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Men's basic wardrobe

Personal development is mirrored in the evolution of the wardrobe. We perceive the people around us as holistic images in which, moreover, a pronounced attribute of style is highlighted - clothing. Today we look at men's wardrobe items inextricably linked with culture and traditions, which are especially strong in men's suits. So, how to make a man’s wardrobe and what should be included in it?

All his life a man accompanies him changing with age, new social roles, fashion trends - wardrobe. The set of clothes worn by a modern man is determined by both rational reasons - lifestyle and occupation, and a number of color and style preferences, corporate standards, and, finally, mood. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary that all items of men's wardrobe are used equally often: there is clothing that you only wear once or never wear at all, although it pleased you when you bought it and, perhaps, it still pleases your look when you open the wardrobe closet.

What should be in the wardrobe of a man and what determines his composition?

Most of the time we are in the performance of our professional duties, in a society where the position of a person and his capabilities are determined by his social and economic status. The composition of the men's wardrobe depends on this, which implies the presence of a certain mandatory element of clothing, whether it be a jacket and trousers, shirt, tie and other accessories - classic or casual. The minimum men's wardrobe without fail includes these items of clothing, but try to present in more detail what variety of things it should be:

  • two classic English suits of dark and light shades accepted by the dress code in strict colors,
  • a pair of blazers, or casual jackets (possibly club ones) in the universal Smart casual style that can be worn for informal meetings, while working in the office, at a corporate party, under jeans and trousers, a shirt and a T-shirt,
  • at least seven shirts (for each day of the week), which is necessary for a constant supply of clean linen in case things are delayed in dry cleaning or in other circumstances,
  • four pairs of trousers that fit under loose-fitting jackets in the wardrobe,
  • two pairs of classic shoes of black or brown color with lacing and in no case with a square toe,
  • at least five to seven ties, and two ties should be elegant - for special occasions,
  • an elegant tight-fitting sweater with a V-neck (pullover) made of thin knitwear for wearing under a shirt and tie,
  • a pair of jeans that work well with blazers,
  • as outerwear you need to have one trench coat, or cloak, and one coat,
  • two scarves, suitable for both outerwear and suit,
  • one comfortable and roomy portfolio in the classical style, which would harmoniously blend with the rest of the wardrobe,
  • accessories include winter and demi-season leather gloves, an umbrella suitable for a business style, as well as such necessary “little things” as vests, chest scarves, cufflinks, watches.

Obviously, your wardrobe needs to be developed, and every four years it should double in accordance with fashion trends or a developed style.

The composition of the men's wardrobe may also be affected by corporate standards adopted by your organization. Thus, the style of clothing and the content of wardrobe items will slightly or significantly differ among employees of various companies, depending on the requirements of the dress code. At the same time, in some organizations - where managers are usually young people - there may not be strict requirements for clothes, and if the leader himself does not like to wear a suit, he usually does not require this from his subordinates either.

The way to make a wardrobe, no doubt, is influenced by lifestyle and material security. They also determine the quality of clothes, their cost, the presence in the wardrobe of optional items related, for example, to a hobby - fishing, hunting or golf. At the same time, quality can be understood both literally - “beautiful”, “sock”, “comfortable material”, “sound cut”, and symbolically - a certain fashion brand, individual tailoring. However, the choice of expensive clothing and personalized service by a tailor is determined not so much by the desire for prestige or the desire to demonstrate their wealth, but rather by some circumstances independent of a particular person.

Formally, clothes that are presented in boutiques and custom-made clothes can consist of the same elements: a jacket, vest, tie, but for representatives of higher social strata, their purchase can be simply an unacceptable decision. And if for “office plankton” clothes with the “interval of indifference” accepted in the clothing industry (the interval within which the difference between the adjacent sizes of the product is not felt by the consumer) is quite appropriate, then imagine the reaction of the paparazzi at the sight of a well-known businessman or artist in a jacket, which he great for just half a centimeter. Therefore, the need to pay great attention to their appearance, and spend significant amounts on clothes is caused more often by the objective requirements of the profession and social status. As for people with a non-standard figure, for them, maintaining a neat and elegant appearance is simply unthinkable without resorting to a tailor - regardless of material security.

Men's wardrobe post-industrial era

The image of a modern successful man dictates guidelines for the development of the fashion industry and forms preferences in the choice of clothes for most males, regardless of their socio-economic status. As characteristic of the industrial era was the image of a professional worker and engineer cultivated in the mass consciousness, the image of a business person during work or leisure is equally typical of a modern post-industrial society. It is this stereotype that today serves as a model in choosing a clothing style, a pattern for a fashion designer. Therefore, a business suit is the core in the wardrobe of a modern urban man. Literally all males wear these clothes today, regardless of status. Even a simple worker will wear a suit for the wedding and for job interviews. At the same time, it is natural that the requirements for the quality and cut of the costume for the seller in the store and for the top manager of the multinational corporation will be different.

Universal model of men's wardrobe

So, as a model of the wardrobe of a modern man, you can with full confidence use the contents of the wardrobe of a business person. Basic men's wardrobe means clothes in which a man is most of his time, and this is a classic business suit. An additional part of the wardrobe will be clothing items that are used in your free time - at home, in the gym, on vacation.

There are three types of male figures:

triangular body shape - shoulders are very pronounced in relation to the waist.

The fitted “Italian” cut of the jacket is very suitable for this type of figure, in which the waist line, shoulder line, narrow sleeve and 2 slots are emphasized.

Pants are possible without folds and with folds, with and without lapels, wide or narrow - it depends on other parameters, such as growth and current fashion trends.

straight body shape - shoulders and hips are proportional to each other.

This type of figure is suitable for a straight or slightly narrowed cut of the jacket, the so-called English. Pants (see the triangular shape of the body).

round body shape - slightly sloping shoulders, often in the abdomen and hips gain weight.

A straight fit of a jacket without emphasis on the waist and well-defined shoulder lines is suitable for this type of figure, and a soft shoulder line and wide sleeves will create the desired effect.

Important rule:the lapels on the jacket must certainly be in harmony with the width of the tie. A broad-shouldered man usually needs a wider lapel for the necessary balance, and a man with narrow shoulders, on the contrary.

Also, when choosing a costume, it is very important to know the individual color palette, which affects both the overall background color of the costume and the fabric pattern.

For example, a man with a bright or dark color palette a suit of black, navy blue (navy blue), dark brown (black brown) or with a contrasting strip is very suitable.

But a man with a muted palette , it is better to refrain from bright dark tones and a contrasting cell and strip.

What should a basic men's wardrobe include? We have an answer.

Our appearance speaks louder than our words. Every day, we walk past hundreds of people in the subway, in shops, or on the streets, without telling them anything. Nevertheless, despite the lack of verbal communication, you make decisions regarding the reliability and intentions of the people around you.

You doubt it? Try wearing a ski mask and trench coat, gesturing wildly with your hands. For those 15 minutes that you have before the police appeared, note that, despite the fact that you did not say a single word, your appearance sent a certain message to others.

Yes, this is unfair. I would like us to be judged by our personality, and not by our clothes, but people judge and will continue to draw first conclusions about you precisely on the basis of your appearance. Dress like a bandit, and people will treat you like one of them, dress like a professional, and doors will open before you.

So do not underestimate the importance of a man’s basic wardrobe - if you assemble it correctly, he will always work for you and never mind. And now we will show you how to do it.

When choosing a shirt, it is important to consider:

  • Color - is it suitable for you, how much will it correspond to your color palette, time and place? Business shirts should be white, from light blue to medium blue or pale pastel shade, for example, pink, purple or peach. Shirts for less formal situations or for a trendy everyday or just everyday wardrobe can be bright and have an interesting pattern.
  • Model and design of details (collar and cuffs). The choice depends on the image that you want to create.


Formal business or social events - standard collar:

or french collar:

Lax business suit - standard collar or collar, with ends fastened with buttons.

Fashionable casual or just casual suit - a collar with ends fastened with buttons.

1. Get rid of everything superfluous

Firstly, before you start spending money on new things, you need to carefully study your current wardrobe, without regret getting rid of the fact that:

you haven't worn for two years

noticeably stained / torn and can not be repaired,

sitting on you so bad that even the tailor couldn’t fit it to your size.

Pack these things and, depending on their condition, throw them away, give them to a charity center (before doing this, be sure to wash!) Or sell them through some Internet platform.

Business suit as the basis of the wardrobe

There are certain rules for the selection of clothing items and the nature of their performance. The general standard for men's business clothing is a two-part or three-piece suit - a jacket, trousers, and vest. Today, this clothing is a universal dress code adopted in most countries of the world.

Suitable colors for a business suit are black, anthracite and other shades of gray, navy blue. They are considered less stringent and less commonly used shades of brown and beige. Representatives of creative professions can afford bright colors and lighter tones. Monophonic materials predominate in the color structure, but also, depending on the situation and current fashion trends, a strip, a cage, fabric with a certain weaving relief. The suit must be supplemented with a shirt and tie, which are selected in accordance with the color and pattern.

Under trousers, knee-high socks or long socks are required, which do not allow the opening of body parts and should not constitute a headset with a handkerchief and tie in relation to the color scheme or pattern. In general, there are a large number of unwritten rules of style, the violation of which can seriously and not in the best way change the attitude of people around you. Therefore, people whose appearance largely determines their professional success (media personnel, politicians, top managers) turn to authoritative specialists for style recommendations. The advice of a wife, a seller in a store or even in an expensive boutique is likely to do a “disservice”.

2. Do not delegate to anyone the task of compiling your wardrobe

Transferring responsibility to your wife, girl or friend, no matter how well-intentioned they are guided, is a dangerous option, you may end up looking cool, but still feel uncomfortable. Therefore, listen to the advice of loved ones, study fashionable bows and trends, but make the final decision on the purchase of any thing yourself.


Formal business or social events - Double (turn-down) cuffs with cufflinks or regular cuffs.

Uncomplicated business, fashionable casual or just casual suit - ordinary cuffs. A good shirt always has buttons on the sleeves to close the neckline over the cuff.

Regular cuffs should be 0.6 cm below the sleeve of the jacket, and double cuffs should be 1.3 cm.

With a pattern or plain?

Solid colors of shirts will provide your men with more options for creating interesting and stylish ensembles and will go very well with ties with a pattern. It is only a matter of fantasy!

Striped shirts should be selected taking into account the shape of the face and color palette.

Size and quality of cut. Fabric structure.

When buying a shirt, choose only pure cotton or blends: 60% cotton, but no less. However, if you really want to create a fashionable image, high-quality synthetics are also suitable. For formal events, select cotton poplin. For an elegant casual look, Oxford fabric is a good choice. For leisure and relaxation - you can choose a warmed knitwear and viella.

Important rule:a shirt is considered to be well and properly seated if a finger passes freely between the collar and the throat. The collar and the front of the shirt should lie flat, the seams should be neat, without rough edges.

3. Invest in your wardrobe not only money but also time

If you don’t participate in a fashionable television show where good presenters will dress you right from head to toe, or don’t have enough money to transfer this headache to a stylist, be prepared for the fact that drawing up a basic wardrobe will take some time.

And not only because it is expensive, but also because it may not be so easy to find a quality thing that fits your figure and style perfectly. Consider different options - not only a shopping center near your home, but also online stores, as well as drains in which branded items can be purchased much cheaper than in branded stores.


Tie - This is a key style-forming element and accessory that connects the entire costume image as a whole. An especially careful approach, a sense of style and imagination are required for his right choice!

You need to choose the colors of the tie that are combined with the individual color scheme, as well as with the color of a shirt, jacket or suit.

The most general rule:ties for work should be darker than a shirt, and at informal events, for example, at a wedding, a tie may be lighter. Modern fashion allows the combination of a shirt and tie of the same shade (as opposed to contrasting shades).

What is a capsule wardrobe?

In 2019, the basic men's wardrobe, like the women's one, began to increasingly become capsule - i.e. minimalistic. Blogger Caroline Joy has popularized the idea that a wardrobe may consist of a small number of elements that combine perfectly with each other, thereby calling for conscious consumerism and stopping impulsive purchases, in fact, completely unnecessary things.

Signs of capsule wardrobe look like this:

The cloth

For formal and business events, ties should be made of silk (never polyester) with a woven or printed pattern.

For everyday and country clothes, ties made of linen or fine wool are suitable. Cotton is sometimes used to make ties, but it is much inferior to silk in the property of drapery.


The capsule wardrobe is simple. There is nothing superfluous in it. This means that everything should be suitable (at least) for two different bows. A blazer that looks as good with jeans as it does with chinos is better than one that suits only one situation. If the new purchase does not work in at least three outfits, move on.


There is time and space for neon and other extraordinary pieces, but they are not in the capsule wardrobe. Choose a specific palette and stick to it. If you are not an advanced color theorist, it means that you should focus on the skeleton of neutral shades of blue, gray, brown, white and black.


Clothing is just as valuable as how much you wear it. You can just fall in love with an Elvis Presley-style costume, but if you wear it only for Halloween, think twice - do you need him to take a place in your wardrobe and accumulate dust on himself? The more often you can wear your purchased items, the better.


The main charm of a capsule wardrobe is how few elements there are in it. But this means that the clothes you buy must be sewn “for centuries”. In part, this is practical - you'll often wear the same things and replace them only as needed. But on the other hand, simple clothing is not able to hide how it is made. If its quality leaves much to be desired, then you will look “not ice”.

Natural materials

Clothing material comes into direct contact with your skin, but for some reason we often forget about it before buying. Meanwhile, this is one of the main criteria for choosing a new thing: it should not only look cool and sit well, but also consist of such fabrics that will not cause you discomfort when worn. Bet on natural fabrics - they will breathe, absorb sweat and just make your life much better and more comfortable.

1. Underwear and socks

Avoid novelty and stick to the basics: high-quality cotton, dark colors, a good fit. They should not rub your skin, make you sweat, or vice versa - hang on you like a hanger. We advise you to read a separate article on how to choose the pants and socks that are worthy of you.

Reebok briefs (3 pcs.)
1 590 rub.

5. Jeans

Think of something dark, direct and simple. Your jeans (ideally denim) should be stylish enough for dinner, but not so luxurious that you get scared if they get ketchup. Avoid scuffs that did not appear by themselves, and use our tips for choosing the perfect pair.

Levi's jeans
5 990 rub.

7. Turtleneck

Capsule cabinets do not offer much space for a large assortment of sweaters, so a turtleneck is a real find. Even though they are absurdly ordinary, turtlenecks are still relatively unusual, which means that wearing such clothes under a jacket (or, for example, a shirt) immediately puts you among the most well-dressed men in any room. If you buy one, let it be black. If you decide to get a second, try a precious tone, like an emerald.

9. Chambray shirt

Outwardly, chambray is similar to denim, but they should not be confused: chambray is a lighter fabric. Horribly universal, it will add texture to your image and do not have enough fingers to count in which situations it will look absolutely appropriate.

Shirt Only & Sons
2 290 rub.

What is included in the basic wardrobe

A business man needs to have two sets of basic things for the fall-winter and spring-summer seasons. Now is the time to prepare for the fall-winter season, and I will tell you what exactly should be on the list of everyday things:

  • Outerwear - coat, mac, jacket
  • Classic two-button suit - 2 pcs.
  • Separate suit - 1 pc (suit in which a jacket and trousers are bought separately. At the same time, trousers and a jacket should not match in color)
  • Blazer - 1 pc.
  • Pants Casual Friday - 1 pc (Casual friday, or dress-down friday, - the official day when you can come to work in a more relaxed way)
  • Jeans - 1 pc.
  • Shirts - 6 pcs.
  • Ties - 12 pieces (one of which is knitted)
  • Scarf pasha (scarf in a pocket jacket) - 4 pcs.
  • Knitwear - 4 pcs: cardigan, turtleneck, cardigan
  • Socks - 10 pairs
  • Shoes - 3 pairs
  • Scarf for outerwear - 2 pcs.
  • Watch - 2 pcs.
  • Briefcase - 2 pcs.
  • Belts - 3 pcs.
  • Gloves - 2 pairs

How to choose the right clothes

1. Outerwear. Coats and macs should match the color of the two suits (which I will talk about choosing a bit later), the down jacket can be more vivid. But do not forget that the dark blue color is the most business and status one, it is better to dwell on it and choose:

  • Coat of classic cut, straight silhouette with flap pockets (not patchpockets), buttons in coat color (not metal)
  • Macintosh is a kind of trench coat that has a restrained cut, most often with a secret fastener
  • Down jacket for outdoor activities and relaxation
Image courtesy of the author.

2. Costumes. When choosing a costume, questions often arise regarding fit and color. These are the two most important characteristics: improper fit in the neck, too long or short sleeve of the jacket, the length of the jacket and trousers, creases in the buttons and armholes can give the image sloppy. The selection and fitting of a suit begins with trying on a jacket for a shirt with a tie tied to check the fit in the neck and the length of the sleeve. Pants are measured on the shoes. If you have a non-standard figure, then it is better to contact a professional cutter and sew a suit that will “sit”.

Suit fit can be verified with these images:

Image courtesy of the author. Image courtesy of the author.

The color scheme of the costume depends on the conservatism of the company. More often it is a dark blue or dark gray suit. The black color of the costume is used only in two cases: the funeral and dress codes Black Tie, White Tie.

When choosing a costume, you should pay attention to the features of appearance. Have you noticed that someone looks perfect in a boiled-white shirt (sterile white), while someone turns pale, old, creating a painful look? This is affected by the level of contrast of appearance. So, for example, if you have high contrast (white skin and black hair), then a deep dark blue suit and a snow-white shirt will decorate you. If the contrast level is low (skin color with pink, light brown hair), then the costume should be in dark blue with a gray undertone (not a pure color), and the shirt should be in lime or ecru (pale gray-yellow).

So, you should have at least 2 classic costumes: dark blue monophonic and dark blue or dark gray with a subtle alternative color thread. Fabric options: worsted (plain), chalk strip, needle strip, weaving of threads into a small “piece”. Fabric composition: wool 120, 160, 180 and wool with silk.

Image courtesy of the author.

It is good when the trousers from one suit go to the jacket of another suit. In this case, a separate suit is formed. Therefore, it is worth buying one worsted suit, the other - with an implicit pattern or interweaving of threads.

So, in a business style “on Fridays”, a fuzzy striped jacket and trousers look the same as stripes. The more pronounced picture of the cell that you see in the picture adds a touch of relaxation.

Image courtesy of the author.

The color is still classic blue and gray. There is no beige, brown, burgundy, green in suits in the business wardrobe. These colors can be preferred when choosing casual Friday trousers or a blazer:

3. Blazer - This is a sports jacket, its distinguishing feature is patch pockets.

4. Jeans & Pants Casual FridayFor example, from Strox - a great addition to the style of the weekend:

Image courtesy of the author.

5. Shirts (shirts). Prefer white, pale blue, blue in a subtle narrow strip, the color of champagne or ecru (pale gray-yellow). The shirt should not be slim fit (very fitted) or too wide (there should not be double folds when tucking the shirt into the pants). Shirts with a yoke on the back look better on the figure. Check for proper fit:

  • The lower button is 9-12 cm lower than the level of the trouser belt
  • Fingers should pass freely between the neck and collar.

6. Tie. If the color of a suit and shirt in a business environment is not very diverse, then you can experiment with the color of a tie as part of your company’s level of contrast and conservativeness. A tie is the only part of a costume ensemble in a business environment, with which you can emphasize individuality, temperament and character. Ties should carry different promises and impressions:

  • Leadership (contains red tones)
  • Command (contains wine-blue tones)
  • Exhibition and presentation (may contain from three to five different color combinations)
  • Targeted (contains wine-yellow, blue-yellow tones)

A tie in a business style should be monophonic, in a diagonal strip, with a “checker” weave, a small fular. The rest of the drawings (bright or large foul, paisley or exotic motifs) remain in casual style.

Image courtesy of the author.

A good tie should restore shape after the knot, curl up when stretched. Woolen ties are suitable for suits made of heavy fabric and are suitable for cool weather. Cotton and linen - for light suits and a warm season. Knitted and woven from wool - for sports jackets (blazers). Silk - for the style of Formal.

7. Scarf Pasha. This detail is necessary to create an individual image, emphasizing dynamism and charisma. Scarf is selected:

  • To the color of the tie. May contain color tones of accessories (for example, cognac accessories and red blotches in a scarf).
  • It can be plain in the color of a shirt (for example, a white shirt - a white shawl)
  • It can be in another contrasting color (for example, a dark blue suit, a light blue shirt, a tie in a blue and blue stripes, accessories in the color of whiskey and a scarf with a restrained red hue)

Examples of folding pasha shawls in a business style:

Image courtesy of the author.

8. Shoes. Oxfords are the most classic and strict shoes, with a closed type of lacing. Brogues are more suitable for everyday wear - the more decorative perforations, the less formal they are.

Image courtesy of the author.

9. Watches, cufflinks and other accessories. The watch is the most status and formal - the model "tanks" on a leather belt with Roman numerals. Chronographs on a leather belt are less formal for city casual (including with a metal bracelet).

Cufflinks in the style of Formal - with stones.

Portfolio: leather without double trimming with a minimum amount of hardware

Scarves for outerwear should be combined with the color of trousers and / or shoes: plain - more formal, checkered or striped - less formal

Image courtesy of the author.

So, the basic wardrobe is created. Once a year or two, it is necessary to change suits, shirts, shoes. Ties, briefcases wear out much less often. A watch is an investment for many years. Throughout the year, you can supplement your wardrobe with new accessories. Unplanned events with a strict dress code, such as Black Tie, White Tie, can also affect the replenishment of the wardrobe.

11. Knitted sweater

One lightweight one to wear under an autumn jacket, plus one that will be warm enough for really frosty days. If you have such a pair of jumpers, then, as in the case with the other elements of the wardrobe, stick to neutral tones. If you want to make a difference, then try to pick up sweaters of the color of autumn leaves, such as burgundy or mustard.

How to dress for a week

See how you can combine items from your basic wardrobe daily for a week.

Monday: office day, meeting with employees

Image courtesy of the author.

Tuesday: visiting a service bank

Image courtesy of the author.

Wednesday: discussion of the terms of the annual contract with the supplier

Image courtesy of the author.


Image courtesy of the author.


Image courtesy of the author.

Saturday: training

Image courtesy of the author.

Sunday: a walk to the movies

Image courtesy of the author.

12. Shorts

Trends in the length of the shorts change every season, but if you stick to an individual cut that ends a couple of centimeters above the knee, your shorts will never look outdated. If at the same time their color is muted, then your boss is unlikely to be against you putting them in the office in the hot summer.

13. Chinos

You can get by with just two pairs, brown and dark blue, but if you add a third, then choose not straight, but wider trousers, possibly with folds. Of course, this is only a trend, but this is one of those long-term trends that will look appropriate, at least at the beginning of the next decade.

Chinos Tommy Hilfiger
9,093 rubles

14. Bathing shorts

We have no doubt that sooner or later you will go on vacation, and we advise you to invest in well-chosen swimming shorts, which, with the exception of their fabric, are indistinguishable from your real shorts, and you will have a pair that you can wear from the pool to the bar and back is smart and practical.

15. Unstructured blazer

“Structure” is basically translated as an addition. The unstructured blazer has all the "stuffing" removed, which makes it cooler - in the literal and figurative sense - i.e. more relaxed. Some of these models may look more like cardigans than custom-made jackets, which means they will sit pretty well on top of a striped shirt, not just classic shirts with a collar.

16. Strict suit

You can tell us that you don’t wear them, but you can hardly argue with the fact that sometimes circumstances require you to wear it, and in everything else you will look out of place. Try to find or sew on order a time-tested classic costume in which you will look "one hundred percent", and if the Queen of England invites you to tea, the question "What to wear?" you will not have it.

The remaining elements of the basic wardrobe

In addition to the things listed above, your wardrobe should also include outerwear, without which in the Russian climate anywhere.

Let it be:

a coat (preferably not too short)

off-season jacket,

denim jacket for the summer,

waterproof jacket (you understand why).

The minimum set of shoes is as follows:

And, of course, do not forget about high-quality accessories that add personality to your image:

men's bag or backpack.

That's all, we think, to the question of how to choose a wardrobe for a man, we answered. You just have to find things from this list that will please you both in size and in size.

1. Buy a good expensive coat

A coat is a win-win option. A man in a coat always looks elegant. It should be a perfect silhouette for you, follow the lines of the figure, have excellent quality, be sure to overlap your jackets in length, be comfortable so that in the cold you could put on a sweater or feather vest and drive the car quietly.

Now it is worn not only with suits, but also with jeans, sneakers or sneakers.

2. You must have at least 1 costume

It can be blue, gray, in a cage - leave black for the holidays. I mean a suit for everyday wear: we have long called casual, under it you can wear not only a shirt with a tie, but also a turtleneck, a thin sweater or pullover, also suits are now fashionable and can be worn with polo and sneakers.

The costume should be woolen or tweed, 100% wool or a mixture of wool with silk / cashmere, for the summer with cotton and linen (wool should be more than half), the lining should also be made of natural silk or viscose, so that the body comfortable.

By the way, dark brown shoes have long been replaced by black ones, and with a blue suit you can put on brown shoes of a natural red color. As for the belt, it does not have to match the tone of the shoes, but if you have brown shoes, the belt may be slightly lighter or darker than the color of the shoes, but not black.

3. Shirts

If you are a lover of shirts, then there should be at least 7 of them in the wardrobe, not including white ones. It is better to buy as the main blue or white, but with a small pattern, in a pinstriped or colored cell.

Under a gray suit, navy and burgundy shirts will look great. I call those colors that suit almost everyone - both blondes, and brunettes, and fair-haired, which we have the majority in Russia.

White shirts also must be, but you can save them for special occasions, as well as shirts with cufflinks. If you wear trousers without a jacket, buy yourself a pair of patterned shirts that reflect your hobby or hobby, so to speak, a shirt with meaning.

They are not suitable for a suit, but with trousers, a pullover or a cardigan it will be fine. Now a jeans shirt is also in use as the main one - it is worn with a tie, and with a suit, and under a blazer. But not with jeans pants!

And more: plaid shirts from Timberland ” - still sports, it is better to leave them for the weekend!

Basic things for men depending on clothing style

To become the owner of fashionable and stylish things, a man needs to compile in absentia a list of such wardrobe items that must be at his disposal, regardless of style and preference. Stylists call such things - masthead, that is, a list of obligatory and irreplaceable things. After that, the choice should already be based on the style of clothing that will be as close to the man as possible.

Basic wardrobe items

The term basic wardrobe should be understood as a set of things that will become a mandatory program for a man regardless of season, event, or preference.

The list of such things includes the following items:

  1. Outerwear - These are clothes that help protect against weather and cold. Stylists recommend paying attention to options such as a black or brown leather jacket, winter coat, trench coat, and a bomber-style windbreaker. Also relevant will be a treadmill sewn from water-repellent fabric.
  2. Costume - A classic trouser suit will be appropriate in any environment, so stylists recommend having a two or three of dark blue or black color from wool, tweed, velveteen. It is important that the model of the suit perfectly emphasizes the figure of a man on the favorable side.
  3. Pants & Jeans - A universal model of straight-cut jeans in dark blue will be appropriate in any look, but is more suitable for everyday wear and casual style. Pants can be of different models, depending on the configuration and figure of a man, it is better to have one pair of light trousers made of thin fabrics for the summer season, as well as a pair of dark shades for formal meetings.
  4. Shirt and t-shirt - There should be as many such wardrobe items as possible to change them for different events, looks and time of year. One shirt must be classic white, the other plain, a few more sports and universal for everyday wear. As for T-shirts, this should be a polo model, several options for white, pastel and contrasting colors.
  5. Turtleneck, cardigan and pullover - knitwear for the cool season, which must be in the wardrobe of every man. The low-neck turtleneck is mobile and looks luxurious with both trousers and jeans. A V-neck pullover or sweater looks perfect on top of a shirt, and a cardigan on clasps will be an excellent alternative to outerwear.
  6. Footwear - when choosing shoes, you need to take into account the season of the year and the style according to which it is combined with certain outfits. Classic shoes for a suit will be a model of oxfords, derby and loafers, broggs and chelsea. For warm pores, moccasins and boat shoes are suitable, for casual and sporty style you can choose sneakers or sneakers.
  7. Accessories - a man must have two belts of a classic style in black and brown. Also in the arsenal must be several models of ties, gloves for the winter season, a hat (hat, cap) and a scarf. In summer, you can’t do without sunglasses, the style of which should overlap with the style in clothes, as well as without a light hat or baseball cap.

Extra wardrobe

With regard to wardrobe items that men use in their free time, such strict standards do not apply, although each hobby in itself dictates a certain style. With golf clothes, everything is clear, but the issue with the clothes of a fisherman or a hunter is not at all trivial. Imagine that you have to fish in the company of a billionaire. It is clear that in this case one will have to think seriously about the choice of equipment. Some professions involve an irregular work schedule or constant attention from the media, so a fairly large layer of modern men today are at work even in their free time, and even then they have to work for their image.

4. Polo

In addition to shirts, it is good to have polo: in summer - with a short sleeve, at other times - with a long one.

Choose interesting, rich colors and wear them under jackets and with classic woolen trousers with arrows, so it will look more presentable than with jeans.

Shoes can be both sports and classic.

A polo with jeans is a good option for a weekend.

If your chosen one:

- pointed features advise him to choose a pattern with clear stripes, geometric shapes, or polka dots.

- rectangular face , let him avoid too pointed or curved ornaments.

- round face , he should choose arched and oval patterns, fular, paisley, in small specks.

If he is very tall or thin , advise him to avoid vertical and diagonal stripes, which will cause a side view to move from bottom to top, and will focus on his growth and thinness. I recommend using a horizontal ornament on a tie.

If he is short or large , horizontal lines that create a horizontal accent should be avoided. I highly recommend using drawings in the form of vertical or diagonal lines.

Men's wardrobe from Evelina Khromtchenko

Evelina Khromchenko is a true expert in the world of fashion and beauty, so she regularly publishes valuable recommendations and tips for women and men. So, the basic men's wardrobe from Evelina Khromtchenko for a modern and stylish man must include several irreplaceable things:

  • Coat from cashmere of calm colors and classic cut,
  • plain shirt of a classic cut and color (white, gray, blue, pale pink or black),
  • extra long knit cardigan and oversized sweater,
  • thin plain t-shirt and alcoholic shirt,
  • classic blue jeans
  • cotton, linen, cotton trousers for the summer season,
  • classic black suit
  • several options for ties
  • classic black shoes
  • tracksuit for active pastime.

If you adhere to the advice from a world-famous expert Evelina Khromtchenko, you can always dress in stylish and appropriate for different events and weather conditions. The stylist and designer pays special attention to men's accessories and headwear. Here, the main criterion for selection will be the style and theme of a particular man’s outfit. You can wear a hat for a classic suit, a baseball cap or a cap for a T-shirt and sweatpants.

Stylist Tips

When choosing clothes, it is definitely worth considering the season of the year. For example, a basic men's wardrobe for spring or autumn can include, in addition to suits, trousers, jeans, T-shirts and shirts, thin and light sweaters and turtlenecks, cardigans or light windbreakers, as well as a bomber jacket or sweatshirt. In winter, a classic coat, a hat, an insulated model of boots with thick soles will be added to the list of irreplaceable things. But in the summer the most free and unlimited choice of clothes of any fabrics, design and colors is offered.

According to stylists, a basic men's wardrobe should correspond to equality of a minimum of things - a maximum of combinations, so you should choose classic models and styles, restrained and most profitable colors and prints. A man should abandon unnecessary details and things, and then competently dispose of the basic set. A bright element in the image should be only one thing, the rest of the items only complement or shade it.


The basic wardrobe of a man should be cumbersome and at the same time multifunctional. If it is a suit, then it is classic and business, which can be worn at various events and celebrations. If T-shirts and T-shirts, then those colors that are most easily and profitably combined with other colors. If these are shoes, then one that can be worn under jeans, under pants, and even under shorts. Various accessories will be able to complement any look, be it hats, glasses, ties and cufflinks and much more.


Men's shoes, first of all, should be combined with a suit. A business suit must be worn. black shoes ,

but various shades of brown or gray Suitable for everyday work option.

Well, the ability to combine colored shoes with clothes is aerobatics!

Where to buy clothes?

One of the oldest professions is the tailor profession, it began to crystallize in the early stages of human society. Our great-great-grandfathers did not know a better way to update the wardrobe than contacting a tailor. In the industrial era, this profession lost its former role, as ordinary tailors could not compete with cheap mass production. Only craftsmen serving consumers from the elite segment managed to stay afloat. However, time has made its corrections, and now that the media have received inseparable power over the world, and the image has become a key indicator of success, the attitude to the quality of clothes has changed. Ateliers that serve only the elite have survived; the demand for individual tailoring is also growing among middle managers. However, the role of mass production is not diminishing.


Important rule:Socks to the knee in the costume version are always better than to the ankles, so that your bare leg NEVER looks out: neither when your man is standing, nor when he is sitting! The one exception is the summer suit, when closed shoes or boats can be worn without socks at all.

As for color, pattern and fabric - the main principle is that - socks should not be lighter than shoes and, on the other hand, so as not to reveal a sharp contrast with trousers and other clothes, socks of the same shade as the shoes harmoniously enter the ensemble.

Here are socks like you? They will definitely not peek out from under your beloved's trousers.

5. Stylish jacket

It seems to me that most of the time is spent searching for a stylish jacket or blazer, as they say now. You should definitely have a blazer!

Such a jacket can be made of wool, tweed, plain, in a cage or from dense knitwear. Better yet, buy all three at once!

This is the most common type of casual-jacket you can wear with classic trousers and cotton pants (sellers in men's stores like to call them chinos) and jeans.

By the way, knitted jackets fit well even on those who don't wear classic jackets: the look in them is more relaxed, of course, but fashionable.

Just do not confuse with a jacket from a classic suit: blazers are sold separately.

6. Pants

The trouser in your wardrobe should be at least 3 pairs, not counting those from the suit.

Some are classic with arrows, blue or gray, the second are chinos (I call them pants) - light: they are of the same style and cut as jeans, only in cotton. White is not suitable for our winter, but beige or light brown (cocoa colors, forgive me not artists) - that’s it. And the look will not be very formal, because in light trousers they usually go on vacation, and with a jacket it looks stylish.

And let the third pair of trousers be of unusual color - bright blue, mustard, red, green, wine color (or the color of Marsala is now fashionable, some of my clients men are already familiar with this color). Do not be afraid to experiment!

Yes, I didn’t count jeans - I mean that they are definitely in your wardrobe, and not one.

7. Knitwear - sweater, pullover, cardigan

It is imperative to have quality knitwear made of fine wool, cotton, cashmere.

Always look at the composition on the label: if you see the inscription "100% polyester", immediately put it back - the body will not feel comfortable in things made of artificial fabric, and some may even have an allergy.

These sweaters look spectacular with classic trousers, and they can be worn under a jacket in the cold season.

Make sure that these things fit well, correctly fit the figure, do not tighten your stomach, do not pull under your arms, and there would be a little space in the sleeve for the shirt if you plan to wear it under knitwear.

Crew-neck sweaters can be worn independently, with a V-neck - on a shirt, cardigans (this is a button sweater) are worn on both shirts and t-shirts.

Choose tight machine knitting: such sweaters look more neat and presentable, and let knitted by large pigtails and with a big throat and deer give mom and beloved girls for Christmas (or if the stylist advises this, knowing exactly what suits you !).

See how simple it is: there are only 7 wardrobe elements and you look elegant, stylish and respectable. If you suddenly find that you are missing something, immediately run to the store! Because further on I will talk about accessories - shoes, briefcases, bags, watches - they must be of high quality and expensive, and this is a separate item of expenses and a separate trip to shopping.I'm not saying yet that there are still necessarily fashionable bomber jackets, sweatshirts, down vests and jackets, cardigans with soft gates, wide trousers that are fashionable this season, like in the 30s, leather jackets, etc. But this is a completely different story, but for now we are collecting a high-quality basic wardrobe!

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