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What is the optimal penis size for women and scientists? Is it worth a penis enlargement?

For each man, the concept of the ideal member size is purely individual, as in fact for the female half of society. If women pay attention to the ability of men to control their dignity, then men are fixated on the length and width of the organ. Experts insist that the ideal parameters of the penis simply do not exist, there are only generally accepted norms.

The first thing that men need to consider when evaluating the size of their genital organ is genetics. Also, the size directly depends on nationality, body proportions, lifestyle and puberty. Imposed stereotypes that the larger the organ, the more the man will be able to give the woman pleasure, but in fact is fatally wrong.

Finding the perfect penis size

To find answers to questions about what is the best member size, scientists repeatedly conduct research and social surveys. For example, Colombian scientists conducted not so long ago research on what women would think of an ideal lover. Many women noted that the size of the genital organ is an important parameter for them.

In addition to the size of the childbearing organ, women paid attention to the height of the man, the width of his shoulders and hips. And according to research it was found that most women prefer tall men with a penis size of at least 13 cm in a relaxed state. If the length of the penis was below 7.5 cm, indicators of sympathy from women decreased sharply.

What are the penises in length and diameter?

The length of the penis varies in different men in different ways. It is necessary to take into account the state of the genital organ - inactive or erect.

When a member is in a passive state, then on average its length is from 7 to 10 cm. If it is less than these indicators, then this can be considered a deviation from the norm. However, exceeding the value is not a normal occurrence.

Naturally, there are very small sizes - 2 cm in length. This is an abnormality that can occur due to various pathologies. For example, during puberty in men there was an insufficient amount of testosterone. In addition, when measuring size, you must adhere to a certain technique.

You need to start measuring the length from the place where the base of the penis is attached to the inguinal region, and end at the tip of its head. The conditions under which the measurement is taken are also taken into account. Even when a member is in an inactive state, its length can vary.

  • If the room is cold, then because of this there is an outflow of blood from the cavernous bodies, so the male genital organ is slightly reduced in size.
  • In the opposite situation, an increase is observed.

Therefore, measurements must be taken in comfortable conditions.

The length of the penis varies depending on the period of a man’s life. In infants, the penis is very small. Somewhere from the age of 12, its active growth begins, and after another 3 years it almost reaches adult size. When a man is 18 years old, the length of the penis may increase slightly. The maximum length is achieved when sexual development ends, and this is about 20 years old. When a man reaches the age of andropause, the length of the penis can be reduced.

This indicator is also affected by body mass index. As a rule, the larger it is, the smaller the size of male dignity.

Among tall men, members of larger sizes are much more common than men of short stature. There is also a slight correlation between penis size and race. Among the inhabitants of Africa, the longest penis are found, and among the inhabitants of Asia, the smallest. Europeans have an average length.

The dimensions of the penis in no way affect the process of semen or urine excretion. For intimate life, penis size in an erect state is much more important. Usually this indicator varies from 12 to 16 cm. On average - 14 cm. Only 4% of men have a penis length of 18 cm or more. Scientists recorded the largest length of the penis, which was 33.5 cm, and in girth - 15 cm.

Thanks to numerous studies in this area, it was revealed that there is no dependence of the length of a member in an erect state on its length in a calm state. If the reproductive organ of a male representative in a calm state has a modest size, then during an erection it can increase very much to leading indicators.

The dimensions of the penis are not displayed on the quality of sexual activity as much as many believe. In addition, the small size of the genital organ does not mean that a man has insufficient potency or that he lacks masculine qualities.

What is the norm according to scientists?

According to studies and conclusions of scientists, the average length of the penis in a passive state varies from 7 to 11 cm. In an erect state, from 11 to 16 cm. But the most optimal erect penis size is 14-16 cm.

The depth of the female vagina is from 7 to 12 cm. Therefore, many female representatives give their preference to the average size of the penis.

What size penis is normal?

Scientists have identified the normal size of a member through numerous studies. According to statistics, the average length of the penis is 13-15 cm when in a state of erection. The diameter of the penis in the excited state is 5-10 cm. In medicine, a member less than 12 cm in length is considered pathology.

In medicine, the following categories of genital parameters are distinguished:

  • normal penis size (over 12 cm),
  • small member (in the erect state, its length is 7-9 cm),
  • micropenis (a pathological condition in which the length of the organ does not exceed 4 cm).

Organ length norm

When determining the size of the penis, it is necessary to take into account the structure of the man’s body. Representatives of large complexes differ in penis size above average. With a miniature physique, the length of the organ in the region of 11-13 cm is considered normal. Therefore, hasty conclusions regarding the parameters should not be made.

In many ways, the size of the penis depends on race.

In medical practice, the norm is considered to be a length of 12 to 18 cm. Everything else is considered as a pathology. It must be borne in mind that in adolescents, measuring the length of a penis is impractical, since it is in the stage of active growth.

Why is this parameter so important for men?

First, girth is important because everyone around you thinks it is important. Secondly, there is female physiology. The width of the vagina is genetic in each of them. Strictly speaking, this is an individual characteristic that does not depend on sexual activity and the number of partners.

When a girlfriend is excited, the width of the vagina increases by almost 5 cm, fabrics become more resilient and resilient. This action takes place in the first 2/3 of the intimate bowels, and the maximum sensitivity remains in the lower third, in anticipation of the first 2-4 cm of entrance. This is where you need to work so that she gets an orgasm. Obviously, the length is not so important, the priority remains the width.

The most ideal parameters of male dignity according to guys

As a rule, it is men who attach great importance to the dimensions of their own masculine dignity. This is due to stereotypes, untrue information that comes from media and adult films, according to which, the more, the better.

therefore most men with a normal penis size are sure that they have a small penis. And in their opinion, the figures that are over 16 cm are normal. This is due to the fact that men worry about whether they arrange their favorite girls in this regard.

According to one study published in the British International Journal of Urology, 85% of women are completely satisfied with the size of their partners, while the latter were very worried about it. As many as 45% of men were confident that their penis is small. However, a really small size (less than 4.5 cm in a passive state) was extremely rare.

What determines the size of the penis?

The size of the penis depends on a combination of factors, among which heredity is of paramount importance.

Other important factors include:

  1. Hormonal background. The puberty of a man begins at 12-13 years. At this age, there is an increased production of hormones responsible for the quality of spermatogenesis and the development of cavernous bodies. With hormonal imbalance, deviations in the size of the penis are observed.
  2. Wrong food. Lack of nutrients inhibits the functioning of the reproductive organs. This also affects the parameters of the penis.
  3. Ecological situation. Adverse environmental conditions can have a depressing effect on penis growth in adolescence. Toxic substances entering the body (drugs, alcohol, nicotine) have a similar effect.
  4. Accompanying illnesses. Most often, endocrine diseases or hereditary pathologies prevent the violation of the formation of genital organs.
  5. Excess weight. Against the background of obesity, the length of the penis is significantly reduced. This is due to visual deception, provoked by the appearance of fat folds in the lower abdomen. After weight loss, the situation changes dramatically.

In the puberty, the parameters of the penis change. Upon reaching a certain age (after 55-65 years), the size of male dignity decreases. This is considered a normal process associated with age-related changes occurring in the body. The number of elastic fibers capable of stretching is significantly reduced. This is reflected both in erectile function and in penis size.

The size of the penis does not affect the quality of sex.

Scientists have found that the length of the penis in a calm state is in no way connected with its parameters during arousal.

What do women and girls prefer?

Now consider what size penis is ideal for sex in terms of girls and women.
Representatives of the stronger sex are worried about this in vain. Comparing their male dignity with other male genital organs or looking at it from the wrong angle, they have the opinion that something is wrong with him. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the opinions of girls.

Another study showed that the beautiful half of humanity still pays attention to size, but it is very small. For most of them, the dimensions of the penis do not play any role in choosing a partner and in obtaining sexual pleasure.

A study was conducted in which 50 girls living an active sex life took part. Most girls (9 out of 10) pay attention to the circumference of the penis, and not to the length. For them, this criterion played a major role in obtaining sexual satisfaction.

In November 2015, another study was conducted, but using a different approach. The girls were invited to demonstrate their preferences regarding the size of the male genital organ. This was done using 3D-printed models of 33 different sizes.

The range of printed sizes in length ranged from 10 to 22 cm, and in diameter from 6 to 18 cm. They were based on studies that were conducted earlier, showing the average size of the American childbearing organ in an erect state is 15.2 cm in length and 12.7 cm in diameter. For the accuracy of the results, all 3D models were made of blue plastic, so that they did not cause women to associate with the race.

Thanks to this experiment, it became known that for a long relationship with the same sexual partner, girls choose a penis with a shorter length and width - on average it is 16 cm in length and 12 in circumference. If these are men with whom one-time intimate contact will occur, then on average, women preferred a length of 16.3 cm and a width of 12.7 cm.


When determining the parameters of the penis, accuracy in measurements is important. The conclusion is based on three indicators - the length, girth and diameter of the penis. For measurement, use a tape measure or centimeter. Initially, a persistent erection should be achieved.

To ensure better glide, it is advisable to use grease. One side of the tape measure or centimeter is fixed at the base of the penis, from the top point. In the area of ​​the end of the head of the penis, make a note with a pen or pencil.

A centimeter wraps around the penis, after which a mark is made on it. The resulting number is the circumference.

To determine the diameter, additional studies are optional. It is enough to divide the girth indicator by the number 3.14. The value obtained indicates the diameter of the penis. To avoid errors, it is advisable to carry out calculations using a calculator.

How to carry out measurements?

Before you tell which member is better in the opinion of women, you need to find out how to measure it correctly. This is important to prevent psychological complications and decreased sex drive. For measurement, it is necessary to choose the optimal moment:

  • the phallus must be in an erection state,
  • the measurement room should have a comfortable temperature (about 25 degrees),
  • To evaluate the parameters, you must have on hand an elastic tailor's tape.

The beginning of the sewing meter must be applied to the pubis, and then stretch it evenly to the end of the head. The resulting figure will be your penis size. It can be compared with averaged parameters.

Indicators may be inaccurate if a man has a disease leading to erectile dysfunction, or if the organ is not completely filled with blood - not sufficiently excited.

A bit of history

In the heyday of the first developed civilizations (we are talking about Ancient Rome and Greece), the ideal penis size was 10-12 cm.This was explained by the fact that it is precisely these parameters that make it possible for no woman or man to experience any unpleasant sensations during intimacy. However, the fashion for a small penis size did not last long and sank into oblivion along with the fall of ancient civilization.

Barbarian peoples brought new ideas about beauty, among which a large member was associated with masculinity and was an attribute of a real warrior. Probably, precisely because of the ideas of the inhabitants of the early Middle Ages in the future, mankind developed a stereotype that the most ideal penis size is more than 15 centimeters.

Such parameters began to be actively cultivated in the minds of large groups of people during the period of the sexual revolution, which struck the world in the middle of the last century. The most zealously engaged in the popularization of members of long lengths were the porn directors who invited the owners of truly giant penises to roles in their films. Because of this, in the future, many men began to worry about the discrepancy between the length of their dignity and the sizes that actors from adult films could boast of.

However, recently a number of studies on what should be the optimal length of the penis, as well as numerous surveys of women, completely dispelled such stereotypes. It turned out that the standards imposed by the porn industry, to put it mildly, do not correspond to the real state of affairs.

Causes of Size Deviations

Normal penis size is found in only 60% of the male population. Various deviations are laid back in the period of intrauterine development. Sometimes they arise under the influence of external factors in adolescence. In an adult male, penis size cannot be changed.

The following factors can provoke deviations:

  • hereditary diseases
  • hormonal disorders
  • organ injury
  • excess weight.

Congenital pathologies of the structure of the penis are removed surgically. Implants are most often used to thicken an organ.

Ideal sizes of manhood: what scientists say about it

Modern scholars have begun to look for the answer to the question of what is the ideal penis size since about the 1980s. First, they classified all penises by shape. So, in their opinion, manhood can be:

  • cylindrical. Such a member is distinguished by an almost equal circumference of both the base and the head,
  • mushroom-shaped. A penis of this shape is characterized by a rather narrow base and an excessively wide head,
  • spiky. In this case, the base is much more massive and voluminous than the head, because of which the member takes the form of a spear tip.

Also leading sex scientists have developed a line of members according to their length. You can find these data in the following table:

Genital classification by length
Up to 2-3 cmT.N. micropenis
3-9 cmSmall penises
10-15 cmNormal size members
Over 15 cmLong genitals

The recent work of the staff of the National Academy of Surgery of France was still to shed light on what the optimal size of the penis. The result of the research somewhat surprised the proponents of the theory that "the more, the better." It turned out that the average size of the penis varies between 13-14 centimeters, and its volume is about 10 cm with an erection.

After a number of studies were conducted, the ultimate goal of which was to find out - what is the ideal penis size. It took several years to determine the optimal dimensions. The parameters of male dignity of representatives of various races and nationalities were analyzed, during which it turned out that Negroids can boast the largest average length, while a member of the small size is inherent in the Mongoloids.

These data almost completely coincide with those results that were obtained by American and British scientists. Sexologists from the United States concluded that the most optimal penis size is 15 cm, and representatives of the United Kingdom called the average size 14 cm.

How to get a penis size norm?

To increase the penis size to a standard length, you must resort to the help of specialized tools. But initially, the feasibility of these measures should be identified.

There are several ways to adjust the size:

  • surgical intervention,
  • the use of creams and gels,
  • the use of extenders and vacuum pumps,
  • various nozzles.

Widespread devices for penis enlargement at home. These include vacuum pumps and local products.

The vacuum method of exposure to the genitals promotes blood flow, due to which there is an increase in volumes. Creams, ointments and gels have an irritating effect, helping to improve microcirculation.

Penis enlargement does not always improve sex life.

Extenders are most often used after surgery. They are not visible at all under clothes. In the initial stages, the device is worn for 2 hours.

In the future, the wearing time is increased to 8 hours. The total duration of use is several months. The device stretches the cavernous bodies, allowing you to increase the length of the organ by 2-3 cm.

Surgery is the most effective way to change the parameters of the penis. It is carried out in the classical way, by the technique of ligamentotomy or by falloprosthetics. Ligamentotomy is considered the most popular technique. It involves dissecting the ligament that holds the penis.

The disadvantages of surgery include a long rehabilitation period. The advantage is the preservation of the result until the end of life. The temporary effect is an increase in the penis by injection of hyaluronic acid.

Folk methods only help enhance sexual desire. They do not affect the size of the penis. They are recommended to be used in conjunction with other methods of adjusting the size of male dignity.

What sizes do women like?

However, the last word in assessing what the optimal length of the penis always remains with the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, because these parameters are extremely important for them when choosing a partner for sex. What is the optimal length according to women for a member in a fighting condition?

As the American scientists already mentioned above assure, girls give preference to members whose size is not much larger than the average. We also draw your attention to the fact that during these studies it turned out that they are thinking about what ideal penis size is only for those women who are just preparing to enter into close relations with their chosen one. Girls who are married for a long time, practically do not pay attention to this nuance.

For the accuracy of the experiment, employees of several universities printed over 30 models of erect members of various lengths and shapes on a 3D printer. The phallus of an ordinary American was taken as a basis with the following dimensions:

  1. length - a little more than 15 cm
  2. volume - 12.5 cm.

Participants in the experiments were asked to choose among all this variety the optimal penis size for sex (moreover, gradation was supposed for intimacy for one night and for long sexual intercourse). The answers of most of the 75 women shed light on the fact that the ideal male penis size for casual sex exceeds that for a serious relationship.

16 cm was recognized as a good size for one-day novels, which exceeds the average by about 1 cm. For constant sexual intercourse, the most optimal penis length is 15.5 cm, which almost completely coincides with the results that American sexologists obtained when calculating the average sexual dimensions body. The optimal indicator of the width of male dignity is within 12.5 cm.

According to sexologists, the choice of a smaller penis size for a long relationship is due to the fact that women at a subconscious level try to protect themselves from possible unpleasant sensations associated with the penetration of gigantic penises. Scientists also remind that for a woman during sex, the psychological component is primarily important, therefore, during love, they do not pay attention to the dimensions of the phallus of the partner.

At the same time, a higher indicator of the optimal length of the penis for sex for one night indicates that the girls are not averse to experimenting and making variety in their intimate life. Also, it is likely that the desire to enter into a relationship with a man with a large penis is associated with the instinctive desire of a woman to obey a dominant male with pronounced primary sexual characteristics.

Well, in summary, it is worth noting that about 40% of the respondents did not focus on the optimal size of the penis, but its shape and aesthetic appearance. Thus, the conclusion suggests itself that if you want to succeed with the opposite sex, you must carefully look after your manhood.

What do women want?

According to surveys, penis size is not a priority for women. Most of the fair sex pay attention neither to the length, but to the girth of the organ. But paramount importance are the skills of men and the quality of foreplay. Which penis size is considered optimal depends on the particular woman and the structural features of her genitals.

The normal length of the penis is a relative term. Accepted standards should not be a guide, as there are many other factors that influence the quality of sexual life. In most cases, problems provoked by not being large enough are psychological in nature.

When should you resort to surgical penis enlargement?

As we see from the foregoing, the ideal penis length, according to the girls, is quite comparable with the average results, so the vast majority of men should not think about enlarging the penis.

The only exception is the owners of the so-called micropenis, which may experience both physical and psychological discomfort from the unsatisfactory dimensions of their phallus.

In this case, the best solution for them would be to contact an experienced surgeon, who will be able to lengthen the penis due to the muscles of the inguinal zone. However, in pursuit of the optimal male penis size, one should not forget about the possible risks. So, at a respectable age or with serious illnesses, it will be prudent to refuse such interventions and try other methods.

We should not forget that after such operations there may remain ugly scars (therefore, the scrotum method of enlargement, in which there is practically no scar left), and the end result will not always please the patient.

Curious facts

In conclusion of our discussion of what the optimal penis size is, we offer some interesting facts related to the topic of this conversation. First of all, let us say that women of the post-Soviet space are in solidarity with Americans in evaluating penises. This is evidenced by the fact that 80% of girls from the CIS consider the optimal male size to be 15 cm.

The following should also be highlighted:

  • 42% of our compatriots pay attention to the thickness of the penis, and not to the length. They explain this by the fact that the optimal volume guarantees a much more pleasant sensation of physical intimacy with a man,
  • growth, contrary to a common misconception, does not affect penis size. The optimal dimensions of the phallus can be observed in both high and low males,
  • condom manufacturers say that only 4% of men have a penis greater than 18 centimeters. The average length varies between 14-16 cm.

What is the best penis size?

For the stronger sex, the ideal penis size is one that will allow a woman to experience maximum pleasure from intercourse. Unfortunately, statistics say that most men are unhappy with the data on nature regarding the genital area. Experts conducted research, after which the ideal length and thickness of the penis were established from the point of view of men.

  1. Ideal length - after conducting surveys and studies, it was found that every man lacks approximately +2 cm to the length of his penis. Experts note that there are no visible reasons for such a desire, this is just a consequence of prejudice.
  2. Ideal thickness - This parameter is much more important, since the degree of pleasure of a woman from sexual intercourse depends on the diameter of the penis. As in the previous criterion, most men lack about 2 cm to the available data.

What length of a member of a woman is considered optimal

For the female population, indicators of the length and thickness of the penis are not so important, if we talk about a serious relationship. If the lady does not have a permanent partner, she will think about what penis size will be ideal for her. According to social studies, the following parameters of the ideal penis size were established:

  • Length - among women 18-50 years old, it was found that 65% of women want their partner to have a penis length of 14-17 cm, 10% would like to see a length of about 10-15 cm, another 10% like a member about 20 cm long , the rest have not yet decided on their own preferences.
  • Width - as polls showed, most women prefer the phallus with a thickness of 5-6 cm, they pay much more attention to length. Although experts say that the degree of satisfaction with sexual intercourse is determined for women just more thick than the length of the phallus.

Medical experts say that large parameters of the genital organ are inherent in men of the African race. For Europeans, the length of the male genital organ should be 16.5 cm and the thickness 14 cm. And if men tend to the ideal size with +2 cm to the specified parameters, then women on the contrary would like to see the organ 1 cm less.

Should I see a doctor?

You need to see a doctor only with one single problem - micropenis, that is, when both parameters in the size of the genital organ do not exceed 2-3 cm. In this case, we are talking about a serious pathology or congenital developmental anomaly, which requires medical examination and correction. You need to contact a urologist or andrologist.


The size of the penis for men is considered an indicator of his dignity and masculinity. Women by the parameters of the phallus determine for themselves the ideal lover. Experts concluded that most men would like to add about 2 cm to their length and thickness of the penis, while women are satisfied with the average. The desire to have a big phallus is a mistake imposed by stereotypes and social prejudices.

How to measure girth and translate in thickness

For the process you will need a tape centimeter. These things live in women’s sewing boxes. Check that the process goes in a calm atmosphere, in a warm, comfortable room.

Then you need to do this:

  • bring the phallus to maximum alert,
  • find the middle of the trunk and measure its circumference,
  • the numbers received are girth,
  • to calculate the diameter, divide them by the magic number Pi - 3.14,
  • in the same way the size of the phallus in hibernation is determined.

If the shape of the penis is far from cylindrical, it is necessary to take measurements in three locations: at the root, at the head, in the middle. Then it is easy to find the arithmetic mean value. to contents ↑

Why men and women are interested in this information

There are three reasons for the desired sensations during sex. In this case, the male side begins to grow in complexes, and the female side wonders if he really is my soul mate.

Sexopathologists say that in the embarrassment that arose you should not figure out what parameters should be, but start working on relationships, change the type of sexual contact.

Let us examine the reasons why people are interested in the length and thickness of male dignity.

First - man and woman are interested in the ideal size of the penis in the absence of experience and understanding of the process of sexual intimacy. If lovers do not want to work on relationships, postures and other things and want to get everything at once, then there is a chance of ending the relationship and the ladies go in search of the best indicators.

The second reason lies in ordinary interest. If you have a partner with an average indicator, the girl begins to wonder what the ideal penis size should be in principle. In the case of maximum closeness to the value, you can brag to your friends. Guys are interested in the habit of doing everything perfectly — caring for a woman, giving her pleasure.

Third reason lies in megalomania.Ladies are interested in indicators, considering themselves beauties and queens, worthy of the best. Men, having seen their ideal member, whose photos can be shown to unfamiliar people, further appeal by proximity to the ideal, thereby inviting girls to the best sex in their life.

to contents ↑

The average size

Scientists carefully calculated all the average parameters. They managed to find out that in a dull middle framework there is a penis width of 3-4 cm. The golden mean is 3.5 cm.

This means that exactly half of the men have a member thicker, and exactly half are thinner. If we talk about the circumference, it is 10.5-16 cm. These are the parameters of the erect phallus. to contents ↑

Research results

Whatever the reason, but most of humanity is interested in the ideal length of a member.

Based on continuing interest, scientists decided to consider the issue from a scientific point of view and concluded:

  • The penis grows to 25 years, therefore, all operations to increase it are carried out only after reaching the specified age.
  • The largest values ​​of male dignity are noted in the Democratic Republic of the Congo - about 18 centimes. Other residents of African republics can boast similar values.
  • The smallest phalluses were revealed among the Mongoloid race and the Asian people. The genitalia of South Koreans is only 9.5 (cm).
  • Persons with a penis less than 12 (cm) have a low pain threshold.

Scientists could not determine the most optimal penis size., because for this you have to study the physiology of ladies. It is known that in girls the main erogenous zone is located on the cervix. It turns out to give the partner pleasure, the guy needs to have parameters suitable for the length of the female vagina. If the genital organ is large, the partner may feel pain. Gradually, the uterus will get used to the penis and begin to rise. She does not have the ability to go down.

The length of the vagina is from 8 to 12 (cm). It turns out that the optimal phallus size is 12-14 (cm).

Watch an interesting video on the topic:

Penis Size Options

Under the evaluation parameters mean the thickness and length of the organ. It is impossible to evaluate it by only one criterion. To measure the width, it is necessary to wrap a member about a tailor’s meter approximately in the middle of the trunk.

The optimal size of the penis is different, it depends on:

  • race
  • physique of a man
  • genetic features.

It is believed that the greatest male virtues are representatives of the Negroid race, and small members are more common among Asians. In a calm state, they are almost the same, with an erection they significantly increase in volume. The parameters are not interconnected in any way.

Talking about the ideal penis size is incorrect and illiterate - what is ideal for an African will be hypertrophied for a Chinese or Japanese, and vice versa.

According to the data recorded by scientists, the largest penis in a man reaches a length of 30 centimeters, a thickness of -16.

Size Chart by Type

KindsLength in centimeters
Micropenisless than 8
Bigmore than 18

Dimensions are shown in an erect state, since at rest the size of the genitals is not informative.

Classification by length and diameter

Considering the question of which member size is optimal, it is necessary to consider its classification, which is divided into types with respect to length and diameter. The following types are distinguished by length:

  • Micropenis - this is not more than 2-3 (cm) in the state of limiting excitation. The presented values ​​are a pathology, therefore, it is often advised to resort to an increase in the penis, if from an anatomical point of view this is possible.
  • Small - values ​​do not exceed 9 (cm). For many miniature short women, the indicator presented is the optimal size of the penis.
  • Normal - length over 9 (cm).
  • Big - more than 18 (cm).

The same classification applies to the thickness of the genital organ, which is measured by girth. Here the indicators range from 8 to 15 (cm). to contents ↑

Thickness and circumference of a member - how important?

The thickness of the penis depends on how well its cavernous bodies are filled with blood. This parameter represents the circumference of a member. All naturally occurring options are collected in the table:

Circumference in centimetersPercentage of men who have this parameter
up to 7.53,3
over 150,5

The optimal length - the average circumference of the penis at rest is from 7 to 9 centimeters, in an erect penis it increases to 10-12. These parameters are considered normal.

Optimal and perfect

Without hesitation, we will call the ideal value at 4.5-5 cm. This is the golden mean, which gives the man self-confidence and arouses respect of girlfriends. More large samples, according to the same women, not so good. The fact is that such wide penises unpleasantly rub the delicate walls of the vagina and cause discomfort. to contents ↑

When can a member be called small?

In the study of the issue of increasing the length of the penis, doctors focus on the size of the organ during artificial erection caused by taking medication.

If in this condition the parameter is less than 7.5 cm, a decision is made to enlarge the penis through surgery and the subsequent use of orthopedic devices.

Strict and inexorable statistics

Here are some statistics for peace of mind doubting how long a normal member is.

See how many percent of men enjoy one girth or another:

  • modest men with a width of up to 7.5 cm are only 3% of men,
  • the range of 7-9 cm is the least common - 1%,
  • more pleasing 9-10 boldness in 7%,
  • average 10-11 cm - 23%,
  • normal 11-13 cm - 36%, 13-14 - 21%,
  • ideal - member girth 14-15 - 7%,
  • with a thickness of over 15-16 only 0.5% of the lucky have.

A member thickness of 4 cm was recorded in a good quarter of men. More outstanding 5 cm can boast only five out of a hundred. to contents ↑

Ideal length

Sexopathologists and psychologists have revealed a very interesting trend in the question of which penis size is the most optimal.

Each man believes that he lacks 2 cm in length, no matter what indicators are at the moment. It is these 2 cm that will help him bring the partner to real ecstasy, because, according to opinion polls, about 40% believe that their partners are unhappy with sexual intercourse. Wherein such thoughts arise for no apparent reason. to contents ↑

What determines the width of the penis

First of all, you need to look at the root - the beginning of sexual development. The first visible growth in boys starts in the period of 12-13 years and continues until the end of puberty (recall, it is 17-18 years). It is here that the size with which you have to live all the way is laid.

It’s sad, but by the age of 45-60 (someone like that) andropause begins. Male menopause leads to shrinking penis. The fact is that the body inhibits the production of collagen and elastin fibers. This leads to tissue changes, the trunk is sadly tightened, losing its former peppy dimension.

In addition to genetics, puberty, anatomical features affect diameter. It all depends on the shape that the penis took when it was growing.

Andrologists distinguish several "configurations":

  • in the form of a cylinder - one caliber is inherent in both the root and the head,
  • spiky - when the crown is narrower than the base,
  • like a fungus - against the background of a wide crown lonely peers through a narrow base.
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Which is more like girls (women)

There is such a bright head - Russell Aizeman. He was not too lazy to conduct work in which he checked the correlation of female orgasms with the size of the partner’s tools. The experiment involved 50 sexually active girls from 18 to 25 years old.

Cunning Aizeman asked the ladies a burning question for men: "What is more important, the length or circumference of the phallus?" Note that love, romance, the beauty of the torso, nose, eyes were not counted.

Here is what the subjects said:

  • 78% say that thickness is much more relevant than length,
  • 21% relates to dimensions equally, preferring the harmony of length and girth,
  • 1% chose the length,
  • not a single girl answered that the quantity is indifferent or that she does not know what to say.
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Perfect diameter

The ideal thickness of the penis should also be 2 cm larger than the man has at the moment. Experts talk about the fact that it is the diameter of male dignity that is most important for positive sexual contact.

The length of the phallus is not important for a woman who prefers a permanent partner - the vagina physiologically adapts to any size. Even a small penis with an impressive diameter can bring a girl to ecstasy, which is associated with a large stretching of the vagina and stimulation of erogenous zones. to contents ↑

What is the best member size for women and girls

Determining the optimal penis size for women is important only at a time when she does not have a permanent partner. Experimenting, the girl begins to pay attention to her sense of satisfaction, revealing a certain pattern. Phallus parameters is an important parameter.

Possible deviations

We will not dissemble, all possible failures are laid in the period of fetal development. It happens that deviations from a given course occur in puberty under the influence of harmful factors (alcohol, poor nutrition, stress).

Here are the misfortunes that infringe on the width of the phallus:

  • bad hereditygenetic diseases (micropenis, small penis, testicle abnormalities),
  • Peyronie's disease - the penis is compacted and overgrows with fibrous tissue,
  • hormonal disorders. Androgen deficiency threatens with a serious lack of testosterone, with which the penis simply will not grow,
  • injuriesreceived at different periods of life - there is danger in everything: damage to the appendages, testicles, spermatic cord, cavernous bodies. Protect your penis from injury!
  • nutrition problems causing obesity.

Optimal length

Specialists conducted several surveys to find out which penis size is optimal for women. The study was conducted among respondents from 18 to 50 years old. The results are presented as follows:

  • 65% want a permanent partner and an optimal penis size from 14 to 17 cm,
  • 10% are pleasantly satisfied with indicators less than 20 cm,
  • 10% of women have enough penis from 10 to 15 cm,
  • the remaining 15% have not yet been decided and talk about getting pleasure in any situation.

It turns out that ladies prefer phalluses with a length exceeding the average. But is it worth worrying about this?

Optimum thickness

Very interesting things are, considering the ideal diameter of the term in the understanding of the ladies. If the rule “the thicker the better” applies to women on the physical side, then the girls themselves prefer thin phalluses. For them the ideal male member is a long phallus with a diameter of 5-6 cm.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the female opinion on the size of a member in a video:

How many women say size is not important

Studying the question of which phallus is better for women, scientists came across this expression “Size is not the main thing”. To a greater extent, it is girls who are talking about this. And they said this only because they never entered into sexual intercourse with men with large penises.

When their husbands or just regular partners increased their dignity, about 70% of the respondents confirmed that their sex became much better.

Psychologists talk about one interesting detail - about half of couples who have problems with family life as a result admit that all the troubles are associated with dissatisfaction in bed. At the same time, all wives claimed that size was not the main thing.

But as soon as the woman was left alone with the psychologist, she admitted that she was not happy with the small penis and her inability to use it.

Watch an interesting video where girls answer the question about the importance of size:

And another video with a survey of girls:


We call for an adequate assessment of the width of the penis. Here is a simple example. In the village of Zadyukino, the value is 5 cm, and in Matyukino - 3.5, although both of them are at a distance of 2 km. The scatter is due to the fact that in one place the numbers were collected by a survey, in the second - by official measurements. Men tend to overestimate their real size than oppress less modest comrades and only statistics equals everyone to an average of 3-4 cm.

What is the ideal member in form

The optimal length of the penis is not as important as its shape. When interviewing the subjects, the question "What is the shape of the penis?", Everyone answers categorically - direct. This is a common misconception, since the direct form is rare in nature. The following types of penises are distinguished:

  • the most common form is “mushroom", Which is characterized by an expanded head relative to the base,
  • if the head is almost the same as the base, this is the form "cylinder»,
  • if the head is smaller, it is "cone",
  • if the penis is small but thick, then the shape "barrel».

The best form for a woman is a mushroomas the enlarged head helps to achieve orgasm.

Photos of the ideal member:

When to think about increasing

Everyone wants to have ideal penis dimensions, therefore you can increase it under any circumstances.

But doctors are not in a hurry to pump various antibodies in the form of a gel or silicone inserts into male dignity, since the most unpredictable consequences may arise.

So, doctors refuse to resort to surgery if the man has an optimal penis length - and this is from 10-11 cm. In this case, patients are advised:

  • lose weight if available - fatty layers on the stomach are superimposed on the base of the penis, which is why it “disappears” inside,
  • stick to proper nutrition - reduction in the use of herbicides and pesticides leads to a more confident erection (the density of the phallus automatically increases its “visually” and “sensitive”),
  • turn to psychologists or sexopathologists - this is necessary for men whose optimal penis length reaches 15-17 cm (in this case, it will be useful to learn new poses and techniques to give the partner more pleasure).

Surgeons willingly help those who seek help with phalluses less than 9 cm. Caution for patients with micropenis - in this situation, a full examination is performed, because often the operations are contraindicated or ineffective.

Having studied what a perfect member, you should not run to the ruler. Better have a more enjoyable pastime. Believe me girls are really unimportant when they feel full satisfaction in bed, and this can be achieved with insignificant indicators.

When is it worth thinking about an increase and is it necessary to do this?

Such an operation does not belong to the simplest and safest. Moreover, it does not always give the desired result.

Some types of operations may adversely affect an erection., even the size of the penis will increase. In addition, many doctors do not recommend the use of silicone or other similar fillers for this purpose.

Special examinations were carried out on completely healthy adult males. The ability of a member to perform the necessary functions was also evaluated. After that, the American medical publication published the results of this study.

They say that the length of the penis is less than 4 cm in the passive state and less than 7.5 cm in the active state may be considered insufficient. In this case, relies on the operation to increase the penis. In all other cases, men are advised to consult a sexologist and psychologist to help them understand that their problems are their own fabrication.

But since 45% of men are still confident that they have a small penis, in medical practice there is a large number of unjustified penis enlargement operations. This is largely due to the fact that many manufacturers of various pharmaceutical products that distribute products to increase male dignity run a very aggressive advertising campaign. Men lose self-confidence because of this.

In addition, they do not take into account the simplest psychological self-deception. If you look at your child-bearing organ from above, then visually it will seem smaller than it actually is. Whereas when viewed from the side or in the mirror - this effect is not observed.

The optimal size of the penis, according to scientists and women, varies from 14 to 16 cm. In fact, the size does not really matter, and in most men it already corresponds to the norm.

What size is considered normal?

Scientists have repeatedly conducted research, measuring the genitals of thousands of men in order to identify optimal values. The average length in centimeters is:

Such conclusions were made when examining Turkish men. American scientists give other figures:

  • 12.2 - circumference during an erection,
  • 14.2 - average length.

There is simply no consensus on the optimal size - each has its own ideals.

If we bring all the studies to a single standard, the normal length of the genital organ, which does not require adjustment, is considered to be from 12 to 16 centimeters. The optimal circumference of a member is 9-12.

A study by Dr. David Weil of King's College London about how long can be considered normal.

Why do women think about penis shorter than men?

It is believed that girls prefer to have sex with men with impressive dignity.

This myth has appeared in the media, where information is exaggerated for brightness of perception. The British Journal of Urology has published the following facts, which are confirmed by research:

  • 45% of men worry about the size of their phallus,
  • 85% of women are completely satisfied with the size of the sexual organ of their partner.

It is reported that most complexes in men are concentrated on the length of the penis, while the optimal size for a woman is one that does not cause discomfort.

What type of penis do women prefer?

Meanwhile, scientists conducted a study in which 50 women participated. According to its results, 45 participants reported that organ width was more important to them. They did not feel satisfied with sex with men with a long and narrow penis.

In another study, women were asked to visually evaluate male virtues printed on a 3D printer with the most common parameters. The result struck scientists and the men themselves:

  • for long-term relationships, 75 out of 100 women chose a penis with parameters: 12 cm thick and 15.5 in length,
  • For sex for one night, an organ with a slightly more impressive size was chosen: circumference 12, length 16.

Thus, it can be judged that men overestimate the role of the length of their dignity, while for women it is more important to increase its volume during an erection.

During surveys of leading urologists, it was found out - in 67% of cases, complaints of men about a small penis size were not justified.

Age norms

Throughout life, the parameters of a member regularly change:

Age (years)Length (cm)
Mean value (plus margin of error)The average value minus the maximum deviation is the value at which we can talk about the presence of micropenia
1-2 years3,6 — 5,62,6
5-75,1 — 6,93,7
8-105,3 -7,33,8
11-125,3 — 7,53,9
Teens and adults11,7 — 14,99,3

During puberty, the penis goes into the stage of active growth. At the same time, it is not worth measuring it at the age of 9 to 18, comparing it with the average or the size of other young men - the increase in the penis is uneven.

In some adolescents, the stage of active growth begins at 9 years old, others notice the growth of the phallus only at 14. However, in most cases, by the age of 18, in adolescents, the penis becomes the same size as in adult men.

After 20 years, penis growth stops, it does not change until old age. After 60-70 years, testosterone production decreases, while an erection weakens, therefore, in length and volume, the penis will lose about 1-2 centimeters.

Another reason for changing the size of the penis after 70 is the use of the penis for its sole purpose - urination.

What else can affect the settings?

If the change in organ volume with age in men has reasons, then the relationship between obesity and its size has not yet been proven.

Scientists in Saudi Arabia, when examining more than 800 men, found that overweight subjects had lower than average penile parameters:

  • length up to 14.3,
  • circumference less than 11.5.

These men have a thicker layer of subcutaneous fat. This anatomical feature does not fully measure the penis, in fact it is standard in size.

Is penis size related to foot length?

An interesting assumption is the relationship of male dignity with other body parameters:

  • nose length
  • growth
  • foot size
  • the length of the fingers.

It is believed - in short men a large penis size. People say about this phenomenon: "Go to the root." But this is no more than a coincidence, as well as linking size with high growth.

They are trying to derive a formula that could predict the size of a man’s penis by other physiological parameters. One of the most common calculation methods is based on the length of the foot.

The size of the penis = (foot size in centimeters + 5) / 2.

Surveys and case studies refute the accuracy of this formula. The approximate size of the phallus, equal to the actual one for it, was obtained in 30% of men.

Scientists at the University of Tokyo went further, they deduced, in their opinion, a more accurate calculation algorithm:

The size of the penis = 35 * (shoe size + 3 * length of the nose in cm) / weight in kg.

But this formula is not brought to mind. Do not blindly believe that you can visually, by external parameters determine the size of the penis.

Watch the video: Mayo Clinic Mens Health Moment: Penile implant abridged operative video (February 2020).

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