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Men's hairstyle "Little Dragon": who will suit her, photo of celebrities

Many people noticed that over time, more and more men began to let go of longer hair, and also braided themselves with various braids, this fashion went from hippies to the present day and it is a huge success.

Although African pigtails appeared over time, but still men rarely use them, most often they choose this type of pigtails, such as braids or, so-called, little dragons. Since the choice for men is not rich compared to women, such a hairstyle will further distinguish the representative of the stronger sex from other people.

Who will fit and who wears braids of dragons from men

Such a hairstyle is ideal for a man with dark or simply tanned skin, who has a good and toned physique, and most importantly - he loves any sport and is actively involved in it.

Such pigtails can be placed on any part of the head, they can start from anywhere, but most often they choose the hair on the forehead of a man. Pigtails a little dragon - these are pigtails that flow on the head like snakes, most often the master weaves the braids to the shoulders in the manner of an African. This hairstyle is also ideal for men because they don’t need to let go of long hair, just five centimeters is enough to make a dream come true.

Who wears such hairstyles? With the male hairstyle, the dragon can also see famous athletes, for example, volleyball players, basketball players, soccer players. Some hairstyles are even called by the names of great and famous people of whom we all know. This hairstyle is worn by world famous David Beckham, as well as singer and actor Justin Timberlake. You can also see how many dark-skinned people wear the hairstyle of the little dragon, they also often play for the African team. In the photo you can see the variations in the location of the braids on the head.

What are the benefits of male dragons

  1. They are quite easy to care for, so this hairstyle is practical.
  2. The little dragon looks beautiful and fits almost any face, they can only emphasize the sexuality and grace of a man.
  3. This hairstyle is not a stamp, it can vary depending on your desire and the hairdresser's capabilities. Only the specialist depends on what features, difficulties, variations can be used in your case, so you need to be careful when choosing a wizard.
  4. They weave quickly, but this, again, depends on the professionalism of the master.

Braids are a favorite hairstyle for many men.

Braids can be combined with any other hairstyle and a variety of African braids, which also have many options. You can often see how artificial material is woven into pigtails. At the moment, the baby dragon hairstyle, which is loved by both boys and girls, has also become extremely popular. Such a hairstyle "Dragon" wants to have every advanced junior high school student!

General description

"Little dragon" is the name of the braid, which is used as the basis of the hairstyle. The weave is placed in the center of the head. Starting from the forehead, let one or more braids. Weaving often ends with a tail or loop at the bottom of the crown or at the back of the head.

The basis for the "Little Dragon" are different haircuts. Most often, forms with shortened temples, elongation in the central part, and the absence of hair at the back of the head are used. Suitable models:

  • "Caesar",
  • "Semibox" with increased length in the parietal region,
  • "Canadian",
  • "Tennis".

Attention! To complete the hairstyle, the presence of a sufficient length of hair is necessary. The structure of the strands does not matter.

Appearance story

Hairstyles in analogy with the "Little Whelp" were performed by the ancient Indians. Men of some tribes shaved vegetation at their temples. The band from the forehead was left long. The resulting strand was usually braided into a braid.

The modern version of "Little Whelp" has appeared recently. This is due to the increasing popularity of haircuts, which form the basis. Men's hairstyle with a braid is a great move that allows you to stand out, to attract additional attention.

“Little dragon” is often braided by media personalities: athletes, actors, musicians. Hairstyle puts emphasis on the originality of thinking, the presence of a creative streak. The option is also popular among young people. Guys using experiments with appearance express themselves, imitate idols.

Who is suitable for

Hairstyle "Little Dragon" is not suitable for every man. Hair styling must be combined with appearance, clothing, and lifestyle. The specificity of the option excludes the proximity of hair, modeled in a similar way, with a strict business suit, uniform.

"Little dragon" do occasionally. The hairstyle is suitable for attending parties, sports events. The option does not hurt to create an elegant, but not business or solemn image.

Braids look best on dark hair. The weave will successfully hide the curly structure of curls, a rare hair, will mask the emerging bald spot. Courage, extraordinary, self-confidence are the essential qualities of the owner.

The ideal image of a man with a "Whelpling" is complicated:

  • the presence of dark-skinned by nature or tanned skin,
  • slim body, athletic build,
  • the absence of dramatic defects
  • oval face close to perfect.

However, a representative of the stronger sex with a round, square, triangular type of face can allow a hairstyle. To correct the shape, it is enough to vary the density of the braid. For owners of an excessively narrow, elongated oval, it is better to abandon such a design of hair.

Note! Hairstyle "Little Dragon" is often preferred by young guys or representatives of public professions: athletes, showmen. This is due to the stereotype of frivolity regarding the presence of weaving. The base haircuts are also not common among most mature men.

Independent and professional execution

Owners of a basic haircut to make a hairstyle "Little Dragon" is very easy. It is necessary to braid the braid yourself or involve an assistant in the design of the head of hair. To work you need:

  • thin comb
  • silicone rubber bands for fixing,
  • styling tools for fastening.

Inside, a simple weaving of a small braid will cost inexpensively: 300-500 rubles. When complicating the task: performing several elements, weaving braids, working with naughty, tightly curly, not long enough hair, the cost will increase.

Execution technology

The classic version of "Little Whelp" is represented by a single oblique in the center of the head. The hair is twisted by analogy with the characteristic female weave. They work in a simple sequence:

  1. Clean, dried hair is thoroughly combed. It is recommended to treat naughty locks while still wet when using foam for fixation. Curls of such a structure are preferably dried with a hairdryer, straightening curls.
  2. The prepared hair is directed from the forehead back. At the base of hair growth in the parietal region, a wide strand is secreted. The lock is divided into equal parts, getting 3 sections.
  3. Formed slices alternately cross. As weaving, loose curls on the sides gradually add to the work.
  4. At the right level, stop braiding. Usually, the existing haircut format involves the completion of free strands at the level of transition to the back of the head.
  5. The pigtail can be continued to the end, but more often weaving is fixed with an elastic band, the hairstyle is completed by performing a tail or loop.
  6. The result is slightly fixed with varnish. This is especially true for owners of naughty, curly, thin, soft, hair.

Weaving style is adapted individually. A tight, weakened, volumetric braid is possible. Sometimes they leave bangs or imitate the presence of an element.

How to make a stylish men's hairstyle under a fashionable haircut.

Comb men's hairstyle. Men's Mohawk Hairstyle

The name of the male haircut Mohawk or Iroquois came from the self-name of the Native American Indian tribe of the North Indians. They became famous for their belligerence and special hairstyle, in which they completely shaved part of their hair from their heads. They only had a strip of hair in the center of the head, which they laid in the form of a comb. Other tribes have adopted this hairstyle. According to legend, she gave courage and courage, and those warriors who risked a hairdo, like the Iroquois tribe, became a real intimidation of enemies.

Mohawk haircut found its owners in the modern world. It first appeared in the 50s of the last century. Then the American jazzmen allowed themselves to shock the venerable audience by depicting a light semblance of a mohawk on their heads. The Iroquois bloomed in exuberant color only in the 70s of the twentieth century, when the punk subculture began its victorious march.

Now, in the 21st century, when few people are surprised by extravagance, the Mohawk hairstyle has become very popular among young people. For some reason, football players are especially fond of it. David Beckham, Australian Nathan Van Somery, Neymar, Stefan El Shaarawy and others did not go past the Mohawk men's hairstyle.

What kind of boys suits a dragon

Haircut Dragon for boys (photo modeled on a computer, allows you to evaluate: whether the child’s hairstyle is suitable or it is better to abandon it) with the right long hair, taking into account the required parameters (face shape, age and structure of the strands) allows you to hide flaws and emphasize the advantages and originality appearance.

Initially, the master evaluates not only the oval of the face, but also the correct structure of the skull:

Oval Type / Skull FeaturesWhat you want to hideNuances of haircuts
Right ovalSuitable haircut in any variation.
Elongated ovalIt is recommended to give the face a more rounded shapeHaircut Dragon is not recommended for this type, as it visually stretches the oval even more due to the lack of hair on the temporal region.
A circleThe haircut should slightly extend the ovalThe little dragon is an ideal haircut for this type of face in any performance. Additionally, the oval can be extended by shaving horizontal lines at the temples or by picking locks on the top and back of the head in a braid.
SquareSmooth corners in forehead and chinIt is advised to make a haircut with strands on the top and neck of no more than 10 cm in length. Braids can only emphasize angularity.
HeartDistract attention from a pointed chinA dragon is recommended with braided strands on the top and back of the head in a braid or with a hair length of no more than 5 cm in these zones.
PearHide chin angularityWhen performing a haircut, the length of the hair on the top and back of the head should be in the range of 5-10 cm. Braids only emphasize the narrowness of the forehead and wide chin.
RhombusSmooth protruding cheekbonesYou can make a haircut in any variation, but at the temples it is desirable to design a drawing that will distract attention from the cheekbones.
Regular shape skullThe choice of haircut design is selected at the request of the client.
Beveled napeRound off the back of your headYou can carry out a dragon in any variations. To hide the oblique neck (with strands up to 10 cm long), it is necessary to increase the volume of hair in this area using graduation. If the length of the strands is more than 10 cm, then it is necessary to tidy the hair into a volumetric braid, which will hide the defect.
Strong protrusion of the occipital tuberclesHide angular napeA haircut of a dragon with a hair length on the top and neck of no more than 10 cm is used. In this case, it is necessary to slightly increase the volume to the occipital tubercles, and in the area of ​​the protrusions of the strand it is necessary to use milling. Importantly, the haircut should not lose shape.

If there are features in the skull or imperfections in the oval of the face, it is recommended to have a haircut in the salon by a qualified craftsman.

Next, specialists select the length of the strands on the top and back of the head, taking into account age:

  • from a year to 5 years, a length of not more than 5 cm is recommended,
  • from 5 to 12 years, a hair length of more than 10 cm is allowed, provided that the strands are braided into a braid,
  • older than 12 years, hair length is selected individually, there are no restrictions.

At the end, the master evaluates the structure of the strands. If the hair is hard, then the length of the strands should be at least 5 cm, otherwise the hair on the crown will stick out in different directions.

If there is thick hair, thinning strands may be required. If the hair is thin or curly, then the recommended length of the strands is more than 10 cm, then, using graduation or braids, you can give the hairstyle the desired look.

There are several varieties of male Mohawk haircuts:

  • classic Mohawk - is done on medium-length hair, a sharp comb is laid using special means. The width of the ridge is medium. Classic Mohawk is the most common hairstyle in this style.
  • Mohawk with a hairdryer. A trendy haircut with a mohawk length of at least 15-18 cm. The good thing is that the hair can not only be laid in a comb comb, but also make a different styling.
  • Mohawk “Statue of Liberty”. The hairstyle is named after the famous American sculpture, and in particular - in honor of the crown in the form of sharp rays. In this haircut, the mohawk is very narrow, and the hair spikes are sharp.
  • Mohawk hairstyle in the "lazy gardener" style. The length of the hair is small, the strip of mohawk is wide. The hairstyle is a bit like a piece of unshorn lawn in the middle of an ideal platform. Probably the name comes from here. Hairstyle does not require special styling.
  • Mohawk with dreadlocks. Hairstyle from the ultra-si series. It is not very common due to the rare combination of shaved temples and long dreadlocks in it.

If you decide on a Mohawk, then this haircut implies a special style in clothing. With such an extravagant haircut, a classic or office style will not work. The military or sporty style will look perfect. It is necessary to do styling when cutting a Mohawk once every 2-3 weeks, otherwise it will look untidy and ugly. Go ahead, try and change. After all, any haircut that adorns a man makes him irresistible and attractive.

Who will suit the hairstyle

"Little dragon" is a universal hairstyle, so it is suitable for both straight and curly hair. Also, choosing this weaving, you can not take into account the features of the figure and the shape of the face. An exception should be made only for chubby girls who wish to choose only voluminous versions of the "dragon" in order to avoid an emphasis on round shapes.

The only restriction for hair style may be the length of the hair. Weaving is best done on a hair, the length of which is 15 cm or more. Of course, if desired, a hairstyle can be created on shorter hair, but doing it yourself will be more difficult.

Advantages of haircuts

The haircut of the dragon is in demand due to its following advantages:

  • with the correct selection of the length of the strands on the top and back of the head, you can adjust the oval of the face and the shape of the skull,
  • suitable for hair of any structure,
  • has no age restrictions,
  • does not require special daily styling,
  • hair in the temporal region has a minimum length, so do not climb into the eyes,

Additionally, when performing a haircut on long hair, you can change the appearance of the hairstyle by weaving braids or braids in different variations. Hair styling in a bun is also allowed.

Classic version

  1. Comb your hair back, separate a small lock from your forehead and divide it into three equal parts.
  2. Put the left part of the divided strand on top of the middle, and already on top of it lay the right part.
  3. Continue weaving as described above, but each time adding a small new strand to the braid, picking it up on the right side of the head, then on the left.
  4. Thus, move from the forehead to the back of the head, and then continue to weave the usual braid.

Men's hairstyles with a pigtail - all the secrets of styling for men

In newfangled barbershops, revived again, often order a men's hairstyle with a pigtail. The multifaceted “palette” of types of this style is presented in the catalogs of beauty salons and barbing establishments.

Thanks to their hair, men become more like the heroes of the movie “Viking”, they want to create the image of a brutal strong macho who copes with difficulties easily. Such people have an extraordinary approach to life, they are 100% confident in themselves.

Who in ancient times wore pigtails

- Representatives of the Indian tribes braided two braids on the side. So they believed that they are attached to the mother earth, similarly, herbs grow on its surface. It was believed that it was in long hair that the magical power of human prediction lies.

- Nomads preferred to leave a small shred on their heads and braid them in a braid.

- The Manchus were made on the back of the head from Bian-fa hair, braiding three braids on the back of the head.

- The Celts, wetting their hair with lime from above, wove dreadlocks around their heads.

To whom and what types of men's hairstyles with a pigtail are suitable for the type of character, appearance?

Original varieties of hairstyles for men with a pigtail

A neat men's hairstyle with a pigtail is recommended to be done only in a salon. It takes several hours to make complex “ornaments”, so it’s better to sign up in advance and explain to the master what exactly you want to create.

Salon masters warn the options for pigtail hairstyles are not for everyone. In the West, the hairstyle is quite widespread.

In the native Fatherland, athletes, boxers, rappers, and strong personalities in general, firmly standing on their feet, who know how to take responsibility, prefer to wear it.

Such representatives of the male part of the population believe that they are the ones who earn money in the family, fully providing for their children and spouse. They have the last word in resolving important issues in the family arena.

What are the variations of men's hairstyles with weaving elements in the trend?

French pigtail

It looks interesting men's hairstyle with a pigtail at the back, which is called "French", while the whiskey and the back of the head can be short cut or shaved.

Its essence lies in the simplest styling. The braid reminds a female spikelet hairstyle. You can even weave it from short hair, leaving it on the back of your head or let it go down. You can braid several braids at once.

The hairstyle is worn up to 7 days, without weaving.

Padawan hairstyle

The athlete Kostya Tszyu also goes to people of his type to face a men's hairstyle with a thin braid, called "Padawan". The story of the appearance of this styling option dates us back to the era of the Star Wars movie.

This hairstyle was preferred by the Jedi. Scythe cut off at the time of the knighting. It is braided on the top of the head or at the temple. Kostya is very sensitive to this ritual before boxing competitions. The pigtail serves as his talisman.

The advantage of such a male hairstyle is that a thin lock elegantly complements the image without imposing a stereotype. This allows the man to feel comfortable among strong colleagues, not standing out too brightly, as if not imposing his image on others. The rest of the head should be perfectly groomed, short cut.

There is a category of pigtail hairstyles when whiskey is shaved, the rest is made out in several options.

What hairstyles for men with a pigtail and shaved temples are popular?

Secrets of African hairstyles

The trend is African pigtails, decorated in different styles.

Brady are considered a boxing type of braids. Hair is very tightly formed into braids, resulting in a kind of ornament on the head. Not a single lock is sticking out in this styling format. For strong fixation, acrylic threads or canekolons are woven. They are braided on long hair.

For people employed in mobile professions, this is convenient: the head always looks neat, well-groomed. It is for this reason that athletes and artists remain faithful to this style. You can wear a hairstyle for 1.5 months without worrying about styling every day.

About dreadlocks many compatriots learned from the famous hip-hop artist Decl. Cyril passed away young, but left a bright mark in the history of music and style. In the post-Soviet era, he was the first to wear dreadlocks and remained faithful to this tradition.

You can braid such braids without the use of kanekolon, although many use them. Without weaving these funds, dreadlocks are considered by hairdressers to be a dangerous type of hairstyle, since it is unrealistic to braid them. If a person is tired of wearing dreadlocks, then they will have to shave them off.

Pigtails combined with a beard

Many combine pigtails with an interesting beard design. Such people instantly fall into the rank of those who are able to form an extraordinary image, have a taste and closely monitor fashion trends in hairdressing.

It is especially interesting to make such a hairstyle with a pigtail in men's clubs, that is how barbershops position themselves, offering customers leisure and free drinks.

A man will receive double pleasure: relaxation for the soul and come out as a fashionable and stylish person. Men's braids in hairstyles require a special approach of the master, experience, a sufficient amount of time for the client.


In general, a male dragon hairstyle is an interpretation of a female hairstyle for weaving a dragon's braid, but only in a male version. Today, not all men decide to weave a dragon, except for creative and extraordinary personalities. Most often, the dragon is worn by young boys of adolescence and youth, who in this way express themselves or imitate idols.

The little dragon can be made in different variations. It can be a mohawk-style haircut, when a braid will be braided along the head, and the rest of the head is cut short with a nozzle machine. You can grow medium-length hair by cutting only the temples and neck area briefly, and then braiding one or more braids along the crown and parietal part of the head. It is only important that the hair is braided in braids around the entire perimeter of the head.

You can learn about short hair haircuts from individual materials:

Who should choose a haircut?

A dragon hairstyle is best suited for a man with a dark skin type or eastern appearance. It is desirable that the man had a slender, toned body, welcomed an active and active lifestyle, and most importantly, was self-confident and bold in its manifestations. Braids can be weaved in any quantity, in different parts of the head, the main thing is that the pigtails flow like snakes.

Most often, such haircuts are preferred by famous athletes, soccer players, basketball players and even hockey players, in connection with which the stylists nicknamed the dragon haircut sports. As for the shape of the face, there are no strict contraindications to such a hairstyle. Unless chubby men should give preference to voluminous braids, as rare and thin braids visually make the face even wider.


To understand how appropriate such an image as a dragon’s hairstyle is for a man, it’s enough to get acquainted with the main differences of this style. Namely:

  • the hairstyle does not require special and laborious care,
  • the dragon will fit any face shape, emphasizing grace and sexuality in a man’s appearance,
  • hairstyle involves a huge number of different ideas regarding styling,
  • pigtails quickly weave, any hairdresser will cope with them.

In addition, such a hairstyle in beauty salons and hairdressers is relatively inexpensive, and therefore men can regularly modify the version of the dragon. Weaving braids can be done in different directions, of different shapes and sizes, constantly changing their image.

How to stack?

It will be quite difficult to drag a braid on your own, but many experienced men will tidy themselves up to the task. To braid a classic dragon, you must perform the following steps:

  • in the forehead, you need to separate the central strand,
  • then this strand is divided into 3 identical parts,
  • of these 3 parts weave a braid, alternately adding to them strands of hair taken in parallel from both sides of the head,
  • the size of the new side strands must be the same so that the braid is uniform and proportional,
  • you need to weave a braid until all hair is involved in the design,
  • at the end, the braid is fixed with an invisible elastic.

When weaving a dragon, it is important to ensure that there are no “cocks” left, if they still remain, you can smooth them with invisibility and hairspray varnish. By the same principle, it is possible to weave not one dragon, but several at once.

Photo selection

To assess how male a dragon haircut looks spectacular and stylish, you can view photos of men of different types of appearance with such braids.


The hairstyle of a little dragon has only recently been associated with a female hairstyle, and today it is increasingly possible to see on TV screens or among passersby men with a braided braid or even several dragons. This fashion first appeared among world-famous athletes, thanks to their popularity it quickly spread among other men and today is at the peak of popularity. The little dragon can be in the form of one or several braids, small or large volume braids, straight or with a parting.

Styling methods

Pigtails of the "Dragon" decided to start from the forehead. Perhaps the presence of a single weave or a whole composition of braids. It is permissible to make a large scallop in the center, make the central pigtail larger, and arrange smaller elements on the sides or make several uniform braids similar to delusions.

Pigtails do not have to be linear. An ornate arrangement is less popular, but it emphasizes originality as efficiently as possible. Complex patterns are more often preferred by young guys. This indicates the uncertainty of the life path, the search for oneself.

Pros and cons

The male hairstyle "Little Dragon" is a great way to show your hidden self. This is a peaceful step towards splashing out excess energy. The option is successful for courageous, extraordinary personalities. Such a design of hair does not cause difficulties in execution, eliminates mandatory care.

The downside of hairstyles is the need for a certain length of hair. "Little dragon" requires careful preparation of the image. Not every man decides on such experiments. The option looks overly catchy and unusual.

Star examples

The stereotype of male short-hair is strong. Among the representatives of the stronger sex, not everyone dares to wear braids. Even a small weave is a crucial step towards the manifestation of one's own personality. Stars are easier to decide on such experiments. With the hairstyle "Little Dragon" noticed: David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Joe Manganyello, Niels Cooper.

David Beckham and Justin Timberlake

Men's hairstyle "Little Dragon" will help to reveal your personality to the fullest. The search for your own “I”, a manifestation of freedom, a reflection of eccentricity are reasons to think about the unusual design of hair using braids. Stellar examples will maintain confidence in the correct choice.


Haircut Dragon for boys (photos allow you to evaluate only the advantages of this hairstyle) has minor disadvantages:

  • in the temporal zone, a minimum hair length is required, subject to a smooth transition to long strands on the crown and occipital region. When making a haircut with an inexperienced specialist, the formation of peculiar "holes" in this area is possible. Therefore, it’s recommended that the dragon with the experience
  • To preserve the appearance of the haircut, it is required, at least once a month, to adjust the length of the strands. Especially in the temporal zone,
  • for a haircut with subsequent weaving of strands on the top and back of the head in braids, the presence of long hair is required,
  • the haircut makes the boy visually more adult; as a result, the child loses the appearance of childish carelessness and lightness.

A haircut attracts attention by eccentricity, so not everyone decides on its design.

"Little dragon" on one side

  1. Comb your hair back, separate a small lock of hair from your forehead, then slide it to the left or right side of the head.
  2. Divide the strand into 3 parts and start weaving as described in the classic version.
  3. Move from the crown of the head to the lower edge of the ear, and then start weaving a classic braid of three strands.
  4. Fasten the weave with an elastic band and stretch the sides of the braid a little to add more volume and splendor to the hairstyle.

The technique of performing the Whelpling at home

The haircut can be done at home. At the same time, it is important to observe a smooth transition of hair length in the temporal zone and adhere to the recommended parameters when designing hairstyles for boys under 12 years old. Then the result can be no worse than on the cover photo.

In the photo - a haircut option for a little boy. Whelp with shaved drawings.

Recommended options for children:

  • the hair length at the temples should be 6-9 mm (when cutting with a machine) or up to 2 cm (when cutting with scissors,
  • on the crown and occipital zones, the length of the strands should vary from 2 to 10 cm. When applying for a longer length, braid weaving will be required, which not every boy agrees with, since hair can tighten the skin (from unaccustomed) and cause discomfort,
  • in the lower region of the back of the head, a small tail may be present.

It is important that children are mostly fidgets, so no more than 30 minutes are allotted for haircutting.

If possible, the child can be interested in watching the cartoon, then he will look at one point and stop spinning.

Two "dragon"

  1. Make a straight parting from the forehead to the back of the head.
  2. Fix the hair on the left side of the head with an elastic band or a clip so that they do not interfere with weaving.
  3. Comb the hair on the right side back, separate one strand at the forehead and start weaving according to the classical pattern.
  4. Then braid the left side and fix both "dragon" with an elastic band.
  5. To give the hairstyle a little volume, stretch the sides of the braids a little.


Before performing a haircut, it is necessary to prepare all the tools in advance, and most importantly, that they are at hand.

These include:

  • mirror. With its help, you can compare the symmetry of the strands in the temporal zones,
  • comfortable baby chair. The child in it should be comfortable. And the height of the legs should allow the master to cut without bending,
  • straight scissors with a working cloth no more than 10 cm,
  • clipper with necessary nozzles. It is necessary if she will cut her temples,
  • spray gun. To moisten the strands on the crown during the cutting process,
  • comb comb (with the presence of frequent and rare teeth),
  • peignoir or any cloak,
  • clamps. Necessary for naughty and long hair,
  • tassel. Required to remove hair from the face and neck,
  • hair dryer. May be required during the haircut process.

Additionally, if possible, natural light should prevail in the room, it will allow you to immediately see the existing defects. Shearing is done on clean hair.

Starter haircuts for beginners with a clipper

When making a haircut using a machine, the procedure consists of the following steps:

  1. It is required to distinguish the crown and occipital areas using clamps.
  2. Select the desired nozzle on the machine.
  3. Start cutting the temporal region from the face and from the bottom to the top.Near the crown of the head to make a smooth transition bringing the cutting blade of the machine on itself.
  4. If there is little experience with the transition. Then you can use a clipper without a nozzle for cutting, and adjust the length of the strands with a comb. To do this, for this, the comb must be moved from the ears to the crown perpendicular to the floor.
  5. To check for symmetry and equal length of strands on the temples. The hair should be on one straight line, and not repeat the shape of the skull.
  6. Mowing of the crown zone is carried out using scissors.
  7. It is required to isolate the control strand at a distance of 1.5-2 cm from the edge line of the hair in the forehead. Cut the hair to the desired length.
  8. Hold the control strand perpendicular to the crown and pull the bang to it. Perform a slice.
  9. Further, the whole crown area is trimmed by strand by strand method. The landmark is from the control strand.
  10. The upper part of the occipital area is trimmed similarly. The control strand is taken from the crown of the head.
  11. Further, if an elongated ponytail is provided in the haircut, then the remaining hair on the lower occipital area must be pulled to the last control strand of the middle crown zone and a cut is performed. If the ponytail should be classic, then the entire occipital area is sheared by strand by strand method.
  12. Check for even sections with radial parting.
  13. If desired, a drawing is drawn on the temporal region.

To thin the bangs, strands on the top and back of the head. Check the smooth transition at the temples, perform shading.

Scissor haircut

Performing haircut dragon using scissors consists of the following steps:

  1. Using clips, hair is removed on the crown and occipital areas.
  2. Start cutting from the temporal zone, from the face to the back of the head, and from the bottom up. To do this, you need to put the comb on the edge of the ear near the auricle. Gently raise the hairbrush perpendicular to the floor, cut the captured hair. In the process of cutting, the hair should be located on a straight line.
  3. For an even cut of the strands near the ear zone, the hairpins need to be installed on the auricle and without tearing the comb to produce a kind of semicircle cutting long strands.
  4. Next, the temporal zone is trimmed similarly to the 2nd point.
  5. Check the temporal area.
  6. Next, the hair is cut on the crown and occipital areas by the same methods as when performing a haircut using a machine (from 6 to 13 points).

Finish the haircut by thinning the crown and occipital zones and shading the temporal region.

Care Features

When cutting a dragon, the strands on the temples are cut to the minimum length, therefore To maintain the appearance of the hairstyle, regular adjustment of the length of the hair in the temporal zone is required (every 2-4 weeks, depends on the growth rate of the strands).

If the child’s hair is thick or naughty, then it is required to smooth the protruding strands on the crown of the head using styling products.

Iroquois is wide. One of the most interesting haircut stories

Mohawks or Mohawks (English Mohawk - “people of flint”) - this is how the first settlers of America called themselves. It was these Indians who were distinguished by their masculinity and militancy, they needed to distinguish themselves from other tribes. The Mohawks wore a hairstyle of the same name, familiar to us as Iroquois, and it looked the same as it is now. Coloring hair in different colors, meaning belonging and status of a person, the Mohawks did not even suspect that they were creating a whole culture for the future. Thanks to its creators, Iroquois personifies courage and rebellious spirit.

In the 70s, the punks of America, and a couple of years later the whole world took over the Iroquois wearing culture: rebellious and contradictory - it was worn by both men and girls, painted in different colors, challenging the whole world with its appearance. Of course, their image was far from Native American: long enough hair "put" with varnish and other means of fixation.

Punks have long been out of fashion, but it looks really powerful

Iroquois today is a fairly popular hairstyle. It has acquired many types, shapes and, thanks to a wide selection of hair styling products in our time, has many wearing options. And if the high-colored Iroquois is still an integral symbol of the punks subculture, then the neat, well-groomed low Iroquois is no longer a curiosity for society, and some of its variants have even gained wide popularity among athletes and actors.

"Whelp" to herself from 4 strands

  1. Comb your hair back, separate a small lock of hair from your forehead and divide it into four parts.
  2. Take the leftmost lock, put under the rest, and then wrap the second lock from the right edge with it.
  3. After that, take the rightmost lock, also put it under the rest and wrap the second lock on the left side with it.
  4. Continue weaving as described above, each time adding a small new strand of hair to the braid, tacked either on the right side of the head, then on the left.
  5. Once you reach the lower edge of the back of the head, fasten the hair to the tail or continue weaving further.

REFERENCE. To learn how to independently perform the "dragon", first use a trellis with movable wings or two mirrors, one of which should be located in front of you and the other behind you. This will make it easier to control the weaving process.

View, technology and styling

Types of Iroquois depend mainly on the length of the hair and your desires for styling.

In a short version Mohawk most often the length of the hair in the temporal part is 0.5 cm or completely shaved.

Classic Iroquois is the most popular species. The hair is shaved on the sides, and in the center of the head there is a small strip extending to the edging line. The width, as a rule, is 2-7 cm. This style is suitable for every man, regardless of the type and color of hair, shape and complexion. Short or long - you can choose for yourself. Mohawk is laid using special means: gel, varnish and many others.

This type is perfect for office work.

It always goes well with a beard of any length.

Artificial Mohawk is a worthy choice for people who quickly get bored with the same hairstyle. Due to the optimal hair length, which, by the way, should be approximately 15 cm for you, for such a hairstyle, you can not only style it with a hairdryer and round hairbrush up, but also comb it in different directions or simply tie your tail (Top Notes or Node).

10 years ago it was popular among subcultures.

Mohawk “Statue of Liberty” - looks like the sculpture of the same name in America. Her crown is very reminiscent of spikes, which just “put” with the help of fleece and varnish. If you want this kind of Iroquois, it’s worth a warning - styling will take a lot of time, it is absolutely not practical and tune in from the side, if you make this look for long hair. Unlike the other types of Mohawk - the hair strip is slightly narrower than in the classic Iroquois.

Ideal for active people

Mohawk "Lazy Gardener" - a very short path of hair, as if not completely trimmed lawn. The hairstyle is probably in second place after cutting “to zero”: does not require styling and special care. Just occasionally drop in to the barber to shave your sides and trim your regrown hair.

Dreadlocks as a separate art form

Mohawk with dreadlocks - absolutely not for everyone. Dreadlocks - a difficult thing to care for, worn hard and looks very defiant. You must be prepared for attention from society. Long dreadlocks and shaved whiskey are the main characteristics of the image. This species is now very popular among young, active and fashionable guys.

The temporal part is trimmed by the machine, leaving about 2-3 mm of hair for the “tattoo”

Iroquois with Hair Tattoo at the temples - for eccentric, creative young people. The hair path itself can be of any length, more often, of course, the Mohawk is cut short so that the pattern on the temporal part of the head is clearly visible.

You can also choose your own Hair Tattoo on your own, and, which is very practical, change frequently, as hair grows very quickly.

A can of gel or half a bottle of hairspray will not help you keep styling Mohawk all day. This will only aggravate the situation: the hair will become oily and the hairstyle will lose attractiveness.

Volumetric (inverted) option

The weaving scheme of this hairstyle differs from the classical version only in one: the locks do not overlap from above, but hide one under the other. Thanks to this, it seems that the braid is attached to the surface of the head.

If you stretch the sides of the inverted weave, you get the most voluminous hairstyle, which actually looks a bit like a dragon scallop.

Male haircut dragon. Hairstyle dragon for a boy: photos, advantages and disadvantages

Since now not only men but also boys want to have a beautiful haircut, parents have to choose what is suitable for their child. Recently, haircuts for little boys have become popular.

Today we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this haircut, the features of its care and to whom it suits. Pay particular attention to the shape of the face and head when choosing a haircut.

How to braid a little dragon

  1. Make a straight parting from the forehead to the back of the head.
  2. Braid two inverted “little dragons” so that the pigtails are as close to the parting as possible, and even touch each other a little.
  3. Stretch only one side of each pigtail so that the entire volume is between them.
  4. Take a few hairpins, and connect both "dragon" among themselves along the entire length.


The hairstyle of a little dragon for a boy has several of its features.

  1. On the sides, the hair is very short.
  2. At the top of the hair is longer than at the temples.
  3. Different patterns can be shaved on the sides. Each boy has a different styling.

Someone can lift their hair, and someone smooth it. Also, the dragon has a different length, it all depends on the type of hair and the shape of the face. The haircut got its name because of its appearance. Behind the boys remains a small tail that resembles a dragon.

For reference! The shape of the hairstyle and its length is selected for each boy separately to hide all the flaws.

Of two braids

  1. Make a straight parting from the forehead to the lower part of the nape and weave two inverted “little dragons”.
  2. Finish weaving at the level of the lower part of the back of the head and fasten both braids with clamps.
  3. After that, divide the strands of the right braid so that the two extreme ones are fastened with a large clamp, and one inner one with a small one.
  4. Separate the strands of the left pigtail so that the small clip secures one extreme, and the large two internal ones.
  5. Now put the locks of two braids on top of each other so that the two single ones are combined on the left side, and the four remaining ones do not intersect.
  6. Remove the clamps, and you will have three full strands in your hands, from which you need to braid a classic braid.

REFERENCE. It’s unlikely that you can do such a “dragon” yourself, so it’s better to ask someone for help. In this case, weaving will definitely turn out smooth and accurate.

With a beam

  1. Divide the hair into two parts with a horizontal parting.
  2. Secure the hair from the back of the head with an elastic band or a clip so that they do not interfere with weaving.
  3. Using the hair from the forehead, braid the "dragon", moving from one temple to another.
  4. Finish weaving in the usual way by making a classic pigtail.
  5. Connect the finished pigtail to the hair located on the back of your head and form a bun from them.
  6. Fasten your hair with hairpins or invisible.

From nape to crown

  1. Lower your head down, comb your hair and begin to weave the "dragon" from the bottom point of the nape, moving to the top of the head.
  2. When you reach the top of the head, finish weaving and grab all hair with an elastic band, making a high tail.
  3. Raise your head and form a bundle of the tail just made.
  4. Fix the finished hairstyle with hairpins and invisible.

REFERENCE. If you comb a little hair strands before forming a bun, the hairstyle will turn out to be more voluminous.

Bezel (Wreath)

  1. Make a side parting, starting almost at the temple, and select a small strand at its base.
  2. Perform classic weaving, moving around your head.
  3. Having closed the circle, fasten the tip of the pigtail with an elastic band and hide it in the main mass of weaving, fixing it with invisible and, if necessary, hairpins.


  1. Comb your hair back.
  2. Separate one large lock at each temple and cross them at the intersection of the neck and crown.
  3. Now select a small lock on each side of the head and weave them in a spikelet in turn. In order not to make a mistake, remember that the right strand is woven into the left side, and the left one is woven into the right.
  4. In your hands should always be two parts of the pigtail.
  5. Having reached the lower part of the nape, continue weaving. To do this, separate one thin strand from the far sides of the main parts of the pigtail and weave them in the opposite direction.

Head shape and hairstyle

It is important to remember that the hairstyle must be selected to fit the shape of the head and face of your child. This is very important, since not all hairstyles look the same on boys. How to make the right choice? First, decide what shape your child has.

There are five types.

  1. Oval. This is the best face shape. Any hairstyle suits her. However, in no case should you grow a bang, as it rounds the face.
  2. Round. For such boys, you need to wear long hair, laid on one side. They can shave whiskey, and the top should be long. It is necessary to make the shape of the face taller.
  3. Square. For this type of face, any haircut is suitable even with a bang.
  4. Triangular. Haircuts should be shorter on the sides and longer at the crown.
  5. Heart-shaped. For such boys, any hairstyle with long hair and short, which emphasizes the width of the forehead, is suitable.

To see more clearly what haircuts suit each type of face, look at different photos. If you can’t find the right one, ask a specialist for help or use a special program to choose a haircut.

You also need to take into account the shape of the head, as sometimes a hairstyle can hide flaws, and sometimes exposes them. It is very important that the child has a haircut to face, as his reputation in the circle of friends will depend on this. Funny appearance will cause a lot of ridicule and a sense of uncertainty in the boy.

From gum on short and medium hair

  1. Comb your hair back, separate a small lock from your forehead and make a ponytail out of it.
  2. Make another one right below it.
  3. Divide the first tail into two parts and insert the second between them (turning it up and fixing it with a clamp).
  4. Connect the two parts of the first tail at the bottom, add some loose hair to them and fix a new ponytail out of them, again dividing it into two parts.
  5. Clamp the strand, secured between the two parts of the newly split tail.
  6. Secure the parts of the lower tail with a clamp.
  7. Add more hair to the upper strands and form a new tail.
  8. Repeat the described scheme until all hair is braided in this way.
  9. Stretch the sides of the dragon, giving the hairstyle extra volume.

Other weaving patterns

There are other options for the "dragon", but we will analyze only the most popular of them, namely weaving-waterfall:

  1. Comb your hair back, separate a small strand at the right temple and divide it into three parts.
  2. Start weaving a classic braid by making 2-3 bindings.
  3. After this, leave the bottom strand free. It will be the first trickle of a waterfall.
  4. In place of the lowered lock, take a new one from the bottom of the hair and continue weaving in the classical way.
  5. At the end, fix the “waterfall” with a thin rubber band or invisible.

Do boys need to do original haircuts?

Some believe that children do not need to do hairstyles, as they look beautiful anyway. Not all parents think so. A haircut can decorate the appearance of the child, so that he will have a normal sense of self-esteem. Take this issue seriously so that your child feels at 100.

Before and after photos

If you don’t know which dragon will suit you the most, look at a small selection of photos with different variations of this hairstyle.

Now you know what a hairstyle “dragon” is and how to perform it correctly. Our article describes many different patterns of weaving, so you will not have problems with choosing the right hairstyle for holidays and for everyday life.

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Dragon hairstyle: how to weave (photo)

The long braid is a recognized symbol of girlish beauty since ancient times. Nowadays, such hairstyles are no less popular, but now, in addition to the traditional version, there are many other types of weaving. For example, a dragon braid, elegant and light in execution, will appeal to both young girls and older women of fashion.

To create such a hairstyle with your own hands will not be difficult, it is only important to strictly follow the weaving technique, which is based on an ordinary spikelet. But there is one exception - to do hairstyle dragon on short curls does not work, you need hair at least medium length.

Braid dragon Braid dragon

This version of the hairstyle seems to be the simplest in the technique of execution, beginners should first master it, and then it will already be possible to take for the rest, more interesting types of weaving.

  1. We comb the clean curls well, and then comb them slightly in the basal area so that the future hairstyle looks more voluminous.
  2. Weaving starts from the forehead, for which we select a small lock of hair in this zone.
  3. Using the sharp tip of the comb, divide this strand into 3 parts.
  4. We begin to weave a classic spikelet, but gradually weave all new thin strands from the side curls, as a result there should not be free hair - they all fit into a braid.
  5. We bend the tip of the resulting braid under it and fix it with invisibles, with sufficiently long hair you can simply fix the weaving with an elastic band.
  6. We pull the strands from the braid a little to give it volume, we spray everything with varnish.

We drag the dragon on the contrary

Another option for hairstyles is reverse weaving. In this case, the side locks of the braid are stacked under the center, and not from the top.

  1. Well comb all the hair, highlighting a small part of the curls near the forehead, divide it into 3 parts.
  2. We pick up two side locks, start the left one under the central one, and the right one remains in the hand.
  3. Next, in the same way we start the right strand under the middle part.
  4. According to the same pattern, we continue to weave the braid along the entire length of the hair, adding to it all new free strands.
  5. We fix the tip with an elastic band or hair clip and pull the hair out of the braid a little to give a hairstyle to the openwork.
  6. We process the entire hairstyle with varnish or styling spray.

In this case, weaving braids can begin from the forehead or from the temple. The further direction can be in a straight line, diagonally or zigzag.

  1. After combing all the hair well, select the tip of the comb 3 equal in width locks near the right or left temple.
  2. Taking two side strands in hand, we begin to braid a classic braid.
  3. In the future, we add one more lock of free curls on the side to the braid one by one.
  4. When the free strands end, we braid the braid from the three strands that are available, fix its tip with an elastic or a hairpin.
  5. We process the entire hairstyle with varnish.

Suitable hairstyle accessories for a little dragon

When weaving braids, the dragon is usually fixed with a hairpin or elastic. But you can also add a finished hairstyle with various decorations and accessories, especially when it comes to a festive option for an exit or for a romantic meeting.

  1. Hairpins with rhinestones and beads can become original and bright decorations, with such a hairstyle you can go to a celebration.
  2. Ribbons woven into a braid will add lightness to the hairstyle and create a romantic mood.
  3. A hair clip with a bow or flower will help not only to firmly fix the tip of the braid, but also play the role of a rather catchy and creative element of the hairstyle - you just need to choose the right accessory.

Braid dragon - accessories Braid dragon - accessories

But still, it is worth remembering that everything should be in moderation, and therefore do not overload the hairstyle with jewelry. It is advisable even to abandon them completely if you plan to go with a scythe to the office, to study or a business meeting.

Some important additions

  1. Dry curls and slightly damp can be woven into a braid.
  2. If there is a bang, it can be woven into a braid, then the creation of a hairstyle should begin with it. Also, bangs can be left free or laid to one side.

  • To make the braid neat, all the strands must be the same in thickness, it is important to observe this rule when adding new curls to the weave.
  • Do not make a dragon braid daily, as it is quite tight, and tight weaving can harm the health of curls.

  • To make the hairstyle more elegant, the tip of the braid can be twisted with tongs.
  • If the curls are naughty, it is advisable to pre-treat them with foam or mousse.

    The braid dragon has been popular for a long time and remains one of the fashion trends, it is done quite simply - it is enough to be able to braid a classic spikelet. This hairstyle is universal, with its help you can create any look, it does not require a specific outfit or make-up, it looks equally good with jeans and a long evening dress.

    How to weave hairstyle Dragon - male, female and children's styling

    Hairstyle Dragon is not an aging classic that has not gone out of fashion for a long period of time and does not lose its position in the ranking of the most popular hairstyles. And all thanks to the fact that it not only looks great, but also provides the opportunity to create such a masterpiece on your own, without attracting additional help from outsiders. There are several different styling options that tell you how to weave the hairstyle.

    Each of them is selected not only depending on the tastes and skills of a particular person, but also on the length and density of hair and other factors.

    Little hairstyle for the girl

    The simplest and most stylish female hairstyle Dragon is phased in the following way:

    1. Hair gently comb back.
    2. Near the forehead, one small strand is distinguished, which is divided into 3 parts.
    3. Weave an ordinary braid.
    4. When it comes to the second stitch, another thin strand is woven on the left side.
    5. On the third passage add the same thin curl on the right side.
    6. Braiding continues, alternately adding curls on both sides.
    7. The tip of the pigtails is tied with an elastic band. At the same time, it can be both tight and free.

    How to braid a pigtail for a girl, a step-by-step video tutorial for beginners see here.

    Two Braid Whelpling

    Hairstyle two little dragons is most easily performed as follows. With a vertical parting, the hair is divided into two parts. Then, starting from the forehead, a braid is formed according to the classical or inverse method. In the lower part, both weaves are fastened with elastic.

    There is another technique for reconstructing a voluminous hairstyle of a little dragon from two braids. Step-by-step instruction for its implementation:

    1. Hair is parted in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head.
    2. Not too tight back braids are braided on both sides.
    3. At the bottom, the braids are fixed with elastic bands.
    4. Those elements that are closest to the parting are slightly stretched by hands in order to give additional volume.
    5. Along the entire length, the formed braids are connected into one with the help of pins.

    Thus, the original voluminous hairstyle of the Dragon is obtained, however, it will be beautifully performed only on thick or medium-thick hair.


    The easiest way is to make a dragon hairstyle for long hair, in addition, you can experiment with styling options. One of these options is a little dragon with a tail. The technique for performing hairstyles is as follows:

    1. Hair is neatly divided into 2 parts with a horizontal parting, directed from one ear to the other.
    2. The braid is weaved from the upper curls, starting from the temple. In this case, the strands are selected exclusively from the forehead.
    3. Hair from the bottom is temporarily fixed with a hairpin.
    4. When weaving reaches the second temple, the pigtail is braided in the standard way.
    5. The resulting braid is combined with the lower part of the hair and the tail is made.

    To make the hairstyle called Little Dragon look even more beautiful and original, it is folded in the form of a bundle on the back of the head and fixed with invisible or hairpins.

    Whelp Whelp

    The hairstyle of a dragon with elastic bands can be performed on both long and short hair. The sequence of actions is as follows:

    1. Near the forehead, one small curl is secreted and slightly combed.
    2. A small tail is tied under a pile.
    3. Just below the first tail, another one of the same small size is formed.
    4. The upper tail is divided in half, and the lower tail is placed between the halves, tucking it up and fixing it with a clamp.
    5. The two halves of the upper tail are connected again, several strands of free hair are added to them and a new ponytail is formed.
    6. The resulting tail is again divided into 2 parts, and between them put the edge of the tail, which was previously fixed by a clamp.
    7. The steps are repeated until all hair is trimmed.
    8. To make the hairstyle with rubber bands the little dragon look more voluminous, the elements of the cooch are a little stretched by hands.

    How to weave the most beautiful braids with elastic bands, see here.

    Baby dragon

    The baby hairstyle of the little dragon is perhaps more popular than the adult. The technique is classic, but various variations are possible. In particular, this version of the Whelpling is very relevant now:

    1. The hair is parted in half so that it is slightly larger on one side than on the other.
    2. The braid begins to weave from the side where there was more hair.
    3. In the frontal part, the wide part is separated and 3 strands are made of it, after which they begin to weave the traditional braid.
    4. As weaving, curls are attached on the left and right sides.
    5. The weave should be diagonal, and in the direction of the neck should have a smooth rounding.
    6. When the additional strands are over, a standard spikelet is braided and fixed at the end with an elastic band. A step-by-step photo of the performance of the Dragonfly hairstyle, suitable for girls and girls, is presented below.

    Male version of the Whelpling

    A hairstyle called Little Dragon, as it turned out, exists not only female, but also male. Moreover, the male version is in great demand, it is considered a stylish option for both the boy and the young guy who has a certain taste.

    A feature of the hairstyle is that very short hair is left on the sides, possibly even with shaved patterns. At the crown, their length is much larger. In general, the final hair length depends on the shape of the head and face.

    The main advantage of the male version of the Whelpling is that this hairstyle helps to recreate a creative image, and also attracts the attention of others.

    Guys look not only modern, but also well-groomed. But among the shortcomings highlight the fact that such a hairstyle requires regular care.

    Original weave for long flowing hair

    The braid weaving of a little dragon does not have to be classic. It is quite possible for them to simply supplement loose or neatly selected hair. The hairstyle is performed as follows:

    1. The hair is carefully combed and separated with an arbitrary parting in the direction from the forehead to the crown.
    2. To the right of the formed parting, 3 strands are distinguished.
    3. They begin to weave braids from the separated strands, creating 2-3 bindings, after which the lower strand is released. In the future, she will not take part in weaving.
    4. Instead of the released curl, a new one is taken from the lower part of the hair, after which another one is added from the upper part.
    5. The Dragonfly weave is carried out by analogy to the end, after which the pigtail is fixed with a thin rubber band.

    See the top 10 hairstyles with braids here.

    Dragon hairstyle: how to braid a pigtail, a braid haircut weaving scheme, step-by-step training, how to weave, how to do on short hair

    The charming hairstyle “dragon” is an exquisite and beautiful openwork weaving that will not leave any girl indifferent.

    Some people know how to weave such a braid, but for many, such a hairstyle seems to be something incredibly complex. We can authoritatively declare that any girl will be able to braid herself a “dragon” - it is only necessary to follow simple instructions.

    In the article we will analyze the features of this hairstyle and explain in detail how to do it yourself.

    What is needed

    What tools and styling tools you need to arm yourself before proceeding with the hairstyle.

    Comb with frequent cloves. It will allow you to put your hair in order before styling, and also during the weaving process will help to separate the locks from each other.

    Elastics for hair. If you are going to work, use neutral-colored elastic bands - modest but stylish. And if you are going to a celebration, a restaurant or a date, you can use decorative products that are beautifully decorated.

    As a styling tool, it is better to take foam or mousse with modeling properties. This tool will help the strands easier to form, make them more obedient. As a finishing touch, which will fix the locks, you will need hair spray.

    For those who want to understand how to braid a braid of 4 strands, you should follow the link and read the contents of this article.

    But how beautifully to braid a braid on medium hair will help to understand the video from this article.

    It will also be interesting to learn about how to braid a simple braid to yourself: https://opricheske.com/pricheski/p-povsednevnye/kak-nauchitsya-zapletat-kosy-samoj-sebe.html

    And for those who want to please their child with a new hairstyle, you should watch a video on how to braid a snail from the hair of a child. To do this, follow the link.

    General recommendations:

    • Before you start weaving, be sure to comb the hair as it should. There should be no tangled strands, lumped clods and other “artifacts” - only on a well-groomed head of hair will the dragon look stunning.
    • Weaving hairstyles always start from the forehead. As in the classic version, and in all others. This is a feature of this weaving.
    • Before braiding, apply a little mousse or modeling foam to your hair to make the strands obedient.

    On the contrary

    This hairstyle is woven similarly to the classic version, there is only a small but fundamental difference - we will discuss it below. As a result, we get an elegant original weaving, which can become an ornament even of a solemn evening look.


    • Separate a lock from your forehead and divide it into three parts. This hairstyle should be voluminous, so initially take wider locks than in the classic version.
    • Weaving is similar to the classic one, however, in this case, the side locks are applied not under the middle one, but under it. This is the main and main difference between the hairstyle and the basic version.
    • Tangle the hairstyle to the end, with each step weaving into it all the new side strands until free hair ends. When there are no more free strands, continue weaving along the length, to the end.
    • Fix the braid with a beautiful rubber band. Pull the braided strands a little - the hairstyle should be voluminous and free. But how to braid a French braid on the contrary to herself, is described in detail in this article.

    How to weave two dragon braids

    This hairstyle looks great and very decorative, it is two voluminous braids evenly located on the sides. The main difficulty here is to evenly separate the hair and braid it with the same density, so that in the end the braids turn out to be even. With a little practice, everything will surely work out.


    • Divide hair parted in two equal parts. By the way, it is not necessary in this case to do a straight parting along the ruler. It may even be zigzag - but this is already a task for those girls who have sufficient weaving experience.
    • Separate one of the parts from the other and fix it with an elastic band.
    • From the forehead, separate the lock of hair and divide it into three parts.
    • Weave, as usual - picking locks from the sides and weaving them into a common braid. Take hair only from the part that is currently in operation.
    • When all the hair is woven, you can either continue weaving to the end, or stop and fix the braid with an elastic band in the place where you want.
    • With the second part of the hair, do the same manipulations, stopping the weaving exactly in the same place as in the first case.

    Tip: to make the hairstyle more voluminous and decorative, pull the strands a little and give them volume. If necessary, fix the hairdo with varnish, but not much - this weaving implies comfort and freedom.

    How to make a side dragon

    This dragon species looks very impressive and beautiful. It differs from the classical version in that in this case, weaving goes in a circle, framing the head, and not in the center.


    • From the forehead, separate the strands of hair and divide into three parts. All the same, as in the classic version, only the strands must be taken not from the center of the forehead, but from one of the sides.
    • Weave a braid, weaving side locks into it.
    • So you need to go, creating a braid that bends around the head with an even "fence."
    • When all the loose hair is woven, you can either fix the braid in this place with an elastic band so that a long ponytail comes down, or continue to weave along the length, and then put the resulting braid in the hairstyle and fix it with hairpins. For those who want to understand how to braid a side braid for themselves, it is worth following the link and watching the video.

    If you decorate this hairstyle with beautiful hairpins or elegant hairpins, it is quite suitable as an evening option. Often, brides also choose her for weddings.

    Openwork look for long hair

    In the photo - openwork dragon

    This option is best weaved to those girls who already have enough experience in creating hairstyles. The main difference from ordinary weaving is that in this case, the hair is woven very freely, and after each step, a small strand is pulled out of the newly braided “link” of the braid to make a kind of loop.

    Thus, the hairstyle is given airiness, lightness and the very delicacy with which it differs.

    It is necessary that the loops are approximately the same size and are arranged evenly on the head.

    This hairstyle can be used as an evening hairstyle, it is also a great choice for a wedding. It is better to braid an openwork "dragon" on long, slightly wavy hair - in this case the hairstyle is guaranteed to turn out to be chic and elegant.

    • But what braids can be braided on medium hair to yourself, information and photos from this article will help to understand.
    • How to braid a short hair and how to do it will help to understand the video from the article.
    • It will also be interesting to learn about how to braid a waterfall for short hair and how beautiful such a braid looks.


    What jewelry will make the hairstyle even more charming.

    • Rubber bands. This is a clear and logical choice. However, they can also be different - both neutral for work, and romantic for dates, and elegant for special occasions.
    • Bows. As braids, bows are more suitable for girls for graduation or attending events in kindergarten. But if you buy elastic bands decorated with laconic bows, then even an adult girl will be able to give herself a cute and innocent look with their help.
    • It is better to take satin ribbons - they look bright and decorative. They can be included in the design of the braid shortly before the weaving ends.
    • Smart hair clips and clipsdecorated with rhinestones, beads, decor, stones will be an excellent decoration of evening and even wedding images.

    On the video how to weave hairstyle dragon:

    We examined all the advantages and many options for weaving hairstyles dragon. Armed with our instructions, you can easily make yourself this hairstyle yourself and captivate others with a beautiful appearance.

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