogues and price

The drug has a wide range of medicinal properties, namely:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • decongestant
  • astringent
  • healing
  • drying
  • antipruritic
  • hemostatic.

The listed therapeutic effects are due to the effects of the healing substances that make up the active components of Bezornil ointment. Therefore, we consider the healing properties of the individual rootless ingredients.

Amber is a natural mineral rich in iodine, iron and magnesium, which accelerate the healing of tissues. In addition, amber is able to destroy pathogenic microbes and improve tissue nutrition with oxygen.

Artificial musk (muskon) is a synthetic analogue of natural musk, which strengthens the immune system and facilitates tissue repair, making recovery faster. Also, under the influence of this substance, the severity of inflammation in the focus decreases and blood circulation normalizes.

Pearls have both hemostatic and antithrombotic effects. Thus, Bezornil simultaneously stops bleeding from hemorrhoids and prevents thrombosis of hemorrhoids. Also, this substance has a regenerative and analgesic effect.

Bornean camphor or borneol is a substance of natural origin, which has venotonic, antibacterial, antipruritic, analgesic and healing effects.

Calamine is a zinc compound that effectively eliminates inflammation in the anus, soothes irritation of the skin and accelerates the epithelization of anal fissures. The listed effects are provided by the film, which is formed upon contact of the calamine with the skin. This film protects tissues from aggressive factors, and also prevents pathogenic microbes from penetrating into the tissues.

Bezoaru, as well as other components of Bezornil, are characterized by antibacterial, antispasmodic, analgesic, immunostimulating and anti-inflammatory effects.

Thanks to the above-described components, Bezornil facilitates inflammation in the tissues of the anal area, eliminates unpleasant symptoms of the disease and improves the patient's quality of life.

Instructions for use of the drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids

The method of application of Bezornil ointment depends on the type of hemorrhoids. With external hemorrhoids, eczema and tears of the anus, the drug is applied externally, and with rectal localization of the pathological process, it is injected into the anal canal.

Regardless of the method of using Bezornil ointment, before using it, you must visit the restroom, empty the intestines, wash with warm water without soap and wipe the skin with a soft lint-free cloth. After hygienic procedures, you need to wash your hands thoroughly, read the instructions and take a comfortable pose, for example, standing with your feet slightly wide, bending your body slightly forward.

Treatment of external hemorrhoids

With external hemorrhoids, cracks and ulcers of the anus, the drug is applied a thin layer on the skin around the anus 3-4 times a day (morning, evening and after each bowel movement).

Also, with external localization of the disease, you can apply a small amount of ointment on a gauze napkin and attach it to the sore spot at night.

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids

In the treatment of rectal hemorrhoids, Bezornil is used rectally. The introduction of the drug into the rectum is facilitated by the presence of rectal nozzles, which come complete with a tube of ointment. Moreover, a two-gram tube is designed for one rectal administration, and a ten-gram tube contains four to five doses.

After hygienic procedures, you need to put on the rectal nozzle on the tube of ointment, take a comfortable pose, open the buttocks with your left hand, and take the tube with your right hand and insert its tip into the anus. After this, squeeze the contents into the rectum.

After applying Bezornil ointment, you need to wash your hands with soap and lie down for half an hour, which is more effective for the drug.

Bezornil - instructions for use

According to the pharmacological classification, Bezornil ointment belongs to the group of drugs with an astringent, drying and antimicrobial effect. It is used for topical application to cones, nodes and anal fissures. The scope is proctology. The effectiveness of the drug has been proven when using it in the first and second stages of hemorrhoids, when the nodes have not yet fallen out, and only signs of rectal bleeding and burning appear during bowel movements.

Contraindications and side effects

Bezornil ointment has a lot of indications and at the same time differs in its natural composition, which does not cause allergic reactions, and also helps to quickly stop the inflammatory process. However, like any medicine, a Chinese drug may have contraindications, which will not make it possible to use it to treat hemorrhoids.

The main prohibition for the use of an external agent is the possible individual intolerance of some components in its composition. It is usually expressed through allergic reactions in the form of rashes, as well as disorders of the various systems of the body

There are several more situations where you should use Bezornil carefully. Instructions for use indicate the lack of mutagenic properties of the drug, however, its use during gestation and during breastfeeding should be carried out only with the appointment of a doctor. Moreover, the possibility of influencing the fetus in case of hepatitis B (breastfeeding) is no less significant than in pregnancy. In some cases, the drug is prohibited during feeding, since its use can adversely affect the baby’s health due to the penetration of active components into the mucous membranes of the body, and subsequently into the blood

Compared to other hemorrhoid ointments, Bezornil practically has no side effects. This is due to the natural composition, which can not cause any reactions, except for allergic ones. The manifestation of side effects is redness and peeling of the places where the drug was applied, as well as in the form of urticaria and other skin rashes.

In case of side effects after applying Bezornil, you should consult a doctor to adjust the treatment regimen.

Composition Bezornil

The drug is available in one ointment format intended for rectal and external use. The full composition of the drug:

The concentration of substances, mg in 1 g

Artificial Musk (Muskon)

Calamine (Zinc Carbonate)

Homogeneous light beige with a reddish tint ointment with a specific smell of camphor

Vaseline, lanolin, sodium tetraborate (borax)

2 g aluminum tube with tip or 10 gram plastic tube with 4 tips

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Ointment from external hemorrhoids Bezornil belongs to complex preparations with a local astringent, decongestant, analgesic, hemostatic and antiseptic property. The pharmacological effect is due to a combination of components of the composition of the drug, which eliminate pain, bleeding, promote the healing of anus cracks, relieve itching, inflammation.

Bezornil acts locally, created according to the recipes of Chinese medicine, treats peeling, weeping areas, heals damage to the mucous membrane, serves as an antiseptic and anesthetic. The musk in the composition is identical to natural, it stimulates the immune system and alleviates the complications of hemorrhoids. Reduces the process of inflammation, improves blood flow, eliminates congestion of blood in the veins of the rectum.

Calamine has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect, relieves irritation and redness of the mucous membranes, regenerates the skin, envelops it with a protective layer. Zinc carbonate cools a little when applied, which relieves the anus, has disinfecting and analgesic effects, and heals cracks. Pearls stop bleeding, prevent blood clots from forming (thrombosis), heal wounds, and eliminate pain syndromes.

Borneol or Bornean camphor tones, improves blood flow, relieves itching of the perianal region. The substance serves as an antiseptic, kills pathogenic bacteria on damaged tissues, heals and anesthetizes. Amber is rich in iron, iodine and magnesium, which activate the body's defenses. The component has a bactericidal effect, increases local metabolism, improves oxygen permeability and protein biosynthesis. Bezoar is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory substance that relieves spasm. Lanolin balances water metabolism, quickly heals tissues. Borax is an antiseptic.

Description of the drug

Bezornil - ointment based on recipes of Chinese healers. She successfully combines proven folk remedies with modern developments. The drug is easily absorbed, does not accumulate in the liver and kidneys, acting strictly locally. Ointment refers to anti-inflammatory, wound healing and antiseptic.

With proper use, Bezornil ointment for hemorrhoids is capable of:

  • remove internal and external edema,
  • cure deep anal fissures,
  • cool the inflamed skin, restore its elasticity and density,
  • improve blood circulation in the veins and capillaries,
  • reduce the size of hemorrhoids,
  • protect the skin and mucous membranes from further damage.

Bezornil ointment for hemorrhoids is sold without a prescription, but it is better to use it under the supervision of a doctor.

Ointment is recommended for:

  • exacerbations of chronic hemorrhoids,
  • frequent rectal bleeding,
  • neglected combined hemorrhoids in remission,
  • deep anal fissures,
  • eczema of the skin in the anus.

The drug is easily tolerated by patients, it suitable for treating patients of any age, including the elderly and debilitated. The ointment is quickly absorbed, covering the skin with the thinnest protective film.

The swelling subsides, the pain goes away, the patient feels more cheerful. The product has a cumulative effect, but the components do not remain in the tissues., excreted with urine no later than 12 hours.

The composition of the drug

The composition of the drug Bezornil includes: amber, pearls, borneol, bezoar and artificial musk, zinc carbonate. It has a specific smell.

The storage temperature of the drug should not exceed 15 ° C. The drug is suitable for three years.

Active componentsnumber
Muskon9 mg
Pearls8.5 mg
Amber3.3 mg
Bezoar11 mg
Borneol0.038 g
Calamine108 mg
Ointment base: borax, white paraffin, lanolin

Bezornil ointment from hemorrhoids will help relieve inflammation from the first days of use!

Indications for use

The instructions for the use of Bezornil ointment say the following indications for use:

  • chronic, external, internal hemorrhoids,
  • anal and perianal fissures, eczema, erosion, ulcers of the anus,
  • acute hemorrhoids with bleeding,
  • itching of the anus, violation of the sphincter spasm,
  • damage to the tissues of the rectum, stagnation of blood in the veins.

Beneficial features

Bezornil ointment is a complex product containing both natural and synthetic ingredients.

The main properties of the drug:

  • wound healing
  • mild pain medication
  • antiseptic
  • drying
  • astringent and hemostatic,
  • against edema and itching around the anus.

Obviously, these properties are very useful in the treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures and eczema. The disease often manifests itself by internal and external inflammatory processes. Sometimes with weeping, itchy, and bleeding areas. A powerful drug is required.

The use of ointment is due to the high biological activity of natural components and excellent complementary effect of chemical components.

ComponentsThe benefits of hemorrhoidal disease
BoraxKills microbes, relieves irritation of the mucosa, reduces swelling, protects tissues from irritation.
MuskonEffectively relieves the inflammatory process.
BezoarIt relieves inflammation, anesthetizes, and has an immunostimulating effect.
PearlsRestores damaged tissue, reduces pain, itching and burning, stops bleeding.
BorneolReduces unpleasant symptoms with inflammation of the hemorrhoids, has a protective function against germs.
AmberIodine accelerates the repair of damaged tissue.

The combination of all components effectively affects the treatment of proctologic diseases. At first, pain, itching and burning subside. After several days of use, it reduces edema, bleeding, and the affected areas heal.

Active substances and their action

Bezornil - moderately dense, uniform, viscous ointment with a characteristic smell of bezoar. It is packaged in aluminum and plastic tubes with tightly screwed caps. Two versions of the ointment are on sale - in miniature packages of 2 g and more volumetric tubes of 10 g. Each is packed in a cardboard box and supplied with detailed instructions.

The composition of the drug includes the following active substances:

    Calamine (zinc carbonate). The main component of the ointment, the mass fraction exceeds 50%.

A substance with a pronounced anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect. It enhances tissue regeneration, stimulating the growth of new cells and creating a protective layer on the skin surface that prevents the penetration of infection.

It has a slight cooling effect, relieves burning and itching, eliminates redness. It has a disinfecting and analgesic effect.

  • Borneol (camphor Bornean). It tones, relieves spasms of the intestinal walls, improves blood flow, softens burning and itching in the anus. Good antiseptic, protects damaged skin and mucous membranes from infection. It accelerates the healing of wounds and injuries, anesthetizes and soothes.
  • Musk (artificial). Identical to the natural component, contributing to the strengthening of the immune system, accelerating tissue regeneration. Enhances lymph outflow, reducing local edema, improves blood circulation.
  • Pearls. Improves blood flow, prevents the formation of adhesions and blood clots. It stops internal bleeding, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, protecting them from further ruptures. Promotes the fastest healing of wounds, relieves pain.
  • Bezoar (artificial). Relieves cramping, boosts immunity, and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects.
  • Amber. Natural substance containing iodine, magnesium, iron. Strengthens the body's defenses, strengthens the immune system, accelerates the regeneration of tissues and mucous membranes. It prevents the development of anemia that accompanies frequent rectal bleeding. Succinic acid has pronounced antibacterial and regenerative properties, accelerates the process of biosynthesis and helps to supply tissues with oxygen.
  • An opened tube is best placed in the lower compartment of the refrigerator. Shelf life - 3 years from the date of issue. Use of an expired product is prohibited.

    Thomas release and composition

    Bezornil ointment is a multicomponent drug with a wide range of therapeutic effects, which is made according to ancient recipes of Chinese healers. Successfully selected composition gives this tool high efficiency in the fight against hemorrhoids, anal tears and ulcers. In addition, all components of the drug are of natural origin, which allows you to limit the number of side effects.

    Bezornil is a homogeneous ointment of a milky color with a brown tint and a pronounced camphor smell. The drug is available in tubes of plastic, two and ten grams. Also, four rectal nozzles are supplied with the ointment, which allow you to enter the medicine into the rectum.

    The ointment also contains auxiliary substances, such as petrolatum, lanolin and sodium tetraborate, which support the dosage form of the drug, facilitate absorption and increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

    Bezornil ointment: instructions for use for hemorrhoids

    Bezornil ointment is intended for rubbing, compresses and rectal administration. The drug is rubbed into the skin after the necessary hygiene procedures.

    The ointment is suitable for mini-compresses, it can be entered inside with a finger, cotton swab or a special tip. For a single application, 1 ml of the drug is enough.

    The course of treatment depends on the condition of the patient, usually it takes 7-14 days. The use of Bezornil ointment for hemorrhoids in a neglected form should be monitored by a doctor.

    Contraindications and side effects

    Ointment has a minimum of contraindicationsIt is suitable for treating patients of any age, including those who suffer from other chronic diseases. The main obstacle to use will be individual intolerance to the components of the drug.

    In some cases, after prolonged use, slight skin irritation, peeling and itching are possible. After discontinuation of the drug, all unpleasant symptoms go away.

    How to supplement treatment?

    It is impossible to cure hemorrhoids using only ointment. It will be a good supplement that relieves unpleasant symptoms.

    For the treatment of internal cones, rectal suppositories with a venotonic, anticoagulation, anti-inflammatory effect are needed.

    Preparations in tablets and capsules that improve blood circulation, prevent thrombosis, and stop pain will help improve the general condition of the patient.

    Only a proctologist can draw up the correct treatment program.

    Bensornyl - affordable and effective drug that successfully copes with the main symptoms of hemorrhoids: pain, swelling, inflammation, burning and itching.

    Ointment can be used with advanced forms of the disease, it successfully fits into therapeutic regimens and has a minimum of contraindications.

    What is hemorrhoids

    This unpleasant disease can occur in any person. It is provoked by frequent constipation, hard physical work, a sedentary lifestyle and malnutrition. Often hemorrhoids also occur in women during pregnancy and after childbirth. The disease, if improperly treated, becomes chronic, periodically exacerbating it.

    In this case, the person experiences itching and pain in the anus. At first this happens during bowel movements, but with the development of the disease, the symptoms intensify. There is bleeding, constant pain is felt. In advanced cases, pinched hemorrhoids can occur, which can only be treated surgically

    Therefore, it is so important to start treatment with an effective drug on time. One of them is Bezornil (ointment)

    Its price allows you to have this drug always at hand, and when the first symptoms appear, treatment should be started in a timely manner. In order to completely get rid of the disease, you must follow a special diet, avoid weight lifting, constipation, move more.

    Rectal ointment Bezornil instructions for use

    Reviews about this drug are mostly positive. Before presenting them to your attention, it is necessary to tell how and in what dosages it is necessary to use the mentioned ointment.

    The instructions attached to this tool say that for external injuries, the drug is recommended to be applied twice a day. To make the treatment more effective, experts advise additionally placing the ointment on a cotton pad or some other napkin, and then applying it to an inflamed or affected area.

    The course of therapy with such a drug can be continuously carried out for two weeks.

    How to use Bezornil ointment for cracks and hemorrhoids? Instructions, reviews of doctors say that for rectal treatment of the aforementioned diseases, the medication should be administered using the tip that is attached to the drug. Such procedures must be carried out twice a day, as well as after each emptying.

    Instructions for use and dosage

    The drug is used to treat adult patients under the supervision of a physician. Intrarectal administration of the ointment is carried out at the rate of two grams per administration.

    Bezornil is dispensed without a doctor's prescription

    A cap-nozzle is attached to the tube with ointment. With internal hemorrhoids and damage to the rectal mucosa, the ointment is injected into the anus using a nozzle. The introduction is carried out twice a day after bowel movements and hygiene procedures. The introduction of the ointment with good tolerance is recommended additionally after each act of defecation.

    To treat external hemorrhoidal nodes, cracks and eczema of the skin, the ointment is applied in a thin layer to the affected areas twice a day and after each emptying. In addition, it is recommended to apply the ointment on a sterile napkin or dressing and leave it on the affected area. The dressing or napkin must be replaced every 4-5 hours.

    With minor cracks and peeling of the skin around the anus, it is necessary to disinfect the affected area of ​​the skin, and then apply the ointment with a thin layer. Repeat the procedure twice a day.

    The duration of the course of treatment with Bezornil ointment is determined by the attending physician depending on the severity of the pathology, indications and tolerance of the drug to the patient.

    Side effects and contraindications

    Most patients tolerate treatment with Bezornil ointment well, and do not notice any side effects during its use. In rare cases, an allergic reaction develops to the substances that make up its composition. Most of the ingredients of the drug are hypoallergenic, with the exception of muscon and borneol. The feeling of coolness that appears after rectal administration or application to the skin surface is not a side effect and a reason for stopping treatment.

    Contraindications to the use of Bezornil ointment are not only intolerance to the substances that make up its composition, but also

    • children and adolescents,
    • 3rd and 4th stage of hemorrhoids,
    • expired drug.

    The advisability of using the ointment during pregnancy, the degree of risk to the fetus and mother is determined by the gynecologist who observes the pregnancy. When breastfeeding, the product is not dangerous for either a woman or a child, and can be used in recommended doses.

    Release form and composition

    The release form of the drug Bezornil is mainly an ointment, the volume can be 2 or 10 grams. The kit is also complemented by a special cream and nozzles for a more comfortable introduction of the drug into the intestine through the anus.

    There is also such an implementation of Bezornil as rectal suppositories, which have anti-inflammatory effects, but you can find them in pharmacies much less often - this form of the drug is available in limited quantities.

    The composition of Bezornil ointment includes the following components (in parentheses their quantitative ratio per 1 gram of product is indicated):

    • Borneol (3.8%) - relieves itching and has an antiseptic effect,
    • pearls (5.5%) - promotes the rapid movement of blood, excluding the possibility of clot formation,
    • musk (0.09%) - improves the body's ability to protect against pathogenic bacteria,
    • Calamine (10.8%) - has an analgesic and disinfecting effect,
    • Bezoar (0.11%) - relieves cramps, improves immunity,
    • amber (0.35%) - helps to increase immunity, increases the flow of oxygen.

    Release form, composition and packaging

    Suppositories from hemorrhoids beornless are not produced, only in the form of a cream with a dense texture of light beige color without any inclusions and additives.

    • If these points are violated, you should pay attention to the expiration date.
    • Due to its safe composition, the substance can be applied rectally (using special applicators). It consists of:
    • borneola
    • pearls
    • artificial musk
    • calamine (zinc carbonate),
    • amber
    • bezoar
    • medical petroleum jelly,
    • purified water
    • lanolin.

    Due to the eco-friendly composition, beornless during pregnancy is not contraindicated, however, additional consultation with a specialist is necessary.


    The most popular drug that is an analogue of Bezornil ointment is:

    • Relief It manifests its effect due to the shark and other substances contained in such components as oil of the liver. It has an effect similar to that of Bezornil ointment, and among them the most pronounced analgesic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory effect. Due to the presence of a convenient tip, a convenient and less traumatic introduction of the ointment into the rectum is provided. The average cost of Relief is about 300-350 rubles per package in 10g.
    • Heparin. The ointment has a tool similar in its mechanism of action, which, due to the fact that the antithrombotic effect is manifested, there is a decrease in the severity of edema, blood stasis, and inflammation. Unlike Bezornil, the use is prohibited for bleeding from hemorrhoids, the presence of cracks in the mucous membrane or its defects. When used in such cases, the likelihood of developing bleeding is not excluded. The average cost is about 60 rubles.
    • Ointment with methyluracil. The tool is used for the expansion of hemorrhoidal veins, as well as the presence of anal fissures and long-term non-healing defects of the mucous membrane. It is used to enhance regenerative processes and reduce the severity of hemorrhoids. The course treatment, on average, is 10-14 days, if necessary, repetition is possible. It has a weak effect with prophylactic use. The average price is 50-70 rubles.
    • Troxevasin. An ointment with a vasoconstrictor component and biomycin is most effective against signs of varicose veins. Due to the fact that the tone of the vascular wall increases, there is a decrease in congestion in the region of the veins of the rectum. As a result, the risk of developing hemorrhages, trophic disorders, etc. is reduced. To achieve positive dynamics in relation to the vascular wall, long-term and course treatment is necessary. On average, the price is in the range of 150-190 rubles.
    • Levomekol. The ointment, which has a predominantly wound healing effect, is widely used in the complication of hemorrhoids in the form of bacterial infection, suppuration and inflammation of the surrounding tissues. The use of ointment is also possible with a preventive purpose, to prevent inflammatory reactions. A similar mechanism is associated with the features of its combined composition. The average cost is an average of 100-130 rubles.
    • Posterized. The composition of this drug includes glucocorticoid, which has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is widely used in case of running processes to improve the healing of defects in the mucous membranes or fissures of the anal passage. It has restrictions on admission, is contraindicated in pregnancy. The price is 450-500 rubles.


    Additional effects when using the drug are its antioxidant effect (inhibition of lipid peroxidation), a decrease in leukocyte migration, an increase in colloid osmotic pressure of the blood and increased excretion of water and electrolytes from the human body.

    Esculex is effective in the treatment of patients with postoperative edema, accelerates the resorption of large post-traumatic hematomas, reduces lymphostasis, improves veno-lymphatic circulation, preventing blood stasis in varicose nodes in patients with lower limb vein disease and circulatory failure.

    It has venotonic, capillary-protective, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effects, relieves leg fatigue.

    The effectiveness of the drug is due to the complex of substances that make up the product, which enhance the action of each other. Horse chestnut extract, which is part of the complex, is hypotensive,

    anti-inflammatory, decongestant, antisclerotic, antithrombotic, capillarotonizing effect. Horse chestnut extracts normalize the metabolism in the tissues surrounding the veins and improve the outflow of lymph, as a result of which there is a gradual resorption of local edema. Ginkgo biloba extract has a powerful antiplatelet effect, improves blood flow through the vessels of the brain, heart, limbs. Toning veins, reduces swelling of the extremities with varicose veins. Rutin, as a natural antioxidant, acts as an antiulcer, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, agent, as well as angioprotectors and microcirculation corrector. Rutin plays a special role in the microcirculation of blood and lymph. Thanks to him, capillaries retain elasticity and patency for biological fluids. With a routine deficiency, microvessels become fragile, which externally can manifest itself in the form of hemorrhages or hemorrhagic diathesis.

    Hemorrhoid Prevention

    Preventive measures to prevent the development or exacerbation of hemorrhoids.

    These include:

    • Proper nutrition, which will include eating enough fiber. This is necessary in order to monitor the condition of the stool. Constipation or increased pressure in the abdominal cavity provoke hemorrhoids.
    • Exclusion of heavy physical exertion. For this, lifting the barbell, jumping, squats, weightlifting options is completely eliminated.
    • The use of systemic drugs. These include venotonic drugs that increase the tone of the venous wall and prevent the development of stagnation in this system. This group is aimed at the long-term preservation of venous tone. To achieve the desired effect, systematic use with annual courses is required.
    • Use of local remedies, which includes suppositories or ointments. Their introduction is carried out especially at the first signs of inflammation.

    Rootless application

    To achieve maximum effectiveness when using the product, you need to know how to apply Bezornil correctly. The effectiveness of this drug has been proven through clinical studies. Tests of the drug, with proper and appropriate use, have shown good results. So, among the subjects, 23% got rid of the painful symptoms and only 74% completely got rid of the problems and their accompanying symptoms. Only 4% felt slightly relieved.

    In order for the use of the product to produce the desired result, it is important to know how to apply Bezornil ointment:

    1. In the treatment of eczema and hemorrhoids located outside, the ointment is applied in a thin layer to the site of the main lesion twice - in the morning and before bedtime.
    2. This procedure must be carried out after a bowel movement in a natural way or an enema and all necessary hygiene procedures are carried out.
    3. When applying the drug before bedtime, you can use a napkin soaked with ointment, which must be applied to the anal area.
    4. The question of how to apply Bezornil ointment with other problems is of interest to many. So, with insect bites, the treatment of cracks and wounds, the agent is applied in a thin layer to the damaged area, after the use of disinfectants.

    Beetroot from hemorrhoids

    The procedure for treating hemorrhoids with nodes, cracks and a severe course of the disease is as follows:

    1. Applying Bezornil from nodes located inside and cracks, it is used rectally. Using a special tip that comes with the kit, the ointment is injected into the anus after each bowel movement, in the morning and before bedtime.
    2. If the condition has managed to turn into a serious one, then the dosage of the drug is increased, and the cloth soaked in the product is fixed on underwear and worn all day.

    Beetroot from bags under the eyes

    Among the indications for the use of the drug there are no edema and circles under the eyes, which already casts doubt on the effectiveness of the ointment in this area. But there are more entrepreneurial people who, having made a number of logical conclusions, use Bezornil from edema under the eyes. It is difficult to unambiguously judge the appropriateness of such an application, because there are both positive reviews and negative because of the individual characteristics of the body and the corresponding reaction to Bezornil.

    One ointment helped get rid of puffiness under the eyes, while others did not notice any changes for the better. It unites both sides of the ointment experienced by the sensation of its use.

    1. Beetroot cools and slightly nips.
    2. The smell of the product is specific, so you should not use it before going out.
    3. The ointment is washed off very poorly due to the oily base.

    Composition and properties

    Bezornil is a complex remedy against hemorrhoids. The ointment relieves swelling of the affected tissues, anesthetizes, fights against microbes and viral pathogens, reduces the intensity of the inflammatory process and stops bleeding. The creators of the drug managed to achieve such an effect thanks to the correct combination of biologically active substances. The composition of the ointment includes:

    • calamine (zinc carbonate) - a substance with a high astringent and antipruritic effect, destroying the structure of purulent deposits,
    • amber is a natural anti-inflammatory agent with high regenerative abilities,
    • musk (artificial musk), restoring blood supply and the structure of capillaries,
    • bezoar with high antibacterial properties,
    • pearl dust, eliminating suppuration and reducing the intensity of pain,
    • Borneol is a natural antiseptic.

    The basis of Bezornil ointment is medical vaseline and lanolin. These substances allow the product to be evenly distributed in the rectum after administration, to provide an optimal environment for the activation of active ingredients. Use "Bezornil" is necessary only after consultation with a medical specialist, as the composition of the ointment does not include substances that dissolve blood clots.

    There are many cheaper analogues of this anti-hemorrhoid remedy in pharmacy chains, but their effectiveness and the possibility of replacing them with Bezornil should be discussed with your doctor, and not with a pharmacist. Analogs may contain ingredients that are not able to help at a particular stage of the disease. They may simply not contain substances whose action is necessary for the patient — painkillers, decongestants, or antipruritics.

    How can I replace Bezornil

    If analogues are medicines with a similar composition, then Bezornil has no analogues. But if you can consider analogues that are similar in effect (stop pain, cure hemorrhoids), then you can find such.

    These drugs include:

    1. Proctosed (candles).
    2. Anuzol
    3. Posterisan (breastfeeding is not a contraindication for its use).
    4. Hemorron ointment.
    5. Pilex (breastfeeding is also allowed during use).
    6. Betiol candles.
    7. Nigepan in the form of candles. This substitute is prescribed for pregnant women and mothers who give breast to the baby, but after consulting a specialist.
    8. Hemorrhoid ointment.

    This is just a small list of antihemorrhoids that can help remove the symptoms of hemorrhoids instead of Bezornil, including hemorrhoidal itching, swelling, etc.

    Not only the instructions, but also the reviews of consumers who have tried the medicine, say that Bezornil used in hemorrhoids is a safe and effective drug. But you should not forget about the fact that Bezornil has contraindications, although small ones. Therefore, it is still advisable to consult your doctor before using it for how long to use the drug, whether it is suitable in your situation. Be healthy!

    Use pattern

    During the appointment of Bezornil ointment, the doctor explains the features of the ointment, as well as the rules for preparing for use.

    Among these tips are:

    Bowel cleansing

    • Preliminary bowel cleansing with a cleansing enema or bowel movement using bowel movement.
    • Carrying out hygienic procedures with the cleansing of the anal area by washing with warm water. Do not wipe the skin with dry paper, it is recommended only to make soaking movements.
    • Bezornil ointment is applied with a thin layer, it is forbidden to rub the product into the skin. Application is carried out twice a day for two times a day. It is recommended to observe equal intervals of time between use, it is preferable to do it in the morning or evening hours.
    • When using the product at night, it is recommended to apply a cloth abundantly moistened with ointment on the area with hemorrhoids.
    • The presence of internal nodes or anal fissures involves the introduction of Bezornil ointment with rectal administration into the anus cavity rectally. For this, the use of a special nozzle is used. The tip is sold together with the ointment and allows you to enter the ointment deep enough, which ensures uniform distribution of the ointment to the internal hemorrhoids. A prerequisite for the use of the tip is the need for bowel movement.
    • In severe hemorrhoids, Bezornil ointment can be used more often. For a long therapeutic effect, the ointment is applied all day by applying a gauze napkin with a richly moistened ointment.

    How to apply ointment

    With the manifestation of hemorrhoidal nodes, do not be shy and wait until the disease passes by itself. This will not happen; the condition can only worsen. Therefore, you need to visit a doctor.

    You can contact the following health professionals:

    • therapist,
    • proctologist
    • gynecologist,
    • pediatrician (while breastfeeding).

    The doctor will tell you the right solution and recommend the necessary dosage to eliminate discomfort.

    Treatment of hemorrhoids should be carried out after the bowel movement. Before starting, rinse the anus with cool water. Gently pat dry with a soft towel or napkin.

    If there is a prolapse of hemorrhoidal cones (external manifestation) or the presence of eczema, then the ointment should be applied with a non-thick layer to the painful area. The procedure must be performed 2 times a day (after and before bedtime).

    At night, in addition to spreading, it is recommended to apply ointment on a cotton pad or napkin. After attach to the sore spot all night. After several applications, the result will be noticeable.

    In the case of cracks in the large intestine or with Bezornil hemorrhoids, the instructions for use recommend injecting directly into the rectum (rectally). The procedure is performed thanks to the tip that comes with the tube. Ointment is used 2 times - always before the release of feces and after the process.

    In the case of severe hemorrhoids, the attending physician may decide to increase the dosage. Why a napkin or soft gauze is completely impregnated with the drug and applied to the inflamed hemorrhoid cones for the whole day.

    It is more advisable to purchase the cream in a larger package. A small volume of 2 g is intended only for a single input. While the tube containing 10 g is designed for 4-5 receptions.

    Therapy lasts at least 2 weeks. If necessary, a qualified professional reduces or increases the duration of use.

    In addition, the use of the medication is possible with bites of various insects, burns of a different nature or other painful scratches. For these purposes, the drug should be used several times a day.

    If absolutely necessary, you can use Bezornil during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, a doctor’s consultation is required in this case.

    Bezornil can be used in combination therapy with other drugs. He does not change his pharmacological action when exposed to other medicines.

    The approximate cost of the drug is 450 rubles.

    How to apply the tool

    Treatment of hemorrhoids with ointment is carried out according to the instructions.

    With the internal form of the disease, it is necessary to use the drug rectally 2-3 times a day per day.

    If external hemorrhoids, a fissure or eczema of the anal area are diagnosed, the ointment is applied to the skin. Therapy is carried out 2-3 times a day. Thorough washing is a prerequisite. If the intestines were not emptied before applying the ointment, you will have to refrain from defecation for some time.

    With any form of hemorrhoids, as well as with concomitant ailments, the recommended course is two weeks. Treatment, prophylaxis, lengthening of the course of application and re-therapy are necessarily consistent with the doctor.

    Download full instructions for the use of the drug

    The tool is recommended for use in surgical superficial wounds from surgery to remove hemorrhoids.

    The price of the drug is 350-450 rubles. The cost depends on the dosage and the region of sale.

    Description and composition of the drug

    Bezornil has a thick and uniform structure, it is light beige in color with a reddish tint, has a smell reminiscent of camphor alcohol. Bezornil ointment has a drying, bactericidal and astringent effect. These functions are achieved through a combination of substances according to the recipes of Chinese medicine. It is effective even after removal of hemorrhoids. What kind of components give it such positive properties?

    The basis of the drug is petrolatum, lanolin and sodium tetraborate.

    Bezornil in the composition also has such active components:

    • calamine - zinc carbonate - creates an antiseptic effect,
    • borneol - has a bactericidal effect,
    • artificial bezoar - has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, normalizes immunity,
    • natural pearl - heals wounds, relieves burning, local anesthetizes,
    • amber - promotes skin regeneration,
    • musk - has an anti-inflammatory effect.

    Thanks to the complex effect of these active substances, the treatment of hemorrhoids with the help of Bezornil is effective. The uniqueness of the components of the ointment allows you to get a powerful therapeutic effect on the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Studies have shown that this tool can be used for chronic hemorrhoids, and eczema of the anal canal is also treated by it.

    General action, effectiveness, indications

    Bezornil is prescribed to people with a severe stage of hemorrhoids and in the chronic course of the disease. In addition, the drug is recommended if:

    • cracks in the walls of the anal passage,
    • infectious tissue lesions,
    • bleeding
    • hemorrhoidal nodes
    • eczema of the skin of the anal area.

    The drug helps to cope with all these symptoms thanks to a gentle and effective effect.

    • relieve swelling and inflammation,
    • tissue healing
    • elimination of infections
    • strengthening the walls of blood vessels,
    • reduce nodes
    • reduce the risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids.

    With proper use, the first results can be noticed already 3 days after the start of the course. At this time, bleeding from the anus ceases, pain decreases. After 1-2 weeks, damaged tissue is restored.

    Method of administration and duration of therapy

    Bezornil can be used both with external and internal hemorrhoids. In this case, the method of use is somewhat different:

    1. With external manifestations of hemorrhoids, ointment should be applied to the damaged area with the help of fingers or a cotton pad. You need to do this 2 times a day: 1 time in the morning and 1 - in the evening.

    • rinse and wipe the area to be treated before application,
    • take a comfortable pose and apply ointment,
    • after application, it is advisable to let the ointment completely absorb, for this you need to take a horizontal position on the stomach and lie down for a while,
    • for a better effect, you can apply a clean napkin soaked in ointment to the inflamed area overnight.
    1. With internal damage, the occurrence of nodes and cracks, ointment should be introduced into the anus using a special tip. This must also be done 2 times a day.

    • before the procedure, it is necessary to empty the intestine (naturally or to make an enema),
    • lie on your left side, if you're right-handed, and carefully insert the applicator tip into the anus,
    • squeeze out a small amount of ointment and remove the applicator,
    • lie down for a few minutes.

    The course of treatment, on average, lasts 2 weeks. In the absence of visible improvements, the doctor prolongs the therapy and increases the dose of the drug.

    Use in pregnant and lactating

    Bezornil does not adversely affect the fetus and can be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers. But the decision on the possibility of using the drug for the expectant mother is made only by the doctor.

    Side effects and overdose

    Patients who use the drug leave positive reviews. They note good tolerance and the absence of undesirable consequences, subject to the recommended application regimen. Practicing proctologists confirm the absence of side effects in their patients.

    However, if hypersensitivity to any of the components of the ointment is known, the drug is not prescribed.

    Also, allergies are not excluded in people who have not previously used drugs containing any of the components of Bezornil. There are no cases of overdose.

    Mandatory consultation of a doctor during pregnancy and lactation is required. Not recommended for use in childhood.

    How much is it, where to buy, how to store?

    The drug is available in a package of 10 g complete with 4 tips for internal administration. The price of 1 package is, on average, 450 rubles.

    You can buy Bezornil at any pharmacy or order on the Internet. Ointment is sold over the counter.

    To store the product you need to find a cool, dry and dark place that is inaccessible to children.

    Dosage and administration

    The ointment is intended for rectal administration for hemorrhoidal internal nodes, inflammations or cracks. It is inserted using the plastic tip from the kit into the anus twice / day and after each bowel movement. With external nodes used externally. Ointment lubricates cracks, nodes and eczema twice / day (morning, evening) and after each bowel movement.

    An additional method of use for chronic hemorrhoids is a compress - apply the ointment on a sterile napkin and apply to the affected area for several minutes or leave it overnight. Before using Bezornil, a cleansing enema should be performed, if there was no bowel movement, wash the perianal region with warm water and neutral soap. With the transition of hemorrhoids to a severe stage, the dosage can be increased, plus the compress is fixed on underwear and worn all day. The course is until the symptoms of internal or external hemorrhoids completely disappear.

    Pharmacological properties

    The medical effect is achieved thanks to several properties.

    When damage appears on the mucous membrane of the rectum, the secreted secret is lost with the help of calamine, due to which the level of bleeding is significantly reduced. In this case, an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect is obtained.

    An additional astringent effect helps with the chronic course of the disease, when the cream must be applied inside the anus.

    In the course of medical research, another useful property was identified - the removal of pain and symptoms of hemorrhoids (and other diseases of the rectum). That is, the effects are combined and allow you to treat such a serious illness with just one remedy.

    Bezornil cream is often prescribed by doctors for people suffering from kidney diseases, since the entire composition is absorbed quite easily.

    Possible side effects and contraindications

    Unfortunately, even medicines that are made up of natural ingredients can cause side effects. But manufacturers indicate that patients tolerate treatment with the drug well, only in extremely rare cases do symptoms of intolerance of rootless or its individual components occur.

    Basically, an allergy to the drug manifests itself in the form of local symptoms, namely: itching, redness and swelling of the skin in the anus, urticaria or contact dermatitis. The manufacturer does not provide data on the development of systemic allergies.

    Given the possible side effects of Bezornil, you can not use it for people who have a history of allergies to this medication or its ingredients.

    The opinion of doctors

    Doctors note the effectiveness of this tool and recommend using it to treat hemorrhoids of all types.

    Most often, the drug is prescribed separately, without the use of other therapeutic agents, but with severe stages of hemorrhoids, proctologists advise the additional use of suppositories to affect the disease in the complex.

    Bezornil candles have not been produced for some time, but they can be replaced with analogues that have a similar effect.

    The natural composition and the absence of contraindications to the drug (with the exception of rare manifestations of allergies) makes it safe, therefore, doctors often prescribe it to treat hemorrhoids during child bearing and breastfeeding.

    Consumer Reviews

    Many consumers who have tested on themselves Bezornil ointment note its high quality and benefits. You can learn more about the opinions of people who have struggled with the disease using the drug, from the reviews:

    • Daria, 27 years old. Due to the wrong lifestyle, she earned herself hemorrhoids. Tormented terribly. At first she was treated with alternative methods, then she went to the doctor, but no therapy helped. Even the candles did not have the proper effect. Later, my neighbor advised me to Bezornil ointment, after consulting with a proctologist, I received approval for its use. I felt relief already on the 3rd day. The pain decreased, it became easier to sit, an unpleasant itching disappeared. Soon the hemorrhoids receded, and I began to move more, and at the moment I feel good.
    • Karina, 32 years old. I had cracks in the anus during pregnancy, in the last stages. And then, the problem worsened during childbirth. After a long search for a suitable hemorrhoid medication, the doctor advised Bezornil. I was worried that it would not be possible to use the ointment during breastfeeding, so I went to the doctor and he advised me about the safety of use. I did not regret the choice. The ointment is effective and does not deliver additional discomfort. After a course of 2 weeks, the discomfort went away, the cracks healed. An excellent drug, and, most importantly, safe, without side effects and can be used for lactation. The main thing is to consult with a specialist.
    • Lily, 43 years old. In the past I had hemorrhoids in an advanced stage. I turned to the proctologist and, on his recommendation, began to use Bezornil ointment and rectal suppositories. The first impression of the ointment was negative - a very unpleasant odor, and the price seemed too high compared to other drugs that have a similar effect. But soon I changed my attitude. The drug significantly reduces itching and pain. After 2 days I felt better. After the full course, my problem has finally receded and still does not bother me. Therefore, I believe that, despite the high price, Bezornil should be bought, because the quality is worth it.

    The effectiveness of Bezornil was noted by doctors and consumers. The described preparation is unique in its composition and practically does not contain restrictions. It is safe and can be used even during pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding. But before using the ointment, it is recommended to consult a doctor, make sure that there is no allergy.

    Reviews of patients about the use of bezornel with hemorrhoids

    Bezornil in terms of effectiveness can be compared with antihemorrhoid preparations of synthetic origin. In confirmation of this, you have chosen some real reviews from patients who used this drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Consider them.

    “I discovered Beornig for myself two years ago, when a crack also joined my hemorrhoids. The drug perfectly relieves itching and burning in the anus, in addition, it pleased the composition, since it practically consists of minerals. There were no side effects. One tube is enough for a week. Recommend!".

    “I suffer from internal hemorrhoids for two years. At the first symptoms, he turned to a proctologist who prescribed me a diet, Venarus and suppositories for hemorrhoids. The exacerbation of the disease was stopped in ten days. But the next time the hemorrhoids worsened, I was on a business trip, so I could not consult a doctor, and there were no candles in the pharmacy that I usually use. The pharmacist offered me Bezornil. Four rectal applicators come in a package with ointment, which facilitate the administration of the drug into the rectum, so Bezornil replaced my suppositories. I used the drug in the morning and evening. Literally after the first day of treatment, I noticed that the pain and itching were relieved, and a week later the nodes completely stopped bothering me. Now Bezornil is always in my first-aid kit, and I will storm him on vacation and a business trip. ”

    “During the second trimester of pregnancy, I often had constipation. As a result of constipation, hemorrhoids got out and a crack appeared. I turned to a private proctologist who prescribed me Bezornil, as it is safe for my future baby. I applied the drug to the skin around the anus three times a day for ten days, but the effect was noticeable from the first application: the pain and itching disappeared, the crack healed, the nodes decreased. No side effects were observed. A little high cost of the ointment, but the effect of the treatment justifies it! ”

    Thus, several advantages of Bezornil ointment can be distinguished, namely:

    • natural composition
    • wide range of action,
    • high efficiency,
    • security,
    • ease of use
    • the possibility of use during pregnancy and lactation.

    But remember that the treatment of hemorrhoids must be comprehensive, that is, simultaneously affect both the cause and the symptoms of the disease. Therefore, do not limit yourself to just one bezornil, but immediately contact a proctologist who will find you an effective treatment, and use this medication to stop the symptom.

    We are grateful for the opinion about Bezornil ointment in the comment under this topic, because your experience will be useful to other readers of our site.

    I am writing on various topics. I like to learn something new. I am glad to write interesting and useful articles for you.

    What ointment rootless from

    Due to the large number of pharmacological actions, it can be used in various fields. The main indication is hemorrhoids and rectal fissures.

    For rehabilitation purposes, it can be prescribed after serious burns, deep cuts.

    • chronic external and internal hemorrhoids,
    • anal fissures
    • eczema in the perianal areas,
    • acute hemorrhoids, which is accompanied by heavy bleeding,
    • itching after insect bites,
    • consequences of burns and mechanical damage to the skin,
    • other causes of bleeding from the anus.

    Beetroot during breastfeeding is a safe drug, however, if the baby has any pathology, the application should be delayed, or the baby should be transferred to infant formulas.

    Method of use and dosage

    Instructions for use rootless ointment is quite simple. Before the procedure, several important points should be performed:

    1. Wash the area with water without adding soap and antiseptics (skin irritation will aggravate side effects and prolong pain).
    2. Blot it with a paper towel or napkin. An ordinary towel is not recommended, as many bacteria live in it that can infect large wounds.
    3. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water to prevent infection.

    To treat external problems, it is enough to apply a small amount of the contents with a thin layer. The procedure should be repeated in the morning and evening. If necessary, you can increase the number of applications up to 3 times a day.

    To rehabilitate the effects of internal hemorrhoids, the included applicator should be used. Press it evenly to avoid exceeding the required dosage.

    In some cases, before the procedure is necessary to empty the intestines, however, more detailed instructions are given directly by the attending physician.

    The use of the drug for pregnant and lactating women, in childhood

    Active components are not toxic, so there is practically no harm to the child and the expectant mother.

    Children under 12 years old are not prescribed for the reason that their benefit will be less than harm. The body is still developing, and some irritating components can damage the child’s central nervous system.

    Special instructions

    To increase the effectiveness of therapy, safety precautions must be observed:

    • The ointment does not fight with herpetic eruptions, that is, is absolutely ineffective.
    • Avoid contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes. In this situation, it is necessary to rinse it thoroughly. If the redness does not subside after a few hours, the best option is to go to the clinic.

    Bezornil ointment for hemorrhoids: features of use, effectiveness, reviews

    The main task of all anti-hemorrhoid preparations is to stop the progression of the disease, eliminate unpleasant symptoms, and promote healing and tissue repair. Ointment for chronic hemorrhoids Bezornil is a modern complex preparation of local exposure.

    The manufacturer claims that to create the drug used exclusive formulations of traditional medical practices in China. The key to an excellent therapeutic effect is a unique combination of natural components that act comprehensively on the problem, and also interact according to the principle of synergy and enhance the healing effects of each other.

    The main advantages that Bezornil ointment has are the following.

    1. A pronounced bactericidal effect caused by the use of exclusively natural components.
    2. Delicate astringent effect, allowing to stop further processes of destruction and inflammation.
    3. The drying effect enhances the positive results listed above.
    4. The ointment is able to simultaneously stop bleeding (including those of a chronic nature) and immediately start restoration processes in tissues at the cellular level.
    5. The drug treats defects and pathological conditions of the rectum in a complex, simultaneously eliminating the inflammatory processes of hemorrhoid cones, healing cracks, irritations, ulcers in the anus.

    Features of the pharmacological form and composition

    Ointment with inflamed hemorrhoids Bezornil is characterized by a uniform consistency. Color - light beige, sometimes with a reddish tint. The smell is quite specific, thanks to the characteristic "amber" of camphor.

    Ointment is available in small tubes. The kit forms a tip for the intrarectal use of a pharmacological product, if it comes to 2-gram packaging. The ointment in a package of 10 mg is equipped with 4 tips for more convenient use of the ointment composition.

    The instruction for the ointment tells in detail about exactly which components are part of the medication against hemorrhoids. Let's consider them in more detail.

    Component NameAmount in mgTherapeutic effects
    Borneol38 mgBornean camphor, or borneol, has a special tonic effect. The component helps to improve blood flow, relieves unpleasant and uncomfortable sensations in the anus, eliminates the feeling of itching and burning. The substance is known as a powerful natural antiseptic. An ointment based on it remarkably sanitizes the affected areas of the perianal zone. It also accelerates regenerative processes, partially anesthetizes delicate tissues.
    Zinc carbonate (calamine)108 mgOne of the most important biologically active components of the composition. This substance relieves inflammation, eliminates swelling of tissues, fights hyperemia, irritation of the mucous membranes and dermal tissue. Calamine immediately after applying the product to the tissues causes a pleasant feeling of cold, thereby eliminating itching, burning, pain and discomfort. Often, suppositories from hemorrhoids are enriched with this particular component to enhance the overall therapeutic effect.
    Artificial Bezoar11 mgIt has a special antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates the painful spasm of the sphincter and helps to improve local immune responses.
    Natural pearls53.5 mgIt has a pronounced hemostatic effect, prevents the formation of blood clots of various calibers, and prevents the development of such a formidable complication of hemorrhoids as thrombosis of inflamed hemorrhoid cones.
    Amber is natural3, 5 mgThe natural component is rich in iodine, iron, magnesium, which in combination with each other are able to increase the protective and regenerative qualities of each other, increase the intensity of metabolism at the periphery at the cellular level, and also adjust the protein biosynthesis in each cell formation.
    Musk (artificial musk)9 mgThe component stimulates the biological resistance of the human body. The local immune response is enhanced. Inflammatory processes are reduced, blood outflow is improved, which prevents the occurrence of repeated stagnation in the veins of the small pelvis.

    The basis for the combination of all these healing components is lanolin, borax and petroleum jelly. Even this foundation has its own special healing qualities.

    Lanolin helps accelerate skin regeneration processes, as well as the rapid restoration of damaged structures. Vaseline softens tissues. Borax (sodium tetraborate) kills pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microorganisms in the focus of inflammation. Given how diverse the composition of this pharmacological product is, the price seems meager.

    Contraindications and possible side effects

    Ointment helps to improve the functioning of local immune bodies, effectively sanitizes and heals tissues. The drug can be used to eliminate almost any defects in the anus. However, it is worth noting that the ointment is not effective in the fight against herpes infection.

    The main contraindications include:

    • hypersensitivity to one or more of the components that form the composition of the pharmacological product,
    • pregnancy,
    • active lactation period.

    Bezornil ointment is based on safe natural ingredients, so this remedy is simply not capable of causing any serious side effects. The only adverse events are allergic symptoms. They occur extremely rarely and only among those who have suffered all their lives from sensitivity to specific components.

    How to use hemorrhoids ointment

    Before using Bezornil ointment, it is necessary to carry out the necessary hygiene procedures. Here are the main ways to use a drug product.

    • The ointment is squeezed out of the tube and applied with gentle movements to the tissues in the anus. The procedure is performed with gloves. A similar method is relevant for the treatment of external inflamed hemorrhoid cones, as well as in the presence of eczema and other pathological phenomena on the mucous membrane and dermal tissue.
    • The ointment is applied to a napkin, which is then applied to the sore spot. A peculiar application with a therapeutic composition remains all night on the painful site.
    • In inflammatory processes of internal hemorrhoidal nodes and deep anal fissures, Bezornil ointment is used transrectally. This will require a tip. A little ointment is squeezed onto this device and carefully injected into the rectum to the required depth.

    All manipulations are carried out only after the intestine has been completely empty. Alternatively, you can apply a cleansing enema before the procedure.

    Typically, applications, lubrication of wounds, the introduction of fractions of the drug are rectally performed at night. If hemorrhoids are in an advanced state, and the symptoms severely torment the patient, he recommends using a healing composition even in the daytime. For these purposes, it is better to use the application method. Apply the necessary amount of ointment to the napkin and fix it on the desired area.

    The course of treatment averages from 7 to 14 days. The doctor prescribes the drug, and also adjusts the scheme of its use. If required, the proctologist who oversees the patient determines how long to use the ointment for the treatment of inflamed hemorrhoidal nodes.

    The combination of ointment and other drugs

    Bezornil can be combined with other drugs for the treatment of inflamed hemorrhoid cones in patients of any age category. A combination of Diclofenac and Bezornil gives a good therapeutic effect.

    You can also alternate the introduction of ointments and suppositories on a natural basis (sea buckthorn, with propolis, belladonna extract, ichthyol, tea tree extract).

    All your experiments must be promptly reported to the attending physician. Only after the supervising proctologist approves one or another method of pharmacological effects, you can start treatment at home with Bezornil ointment.

    Bezornil ointment for hemorrhoids: 6 advantages of the drug, composition and instructions

    Bezornil ointment is a multicomponent drug with a wide range of therapeutic effects, which is made according to ancient recipes of Chinese healers. Successfully selected composition gives this tool high efficiency in the fight against hemorrhoids, anal tears and ulcers. In addition, all components of the drug are of natural origin, which allows you to limit the number of side effects.

    Bezornil is a homogeneous ointment of a milky color with a brown tint and a pronounced camphor smell. The drug is available in tubes of plastic, two and ten grams. Also, four rectal nozzles are supplied with the ointment, which allow you to enter the medicine into the rectum.

    The composition of Bezornil ointment includes amber, artificial musk, pearls, borneol, calamine and bezoar.

    The ointment also contains auxiliary substances, such as petrolatum, lanolin and sodium tetraborate, which support the dosage form of the drug, facilitate absorption and increase the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

    Effective and safe treatment of hemorrhoids with Bezornil ointment

    Bezornil ointment is known as an effective remedy for all manifestations of hemorrhoids. It reduces pain, reduces inflammation and swelling. It consists of natural components and their biologically active compounds, which makes Bezornil harmless and ensures its success in the treatment of the disease. Read more about this tool later in the article.

    Beetroot during pregnancy

    If the potential benefit of the mother is higher than the risk to the bearing fetus, then the ointment is allowed to be used during pregnancy. The doctor prescribes the drug based on the patient’s condition, monitoring the treatment indicators during therapy. According to the reviews of pregnant women, the ointment relieves pain, eliminates swelling and itching, and alleviates the condition even with chronic hemorrhoids. The composition does not contain components that have a mutagenic effect, therefore, the drug does not threaten the development of the fetus. During breastfeeding, the ointment is safe if there are no contraindications for use.

    In childhood

    Due to the increased sensitivity of the child's body and the unlikely development of hemorrhoids in a child, Bezornil is contraindicated in children under 18 years of age. After that, it can be used in an adult dosage in accordance with the instructions for use. Being in the womb, using ointment from hemorrhoids, the fetus does not receive a negative impact, the threat of improper growth and development.

    Drug interaction

    Due to the lack of pharmacokinetic properties of the drug due to its natural-synthetic composition, topical application, information on the interaction of the ointment with other medicines is missing in the instructions. This means that it is safe to use Bezornil in complex therapy with other medicines, but this should be clarified with the attending proctologist.

    Side effects and overdose

    Due to the presence of natural components in the composition, the ointment has practically no side effects. Rare cases are characterized by the manifestation of allergic reactions - redness, peeling of the mucous membranes, skin, urticaria, rashes. If they appear or worsen, you should stop taking the drug, consult a doctor to adjust the therapy. An overdose of ointment is unlikely.

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