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How to choose a tie for a shirt, suit and vest?

A tie is an important attribute of a successful business image of a man, thanks to which accents are placed. But few men know for sure which tie, to which shirt, and also by what principles they generally combine the accessory with items of clothing. In this regard, stylists give many different valuable indications of what size a tie should be, what shirt style, what colors are in harmony.

At the same time, designers insist that any man’s wardrobe must have a shirt, a trouser suit and several options for ties for all occasions. Even putting on the same set of things, but changing the models of accessories, you can create radically different images for any occasion and event. The correct and competent combination of tie and shirt is more a matter of etiquette than freedom of choice.

Basic selection rules

At the first mention of the word “tie”, the first association that arises in us is a classic suit that weakly feels fashion trends and is not particularly affected by insignificant details. It is impossible to imagine a business suit without this accessory; without it, the image seems incomplete. A correctly selected tie will emphasize manhood, and in order not to make mistakes, you should take into account the basic rules that take into account color, fabric and size. For a win-win choice, you should be guided by 3 key rules.

  • Color design performs one of the key roles. Today, the color palette is represented by thousands of shades. The classic version is a light jacket, a dark shirt and a plain tie without a pattern. Of particular note are print accessories. The main thing is that each of the elements of clothing does not conflict with the rest. It is advisable to choose patterns similar, but with a slight difference.

  • The male figure affects size. Large-bodied men should purchase an elongated and wide accessory. The main thing is to remember that the lower part of the tie should be at the level of the upper edge of the belt or slightly higher. The standard width is 7.5-9.5 cm, it can also be made to order.

Do not forget about convenience - a tie should not cause discomfort.

  • The quality of the material performs one of the key roles. Give preference to woolen and silk fabrics.

How to choose a shirt?

Which tie is best for creating a complete elegant look depends on the shirt. Here, first of all, color and pattern are taken into account, allowing you to correctly combine wardrobe elements. It is enough to have 2-3 shirts, one pantsuit and several ties. Changing models of accessories, you can create radically different images.

For instance, a white shirt looks great with any element, just like a gray shirt. An attribute of the same color is harmoniously suited to red, but a few tones darker or a black accessory with red stripes. For burgundy, choose ties of black or blue, and if you choose with a pattern, the stripes should be in tone with the shirt. Blue and blue shirts allow you to choose the most diverse attribute: gray, yellow, red, green, burgundy, black.

The purple shirt is less diverse in the palette and welcomes only shades of the same color, but several tones lighter. A black shirt makes it possible to experiment in contrasts. You can choose a tie of any color: white, purple, red, blue, yellow, green, purple. The most difficult thing is to choose an accessory for a pink shirt.

Win-win options are lilac, purple and blue.

Which tie will suit the suit?

Image makers are guided by the creation of the right business image one basic rule when selecting items: suit - shirt - tie. It is such a sequence that allows you not to make a mistake with the choice and not complicate the style. To do this, just put the jacket on the bed and start picking up the missing details of the wardrobe.

The main thing is not to use uniform colors, identical patterns and patterns. The suit and shirt should contrast with each other, and the tie must complement the color of the first and stand out against the background of the overall image. A universal option is a blue suit, which will fit almost any tie, especially if it is dark blue or burgundy. This combination of colors looks harmonious, causing others a positive impression. Remember that it is the color of the tie that characterizes your mood and emotional background.

When combining striped items, consider the width of the stripes. They must be different and only 2 things. The third part should be in tone with the strip present on the other parts. For example, a blue white-striped suit and a plain white shirt complements a burgundy tie with a wide white strip. A similar principle applies to the use of cells in clothing. For example, a monochromatic light gray suit is set off by a white shirt with a red and gray checkered cage with a wide strip, completing the style with a dark gray tie with thin stripes.

Let us consider in more detail the combination of colors.

  • Blue suit Looks good with a blue tie, but on the condition that the shirt is light. Elements can also be with patterns, the main thing is that they fit together. A blue suit with a red accessory looks quite impressive. The combination of these 2 colors favorably distinguishes a man. With dark blue, yellow, black or white wardrobe attributes also look great.

  • To black picking up a tie is not difficult, since the color is considered universal. A black tie and a suit in tandem with a white shirt look elegant. The main thing is to remember that when choosing this image, you should not combine the colors of one tone, otherwise it will look dull.

  • White suit no different from the previous one. To it you can also pick up accessories of different colors. For example, a white suit, a red shirt and a white tie. The color looks noble with blue, green, orange, lilac, pink and other tones.

  • To gray Choose the attribute of the wardrobe of a certain shade. It is logical that a tie a tone darker or lighter is perfect for this. You can also experiment with burgundy, purple, blue, black, brown and green.

  • Wardrobe Detail for brown suit should not be bright. It is best to give preference to such colors as gray, burgundy, black and various shades of brown. This color looks noble, however, it should be correctly supplemented with elements.

It is important when choosing a brown suit to pay attention to the quality of the fabric.

  • Burgundy costume has a limited number of options. It may be a tie in the color of the outfit, but a different tone. If in doubt, choose a black or blue tie.

However, do not forget to experiment with different shades and patterns. The main thing is that all the elements of the image are combined with each other.

How to combine with a vest?

Combining a tie with a vest is a separate topic for conversation. With the wrong selection, a man in this outfit may look ridiculous. If everything is done correctly, then he will visually make the figure more slender. The classic version is trousers and a one-tone vest, combined with a light shirt and a dark tie. Widely used vests of the closed type (fullback), which are clothes with a closed back and a strap-pull on the back, as well as with a small neckline for a tie. Very often, such vests are included with the three-piece suit. Selection of an accessory for a vest is a painstaking affair; the following are considered the most common types of ties.

  • "Ascot" - This is a special kind of tied neck scarf. Due to silk, the knot turns out to be voluminous and looks especially solemn.

  • "Regatta" It looks like a regular wardrobe attribute, the main difference is that it does not need to be tied every time. It fastens with a special clasp behind the neck.

  • Shar Pei is a mixture of neckerchief and tie. Also made from soft silk fabric.

  • "Plastron" reminds "escot", the main difference - there is no need to tie, it is sold ready-made, like "regatta".

  • "Butterfly" - This is the main accessory of the vest. They blend perfectly together. Black is worn under a tuxedo, white - under a tailcoat.

Stylish looks

If you want to always look stylish not only in a classic style, but also to diversify your everyday look, then get a few ties of various colors. But in the case when you are not strong in style, you can turn to fashion magazines for help or pay attention to how mods of major cities of the world wear this accessory. Among modern offers, there are several.

  • A dark gray classic suit, a white chemise and a green tie will create a custom look. And you can add it with a long dark gray coat and boots.

The combination of colors of a tie and a shirt

In order for a man to learn how to choose a tie for a shirt according to the color scheme, experts offer special circles with an illustration of all color shades. Thanks to this picture, contrasting and similar options can be identified so that in the future they can be harmoniously combined in accessories and a shirt.

To make it easier to navigate in matters of how to choose a tie for a shirt according to colors, experts offer a convenient table with various possible options.

White shirtYou can choose a tie for a shirt of this color of any texture and shade. For a strict look, it is advisable to choose silk models.
Gray shirtAs in the previous case, absolutely any tie options will suit a gray shirt.
Beige shirtThe tie under a shirt of one palette can ideally emphasize the depth of the shade. It can be brown of different tonality, since brown and its close colors do not accept other colors.
Red shirtA tie of the same color will fit harmoniously with a red shirt, but a few steps darker in the palette. You can also create contrast by wearing a black accessory, black with a red stripe.
Burgundy shirtTo wear a burgundy shirt, you need ties in a dark palette, for example, black or blue. And you can wear in any dark color, but with a stripe to match the shirt.
Blue shirtThe ideal answer to the question of which shirt to wear with a gray tie is the blue of any key. Other tones that are darker than the shade of the shirt are acceptable. Yellow, red, burgundy and black accessories are also acceptable.
Blue shirtA blue shirt and an accessory of red, green and yellow shades will be in perfect harmony with each other. Perhaps this is the perfect combination of shirt and tie colors for young guys.
Green shirtSince green is a complementary color in the range, a tie for a khaki shirt is ideal.
Purple shirtWearing a purple shirt is better than a tie in the same palette, but somewhat lighter. Of the dark options, a blue accessory to a lilac shirt is suitable.
Black shirtIdeal shirt with which you can play in contrasts. A tie can be red, white, lilac, silver, gold, purple and the same black, but a slightly different tone.
Pink shirtThe most difficult thing is to choose an accessory for a pink shirt. A purple or purple tie under a pink shirt is best suited; a blue accessory to a pink shirt will look win-win.
IvoryHere, the color of the shirt and tie should be uniquely warm, be it yellow, burgundy, brown, orange and red. From a cold shade you can try a blue, gray and purple tie.

The most common mistakes when choosing the color scheme of a shirt and tie

In the event that the man does not know which tie suits which shirt, it is better to prefer the basic version of the kit. This is a black or gray trouser suit, a snow-white shirt and tie of any model, workmanship and shades. A mistake would be a combination of a shirt of the same color and tonality, in which case the clothes with the accessory will simply merge, erasing the accents.

The most common mistakes in combining a tandem tie and shirt are not so much in combining colors, but in choosing colors and prints. A man needs to pay attention to the parameters of the accessory, the type of assembly and its dimensions, the degree of tightening of the assembly. Stylists note that there should be no contrast between the drawings on the shirt and tie, but the contrast is acceptable in the color scheme.

Pattern on a tie and shirt

In addition to the question of how to choose a tie for a shirt by color, it is important for a man to decide on a competent combination of patterns and prints of an accessory and a shirt. For most men, this is the most difficult moment, since you need to remember several rules and principles of combination. Stylists do advise men who doubt how to choose a tie for a print shirt, not to take up this matter.

Striped tie

A striped tie can be combined with a shirt in the same pattern, but with a different width of such strips. That is, for a large strip on a tie, shirts with a small strip are suitable and vice versa. If the striped tie is complemented by a checkered shirt, peas or other print, the size of the patterns should match.

Pattern swirls on a tie

If such decorated patterns as curls are supposed to be on a tie, the shirt must be selected plain without any splashes and prints. Otherwise, the image will turn out to be difficult and overloaded with visual perception, it will ripple in the eyes from numerous patterns. The hue of the pattern may overlap with the color of the trousers or shirt.

Pattern rhombs on a tie

If a man needs to choose a profitable version of a shirt to a tie with a pattern in the shape of rhombuses, it is worth remembering the basic rule of such a combination. Geometric shapes can be combined, but a tie should be dominant in color and print. If there are lozenges on the tie, small dots may appear on the shirt. Similar patterns are acceptable, but with a pronounced difference, for example, with rhombuses on a shirt, squares larger on a tie will look.

Flowers on a tie

Such a tie model will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the man’s inner world and his personality. Regardless of the size and color of the pattern, it is better to wear a shirt and suit that is neutral in hue and without any pattern under such a tie.

Photo gallery of the most popular combinations

A man who can’t decide which tie suits his shirt in color and texture can view photos of ready-made sets recommended by stylists.

Recommendations of stylists

Stylists call two win-win options for combining shades of accessory and shirt - a gray and white shirt with ties of all colors and prints. If a man wants to draw attention to his person, the tie can be bright colors from burgundy to red in the palette. For everyday wear and a strict look, it is better to choose neutral shades of the suit and shirts.

For a visual demonstration of beneficial combinations, stylists have compiled a table:

In addition to the shirt, the shade and print of the tie must necessarily have something in common with the suit. Any pattern will look stylish and fashionable if its color matches the color of the trousers.By attaching a tie to a shirt and suit, you can guess in absentia how successful this choice will be.


Choosing a tie is important not only in width and length, but also in the type of shirt collar. Pay attention to the combination of accessory colors and shirts. It can be tones in one palette or opposite contrasting compounds. Also, the print on the tie and shirt should not overload each other, but competently set the emphasis. For this, a man needs to get acquainted with the advice of stylists and famous designers, as well as the rules of etiquette.

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