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We treat prostatitis with a Chinese urological patch

In fact, there are really many ways to cure prostatitis. And the Chinese urological patch is far from last among them. For all the time that they are present on the market, they managed to prove themselves well and men no longer have doubts about their effectiveness.

Those who have not heard of him should understand in more detail what is a remedy from China?

Prostatitis patch: what is it?

This drug, although it would seem very simple, is used in the treatment of many male diseases. This list contains not only prostatitis, but also:

  • Benign formations on the prostate,
  • Impotence
  • Problems with the circulation of the pelvic organs,
  • Potency problems
  • Kidney problems.

It helps relieve lower back pain, groin, perineum. Eliminate pain during urination, as well as reduce the frequency of urges.

The basic composition and level of its effectiveness

The basis of this miraculous Chinese prostatitis patch is medicinal herbs. Each of them has a purely positive effect on the human body.

  • Asian plantain - prevents urolithiasis,
  • Bornean camphor - perfectly solves problems with the bladder,
  • Vaginal gyrus - does not allow blood to stagnate and blood clots to form. Very useful for various male ailments of the genitourinary system,
  • Cinnamon - improves blood flow, increases potency, prevents prostatitis,
  • Double-toothed gem - a powerful natural antibiotic,
  • Safflower Dye - purifies the blood,
  • Corydalis is doubtful - relieves pain and is an excellent tonic.

According to the manufacturer, in 2013, the company conducted special medical studies to establish how well the patch works. This test involved a thousand men who had first-hand knowledge of the problem of prostatitis. They used it for three weeks.

In the end, it was possible to find out that almost all men felt improvement in their condition after several days of use. And a little more than half of the subjects were able to completely and completely recover from prostatitis.

Chinese prostatitis patch: pros and cons

The Chinese urological patch for prostatitis has a whole list of advantages over other remedies for this disease. In particular, the following can be noted:

  • Affordable price,
  • Comfortable use
  • Short course of treatment
  • Anesthesia,
  • Complete organic composition and lack of chemistry,
  • The complete absence of side effects
  • Certificate of quality.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the drug, then it is only one - you can not drink alcohol during treatment. Although this can hardly be considered a significant minus, because during any course of treatment it is undesirable to take alcohol.

The effectiveness of the Chinese patch is explained by the healing qualities of medicinal herbs, extracts of which are included in its composition.


This Chinese drug is used in the treatment of many urological problems. Among them:

  • prostatitis,
  • potency problem
  • renal failure
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia,
  • circulatory disorders in the pelvic organs.
  • nephritis.

He helps in the fight against many unpleasant symptoms:

  • for pain in the lower back, rectum, area of ​​the scrotum and groin,
  • with pain during urination and a malfunction of the bladder,
  • with frequent urination.

At the heart of transdermal patch from prostatitis - healing herbs. Each of these herbs in the presence of prostatitis due to its qualities has a positive effect on the human body.

  1. Bornean camphor helps with diseases of the bladder.
  2. Plantain asian prevents the formation of stones in the urinary tract.
  3. Cinnamon increases potency, improves blood circulation and actively resists diseases of the prostate gland.
  4. Girchevik vaginal struggles with blood clots and blood stasis. It is useful for impotence, prostatitis, hemorrhoids and diseases of the bladder.
  5. Using Corydalis tuber dubious helps to cure impotence. They act as a tonic, painkiller and firming agent.
  6. Double-Toothed Gem is a natural antibiotic. They treat diseases of the genitourinary system and urolithiasis.
  7. Safflower Dyeing - an excellent blood purifier.

Chinese prostatitis patch: advantages and disadvantages

Chinese plasters have many undeniable advantages, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • absence of harmful substances and absolute safety. They are non-toxic and do not contain chemicals.
  • low cost
  • availability of quality certificates.
  • no side effects when used.
  • ease of use.
  • fast analgesic effect.
  • the shortest time of treatment.

The disadvantage of such devices is only one.

With prostatitis, a Chinese patch cannot be combined with the use of alcoholic beverages.

But such a minus, in fact, is not a minus. After all, any treatment involves a partial or complete rejection of alcohol.

Excellence solution

Prostatitis patch excellence solution combines the effectiveness of traditional medicines with the experience of modern doctors.

Such a patch includes natural components, each of which has its own role:

  1. Copsis root stabilizes the work of the stomach and liver.
  2. Liquorice root strengthens the walls of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure.
  3. Trihozant beneficial effect on the immune system.
  4. Anemarren Root cleanses the kidneys and liver, and rice seeds rid the body of toxins.

Prostatic navel plasters

Prostatitis patch prostatic navel plasters acts as a drug that can replace weeks and even months of therapeutic therapy. It is indispensable for diseases of the prostate gland, effective and safe.


  1. Medicinal Verbena.
  2. Amur Velvet and chastukha.
  3. Safflower Dyeing (relieves prostate disease).
  4. Gyrchernik acts as a natural antispasmodic.
  5. Cinnamon enhances potency, prevents the inflammatory process in the prostate, significantly improves blood circulation.
  6. Two-toothed gem - a natural antibiotic with a hemostatic effect.
  7. Asian plantain solves the problem of poor urination, helps restore normal blood circulation.
  8. Bornean camphor helps relieve inflammation,
  9. Corydalis dubious relieves pain in the groin, acts as a diuretic and tonic element.


How to use urological patch from prostatitis? The drug requires correct use. But there is nothing complicated in its use.

Therapeutic Chinese patch for prostatitis - instructions for use:

  1. Wash with soap and water the area around the navel, thoroughly wipe it.
  2. To avoid unpleasant and painful sensations, the hair is shaved off at the place of bonding.
  3. The package is opened along the cut line, removed patch.
  4. A paper sticker is removed from it, after which it neatly joins the body with a sticky side.
  5. Wear the device not less than 72 hours.
  6. The patch is removed, the sticking place is washed again with water.
  7. After a day, a new one is glued.
  8. The minimum course of treatment for prostatitis with a Chinese patch is 24 days. During this time, 6 plasters will be used, as you can easily calculate.

Where to glue chinese patch from prostatitis? To the navel area. It is here that many vessels are located that carry blood to the pelvic organs.

The sticker heats up from the heat of the human body, and its medicinal substances through vessels freely penetrate into the blood.

See below where to glue a patch for prostatitis:


  1. The most effective and proven - Mighty Tool. They write a lot about him, reviews can be read here.
  2. You can use different exercises to enlarge the penis.
  3. Using enlargement devices such as an extender.
  4. And, of course, the surgical route is a dangerous operation, but it is 100% working.
  • Wash the navel and groin area, wipe dry,
  • In the place of gluing, it’s better to shave the fluff, so as to prevent pain later,
  • Remove the adhesive from the packaging.
  • Remove the paper “fuse” and gently stick on the skin in the inguinal region,
  • You must wear the patch for at least three days, but every day you need to change it to a new one,
  • The minimum duration of use of patches for treatment is equal to 24 days.

An important point! Manufacturers of the Chinese prostatitis patch highly recommend two or even three consecutive courses of treatment to achieve an early effect.

How does this patch work?

Glue the patch under the navel. That is, almost to the groin area. Why here? In this zone are the vessels that transport blood to the pelvic organs. Body temperature heats the composition, and the healing substances of herbs penetrate the pores into the bloodstream and are transported through the vessels.

If a man set himself the goal of prevention rather than treatment, the course should not last longer than six days. In accordance with the opinions of experts about this tool, in order to obtain a stable result, three courses must be conducted.

If an allergy occurs as a result of using the product, you must immediately remove it and rinse the skin with water. After which it is advisable to consult an allergist.

During the course, it is important for a man to completely limit himself from spicy, salty or fried foods. Smoked meats should also be discarded. Do not drink alcohol and soda. It is also required to limit physical activity.

Buying this Chinese patch is important only on trusted sites - otherwise there is a risk of stumbling into a fake. And it can harm your health!

What effect can be expected and after what time?

Chinese remedies for the prostatitis in question have passed many clinical trials.

During one of the experiments 95% of men felt relief already 3-4 days after wearing the sticker on the stomach. 50% of patients completely cured of prostatitis.

Efficiency Chinese prostatitis treatment recognized by many experts and confirmed by positive reviews of men from around the world who managed to get rid of an unpleasant and dangerous disease through their use.

Doctors note that the effect of using a Chinese patch for prostatitis appears in a few days in men of any age.

Its most obvious plus is safety for the body. Even if the disease is severe, the Chinese device can be used as a remedy.

When and what exactly is the effect expected?

As already mentioned, Chinese urological patches underwent serious medical tests, during which only about half of the subjects were able to recover. But almost everyone noted a relief of symptoms within a few days.

The effectiveness of this generation of Chinese medicine was recognized by many medical experts around the world.As well as many patients who have experienced the effect of the patch on themselves.

Reviews on the use of the Chinese patch for prostatitis claim that a noticeable effect on the use of this urological patch for the prostate occurs within a few days of use, regardless of the age of the patient. It is worth recognizing that its main advantage lies in the complete safety of this drug for the body. It can be used for any severity of the disease.

Contraindications and the possibility of overdose

Contraindications to the use of an adhesive plaster for prostatitis:

  1. While wearing prostatitis patch, you should limit yourself in terms of nutrition: exclude salinity, spicy foods and alcohol. It is best to refrain from meat and dairy products.
  2. No need to glue the drug to places where the skin damagedfor example, for cuts.
  3. When allergies Chinese prostatitis medications should be used carefully or not at all.

Overdose and restrictions on use

If there are scratches or other wounds on the skin in the glued area, the adhesive should not be glued,

It is better to refuse heavy food and alcohol, carbonated drinks. In addition, it is better not to use any dairy or meat products at all - this can worsen the condition,

If after or during use of the patch from prostatitis an allergic reaction in any manifestation has become noticeable, it is worth immediately removing it and completely discontinuing use - it’s better not to risk it, you can only make it worse.

Remembering the so-called overdose, in the case of the Chinese patch, it is completely excluded. Indeed, in the case of this healing agent, all the beneficial components pass through the skin pores directly into the blood without affecting the gastrointestinal tract.


To acquire chinese urological patches It is recommended on the official website of manufacturers or in online stores with a good reputation.

Remember that the likelihood of fakes is quite high, so when buying, it is better to give preference to the seller, trustworthy.

And finally

Specialists recommend buying Chinese urological patches only on the official websites of manufacturers or in trusted online stores. Otherwise, there is a high risk of running into a fake. So you can not only spend money on something that does not bring the desired effect, but also harm yourself! Therefore, no risk.

What it is

The Chinese plaster for prostatitis is a sticker with healing components applied on it. The product is manufactured using a transdermal technique known for its beneficial properties. The shell itself has a fabric base and a film coating. A layer of natural substances that are converted into nanoparticles is applied to it. As a result, the healing mixture has the ability to penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin and reach the inflamed area.

When the patch is placed on the affected area, the release of active particles begins almost immediately. Moreover, the preparation does not contain toxic compounds, does not have chemical ingredients and is easy to use.

Application area

Chinese prostatitis patch is a topical transdermal drug. The instruction assumes its use in the following cases:

  • BPH.
  • Prostatitis in the acute stage and chronic form.
  • Impotence.
  • Disorders in urination.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and lower back associated with urological diseases.
  • Discomfort in the perineum or scrotum.
  • Early ejaculation.
  • Pathology of the kidneys.
  • Infertility.

As you can see, the list of indications is large in the Chinese patch for prostatitis. The opinion of urologists on his account varies, but all experts agree on one thing, that the product is able to help cure only at an early stage.If the disease is acute or has become neglected, the drug can be used to alleviate the condition of the patient as part of a comprehensive treatment.

Features of use

Some features of the Chinese plaster for prostatitis. Where to glue the product is as important as the treatment time. The developers claim that it is necessary to place a medical sticker in the navel area. The choice of place is not random and is justified by the opinion of ancient Chinese healers, who are convinced that this part of the man’s body is responsible for the entire reproductive system. Therefore, all therapeutic components that are applied to the patch should be absorbed here.

How does a patch cope with a male illness

The Chinese urological patch for prostatitis is made in the form of pieces of cotton material with an adhesive base, like conventional plasters. Therapeutic therapy occurs due to the internal application of extracts of medicinal plants. Phased absorption into the skin, manifested by a positive effect, with the elimination of signs of the disease.

The Chinese patch is glued (from prostatitis) in the navel, as the instructions for use say. This application is associated with ancient Chinese studies. Chinese sages and healers believed that the navel point is the center of the entire human body, where all meridians run off.

There is no need to argue with ancient medicine, since the remedy really has a healing effect. Of course, if you follow the instructions for use of the Chinese patch for prostatitis.

Proven Efficiency

Those who wish to try the effect of the Chinese patch on prostatitis are very interested in the effectiveness of the medicine. According to the manufacturer, more recently (2013) a number of studies were conducted, in which more than 1000 volunteers were accepted. For a month, men who have problems with the prostate gland used a healing sticker, as prescribed by the instructions. The test results showed the following results:

  • More than half of patients who had mild disorders have fully restored their health.
  • The rest noted persistent improvements and relief.

The product is manufactured by several pharmaceutical companies. The best known drugs are Prostatic Navel Plaster, Zhongbangzhenggutie and Bangdelipai. The principle of operation is the same for them, so you can consider them to be analogues and consider common signs without focusing on a particular brand.


The prostatitis patch is a health product, it contains no chemical components, no toxins, with a lot of obvious advantages.

  • Active healing components act extremely quickly.
  • During use for 3 days, around the clock, there is a constant intake of healing substances.
  • The patch for the treatment of prostatitis has no chemical effect on the organs.
  • The active components caused by assimilation have minimal loss.
  • Therapeutic therapy with a patch from the prostate does not have unpleasant or painful sensations (injections, droppers, medication).
  • The patch helps stimulate metabolic processes.
  • Medicines go directly to the affected area, with the greatest concentration.
  • It has no side effects, without harm to the liver and gastrointestinal tract.
  • When using a patch from China there are no restrictions on the activity of everyday life - the tool does not create discomfort.
  • A complex positive effect on the digestive organs and the genitourinary system was noted.
  • Meets GMP, ISO standards.

The transdermal urological patch supplies the foci of inflammation of the affected organs with healing substances, especially in those areas where the drug penetration through the blood supply system is difficult due to impaired blood flow.

Features of the treatment of prostatitis using a Chinese urological patch

Prostatitis causes many inconveniences to patients. It negatively affects the quality of sexual life, often leads to infertility, sometimes it is accompanied by other diseases of the genitourinary system, such as urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis. One of the most serious consequences of prostatitis is prostate cancer, which is dangerous fatal. But even in the absence of complications with prostatitis, there are a lot of unpleasant symptoms that affect the well-being of the patient. That is why doctors are trying to diagnose this disease as early as possible and treat it with a variety of methods. In addition to traditional treatment, traditional medicine is often used, and new tools are being developed to overcome pathology. One such remedy is a Chinese urological patch for prostatitis. It gained fame relatively recently, and it was created on the basis of the principles of Chinese medicine. They consist in influencing certain areas of the human body, during which it is possible to overcome diseases of the internal organs.

Find out if the Chinese patch for prostatitis works, reviews from doctors and patients will help. I must say that there is no unequivocal opinion on the effectiveness of this tool. Some doctors are wary of him, preferring to use more familiar methods of therapy. Others prescribe a patch for prostate pathologies as part of a comprehensive treatment. Patients, in most cases, are satisfied with the results. Therefore, it is worthwhile to understand in more detail what constitutes a Chinese plaster for prostatitis, what are the instructions for its use, whether it has contraindications and what features of the drug should be paid attention to.

Patch therapy

The patch (urological) in the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system, shows high results of innovative methods. After using the drug, positive manifestations were noted:

  • normalization of the urinary process,
  • quantitative reduction of puffiness,
  • improved potency, increased sexual activity,
  • normalization of blood supply to the body,
  • rapid elimination of painful symptoms, with the elimination of pain when emitting urine,
  • prophylactic enlargement of the prostate gland,
  • in the membranes of the gastrointestinal tract there is an improvement in peristalsis,
  • removal of the activity of inflammatory processes.

The advantages of therapeutic therapy with a patch include ease of use, without skills, stock of knowledge and special skill. The ease and safety of medical therapy has a quick effective result.

The composition of the drug

The popularity of this method is explained by its high results and safety. Prostaticnavelplasters is made from natural ingredients, so it has very few contraindications and almost no risk of side effects. Its composition includes extracts of medicinal plants, which not only do not harm the body, but also contribute to its general healing through strengthening immunity. This means that the Chinese patch intended for the treatment of prostatitis can also be used by those who still do not have this problem - for prophylactic purposes - and there will be no harm from this (with the exception of cases when there is an individual sensitivity to the composition).

The active substances of the patch are diverse. It:

  • Safflower. Its main property is the purification of blood from toxins and toxic elements. Also, its substances are necessary so that other components of the patch penetrate the skin.
  • Plantain Asian. Thanks to him, blood circulation is activated. It inhibits the formation of kidney stones.
  • Corydalis is doubtful. It has an analgesic effect and effectively fights impotence. It has a tonic and firming effect on the body.
  • Two-toothed gem.This plant is one of the natural antibiotics. Since ancient times, it has been used to treat pathologies of the genitourinary system. Thanks to it, the risk of kidney stones formation is reduced. In addition, it is characterized by a general strengthening effect on the body and the ability to increase immunity.
  • Gyrchernik With it, you can prevent the formation of blood clots. It also has sedative properties, is able to eliminate cramping and pain.
  • Cinnamon. It is designed to relieve inflammation and improve blood circulation. In addition, the component performs antiseptic functions and accelerates the metabolism.
  • Camphor Borneian. This component serves to prevent adenoma and improves erectile function. He also fights with pain, prevents the development of male infertility and eliminates problems with urination.

All plants that make up the therapeutic patch are crushed to the smallest particles, which ensures their penetration into the deeper parts of the body. So they reach the lesions and eliminate pathological phenomena.

The components in the preparation complement each other's effects and ensure the achievement of results. That is why most patients respond positively to this tool. Nevertheless, you should understand the principle of action of this medicine.

Components Included

The Chinese patch for prostatitis composition is completely natural, which guarantees its safety. Stickers include components that have long been used by local Chinese healers to eliminate the inflammatory process in the prostate gland. All substances have been used in traditional medicine in China for more than two thousand years, which indicates their uniqueness.

  • Plantain Asian. A urological patch based on it prevents the formation of sand in the kidneys, accelerates blood flow and strengthens the walls of blood vessels in the genitals.
  • Verbena. A plant with a pronounced anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • Corydalis is doubtful. The component relieves pain, tones blood vessels and returns excellent potency. The alkaloids contained in the plant are a powerful natural antibiotic. In addition, the substance has a diuretic effect.
  • Cinnamon. Provides "masculine" strength and maintains potency at the proper level.
  • Camphor Borneian. It guarantees sex drive. Beneficial effect on blood, dilutes it and prevents the formation of blood clots. It has an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Two-tootted strawflower. Natural antibiotic. Actively struggling with the inflammatory process.
  • Chastukha. The plant is able to dissolve and remove calculi from the bladder and kidneys.
  • Amur velvet. Healing plant, which contains flavonoids, essential oils and vitamins. It has a tonic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The vaginal gyrus A rare plant that can suppress the disease at the very beginning. It has a beneficial effect on the body and has an analgesic effect.

Medicinal plants based patches are quite effective against prostatitis and other urological pathologies.

How to apply

Before using the patch, you must make sure that there is no allergic manifestation on any component of the drug. If during treatment there are discomfort, redness, rash, itching, remove the sticker and consult a doctor.

Only with proper use can one hope for a cure using a Chinese plaster for prostatitis. Instructions for use contain the following information:

  • The skin around the navel must be washed with soap and dried thoroughly.
  • If long hair grows in this area, it is recommended to remove it. This measure will help the active components absorb better, and removing the sticker will not lead to unpleasant sensations.
  • Remove the protective film and place the product on the navel.
  • For exposure, it can be left for a period of not more than three days.
  • In order not to reduce the effect of healing substances, it is important to prevent moisture from entering the patch site.
  • If there is a need to use a repeated dose of the drug, then it is important to take a break for a day.

Treatment duration

Prostatic Navel Plaster, as well as stickers from other manufacturers, can be used in courses. For 24 days, 6 pieces will be required. According to urologists, in order to achieve lasting improvements in health, it is necessary to repeat at least three such sessions.

Sometimes urologists recommend a therapeutic patch for preventive purposes. In this case, the treatment should not last more than 3-6 days.


A urological patch cannot be glued to damaged skin if it has abrasions, scratches and inflammatory processes. Chinese doctors warn that during treatment it is important to follow a diet and limit such foods:

In addition, alcohol is completely prohibited. Alcohol, in general, negatively affects the condition of the prostate gland, therefore this warning is also relevant for other methods of treatment.

A fairly new drug in the Russian market is the Chinese plaster for prostatitis. Its effectiveness has not yet been fully confirmed, but there are many reviews of its beneficial effects on the male body. The sticker can eliminate unpleasant symptoms and suppress the disease at the very beginning. It is important that the healing components do not harm and in any case have some healing effect. But it should be understood that the therapeutic patch is not the main medicine. In advanced cases, he can only get rid of some unpleasant symptoms.

Opinions of Urologists

The Chinese plaster for prostatitis causes an mixed reaction of specialists. Some doctors advise their patients to use a transdermal drug as an additional tool. They are confident in the effect of the medication and see the results of such treatment. However, the number of active components is so small that they are not able to radically change the situation. Some doctors do not even agree that the sticker is able to eliminate discomfort. These doctors consider the patch another swindle of the population.

Miracle cure or high risk

According to the reviews of those who have already managed to take advantage of this method, which is somewhat unusual for our country, the patch really helps. The condition of a man improves markedly from the first application. Pain disappears. Some note the disappearance of frequent urination. There is a return of sexual desire, increased potency.

Important! Specialists treat such products with caution.

The main danger in the use of the patch is considered the danger of self-medication. Diagnosis and treatment of prostatitis by traditional methods can be quite an unpleasant procedure. To avoid these unpleasant sensations, men self-prescribe patches for themselves and begin treatment.

Meanwhile prostatitis and BPH - dangerous diseases requiring medical consultation without fail.

And the patient may need more radical methods of treatment. A delay in seeking medical help can lead to complications and the transition of the disease into sharp and chronic forms.

Opinions of men

The Chinese patch for prostatitis collected patient reviews very diverse. Among the positive aspects, the following can be noted:

  • The inflammatory process in the prostate gland quickly stops, so the pain, burning and discomfort during going to the toilet disappear.
  • An erection is restored.
  • Blood circulation is normalized, in this regard, swelling and cramps pass.
  • The hormonal background normalizes, so overall health is within normal limits.

Those who have tried the Chinese plaster for prostatitis, claim that increased sex drive, pain during ejaculation disappear. During the examination, urologists note that degenerative signs of changes in the pelvis are noticeably reduced. Since the inflammatory process is eliminated, the risks of a strong proliferation of the prostate gland are reduced.

Patients believe that Chinese medicine can work wonders. After using the patch, they noted a surge of strength, a decrease in pain and a decrease in the inflammatory process. Many found an increase in libido and a manifestation of sexual activity, which they have not experienced for a long time.

Of course, not all patients benefit from a sticker. There are reviews of allergic reactions with the use of a medical patch. On some, the patch had no effect. Pain remained, and irritation appeared on the skin. We can say that the action of the sticker is individual, depending on the specific symptoms and neglect of prostatitis.

Therapeutic effect of the patch

The plant components that make up the medicinal mass of the patch are indeed have a beneficial effect on the man’s body and can accelerate the removal of inflammation, eliminate pain, ease the general condition. The substances indicated in the composition are really absorbed by the body through the skin. Therefore, if we talk about the presence of a therapeutic effect in the patch - yes, they are.

Adhesive patch and adenoma

Due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, urological patch can be used not only with prostatitis, but also in the case of many other diseases of the genitourinary system. Including with prostate adenoma. It can help reduce its size, relieve pain, and gradually eliminate the pathogenic microflora.

The principle of the patch

The patch is an adhesive-based cloth impregnated with a medicinal composition. Glued under the navel. The medicine is absorbed through the skin, quickly reaching the destination. When in contact with the body, the patch gradually heats up a little, and the medicine from it begins to be released slowly and dosed.

According to the manufacturer, the urological patch helps:

  • Accelerate blood circulation.
  • Removal of inflammatory processes.
  • Strengthening sex drive.
  • Prevent enlarged prostate.
  • Restore an erection.

A few words about the composition

The medicinal mass impregnating the patch consists mainly of plant components:

  1. Asian plantain is a common component of many drugs for diseases of the genitourinary system. Promotes normalization of blood circulation, prevents the formation of kidney stones.
  2. Corydalis is doubtful - a painkiller that tones blood vessels. It has a beneficial effect on the male body with impotence.
  3. Safflower dyeing is a powerful blood purifier. Eliminates pathogenic flora, has anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Double-toothed gem - is a natural antibiotic. Effectively relieves pain.
  5. Wallich's gyrchik - eliminates blood stasis, due to which effectively fights diseases of the male and female genitourinary system.
  6. Cinnamon - increases male energy. Stimulates blood circulation, relieves inflammation of the prostate.
  7. Camphor Borneian - powerful stimulant of sexual desire. It is actively used in eastern medicine to treat diseases of the male reproductive system.

How to apply the patch

How to attach the patch:

  1. Fasten only to clean and dry skin.. Wipe the attachment point with alcohol first. Also recommended remove hair at patch patch.
  2. Remove the adhesive from the package.
  3. Remove the protective film.
  4. Glue the patch under the navel in one confident motion.If the first one didn’t succeed smoothly and correctly, throw it away and take a new one.

For maximum effectiveness, a number of rules for using the patch should be observed:

You can wear the patch for up to three days. After application, the skin must be washed and soaked for a day before gluing a fresh patch.

For the treatment of prostatitis patch applies for at least a month (should leave 7-8 pieces).

For preventive purposes, it will be enough to use 1-3 plasters.

Do not wet patches. At the time of use, you should refuse to take a shower or do it carefully so that water does not get on the patch.

Prostate adenoma and prostatitis have similar symptoms, so they are often confused with each other. But in any case, these diseases affect the prostate, which can result in negative consequences for the health of men. If treatment of the prostate is not timely, then inflammation can lead to the appearance of impotence and infertility in the patient. Today, such a product as a special urological Chinese plaster for prostatitis has gained great popularity. Reviews about him are impressive.

Chinese plasters for prostatitis

Before you buy a Chinese urological patch in pharmacies or order in an online store with home delivery, you need to find out what it is. The Chinese urological patch for prostatitis is a safe and natural remedy with good effectiveness, which will help a man regain his health. It can also help with prostate adenoma, the presence of pain in the scrotum. It has the following advantages:

  • absolute non-toxicity
  • convenient use
  • lack of chemical components.

Before buying the described product, contact a specialist who, after an appropriate study, will note the current state of health, and depending on the clinical symptoms of prostatitis, this adhesive patch can be prescribed. In addition, it is important to identify the presence of an allergy to the use of the drug. Often, a urological transdermal patch for men is used for prevention. When using this tool, the patient needs to abandon the use of alcoholic beverages! The benefits of exposure are as follows:

  • fast analgesic effect
  • removal of the inflammatory process and swelling,
  • increased blood circulation,
  • improved urination,
  • improvement of intestinal motility,
  • libido enhancement
  • restoration of an erection,
  • the shortest time of treatment
  • positive effect on the male body.

ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster

If you plan to buy a urological patch for men in pharmacies, then for a start pay attention to such an option as ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster, which is able to eliminate the cause of the disease, and not the consequence. Reviews of it indicate that the urological patch ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster helps increase potency, and some components can cleanse blood plasma from toxins and toxins. Other pathologies that can be cured:

  • severe inflammation of the prostate gland,
  • prostate adenoma,
  • the presence of renal failure,
  • nephritis,
  • chronic and acute prostatitis,
  • inflammation of the genitourinary system, bladder, urinary tract and kidneys.

Bangdelipai Zhongbangzhenggutie

Having decided to choose a Chinese patch used for medical purposes, be sure to read the reviews about this tool and compare the cost of the varieties. Widespread use in the East and recently in other countries of the world has found Bangdelipai Zhongbangzhenggutie patch, whose sales are growing from year to year. Its properties are as follows:

  • blood circulation stimulation,
  • treatment of severe inflammatory processes of the prostate gland,
  • blocking the growth of the prostate gland.

The composition includes a two-toothed gem, vaginal gyrnichen, Asian plantain, Bornean camphor, dyeing safflower, dubious crested cinnamon. The listed components are able to have a therapeutic effect on pain in the scrotum and lower back, sexual dysfunction and some other problems. Glue a medical patch for prostatitis of this type, like all others, it is necessary on the washed and dried navel area.

Chinese plaster with a tiger

The Tiger patch is very popular, which includes components such as musk, resin, cloves, dried ginger rhizome, Asian centella, etc. This tool improves blood circulation, anesthetizes and relieves swelling and bruising with a further improvement in local metabolism. Thanks to the use of this product, which is now possible to buy even at a discount, blood circulation in the prostate gland is improved and urination is improved.

Often such a patch is used to treat muscle injury, sinusitis, radiculitis, neuritis, arthritis and inflammatory processes of various etiologies. In pharmacies you can find several varieties: Green Tiger, White Tiger, Yellow Tiger, Red Tiger, Blue Tiger. The main difference between these variations is the price, because buying some can be expensive, others cheap. But if you need a specific variety, then carefully study the packaging and the photo on it.

Urological patch for men instructions for use

You can find detailed instructions on how to use this product correctly on the packaging or on the manufacturer’s official website, however, many men are interested in where exactly the adhesive patch should be glued. In order to correctly apply the Chinese patch, you should follow a few simple steps listed below:

  1. Wash the area of ​​the skin under the belly button thoroughly, dispose of the hairs and dry thoroughly.
  2. Open the packaging in a specially designed incision.
  3. Take the urological patch for men and peel off the paper layer.
  4. Glue with a sticky layer on the navel, on dry skin.
  5. Remove the product after three days.
  6. Before gluing a new patch, take a break for a day.

Where could I buy?

You can buy a special patch for prostatitis in Moscow, St. Petersburg or in any other city without leaving your home, in the online store. Thanks to the World Wide Web, at any time you can find out how much your order will cost, conduct price monitoring to find the best option in terms of cost. But if the need for such products is urgent and you do not have time to wait for delivery, then you can purchase it at almost any pharmacy.

Inflammatory disease of the prostate often gives complications that lead to decreased sexual function in men and other equally serious problems. A good alternative to the traditional medications used in the treatment of inflammatory pathology of the prostate is the Chinese plaster for prostatitis. The creators of this unique product took into account the centuries-old experience of Chinese healers, who from ancient times cured men of many pathologies of the genital area with the help of medicinal plants.

The principle of action and therapeutic effect of plasters

The principle of action of the patch from prostatitis is based on the belief of Chinese medicine that all the main meridians of the human body are connected in the area of ​​the navel of a person. The use of the patch in this place allows you to carry with the bloodstream all the healing components of the product that penetrate the skin. As a result, a therapeutic and preventive effect is achieved.

Chinese prostatitis patches, reviews of which are mostly positive, have the following effects:

  1. The product eliminates pain in the lower back, scrotum and perineum.
  2. Urine diversion improves, its quantity normalizes.
  3. The pain that occurs during ejaculation and urination is eliminated.
  4. Potency is restored.
  5. Increases libido.

Important! The complex effect of all ingredients improves blood circulation. As a result, stagnant processes are eliminated, harmful cholesterol is reduced, excretory function is improved, male organ edema is eliminated.

The composition of the Chinese patch

The Chinese plaster for prostatitis has many components in its composition, each of which complements and activates the action of another ingredient. The composition of the Chinese product includes the following medicinal plants:

  • Chinese gyrrheum has a firming and analgesic effect. It eliminates cramping and helps reduce inflammation. The extract has antitumor properties.
  • A double-toothed strawflower is a diuretic that fights inflammation of the urethra and urea.
  • Bornean camphor has an analgesic effect, reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation.
  • Dye safflower is an antiseptic plant with a diuretic and astringent effect. It is used as a conductor that improves the penetration of other active ingredients into the skin.
  • Asian plantain normalizes blood circulation, protects against vascular sclerosis in the male organ.
  • A deceptive corydalis is a medicinal herb that should be used as a diuretic and anesthetic. It is advisable to use it in the role of a tonic, restorative and hemostatic composition.
  • This urological product includes cinnamon, which is a powerful antiseptic. It reduces the severity of the inflammatory process, increases potency and improves microcirculation.
  • The patch for prostatitis incorporates verbena grass, which has an analgesic and absorbable effect.
  • Amur velvet also contains adhesive tape, which contains tannins, essential oils, flavanoids and vitamins. It has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, tonic and antibacterial effects.
  • The use of the compound of grass in the composition of the product allows to obtain a pronounced anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antimicrobial effect.

Instructions for use

Urological Chinese plasters are used to treat the following pathologies:

  • renal failure
  • nephritis,
  • for the treatment of chronic and acute prostatitis,
  • prescribed for adenoma of the male gland,
  • with inflammatory pathologies of the urea, urinary tract and kidneys,
  • used to increase potency,
  • with impotence, weak erection and male infertility.

The Chinese urological patch is not applied to the area of ​​the diseased organ, but is fixed in the navel area. The product is used as follows:

  1. The skin in the navel area should be well shaved, washed with soap and wiped dry.
  2. Remove the protective film from the product and attach it with the sticky side to the skin near the navel. It is not recommended to glue the patch.
  3. The product should be on the skin for no more than three days, after which it is removed.
  4. After removing the product, the skin in this place is washed with soap.
  5. Before gluing a new patch, take a break for 24 hours.

For preventive purposes, the product is recommended for use by all men, as it improves blood circulation in the pelvis and protects against many pathologies of the genital area.

Prostatitis and its forms

Inflammation of the prostate gland can be of two types: infectious and non-infectious. Infectious prostatitis, in turn, happens tuberculous.

Different forms of the disease require different duration and intensity of courses of treatment with drug therapy, folk remedies and Chinese urological plaster for prostatitis.

Infectious disease

Caused by bacteria, viruses and other infectious microorganisms. Diagnosed by examination, urinalysis, urine culture and blood test. The acute form cures faster and easier chronic form. Their symptoms are different from each other.

Acute infectious prostatitis:

  • Fever.
  • Painful urination.
  • Urine mixed with blood.
  • Severe pain in the perineum.
  • Soreness during ejaculation and after intercourse.
  • Feeling sick, nausea, headaches.

Chronic form of the disease:

  • Pain during ejaculation and after intercourse,
  • Pain during urination,
  • Pain in the lower abdomen and discomfort in the perineum,
  • Genital discharge,
  • A slight increase in body temperature,

Tuberculosis inflammation


  • Tolerable aching pain in the perineum,
  • Pain in the scrotum and penis,
  • Mild pain in the anus
  • Violation of urination (difficult, rapid, painful, often at night, etc.),
  • Pain after urination and after intercourse,

Treatment of tuberculous inflammation of the prostate gland is a long process.

Non-infectious disease

Symptoms of a chronic and acute form are slightly different.

Acute form:

  • Fever.
  • Drawing pains in the perineum and lower back, extending to the lower abdomen.
  • Severe weakness, poor health.
  • Frequent, painful urination.
  • Impaired urination.

Chronic form:

  • Constant urination, the same during the day and night.
  • Incomplete bladder emptying.
  • Painful bowel movement.
  • Periodic pain in the lower abdomen.
  • Problems with erection and ejaculation.
  • Psychological problems (fears of sexual intercourse and erectile dysfunction).
  • Decreased libido.
  • Chronic fatigue.

Duration of acute treatment Chinese patch - from 14 days to 60 days. Chronic form - 45-90 days.

The acute form of the disease proceeds with pronounced symptoms that can occur instantly or increase over several days. Chronic inflammation of the prostate develops for a long time (from several weeks to several years). Symptoms of the disease are not expressed or are uncertain (suitable for several urological and other diseases).

Patch composition

Chinese urological patch for prostatitis suggests getting rid of the causes of the disease, and not just the symptoms. Transdermal patch for prostatitis effectively fights against the main diseases of male sexual health (all types of inflammation of the prostate gland, problems with erection and ejaculation, urination and pain in the scrotum).

Most plant extracts that make up the product have anti-inflammatory effect and are used in folk recipes for various inflammatory diseases.


  • gyrchineum Chinese (anti-inflammatory and antitumor effect).
  • Chastukha (effective for congestion).
  • two-toothed strawflower (diuretic, antitoxic agent).
  • Borney camphor (improves blood circulation, dilates blood vessels).
  • safflower dyeing (analgesic, antipyretic, fixing).
  • medicinal verbena (anti-inflammatory, regenerative).
  • Asian plantain (diuretic, antibacterial, antipyretic).
  • Amur dune (anti-inflammatory, antipyretic).
  • Corydalis deceitful / doubtful (tonic, diuretic, analgesic, regenerating).
  • cinnamon (anesthetic, vasodilator).
  • purslane (anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, regenerating).

How to use a urological patch for prostatitis we will consider later in this article.

Impact Features

The patch for the treatment of prostatitis is developed based on the methods used by Chinese doctors. Most often it is acupuncture, during which it affects certain areas of the body.Each of these areas is responsible for the functioning of various internal organs. The patches also affect the area on which they are glued.

Chinese healing plasters are a sheath made of a film and tissue, inside of which are medicinal substances. These substances penetrate the skin further, after which they have the necessary effect to eliminate the symptoms of pathology. The main useful properties of this tool are the following features:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation.
  • The elimination of inflammation.
  • Libido recovery.
  • Cessation of proliferation of the prostate gland.
  • Getting rid of pain.
  • Normalization of urination.
  • Stimulation of intestinal motility.
  • Removal of edema.
  • Restoration of potency.

When used correctly, the Chinese urological patch for prostatitis has a beneficial effect on the entire body of a man as a whole. Patients who have had to use it respond positively about it. Negative reviews are usually left by those who used such patches without consulting a specialist. This remedy has contraindications, so you should not use it without recommendations and studying the instructions.

The urological patch can be used not only for prostatitis, but also for prostate adenoma - it has almost the same symptoms, and an adenoma develops under the influence of the same factors. But in this case, caution is needed. If you follow the instructions, then the Chinese urological patch for prostate adenoma will help normalize intimate life and get rid of dangerous pathologies.

The composition of the urological patch

The product consists of a rich, natural composition of natural substances. Plant extracts contribute to the treatment of the patient's body, with the elimination of disturbing symptoms. Below is a description of all the components of Prostatic Navel plasters.

  • Asian plantain. Its effectiveness is noted in the treatment of pathological processes with the emission of urine, it helps with hemorrhoids, urolithiasis. It is impossible not to note its restoring properties in case of impaired blood flow. The plant in question helps to reduce bad cholesterol, inhibits the development of atherosclerotic pathologies, including vessels in the male genital organ.
  • Two-Toot Strawflower. In Chinese medicine, a strawberry (double-toothed) is used as a diuretic. It is used to restore the sexual potency of men during age-related weakness, prostatitis, prolonging full-fledged activity. Hoods of this plant are added to medicinal mixtures for the treatment of impotence due to venereal pathologies and chronic alcoholism. The rhizome of the plant is used to combat inflammation of the urea and urethra.
  • Camphor Borneian. The plant is recognized as a powerful tool that relieves pain in the organs of the genitourinary system, including the kidneys and bladder. Local application helps to stimulate microcirculation, has a strong effect on inflammatory processes. In oriental medicine, Bornean camphor is used in the treatment of vascular therapy (for expansion), thrombosis is eliminated with its subsequent formation.
  • Hyrrhynic (Chinese). This plant is used for general strengthening, pain relief, has an antispasmodic and absorbable effect. On the basis of the rhizome of the plant, a therapeutic extract is made that has anti-inflammatory and antitumor effects. Plant extracts are used to eliminate prostatitis, inflammatory processes in the bladder, impotence, obstructed stool associated with constipation, hemorrhoids. Chinese gyrrheum is often used in gynecology to treat female diseases.
  • Cinnamon. In the East, this spice is given special importance.Cinnamon has a powerful, tonic effect, it has antiseptic effects, eliminates painful symptoms, and relieves inflammation from the prostate gland. Cinnamon is a miracle cure for constipation, this spice is used for the prevention of cancer patients. The smell of cinnamon was used to increase sexual desire.
  • Amur Velvet. The medicinal plant in question is rich in tannins, valuable, essential oils, vitamins, flavonoids. Amur velvet has a miraculous power for healing the human body, it eliminates pain, restores the composition of the plasma, kills bacteria, and relieves any kind of inflammation. It has diuretic and tonic effectiveness.
  • Safflower (dyeing). Oriental herbalists have a special relationship with dye safflower. This plant is used for medicinal purposes with pathologies in the kidneys, prostate gland. Due to the powerful, conductive effect, therapeutic components penetrate the depths of the skin. Safflower seeds have an astringent property, with a diuretic effect, and the plant also has an antiseptic effect.
  • Chastukha. Active diuretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory in herbal medicine. It is used to treat infectious pathologies in the genitourinary system. The plant is used both for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes for urethritis, urolithiasis, cystitis, pyelonephritis.
  • Corydalis deceitful (adventurous). Basically in this plant tubers have the healing power most. Of these, infusion is brewed, which is used to eliminate pain symptoms, is used as a diuretic, hemostatic, tonic and restorative. Effective for relieving pain in the perineum, scrotum, groin.
  • Purslane. Traditional medicine uses the plant in question for various pathological processes of the genitourinary system. Purslane decoction is taken as a diuretic, which at the same time cleans and removes harmful substances, including those accumulated in the urinary system.
  • Therapeutic verbena. This plant in its composition has an active substance (verbeniamine), which has astringent, anti-inflammatory, absorbable effects. Verbena is treated for disorders of varying severity in the urination system, excellent therapy results have been noted for stone diseases.

Indications and contraindications

Patches intended for the treatment of prostatitis are suitable for the elimination of other pathologies of the genitourinary system. But we must not forget that, like any medicine, they have certain contraindications. In addition, the Chinese urological patch for prostatitis must be used, observing certain rules. It is especially important that this product is original and not fake. Since this tool has become widely known in recent years, fraud can be encountered. Instead of a high-quality therapeutic patch, you can buy a tool that not only does not help in the treatment, but also does harm. Therefore, you should pay attention to such features as the presence of a logo on the package, the name of the manufacturer's company, as well as the date of manufacture.

Urological prostatic patch can be used for various diseases of the urinary system. These include:

  • BPH,
  • nephritis,
  • renal failure
  • prostatitis,
  • impotence,
  • frequent urination
  • pain in the lumbar region,
  • weakening potency.

But, even knowing your diagnosis, you should not use a Chinese urological patch for prostatitis without a doctor's prescription. It is also undesirable to arbitrarily replace them with other methods of treating pathology.

Contraindication to the use of this medication is intolerance to its components, due to which an allergic reaction can occur.But it is worth knowing that the use of such a patch requires the observance of certain rules to improve the results of treatment. They consist of the following actions:

  • Compliance with the diet. Salty and too spicy food adversely affects the course of such therapy, so it should be abandoned for the duration of treatment.
  • Refusal of alcohol. At the same time, the strength of the product used does not matter - even low-alcohol drinks are prohibited.
  • Prevent moisture from entering the patch. During the period of wearing it on the body, you must very carefully take a shower so that water does not get on the drug. It is advisable to close it with a waterproof dressing or carry out hygiene procedures bypassing the application area.
  • It is unacceptable to use plasters in the presence of an allergy to any component. If unpleasant symptoms are found in the form of irritation, pain, redness, itching. Such therapy should be discarded.
  • Also, do not glue the patch on areas with damaged skin.
  • There are no other restrictions on the use of the drug. But when using other medicines, you should make sure that they are combined with the Chinese plaster for prostatitis.

When to use a transdermal patch

Despite the fact that the evidence for the use of the patch refers to prostatitis, it has multifaceted effectiveness in numerous genitourinary pathologies:

  • complete lack of sexual desire (impotence), decreased sexual desire (potency),
  • frequent urination,
  • palpable soreness in the scrotum,
  • impaired circulation in the peritoneal organs,
  • inflammatory processes in the kidneys, bladder, urinary canals,
  • renal failure (elimination of its symptoms),
  • removal of inflammatory processes of the prostate gland,
  • painful symptoms in the lumbar

Due to the wide range of healing effect for the male reproductive system, the product is very popular among the strong half of humanity.

How to distinguish a fake from a real tool

Only a real, Chinese, urological patch for prostatitis has therapeutic efficacy, but, unfortunately, you can often fall into the trap of scammers on a trading platform. They carefully mask the fake for a real tool, an international brand.

In order not to throw finances to the wind, a thorough examination of the purchased product is required. The Chinese urological patch from prostate adenoma, a real production, has its own external differences, according to which it can easily be distinguished from an ornamental product.

  • Each upper left corner on both sides has the inscription Bang De Li.
  • Each package has a shelf life and a release date - information on this is available on the packages.
  • The original product is manufactured by Shaanxi Zhongbang Pharma-Tech Co - as indicated in the instructions.
  • The urological patch is not sold in the pharmacy network. The real product: an adhesive for prostatitis (prostatic navel) is on sale from an official supplier, the price of packaging a urological patch is from 1800 to 2000 rubles. If the price is lower, then you need to beware, as it is possible to fall for a fake.

Patient Treatment Reviews

Chinese patch (urological) for prostatitis, reviews of patients and doctors:

  • The high efficiency of therapy is achieved by the transdermal route, that is, by the penetration of the treating components through the layers of the epidermis, without harm to the digestive system.
  • Compared with other medicines, the urological patch (prostatic) copes with pathologies faster.
  • Active action of the drug is carried out all the time while the product is on the skin.
  • Confirmation of urologists: the patch is certified in accordance with the international standard.
  • It is safe, does not require specialized preparation for use, the composition of the product contains only natural components without chemistry and synthetics.
  • The observations of specialists on patients who have tested the patch on themselves show: a therapeutic technique that contributes to the healing of the whole organism.
  • Treatment with a Chinese plaster for prostatitis has a significant, quick positive result, doctors say this. The use of therapeutic therapy for prostatitis with other medicines, therapeutic effectiveness is lower. A lot of medications prescribed for prostatitis are aimed at reducing painful symptoms. The patch eliminates the cause of the pathology.

In some cases, doctors recommend using the patch in addition to the main treatment therapy.

Recommendations for using the tool

In order to avoid harm to the body, despite the naturalness of the drug, it is required to take into account individual intolerance to the constituent components. Of the side effects, allergic reactions are possible.

The recommendations of the instructions should be strictly adhered to. During treatment, it is forbidden to eat salty, spicy, fatty and smoked foods. You can not take alcohol, even low alcohol.

If an allergic manifestation occurs, stop gluing it. The tool is forbidden to attach to the damaged epidermis. When buying a urological patch, a careful examination is required for signs of a real, certified, therapeutic product. This will help to avoid fakes.

Chinese urological plasters for prostatitis

Men are sensitive to their intimate health, and the most common disease - prostatitis - gives them a lot of trouble. Firstly, it is symptomatic and painful, and secondly, men find it humiliating to diagnose and treat.

But there is a solution. Chinese prostatitis patches are used all over the world and, finally, have reached our country. What is it, how to apply them, and how effective can therapeutic treatment be?

Where to buy a Chinese plaster for prostatitis?

The most convenient and economical way to purchase Chinese plasters for men is through the Internet. In pharmacies, such products are not sold, and not every city has sales points for medicinal products from China. In addition, a virtual purchase is a completely confidential procedure. ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster is best purchased through official suppliers to avoid price markups and other problems that arise with resellers. Certified products are a guarantee of quality and a truly effective treatment for prostatitis.

Price, delivery and payment

The cost of packing Chinese plasters for prostatitis ZB Prostatic Navel Plaster is almost 2000 rubles. But especially successful users can get on stocks, which are often held by an official supplier. Then the price is halved - 990 rubles.

On site you can order a call back. The manager will once again explain the principle of the patch and answer other questions of interest. After that, you can order delivery directly by phone. It is produced at the nearest post office as soon as possible.

Now you know where to glue the Chinese patch, how much to wear, and what effect can be achieved in treating prostatitis with the therapeutic method. This is a good alternative to the usual methods of combating inflammation of the prostate gland (prostate massage, pills and procedures), which really works.

Customer reviews

“I was convinced from personal experience that it is impossible to completely recover from prostatitis. But much better condition is possible. I tried all sorts of means, both expensive and not very. And he was convinced that only Chinese transdermal patches really help "

“My husband suffered from prostatitis for 2 years.They were very worried, because they knew that if they started, there would be infertility and impotence :( They treated a lot, and went to Chinese plasters for prostate treatment. It turned out to be a very effective remedy. Now my husband is doing well. Thank you! ”

“I thought before that prostatitis only comes with age. It turned out that not everything was so rosy, I picked it up myself. Immediately began to go to the doctors, I recommended a lot of things. Probably 60 thousand spent on everything. And nothing, no normal effect. Later, friends talked about Prostatic Navel patches. Well, they decided to try, although they did not believe that it would help, because expensive drugs did not help. It turned out that they did not believe in vain. Glued them for a couple of weeks, and improvement began. So sometimes cheap money is even better than expensive ... "

An effective treatment for home treatment - Chinese prostatitis patch: application and composition

Problems with men's health can affect a person’s well-being, conception of a child, quality of life, can lead to neurological disorders and problems with the genitourinary system. Treatment of prostatitis should begin immediately after the detection of the disease. In conjunction with drug therapy, various alternative recipes and Chinese medicine.


Chinese prostatitis patch - where to glue? Patch placement - lower abdomen (in the middle). The skin should be clean and free of wounds. If there are scratches, deep wounds, burns and other damage to the skin, it is not necessary to refuse to use the Chinese patch for prostatitis - its can put a little to the side.

  1. Open individual packaging and remove protective coating.
  2. Glue the patch with the sticky side to the stomach.
  3. Peel off the patch after three days. The next time you can stick the Chinese patch only after 24 hours.

One course The application of Chinese patch is 5 times. Then done break from 7 days up to several weeks. The break time can be set independently. The use of the drug during the entire drug treatment of prostatitis is recommended.


Chinese prostatitis treatment patch begins to act in 2-3 hours after sticking, it ceases to work after 72 hours. Maximum effect achieved after 21 days of therapy.

Symptoms of acute inflammation of the prostate gland gradually decrease. After one course of treatment, the cause of the disease is eliminated. If the inflammation is acute, then 2 and 3 courses of therapy are carried out as a preventive measure. The chronic course of the disease requires a longer treatment. The minimum course of therapy is 60 days. The course of administration can be combined with drug therapy of prostatitis, which is prescribed by a urologist.

Other Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine has many developments in the field of male and female health. Popular Chinese drugs, remedies and medicines for prostatitis of all kinds:

Inflammation of the prostate is treated with complex therapy. The joint use of a urological Chinese patch with medications will help get rid of a delicate problem faster. Also, the patch can be used when it is not possible to take medicine. The composition of the product contains natural healing components.

Chinese urological patch zb prostatic navel plaster

Quickly recovering shaky men's health is quite possible if you use the urological patch Zb prostatic navel plaster as an additional treatment. It is intended for the treatment of a number of pathologies of the genitourinary system. This patch was developed by a Chinese pharmacological company based on ancient recipes of ancient healers.

What is the drug

The demand for transdermal patch in the domestic pharmaceutical market is growing rapidly, which is confirmed by numerous reviews. The price of Zb prostatic navel plaster is quite affordable for most Russian consumers. The main advantage of this drug is its transdermality - medicinal substances enter the patient's body, bypassing the digestive tract. The pharmacological properties of the patch are maintained throughout its entire stay on the skin. Other advantages of the drug include:

  • Absolute safety when using,
  • Natural composition
  • Ease of use
  • No side effects
  • Pronounced healing effect.

Instructions for use Zb prostatic navel plaster recommends that, for the treatment of prostatitis and other diseases of the male genitourinary system, a patch be placed in the umbilical region to allow all its constituent medicinal substances to quickly penetrate the blood and disperse with its current through the body, and then, reaching the focus inflammation, gently but effectively stop it.

A urological patch for men in pharmacies is being asked more and more often. And this is not surprising, because this drug not only brings temporary relief by relieving acute symptoms of inflammation, but also has a pronounced therapeutic effect, eliminating the causes of its occurrence.

It was created on the basis of plant materials, which excludes the penetration of chemicals into the patient’s body. Prostatic navel plasters patch, which reviews are only positive from grateful patients, has a high workmanship, confirmed by international certificates.

This drug as part of complex therapy will quickly restore men's health, eliminating all pathological processes in the genitourinary system.

Pharmacological properties

The urological patch from Chinese pharmacists is not just another scam or deception, with the goal of quick profit, but a truly effective and effective tool. Nowadays, it is widely used for the prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the male urogenital area. This drug is actively prescribed by doctors to treat urological and prostatic ailments that have both acute and chronic course. Transdermal patch is capable of:

  • Relieve inflammation and pain,
  • To prevent pathological proliferation of the prostate,
  • To have a pronounced antibacterial and antioxidant effect,
  • Prevent the appearance of malignant cells,
  • Restore erectile function,
  • Reclaim fertility.

The main pharmacological action of this drug is to stimulate blood circulation and tissue metabolism in the pelvic organs, which eliminates congestion, relieves inflammation, and promotes rapid cell regeneration. Reviews about this method of transdermal therapy in the complex treatment of urogenital pathologies, received from both doctors and their patients, are only positive.

The composition of the drug

Chinese patch is a new word in the effective treatment of prostatitis and other pathologies of the male genitourinary system, which allows you to "restore order" in intimate life. It was created on the basis of active components obtained by extracting from medicinal herbs and arranged according to an ancient recipe used by ancient Chinese healers to return potency and libido. The main active ingredients of the drug are:

  • The gyrrheum is Chinese, which has a pronounced analgesic, antispasmodic and decongestant effect,
  • Double-Toothed Strawflower - quickly relieves inflammation of the urethra, normalizing urination and eliminating pain,
  • Bornean camphor, which improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, which reduces the focus of inflammation,
  • Safflower is a dye that has a diuretic effect and acts like a conductor, facilitating the rapid penetration of other active phytocomponents into the circulatory system,
  • Plantain Asian, preventing the development of atherosclerotic changes in the vessels of the penis,
  • Cinnamon, a powerful antiseptic
  • Chastukha, quickly relieving inflammation in the pelvic organs,
  • Verbena, a well-known natural analgesic,
  • Corydalis vulgaris, providing a restorative and tonic effect, necessary for quick recovery of health,
  • Amur velvet is a natural antibiotic that quickly removes infectious inflammation.

All of the above phytocomponents in the complex give an amazing effect. They activate blood circulation in the pelvis, which, in turn, helps to eliminate stagnation, reduces blood cholesterol, prevents blood clots, and relieves prostate edema.

The presence of antioxidants in the urological patch prevents the development of oncological processes.

Indications for use

Transdermal patch is actively used as part of complex therapy in the treatment of a number of diseases of the male genitourinary tract. It is effectively prescribed in the treatment of such ailments:

Acute and chronic prostatitis,

  • BPH,
  • Infectious inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract,
  • Renal failure
  • Erectile disfunction,
  • Infertility.
  • Often, a Chinese patch is prescribed for prevention, for example, with powerful antibiotic therapy, which does not affect the fragile men's health in the best way.

    How to use

    Many men, faced with the problem of prostatitis or impotence, begin to look for information on treatment methods and learn about the Chinese urological patch. Before ordering it in online stores, you should learn the rules of its application. There is a lot of information on the query “Chinese prostatitis patch to be glued” on the net, but it is best to ask a doctor about it. He can also find out if this remedy is suitable for a particular patient.

    The principle of using the patch is due to the peculiarities of its effect. In Chinese medicine, it is customary to act on certain areas of the human body from the outside to eliminate pathologies of the internal organs. Each zone is responsible for a specific organ or system. The correct effect on this zone allows you to eliminate the disease without resorting to chemical drugs that are intended for internal use. Based on this approach, the practice of acupuncture is formed.

    Similarly, a patch is used to combat prostatitis. It is applied to the skin in the area that is responsible for the state of the prostate gland, and the effect is the penetration of healing components to the lesion. According to this, you can explain how to use the patch.

    The area to be influenced is located just below the navel. Before sticking the patch, you must thoroughly wash the skin in this area and remove hairs from it. You should also wipe it dry.

    The packaging must be opened by a special incision, acting carefully. The patch should be removed and the paper layer removed from it. You need to glue it with a sticky side on the skin area next to the navel. The skin must be dry. If there are cuts or other damage on it, it is forbidden to use the product, as this is unsafe. It is better to delay the start of treatment until the skin heals completely. The period of wearing one unit of the patch is 3 days. After that, it should be removed and take a break for a day. Further, all actions must be repeated until the completion of the treatment course.In order to achieve results, it is necessary to carry out such procedures for at least 24 days. In order for the result to persist for a long time, the course of therapy should be increased.

    Despite the safety and natural origin of the drug, you need to be very careful during treatment. If a rash, redness, and other signs of irritation are found on the skin, the patch should be removed immediately and other treatment methods used.

    However, usually the product is well tolerated and does not cause side effects. If there is an individual sensitivity to the composition, then it is detected in the first days of treatment.

    Prevention of disorders in the functioning of the prostate gland is carried out in a similar way. The differences are only in the duration of the course. With mild symptoms or a risk of developing prostatitis, only 1 or 2 units of the patch and a course of treatment of 3-6 days may be needed.

    To achieve treatment results, you need to supplement the treatment course with certain changes in lifestyle. They imply the following actions:

    • Diet adjustment The patient needs to abandon fatty, salty and spicy foods, include more vegetables, fruits and dairy products in the diet.
    • Refusal to use harmful substances. It is unacceptable to use alcohol and narcotic substances during therapy - this can disrupt the effect of the patch.
    • Avoidance of stressful situations. This will provide a full therapeutic effect from the patch.
    • Prevention of overwork. Do not overdo it with physical activity - this will slow down the rate of recovery. During treatment, the patient should rest more, fully get enough sleep, observe the daily regimen.
    • Moderate physical activity. It favorably affects the body, so you should not completely exclude sports. But the loads should be feasible so as not to cause overwork. It is best to take walks in the fresh air.
    • Compliance with normal temperature conditions. The patient’s body during the treatment period is harmful by overcooling and overheating. Therefore, dressing is necessary according to the weather.

    By following this instruction, you can eliminate the symptoms of prostatitis and normalize the functioning of the reproductive system. But before using the patch, you need to consult a doctor.

    How effective and how is Chinese prostatitis patch applied?

    Most men with prostatitis are silent about their problem and hide it from others. This is due to the increased demand for products purchased via the Internet, including the Chinese plaster for prostatitis. This tool has a wide list of indications and a number of features related to the principle of action and method of application.

    The principle of operation of Chinese plasters from prostatitis

    One of the areas of traditional Chinese medicine is acupuncture, and this principle of action was used in the development of a patch for prostatitis. The active substances contained in the patch penetrate the navel of a person, having an anti-inflammatory effect in the prostate. Used for the production of means in contact with the skin under the influence of body temperature, they begin to heat up and penetrate into the layers of the epidermis in small doses.

    As a result of exposure to substances, pain decreases, inflammation is gradually eliminated, and the genitourinary ducts are released - a man can go to the toilet without pain and pain.

    The positive effect of the patch is the result of the following properties of the active substances:

    • blood circulation normalizes,
    • substances inhibit the progression of the inflammatory process,
    • a man has increased sexual desire,
    • erection and sexual life are gradually restored.

    The following advantages of using the patch can be distinguished:

    • the composition of the product includes only natural products that do not have toxic and chemical properties,
    • natural substances prevent side effects
    • the use of the patch does not cause discomfort,
    • quick and prolonged exposure due to dosed penetration of substances.

    The benefit of the patches is confirmed by the results of ultrasound: 90% of the men who underwent such therapy were able to cure the disease and return to normal life.

    The use of the patch contributes to the therapy of prostatitis, but only in case of its timely and proper use.

    Watch the video: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia BPH (February 2020).

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