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Men's espadrilles: what is it and what to wear with?

Espadrilles - summer slippers on wicker jute soles. The top can be made of fabric (canvas, cotton, linen), suede or leather.

What is this, fashionistas and fashionistas learned back in the 40s of the last century, the peak of popularity of fabric slippers came in the 80s.

But the story of their creation dates back to the XV century. When the Catalan peasants began to make cheap shoes with flat soles with lacing.

How and with what to wear men's espadrilles?

Do you doubt whether such shoes even exist in men's wardrobe?

The advantage of espadrilles is the ability to go into them, as they say, "in a feast and in the world."

Of course, depending on their design and your wardrobe: summer pants, beach shorts, jeans.

Fashion houses, such as Kenzo and Chanel, even offer summer versions of office suits to combine with fabric slippers.

It is important that the espadrilles are combined with the selected outfit as much as possible, given the variety of shoes and their color range.

General rule: Espadrilles are worn barefoot.

Shoe care

Compliance with simple rules will extend the life of the product:

  • It is enough to wipe the top with a damp cloth, and the sole should be handled as carefully as possible. Clean it only with a soft brush and very carefully.
  • When using soap solutions for washing, rinse them thoroughly so that there are no stains on the shoes.
  • Dry the espadrilles in the fresh air or in the sun by placing sheets of crumpled newspapers inside.
  • Do not apply any formulations to shoes. An exception is natural water-repellent sprays for leather and suede.

What determines the price of the product

Material plays an important role in pricing. When sewing espadrilles, as with any other shoe, materials of various quality can be used.

Designers have created many models from leather and fabrics.

We always pay a considerable amount for a brand. This does not mean that branded models (for example, Toms) are better, therefore, in search of a quality product, you can pay attention to cheaper options.

The main thing is to visually evaluate the fabric, the material of the sole, the place of their connection.

Espadrilles are shoes for men who value style and comfort. Fashion houses of Armani, Chanel, etc., are developing more and more images, the highlight of which are fabric slippers.

Use their recommendations to be on top this summer.

Espadrilles - what is it?

When asked by men that these are espadrilles, stylists say that these are slippers from textile material on woven jute soles. Ideal for the hot summer season, as they are soft, light, breathable and as comfortable as possible. Today, jeans espadrilles have gained the most popularity, options from suede, leather, canvas, linen and cotton are no less common.

Best options

Any summer clothes look great with espadrilles. It can be shorts or pants made of natural fabric. Espadrilles will look ridiculous with classic trousers.

Why don’t you wear socks for shoes? It will just be hot in it. Yes, and it looks strange.

If you really want to wear socks, for example, under shorts, you can do this. But socks should be very short. And it’s better if the top is not shorts, but jeans or trousers. At the same time, it is worth watching that nothing spoils the style.

Interestingly, the espadrilles look good with sweatpants. They are good with jeans too.

As for the top, it can be - T-shirts or shirts. Their color can be anything. However, you should not wear a tie, even if you like shocking.

The rest of the espadrilles are pretty unassuming. Chinos, shorts and light pants are combined with them perfectly.

Pros and cons of the model

Espadrilles are informal-style shoes, so many men doubt whether they should buy such shoes. To make a decision, stylists call all the pros and cons of such shoes. The strengths include the following indicators:

  • Espadrilles go well with a man’s summer casual wardrobe,
  • shoes as comfortable and light as possible
  • it can be worn instead of sandals and moccasins,
  • the textile base will allow the legs to breathe in hot weather,
  • Espadrilles are worn on a bare foot.

The disadvantages include such an indicator as a high degree of moisture permeability due to the textile basis. And the rubberized sole instantly gets wet in the rain, not protecting the limbs from rainfall. Accordingly, espadrilles are appropriate only in warm, dry weather.

Other nuances

Some espadrilles for men are hard to distinguish from regular leather shoes. But you still should not wear them to classic costumes. It's all about the characteristic sole - it will definitely betray you.

It should be remembered that the espadrilles are far from a sports option. You can take long walks in them, but you should not pick up a tracksuit for them. Yes, and presented shoes wear out pretty quickly.

The best combination is with jeans. They can be completely different - shortened and long, with and without lapels. Excellent models - with torn holes, scuffs, and other decorative elements.

If you prefer shorts, it is better to choose free models. They look great in photos and in life. You can also pay attention to canvas trousers. If they are stitched classically, the combination with espadrilles will be interesting. It is not necessary to iron them - a slightly careless chic will be to your face. And if there are pockets on the trousers, it will be very good.

If you choose a shirt, it’s better to unfasten the shirt. The shirt can be any, but it is better to choose a plain one. It’s not worth refueling.

You can also wear men's pullovers of various planes, a jacket - even on a naked body. And the naked torso will be welcome. Espadril patterns should be fairly loose.

Which men's espadrilles to choose

Focus on your wardrobe and the place where you plan to wear your summer shoes. There are a lot of designs, it’s not surprising, because the textile top opens a wide corridor to the flight of imagination of manufacturers. From here espadrilles with bright patterns, thematic prints resembling sneakers or looking like lightweight loafers.

We offer the following simple selection rules:

1) to the beach - light or with a summer espadrilles pattern,
2) for work - monophonic or combining several calm dim colors,
3) for relaxation within the city - concise, but with interesting details. Something between the first and second type.

Men's Espadrilles: General Description

These shoes are made of quality fabric. In this case, the material of the product may be different. Men's denim espadrilles are very popular. They are suitable for almost any clothing.

Espadrilles - the so-called slippers. Outwardly, they are very reminiscent of sneakers. There is also a slight resemblance to moccasins. The sole of rubberized shoes. It can also be made of natural materials: nubuck or leather.

The upper part of the shoe has a small toe that looks towards the legs. It is connected to the side parts using an elastic material. Often, gum is used here.

Women's Flat Espadrilles

Espadrilles are a type of shoe whose main feature is a rope sole. These shoes are very light and weightless, and thanks to natural materials such as cotton, linen and knitting made of fine wool, they always have comfortable climatic conditions.
Espadrilles can be safely called ideal shoes for leisure and travel, voyage and cruise, as well as the must-have must-have of the summer, for fashionistas and fashionistas from around the world.

Sources claim that espadrilles first appeared in the early 13th century in Italy. Catalan peasants, for lack of money, began to make shoes for themselves from ropes and ropes of small thickness, which, in turn, were made of grass. In honor of the variety of this very grass, the name "espadrilles" was invented. So that the shoes did not fly off the foot and were comfortable to wear, they were tied with the same ropes to the ankles.

Due to its cheapness and easy execution, such shoes quickly gained popularity all over the world, and after some time it was worn not only by the poor, but also by nobles.

Unbeknownst to the famous designer and fashion designer Manolo Blahnik, he began his career as a shoe maker in childhood, when he helped parents decorate their production espadrilles with various decorative elements in the form of stones, shells or pearls.

People often ask: how are espadrilles different from slip-ons? Slip-ons are sneakers without laces.

Espadrilles are similar to them with a cotton top, a flat sole, comfort and a relaxed style.

The most important difference is that the espadrilles have a jute sole and the slip-ons are made of rubber.

How to wear women's flat espadrilles?

In recent years, flat shoes have become very popular, all kinds of sneakers, boat shoes, sneakers, slip-ons and much more. However, it is the espadrilles that will become indispensable helpers in the summer heat, because thanks to natural fabrics they give the skin breathing, and even a new pair of shoes will not rub the heel.

In fact, espadrilles are very versatile shoes, but we will analyze in more detail with what they can be combined.

  • Of course, espadrilles can be safely mixed with all kinds of jeans, any styles and colors.
  • Espadrilles look wonderful in sets with dresses, both mini and maxi, knitted fitted, cotton A-line, shirt dresses, as well as sundresses on thin straps.
  • Skirts made of flying fabric to the floor or ultra-short leather and denim mini look great with flat espadrilles.
  • The tandem of espadrilles and jumpsuit flavored with a loose cut t-shirt or shirt look stylish and relaxed.
  • Espadrilles with blouses and dresses that bare shoulders look very feminine and beautiful.
  • They look healthy and fresh with shorts and a vest. This combination is the perfect kit for a boat trip.
  • Espadrilles go well with striped clothes, easily complement the images in white and blue colors.
  • Composing an image with this shoe, it is unnecessary to overload it with unnecessary details. It is best to choose accessories with weaving elements, for example, a straw hat or bag. Try to give preference to laconic jewelry by replacing massive necklaces and necklaces with a weightless pendant or silk scarf.

What to wear shoes with?

Where can I wear men's espadrilles? This shoe is pretty versatile. Much depends on the design of the product. Most men prefer to wear espadrilles with casual wardrobe. Often these are jeans and T-shirts.

Also, shoes can be shod with shorts in warm weather. Many people have a question: is it possible to wear men's espadrilles (photo of shoes presented to your attention) with socks? In fact, everything is very individual. You can well wear high socks with shoes if jeans or trousers are on top. When it comes to shorts, then hosiery should choose a minimum height. It is also not forbidden to completely abandon them, however, the general style should be appropriate.

How to care for shoes?

Men's espadrilles, as you already know, are made of fabric. That is why you should not shoe them in rainy and cold weather. They cannot be washed in an automatic machine. For maintenance, use a soft, clean, long-brushed brush. Clean dust and dirt from cloth shoes. If necessary, wipe the sole and its hem with a damp cloth.

If the shoes are very dirty, then they must be washed. Men's espadrilles must be cleaned under warm water with a mild detergent. Wash off soapy water thoroughly. Otherwise, the shoes will be covered with stains after drying. You need to dry it in the sun or fresh air. Put some crumpled newspapers inside. This will reduce drying time.

Before going out, do not apply any formulations to the espadrilles. The only exceptions are those products that are made of natural materials. So, leather and suede espadrilles need to be sprayed with a special water-repellent spray.

Espadrilles: how to wear. Combination rules

Espadrilles are rather unusual shoes. They combine external lightness due to the fact that they are made of fabric, but the volumetric jute sole visually gives them volume, due to which the shoes seem massive. Many fashionistas have the question of how to properly combine these shoes with clothes, so as not to seem ridiculous. Can they be combined with light summer dresses, since they themselves are sewn from fabric? Or is it worth it to pick up more voluminous clothes in order to distract attention from the far grave soles?

Photo from the website: fashionroom-centre.ru

Looking ahead, let's say - both options are correct. Espadrilles are considered to be an integral part of casual style. In other words, boldly combine the “incongruous”. Espadrilles will harmoniously look with flowing chiffon and coarse heavy fabrics, and ultra-short tight shorts and voluminous hoodies, and uniform jackets and wrinkled jackets. But, despite the free style, this shoe has a number of rules that should be strictly observed:

  • Espadrilles are southern shoes that require complete freedom and openness. Therefore, they are worn solely on bare feet.
  • This version of shoes was created primarily for summer walks, and therefore it will be more appropriate on vacation and in everyday life. In an office where a strict dress code “rules”, espadrilles will look out of place.
  • Clothing style should be free, so the espadrilles will look rather ridiculous in any accented ensemble, for example, in variants of “military” or “glamor”.
  • Well, just a practical requirement - espadrilles can only be worn in dry weather, humidity is contraindicated for them, otherwise you run the risk of breaking up with your beloved “couple” very quickly.

Despite the fact that the shoes are made of fabric, they cannot be washed. When wet, the fibers of the sole will separate and become deformed during drying. Only dry cleaning is suitable. But do not be too zealous for cleaning them; it’s better to buy one more pair of original shoes for yourself.

Nevertheless, the unusual look of shoes makes you wonder: what to wear espadrilles for?

Having dealt with general issues, let's move on to the specifics, namely, what to wear for women and men with espadrilles in order to properly build the image.

Women's espadrilles: what to wear with (photo)

Women with fashion, as always, were more fortunate. A lot of options for this comfortable and practical shoe were created for them: on a flat track, on a platform, on a wedge, on a heel, closed, open like sandals and sandals, high in the form of low shoes, simple in a minimalist design, with decor and many other fashionable ideas .

Photo from the site: estemine.co

Let's figure out how to wear women's espadrilles so that the look is truly memorable.

  • The most common type of clothing for espdrilles - shorts, and any. It can be voluminous Bermuda, and restrained breeches and flirty jeans shorts.

Photo from the site: seo-selo.ru

  • A win-win choice is jeans espadrilles. Perhaps this is a classic of the genre. But it is better to choose deliberately sloppy jeans with scuffs and "artistic" holes. Length - not reaching the ankle. Jeans with lapels will look great. The preferred option is with loose jeans, skinny jeans will not look so interesting.

Photo from the site: kapushka.ru

  • The same rule of length as with jeans applies to pants. In addition, in no case combine classic pants with espadrilles. So you will look funny. Pants should be light, free, the presence of voluminous pockets, wide belts, rivets, etc. - welcome.

Photo from the site: style.wildberries.ru

  • But the composition of the espadrilles with a dress and skirts requires some thought. So short dresses will look great with shoes on a flat stroke or on a high wedge. By the way, with what to wear espadrilles on a wedge is strongly discouraged, it is with dresses and skirts on the floor. The maximum hem length is the one that opens the ankles. If you like long skirts, then stop at the options for flat-bottomed espadrilles.

Photo from the site: shoes.ua

Photo from the site: vorobiov.com

Naturally, for all of the above options, it is important to choose the top - voluminous pullovers, loose tops and T-shirts, lightweight summer jackets - all this from a series of questions: what to wear with women's espadrilles.

Photo from the site: wtalks.com

Well, do not forget about accessories. Woven and canvas bags, casually thrown over his shoulder, straw deliberately shabby hats, large jewelry in ethnic style - all this will help to complete the image.

Photo from the site: womens-place.ru

You can create your own original pair of wicker shoes yourself. It is enough to purchase a ready-made blank of a jute sole, and then it's a fantasy. You can simply thread the strings of the sole of the string and you will have espadrilles in the form of sandals. You can sheathe them with a dense fabric. And some craftswomen on a jute manufacture impose on the hook some semblance of an openwork sock.

Pay attention to interesting design decisions that demonstrate espadrilles and what to wear with (photo) in the current warm season.

Photo from the site: sexpornimages.com

Photo from the site: modishi.com

Photo from the site: stroy-lipetsk.ru

Men's Espadrilles: what to wear with (photo)

Designers and manufacturers of shoes did not disregard men. Comfortable espadrilles have been tried on for men for more than one season. Unfortunately, Russian men, with their rather conservative views on clothes, are extremely difficult to convince of the possibility of constructing an original image. If they purchased such shoes, then, as a rule, they wear it only under jeans, and for some reason they wear it on their toes, although this is fundamentally wrong.

Photo from the site: locals.md

Let's take a look at how to wear men's espadrilles.

  • Once again, it will not be amiss to emphasize - there should be no socks. Shoes are made of natural fabrics and the layer in the form of a sock will be inappropriate. It will turn out something in the form of a variant of a toe on a toe. Dear men, enjoy the "freedom", epadrilles allow this.
  • Despite the fact that men's espadrilles are not as bright as women's ones, but there are some models that are difficult to distinguish from ordinary shoes, for example, leather ones, you should not wear them under classic costumes. The sole and accented welt will still issue them.
  • Do not let the comfort of your shoes relax, this is not a sporty option. They are suitable for long walks, but espadrilles will look ridiculous with sportswear. In addition, you quickly wear them out, doing jogging in them.

Now consider what to wear with men's espadrilles.

  • Jeans, they have already been mentioned, but repeating will not be superfluous. You can choose jeans of classic length, or you can choose jeans with lapels. Scuffs, torn elements will be very handy.

Photo from the site: style.rbc.ru

  • Shorts are a win-win. Summer leisure shoes will look great in combination with free-style shorts.

Photo from the site: on-woman.com

  • Summer canvas trousers. An excellent combination, the main thing is that the trousers are not classic tailoring. Slightly careless, rumpled, with pockets - will look very organic.

Photo from the site: x-fashionlook.ru

  • The top is free: open shirts with T-shirts, just T-shirts (it’s better if all this is not tucked in), pullovers, loose jackets, even a naked torso (if permissible) - all this will emphasize the freedom of style.

Photo from the site: kapushka.ru

Espadril star images

If you still find it difficult to select an ensemble, then you can peep at the images of stars who also loved the espadrilles for their convenience and unusual design.

So, fashion observers noted that Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of this type of shoe. For example, in the same high wedge heel espadrilles she was seen last and this year. It is not known whether this same couple, or the Hollywood diva acquired another one of the same model, but they look really amazing, and the images of the actress are always original and fresh.

Photo from the site: trendy-brandy.com

Photo from the site: trendy-brandy.com

Interestingly, another Hollywood beauty Eva Mendes was also seen more than once in this comfortable shoe. Moreover, the model of espadrilles exactly repeated the one that Aniston chose for herself.

Photo from the site: trendy-brandy.com

Another overseas actress, Helen Rivas, ventured out onto the red carpet in charming jute-soled shoes to present the premiere of the next film.

Photo from the site: edinstvennaya.ua

Quite often, both in everyday life and in public in an informal atmosphere in espadrilles, the wife of Prince William, the Duchess of Cambridge, appears. Princess Kate, as always, perfectly approaches the creation of her image, and even her free style looks very elegant on her.

Photo from the site: on-woman.com

Photo from the site: edinstvennaya.ua

We hope that the star example will inspire you to create your own unique style. Espadrilles will help you spend your summer easily and carefree in any case. And the style ... it should not be, only your choice should be it and it will be your personal fashionable style that distinguishes you from the rest.

What to wear with espadrilles?

To decide what to wear with espadrilles, great knowledge is not needed. The main advantage of such shoes is that they can be worn both in the world and in the feast. The main thing is to find shoes of an appropriate design for yourself, but almost all of them will look stylish and original with summer shorts and trousers, some can be combined with jeans.

If you look at the collections of Kenzo and Chanel fashion houses, you can see stylish and strict models of such slippers in office power that can be combined with classic clothes according to the work dress code. The main rule is that espadrilles are worn on a bare foot. In the combination of shoes with clothes, it is worth paying attention to the texture of fabrics and color combination.


Espadrilles are soft and comfortable slippers for the summer season that are now worn by women and men everywhere. They are made of textile, leather and suede, have a rubberized thin, flexible sole, and most importantly, are worn on the bare foot. This allows the man to avoid fogging his legs in the summer heat, while remaining a fashionable and stylish young man.

How to wear men's espadrilles

If you have worn espadrilles at least once, you will want to wear them anytime, anywhere. But the dress code of some places does not allow liberties such as wicker soles. Therefore, we selected the main images in which the espadrilles fit well. And now we decide where in this form you can go.

With beach shorts

It is immediately clear that this is a beach outfit. Therefore, show maximum creativity and imagination by taking your coolest shorts and t-shirts or shirts out of the closet. By the way, what espadrilles beat beach slippers and sandals in is the convenience of moving around on sand. It does not clog inside and does not begin to rub and irritate the feet. On the way back, this is an important feature.

With bermuda

This type of shorts can be considered urban, so the images with them are suitable for everyday relaxation. For example, to meet friends, go shopping, go for a walk with children or a dog, take a walk in the park. Complement Bermuda with polo t-shirts and stylish accessories (watches, bag).

Men's espadrilles are worn solely on the bare foot. Socks are a tough taboo.

With strict trousers

And such an image is quite possible if it is correctly composed and beaten. If you want to complement your trousers with arrows with textile shoes, follow these steps:
- tuck up the trouser legs,
- put on a light polo t-shirt,
- Choose strict espadrilles (with leather tops as options).

With dark jeans

It turns out a calm image, suitable for office workers. Such a lightweight casual, maximizing comfort. Espadrilles in this case, choose plain, soft colors, without any decor. If you liked the options with suede top - you get generally chic outfits. From above you can wear a shirt, pullover or a cozy jacket with buttons.

With light jeans

A completely different mood. From such bows it blows in the summer, so choose the appropriate addition along. For example, a fashionable variation on a Hawaiian shirt theme would be very appropriate here. Above all, avoid dark shades. Everything should be juicy and tasty, like summer cocktails. And let the espadrilles themselves be interesting.

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Wedge Espadrilles

For the most feminine look, on a date, or to add a few cherished centimeters to growth - choose wedge espadrilles. They look very cool with light dresses and skirts, clothes that expose your shoulders, and with short denim shorts will make your legs incredibly slim.

It is worth noting that wedge espadrilles are very convenient and quite versatile in a summer wardrobe, they can be added to both a casual casual look and a sleek business suite.

But it’s important to remember: it’s uncomfortable to drive (you feel the pedal badly), and it’s difficult to go down the stairs. So be careful!

They look especially beautiful with skirts and dresses of mini length, thereby recalling the season of vacations and rest.

Espadrilles and chinos with a plain or printed shirt will also make a beautiful tandem.

Platform Espadrilles

Espadrilles on a thick massive sole look more rude than wedge espadrilles, but also more sharply, fashionably. They add growth, and at the same time it is very convenient in them. But miniature girls need to choose a model with such a sole carefully: shoes can look too massive. Therefore, choose a more accurate model. Now I will tell you what to wear with them.

With jeans

Thick-soled espadrilles can be worn with a variety of jeans: cropped, boyfriends, and a raw hem.

With skirts

You can choose both long, pleated models and pencil skirts. But not office, but fashion options with a print or from an interesting texture.

With shorts

For example, with denim shorts with a raw edge and with loose shirts. A great option for a weekend in the city or for a vacation.

With dress

Bohemian options for a free cut or dress in the style of boho will do. Espadrilles with asymmetric styles, or with dresses of an architectural cut will look interesting - they will add a touch of relaxation to the espadrilles.

With pants

A great option for an exhibition or walk: loose trousers or culottes, a hat, a woven bag and thick-soled espadrilles.

Instead of a conclusion

You now know what men's espadrilles are. The cost of shoes directly depends on the material from which it is made. This product is very popular this season. Fashion designers are creating new ideas for the design of such comfortable slippers. Wear espadrilles with pleasure and be beautiful!

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