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What does the Canadian haircut look like and who suits it

A successful and business man always looks perfect and neat, including with regard to his hairstyle. Stylists recommend a responsible approach to the issue of choosing a haircut, since the harmony of the general image and the perception of the man by society depend on it. So, for example, the Canadian men's haircut today is very popular among men of different ages and outlooks on life.

Canada is distinguished by a special style of hair cutting, model shape and the possibility of all kinds of styling. For the first time, the famous hockey team from Canada introduced fashion to Canada in Russia, in honor of which the haircut was actually named. The first name, however, sounded differently - the rope, since the main feature of the haircut is a clear edging, like a rope passing from the parietal region of the head to the back of the head and temples.

Haircut Varieties

The Canadian haircut began to be in demand among Russian men in the 70s of the last century, since then men of different professions, ages and body types prefer to wear it. Over time and the change in fashion trends, the haircut began to change and improve, as a result of which several of its varieties appeared - the classic version and the Canadian in sports style.


The main difference between classic and athletic Canadian is that the second option involves critically short hair cutting at the temples and neck with a gradual decrease to 1 mm. At the crown, the hair length should not be more than 4 cm, but more often it is made somewhat shorter. Despite this contrast between the lengths, the master performs a smooth transition. A Canadian sports haircut looks bold and courageous, which is ideal for athletes.


In this case, hair 4 cm long is left on the crown and parietal part of the head, but the length of the hair is smoothly shortened to the temples and the back of the head. Thanks to the correct work with scissors, the master achieves a harmonious transition from the long crown to the shortened temples and the back of the head. The haircut can be combed back or sideways, the parting should be as oblique as possible. Ideally, this version of Canada will look on wavy hair.

General description of haircuts

The history of hairstyles has several origins. According to the official version, the haircut became popular thanks to the Canadian hockey players who visited the Soviet Union in the 70s. Players wore the same haircuts, the image of strong, united athletes quickly became popular. Despite the short length, the hairstyle looked presentable, elegant, so it combined perfectly with various stylistic directions.

The second variant of origin is associated with the period of World War II. Soviet sailors, according to the Charter, cut their hair short, leaving only elongated locks in the crown of the head. The boundaries of hair growth were neatly trimmed, resembling a rope, so the second name of the classical model appeared - “Rope”.

The universal form has obvious advantages - simplicity, practicality, elegance. The volumetric pile remains on the crown of the head, and the side zones, the nape of the head are shaved or cut short. The transition of the length of the part to short is made as smooth as possible. The combination of clear, geometric contours and soft elongated lines gives an elegant, sophisticated look. At the same time, shaved whiskey, the back of the head emphasize masculinity, strength. therefore Haircut has become popular among men of various professions, fields of activity.

It differs from a model haircut by a simple technique of execution, the lack of creative elements. Model hairstyles are characterized by asymmetry, shaved elements, patterns that emphasize the uniqueness of the image. "Canada" is a classic option, which, if desired, can be supplemented with original details. It is performed on short and medium lengths, it implies a rather lush area of ​​the crown, soft lines correspond to modern fashion trends. You can give a neat shape to thick, straight, curly hair.

Who is Canada suitable for?

Universal haircut Canadian fits absolutely any man, regardless of his age, structure and color of hair, features in appearance and type of temperament. But best of all, a haircut with such length transitions will emphasize the advantages of the oval shape of the head. If we talk about men with an elongated face shape, the Canadian can slightly lengthen it visually, so you should consider other models of hairstyles.

To chubby men, Canada is ideal, as it visually lengthens and makes a slimmer face, which transforms a round face into an oval one. Stylists often recommend such haircuts to boys of preschool and school age, young men, young and mature men. It is advantageous to emphasize the transitions of lengths can wavy hair. In this case, the Canadian will look creative and in a creative color.

Can I have a haircut at home? Haircut pattern

Cutting a canadian at home will be quite difficult, since a real classic Canadian hairstyle requires a master's hand and skills in cutting hair. But in general, you can achieve approximately the same result if you follow these steps:

  • slightly damp clean hair comb from top to bottom,
  • then form a horizontal parting from one ear through the highest point of the head to the other ear, as well as two parting vertically from the temples to the first parting,
  • first cut the hair in the forehead, leaving 3 cm of hair,
  • then cut the hair in the crown, applying to the already trimmed strands,
  • now they cut the length in the area of ​​the temples, limited by a horizontal parting, but so that a smooth transition is performed from the forehead to the ears,
  • then the hair is separated in a vertical way, so that the line is from the middle of the horizontal parting towards the back (spine),
  • now they divide the horizontal parting a second time parallel to the first, thereby separating 2/3 of the back of the head,
  • here they cut hair with an oblique cut, gradually reducing the length of the hair from 6 mm to 2 mm,
  • the remaining sections are sheared with a machine with a minimum nozzle to make a smooth transition.

As a result of such manipulations, a classic interpretation of the Canadian will be obtained, but it will be quite difficult to cut hair on your own according to this scheme and only step by step with the photo. Since the Canadian is a model haircut, it is better to seek help from a qualified hairdresser.

Advantages of Canada over other men's haircuts

Canada - a men's haircut, a photo of which can be found on the Internet, is popular due to several advantages:

  • Suitable for any age - from boys to older men, emphasizing certain features in style.
  • Each image will be decorated - business, ceremonial, sporty, everyday, thanks to the species diversity in design and styling nuances.
  • It is carried out quite simply - even novice masters quickly master this haircut, which, if desired, can be done at home on your own.
  • Creating an image does not take a lot of time - due to the ease of execution, an experienced master needs only 20 minutes to cut.
  • Easy to style - you can independently give the haircut the desired shape, using handy tools.
  • It is cut on hair of medium length.
  • In case of a negative result, the haircut can be redone thanks to the left length.
  • Suitable for all types of hair - from straight to curly.
  • Very comfortable to wear at high temperatures.

Who is the haircut

The Canadian - men's haircut - is photogenic and quite versatile. However, it will not suit every man. The key points when choosing a haircut are parameters such as personal style and shape or type of face.

It is important to pay attention to the following:

  • Most of all, this hairstyle goes to representatives with an oval face.
  • Men with elongated features and a high forehead, who have chosen this haircut, are not recommended to raise their bangs and hair on the parietal zone so as not to visually stretch the features even more.
  • Elongated strands in the upper area and shaved whiskey will help round the face.
  • With a narrow face in the temporal zones, it is necessary to leave more hair.
  • Representatives with a large head are recommended to choose short varieties of haircuts.
  • In the opposite case, it is better to leave a large length of curls to form an additional volume during styling.
  • Representatives with angular facial features should choose the option with a shortened bang, which in a mess will fall on the forehead, softening the face.
  • Men with a rectangular face are better off choosing from other haircut options so as not to emphasize this shape and not to introduce an imbalance in proportion.

Canada is universal and in terms of age, it will adorn both a boy and a respectable man. Young men can add creative elements to their haircut, such as highlighting or coloring. A large number of options with photos.

Classic look

Classic or standard Canadian haircut, giving style to the image. Its creation involves a rather short haircut of the occipital as well as temporal lobe. The frontal and parietal regions remain elongated. It is important to maintain the gradual and smooth transitions, avoiding sharp lines.

The shortest will be the length below the occipital part, as well as near the ears. The maximum length remains near the forehead of the bangs. The smoothness of the lines provides the ability to perform classic or, in other words, office styling.

Sporty look

The athletic variety of Canada is popular among athletes and men engaged in frequent physical exercises. This is one of the options for Canada, but the length of the strands is much shorter than in the classic, and the temporal and occipital areas are adjusted with a clipper, because it is difficult to create the required length with simple scissors.

The sports option does not need styling, it may look a bit disheveled.


The short option method means the shortest possible shearing on the occipital and temporal lobes. Length reduction is carried out gradually up to 1 mm using a clipper.

It turns out a very short length, but on the crown of the head it leaves a little more, usually less than 2 cm. Despite the contrast in length, the transition should remain smooth. Ready haircut looks both bold and courageous.


One of the tasks of the elongated version of Canada is to achieve the effect of a narrow and elongated face, focusing on the cheekbones. It is achieved by creating a volume in the frontal and parietal lobes and shortening the hair on the occipital area and on the sides of the temporal areas.

This hairstyle option provides for the presence of an elongated bang, which is usually combed back. You can also leave the asymmetric curl on the crown elongated, or choose an absolutely asymmetric method: a combination of elongated hair on one side with shorter curls on the other side of the head.

With a bang

Hairstyles with bangs look stylish and spectacular and do not need special care at the same time. You can perform daily styling or just comb your hair sideways, spreading tangled curls on the parietal zone.

The combination of a long and oblique bangs with highly trimmed temples looks great, but there are many options for creating a canadian, and the bangs in them are diverse: elongated, straight, asymmetrical and so on.

Scheme and technology for creating the classic version

Canada is a men's haircut, the photo and technology of which is easy to find on the Internet. The classic is presented in the form of a volume on the upper region of the head, which gradually decreases from the forehead to the crown, leaving a minimum length on the temporal and occipital zones. All transitions should be gradual and soft.

For execution, you will need a toolbox consisting of:

  • ordinary scissors
  • thinning shears,
  • combs
  • clippers with a variety of nozzles (not necessary with this version of the haircut).
The photo shows a step-by-step guide on the men's haircut Canada.

It is carried out as follows:

  1. Wash your hair, dry your hair and comb well from the crown to the back of the head.
  2. Take a curl from the forehead 1.5 cm wide, take it at an angle of 90 degrees and cut it off, leaving a length of about 3 cm.
  3. Similarly, cut the hair on the parietal region.
  4. Carefully work out the whiskey, creating a smooth transition from the frontal region to the ears.
  5. With a middle part, horizontally divide the hair on the occipital area into equal shares: upper and lower.
  6. Separate the curl vertically from the horizontal parting in the upper lobe of the nape. Cut, using the method of oblique slices, that is, making a gradual decrease to the bottom.
  7. Work out the upper occipital area in the same way.
  8. Trim the hair on the lower back of the head, leaving a short length, gradually lifting it up and creating a gradual transition. It is better to use nozzles No. 2 of clippers for this.
  9. The final step is profiling, straightening hair.

Haircut Features

Male canadian implies short hair at the back of the head and temples with an imperceptible transition to long strands located in the parietal region.

She should also have a bang, about 4 cm long.

The Canadian is considered a classic haircut, because it is universal (looks good on both boys and men).

Running a sports option

The sports way of cutting Canada is popular due to its practicality, high efficiency, lightness and minimal requirements for care and styling. Sports Canada is similar in execution to the classic variety.

But there are a number of significant differences:

  • A machine with a variety of nozzles when creating a sports option is preferable for processing the temporal lobe and occipital.
  • It is performed on slightly moistened hair.
  • The maximum length of curls on the parietal lobe is much shorter than that of a standard Canadian, and the transition is even smoother.

It is carried out in several stages:

  1. Wash your hair, dry your hair, but not completely, leaving the strands slightly moist.
  2. Strands at the temples at the first stage with a clipper, using a nozzle of 3 mm.
  3. Correct completely using a 1 mm nozzle.
  4. Process the back of the head, starting from the bottom and heading up to the parietal region of the head. In this case, it is necessary to use nozzles of various lengths, aligning and making soft transitions from the crown of the head to the strands located on the temples, near the ears and on the occipital lobe.
  5. Trim the hair on the crown, preferably using scissors, as there is a risk of burning the clipper because of the stiffer, thicker hair on the crown. The machine can be used for trimming, after cutting the bulk of the hair.
  6. The final step will be the edging, which can be performed with scissors as well as with a machine, which will be an even easier way.

Canadian curly hair

The technique for creating a Canadian for curly hair is similar to the standard version. However, it is necessary to take into account the special structure of curls.

There are the following features of creating a Canadian for wavy hair:

  • It is performed exclusively on moisturized hair.
  • Work is performed only with thin curls.
  • The length should remain a little longer than in the standard version.
  • Curls are processed with scissors without resorting to a clipper (a clipper can only be used in rare cases to create smooth lines).
  • The smallest length when cutting strands should be a length of 3 or 4 cm, which will help to perform the final correction of the hairstyle after the hair is dry.
  • A short or long version of Canada is preferred.
  • Edging is not performed, as it does not look presentable on curly hair.
  • For subsequent installation, it is better to use a hair dryer, creating the volume and appearance of slight negligence. Given the naughtyness of curly hair, in most cases it is necessary to use special means for care and styling.

Canada typewriter

The machine is used in the implementation of each version of Canada, as this device helps to achieve the shortest possible length on the occipital and temporal zones, while maintaining a smooth transition.

The technology for this haircut is based on light elements, so you can create it yourself at home in the presence of an assistant and a set of tools: combs, straight and thinning scissors, as well as directly machines with various nozzles:

  1. Wash and dry hair, comb in the direction from the top of the head to the back of the head.
  2. Perform 1 parting horizontally through the center of the crown region, as well as 2 vertically directed separations at the temporal region.
  3. Start cutting at the forehead by cutting a small curl to 3 cm.
  4. Similarly, cut the strands in the upper lobe.
  5. A clipper to achieve a smooth transition from forehead to temples.
  6. Change the nozzles in the machine and briefly cut the curls at the bottom of the occipital region.
  7. Comb and profile.

In the case of a sports haircut, the strands on the occipital and temporal zones are cut to a minimum, which the machine will also help. It is suitable for the final edging.

Advantages and disadvantages

Today, the “Canadian” is considered one of the most common haircuts - all thanks to a number of advantages of such a hairstyle, as well as an almost complete lack of flaws. The most basic positive and negative points are described below.


  • Style variety. There are a large number of styling options and the design of the "Canadian", which makes this haircut successful in any style decision. So, it will be appropriate to look in a business, everyday and even a solemn bow. As a rule, experiments on changing the image with the “Canadian” relate to the length of the hair on the bangs and temples.
  • Lack of age restrictions. "Canada" is absolutely universal in terms of age - it will be appropriate to look at a teenager and at a respectable man with firm outlook on life. Its various options can emphasize various qualities of appearance and focus on certain facial features. So, boys with a “Canadian” will look older and more solid, but older men will give it more energy.
  • Ease of implementation. Today, the "Canadian" can be successfully performed even by inexperienced masters, even a novice hairdresser can master this haircut. After several workouts, the Canadian can be successfully performed even at home without professional haircutting tools.
  • Ease of styling. Unlike the british haircut, the canadian does not require a man's daily styling, which is suitable for men with a busy schedule and a fast pace of life. For such a haircut, pretense of negligence is characteristic, which allows you to style it using any styling tools. The same applies to hair care - the “Canadian” practically does not need it. Rare trips to the hairdresser to adjust the tips and length of hair - that’s all the care for such a hairstyle.
  • Convenience. "Canada" is laid on the head in such a way that the position of the hair on the bangs and crown does not allow curls to fall on the eyes and interfere with the review. For this reason, variations of such a haircut are used by professional athletes who want to look stylish and fashionable, but do not want to be distracted during the game.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the "Canadian" as a hairstyle, then we need only note the complexity of its independent implementation. In addition, to perform the classic options for such a haircut, you need a sufficiently large length of hair on the top and bangs, but for a sports “Canadian” a large hair length is optional.

Shape styling options

Canada is a men's haircut, the photogenicity and presentability of which largely depends on the styling. Having chosen the variety of this haircut according to the shape of the face, you need to choose options for suitable styling. The most common styling methods:


  1. Wash your hair, dry.
  2. Treat the upper part of the curls with medium fixation mousse.
  3. Comb the bangs back, lifting the curls up.
  4. Dry with a hairdryer.
  5. Spray with varnish for better fixation.


  1. Wash, dry hair.
  2. Run lightweight.
  3. To process ringlets with special cosmetic wax.
  4. Shape into a scallop shape.


  1. Separate the slightly towel-dried hair with a side part.
  2. Treat with special styling products.
  3. Dry with a hairdryer, gently combing the hair strands to one side or lifting curls up.


  1. Wash your hair, apply a special styling product to moistened hair.
  2. Comb all hair from 2 sides to the center.
  3. Align with palms from the sides, thereby lifting the ends of the hair up.
  4. Dry the resulting "Iroquois" with a hairdryer, placing accents at the ends with wax.

In grunge style:

  1. Wash, dry hair.
  2. Apply styling agent to them.
  3. Dry with a hairdryer from different sides, whipping the hair in the process.
  4. Focus on the ends using cosmetic wax.

The hairstyle speaks of how carefully a man watches and takes care of his appearance. Despite all the variety of men's haircuts, there are few options that resemble all occasions. One of these options is the Canadian - a universal, photogenic and haircut emphasizing all the advantages.

Who is it for?

Stylists are confident that the "Canadian" can fit any type of face, color and structure of the hair, as well as character with proper styling and bangs. Below is a list of recommendations that will help you determine the variation of the "Canadian" based on the type of hair and oval face.

  • Men with a rectangular face need short hair on their temples, crown and nape. The main emphasis here will be on the massive chin, which can be smoothed out using a straight or combed side bangs. So that the oval of the face does not look too rectangular, on the top of the hair you can give a little volume with the help of styling products. This will visually make the face more regular shape.
  • If you have a round or square face, then the “Canadian” will help you make it more oval. In this case, preference is given to options with ultrashort temples and a voluminous crown - this technique visually stretches the oval of the face.
  • Triangular or rhomboid faces with sharp chins, on the contrary, need less voluminous, but oblique bangs, which will visually reduce the length of the face. In this case, hairstyles with short temples are also recommended - triangular and diamond-shaped faces suffer from large and wide foreheads, which can be visually reduced by this method.
  • The easiest way for holders of oval faces - absolutely any kind of “Canadian” is suitable for such men. In this case, the hairstyle will only emphasize the winning features of a man's face or endow it with certain qualities.


As already mentioned, the “Canadian” is an absolutely universal haircut in terms of temperament and the nature of the man who wears it. She will be in perfect harmony with the onions of serious and confident men and will fit perfectly into the creative image of a young man in a creative profession. Very often, actors, writers, stylists and even tattoo artists wear such hairstyles.

Hair type and color

Given the fact that the "Canadian" accepts some sloppiness in the hair, then it can be applied to hair of absolutely any type. Such a hairstyle on curly hair looks especially interesting.

If we talk about the shade of hair, then the contrast between the length of the hair on the bangs and on the crown looks best on dark or brown hairHowever, with light thick curls, the “Canadian” looks very harmonious.

Some problems can occur in men with thin and sparse hair when forming the bangs on the top of the head - in this case, the desired volume can only be achieved with styling or graduation tools.

Haircut technology

"Canada" is considered one of the simplest men's haircuts for short and medium hair. Below is a step-by-step presentation of the performance technology of the classic “Canadian”, as well as some differences in its performance of the sports version.

To create a "Canada" you will need the following tools:

  • thinning and ordinary scissors,
  • combs - a hairdresser and in the form of a brush to add volume,
  • electronic machine with several nozzles,
  • hair dryer.

The haircut itself is carried out on cleanly washed and dried hair. Some hairdressers like to make a “Canada” for wet hair, but in this case they will not be able to correctly assess the process - wet hair has a longer length and less volume.

Step-by-step instructions for performing classic Canadian.

  • After washing the hair, the curls are dried with a hairdryer and combed towards the back of the head.
  • A horizontal parting is formed from one ear to the other through the crown. Another 2 vertical partings are formed from the temples themselves to the first horizontal parting.
  • The next stage is cutting hair in the forehead. To do this, one of the partings with a thickness of up to 1.5 cm is pulled from the head at an angle of 90 degrees and cut to a length of 3 cm. According to the same scheme, all hair on the crown is cut.
  • After this, the hairdresser moves to the temple area, the border of which should be limited to a horizontal parting. During the procedure, a smooth transition of the length of the hair from the forehead to the ears is maintained.
  • At the back of the head, the hair is separated by an even vertical parting. The upper parting line should touch the middle of the horizontal parting and go straight to the back.
  • The next step is hair treatment on the top of the head. The control strand is vertically separated from the horizontal parting, which is sheared using the “oblique cut” method with a smooth decrease in the length of the hair to the lower part of the nape. Focusing on the control curl, this procedure is performed with all the hair on the upper occipital lobe. The approximate length at the lowest point of the nape is 2 mm.
  • The rest of the hair is cut using a machine with a short nozzle and in compliance with a smooth transition. To preserve a certain length of hair, use comb teeth as a limiter on the cut border.
  • The last step is to trim the hair with scissors to give a natural volume and a pleasant appearance.

After the haircut itself, the hair is washed and styled again using styling products.

The technique of performing a sports “Canadian” in principle is not particularly different from the classical one - the only difference is that the nape and temporal lobes are treated with a machine with a nozzle of 1 mm. Closer to the crown, the nozzle changes by 3 mm, while the movements during cutting should be smooth and directed from the bottom up. The crown, bangs and parietal lobe are treated with scissors, while the hair length does not exceed 4 cm.

If you want to make a “Canadian” for curly hair, then you need to be guided by the classical execution scheme. However, for this, thin curls with a straightened length of more than 5-6 cm are selected. In the case of curly and wavy curls, the "Canadian" is performed only on wet hair, and it is not necessary to fringe it.

How to stack?

There are a large number of options for laying the classic "Canadian".

To do this, you need a powerful hair dryer, brush or comb with rare teeth, as well as styling products in the form of wax, mousse (or hair foam), gel (for smoothly combed options) and varnish - to fix the hair.

  • Classic styling. The hair on the crown is lifted with a foam and a hairdryer, and then smoothly combed to one side or back. This option is suitable for elegant, business and confident men.
  • The effect of negligence. In this case, the hair in the parietal region is lifted evenly upwards with the help of a gel and comb and is laid in any order. During styling, make sure that the hairstyle does not visually enlarge your face and does not seem too sleek.
  • A romantic look. In this case, the bangs are combed back and attached with a small amount of gel. So that the hairstyle does not mess, it is fixed with varnish.
  • Natural volume. This styling option involves applying foam to the hair, after which the curls are dried and acquire a natural volume and a pleasant natural tint.
  • Retro styling. In this case, the bangs in the "Canadian" are smoothly combed back with a gel or wax, and then slightly lifted. This image goes well with an official suit and is perfect for a business meeting.

Beautiful examples

Today, the “Canadian” is a universal haircut that can be worn by both actors and men of the simplest professions.

Below are the most stylish and beautiful examples of haircuts "Canadian" on men with different styles of clothing, as well as different types, colors and lengths of hair.

  • Classic Canadian style - A universal option for men of any profession and character. This version of hairstyles today is considered classic, which means that it will not soon lose its fans among the stronger sex. Pay attention to the smooth transition between the length of the hair on the top of the head and temples, as well as some carelessness in the hairstyle.

  • Sports Canada - also a good option in terms of style. Such hairstyles need minimal care, in addition, they can be done even on short hair. In this case, a smooth transition is also preserved, however, the contrast between the length of the hair is noticeably greater.

  • With curly and wavy hair such a haircut looks very creative and unusual. This option looks great on creative individuals with a non-standard type of thinking. Please note that a smooth transition in such haircuts is preserved, but on the top of the head there is almost complete carelessness in styling, which creates a special romantic image.

  • "Canadian" - One of the few haircuts with a long bang, which harmoniously combines with a neat and lush beard. Properly designed and well-groomed beard gives the image of a man more brutality and masculinity.

  • Some stylists prefer focus on the transition between the top of the hair and the temples - For this, partings are used that clearly separate these zones and create a sharp contrast. However, such a decision by a hairdresser can really look good on some men, as the following examples prove.

The technology of cutting and styling is given below.


Emphasizing individual style, irresistibility and making the look elegant and finished, the “Canadian” haircut for boys is a hairstyle that looks voluminous in the front and remains short in the back. A haircut differs from a half-box in that the whiskey is cut short. The length of the hair depends on which variation of the “Canadian” is cut.

Can I cut my hair myself

The execution scheme requires professional skills, for beginning hairdressers need practice, mastery. It is recommended to entrust the creation of a haircut to an experienced qualified master. It can not only perform exactly the technology, but also select the best option for the type of appearance, oval shape, hair structure.

The cost in the cabin varies from 400 to 800 rubles., The price depends not only on the chosen model, but also on additional services. It is considered a basic haircut, so it costs slightly cheaper than model options. It is possible to supplement the haircut with patterns, perform partial coloring, giving the image an individuality.


  • classic scissors
  • thinning scissors,
  • crest,
  • spray gun
  • clipper, trimmer,
  • styling products - foam, mousse, wax, varnish.

Execution technology

The deceptive simplicity of haircuts often leads to mistakes among beginners. Therefore, it is not recommended to perform a haircut at home. Even following the instructions in stages, without professional skills, it is difficult to choose the optimal length and make a smooth transition. A successful haircut will not only emphasize the external merits, but also make it easier to care for, laying strands.

Step by step execution:

  1. Wash and dry your hair. Comb well in the direction from the top of the head to the back of the head.
  2. Separate hair horizontal parting passing through the crown. Then, in the temple area, make 2 partitions perpendicular to the horizontal.
  3. Select a control curl near the growth line of the parietal region. Cut with a guy on the selected level.
  4. Trim the crown area along the control length with a guy, working through the entire area.
  5. The same technique is used in the study of temples, the back of the head.
  6. When cutting the side areas, do not forget about the transition to the crown using the guy technique.
  7. The occipital area is divided by a horizontal parting of the nape into 2 parts.
  8. First work out the upper occipital region, cutting hair at an angle of 35 °. Start with a strand on the crown at the horizontal parting created in the initial stages.
  9. The lower part of the nape can be cut with scissors or with the help of a machine, gradually reducing the length to nothing. Do not forget about smooth transitions, to the top of the head, the angle of inclination should increase.
  10. Treat hair with thinning scissors to give a more natural shape. Fill the neck and temples, lay the elongated strands of the parietal region.

Sports “Canada” has a smaller volume in the crown area. The execution technique requires the use of not only scissors, but also machines. A fairly practical hairstyle, similar youth options can afford and mature men. It focuses on the features and shape of the oval, it is not recommended to choose if there are external flaws. It is combined not only with sports, but also with business style, the neat form is considered universal, suitable for different looks.

A short “Canada” allows you to hide the absence of thick hair, execution on rare, soft hair is possible. Often, mature men choose, emphasizes masculinity, the charisma of the image. It does not require daily styling, a stylish hairstyle, unlike the classic version, is practical, versatile. Suitable for men with a regular, oblong oval, the rectangular shape can additionally be adjusted using sideburns and a beard.

A classic hairstyle is characterized by an elongated region of the crown of the head and crown, and the hair in the back is cut much shorter. In this case, the transition is created smooth, the length boundary is invisible, so that the haircut has an elegant shape. Suitable for guys and men who prefer a business, as well as a classic style of clothing. Performed on thick, straight hair, highlights the correct facial features.

"Canada" with parting refers to model hairstyles, is performed at different lengths. Men of different age groups can use a stylish accent, but a prerequisite is to create a haircut on thick hair. Fashionable hairstyle combined with various stylistic trends, suitable for representatives of different professions.

An elongated "Canada" is cut only on thick straight or curly hair, on rare ones it will not work to achieve the desired shape. It has corrective properties, it is recommended to use for a round, square face. It requires regular care, the use of styling products. Gives elegance, sophistication to the image, emphasizes sophisticated facial features.

The bang option is suitable for guys with an oblong oval shape. Asymmetry allows you to give the right shape, focuses on the look. Creates a romantic image, it is recommended to choose young guys. It is combined with casual and classic style. The hairstyle is practical and does not cause difficulties in care, careless, dynamic notes are easy to give in a few minutes.

Model "Canada" from the base differs in an individual approach to choosing a haircut. The master evaluates the external data, the structure of the hair, only then selects the best option, making adjustments to the classical technique. It is possible to supplement with coloring, shaved elements, to perform the original edging. Not only young people choose, but also mature men who want to look stylish, modern.

With all possible options Canadian polka is closest to the classic, elegant look. The volumetric region of the crown smoothly passes to the crown, the hair on the temples and the back of the head are cut with scissors. Men who do not follow fashion trends prefer such haircuts. Relying exclusively on your taste, choose a traditional hairstyle. Suitable for business and classic style. Requires regular styling, correction by a hairdresser.

Features in the care. How to make styling?

Such an American haircut, which is a Canadian, requires regular care and styling, so that the hairstyle looks neat and attractive. The hair should lie in a specific location and not fall apart, for this a man can use styling products and a comb. Despite this need, everyday styling does not take much time, usually the whole process does not take more than 5 minutes.

The main task of a man is clean hair, a minimum amount of styling products and a small disheveled hair, so that the hairstyle is voluminous. You can raise your hair while drying with a hairdryer, then directing air against the hairline. It is ideal to complement the styling in the middle part so that the Canadian haircut is similar to a retro hairstyle. For wavy hair, there are no special styling requirements; they lie carelessly and freely.

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Photo gallery

To make a decision whether to get a haircut under the canadian, a man can view a photo of a haircut on men of different types and appearance.

Hair styling options and secrets

The hairstyle has several advantages, one of which is the ability to look in a new way thanks to various styling. To make the classic haircut look stylish, modern, it is worth to purchase a number of styling products. The longer the hair of the parietal region, the more it will be necessary to apply reinforcement to create the desired shape.

Note! Sports “Canada”, more practical in this regard, short locks easily take the set direction.

To create a classic form, you need to process wet hair with mousse or foam. Use a blowed comb and hair dryer to dry hair toward the back of the head. Turn the slices slightly inward to create additional volume. When performing styling on dry hair, it is recommended to treat the strands with varnish, only after combing it back. Do not use gel or wax, they give an unnatural appearance to the hairstyle.

Corrective styling allows you to hide external flaws, suitable for elongated, elongated faces. It takes only a few minutes, to create a stylish model, you can use wax or modeling clay. Apply a small amount to dry hair, using a hairdryer and comb to give dynamism to the bangs.

Stylish retro image is relevant today. To do this, you need to wash your hair with shampoo for volume. To process still wet locks with varnish, to dry, styling hair up.

A great option for curly hair, a practical, comfortable haircut will give a neat shape to naughty strands. To achieve an interesting texture, the hair needs to be slightly tousled or combed on one side. Fix the resulting hairstyle with varnish.


The Canadian haircut scheme resembles many other haircuts and hairstyles, for example, a British woman or a pad. In this case, pay attention to a clear edging in the form of a transition of hair lengths, which is a feature of Canada. A haircut for a strict presentable image is performed in a classic form, and for young and mobile guys - in a sporty one. In any case, you should try on at least once a Canadian in your image in order to feel like a legendary Canadian hockey player.

Pros and cons

The combination of simplicity and elegance is a decisive factor for many. But before making the final choice, it is worth learning about the advantages of a haircut, its disadvantages. A variety of directions will allow everyone to choose the best option for themselves.


  • corresponds to modern fashion trends, combines classic, elegance, creativity,
  • suitable for men of different age groups, the best option for a baby haircut,
  • combined with the main directions, classic, business, casual style,
  • gives solidity, masculinity to the image,
  • includes several options
  • practical haircut does not cause difficulties in daily laying of strands,
  • possesses anti-aging, corrective properties, it is possible to choose the best option for each face shape,
  • performed on both straight and curly, curly hair.


  • not suitable for full men
  • performed only on thick hair.

Star examples

Egor Creed rarely experiments with the image, "Canada" is an invariable detail of the image of the performer.

Stas Piekha in the past, he preferred more elongated options; a new stage in his musical career was also associated with a new haircut.

Justin Timberlake previously wore simple, short haircuts. Today, the actor uses an elegant version of the hairstyle.

Tom hardy wears short versions of "Canada", careless styling corresponds to the eccentric nature of the actor.

Colombian singer Maluma often changes haircuts, the stylish "Canada" was replaced by more elongated options.

On whom it will look good

One of the key features of Canada is that it suitable for any type of face. But there are nuances that will make the image more attractive:

  • holders rectangular shape make Canada, given the massiveness of the chin. Therefore, the strands on the parietal area and forehead are made shorter than in the classic version. Complement her with bangs,
  • with the help of a haircut, the master tries bring round and square face to oval. To do this, surround the upper part,
  • men with elongated a long bang, which makes the face appear shorter
  • on men with oval type faces will look good any option.

Selection rules

The Canadian belongs to universal haircuts and is suitable for men of any age category. However, there are some general recommendations for choosing a haircut option:

  • holders of an oval face, don’t worry - a hairstyle in any design will suit them: classic, sporty or asymmetrical,
  • chubby guys, you should pay attention to the model with an oblique elongated bangs. In addition, styling, in which the parietal hair is lifted up, with the help of a strong fixation gel, will help to hide the excessive roundness of the shapes and visually extend the oval
  • for men with sharp features, it is better to opt for a haircut with a shortened bang and locks that randomly fall on the face,
  • for young boys and adolescents, an asymmetric version of the hairstyle with elongated hair in the parietal zone and the most shortened strands on the back of the head and temples is suitable,
  • wise experience for men, it is worth taking a closer look at the classics, suggesting a soft transition from elongated locks on the crown to the shortened hair of the temporal and occipital region,
  • representatives of the strong half of humanity with a rectangular face, it is better to abandon the Canadian, as a haircut can stretch the oval even more and introduce an imbalance in the proportion of the face.

Execution principle

Men's hairstyle Canadian, suitable not only for mature men (photo below). She perfectly harmonizes with the light image of a teenager and a whacky childish look.

A characteristic feature of the haircut is a rather large amount of hair in the frontal and parietal region, and shortened areas of the nape, temples and crown. In the classic version, transitions are made very smoothly, without sharp lines, due to which an elegant, refined and stylish silhouette is obtained.

Haircut is performed on clean, moistened hair, and hair styling is performed in several stages:

  • comb the curls, divide into several partings: transverse - from ear to ear, through the crown of the head, two longitudinal - from the temporal lobes, to the horizontal border of separation,
  • in the frontal zone, at the border of hair growth, select the control strand, not more than five centimeters wide, pull it upward, at an angle of 90 ° and cut off two centimeters. Similarly, the rest of the hair in the parietal region is cut
  • whiskey, processed in the same way, with carefully calibrated edging above the auricles,
  • to divide the curls on the back of the head with a transverse parting,
  • select the control lock in the center, cut using the oblique cut technique,
  • similarly process the upper occipital region, pulling the curls at a right angle,
  • treat the lower zone with a machine with nozzle No. 2, or using a comb with scissors. During the haircut, moving to the upper half of the occipital region, it is necessary to increase the angle of inclination. This will create a soft transition, without a visible separation boundary,
  • profile ends, trim visible errors.

Based on the features of appearance, the master can supplement the haircut with a long, straight or oblique bangs, leave the hair on the temples of maximum length, or, conversely, make them ultra-short.

For young people, the option with asymmetry is suitable when on one side of the head, the strands remain more authentic, and on the other, they are cut as short as possible. In addition, on wavy curls, you can perform a multi-layer haircut.

The haircut is quite simple in execution and the average duration of the master’s work is about fifteen minutes.


If you want to show imagination and creativity, choose a model haircut. It is done using different techniques: lengthening, leaving a length, shaving a zone, asymmetry. Model "Canada" involves:

  • leaving short hair
  • maintaining the maximum length of hair and bangs,
  • copying the classic "Canadian" (shortened, elongated).


Many men who do not consider themselves fashionable, since they are not used to styling and care for a haircut, choose a model and sports “Canada”. They suit almost everyone and have the following advantages over a classic haircut:

  • do not require styling,
  • do not need care
  • easily performed at home,
  • Tame curly and curly hair.

Although the technology for performing “adult” and “child” haircuts is identical, but there are nuances.

  1. The boys are shorter.
  2. Teenagers are made an elongated "Canada" with styling in the form of a mohawk. If desired, leave a straight or long oblique bangs, laying it on its side.

Before a haircut at home or in a hairdresser, a boy discusses the intricacies of a haircut, taking into account his wishes and opinions. If a conflict arises, seek a compromise.

Canadian Curly Hair

The technique for creating this haircut is the same as for the classic version. But you need to take into account the special structure of the strands. Therefore, they work with thin strands, which should be slightly longer than in a traditional Canadian haircut.

Scissors are used in the work, cut the strands as short as possible for curls in order to choose the most suitable option for the man.

Trendy haircuts in Canada

Asymmetric versions of Canada are becoming more popular. This applies to hair located in the parietal region.

To work with the temple using a machine with a nozzle of 1 mm. Or they make it longer than others. Also temporal parts can be decorated with patterns. To the haircut add bangs - oblique and long.

How to style your hair

To make the haircut stylish and fashionable, men are offered various styling options that will add to their image of brightness and masculinity.

  1. The traditional way. Clean hair is laid on its side or back. This styling looks elegant.
  2. The effect of disheveled strands. Strands on the parietal sector are pulled up using a comb with a gel. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the hairstyle does not seem too sleek or voluminous.
  3. The image of romance. The bangs are removed back, a drop of gel is applied to it, and the hair is slightly lifted.
  4. To give the haircut more naturalness, a small amount of foam is applied to the strands, dried with a hairdryer. You can complement the image with a side parting.
  5. Retro style. The bangs are bouffant, then it is laid back and fixed with a gel.

If we talk about the latest styling option, this video shows how to cut and style this hairstyle:

Canadian ideal for hot weather. It is short, for the summer season, when it is warm outside, is an excellent choice not only for athletes. On the Internet you can find photos with famous personalities who have chosen a fashionable haircut Canadian.

Watch the video: Canadian Suit. Style for Men (February 2020).

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