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How to win a girl’s heart

To win the girl’s disposition is actually not an easy task, since in modern society it is quite difficult to surprise and amaze something. Despite this, psychologists advise men to try to avoid commonplace, as well as to please their beloved with various pleasant trifles. To begin with, it is worth considering a plan on how to fall in love with a girl, if there is no relationship between the couple yet.

The first serious contribution to the relationship is the correct acquaintance, which forms the first impression of a man. Specialists in the field of interpersonal relations offer several effective scenarios on how to win over a woman, all kinds of tools are used - a smile, a look, phrases, compliments, atmosphere and even a certain time.

The basic rules of how to fall in love with a girl

The first thing that all psychologists say is that in building relationships with a girl, the experience of a man is not so much important as his appearance and image. Most women initially evaluate a man externally, but this is not about attractiveness and beauty, but about neatness, presentability, cleanliness and a sense of taste. Further, pickup rules mark such important details of seduction as a smile, a look, intonation of speech and phrases, compliments and the correct behavior of a man.


The most important weapon, how to conquer a girl, is attention to her, since absolutely all the fair sex need him. Therefore, at any opportunity or at a meeting, a man must demonstrate his attention and interest in her. The best way is eye contact and a close look in her direction, according to which the girl will understand that the man was interested in her.


It's no secret that nobody will like a closed, gloomy and dissatisfied person. Therefore, if a man is looking for ways to win the girl’s heart, his smile and positive mood are considered another condition. Any difficulties in life and troubles at the sight of a girl should be immediately pushed into the background, giving her a smile when making eye contact. If she reciprocates, smiling, it means that the man has every chance of getting to know each other.

Choosing the right time

If a man has set himself the goal of falling in love with a woman, he definitely needs to think through such trifles as a meeting place, atmosphere, time of day. Acquaintance can actually be anywhere, the main thing is to choose the right time. It is also important to maintain a certain distance of about 1 meter between the girl and the guy, so as not to show excessive obsession.


Every man knows that in order for her to fall in love, one must competently conduct conversations and give the girl compliments. At the same time, it is important to maintain balance, not to be commonplace, but not to be wise with pleasant phrases so that you do not feel fawning in front of her. At the first meeting, you can praise her hairstyle, outfit, as well as a smile, voice or laughter. Next, you need to try to build a light easy conversation, so that the girl does not feel tired of the conversation.

Do not rush in a relationship

Many men know how to behave with a girl in theory, but in practice they make many mistakes. For example, at the first meeting they seek to find out any contacts and information about the girl, her phone number, address, place of work.

If a man is confident and sees by all indications that he was able to impress the girl, you can take a phone number to start with. Otherwise, it will be enough to find out her profile on social networks to continue communication at a distance.

10 ways that work flawlessly

Psychologists offer a separate science - pickup, thanks to such skill you can find out how men fall in love with a woman. When gaining knowledge, experience and some psychological techniques, one does not need to try to quickly fall in love with the object of desire, since rush has never been an ally for such important purposes. Psychologists offer psychological techniques that are practically win-win in the conquest of female hearts.

Top 10 tricks for winning a girl:

  1. Humor. If a man managed to make the girl laugh, he was already able to win her to him. Experts advise to boldly joke, not being afraid to be comical. With the embarrassment and officialdom of the conversation, a joke is the best weapon to defuse the situation.
  2. Girl's interests. Before conquering her beloved by surprises and dates, you need to find out that she loves more than she is fond of. Further, a man needs to do everything so that her interests coincide with his interests, whether it be sports, dancing, swimming, books, etc. Or you can just find out any information about her hobbies in order to keep up the conversation about this in a further conversation.
  3. Listening. Not a single girl can look at a man who is corny cannot listen to her. Even if her conversations are not always interesting, a man needs to demonstrate an interest in her and in everything connected with her.
  4. Support. You should not rely on the promotion of feminism, relieving yourself of part of the duties and responsibilities. Any woman is looking for a strong and reliable shoulder. This is especially true in matters of how to fall in love with an adult woman.
  5. The trust. The challenge for most men is how to win an introvert woman who is initially closed to contacts and trust. In every way a man must demonstrate that she can trust him even the most difficult circumstances in life.
  6. Compliments. Any girl before a date and meeting pays a lot of time to create an external image. Therefore, whenever possible, you should always praise the choice of clothes, makeup, hairstyle.
  7. Sweet. You can conquer a girl with small surprises, especially if it's sweets. Almost all of the fair sex are still those sweet tooths, so donated chocolate, ice cream, a box of chocolates or cakes will be appreciated.
  8. Flowers Well, how can it be without flowers, thanks to which you can fall in love with a girl madly. All women adore flowers, even if some of them are not recognized. They need to be given not on holidays, but each time unexpectedly.
  9. Memorable dates. You can conquer a girl also by the fact that the man will keep in memory all the important dates and events, for example, the first meeting, the first kiss, the beginning of a relationship, etc. This will show the seriousness of intentions and attitude towards her.
  10. Surprises Beautiful gestures will be appreciated by any girl, regardless of age, temperament, character and outlook on life. It can be an unexpected gift in the form of decoration, or it can be an unscheduled trip to a picnic, a trip to the sea, theater tickets, etc. The main thing is that the surprises are timely and appropriate in certain circumstances.

Before starting a conversation and acquaintance, it is better for a man to think ahead of time what to tell the girl, with what topics to start a conversation, with what phrases to demonstrate an interest in her. In the future, we must remember that all women love to be sought, subdued by attention and care.

Psychological tricks

It is difficult to win a girl’s predisposition at first glance, but it’s quite possible if you know the tricks and psychological techniques of a pickup truck. Having known them, a man should in no case doubt whether it is possible to fall in love with a girl in this way. A manifestation of self-doubt will immediately be revealed by the object of desire and regarded as not in favor of the man.

The skill of a pickup truck teaches the main points that a man should know about a woman, namely:

  • eye contact is important in order to gaze in love with a girl, since they all love attention and admiring their beauty,
  • if a girl is not deprived of the attention of men, and responds to their views with ignoring, a man needs to behave in the exact opposite, paying no attention to the object of passion,
  • if a girl is bored with gifts, surprises and dates, you need to stop paying attention to her and show some chill, after which she herself will begin to look for reasons for meetings,
  • it is extremely contraindicated for a man to compare her with other women (even if you give an example to a familiar girl), this always leads to the collapse of relations.

After meeting and during communication, you can follow how she reacts to bodily contact. If she reacts even to a light touch of her hand with her hand, tries to move away, is shy and blushes, which means that even such small details are important to her. Psychologists consider this a demonstration of the degree of her readiness for further rapprochement.


All of the above methods of seducing and conquering the female heart have been tested by experience and time, in 99% of cases they give a positive result. It is important to follow not only certain instructions of specialists, but to combine all the tricks and recommendations in one single credo. It is extremely important for a woman to feel with a man not as a mother, not as a teacher, not as a child, but as a woman.

10 rules how to like a girl

1. Be persistent in courting. If the girl did not reciprocate you immediately, do not despair! The fairer sex love when they are being sought. Both standard tricks (flowers, songs under the window, love poems) and original methods will help change anger at mercy. The more original - the easier it is to find out the answer to the question of how to charm a girl. It all depends on your imagination and financial capabilities (the second is not necessary if you have the first). But do not be too aggressive in courtship! It can only scare a girl away. And know how to distinguish a flirty “no” (which is about to threaten to develop into a modest “yes”) from a solid and not suggesting other options for failure.

2. Amaze yourself with the originality and originality of your personality. Know how to do something better than others? Do you play the guitar? Cooking a delicious barbecue? Do you grow cacti? It’s not necessary to have supernatural talents to charm a girl. How to conquer a girl? To be a passionate person and subdue your chosen one with your passion! Show originality and originality in everything - in unusual gifts, non-standard dates, unexpected pleasant deeds. Believe me, her heart will be won by you!

3. Think through each step. Try not to miss or miss. Girls do not like rash acts and guys who do not know how to keep their word. Therefore, you will have to develop a plan for how to fall in love with a girl, and strictly follow it. They promised her dinner in a cafe tomorrow - in no case forget about it and do not try to go out with friends to football! They said about a gift in the form of wildflowers in the middle of winter - get blood from your nose or something similar to them.

4. Be moderately generous. It is known that girls can not stand greedy men. Want to know how to charm a girl? Do not be mean! We are not talking, of course, about gifts in the form of jewelry relationships and dinners in the most expensive restaurants. This means “healthy” generosity: do not skimp on flowers at every meeting, small but pleasant surprise gifts. From time to time, invite a girl to a cafe. At the same time, a girl (a normal girl!) Will be suspicious of excessive spending of money, motivation, so you should not abuse your own generosity either.

5. Be honest. A lie is another male quality that is categorically not tolerated by most girls. Lies become apparent in 90% of cases - think carefully before cheating on a girl. If insincerity on your part becomes a familiar thing, you run the risk of permanently losing the trust of your beloved, and soon - of herself. So, if you are concerned about the question of how to fall in love with a girl, be extremely sincere with her!

6. Know how to take control of the situation. Girls love motivated, confident, proactive men. Remember the phrase “Behind him, like behind a stone wall” - exactly all girls dream of such a man! Be the main when you need to make an important decision, let her feel weak and defenseless without you. Male strength, strong-willed decisions, firmness in one’s own opinion - this is what will make the question of how to win a girl solved.

7. Watch your appearance. The fact that girls should take care of themselves, and there can be no question - this is obvious to everyone. But what about the guys? Is it really not their concern? No matter how! If you want to know how to charm a girl, remember: for her, the appearance of the guy she meets (meets) is very important. Be tidy, follow personal hygiene, do not forget to shave before a date, put on clean socks, brush your teeth, use deodorant, and toilet water. Not to mention the clothes - how unpleasant it is sometimes to see a picture when a guy in a well-worn tracksuit is walking next to a well-groomed girl in an elegant dress! It is unlikely that the girl will be comfortable in this situation. What about the guy?

8. Amaze with a sense of humor and optimism. In all kinds of polls, girls are most often called a sense of humor as one of the main qualities that a guy should have. Dull, depressed men are not in fashion! How to fall in love with a girl? To be witty, optimistic, sincerely smile and laugh contagiously - after all, these qualities attract everyone! Know how to joke to the place, to compliment, be cheerful and optimistic about the future. The girl with you will be pleased, easy, carefree. At the same time, one does not need to become a “duty clown”. Know the measure and remember that in situations where a serious decision is required, there is no place for jokes.

9. Learn the art of sex. When planning a long relationship with a girl, this item is indispensable. This is not a one-night relationship, when it is less important to worry about whether the partner received pleasure. Study the relevant literature, discuss these issues with a girl (not on the first date, of course, but when you feel that things are gradually moving towards closer relationships). Do not worry about how to charm a girl in bed - just be romantic, gentle, do not rush and do not force.

10. Do not become henpecked. Caring for a girl, satisfying her whims, following her wishes, do not forget that it is always important to maintain your own “I”, your personality. Do not become dependent on women's desires! This is the highest art: to satisfy a woman in everything and at the same time to act differently in important matters. Of course, it is difficult to achieve this if your aspirations and desires of the girl are radically opposite. But we hope that, having successfully completed all the previous paragraphs and learning the secret of how to fall in love with a girl, you have already become one with your chosen one and your views are focused in one direction.

How to win the heart of a girl who loves another but likes and refused

Falling in love with a girl who already has taken the place of a companion of her life is not at all simple, but possible. The main thing is not to succumb to the feelings of frustration and confusion.

To begin with, it is worth learning about the seriousness of her current relationship. Perhaps she is not alone not from a feeling of great love, but from the fact that she does not want to carry the status of a loner, or does not want to be bored. If so, then all ingenious is simple. Just show her that she is spending her time on the wrong person, that next to a guy like you, she will be much more comfortable. More fun and warmer.

If a girl is in love with another guy, then the first thing to do is find out better than your opponent. Each person has his own shortcomings, which can be pointed out, while avoiding them himself.Having shown yourself in a better light against the background of the opponent, you can achieve that the girl will think and turn her attention to you.

How to win the heart of the girl with whom she broke up, if she does not want a relationship and is married

In order to once again conquer the girl who decided to leave, you do not need to run after her, put pressure on pity or try to take the fortress with pressure. In order for her to want to return to this relationship herself, she needs to disappear for some time from her field of vision.

Time spent away from the girl should not be wasted. During this period, you will need to work hard on yourself. It is necessary to become even better than before, to achieve some goals that were previously beyond the power.

The main thing in this moment is that the girl learns about the changes taking place in your life, so that she hears about successes either from mutual acquaintances, or from you, at a “random” meeting. When she realizes what she is losing in your face, she will certainly want to get her trophy back.

If you can greatly intrigue your beloved with your changes, then perhaps she will even wish to connect the rest of her life with you and marry a successful and reliable man.

How to win the heart of a girl via SMS, on the Internet

In order to win a girl with whom communication is established using SMS correspondence or through the Internet, you should first of all pay attention to your own grammar and punctuation. Most girls are ready to agree to meet with a guy just because he knows how to spell words and knows where to put comas or dots.

Next is a more detailed study of the interests of the chosen one. This can be done using well-known social networks. The psychology of modern girls is arranged in such a way that everything that they are fond of or that worries them, they are in any way indicated on their pages on the Internet.

The most important information you should find out about a girl that interests you is her status: does she already have a relationship with another young man.

If the heart of the person you like is free, then you can begin to act. In correspondence, which should become love, you should not talk about everyday things. All messages need to be saturated with romance, sensitivity, tenderness.

During communication with the help of SMS or Internet correspondence, it is worth paying the girl's attention to the advantages inherent in you. She must understand. What a more ideal, caring and loving gentleman she had never met.

Corresponding with a girl, you can show your sense of humor. If you know how to draw, illustrate your communication, know how to sing - add sound accompaniment, know how to write poetry - do not miss your chance.

How to win a girl’s heart on a first date, distance or dating site

To conquer a girl on a first date, it is worth taking care not to be late for him. It will not be superfluous to prepare a bunch of flowers - such a gesture always brings several points to your side at once.

At the beginning of the meeting, you should behave a little restrained, not give full vent to your emotions, there will still be time for this.

Girls are very fond of compliments, but you need to be careful with them, especially on the first date, because too many of them can be perceived as unpleasant flattery.

A date should not be stretched for a long time. Two or three hours will be enough to find out about the preferences of the girl. About yourself, you should not give out immediately and that's it. You need to create a little intrigue so that the chosen one wants to meet with you more and get to know you even more.

At the end of the meeting, it is worth proposing to take the girl home or at least to a taxi, for which it would not hurt to pay.

How to win a girl’s heart after failure and separation

If it so happened that the relationship with your girlfriend has come to a standstill and ended up being just friends, and your feelings have not disappeared, you should not give up. Having understood the causes of what happened and worked hard to eliminate them, you can return your beloved back. But you need to understand what is definitely not worth doing:

  • no need to impose your attention on a girl until she is ready for him,
  • no need to give her a bunch of gifts with an apology,
  • don't cry or somehow show your weakness before her eyes,
  • don't tell her about your boundless love for her,
  • don't promise her a change.

All this can be done only then. When the relationship is fully restored, and the trust between you is restored.

As you can see, there are many ways to tempt women’s hearts, but all of them require great return from a man, enormous restraint and self-control, and only real romantics can truly understand: “How to win the heart of a beloved girl?”.

If the above methods do not have a positive result, then to win the girl’s heart, you can try to write her a handwritten letter, which would contain a touching declaration of love. And do not forget to call her more often, write love sms messages. Copied from

How to conquer a woman. Simple Tips for Men

Be patient to gain favor. This can be difficult and time consuming.

  • Be sure to do everything necessary so that your lover understands that she is special. If you see that the woman is friendly and even reciprocates, continue to act, do not relax your grip.
  • Your first date, and especially your first kiss, will play a big role. It would seem that complicated? But it is very difficult for men to overcome this boundary. You can read about how to do everything right and make an impression in the article “How to Kiss a Girl”.
  • To win a heart, first, build trust. Be sincere, do not deceive her even in small things. You can attract the attention of any woman if you become a person you can always rely on.

How to win over a girl and do it right

Before falling in love with a girl, you should achieve her location. If this attempt fails, then it makes no sense to talk about any future love. To position the lady to yourself and set her up for relationships, you can use the following methods:

  • Training. Study her interests, chat with her friends, find out hobbies and outlooks on life. The information received and analyzed will help you in the future to build the right dialogue with the girl and charm in the process of communication.
  • Confidence. Any woman is drawn to confident men, so you should literally exude this feeling. Then she will feel safe next to you and you will get her location. It is important not to confuse confidence with arrogance and annoying self-confidence. Otherwise, instead of arranging and falling in love with a girl, you will push her away forever.
  • Interest. Before falling in love with a girl, you must interest her in yourself. I managed to evoke this feeling in her - consider that half the work has been done.
  • Individual approach. In matters of love, you can not use templates. Remember, all women are different, therefore, in order to interest them in themselves, and to get location, you should approach each one individually and use different tricks.

If at the very beginning everything is done correctly, then falling in love with a girl will not be difficult.

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How to do it right. Explore your goal

Do not know how to conquer a woman? You can easily get your favorite if you collect information about her:

  • tastes, preferences, interests,
  • how to spend free time
  • dreams and plans for the future
  • ideal man
  • what is expected from a relationship,
  • past experience, reasons for parting,
  • willingness to start a family, etc.

You can find out these details through friends or the Internet. Do this and you can pick up the key to the girl’s heart.

By the way, this is exactly what happened with my friend Nikita: for a long time and almost unsuccessfully he looked after his colleague Ekaterina, tried to conquer her. On my advice, Nikita began to monitor the pages of the girl in the social. nets, make notes and soon realized that Katya was delighted with the Corgi dog breed. He wrote to her and asked if Katya could look after his dog for a couple of days. Surprisingly, she agreed.
When Nikita returned, he told Katya that the dog was meant for her as a gift. The girl was very happy, because she had already managed to become attached to the dog. She began to spend more time with Nikita for a walk with the dog, and, in the end, they quickly became close.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and do not be lazy to study information from the VK profile, for example. It is important for any person when someone understands his pains and needs. And your beloved girl will be happy to receive as a gift what she had long dreamed of!

Female psychology of amorousness

Any woman loves with her ears - this is an absolute truth. This is confirmed by examples when we meet couples in which the nondescript “peasant” somehow won a stunning beauty. But is it only with beautiful speeches, guys who do not have outstanding external data, fall in love with a young lady in their person or are there other secrets? Female psychology is such that, in addition to compliments and beautiful words, it can attract:

  • Money. Someone immediately stigmatizes such girls and accuses them of commercialism. This is absolutely normal, because female psychology is structured in such a way that she thinks about offspring at a subconscious level. Accordingly, choosing a partner, any lady will think about how she will be provided in the event that she becomes pregnant and cannot work. It is paramount for her that she herself and her children do not need anything. It turns out that financially well-off guys, even those who are not particularly beautiful in appearance, are more likely to like a lady. However, having met such a person, be vigilant and “do not push yourself” towards an ordinary hunter for wealth, for whom neither family, nor children, nor feelings, nor, in fact, you, matter.
  • Vote. Words can attract a woman, but if they are pronounced in a pleasant voice, she will practically have no options. Therefore, work on yourself, use the techniques of training ligaments and voices, because he can play a decisive role in how to fall in love with a girl.
  • Mind. Female nature is irresistibly attracted to intelligent and interesting men. The smarter the guy and the versatile his interests, the more girls he will be able to conquer.
  • Charisma. A man may be ugly in appearance, but having strong charisma and knowing how to use it, sooner or later he will be able to charm a young lady or even make her love herself.
  • Care. Girls love to be cared and taken care of. Many even prefer to build a father-daughter relationship model. Seeing the care, the girls subconsciously think that you will become a good father, instincts start to work for them, as a result they fall in love with a partner. Use this technique and your care, you will surely be able to charm anyone.

As you can see, it is not necessary to be handsome to win the lady of your dreams. Female psychology, fortunately, is such that it is not so difficult to get around the barrier associated with appearance. A little financial investment, charm, care, and now - any young lady has already bowed her head on your shoulder. Try different ways to break through her defense and you will definitely be able to pick up a key to the heart of any woman.

Training. How to look

External data is important not only for girls. Well-groomed and athletic men always receive much more female attention than those who do not care about their clothes and figure. Many of us men are sure that the inner world is much more important than an inflated body. But why to women, then, we have completely different requirements? So that the clever was, and the beauty!

  • Women love, first of all, with their ears. It is very important for them what the man says and how he does it. But other sensory organs are involved in the communication of the sexes, for example, the eyes and nose. It is unlikely that you will make a good impression on the chosen one if you put on a three-day shirt or just forget to take a shower. Use deodorants, regularly do a haircut. Your hands should always be clean and well-groomed.
  • Clothing should sit favorably and emphasize your status or lifestyle. Avoid teenage jeans and sweatshirts three sizes larger, as well as color sneakers and backpacks. Your image should be a holistic picture, where each element in its place. For more details on how to win a girl through a pleasant appearance, read the article how to be attractive.

How to fall in love with a girl using pickup techniques: 10 ways

If you set yourself an unattainable goal at first glance - to make a girl pay attention to herself at least, and possibly even “lose her head”, then you simply must study all the available pickup methods. There are many tricks that are used by both young men who are just beginning to conquer women's hearts, as well as held men. Consider the most popular, effective and most affordable ways to seduce.

9 easy steps to win a woman’s heart

I have gathered together information that will help you clearly build your actions on the way to the heart of your beloved. Perform them sequentially and do not back down until you see a positive result.

  • Be patient. The quieter you go, the further you'll get. This saying is very appropriate in this situation. Prepare a base for further action. To fall on a girl’s head with a bouquet of roses is the worst option. To take your courtship, she must be ready. Otherwise, no one will appreciate your impulses.
  • Be interesting. Women like erudite, well-mannered and versatile men. Your knowledge of politics, sports, culture will make a lasting impression and will make you very attractive.
  • Show respect. Do not swear or say bad words, even during a quarrel. You will most likely make peace, but the girl will consider you an ill-bred boor. It is better to be a gentleman, hold the door in front of her, help to remove and put on outer clothing, or sit at the table, sliding her chair.
  • Be original. No need to plan a meeting from start to finish. Leave room for spontaneity! Call her and offer to walk around the city all night or organize a picnic in nature. Surprise your sweetheart as often as possible.
  • Be confident in yourself. Confidence is manifested in words, but even more in actions. If a girl hears doubts in your voice, sees anxiety in her eyes, then do not expect reciprocity. Your behavior should tell her: “I am the one you need. I want you to become mine and am ready to achieve this. " Work on your settings, then I will take you seriously without words.
  • Be careful. If you asked a girl when her birthday is or where she lives, try to remember this the first time! When ordering coffee, remember how she loves, and after a few days, present the same to her. If a girl in a conversation drops that she loves peonies, and you give her daisies, then you should not be offended by the refusal and unwillingness to continue communication.
  • Be persistent. There are different situations in life, if your beloved refused one or two times from a date, this does not mean that you are not interested in her. Instead of displeasure, ask if she is doing well. Offer help and support in case she needs it. Try to "squeeze" into many areas of her life, whether it be help for work, joint rest, shopping or repairs in the apartment.
  • Be sincere. Do not hide emotions if they overwhelm you. Speak everything from a pure heart, share your thoughts and feelings. But do not forget that there is a big difference between sincerity and bad manners.If you want to make a comment to the girl, then tell him in a joking manner or in such a way as not to offend.
  • Be a man. Do not try to seem better and cooler than you really are. Learn to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness, if necessary. To be a man means to be yourself. And also, be able to take responsibility for their words and deeds.

You can seek location both in person and by correspondence. It will be a little more difficult to interest yourself at a distance, the basic principles are disclosed here "How to impress in correspondence."

Be inaccessible

Many men, thinking about how to fall in love with a girl, immediately make a mistake, starting to give her too much attention.

And they do this quite consciously, ignoring the famous words of the classic that "the less a woman we love, the more she likes us."

Any young lady will be more drawn to that man who seems inaccessible to her - this is an undeniable truth. Think for yourself, what's the point of fighting for what, therefore, lies at your feet? There is no point, so do not rush to flood the girl with flowers, gifts and attention until she fully understands what you are really worth and how lucky she is that you paid attention to her. This technique always works - use it, but do not overdo it.

Inaccessibility does not mean that you should keep clear and avoid the lady, just try to stay independent, not screaming about your devotion and boundless love. Here are some ways you can demonstrate a girl’s inaccessibility - joke and make fun of her, talk to her as well as everyone, without exalting her on a pedestal, chat with other girls, without avoiding tactile contact with them in her presence.

Top 7 Ways to Conquer a Woman

We have figured out how to behave in order to win hearts and be a winner in life.

I asked my friends girls what do they value most in men? What qualities are considered the most attractive? And here is what they answered me:

  • Caring. Such a quality will be appreciated by any woman. For the fair sex, this means that the man will be a wonderful husband and father. Show that you care about how your partner lives and feels. In the rain, cover her with your jacket; in winter, find out if she is warmly dressed. If you get sick - take a day off to take care of your beloved.
  • Unobtrusiveness. Too much attention on your part will surely tire the girl, and cause a desire to free herself and escape. Give her a couple of days of rest, write herself and say that she is bored. If in response you see ignoring, you should think about its seriousness.
  • Ability to communicate. Read books, various articles, watch educational programs. Improve yourself in different directions to support any topic of conversation. Learn to tell stories in an interesting way, and make amazing compliments.
  • Self-sufficiency. Do not make a woman, even the best and most beloved, the center of her universe. Feeling her power, she can use you for personal purposes. Leave the smallest understatement and insecurity, because not only you must earn love, but also a woman to prove that she deserves your love.
  • Generosity. Girls do not like mean men, it is obvious. Pay bills in cafes and restaurants, give gifts and flowers. If there is not much money, dig up before courtship. After all, the first months are the most romantic and bright, do not make your beloved feel worse than other girls.
  • Seriousness. Your actions and words should be such that the woman understands that you can be considered as a potential partner. If you can’t keep a promise, explain the reasons and postpone its fulfillment.
  • Willingness to change. Unable to change other people, change yourself. If you want to succeed in a woman, do not wait until she changes her preferences. Start to change, and the result will not be long in coming.

Do not forget that "you will not be forcibly sweet." If, ultimately, your attempts were unsuccessful, pay attention to other girls. Do not get hung up on the one that rejects you time after time. In the article, if a girl does not want a relationship, useful tips are collected on how to survive a failure and move on.

To get and seduce a woman is not enough to build strong relationships. She should respect and value you. I am sure that if you work hard to do such a great job on yourself and become a truly worthy man, you can find love as a reward.

When to stop

There are several situations in which to win a girl will not work. Therefore, it is worth stopping and thinking, are you doing everything right?

Be prepared for this. The reason for this may be one of the following factors:

  • She already has a decent couple,
  • You do not meet her expectations
  • She has been holding you in a friend zone for a long time,
  • You were too intrusive

In any of the options, if all your previous attempts were unsuccessful, leave the girl alone and give her time. Try to keep friendly or friendly relations and step aside. It is likely that her current partnership will end sooner or later. Be close at this moment to expose your strong male shoulder.

If you pushed and even scared a girl with your perseverance and obsession, then the only chance to rehabilitate is to enter into a circle of friends and prove yourself in the best possible way.

In the end, if the girl you dream of wants to see a tanned sports brunette on a BMW next to you, and you are just a guy on Toyota, there is nothing to be done. Either you need to catch up with her requirements, or the girl should lower the bar of her expectations.

What not to do

In order to please and fall in love with a girl, the following qualities are strictly forbidden:

  • Rudeness
  • Selfishness
  • Greed
  • Contempt
  • Comparing with others
  • Constant criticism

Do not try to “remake” your beloved against her will. If you ask to change and become better, get ready to work on yourself too. But think about it, if a girl does not suit you in some respects, maybe it is easier to find another lady of the heart?

To use as a thing and to show the chosen one as a trophy is ugly and wrong. In a relationship you need to appreciate and respect, and not have a partner. Respect your chosen one and yourself.

Needless to say, you cannot change and cheat either? If your goal is to hook some girl and carry him to your bed, do not hide the true motives, because you risk breaking her heart.

Go to the dating rating without obligation and meet interesting girls. There are free and liberated young women who are not tuned to a serious relationship. With them, making a romance is much easier than building a serious relationship.

Use contrast

Applying this technique is not easy, and it may not work if used incorrectly. The essence of the reception is to distinguish yourself from all the people around the girl, and thus force her to pay attention to herself. For example, at work, a young lady is surrounded by “vanilla” colleagues, in which case you should show different character traits - brutality, courage, masculinity. Or, on the contrary, the girl got used to the society of yard boys (punks), then she will most likely be interested in a romantic, intelligent, educated young man. Same thing with family relationships.

A girl who grew up in a dysfunctional family, where scandals and terror often occurred on the part of her father, will reach for a kind and caring guy, and that lady who has been guarded all her life is likely to fall in love with a bully. But, if you use this technique incorrectly and overdo it, then you can scare off your object of adoration. Use trial and error. As soon as you feel that something is going wrong - change tactics, slow down the pace.

Remember: any young lady, regardless of circumstances, does not fall in love with a particular person, but with his image. Do not know how to fall in love with a girl? Put in her head that image that she cannot but become interested in.

Impress her that you are popular

We always want to have what others have. Therefore, if you convince a girl that you are very popular with the opposite sex, you can quickly win her heart. In order for the technique to work more efficiently, this claim of relevance must be supported by facts. So, a large number of subscribers on social networks, laudatory comments under photos, constant calls and SMS from women will help to convince the girl of your importance. You can achieve this by asking friends of the young ladies (friends, classmates, classmates, colleagues) to help you.

Watch your appearance

Although this is not the most important thing in the art of seduction, nevertheless, a guy, albeit not handsome according to the accepted canons of attractiveness, but neatly dressed, preferably in the latest fashion, stylishly combed and fragrant with a pleasant aroma, is much more likely to please the girl. Do you want to be a successful pick-up artist? Learn to look great in any situation.

Be a provocateur

The main guarantee of success in how to fall in love with a girl is to make sure that she does not lose interest in you. And for this, it must be constantly provoked. Previously, only ladies used this technique, but today men have mastered the trick of seduction. The essence of the reception is to first let her know that you really like her. To do this, you can call her without reason, be interested in how she is doing, take care. And then suddenly an abyss from her field of vision, artificially creating a lack of communication. In this case, you will be able to provoke her, and she herself will make contact. But you are obliged to keep an unflappable defense - answer questions dryly, ignore calls and SMS, refer to employment. Having “marinated” the girl like this for several days, “turn on” the care and interest again.

Stand out from the crowd

How to fall in love with a girl when there are so many competitors around? Very easy. You just need to become the soul of the company and be able to stand out from the crowd. It’s enough to be witty, versatile, humorous person. Not everyone is ready to use this technique, because for this you need to engage in self-development, and most guys are now not ready to read books and invest at least some knowledge. In general, using this technique, you need to think as creatively as possible in absolutely everything, from where your first date will be to jokes and gifts that you will surprise the chosen one.

Be the best

Any young lady wishes herself the best and wants to see a successful person next to her. Therefore, every picker knows that he must be the best in everything, or at least create such an illusion. She should think that you are the best partner in sex, a reliable man for life, promising and ambitious, then it will be easy for you to achieve the location of any beauty.

Amaze her with the brightness of your life

Engage in extreme sports, travel more, do unusual things and you will cause interest in the girl. The more extraordinary personality you will seem to a girl - the higher the chances of one day becoming her boyfriend.

However, do not overdo it and play too much, because when the girl understands the full scale of the playing-over, she will quickly cool down, become disappointed and leave.


For this technique it is necessary to gain courage and learn to be an adult, a responsible man. You must put her in the position of a child, and make her role as a parent. You can lisp, pamper her with ice cream and small gifts, play and rave with her, regret when she is in pain and support when she is sad, until she makes you act differently with her behavior. For bad behavior - punish the girl. Naturally, not by assault, but you must find an effective lever of pressure with which you can condemn her. Never dare to be offended, argue and sort things out if you use the father-daughter technique and want to dominate. Many girls, so they don’t talk, like this model of relationship, and they are often led to this reception.

How to conquer a girl if she is older or younger than you

How to fall in love with a girl if you have an age difference. Let's consider several options:

  • If she is younger. In this case, there should not be any problems, because any young ladies always give preference to those young people who are older. With them, almost any of the above pickup techniques work easily. You don’t have to use any tricks at all, just offer your beloved what their peers are not able to give her - and the job is done! Any young person can be impressed with virtually no effort.
  • If she is older. But will it be possible to conquer an adult lady? In this case, you have to work hard, because it is much more difficult to charm an experienced girl: you have to connect all your charm, prove that you are in many ways superior to her peers, constantly shine with your mind and, of course, show your financial capabilities. Remember that nothing is impossible, and a girl older than you, in any case, will flatter the attention of a young admirer.

It is believed that a man should be older in a relationship. These are just prejudices. There are many examples when a girl is a little and even much older, and this does not in the least prevent partners from living happily. Therefore, do not dwell on the age and remember - everything is in your hands! Use pickup techniques and you will quickly get your way.

How to make you loved in the distance

Distance is the enemy of relationships. Many will agree with this statement. But, even if there are thousands of kilometers between you, it is in your power to influence the young lady and charm her with your person, despite the large actual distance. To please a girl of any age, if you are far from each other, you will only have to use the phone and the Internet. This greatly complicates the task, but there are still chances to achieve your goal. Proceed as follows:

  • Call me. Do not limit yourself only to correspondence in messengers and social networks. Call her at least occasionally so that she can hear your voice, and contact is established between you. To the extreme - send voice messages. It is best to make calls before going to bed so that everyday activities do not distract you from the dialogue, and even the evening time adds intimacy to any conversation.
  • Do not write platitudes. Try to write to her throughout the day, but your messages should not be limited to the banal: “Hello. How are you?". Write her poems, pleasant words, try to intrigue. For example, write her the following morning: “I saw you in a dream today. It was a pleasant and unusual dream. Very unusual. ” And after that, "disappear" from the network. Let her think what you dreamed of.
  • Do not be intrusive. Remember, even the distance will not save her from your tediousness, so you should not write and call a lady too often. Give her the opportunity to miss you a little.

You don’t know how to fall in love with a girl who is far away, and in general you doubt whether you can do it? Remember: at a distance you are able to use pickup techniques as effectively as in reality. So adapt them to the situation you are in and apply them with minor changes.

How to conquer a girlfriend or colleague

But will it be possible to start a relationship with an already familiar and close person? In principle, yes, it is possible, and in such a situation there will be both advantages and disadvantages.On the one hand, during your acquaintance, you probably managed to study the girl, which means that it will be much easier to choose techniques suitable for a particular person. On the other hand, it will not be easy for any person to change warm, friendly feelings to more intimate ones.

That is, all the ideas here are the other way around: we do not get from the early relations into the friend zone, but from the previously established friend zone we are trying to enter into a relationship.

Not every girl will decide to take such a step, because in case of failure in your friendship relations, most likely, the end will also come. But, if you already set yourself such a goal, then you can try one of the tricks that will help you in this matter:

  • Hint at her sympathy. Do not immediately tell your chosen one about feelings, this will scare her away. Begin from afar. Try to make compliments, but they should not sound friendly. The girl must understand that you like her. Flirt and flirt with her at any opportunity. If she has feelings, and she decides on a relationship, then you will feel it by her behavior.
  • Try to be near. She should feel your presence next to her. And it doesn’t matter whether she is good or bad, in any situation you should try to be near the girl, physically or mentally. Your task is to become indispensable so that it gets used to you.
  • Make her jealous. Girls tend to take guys, especially those who are in the status of friends, for granted. Therefore, if you want to win her heart, then you should make it clear to your chosen one that she may lose you. It turned out to cause a feeling of jealousy? Consider it yours!

Is it possible to return the feelings of the former?

How to fall in love with a girl with whom you already had a relationship? In fact, it’s very realistic to return to the relationship again, because you are familiar with the character and preferences of the girl, which means you have some advantages. Use this knowledge to your advantage and the girl will return to you. In addition, conquering an already familiar woman, it will be easier to pick up pickup from the above. What do we have to do:

  • Analyze the breakup. You must understand exactly why you didn’t have a relationship. Based on this, you will have to consider a strategy for the return of the chosen one.
  • Correct the mistakes of the past. If the breakup happened through your vein, you will have to prove that you have changed and will not commit more misconduct.
  • Make a friendly contact. To show her your positive changes and transformation, you first need to establish friendly relations with her. Any young lady after an unsuccessful relationship will treat you with caution, so you should not immediately go on the offensive and force her to return. Give her some time and let everything go as it should.
  • Use the past. Any pleasant memories of your past will make her think about the future. Unobtrusively remind her how you felt good together, send photos together, invite you to a date at some memorable place, use the perfume that you had during your relationship with her. This technique is incredibly effective, because all people tend to return to where they felt good.

Custom approach

If you are ready to use any options, then try astrology. Celestial bodies have a great influence on the characters of people, which means that her zodiac sign will help to find an approach to a woman:

  • Aries. If a girl was born under this zodiac sign, then to achieve her location you need to be straightforward, sociable, energetic and intellectually developed.
  • Calf. Women-bodies do not tolerate talkers, so if you want to be near her, get ready to keep quiet and give in to her during quarrels.
  • Twins. Be witty and interesting, for Gemini this is the main thing.
  • Crayfish. They love humor, jokes and emotions. Give her all this and you will win her heart.
  • A lion. Be compliant, compliment, flatter, put her on a pedestal and the female lion will be yours.
  • Virgo. Women of this sign are distinguished by their efficiency, so you are obliged to fulfill all your promises and be serious.
  • Libra. Appreciate the good conversation and the beauty around. Do you want to conquer a woman-scales? Learn to speak beautifully, to support those topics that are of interest to her, take her to exhibitions.
  • Sagittarius. You can attract her if you become a student. Such women love to speak in an edifying tone and to teach their interlocutor.
  • Scorpio. He appreciates emotional relationships and generally any manifestation of feelings.
  • Capricorn. Personal space is important to them, they keep their distance with strangers. To fall in love with a girl of this sign will have to spend a lot of time. All attempts will be useless exactly until she gets used to you.
  • Aquarius. Girls of this sign appreciate erudition and a sense of humor. If you have all this in you, then there should not be a problem with how to fall in love with a girl of Aquarius.
  • Fish. Touchy and impressionable. Communicate with them carefully and bring only good news.

Which technique or set of techniques to apply - it is up to you to decide. But in order for the tactics to work, you cannot take any method at random, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the girl and the circumstances in which you are currently. And one more tip for beginner pickups: you can't fall in love with a girl first, otherwise you just won’t be able to use all the tricks correctly. First do all the work, get her to have romantic feelings, and only then give free rein to your emotions!

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