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Factors explaining why many men secrete a lot of sperm

Many men periodically watch films of pornographic content, wondering how the actors manage to continue the sexual act for so long, and at the end enchantingly shoot a lot of sperm. Because of these films, the logical question arises as to why many have a lot of sperm and what contributes to this.

A large amount of ejaculate can be both a normal phenomenon against a background of certain factors of influence, and pathology, which is preceded by violations in the body of a man. Not only the man’s sex life, but also his reproductive health depends on the condition and quality of the ejaculate.

Why do porn actors get a lot of sperm after intercourse?

The first thing that most men are interested in is why adult film actors can shoot a lot of ejaculate. Actually, it would be simply not interesting in another way. Practice shows that experts have developed several ways to accumulate ejaculate and techniques for how to throw it enchantingly, and the actors of the porn industry use such “hacks”.

There are several ways to increase sperm volume:

  • taking dietary supplements to increase sperm volume,
  • using hormonal drugs that stimulate the work of the gonads,
  • by sexual abstinence for 3 days or longer.

Also, for the accumulation of sperm and its effective ejection, men often practice abstinence exercises, as a result of which the body literally pushes sperm out. In some films, an actor’s large sperm volume can be simple editing and special effects.

Hyperspermia and its causes

In medical practice, two related diseases of men are considered - hyperspermia and hypospermia. If the patient has increased production of seminal fluid and a large amount of sperm ejected after each sexual intercourse, doctors suggest hyperspermia pathology.

A high concentration of sperm can be triggered by a number of factors, namely:

  • overestimated number of germ cells in the ejaculate (sperm),
  • increased hormonal activity in the body, stimulating the processing of the sex glands,
  • prolonged sexual abstinence and lack of sexual discharge.

If specialists have identified such factors that caused hyperspermia, treatment is not provided, it will be enough to remove the causes of the violation.

The pathological causes of hyperspermia are considered separately, namely:

  • inflammatory process in the prostate,
  • neoplasms in the genitourinary system, both benign and malignant,
  • pathology of the reproductive system.

Causes of copious discharge

For many men, important are not only questions regarding potency, the quality of an erection and the ability to satisfy a woman, but also how the orgasm and ejaculation proceed. Ejaculation is the release of male seminal fluid at the end of sexual intercourse as a sexual discharge, the purpose of ejaculation is to conceive a child. The man’s ability to procreate, that is, his reproductive functions, depends on the quality and concentration of seminal fluid.

To understand when a man emits a lot of sperm or vice versa, its quantity is not enough, you need to know the norms generally accepted in medicine. According to statistics, every man on average should throw about 2 ml of ejaculate during orgasm, which is the norm. But what if the seminal fluid is secreted much more than the desired volume? Is this considered a problem, does this situation require the intervention of a doctor?

What determines sperm volume?

To understand why many men have a lot of sperm excreted during orgasm, it is worth considering all the existing factors that can affect this. The reasons for this can be both physiological and psychogenic, namely:

  1. Age. It is known that the older the man, the less actively he produces the sex hormone testosterone. It is he who is responsible for the concentration of sperm in the seed, the quality and quantity of seminal fluid. Therefore, a man’s sperm count may decrease over the years, while young men with a high level of sex hormones can secrete significantly more seed, regardless of sexual activity. In this case, talking about pathologies and diseases is impractical.
  2. Stress. Under the influence of stressful situations, a man is immediately suppressed by many physiological processes, including the production of testosterone. Accordingly, the presence of stress can reduce the volume and quality of the seed.
  3. Testicular injuries in the past. Since male testicles are largely responsible for the production of germ cells and quality characteristics, any injuries can affect the volume of ejected seed.
  4. Smoking and drug abuse. It has been scientifically proven that bad habits can even lead to male infertility, affecting several parameters at once - color, texture, smell, taste of seminal fluid and sperm activity in it.
  5. Frequent cycling with the wrong seat. This kind of sport can disrupt blood circulation in the genital area, leading to the deterioration of several areas of the male urogenital functions.
  6. Physical overload and exhaustion. Excessive enthusiasm for sports without vitamin support leads to a decrease in testosterone in the body, vitamin depletion of the body. All this, accordingly, negatively affects the quality of the male seed.
  7. Harmful food addictions. As the observations of doctors showed, men who abuse coffee drinks and fatty meat products have low quality seeds.
  8. Alcohol abuse. It is proved that alcoholic drinks simply dry the human body, including the seminal ducts in men.

Thus, it becomes clear which factors can lead to an increase or decrease in the volume of secreted sperm in men. By eliminating the causes, it is possible to restore the normal characteristics of seminal fluid and increase the reproductive abilities of men.

On average, a man who abstained from having sexual intercourse for 3 days should eject 3-5 ml of seminal fluid of a white-gray shade of heterogeneous consistency with the smell of raw chestnut during ejaculation.

Other features of male seed can be found in separate materials:

How much sperm is considered normal and what does it depend on

The rate of sperm production and its amount released during sexual intercourse depend on many factors. After sex, the glands do not automatically ejaculate in equal portions; their complete emptying does not occur. If desired, a man repeatedly repeats sexual intercourse and finishes with each of them, but the amount of sperm becomes smaller once in a while. After the first act, a volume of 1.5 ml or more is considered normal (according to WHO 2010). Average during an orgasm, a man emits a tablespoon of ejaculate (approximately 3.7 ml).

The amount of sperm can be measured at home: after three days of abstinence, end in a measuring cup, if not, then in another container (a condom with lubricant does not fit), and then collect the ejaculate from there into a syringe without a needle. For an accurate result, it is recommended that you leave the semen alone for about 30 minutes before measuring (for better liquefaction). It is advisable to conduct an experiment 2-3 times at different times of the day.If, as a result, the amount of ejaculate is less than 1.5 ml, the development of pathology is possible - oligospermia (not to be confused with oligozoospermia, in which the concentration of sperm per 1 ml of seminal plasma is reduced).

Sperm volume is determined by several factors:

  • Sexual gland health, as well as the hypothalamus and pituitary gland of the brain (responsible for the production of sex hormones and testicular function),
  • The degree of sexual and physical activity,
  • The amount of fluid consumed and the composition of the diet,
  • The presence of bad habits,
  • Psychological condition.

The volume of ejaculate also depends on the degree of attractiveness of the partner - on how much she excites a man and is sexually desirable for him. The more pronounced these factors, the more sperm there will be. If a man simply mechanically regularly performs “marital duty”, then sperm is usually excreted a little during ejaculation.

For some women, a small amount of ejaculate in a husband or a guy is a reason for suspicion of treason. But such conclusions are far from always justified. Sperm volume during ejaculation can sometimes dramatically change even for no apparent reason - from a few drops to a couple of tablespoons. If a couple has sex in a condom, then this usually does not focus on.

Causes of Sperm Reduction

The sperm produced by the testes occupy only 5% of the ejaculate. The remaining volume is made up by the secretion of the prostate gland (30%), seminal vesicles (50-60%), cooper glands. In aggregate, the secretion products of these organs form seminal fluid - a nutrient, protective and transport medium for sperm. With a decrease in the amount of sperm secreted, the pathology of these glands should first be excluded.

Factors disturbing sperm synthesis:

  1. Inflammation of the seminal vesicles or prostate, as a result of which the secretory function of these glands slows down. With prostatitis or vesiculitis, a dense seminal fluid often comes out due to a lack of a diluting component.
  2. Hernia, spinal injury (lower back). They can lead to a failure in the transmission of signals from the reproductive centers, disruption of the innervation of the pelvic muscles.
  3. Operations in the pelvic area. The innervation may be impaired, probably the growth of scar tissue, compression of the urethra and vas deferens.
  4. Endocrine pathologies and obesity - hormonal balance and regulation of sperm production are disturbed.
  5. Pathology of the testicles and their appendages (orchitis, epididymitis). Partial or complete atrophy of testicular tissues may result from delayed inflammation, which leads to a decrease in the amount of sperm produced.
Epididymitis (lat.epididymitis) - inflammation of the epididymis, characterized by inflammation, hyperemia, swelling and swelling in the scrotum. There are acute and chronic forms
  1. Diabetes. The nerve endings are affected, the blood supply to the genitals is deteriorating due to damage to the structure of the vessels.
  2. Age-related androgen deficiency. In men after 50 years, a decrease in the amount of sperm is natural, since there is a gradual "disconnection" of the secretory functions of the sex glands.
  3. Lack of a number of vitamins and minerals (A, D, E, group B, zinc, selenium, magnesium).
  4. Taking certain medications.
  5. Frequent sexual intercourse or masturbation. In this case, not only will the volume of the ejaculate be reduced, but the libido may decrease due to the depletion of the reproductive centers and receptors.

Overcooling or overheating, starvation or dehydration, stress, physical overwork can temporarily reduce the volume of ejaculate. For some men, a small amount of sperm is a normal occurrence due to genetic characteristics.

In some cases, the cause of a small amount of sperm or its complete absence (aspermia) is an retrograde ejaculation, in which the flow of sperm does not follow into the urethra, but turns into the bladder. This fact can be checked by visual inspection of urine after intercourse - sperm impurities will be visible to the naked eye (lumps, clots are observed).

Retrograde ejaculation mechanism

In some men, the release of a small amount of ejaculate is provoked by hypertonicity of the pubic-coccygeal muscle. Sperm at the same time flows without due pressure. This condition may develop due to disorders of innervation, frequent masturbation. Additional symptoms of pathology: periodic pulling pains in the pubic and coccyx, varicocele.

An ordinary cold can also reduce the volume of ejaculate. Elevated temperature weakens the body, resulting in less sex hormones and seminal fluid being produced.

The above factors can be influenced by medical or surgical methods, therefore, the oligospermia caused by them is called reversible. Irreversible is diagnosed with congenital underdevelopment or the absence of testicles, seminal ducts, genetic pathologies that disrupt the functioning of the genital glands, after removal of the prostate.

What is the rate of sperm excretion?

It is important that enough seed is secreted, as this has a significant effect on the normal fertilization process. On average, with an orgasm, a man can excrete from two to five ml. Orgasm leads to the fact that only 10 percent of the total supply is brought out. Actually, this explains the fact that a man can finish several times a day.

Only 1 hour is enough to restore the seed volume by 70 percent, this process is fully completed in 3 days. Therefore, answering the question of how and what to do in order to have a lot of sperm, we can conclude: you need to take a break in sexual activity for several days, and you will notice the effect.

For fertilization of a woman’s reproductive cell, it is important not so much the quantity as the quality of the seed.

The total volume of ejaculate should be at least 1.5 ml, as for male gametes, then there are over 40 million of them. In theory, one sperm is quite enough, but in fact the chance of his death is too huge, so you need to take it in volume.

Why is little ejaculate secreted

As already mentioned, there can be many reasons for this, and it is far from always possible to finally establish the exact factors that caused the ailment. According to experts, the most important are parameters such as age, heredity and past illnesses.

Consider the main premises:

  1. Bad habits, the use of tobacco and alcohol-containing drinks.
  2. Regular stress.
  3. Excess weight.
  4. Regular overheating of the testicles. Actually among those who like to wear too warm underwear, often goes to the bathhouse or, due to the nature of their activity, is forced to constantly stay in a warm room.
  5. Bad environmental conditions.
  6. All kinds of infections of the genitourinary system.
  7. Diabetes mellitus and tumors.

Injuries can also play a role, especially in the pelvic and sacral regions. Surely you can determine the cause only by the results of laboratory tests.


A doctor and modern diagnostic equipment can confirm or refute fears about the pathological causes of a small amount of sperm. To determine the volume of the ejaculate and its quality, the following types of tests are prescribed:

  • Checking hormonal levels (venous blood test) and sugar levels,
  • Spermogram is the main research method. For rent in stationary conditions after 5-6 days of abstinence. By the amount of this or that component, you can determine which iron does not work at full strength. With a volume of less than 2 ml, oligospermia is diagnosed,

  • Pelvic ultrasound,
  • A smear from the urethra, prostatic juice (with suspected prostatitis) to determine the qualitative composition of microflora. Sluggish prostatitis and urethritis are a common cause of ejaculate failure.

This list is not exhaustive. Urologist andrologist can refer to other specialists (endocrinologist, neurologist). A CT or MRI scan of the brain, spine, or pelvis may be required.

The probability of conception and the consequences of pregnancy

The minimum amount of semen at which natural conception is possible is 1.5 ml (according to the standards designated by WHO). With a smaller amount, the probability of fertilization is extremely low, even if the sperm are active and morphologically full. Doctors recommend IVF + ICSI for such couples. Forced fertilization of an egg in vitro by sperm puncture is also possible with a small amount of seminal plasma. The direction is prescribed after passing the tests and the ineffectiveness of the prescribed treatment.

Despite the fatal forecasts of specialists, statistics leave a chance for natural conception - 5%. In practice, isolated cases of fertilization with oligospermia occur, while children are born healthy (there were no sperm pathologies).

Why is ejaculate completely absent

The amount of secreted seminal fluid for each man is different. For one and a few drops is a normal phenomenon, for others there is a constant powerful ejaculation.

In the rarest cases, a very sluggish or complete absence of ejaculate occurs. In medicine, this phenomenon is called anejaculation. The reason for the development of such a pathology is:

  • some deviations that occur in the vas deferens
  • failures in the normal functioning of the nervous system,
  • inflammation
  • education in the pelvis,
  • diabetes,
  • scrotum injury - this ailment is characteristic of people whose activities are associated with a high risk of damage to the inguinal region.

There is such a disease as aspermia - it is characterized by too weak ejaculation. Until now, the reasons why it has arisen have not been precisely identified, respectively, and the treatment methods are difficult.

Methods for increasing sperm volume

The easiest way to increase the volume of ejaculate in a healthy man is to increase the amount of fluid you drink. (not coffee or cola) and abstain from sex for several days. The prostate will begin to synthesize more thinning secretions, sperm will accumulate in the testes. Abstinence to increase sperm volume longer than 6-7 days is pointless.

If reversible oligospermia is diagnosed, then the methods of its treatment depend on the identified cause. With an irreversible form of pathology, patients are offered artificial insemination, IVF (in vitro fertilization) or donor sperm.

How to check if there is enough sperm?

It is best to refrain from sexual intercourse and masturbation for three days. Then, with the help of self-satisfaction, having achieved orgasm, ending in a small jar, glass containers, a jar of baby food will do. It is advisable to close the container with a lid so that the sperm does not dry out.

After an hour, not earlier, you can begin to evaluate the volume of ejaculate. 60 minutes of waiting are necessary for the sperm to become liquid, less sticky and viscous, which allows any manipulation with it. Next, a 2 ml syringe is taken with divisions by tenths, a needle is removed from it. Sperm should be drawn in with a syringe, like water, and its volume should be estimated.

Didn’t have a syringe flask? So, the volume of ejaculate exceeds 2 ml, which is normal. The fact that sperm has become scarce can be said only if less than 1.5 ml are collected in the syringe.

Be sure to repeat the verification procedure after three days, observing abstinence from sexual intercourse. If it is revealed that sperm is constantly small, and the man wants to have children in the future, it is advisable to contact a urologist for a solution to the problem.

How to improve quality and increase sperm count

The volume of secretions may depend on the genetic predisposition, the frequency of coituses for a separate period of time.After a man notices that the seed began to stand out less than usual, many think about the norms of this phenomenon. It is enough to consult a doctor, he will report the average parameters according to your age.

If significant discrepancies are found, the specialist will give a number of recommendations:

  • you’ll have to eliminate all bad habits from your life,
  • eliminate situations that contribute to stress, if nerve stress arises at work, it is better to change the employer or completely move to another area of ​​activity,
  • you may need to agree on a list of drugs with your doctor,
  • in the complete absence of physical activity, a variety of diseases can appear, including aspermia, so you have to go in for sports.

It is enough to independently analyze all your habits and lifestyle to figure out how to increase sperm count. If this problem has become critical, it is better not to take risks and undergo a full examination.

Natural ejaculate reduction

  • Inadequate fluid intake. If a man drinks less than 2 liters of water per day, his body does not have time to produce the right amount of ejaculate.
  • Starvation, adherence to strict diets. Vitamins and protein material are not enough for the formation of seminal fluid.
  • Genetic predisposition. Sometimes a volume of 1-1.5 ml is normal for a man, as it is due to heredity.
  • Overwork. Physical, psychological, emotional stress depletes a person, affecting his sexual strength.

Even prolonged abstinence (more than two weeks), leads to the fact that a man produces little sperm at the first sexual intercourse. As soon as the sexual life is normalized, it becomes regular, the volume of the ejaculate also returns to normal.

  • Excessive alcohol consumption. It leads to disruption of the brain, which is accompanied by a deterioration in the transmission of nerve impulses, regulation of the production of hormones responsible for spermatogenesis.
  • Smoking. It provokes the development of vascular diseases, which, in turn, violate potency.
  • Obesity. People with a lot of weight often suffer from endocrine and hormonal disorders.
  • Low mobility. If a man refuses an active lifestyle, venous blood stagnates in the pelvic organs. At the same time, the functioning of the prostate gland, seminal vesicles worsens.

And do not even ask yourself why a man has little sperm if he has crossed the 50-year age limit. The reason is in natural aging, deterioration of body cells, deterioration in the functioning of all organs.

Drug therapy

If the cause is inflammation provoked by pathogens, then the treatment consists in taking antibiotics (based on the results of bacterial seeding with sensitivity analysis) and anti-inflammatory drugs. If pathogens are localized in the prostate, then access to active substances is difficult. The most effective dosage form in this case are suppositories (Prostatilen, Vitaprost) and antibiotics of the fluoroquinolone class. Also it is important to ensure active blood flow in the pelvic area. To do this, you can take the appropriate Supplements (eurycoma, Peruvian poppy, burning flour)perform exercises (Kegel squats). Also effective physiotherapy methods: magnetic and laser exposure, electrophoresis. Some have successfully applied hirudotherapy.

For hormonal causes of oligospermia, stimulating or replacement therapy is used. In the first case, chorionic gonadotropin is prescribed, which activates the functioning of the testicles, in the second - hormones ("Nebido"). To block female hormones, Klostilbegit is prescribed.

Seed increase through lifestyle changes

In order to establish the normal functioning of your body, you need to go to some fundamental changes. Here are some of them:

  1. Work on strengthening your pelvic muscles. Moreover, exercises of this type are useful not only for men, but also for the fairer sex. With their help, you can maintain the health of the male prostate for many years and eliminate the cause of early ejaculation. Learn Kegel exercises.
  2. Insomnia is another reason. You need to adjust your daily regimen, if serious sleep problems are observed, you can take a course of taking special medications. Usually physical activity and proper nutrition can solve the problem without the use of medical devices. How to make more sperm by taking specially created for this means, we will consider further.
  3. Sport should become a habit. It allows our body to actively produce testosterone, and this affects the increase in seed volume.
  4. If you often have sexual partners, always use a condom. The chance to catch infections of the genital tract is great, and this not only affects the production of ejaculate, but also completely causes infertility. Unprotected contact is relevant only with that partner whom you know well and trust him completely.

There are cases when an increase in seminal fluid by a banal transition to a healthier lifestyle does not give the desired result. Then you will have to undergo a course of treatment, but it is worthwhile to understand that refusing junk food and dangerous habits will only benefit your body.

When do pathologies lead to a decrease in seminal fluid?

The lack of sperm volume, while maintaining a normal concentration of sperm, doctors distinguish, as a separate disease - oligospermia (hypospermia). A more severe type of decrease in seminal fluid production is called aspermia.

Aspermia can be true - the release of a small amount of seed without an orgasm or a complete absence of discharge, and false - an orgasm without the release of ejaculate.

Another type of pathology is the release of sperm, but not forward (through the urethra outwards), but backwards into the bladder, inside.

This process is not accompanied by any unpleasant sensations and to establish - where did the sperm go only after examination by a urologist.

The reason that sperm has become scarce may be diseases of the genitourinary system:

  • Chronic prostatitis.
  • Vesiculitis.
  • Cystic formations, tumors of a benign and malignant nature.
  • Urethritis.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the testicles, appendages, spermatic cord.
  • Pathology of bulbourethral glands.
  • Scarring, adhesions, blockage of the vas deferens.

Cryptorchidism (one testicle in a man), congenital or acquired, is also the reason that sperm is produced little. Any injuries of the penis, groin, scrotum, perineum can lead to disruption of the excretion of seminal fluid. Even a blow to the back or head can be a direct cause of oligospermia.

  • Myocardial infarction.
  • Ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cancerous diseases.
  • Atherosclerosis of the vessels of the pelvis.
  • Imbalance in hormonal balance.

The reason that there is less sperm is due to surgical interventions on the genitals. Certain drugs can also have a negative effect on spermatogenesis:

  • psychotropics
  • sedative drugs
  • antidepressants
  • medicines to lower blood pressure, adrenergic blockers.

Working conditions can also cause a decrease in ejaculate production. Problems appear in men who are constantly exposed to toxic effects, working in the petrochemical industry, in the paint and varnish industry.

Also, oligospermia provoked by psychological reasons stands out as a separate group of pathologies: a constant expectation of failure, self-doubt, the first unsuccessful sexual experience.

In this type of disease, a man may have nocturnal emissions, accompanied by the release of sperm in a normal volume.

While masturbation or regular sexual intercourse can take place without ejaculation at all.

Surgical methods

In some cases in order to remove obstacles to normal sperm synthesis and elimination surgery required. Such pathologies include:

  • Varicocele
  • Inguinal hernia,
  • Adenoma,
  • Testicular torsion,
  • Bladder sphincter dysfunction
  • Cysts and strictures of the urethra.

Microsurgical intervention is also required to restore the integrity of the spermatic cord of the testis and removable ducts.

How to increase the volume of seminal fluid?

What should a man do if it turns out that little sperm comes out during intercourse? First of all, get rid of genital infections. Moreover, the treatment is not only a man, but also his partner.

When the reason is established that led to a decrease in the amount of ejaculate, the main treatment is aimed at eliminating the pathology.

If this is a chronic disease that cannot be completely cured, the patient will need to avoid exacerbations.

In the event that the problem is in inflammatory diseases that affect the genitals, the patient is prescribed antiseptics, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics.

With oligospermia, accompanied by the injection of seminal fluid into the bladder, cystic formations, adhesions of the urethra, narrowing of the seminal canals, the patient is shown surgery to help restore sperm flow and increase its volume.

  • Drink carrot juice for two weeks every day.
  • Consume large quantities of honey and other bee products (bee bread, propolis) if they are not allergic.
  • Take decoctions of herbs. Ginseng root, hypericum flowers, flowers and fruits of hawthorn help increase sperm volume.
  • There are as many nuts as possible: hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts to improve blood circulation to the pelvic organs.

If a small amount of sperm does not bother the patient, he does not feel pain, discomfort and theoretically does not plan to become a father anymore, you can do nothing at all and live as before.

Dietary supplements and folk methods

Often a small amount of ejaculate is the result of a lack of vitamins and mineralsnecessary for the normal course of biochemical processes. Then all antibiotics, dietary supplements and exercises are useless. For the active work of the gonads, you can take supplements with zinc, L-arginine, lecithin, as well as special male dietary supplements to stimulate sperm production (Spermaktiv, Speroton, Speman, Androdoz, Profertil). The diet should be enriched with high-grade protein and fats (eggs, liver, meat). Useful for reproductive function spinach, nuts, greens, pumpkin seeds.

Price from 641 rub.

You can replenish the vitamin-mineral balance of the body, effectively stimulate the production of seminal fluid and sperm using beekeeping products: royal jelly, bee bread, drone homogenate, bee morbidity. Drugs based on them are sold in pharmacies and sports supplement stores.

Of folk remedies, the following are considered effective for increasing sperm volume:

  • Tincture on a beaver stream, bee subpestilence, garlic,
  • A decoction of plantain seeds,
  • Celery juice (herbs and root, ground in a blender).

An important role in the functioning of the reproductive system is played by the daily routine. 8 hours of restful sleep help stabilize hormonal levels and restore metabolic processes. An equally important aspect is the control of the level of the stress hormone (cortisol). Read more on methods to increase the amount of ejaculate.

Why there may be little sperm during orgasm (oligospermia)

The more sperm ejected, the brighter the orgasm and the higher the degree of male satisfaction. The volume of ejaculate is also an important indicator of fertility and the quality of the reproductive system.

If unusually small sperm began to be secreted (hypospermia), then the condition of the glands producing it should be checked.

In the absence of pathologies, their work can be stimulated by lifestyle changes, physical exercises, and supplementation.


It is possible to avoid problems with the functioning of the gonads only by maintaining the general health of the body. Hypospermia prevention methods:

  1. Regular physical activity.
  2. Quitting smoking and excessive drinking.
  3. A complete diet and an ordered routine of the day.
  4. Periodic monitoring of the main laboratory parameters: hormones, sugar level, spermogram.
Table of normal hormone levels in men

You should not try to solve the problem of a small volume of ejaculate by self-selection of antibiotics and other prescription drugs. As a result, the case may result in chronic urethritis due to imbalance in microflora, retrograde ejaculation, and a decrease in potency.

Treatment Reviews

Marina, 32 years old: “My husband and I defeated the oligospermia six months later. There was some inflammation in the prostate, and there was little sperm because of this. He took Wobenzym, Unidox, vitamins, Speman. ”

George, 28 years old: “Doctors intimidate a lot about the importance of semen volume. The main thing is that the sperm are motile and normal in structure. I had oligospermia (0.9 ml). Normally they conceived a child without any ICSI. ”

Andrei, 37 years old: “Personally, I increased the volume of sperm as follows: soya lecithin, 1.5 tablespoons in the morning and in the evening, in the same mode with a Zinkteral tablet, L-arginine (400 units each), celery juice, well and 2 liters of fluid daily. The course is 405 days. Of the minuses: after 3-4 days, the volume again decreased, body hair growth increased slightly. "


A small amount of sperm does not always signal a pathology. If this happens occasionally and is not accompanied by other symptoms (impaired urination, decreased pressure during ejaculation, pain in the groin, discomfort in the urethra), then you should not panic. If the decrease in ejaculate volume is steady, then you need to contact a urologist andrologist.

Little sperm: why a man produces a small amount, what to do and the reasons

Normally, sexual intercourse ends with ejaculation, in other words, there is an ejection of a certain amount of seminal fluid. On average, 2 to 4 ml of biological fluid is released. The only thing that affects the amount of ejaculate is the process of fertilization of a woman.

When there is little sperm, the indicator is below normal, then oligospermia is diagnosed. If this phenomenon is not caused by systemic diseases, then it does not pose a health hazard, but it can lead to infertility.

Let's see why there is little sperm, and what to do in this situation?

What determines the amount of sperm?

The volume of seminal fluid that is produced in the body of men is dependent on many different factors. As already noted, normally during ejaculation, up to 4 ml of biological fluid is released, which contains viable spermatozoa, which ensures fertilization of the egg. If the amount is insufficient - less than 1.5 ml, then oligospermia is diagnosed.

Two medical terms should be distinguished: oligospermia and oligozoospermia.

In the first case, we are talking about an insufficient amount of seminal fluid against the background of complete ejaculation, in the second embodiment, a violation of the sperm composition is diagnosed, as a result of which a decrease in the number of spermatozoa is observed in comparison with the norm, while the volume of the seed can be lower, higher, or correspond to the norm.

Why is little sperm secreted? The volume of ejaculate produced is not a constant value, which is subject to various provoking factors. The production of seminal fluid is dependent on the following factors:

  • Age group of a man.Statistics note that in young years, the volume of seminal fluid is greater than that of the stronger sex, which crossed the 45-year mark. With age-related changes in the body, the amount of body fluid always decreases,
  • Emotional lability, chronic stress. For the synthesis of seminal fluid, the gonads localized in the testicles are responsible. Any stress or a serious nervous shock reduces their functionality, as a result of which a small amount of ejaculate is noted during ejaculation,
  • Testicular injury. When the bruise is insignificant, at first a small amount of seed can really stand out, but over time the situation normalizes on its own. When the injury is serious, while the man was not given an ambulance of doctors, he risks becoming infertile,
  • If there is little sperm, then bad habits - alcohol consumption, smoking, narcotic substances can become the fault. They disrupt the normal functioning of all organs and systems, can lead to hormonal imbalance, because of which a man can secrete a small amount of seed,
  • Excessive physical activity depletes the entire body, a man feels constant fatigue. The body is trying to bounce back, and the need for extension of the genus goes by the wayside, because of which oligospermia is observed,
  • Nutrition. It is proved that a large consumption of fatty meat and strong coffee negatively affects not only the qualitative, but also the quantitative composition of seminal fluid in the stronger sex.

Why a man has little sperm, it is difficult to answer without a complete diagnosis. It is possible that the above-described factors that influenced the quantity have occurred. However, if their presence is denied, then health reasons should be sought.

Causes of Sperm Decrease

When there is little sperm, what does it mean? First of all, you need to look for the reason why this happened. The etiology can be harmless, for example, severe overheating in a bath or sauna, or physical exhaustion due to intense sports. Such moments are easily corrected; drug treatment is not required.

Important: the amount of seed and sperm content are adversely affected by prolonged abstinence, as well as excessively active sex life.

Sperm count may decrease for the following reasons:

  1. Serious diseases of the reproductive system, genetic abnormalities in the body.
  2. Hormonal imbalance, for example, a significant decrease in the concentration of testosterone in the blood.
  3. Sexually transmitted diseases - chlamydia, gonorrhea, etc., which interfere with the normal production of seminal fluid.
  4. Infections of a bacterial and viral nature.
  5. Chronic form of prostatitis.
  6. Inflammatory processes in the testicles.
  7. Varicocele - varicose veins of the testicles and spermatic cord.

In some clinical pictures, it is not possible to establish the cause of the small amount of seminal fluid, then the idiopathic form of oligospermia is diagnosed. The pathological condition does not affect the condition of the man, does not pose a threat to life.

In many cases, the stronger sex copes with the problem on its own, since the etiology is based on correctable factors. Sometimes a deep and thorough examination is required to identify health problems and prescribe appropriate treatment.

Why is little sperm produced and what to do in this case?

Why is there little sperm? There can be many reasons. Sperm (seminal fluid, seed, ejaculate) is the secret of the male sex glands that contains sperm. The seminal fluid in the male body is formed by 3 different glands.

The secret produced by the seminal vesicles, which has an alkaline character, enters the deferent duct. Then the seminal fluid is supplemented by the secretion of the prostate gland, it is a milky aqueous liquid.

A substance produced by the bulbourethral glands also enters the seminal fluid.

What does the quantity depend on?

The ejaculate looks like a viscous, sticky, mucus-like opaque liquid. After isolation, after 1-2 minutes, it should become less viscous, watery and transparent.

The productive sperm process begins during puberty and continues throughout life. Studies have shown that at the age of 80 years in the semen of a man there are viable sperm.

The amount of production depends on the health status of the man. The average amount of ejaculate secreted varies from 2-5 g, with the maximum amount being produced between the ages of 18 and 30, after 40 years the volume of ejaculate is reduced.

The increase or decrease in sperm count is due to the secretion of the prostate gland. The volume of ejaculate formation depends on many factors:

  1. The more often ejaculation occurs, the less sperm will be secreted in subsequent sexual intercourse.
  2. A small amount of sperm can be produced due to prolonged abstinence.
  3. Retrograde ejaculation is a disease in which part of the semen can be secreted into the bladder.
  4. Nutritional regime and water balance. Easily digestible food increases the amount of ejaculate. Meals should be regular and balanced.
  5. Excess weight often causes a man to excrete little sperm.
  6. Psycho-emotional state. Stress, depression, irritability reduce sperm count. While a positive, peaceful mood helps to increase the volume of ejaculate.
  7. Adverse habits: smoking and alcohol abuse have a negative effect on the spermatogenesis process.
  8. Physical stress, fatigue, poor or insufficient sleep also have a bad effect on sperm formation.
  9. Chronic inflammatory processes.
  10. Violations in the vas deferens.
  11. Stroke, diabetes.
  12. Surgery or injury in the pelvic area.
  13. Taking a number of medications, including antidepressants, psychotropic and antihypertensive drugs.
  14. Work related to toxic substances can also cause poor sperm production.

A small amount of sperm excreted does not affect the quality of sexual intercourse and delivers only psychological discomfort. In medicine, the formation of a small amount of ejaculate is called oligospermia.

Such a deviation may be temporary or be a sign of a serious violation in the body of a man. The situation is especially worrying when very little sperm is excreted when planning children. After all, the smaller it is, the less sperm it contains.

This situation may threaten infertility.

Before you sound the alarm, you can check the amount of sperm secreted at home. To do this, place the ejaculate in a regular syringe, a volume of 1.5 ml or more is considered normal.

The figure below the above figures may cause concern if the man is in good physical shape.

If a person suffers at the moment any disease or is physically exhausted and is in an emotional disorder, then you should recover and only then repeat the test.

Diagnostic research

What to do in such a situation? If the question arises about the amount of ejaculate, a man should undergo an examination, which includes the following research methods:

  1. Spermogram. Allows you to study the quality of the ejaculate and the volume secreted. For a more accurate diagnosis, a similar procedure is carried out several times. Prior to the procedure, a man must refrain from sexual intimacy.
  2. Ultrasound of the pelvis in order to exclude pathological changes and inflammatory processes.
  3. A complete blood count is taken to determine the hormonal level. Failure in the hormonal system affects the amount of sperm.
  4. Tests for determining sexually transmitted diseases.Genital infection affects the quality and quantity of ejaculate.
  5. If studies do not reveal the causes of small amounts of sperm, genetic tests and a testicular biopsy are performed.

After the study, the doctor will be able to understand why a small amount of ejaculate is secreted, and prescribe a treatment that depends on the cause of the problem.

General therapeutic measures:

  1. If sperm count is reduced due to an infectious lesion, antibiotic therapy will be prescribed. If the disorder is caused by hormonal imbalance, hormonal drugs are necessary.
  2. Good effect on the process of spermatogenesis physiotherapy. The pressure chamber has anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and sedative effects. In addition, oxygen treatment relaxes, a person improves sleep, fatigue disappears, which qualitatively affects men's health. Other physiotherapy treatments include laser and magnetic therapy, acupuncture, and reflexology.
  3. It is necessary to improve blood flow to the pelvic organs. You can do jogging, yoga, or just perform special exercises at home.
  4. If there is little sperm, then the following foods should be included in the diet: legumes, nuts, meat, poultry, fish, citrus fruits, red vegetables and fruits, olive oil, cauliflower and broccoli.
  5. You should abandon bad habits.
  6. Kegel exercises aimed at prolonging an erection also stimulate sperm excretion. They strengthen the muscles of the pubis and tailbone, have a beneficial effect on local blood circulation.

Folk methods

The following recipes will help in how to increase the amount of sperm with folk remedies:

  1. Bee products are very beneficial for the body. Honey contains about 30 chemical macro- and microelements, vitamins B1, B2, B3. The honey contains manganese, which helps the functioning of the sex glands. It is best to take the product on an empty stomach, dissolving it in warm water, tea or milk. In this case, all the healing properties of honey are well absorbed.
  2. Walnut kernels with honey. A day you can eat a handful of nuts.
  3. The crushed root of elecampane is mixed with rose hips in equal parts. 1 tbsp. l the mixture is brewed in 0.5 l of boiling water. Take 1 tsp. before meals 2 times a day.
  4. You can increase the amount of sperm by eating baked or boiled onions. It is necessary to eat 100 g of vegetable daily 10 minutes before meals for 3 weeks.
  5. A mixture that has a beneficial effect on the productive male system: 30 g of aloe juice, raisins, dried apricots, walnuts, dates in an amount of 100 g, pass through a meat grinder, add half a glass of lemon juice and 100 g of honey. Take 1 tsp. 3 times a day on an empty stomach.

Unfortunately, statistics show that the number of men who are worried that they have little sperm is growing every year.

For preventive purposes, avoid overheating of the testicles, as this adversely affects sperm production.

It is advisable to wear loose underwear made of natural material, to beware of injuries to the genitals, to avoid stressful situations, because a negative mood blocks the production of testosterone.

It is necessary to ensure proper nutrition, healthy sleep, good rest. It is recommended to lose weight and bad habits.

Exercising, regular training and morning exercises stimulate the production of testosterone, which, in turn, improves sperm quality.

To avoid sperm count, you should take care of your male health: timely treatment of infectious diseases, avoid infection with sexually transmitted diseases, lead a regular sex life, preferably with one partner.

Treatment, prevention, andrologist consultation on the subject: “Not enough sperm”

Preventive measures are to prevent infectious diseases, including STDs, inflammation of the internal organs. To do this, you must:

  • regularly examined
  • strengthen immunity
  • lead a healthy lifestyle,
  • to refuse from bad habits,
  • in the presence of poor heredity pay more attention to potentially dangerous factors.

Little sperm, what to do? Treatment is prescribed only by a doctor upon receipt of all the necessary test results. It is recommended to introduce into the diet:

  • foods rich in proteins (meat, fish, beans, dairy products), antioxidants (fresh fruits, vegetables, spinach),
  • vitamin complexes C, E with folic acid, zinc, selenium,
  • food, biologically active additives (Speman, Sparmaktiv, others).

Do not self-medicate, guided by the choice of means of advertising. Drug therapy produces a strong effect, but if there are contraindications, it causes irreparable harm to health.

Is treatment required?

Before a specialist will determine the need for hyperspermia treatment, it is necessary to establish a diagnosis and causes. This is done using diagnostic procedures, in particular spermograms and additional analyzes. It will also require an ultrasound scan, biopsy, blood and urine tests, and hormone levels.

Next, the andrologist or urologist makes a diagnosis, as well as corrective treatment, depending on the causes of the pathology. Treatment can be therapeutic or surgical, in total, it lasts about 1 year.

Drug therapy can be in the following format:

  • taking hormonal drugs to achieve balance (Rotten or Horagon),
  • the appointment of drugs that reduce the production of estrogen (Clomid or Clomiphene),
  • the use of drugs of testosterone analogues (Cyanate or Enanthate),
  • vitamin therapy to strengthen the immune system.

If hyperspermia is provoked by serious pathologies of the genitourinary system, the doctor may prescribe surgery, for example, with varicocele, neoplasms, inflammatory processes. Oncology is treated accordingly with chemotherapy to suppress the proliferation of cancer cells.

In parallel with this, a specific diet, an active lifestyle, elimination of any bad habits, normalization of wakefulness and rest are prescribed to the patient. For the normal functioning of the gonads and sperm production, it is also necessary to lead a regular sexual life, treat the diseases of the genitourinary system in time.


Only a medical professional can determine why a man produces a lot of sperm. Both temporary factors and serious disorders in the body can affect this process. Hyperspermia is a disease accompanied by a malfunction of the gonads and increased production of sperm. Depending on the causes of hyperspermia, treatment can be conservative, medication or surgical.

How much sperm should be secreted

If 1.5 to 5 ml of semen is secreted during ejaculation, then this is considered the norm for a healthy man. It is this quantitative range of ejaculate that is the standard.

Speed sperm reach 50 km / h

Allowed the allocation of seed in excess of the norm of 6-8 ml. Since, in principle, every man has individual characteristics of the body. But if it happens outburst If the ejaculate is abnormally large without any stimulation and exceeds 10 ml, then the cause may be inflammation of the epididymis - epididymitis.

How much sperm is in the body can be determined by the volume of the first ejaculation. Indeed, during ejaculation, about 10% of the total stock is released. That is, if a man ejaculated 6 ml of sperm, then initially it was 60 ml.

If there is little sperm during intercourse

Aspermia what it is? Such a diagnosis is made only after delivery and decoding of the spermogram results. In the case when no sperm were found in the ejaculate. “A-sperm” is a medical term borrowed from the Latin language - the prefix “-A-” means “NO”. Aspermia = no sperm.

When a man stands out during ejaculation low sperm count, or the seed is completely absent, the cause may be such disorders of the body:

  1. Oligospermia - a decrease not only in the volume of sperm, but also in the concentration of sperm in the ejaculate.
  2. Anejaculation - this is when a man is not able to ejaculate after intercourse. The most common causes of anejaculation are aspermia and retrograde ejaculation.
  3. Alcohol, smoking, drugs - inhibit the natural production of seed and testosterone.
  4. Stress - A common cause of ejaculation problems.
  5. Obesity - the more excess weight, the more pathologies in the body of a man.
  6. Diseases of the genitourinary system of which there may be many:
  • vesiculitis
  • varicocele
  • prostatitis…

What is retrograde ejaculation? In this case, the sperm does not exit through the urethra, but enters the bladder. This is a violation of the ejaculation mechanism.

How much sperm is updated in men

A full cycle of spermatogenesis in men takes place in 2.5 months. During treatment for any sperm pathology, the first thing you need is a complete rejection of alcohol and cigarettes. The duration of treatment is often equal to two cycles of spermatogenesis, to be completely confident in recovery. Especially when it comes to preparing for the conception of a healthy child. Well, of course, you can always check the situation in the eggs by passing a spermogram.

Pills to increase sperm count

Some drugs to increase spermatogenesis have side effects or their action is configured for a short-term effect. Therefore, it is better to check with your doctor how to increase sperm production without harming both male health and its offspring.

Here is a list of the most popular drugs for spermatogenesis:


The drug consists exclusively of natural ingredients - extracts of beneficial herbs and amino acids. Provides truly abundant ejaculation - an increase in sperm count occurs 5 times! The medicine was developed in the USA, in a package of 120 tablets. In addition to rapid ejaculation, Semenax provides a long and strong erection.

The price is about 4000 rubles.

Volume pills

After a course of taking this popular drug, the amount of ejaculate increases three times. Increases fertility and duration of an erection. The cost of a jar of 60 capsules is 2500 rubles. How to take a remedy to end a lot depends on the severity of the disease. Take one tablet twice a day from one month to six months.

Volume Pills video instruction for use:

What you need to eat to have a lot of sperm

Sperm contains zinc and it needs to be constantly replenished somehow. But no matter how good the pharmacy drugs and traditional medicine are, you must first review your diet. The main component among all the components of your menu should be zinc. This element means a lot to spermatogenesis and the production of testosterone.

Men who have had a vasectomy have a transparent sperm color due to the lack of sperm.

The correct sperm color should be white or slightly gray. The more active the sex life, the shorter the interval between intercourse. Therefore, the amount of sperm produced during one ejaculation is less.

However, this does not mean that in order to increase the volume of ejaculate, you need less sex. There are many foods that help both replenish sperm and improve its quality. Knowing which food is more beneficial for increasing sperm, you can easily add it to your diet and expect results.

Top Sperm Recovery Products

When the question arises how to increase the amount of ejaculate? That is of course always heard:

  • pineapples
  • corn,
  • sea ​​fish,
  • whole grain bread
  • eggs
  • Beans

The above products not only significantly affect the taste of sperm, making it less salty. But as well as possible, they allow you to finish more. Much greater results can be achieved if you combine exercises with the diet to enhance ejaculation.

Exercises to increase sperm count and quality

To improve the whole body squats with a barbell are good. This exercise is basic in powerlifting and the best in increasing testosterone and physical strength in the male body. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to attend the gym and everyone has different reasons.

The optimal solution in this situation are Kegel exercises. They are sharpened specifically for strengthening the genitourinary system, muscles of the pelvic floor, pubic-coccygeal muscle.

How to do Kegel exercises correctly

First of all, you need to train systematically and perform the exercises correctly:

  1. When performing, you should stretch the muscles of the pelvic floor, and not the muscles of the buttocks and abdomen.
  2. Particular attention should be paid to breathing techniques.
  3. It is strongly not recommended to try exercises during urination, in order to avoid the development of infection due to possible stagnation of urine.

It is worth noting that at first many people have difficulty understanding Kegel exercises. But when it comes to practice, it’s not so complicated.

The main advantages of Kegel exercises

They can be performed anytime, anywhere. Watching TV at home, driving a car, working in the office. And most importantly, their implementation remains unnoticed by others.

As a result, after a few weeks, a man is able to receive:

  • prolonged erection
  • increased orgasm
  • profuse ejaculation,
  • control over the duration of sexual intercourse,
  • lack of problems with urination.

How to man abundantly end many times a night

So we examined how to increase sperm volume during ejaculation without harming one's health. By the way, you can also note what can be done if there is little sperm:

  1. What is not recommended to eat in order to finish a lot is very sweet and vice versa salty, fast food and soda, baking.
  2. Of the exercises, it is worth noting workouts for the press.
  3. The volume of water consumed for an adult male should be 2-3 liters per day. Do not underestimate the benefits of clean drinking water. No tea and juices will ever replace ordinary water. The level of fluid in the body significantly affects the quality and quantity of ejaculations. When dehydrated, sperm are produced in small volumes - its density is felt. The blood supply to the penis is weakened.

Before trying to increase spermatogenesis on your own with folk remedies or pharmacy drugs, be sure to consult a specialist. Especially if the end is more required for a successful conception!

The main methods of diagnosis and treatment

All "male" problems are handled by the andrologist. It is this specialist who sends the following tests:

  • a biopsy will be performed - a tissue fragment is removed surgically
  • ultrasound examination of the scrotum,
  • a hormonal blood test, look at the level of testosterone - this hormone is responsible for regulating the production of ejaculate,
  • spermogram - allows you to determine how much seminal fluid is secreted and what quality it is,
  • infections are detected, if any.

Before you purchase this or that remedy, you should first consult with your doctor, as well as read the instructions inside the package. We gave some tips on how to increase the amount (volume) of sperm during orgasm. The choice of a specific medicine kit is yours.

If the examination was ineffective, the patient is referred to a psychotherapist. The fact is that the cause of the decrease in the volume of secreted gametes may be a psychological trauma.

After the diagnosis can be established, the doctor prescribes treatment. Most diseases associated with male sexual function do not require hospitalization, exceptions can be made only for the most neglected cases to the last stage.

There are several dietary supplements on sale, consuming which may increase the amount of sperm:

All of these preparations are based on herbal ingredients, contain vitamin B9 and natural sugar, as well as a list of other useful components. They act as an activator for the development of new sperm and at the same time increase their activity.

For those men who have always dreamed of a powerful ejaculation, you should pay attention to some popular pills:

  1. Maxatin - amino acids and natural herbs act as active components. Experts have proven the fact of increasing male libido after taking the course.
  2. VolumePils - quite popular medicine all over the world, is completely natural. Through the use of a unique formula of the drug, an improvement in the quality of the seed and its volume is achieved.
  3. Performer5 - due to the content of vitamins and minerals, as well as a rich set of herbs, the effect of increasing the duration of sexual intercourse is achieved and the intensity of the orgasm increases.

Another effective tool that can help in case of detection of prostatitis and any reproductive type disorders associated with this ailment is Prostatilen AC. This is a complex type of drug.

What foods increase ejaculate

Properly selected diet is an important event. It is necessary that the food consumed contains enough trace elements, this affects the increase in the percentage of seed excretion.

According to the results of the research, specialists were able to identify a number of main substances that are required for every representative of the stronger sex. What you need to eat and what to drink, so that there is a lot more sperm, we will also consider. These are vitamins such as:

  1. A - increases the number of active and viable sperm. A sufficient amount is found in oatmeal, carrots and red pepper.
  2. Zinc - eggs and seafood.
  3. C - makes sperm more mobile. Present in citrus fruits, sea buckthorn and black currant.
  4. B and E - are responsible for the formation of hormones that are responsible for the renewal of sperm. These vitamins are found in nuts, red meat and milk.
  5. Selenium is another extremely useful microelement that will help those who care about answering the question of how to finish more and more.

Folic acid, omega-3s and magnesium are also important. They are actively involved in the functioning of the organs of men responsible for the reproductive characteristics, number and activity of sperm.

Folk remedies

To stimulate the function of spermatogenesis, every man should use natural decoctions of herbs. There are many recipes for infusions that contribute to the normalization of sexual function. Here is some of them:

To prepare any of the presented components, it is enough to fill it with boiling water, leave for insisting for several hours and wait until the composition cools down. Drink half an hour before eating a third of a glass.

Such funds should be taken in courses from 3 days to a week. After all the recommendations made, you know what to do so that there is a lot of sperm.

The main thing is to follow all the recommendations and consult a doctor to avoid possible risks of complications.

What can not be done

You need to understand that in everything you should know the measure. This also applies to sexual contacts. If you overextend your body too seriously, then a pleasant intercourse ending with copious ejaculation can end with the opposite result.

If you regularly end a lot, stagnation in the pelvic area is eliminated, and prevention of all kinds of inflammations is an additional effect.

Sexologists insist that frequent daily intimacy has an extremely negative effect not only on the quantity, but also on the quality of the ejaculate.

Therefore, to understand how to finish a lot of sperm, it is not necessary to exhaust your body and check what it is capable of.

The only thing that experts agree on is that any man must first carefully listen to his own body. If you feel tired or have pain, you should not ignore such signals.

Moreover, you should always try to avoid:

  • promiscuous sex
  • hypothermia,
  • overeating - watch your weight - every 10 extra pounds gained will lead to a significant decrease in testosterone concentration, and this leads to impotence,
  • overheating of the inguinal region,
  • swimming in unfamiliar reservoirs - harmful microorganisms that lead to the formation of aspermia can inhabit the water
  • genital injuries.

In a rush to prove to himself and others his own sexual power, a man can seriously undermine his state of health. All experts recommend a moderate attitude to all things, including sex. We talked about how to increase the amount of seminal fluid in men in sufficient detail; you just have to draw conclusions and use the information received correctly.

What can thick sperm talk about?

Many men think that ejaculate can thicken only because of a long abstinence from sex, but this is not always the case. Moreover, andrologists argue that this problem is more often encountered by men who have regular sex life.

The norm is considered if the color of the seminal fluid is whitish yellow or grayish, in addition, it is opaque. According to its consistency, it should resemble mucus, immediately after ejaculation it becomes almost like jelly, but after 15-30 minutes it becomes liquid and transparent.

Why can a man's sperm be very thick? This is a rather alarming symptom that can talk about a lot of abnormalities:

  • You can talk about the presence of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system if the ejaculate does not liquefy 30 minutes after ejaculation.
  • If sperm not only becomes thick, but also has a reddish tint, then hemospermia is possible.
  • Too thick sperm with a pungent odor is most likely a symptom of inflammatory diseases.
  • If the seminal fluid resembles semolina, then this indicates the bonding of sperm.

In any case, even if the ejaculate is too thick is the only symptom, then a doctor's consultation is necessary. Semen density affects the possibility of conceiving a baby.

Thick sperm in men: normal or problem

Why sperm has become thick and what it can mean:

  • Increasing the density of the ejaculate is not the norm, however, this is not always a sign of a serious pathology, sometimes a stressful situation can become the cause. If a man noticed that the seminal fluid became thicker, it is not worth panic right away, however, this problem should be taken very seriously. Sometimes it’s enough to start eating right and restore the water balance as an indicator will return to normal. However, if after such manipulations the situation has not changed, and the sperm has an unpleasant odor or a color has changed, then you need to contact a specialist.
  • If a man not only has thickened sperm, but also painful sensations appear during urination, then urgent treatment is necessary, since, most likely, this indicator indicates a variety of diseases.

When a thick seminal fluid becomes a symptom of a serious pathology

Thick seminal fluid may be a sign of:

  • Chlamydia
  • Genital herpes
  • Mycoplasmosis
  • Trichomoniasis
  • Gonococcal infection
  • Ureaplasmosis

The presence of such infections is indicated by such concomitant symptoms:

  • sperm reduction
  • color change,
  • an admixture of blood
  • painful urination
  • itching
  • pain during intercourse.

IMPORTANT! With thick sperm with lumps or clots, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Examination of a man

What to do if the sperm is thick? To make a diagnosis, you must seek the advice of an andrologist, who will first collect a history and conduct an examination. The consistency of seminal fluid is one of the main indicators of male fertility, however, relying on some external indicators is not possible, laboratory tests are necessary.

The main analysis is spermogram, and conclusions are made on the basis of two or three results conducted with an interval of 10-14 days. During laboratory research, the ejaculate is examined under a microscope, during which several indicators are evaluated at once, the main ones are:

  • Viscosity. If the indicator is increased, then the cause may be inflammatory processes of the prostate, abuse of a certain group of drugs or alcohol.
  • The presence or absence of sperm aggregation. If it is present, then most likely the man has an inflammatory disease of the genitourinary system.

In addition, the analysis shows:

  • liquefaction rate
  • quantitative indicator
  • degree of mobility
  • the presence of mucus, white blood cells and red blood cells,
  • sperm morphology.

Spermogram should be carried out in the same medical institution during all studies, and decrypted by the same doctor.

We recommend you to read: How to conduct self-diagnosis of sperm at home?

Oligoastenoteratozoospermia - how to identify, treatment and reviews: https://hochu-detey.ru/men/sperm/oligoastenoteratozoospermiya.html

Problem treatment

Therapy for increased sperm viscosity depends on the diagnosis. So if a man was diagnosed with viscosipathy, then the treatment regimen is as follows:

  • the use of vitamin complexes containing zinc,
  • water balance support - at least 2 liters of water per day,
  • restriction of alcohol and nicotine and caffeine,
  • Broncho Tussin and Coldrex may also be prescribed.

A man can be prescribed a course of antibacterial drugs if the cause of the pathology is an inflammatory disease. Also, therapy may include:

  • hormone preparations
  • anti-inflammatory drugs
  • drugs to improve blood circulation in the genital area.

Sometimes the only way to solve the problem of thick sperm is surgery, it is performed with obstruction of the ejaculatory flows, varicocele.

How else can you make sperm less thick? There are alternative methods of treatment:

  • taking royal jelly
  • the use of pumpkin seeds and oil,
  • adding celery and parsley to the diet.
  • The best prevention of increasing the density of seminal fluid is regular sexual activity, drinking regimen, proper nutrition, wearing properly selected underwear, refusal to visit baths or saunas too often.
  • Examination of thick sperm on video:

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Sperm doesn’t shoot - is it worth worrying?

Men tend to perceive any, even the most insignificant, malfunctions in intimate life, as a universal problem.

And this applies not only to a weak or suddenly lost erection, because of which the night of passionate love fails, but also to weak ejaculation.

In fact, semen erupting in a fountain is the fruit of the stormy imagination of filmmakers of pornographic films, and in life this is a rather rare exception. Let's see why sperm doesn’t shoot, and is this normal?

For any man, close relationships with the opposite sex play an important role in life. And if something starts to go wrong, it becomes the cause of depression, heaps of complexes and confidence that there is no way out.

In addition, do not forget that a certain kind of films, sites on the Internet, etc.

they form a clear-cut image of a macho man, who tirelessly has sex all night, is able to endlessly realize the wildest fantasies of his partner and meet all her expectations.

And at the same time, the hero-lover spews semen with a fountain, literally flooding everything around. But we hasten to reassure men who perceive a situation unlike this as inferiority and deviation from the norm.

Yes, of course, in a young man, during ejaculation, the muscles of the vas deferens, prostate, urethra and perineum contract, the semen is excreted by tremors and under considerable pressure.

But the sperm beating in the fountain is also not inherent in a healthy man, as well as sluggishly flowing out in a thin stream.

Weak ejaculation, in which sperm flows out rather than shoots out, is in most cases a temporary phenomenon that can occasionally occur for many reasons. However, in some men, the absence of sperm pressure during ejaculation becomes permanent. Let's look at why this happens, what it says and how to fix the problem.

With age, a man's sexual activity decreases, the volume of the ejaculate decreases markedly, with ejaculation, the sperm does not come out under pressure, but flows smoothly. This is considered a completely natural condition for an elderly person, does not indicate any disease and is not a cause for concern.

Be careful: chronic prostatitis threatens prostate cancer in 89% of cases! ↑

When ignoring treatment, many patients experience problems such as impotence, high blood pressure and strong jumps in a psycho-emotional state.

How to be treated if cheating is everywhere? Journalist Scheinin conducted his investigation.

IN this article he discovered a drug that gave a significant result in the treatment of prostatitis and the restoration of erectile dysfunction - this Urotrin.

Reasons for weakened ejaculation ↑

In order for weak ejaculation not to give rise to far-reaching deplorable conclusions, you need to know what this condition can be caused by and whether it is a symptom of some kind of violation.

  • Methods for increasing the time of sexual contact - if a man carefully studies and implements such practices, especially when he does it regularly and for a long time, this can affect the intensity of ejaculation. Most often, it is worth stopping to practice such methods, and ejaculation returns to normal. Moreover, the main thing is to do this as soon as possible, until the weak pressure of sperm, indeed, has not turned into a painful symptom.
  • Age factor - in an elderly man, changes in the reproductive system are expressed not only in the weakening of an erection and lesser than in younger years, stamina. He also has a decrease in the amount of sperm secreted during ejaculation, which does not shoot forward under pressure, but results in tremors.
  • Psychological barrier - during intimacy, a man may experience constant fear of an unwanted pregnancy in a partner and pose subconscious obstacles to a full ejaculation. In such cases, the pressure of sperm can be weakened, up to the complete absence of ejaculation.
  • Long-term use of medications - some drugs, for example, drugs that lower blood pressure, antidepressants and other psychotropics.
  • Complications after surgery - some types of surgical treatment can lead to a weakening of ejaculation, premature ejaculation, a change in the duration of sexual contact.

If weak ejaculation has become a constant problem, be sure to consult a doctor and go through the examinations prescribed by him. This will help to identify possible violations in a timely manner and eliminate them quickly.

A disease that can cause mild ejaculation ↑

One of the fairly common reasons that semen has stopped shooting is a disorder called retrograde ejaculation. We decided to tell about him separately.

Retrograde ejaculation is a process in which semen moves in the opposite direction and is not released into the urethra, but into the bladder.

With this disease, there is weak ejaculation, when part of the sperm comes out and part in the bladder. Orgasm can persist, but the severity and brightness of sensations are significantly weakened.

Retrograde ejaculation can be observed with such pathologies:

  • Diabetes.
  • Genitourinary diseases.
  • Genetic disorders in the structure of the vas deferens.
  • Chronic form of prostatitis.
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Surgical treatment of disorders of the genitourinary system.
  • Age-related changes.

Often a man consoles himself with the fact that, in fact, he loses little, because male power and orgasm did not disappear, so there are no special reasons for feelings. However, this violation requires immediate medical attention, diagnosis and proper treatment.

To identify retrograde ejaculation, the patient undergoes an analysis of urine, which must be collected immediately after completion of intimate contact. If impurities of seminal fluid are found in the urine, the diagnosis is confirmed and appropriate treatment is prescribed.

To restore health, they conduct reflexology sessions, electrical stimulation of the prostate, and some other physiotherapeutic procedures.

In addition, it is recommended to try to have sex with a full bladder, when the valves block the access of sperm to this organ.

Ways to restore normal ejaculation ↑

Many men ask why sperm does not shoot, and what to do in order to increase the pressure and return the former male power. There is no single way to solve this problem, and it all depends on the causes of weakened ejaculation.

In case of fear of unwanted fertilization, it is worth using acceptable contraceptives. During lovemaking, you need to distract from unpleasant thoughts and focus on the process itself, getting pleasure and delivering it to your partner.

You must tell your doctor about the problems that will help identify their cause and conduct effective treatment.

What determines the amount of sperm: highlights

On average, with a three-day rest from sexual intercourse, sperm volume becomes 3-5 ml.

The amount of sperm depends on the following indicators:

  • The age of a man. An older man has significantly less sperm.
  • Stress.
  • Testicular injury.
  • Biking with the wrong seat.
  • Smoking and drugs.
  • Heavy workouts and overload on them.
  • Overuse of strong coffee and fatty meats.
  • Drinking alcohol, it exudes and dries the body, as well as the human seminal ducts.

What determines the amount of sperm discussed above. It is worth discussing the situation with sedentary sperm, how to increase their motility and quantity.

How to increase the amount of ejaculate: a list of rules

To increase the amount of ejaculate, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids. The amount of semen that is secreted during ejaculation depends on how much fluid is drunk. The main component of sperm is water, it serves as a moisturizer of sperm passages.A day for the normal functioning of the body, a person needs 2-3 liters of water per day.
  2. Remove heat from the testicles, the skin on them is very delicate. This is one of the reasons why the testicles grow outside, they regulate well at a temperature of no higher than 37 degrees. Do not often turn on the heated seats; do not often go to saunas, steam rooms and a jacuzzi. All this can be done, but not during the planning period for the conception of a child.
  3. No need to wear underwear that shakes. Close cowards will raise the temperature in the scrotum, and the ejaculate will be much less.
  4. There is no need to sit in the “foot to foot” position, as this greatly affects the volume of sperm secreted by the man, she also raises the temperature above normal.
  5. Refrain from ejaculation for a couple of days. The human body produces sperm at a rate of 15,000 sperm every second. Approximately 140-180 million is obtained per day. With each sperm eruption, sperm cells are less and less.

The amount of ejaculate can be increased by changing your diet.

  • You need to take more folic acid with zinc together. Zinc plays a major role in cell metabolism. The results of recent tests have shown that zinc in action with folic acid gives 74% of sperm volume. It is enough to take 66 mg of zinc sulfate and 5 mg of folic acid per day. If you take one zinc or folic acid, then this will not give a positive result.
  • How to increase the amount of ejaculant with drinking? You need to stop drinking sparkling water, as it contains corn syrup and has irreparable effects not only on the liver, but also on the amount of sperm excreted. When drinking soda in men, the amount of sperm is reduced by 30% compared with those who do not drink soda.
  • Include amino acids in your diet. Proteins are built from amino acids, with constant use they increase the amount of ejaculate. The most commonly prescribed amino acids are: L-arginine, L-carnitine, L-lysine.
  • Eat more fresh vegetables, as well as fruits. In their composition, they have many antioxidants, they increase the viability of sperm. Most antioxidants are found in red beans, cranberries, blackberries, artichokes, blueberries, apples and prunes.

How to increase the amount of ejaculate? Change your lifestyle!

  • Kegel exercises serve to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, are useful for women and men in particular, they not only improve the condition of the prostate, but prolong ejaculation and increase the number of ejaculate.
  • Getting rid of bad habits, especially smoking. When smoking, sperm volume decreases and sperm life is reduced. Smoking fathers have a much higher percentage of children with health problems.
  • Relieve stress. Stress inhibits the production of testosterone, which stimulates the production of ejaculate. Go in for sports, run. And finally - have safe sex, infectious diseases like herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea can lead to irreparable consequences (infertility).

How to increase sperm count through nutrition

In recent years, more and more men complain about the properties of sperm. This is affected by poor lifestyle, stress, ecology and various diseases. There is a problem of how to increase the number of sperm and improve the properties of sperm in cases where it is not possible to have a baby.

Healthy spermatozoa look like this: an oval head and a long tail. The function of spermatogenesis is well influenced by natural products created by nature, and the rejection of harmful foods.

In order to increase the number of sperm, the diet should include:

  • Vitamins Vitamin E is responsible for the sexual function of men. The minimum dose should be 10-15 mg, but during treatment it needs to be increased by 2-3 times. You can get it by eating 50-100 grams per day. almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant in the body. A man should receive 100 mg per day.This vitamin can be obtained from rose hips, parsley, dill, kiwi and citrus fruits. Folic acid is necessary for men during the conception of a child. Vitamin B11 is useful for increasing potency in men. Most of all it is present in meat, pumpkin seeds and nuts.
  • Minerals Especially there is such a drug, which in its composition has selenium and zinc, it is called Selzinc. In products of natural origin, these minerals are in pistachios and seafood.
  • A prerequisite for increasing sperm count in semen should be the exclusion of the following foods from the diet: smoked foods, sweets, fried foods, fast food, beer, pastries and buns.
  • Beer in its composition has harmful substances that adversely affect men.
  • First, testosterone production decreases.
  • Secondly, beer contains phytoestrogens, they are analogues of the sex hormones of women, and this even more affects the quantity and quality of sperm.
  • If you listen to these recommendations, then there should be no problems with conceiving a child.
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