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Care for the smallest: treatment of dropsy of the testicle without surgery in children

Pathology develops as a result of the accumulation of fluid in the shells of the testis, which occurs in the event of birth injury or infection. Dropsy of the testicle in a child may be associated with impaired development of the endocrine system. Such variants of the name of the disease are known - "dropsy of testicular membranes" and "hydrocele". An ailment is manifested by an increase in the scrotum, swelling in the inguinal region. Often, a painful change in the genitals in boys is observed simultaneously with inguinal hernia.

What are the main causes of dropsy of the testicle in newborns?

The term "hydrocele" is derived from Greek words meaning "water" and "tumor". Genital pathology is characterized by the retention of a certain volume of fluid under the testicle. The onset of the process often goes unnoticed, especially with a slight increase in the size of the scrotum. The disease in boys is manifested by difficulty in urinating, in young men and adult men, sexual disorders can occur.

Causes of congenital dropsy of the testicles in newborn babies:

  • intrauterine infections during the bearing of a child,
  • chronic diseases of the mother before childbirth,
  • increased pressure inside the peritoneum,
  • genetic predisposition
  • the birth of a premature baby
  • birth injury.

Congenital dropsy of the testicles in a month-old baby is a fairly common occurrence. As reasons, experts call birth injuries, problems with lymph outflow from the scrotum, and genetic factors. If newborn boys develop intense dropsy of the testicle, then a puncture is performed to reduce pressure. Through the introduced needle, excess fluid is removed, which creates pressure on the shell. Surgery at this age is rarely performed, the pathology disappears on its own by 6-12 months of the baby's life.

Treatment of dropsy of the testis without surgery in children

Many parents are afraid of surgery, and they are looking for alternatives to treatment. In some cases, it is possible to treat dropsy of the testicle in a child without surgery.

Taking any medication can not cure the disease.

The doctor may prescribe medications that are aimed at eliminating the negative symptoms. For example, taking antibiotics or sulfonamides will stop the inflammatory processes and the spread of infection.

Also, the child may be prescribed analgesics or antispasmodics, which will reduce pain.

Sedatives will have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, making the child more relaxed.

With dropsy, a urologist will sooner or later prescribe an operation.

An exception may be the inability to perform surgery due to health problems.

If the disease is not started, there is a big chance to get rid of the disease without surgery. There are two methods that will help you quickly and effectively get rid of dropsy of the testicles.

What is hydrocele, its types and symptoms

Hydrocele is a disease that occurs as a result of filling the space between the shells of the testicle with fluid. In adult men, the problem is acquired in nature and can occur both asymptomatically and accompanied by strong painful sensations.

The main causes of the development of the disease in adults include:

  • Inflammatory processes in the genital area,
  • Mechanical injury to the scrotum,
  • The presence of heart muscle disease,
  • Impaired functioning of the lymph nodes in the inguinal zone.

Depending on the cause of the development of the pathology, the characteristic features of its development may also differ. So the disease can take several forms.

Reasons for the appearance

The main causes of the disease are:

  1. Birth defects, prematurity. If the baby was born prematurely, the testicle might not have formed completely. Some tissues did not have time to finally form. This can lead to fluid accumulation in the future, and various disorders of the genitourinary system.
  2. Birth injury. At birth, the baby's testicle could be damaged. This can trigger a pathology.
  3. Inflammation and infections The child has. Lead to dropsy as negative effects.

  • Edema of adjacent organs and lower limbs in a child. If, for certain reasons, the baby had swelling of adjacent organs, the likelihood of dropsy increases.
  • Cardiovascular failure. It provokes the occurrence of an ailment.
  • In babies, the disease develops due to congenital abnormalities. In babies, the duct between the peritoneum and the scrotum overgrows, but if this does not happen, a hernia occurs, or dropsy appears.
  • A child may also get sick after the flu. Pathology occurs as a complication.
  • In adolescents, the disease can develop for other reasons. If the baby injured testicle, hit, disease may occur.

    It also appears due to infections of the genitourinary system. The scrotum increases, pain may occur.


    Experts talk about two types of ailment:

    1. Communicating. The scrotum is connected by a canal to the peritoneum. It allows fluid to flow from one organ to another. The channel overgrows with time and the disease goes away. This happens to one and a half years.
    2. Isolated. The fluid forms in the shells of the testicles and does not flow into the peritoneum. The accumulation of fluid occurs due to injuries, operations, tumors, inflammations.

    There are two more varieties of the disease. Dropsy happens:

    1. Congenital. Violation occurs due to congenital disorders, abnormal testicle formation, various defects.
    2. Acquired. The disease appears only after the birth of the baby due to operations, injuries.

    What is common between communicating dropsy of testicular membranes and inguinal hernia? An inguinal hernia develops in a baby with a large, unclosed vaginal process of the peritoneum. It penetrates fluid from the abdominal cavity.

    Disorders in the intestines, anxiety of the baby can provoke the conversion of communicating dropsy of the testicle into an inguinal hernia.

    This happens due to an increase in the peritoneal process and inguinal canal in restless children, as well as with an increase in intra-abdominal pressure.

    Symptoms and signs

    Symptoms of the disease include:

  • Swelling, redness scrotum. It increases in size, acquires a reddish tint.
  • Pain when urinating, walking. The child may complain of pain and discomfort in the perineum.
  • Increased temperature. The condition of the child worsens significantly, possibly an increase in body temperature.
  • Nausea. The baby has dizziness and even vomiting.
  • Fast fatiguability, lethargy. The child does not want to play, he lies a lot.
  • Urinary retention. It is observed in the later stages of the disease.
  • The symptoms of the disease, doctors also include a lack of appetite, sleep disturbance due to pain in the scrotum. The child weakens, the skin becomes pale.

    Every day the scrotum hurts more and more.


    Diagnosis of the disease is carried out in the hospital by a urologist. First, the patient is examined, then these diagnostic methods are applied:

    1. Ultrasound scan scrotum. Allows you to consider pathology, establish its cause.
    2. Diaphanoscopy. It is one of the most effective diagnostic methods; it helps to study the disease in detail.

    Two of the above methods allow you to quickly and accurately establish the cause of the disease.

    After determining the cause of the disease, doctors prescribe the most appropriate treatment that will allow the patient to recover as quickly as possible.

    Complications and consequences

    If the disease is not treated, negative consequences may occur:

    1. The mortification of testicular tissue.
    2. Strong scrotal enlargement, visible through clothing.
    3. Violation of spermatogenesis. When the child becomes an adult, the disease will reappear: there will be problems with an erection. Infertility is possible.
    4. Circulatory disturbance of the intestine. Dropsy can develop into a hernia, which will move to the intestine. This will lead to constipation, diarrhea. It will take surgery to solve the problem.

    How to treat newborns vesiculopustulosis? Find out about this from our article.


    To eliminate severe pain, doctors recommend taking drugs:

    1. They are necessary for pain reduction.
    2. If necessary, take one tablet, for children up to two years, half the tablet is enough.
    3. You can not take more than two tablets per day.
    4. To relieve swelling it is recommended to take drugs:

    Pills relieve swelling, the scrotum decreases for normal sizes. The medication is consumed in the amount of one tablet in the morning and evening.

    Folk remedies

    It is much more difficult to treat a child than an adult, as some drugs can cause serious complications. That is why children are recommended to be treated with folk remedies.

    They are no less effective, can lead to complete recovery. Struggling with dropsy chamomile. To do this, the flowers are washed, crushed in a blender.

    The resulting mass is laid out on gauze, applied to the scrotum for ten minutes, then it needs to be removed. The procedure is carried out 2-3 times a day.

    Relieves illness infusion of bearberry leaves. To do this, mix two large spoons of the crushed plant and a glass of cold water.

    The solution is infused overnight, in the morning it is shaken, filtered. The medicine should be drunk in half a glass 2-3 times a day.

    An effective medicine is pumpkin juice. Fresh juice is consumed once a day in the amount of half a glass. It is good to eat pumpkin puree. The tool removes puffiness, eliminates dropsy.

    Recommended for speedy recovery. follow a diet. The child is forbidden to eat sweets, fatty, fried and spicy dishes. He should eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. If the child is very small, baby, the diet must be followed by the mother.

    Need regularly do baby testicles massage. To do this, mix one teaspoon of baby cream and half a teaspoon of alcohol tincture of calendula. The mixture is applied to the scrotum.

    It must be massaged very carefully for five minutes. Movement should be light, you can not put much pressure. The kid should not be hurt. The procedure is performed in the morning and evening. It helps eliminate dropsy extremely quickly.

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    Is an operation necessary?

    Only necessary as a last resort, if dropsy does not disappear within one to two months, scrotum increases. The operation is prescribed by a urologist after a diagnosis.

    In children, pathology is excellently treated. Usually, after two to three weeks of treatment, the disease goes away.

    If parents started treatment in the early stages of the disease, it can pass in less than two weeks.

    However, if treatment was started late, the chances of curing a child without surgery are significantly reduced. Then the doctor prescribes an operation.

    There are many varieties of dropsy surgery:

    1. Puncture. A testicle is pierced with a special needle. Remove excess fluid from it. However, the disease may occur again.
    2. Sclerosis. The liquid content is eliminated, but so that later the secret is not produced, the doctor introduces a special substance into the testicle. This type of surgery is only suitable for older men. For children and young men, it is not used.
    3. Winkelman Method. The specialist makes an incision of the testicle shell. The length of the wound is five centimeters. Then all the tissues are cut. The doctor performs a puncture of the fluid. The edges of the incision are turned out and sutured behind the organ. This reduces the area of ​​the shell. Further, the tissues will absorb the accumulating liquid.
    4. Operation Ross. The doctor performs an incision. Further works with the vaginal process of the peritoneum. He crosses education and bandages it. Then suture.

    Postoperative period

    Lasts from two weeks to one month. At this time, the condition of the patient is controlled by the doctor. The patient spends the first few days in a hospital, then he is sent home, accompanied by relatives.

    The child in the postoperative period It is very important to avoid physical exertion.

    You can not hit the scrotum, rub. The patient follows a therapeutic diet, a lot lies for a speedy recovery.

    Useful walks in the fresh air. In the postoperative period Do not wear too tight underwear.It should be free. Every week, the child is shown to the urologist, who monitors the recovery process, gives the necessary advice to parents.

    Forecast and Prevention

    The disease disappears without a trace in 80% of boys without surgery. In some cases, serious treatment is needed.

    If you follow the doctor’s recommendations, the disease will go away very quickly, and complications can be avoided. The child will be completely healthy. Complications are observed only in case of inaction, if the parents do not treat the child.

    To prevent the disease, it is recommended to follow these rules:

    1. Following hygiene rules. Every day you need to take a shower, accustom your child to cleanliness.
    2. Parents need to monitor the health of the child, examine him. If the first signs of the disease occur, you need to see a doctor.
    3. Avoiding Excessive Exercise and Injury. The baby must be very careful not to hit the genitals. Physical activity should be moderate.

  • Eating healthy foods. It will help raise the child’s immunity, prevent the onset and development of various diseases. Useful vitamin complexes.
  • Lingerie should be free.rather than tightening or too tight. The child should not feel discomfort in the crotch due to improperly selected clothes.
  • This disease causes severe harm to the body of the child. However, with proper and timely treatment, the baby will recover quickly, and complications can be avoided.

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    About safe surgical method you can learn how to eliminate testicular dropsy from the video:

    We kindly ask you not to self-medicate. Sign up to the doctor!

    Non-surgical treatment of testicular dropsy

    • And though dropsy testicle It is not a dangerous and serious disease, it is difficult to get rid of it.
    • You can try both the standard surgical method recommended by doctors and others, which in some cases also lead to results.
    • These include drug therapy, physiotherapy and traditional medicine.
    • And sometimes complex treatment may be required, with the use of all these types of treatment.

    What is hydrocele

    Dropsy Is a membrane that consists of epithelial tissue. It can be covered with skin if it is on the surface of the body. In this case, dropsy is internal. Dropsy of the testicle is an accumulation of serous fluid inside the testicles. Dropsy can progress or remain for a long time without change, in one size.

    Conservative treatment of dropsy of the testicle

    With conservative treatment of dropsy of the testis of the newborn, it is necessary to constantly be observed by a urologist under the age of 2 years. For older boys, observation is necessary for 2.5-3 months, on the basis of which it is possible to identify the nature of the dynamics. If the prognosis is disappointing, then the appointment of surgical intervention is provided.

    Surgical treatment of testicular dropsy

    In the surgical treatment of dropsy of the testicle, surgery is prescribed for boys under 2 years of age with the following indications:

    • the presence of inguinal hernia,
    • resizing of the scrotum by periods,
    • infectious inflammation,
    • presence in the groin area of ​​constant discomfort.

    If the condition worsens over time, then the only solution in treating dropsy of the testicle in boys is to have surgery.

    There are several types of surgical methods:

    • operation Ross, which is advisable to apply with a communicating form of dropsy, when excision and ligation of the internal inguinal ring are performed,
    • Bergman operation, which is used for isolated hydrocele. This process is carried out by excision of the inner shell of the testicle, carried out as much as possible to the base. Its remains are sheathed with seams, sometimes it becomes necessary to install drainage and apply a pressure bandage,
    • Winkelman operation, which is very rarely used today,
    • the operation of the Lordin which the surgical intervention is less traumatic.

    Types and causes of the disease

    The main classification is the division into congenital and acquired species.

    The disease appears either in the womb, or during adulthood. Sometimes the formation of clusters is not characterized by external causes and is manifested even in healthy adult men.

    The main reason for congenital edema is when the testicles descend in the womb, the place that formed as a result of their movement should be overgrown. However, sometimes this does not happen. In the resulting pocket, dropsy develops. Usually this process occurs around the ninth month of pregnancy.

    Preparation for surgery

    Before the child goes on an operation to eliminate dropsy of the testicle, he must be absolutely healthy. After suffering a cold, acute respiratory viral infection, or any illness, it takes time for the body to recover, at least this period is 1 month, otherwise after the operation complications may appear in the form of the development of an infectious process or pneumonia. Preparation for surgery includes monitoring blood and urine tests. 6 hours before the operation to eliminate dropsy of the testicle, the boy should not eat or drink. The duration of the operation is 20-30 minutes.

    Testicular dropsy surgery

    When performing surgery to eliminate testicular dropsy, the use of general anesthesia is recommended, because it is safer than local, despite the fact that in the case of local anesthesia, the doctor controls the situation. By using general anesthesia, the child does not experience psycho-emotional stress from the type of surgical instruments, specific sounds and smells. With the drugs that are administered to the boy, the baby's tension is quickly relieved and the child is relaxed.

    As a rule, at first the doctor uses a mask with anesthetic gases, and after the child falls asleep, an intravenous catheter is installed. The operation is carried out under the control of heartbeat and blood pressure. Upon completion of the operation, the gas is turned off and after a few minutes the boy regains consciousness.

    Symptoms, examinations and diagnosis

    The main symptoms of dropsy of the testicle:

    • Swelling of the genital area. Sometimes edema occurs, and then disappears for no particular reason. If we are talking about dropsy, then the problem will manifest itself at night. During the day, fluid is distributed throughout the abdominal cavity, releasing channels. Therefore, an increase may not be observed for some time, but later it appears again.
    • Pain. In the scrotum, pain appears, which are expressed slightly. Rather, severe discomfort is characteristic, especially when you click on a problem area.
    • Often, dropsy accompanies the inflammatory process. It is characterized by the presence of severe redness. When the skin and internal cavities become inflamed, the pain becomes more distinct and brings a lot of discomfort. Inflammatory processes with dropsy should be removed, this requires a visit to a doctor and the appointment of adequate therapy.
    • If the dropsy is not red, but it hurts a lot, we can talk about an injury that was previously received. Because of this, fluid accumulation and edema occurred.
    • If dropsy is accompanied by fever, we are talking about the development of concomitant infection. In this case, there is a feeling of heaviness in the groin.

    As part of its implementation, the organs are illuminated with a special device, with which it is possible to extract light with the necessary indicators.

    Ultrasound (ultrasound) is also prescribed. It will help with high accuracy to establish how the dropsy proceeds, where exactly it is concentrated, and what its size.

    1. Other methods are also used for diagnosis, which depend on the doctor’s suspicions of developing other diseases, since in some cases edema is formed as a result of abnormal deviations.
    2. Video: “What is dropsy of the testicle”

    How to cure dropsy without surgery

    The method of treatment of dropsy depends on the characteristics of the disease. If we are talking about a newborn, then dropsy can pass on their own. In this case, the pediatrician should give recommendations.

    In some cases, in infants, part of the intestine enters the lumen that has formed. When a child begins to eat solid food, it can cause serious difficulties, characterized by acute pain.

    This situation is very dangerous, and parents and doctors will have several hours to correct the situation, since it can lead to death.


    Medicines for dropsy (hydrocele) are also used. The need for their appointment should be due to some features. So, dropsy is always accompanied by any disturbances in the functioning of the genitals due to the bacterial load.

    This is explained by the fact that the contents press on healthy tissues, friction constantly occurs, and blood circulation worsens. This causes the development of a pathogenic environment. If you do nothing, inflammation may occur.

    Also, in addition to antibacterials, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.

    They help to cope with swelling, especially with the infectious nature of the development of the disease. Anti-inflammatory drugs generally alleviate the condition with a complex course of the disease and a gradual increase in dropsy.


    With the help of physiotherapy, it is possible to achieve a relief of the syndrome if dropsy is not in the active phase of development. If it is constantly growing, procedures are prescribed that allow you to slow down and subsequently completely stop the increase in the problem area for the subsequent fight against the disease.

    Suction method

    This is the fastest method that is most often used if the child is contraindicated in surgery, but it is necessary to quickly remove unpleasant symptoms or pain. This method does not require special equipment, it is carried out on an outpatient basis.

    Anesthetic drug is injected into the boy's scrotum to avoid pain. Then the doctor makes a puncture with a needle.

    The needle should fall into the area of ​​the diseased testicle. Next is the pumping of serous fluid.

    The only drawback of this method is that after some time, the fluid will again accumulate in the scrotum.

    The advantage is that after pumping the liquid, no inflammatory processes appear and the scrotum hematoma does not occur.


    Before using this method, you should know that it has a number of contraindications. It is categorically impossible to do if the boy has a communicating type of dropsy.

    There is a high probability that the substance introduced into the scrotum can enter the abdominal cavity and cause serious complications in the child. If the patient has an isolated type of dropsy, it is necessary to consult a doctor before using this method.

    Sclerotherapy is a gold standard in the treatment of dropsy without surgery.

    This is an effective and safe method, which in 98% of cases leads to getting rid of the disease.

    The procedure is also performed on an outpatient basis.

    The doctor makes a puncture in the scrotum and introduces special sclerosing agents, as well as drugs that will contribute to the rapid resorption of the formation and prevent further relapse.

    The volume of drug administration depends on the size of the scrotum.

    After the introduction of drugs for another hour, the doctor observes the patient, and then lets go home.


    It occurs in the absence of appropriate acute therapy.

    In order to prevent the development of complications, it is recommended to closely monitor your health. So one of the main signs of dropsy is an increase in testicle size. In this case, you should not make a diagnosis on your own, guided by the presence or absence of pain.

    Pain does not always accompany the development of hydrocele.

    If you find alarming symptoms, do not delay, it can negatively affect your health and even lead to infertility.

    It is recommended to consult a specialist as soon as possible, who will make a diagnosis by ultrasound or by manual examination.

    Surgical and drug treatment of testicular dropsy

    There are several ways to combat hydrocele, which vary depending on the severity of the disease.

    Medication methods include:

    • Antibiotics and other drugs with antibacterial effect,
    • Medicines that stabilize blood circulation,
    • Nonsteroidal drugs, the action of which is aimed at relieving inflammation.

    However, a course of drug therapy may not always bring results.

    In case the medication did not help, experts can recommend one of the methods of surgical intervention:

    • Puncture aspiration of fluid - is performed by piercing the scrotum with a needle through which excess fluid is drained. This method is rarely used, because it is characterized by low efficiency and high risk of relapse. It is often used to treat patients who are not recommended for surgery using anesthesia,
    • Hydrocelectomy - performed under the influence of local anesthesia. During the operation, the surgeon makes an incision on the scrotum or in the lower abdomen to remove dropsy. In the postoperative period, it is mandatory to install drainage (relapse prevention), which is removed after a couple of days.

    Depending on the method of eliminating dropsy, discharge is possible either a few days after surgery, or on the same day. However, this does not mean that you can no longer worry about your health.

    After several weeks, it is recommended to visit a specialist again to eliminate the likelihood of relapse.

    Signs of dropsy of the testicle in children

    Hydrocele in young children is much more common than in men. This is due to the fact that at the final stage of intrauterine development there is no overgrowth of the abdominal opening through which the baby's testicle descends into the scrotum. As a result, the testicle is filled with liquid from the peritoneum.

    The main signs of pathology include:

    • An increase in the size of the scrotum in the absence of pain in the child,
    • Constant growth of scrotum volume in isolated dropsy,
    • Alternating enlargement and reduction of the scrotum with connecting dropsy.

    Often, in newborns, hydrocele passes by itself.

    The development of the disease does not start just like that, it has reasons that include:

    • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mother that she suffered during pregnancy,
    • The birth of a child before the deadline,
    • Pathological conditions of the mother during pregnancy,
    • Genetic predisposition to the development of the problem,
    • Increased intra-abdominal pressure in the boy.

    Unlike adult hydrocele, dropsy in newborns is much more common and much easier. Up to the point that it disappears without concomitant therapy.

    How to treat dropsy of a testicle in a child

    A separate therapy for pathology in children does not exist. So in most cases, dropsy in boys disappears after the final and natural closure of the inguinal ring. Therefore, a separate isolation of the treatment of pathology is not necessary.

    However, it is important to remember that this applies only to children. Despite the apparent simplicity, in case of adult hydrocele, it is imperative to seek the help of a specialist in order to preserve not only health, but also reproductive function.

    Dropsy of the testicle is not a serious disease, but do not neglect the problem. In especially neglected forms, it can lead to discomfort while walking, painful sensations and even infertility.

    You can learn more about dropsy of the testicle and its treatment with medications and folk remedies when watching the video:

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    Folk methods

    Instead of tea, you can use a decoction of watermelon seeds - this tool will help improve blood circulation, help get rid of edema, remove excess fluid from the body. Such a drink will become a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

    Onion juice also helps a lot.. You can take one onion, chop it finely, cover it with a few tablespoons of sugar. After a few hours, when a sufficient amount of juice is formed, you need to drink it (get 2-3 tablespoons).

    Black radish juice with honey will also help. First you need to take a third of the glass, and divide this technique into two. Next, gradually, you need to increase the amount of drink consumed. Maximum - drink two glasses a day (again, divide by two - in the morning and evening, regardless of food intake).

    • Half a glass pumpkin juice you can drink a day - this will help the body strengthen and cope with dropsy.
    • Video: "Treatment of dropsy of the testicle"

    Dropsy of the testicle in children: treatment with folk remedies

    How to cure dropsy of the testicle without surgery in a child? Alternative recipes will help to achieve positive results if the disease is not started.

    Despite the fact that dropsy can only be removed surgically, there are reviews that medicinal herbs have a positive effect and are also effective in the treatment of hydrocele.

      Pour chamomile flowers with boiling water so that the water only covers the inflorescences.

    Allow this mixture to infuse for about 20 minutes.

    The gruel is spread on a bandage or gauze and applied to the diseased testicle.

    Make compresses for a month up to 4 times a day.

    Chamomile will help to remove inflammatory processes, as it has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Finely chop 100 grams of green parsley and pour over milk.

    Put the mixture in the oven on a small fire.

    It is important to observe that milk does not boil.

    After 20 minutes, strain the mixture, and drink such a decoction of 30 grams every hour for 2 weeks. With testicular puffiness, the following recipe can be used.

    2 tablespoons of peas pour 500 g of light beer.

    Heat this mixture, and then let it simmer over low heat for about 20 minutes.

    Strain and use the liquid in the form of compresses.

    The fluid must have room temperature.

    This procedure must be done for a month in the morning and in the evening. In a liter of white wine add herb repeshka in the amount of 100 grams.

    Boil the composition for 5 minutes, and then let it brew for an hour.

    Moisten gauze with liquid and apply to the diseased testicle 2 times a day for 15-20 minutes.

    Grate black radish and mix it with a spoon of honey.

    The composition should be infused, as it is necessary that he let the juice go.

    Twice a day apply this juice to a teaspoon.

    In some cases, treatment of dropsy of the testicle in a child with folk remedies is preferable.

    Indications for surgery

    Testicular dropsy surgery is the most effective treatment. But not everyone is shown surgery in connection with some features of the body. The operation is necessary:

    1. If the testicle has increased to such an extent that there is pain and discomfort during movement.
    2. If there are complications due to the disease.
    3. At the risk of developing a boy infertility.

    There are a variety of treatments for the disease. To avoid surgery, it is necessary to visit a doctor even with minor signs of dropsy. Self-medication of the disease without the supervision of a urologist or surgeon can lead to serious complications.

    Acquired testicular hydrocele

    The disease in boys most often develops as a result of a genital injury. After a microtrauma, a painless tumor first appears, usually only in one half of the scrotum. Then, dropsy of the left testicle in the child (or the right testicle) develops. The outflow of fluid is difficult, which lasts for a long time. Doctors in such cases diagnose chronic dropsy, the baby is observed by a urologist before reaching the age of 2 years. Then the question of the need for surgery is decided.

    there is hydrocele in boys aged 2-14 years:

    1. after infectious diseases suffered by a child,
    2. with cardiovascular failure,
    3. with lesions of the lymphatic system,
    4. due to defects in the abdominal wall,
    5. in the case of a tumor of the testicle and its appendages,
    6. as a postoperative complication,
    7. after scrotal injuries.

    Specialists distinguish two types of hydrocele by the presence or absence of a sac of the sac with fluid and the abdominal cavity - an isolated and communicating dropsy of the testicle. The second form is dangerous in that it contributes to the appearance of inguinal hernia. After all, this common disease requires urgent surgical intervention. Often, in the first six months of life or after 1 year, self-healing of dropsy of the testicle occurs. If the pathology persists, then most children will need surgery before the age of 2 years.

    Symptoms and diagnosis of the disease

    Dropsy of a testicle in a child of 3 years old most often does not cause discomfort. Symptoms can be detected by parents when performing hygienic care in the first days and months of a baby's life. There is a slight increase in the size of the scrotum. Swelling occurs only on one or both sides. When a child can already report on his feelings, he talks about pain, a feeling of heaviness in the genital area.

    How to recognize the complications of hydrocele in a boy:

    • chills begin, fever rises,
    • pain in the inguinal region intensifies,
    • redness of the scrotum,
    • general weakness.

    Among diagnostic measures, an important role belongs to ultrasound. The ultrasound method helps to recognize even minor changes in the structures of the scrotum. Before treating dropsy of a testicle in a child, a pediatric urologist suggests taking a blood test and urine test. Diagnostic results can identify or exclude concomitant genital pathologies.

    Recipes of traditional medicine for dropsy of the testicle in children

    External remedies from the arsenal of alternative treatment methods - compresses with herbal infusions, ointments with natural ingredients, Make a compress of warm broth 2 tbsp. l peas in 0.5l of water. First, the components are heated for 15 minutes, then let the agent infuse. Wet a decoction several times folded thin cotton cloth and apply to the scrotum.

    To prepare an ointment from calendula flowers, squeeze the juice and mix it with a baby cream (1: 1). After that, the product is applied to the scrotum from the side of the damaged testicle. Then the boy should put on tight panties and lie down. It is advisable not to arrange baby water procedures during the day.

    There are practically no contraindications to the use of inflorescences of pharmacy chamomile, dioica nettle, birch buds. Flower baskets of one of the most famous anti-inflammatory plants are placed in a bag of thin natural fabric. Dip the chamomile in boiling water and heat it for another 5 minutes over low heat. The ratio of raw materials and water - 3 tbsp. l for 1 liter Insist the remedy for an hour, take out a bag of raw materials. They give the baby a solution to drink between meals, 5 times a day, 50 ml each.

    Birch buds are brewed like chamomile. Only the boiling time is reduced from 5 minutes to 5-10 seconds. Then the kidneys are crushed, boiled again with boiling water and insist for a day. You can wrap a saucepan to maintain heat or use a thermos. Giving infusion to the child to drink after breakfast and dinner.

    Infusion of dioica nettle leaves is prepared from fresh or dried raw materials (2 tbsp. L per 0.5 l. Boiling water). The remaining actions are the same as when chamomile is infused. Give the child to drink 50–80 ml in the morning.

    They give the child to drink onion juice with sugar, pumpkin juice - ½ cup per day. Used in folk medicine for the treatment of hydrocele, an infusion of chicory roots, meadowsweet, birch leaves, clover grass and leaves mother and stepmother. Diuretics, for example, a decoction of lingonberry berries, will help.

    Parents of the baby should remember that folk remedies for the treatment of hydrocele should be given to children at a dosage of 2-3 times less than for adults. Some herbs have a pungent odor, such as sweet clover, or cause allergic reactions. In addition, in the case of an inflammatory process, infection, treatment with only folk remedies often aggravates the symptoms.

    Surgical treatment of dropsy of testicular membranes

    Medical observation is carried out for 3 months to identify the dynamics. In the absence of regression and the further development of the disease, a surgical operation is prescribed. Such an intervention involves the removal of a tumor in a boy. The operation is performed when the boy is 2 years old, if the dropsy of the testicle is accompanied by an inguinal hernia. Surgical treatment is also indicated for inflammation, infection, changes in the size of the scrotum (it increases, then decreases).

    Parents of boys leave a wide variety of reviews about the operation, from which we can draw conclusions about the advantages of the Lord's surgical method. Surgery is preferable, less traumatic testicle. The Bergman method is practiced with isolated dropsy of the testicle, Ross operation is performed with a communicating form of hydrocele.

    Surgical intervention is preceded by the preparation of the child - monitoring the state of health, analysis of blood, urine. The operation in most cases lasts about 20-30 minutes with a combination of gentle methods of anesthesia.

    After the operation, the small patient is under the supervision of doctors, the next day the child is transferred to outpatient treatment. With severe pain, the baby is given ibuprofen or paracetamol (syrup, suppositories). Doctors strongly recommend that mom and dad limit the physical activity of the operated child, make sure that he does not touch the scrotum wound. Bathing the baby is allowed a week after the operation.


    Specialists in the field of urology note that the prerequisites for the formation of a healthy urogenital system are laid before birth and during the first 5 years of a child’s life. Every congenital pathology, violation of personal hygiene requirements, infections, chronic diseases undermine reproductive health.

    Prevention of hydrocele in boys is to prevent scrotal injury. You should consult a doctor for infections and inflammatory diseases, genital injuries. The same rules must be observed after surgery to avoid relapse.

    How is the treatment going?

    Non-surgical treatment does not only mean taking medications orally, while alternative medicine is not always sufficient. If dropsy does not grow, if there is no inflammation, you can limit yourself to these methods. But in cases where the situation does not change, you have to act more dramatically.

    So, sclerotherapy is one of the most popular ways to solve a problem.However, this technique does not always help to completely get rid of the disease. With the help of certain manipulations, which are carried out under local anesthesia, all the excess is pumped out into the cavity where the fluid has accumulated.

    The effect can be maintained for six months, but the advantage is that during this time a person has every chance to strengthen his health through the use of folk methods and think about how to proceed.

    Also, in some cases, the operation simply cannot be performed.. This usually happens for medical reasons or in the elderly. Then, periodic sclerosis becomes the solution. Once every six months, the patient visits a doctor and carries out appropriate manipulations.

    You must understand that the operation nevertheless gives a more lasting effect, in addition, it allows you to once and for all get rid of both the disease and its consequences. In this case, the fluid is not just pumped out, but the channel leading to the pocket is sutured, where the contents are accumulated.

    That is, after such manipulation and passing the recovery course, the patient no longer waits for the dropsy to appear again and everything will happen again.

    • Dropsy appears in men of different agesIt can be congenital or acquired.
    • Symptoms of dropsy are pain, heaviness in the scrotum, redness, swelling, difficulty in moving, fever, general malaise.
    • Diagnostics includes external examination by a doctor, conducting diaphanoscopy, ultrasound examination.
    • Treatment is carried out with the help of surgical intervention, however, besides him, it is possible to prescribe antibacterial, anti-inflammatory therapy, the use of alternative methods, physiotherapy, including sports.
    • An effective method of non-surgical solution to the problem is sclerotherapy.
    • Sclerosis does not always help get rid of dropsy - the effect can last about six months, and then, if the channels are not sewn up, the fluid accumulates in the pockets again and requires either repeated sclerosis or surgery.


    Distinguish between congenital and acquired forms of pathology. Dropsy in the baby occurs in the womb due to abnormal development and often disappears on its own after two months. The cause of the development of the disease in adolescence and adulthood can be one of the following factors:

    • venereal diseases,
    • genitourinary tract infection,
    • injuries that caused dysfunction of the body’s liquid metabolism,
    • diseases of blood formation, blood circulation, cardiovascular system,
    • impaired lymphatic flow, accompanied by swelling of the lower extremities,
    • congestive processes in the pelvis, caused by the growth of a benign or cancerous tumor,
    • pathologies of the rectum, provoking the occurrence of symptomatic hydrocele,
    • excessive loads when playing sports,
    • surgical interventions in the groin area.

    Any pathology, as a result of which there is a blockage of the excretory ducts in the groin and fluid stagnation, can provoke the development of dropsy.

    Clinical manifestations

    When the fluid accumulates, the testes can reach 10 cm in diameter, and in extremely difficult cases 13–15 cm. The disease is diagnosed in 9 out of 100 babies, while in adulthood, acquired pathology is recorded in one out of 200 men.

    Representatives of the stronger sex over 40 years of age are characterized by a chronic course of the disease. In this case, it is quite difficult to treat dropsy of the testicle in men with both drug and folk methods.

    Surgery may help, but the likelihood of relapse remains fairly high.

    But often the disease has no pronounced signs, and its sharp development is due to an acute infectious process in the reproductive system. When the testicle reaches a size of more than 6-10 cm in diameter, the child appears:

    • urination dysfunction,
    • discomfort during movement,
    • increased scrotum volume and compaction,
    • a feeling of fluid transfusion during organ palpation,
    • blurred contours of the testicles.

    With an increase in fluid volume, the risk of developing a dangerous complication - piocele. The disease is characterized by the accumulation of purulent contents in the testicle cavity, is accompanied by a high temperature and an acute inflammatory process in the groin. If you do not cure the pathology, then you may experience:

    • problems with the reproductive system at an older age,
    • atrophic processes in the event that the accumulated fluid blocks the access of blood and oxygen to the organ,
    • vascular lesions followed by blood entering the organ cavity,
    • rupture of the internal tissues of the testis,
    • development of inguinal hernia.

    At the initial stage, you can try to treat dropsy of the testicle with folk remedies, but only after a thorough examination and consultation with your doctor. In no case should you decide on therapy yourself, since the disease can provoke the development of serious complications.

    Ointments, compresses, lotions

    Any methods of treating hydrocele in a newborn should be agreed with a doctor. Constant medical supervision is necessary so that in case of complications, it is possible to react in time and conduct more effective therapy.

    1. The freshly picked chamomile (all parts of the medicinal plant, except the roots) is ground in a meat grinder or blender and the resulting slurry is applied as an application to the scrotum for 7 minutes. Repeat three times a day.
    2. It is necessary to purchase a pharmacy ointment based on calendula and in equal proportions mix it with a moisturizer for children. You need to generously smear the groin area twice a day.
    3. In 0.5 l of beer, infuse for 50 hours dry peas, then put on a small fire and boil for 15 minutes. Put the peas on a small flap of natural fabric, wrap and lower the resulting bag into beer, so that the material gets wet. Such a tool is applied to the scrotum in the form of a compress for 20 minutes. Repeat daily for two weeks.
    4. In a liter of dry white wine, boil for 100 minutes 100 g of dried mortar. Cool and strain the resulting broth. Roll up the bandage in four layers and moisten it in the product. Twice a day, apply lotion for half an hour. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

    Not always treatment with folk or traditional means brings the expected effect, then the child is prescribed an operation that will help alleviate his condition.

    Medicines for oral administration

    All patients with hydrocele are recommended to replace most of the drinking water with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as juices squeezed from them.

    Proper drinking regimen will reduce the amount of accumulated fluid and improve the patient's condition. Alternative recipes will help to achieve the same result: medicines prepared according to them have good diuretic properties.

    1. Cucumber juice is one of the most effective methods for removing stagnant fluid. It is drunk in a volume of at least 0.5 liters. Freshly squeezed beet and carrot juices can be added to the drink. It is better to grind vegetables in a blender, and then drink the juice with the resulting pulp.
    2. Pour a handful of medicinal rosemary with a liter of dry white wine. Leave to insist for a day and drink a strained product twice a day for 0.25 liters 20 minutes before meals.
    3. A large list of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, contains fresh celery. Means based on it help to recover well in the postoperative period and are taken in order to prevent recurrence of dropsy. Freshly squeezed juice from celery is recommended to drink 0.5 liters per day, dividing this amount into five equal portions. You can add beetroot, cabbage or carrot juices to improve the taste of the drink.
    4. Pumpkin juice effectively removes stagnant fluid. It tastes good and includes many healthy and nutritious ingredients. Doctors recommend replacing the usual water taken by the patient per day with pumpkin juice.
    5. A good medicine is obtained from finely chopped horseradish. Ground root (150 g) and two crushed lemon with zest are mixed and insisted for 5-8 hours. Take 3 tablespoons daily for two weeks.
    6. Dry clover and coltsfoot are mixed in equal proportions. Two tablespoons of the collection pour 0.25 liters of hot water and leave for 1.5 hours. Cool, strain, consume 3 large spoons four times a day.
    7. Jaundice, chokeberry leaves, chamomile flowers and sage are mixed in equal amounts. 0.5 l of water will require a tablespoon of the mixture. Bring the product to a boil and insist for an hour. The cooled medicine is filtered and drunk 0.25 liters four times a day.
    8. Insist for a week 200 g of fresh or 100 g of dried clover flowers in 2 liters of dry white wine. Then the product is brought to a boil and boiled for 2-3 minutes. The cooled medicine is drunk in 50 ml before meals three times a day.
    9. Mix 200 g of honey and 100 g of corn stigmas and consume a tablespoon every three hours.
    10. A kilogram of parsley is crushed, placed in 0.7 l of milk and kept in the oven for four hours at a temperature of 150 ° C. The volume of milk should be halved. Take the drug every hour for 2 tablespoons.

    These methods do not treat dropsy of the testicles in newborn boys, since many recipes can not be given to infants.

    Children from three years old can be prepared with alcohol-free products, but such drugs can only be given after consultation with a doctor.

    In adult men, dropsy is acquired in nature and can only be treated with surgery. The surgeon makes a puncture, removing the accumulated exudate. The patient's condition improves almost immediately. To prevent relapse, the doctor selects the best medicines and folk remedies that will help prevent the re-development of pathology.

    Methods of treating testicular dropsy in men without surgery

    Under the influence of various factors, fluid can accumulate in the scrotum, which can lead to disruption of blood flow in it, and eventually its atrophy.

    This phenomenon is called hydrocele, and the treatment of dropsy of the testicle in men (this is another name for the ailment), offered by official medicine, usually consists of surgery, but there are a number of folk remedies that help to eliminate the disease without surgical intervention.

    This is one of the most common means by which the treatment of dropsy of the testicle is carried out, and surgery can be avoided.

    Because of the disease, the size of the scrotum can greatly increase up to the point that it becomes the size of a goose egg, and possibly even larger.

    In addition, hydrocele can lead to impotence, and parsley helps not only to get rid of the disease, but is also very useful for male potency.

    The composition of this tool includes only two components:

    • Milk,
    • Parsley.

    It is greens that are the main ingredient in the medicine.

    Parsley contains the elements necessary for the normal functioning of the male body:

    • Vitamins C, A, K, Group B,
    • Antioxidants
    • Beta carotene
    • Essential oils (myristicin, limonene, eugenol),
    • Flavonoids, including apigenin.

    The composition of parsley determines its beneficial effect. Since ancient times, it is considered a product that men simply need.

    Parsley has the following effects:

    • It contributes to the normalization of blood flow, which is the main condition for the prevention and elimination of stagnant processes,
    • Regulates the processes of fluid outflow from the scrotum, due to which it is possible to eliminate hydrocele,
    • Parsley helps to improve potency, and a man needs a full intimate life in order for his genitals to be released from the secret that is being produced, due to which, among other things, a hydrocele can also appear, disposal of which may require surgery.

    The drug is prepared in this way.

    1. We wash the parsley in an amount of 800 g, put it in a pan, pour milk in an amount of 1 liter.
    2. We send the mixture from which we will prepare the medicine for dropsy of the testicle in men to the oven, where it should simply simmer (the mixture should not boil) for about 4 hours.
    3. In the manufacture of a milk product, half of the original volume will remain, and the languishing of the composition must be completed on this.
    4. We take out the mixture from the oven, let it cool, then decant it.

    Here are some guidelines to consider when treating testicular hydrocele in men to avoid surgery:

    • You need to take medicine every hour in an amount of 20-30 ml,
    • The prepared product must be consumed in 1 day, and the next day a new portion is being prepared, since on the second day toxic substances appear in the product,
    • You can take the medicine regardless of the meal,
    • Do not use a remedy for dropsy of the testicle in an amount greater than indicated in the recipe, as this can lead to the appearance of side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and sudden weight loss.

    Adherents of traditional medicine claim that the dropsy of the testicle with parsley is eliminated very quickly, it does not allow the phenomenon to take the size of a goose egg, and the operation is not required, but some contraindications to its use must be taken into account:

    • Cystitis in acute form,
    • Nephritis,
    • Gout,
    • Urolithiasis disease.
    • In the presence of such diseases, you should consult a doctor before treating with parsley.
    • This is another popular and very effective medicine against testicular hydrocele, which does not allow the formation to grow to the size of a goose egg, lose potency, and avoids surgery.
    • Treatment with this tool gives the result due to the composition of peas:
    • Saturated Fatty Acids, Fats,
    • Beta carotene
    • Vegetable protein
    • Vitamins of group B, H, E, A,
    • Trace elements, including copper, nickel, vanadium, manganese, aluminum, selenium, cobalt, iodine, potassium.

    All these elements allow peas to have a beneficial effect on blood flow, metabolism, and regulate fluid balance. This allows the plant to cope with the hydrocele of the testicle.

    We are preparing a medicine from peas to eliminate the problem without surgery, in this way.

    1. Dry peas in an amount of 50 g pour cold water.
    2. Let the mixture brew for an hour to make the peas swell.
    3. Next, we send the mixture to the fire, let it boil, after which we make the fire weak, let the composition stand for a third of an hour.
    4. The medicine must be cooled, and then moistened with tissue or gauze in it, applied to the scrotum for about a third of an hour. Repeat the procedure twice / day.

    This medicine helps get rid of hydrocele quickly without surgery, literally within a few days, even if the dropsy of the testicle has already managed to acquire the size of a goose egg.

    Lotions with a decoction of peas should be prepared correctly, given the following recommendations:

    • The resulting medicine can be stored in the refrigerator for no more than 2 days. Eliminating dropsy of the testicle with its help, do not forget to warm the broth every time so that it receives body temperature,
    • You need to use the drug until the symptoms disappear,
    • Follow the dynamics of recovery. So, if the dropsy of the testicle does not become smaller during the first 2-3 days of treatment or, conversely, increases in size, reaching the size of an egg, the use of the drug should be stopped.

    Peas have some contraindications to the use of the internal, as for the use of the external, they are practically absent, with the exception of the broken integrity of the skin in the affected area.

    It is prepared from two types of herbs - coltsfoot and medicinal sweet clover. Eliminate dropsy with this tool can be through its external use.

    The healing properties of herbs are based on their composition.

    So, medicinal sweet clover contains such elements:

    • Coumarins that regulate blood flow, in particular, improve blood circulation in the abdominal organs, male genitals,
    • Dicumarol. The substance also contributes to the normalization of blood circulation, fluid metabolism, which eliminates dropsy of the testicle,
    • Melilotin
    • Choline
    • Tannins,
    • Resins
    • Saponins. These substances also help regulate fluid balance.
    • Flavonoids,
    • Starch.

    The composition of coltsfoot includes the most useful substances necessary for men's health, the normalization of metabolic processes:

    • Organic acids (gallic, tartaric, malic),
    • Tannins,
    • Essential oils,
    • Glycosides
    • Carotenoids,
    • Mucous substances
    • Carbohydrates
    • Triterpene alcohols.

    The components of coltsfoot and clover contribute to the elimination of testicular hydrocele in men very quickly, and you can do without surgery.

    It is possible to prepare a medicine with the help of which treatment of testicular dropsy is performed without surgery.

    1. Combine herbs in equal amounts, take 1 tbsp. l composition and pour it with boiling water in the amount of a glass.
    2. We cover the vessel with the mixture with a lid, let it brew for half an hour.
    3. Express the infusion by applying gauze or tissue folded several times.

    Here is what you need to know about the proper use of the extract of sweet clover and coltsfoot in the treatment of testicular dropsy:

    • It is necessary to take medicine in an amount of 4 tbsp. l., which is about 60 ml. The frequency of use of the product is 5 times / day,
    • You need to use herbal infusion until the problem completely recedes. However, for longer than a month and a half, treatment with hydrocele of coltsfoot is not possible, but this period is usually sufficient to eliminate the problem
    • Do not increase the dosage of herbs in the manufacture of the medicine and do not increase the number, frequency of taking the infusion.

    The infusion of sweet clover and coltsfoot has some contraindications for use:

    • Tendency to internal bleeding,
    • Weak blood coagulation
    • Do not treat children with these herbs. By the way, dropsy can be observed even in newborns, but the phenomenon in this case does not require treatment. Over time, it can retreat on its own, and if this does not happen, then the doctor should develop a strategy for combating hydrocele,
    • Liver disease.

    Folk remedies are very effective in treating dropsy of the testicles so that the operation is not required, even if it really has already reached the size of the egg, but do not neglect the recommendations of the doctor, who must always be consulted before starting treatment.

    If alternative methods against hydrocele do not show a therapeutic effect during the first days of their use, you should stop taking these drugs.

    How to cure testicular dropsy without surgery

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