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Fashionable men's shirts 2018 with photo selection

One of the most favorite elements of the men's wardrobe along with fashionable men's t-shirts of 2018, without a doubt - stylish men's shirts of 2018. Fitted and loose cut, shortened and long models, with prints or plain, all models of shirts are presented in a huge assortment of well-known fashion houses and clothing manufacturers. It remains to choose a fashionable men's shirt for yourself in 2018 to stay in the trend of men's fashion in 2018.

Fashionable men's shirts 2018

Shirt is an indispensable attribute of a stylish man’s wardrobe

It would seem that a man’s shirt is such a simple thing that it will be difficult to surprise anyone. But if you look at the latest fashion trends and collections from famous fashion designers, you can see many original options that emphasize elegance, courage and self-confidence. Properly selected cut and style will help men to correct some of the shortcomings of the figure, visually making the body embossed and slim.

A shirt is a thing that will never lose its relevance, it can be worn with classic suits, under sweaters and pullovers, along with different styles of trousers and jeans. Particular attention should be paid to a man such indicators as shirt style and style, its size and fit, production materials, compliance with fashion trends, as well as color scheme, the presence of a picture and print.

What color shirts will be fashionable in 2018

As always, the classic options remain relevant: white, dark blue. In the collections of designers you can find shirts in saturated shades of emerald, brown, purple shades. Cut elements: strap, pocket, collar, cuffs, can contrast in the same color, only a few shades lighter.

Must have: white shirt

A white shirt is an indispensable attribute of a modern man, according to stylists, every man’s wardrobe should have such a thing. This shirt is ideally combined with any colors of accessories, costume and shoes, can be worn under the classic, and under other modern trends and clothing styles. If you correctly beat the outfit, it can even be worn under sports shoes, which will look creative and fresh.

Spectacular options for white men's shirts

Of course, a classic white shirt is a product beyond fashion time. However, in 2018, the designers tried to bring something new to the familiar product. Not even something, but many things! Men's white shirts are very extravagant in 2018. At fashion shows of collections of brands such as "VALENTINO", "WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK", "Y / PROJECT", white is the leading color in the collection. Thanks to the interesting cut, the men's shirt looks spectacular even in white. What does the model of the VAQUERA brand in oversize style stand for!

Fashionable men's classic shirts 2018 photo

Men's shirts are an ideal option for casual wear for office work. Men's classic shirts 2018 will go well with jeans, with trousers of a classic style. A shirt can replace a t-shirt, perfect as a casual wear.

Fashion items are sewn from fabrics that allow the skin to breathe. Shirts today are made from various materials: satin, linen, wool, flannel, silk and velveteen. Products are of high quality and exquisite design. In them you can go to work or a party in a cafe.

Fashion trends

Fashion does not stand still, it is constantly in the process of development. Fashion trends of women's and men's shirts 2018 - 2019 are also changing. Photos of current bows in popular magazines make readers want to dress fashionably and stylishly.

Among the main men's trends: this year, lapel shirts, large pockets, oversize shirts and a striped print are popular.

Women's trends included extravagant shirt dresses, incredible sleeve shapes, an abundance of prints and transparency of the material.

Fashion classic

With a shirt you can replace a familiar t-shirt. Then the image will become more manly. For work or for a date, with trousers or fashionable jeans of 2018 - men's shirts can be worn anywhere and with anything. In order to make this item of clothing more comfortable, it should be sewn from natural fabrics: linen, flannel, silk, velveteen. In a man’s wardrobe, only a shirt can look both classic and elegant.

Men's print shirts: extra expressive

Say no to monotonous gray in 2018! Fashionable men choose bright! For lovers of contrasting graphics, the upcoming 2018 offers new unique models of men's shirts. From 2018 prints on men's shirts from the collections of CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY, Y / PROJECT, VERSACE, TOPMAN DESIGN, DRIES VAN NOTEN, DOLCE & GABBANA in 2018 simply can not take their eyes off. If a man wants to be constantly surrounded by beautiful ladies and attract languid female looks, he must buy one of the shirts in the photo below. Well, how inspiring?

Into the cage

For several years, a plaid shirt does not go out of fashion, occupying leading indicators in terms of demand and preferences of men. Checkered print can be both large and small, a lot depends on the overall outfit of a man. Cell colors can be either close in palette or radically different.

Latest fashion and style articles

A shirt is the only item in a man’s wardrobe of any style that will always be classic, elegant. Classic shirts of white, blue, red, orange, burgundy, brown, blue you can find in any new collection. If you prefer neutral colors, it is best to opt for striped shirts.

Shades of coffee and cocoa

Such tones are ideal for dark skin, highlighting the natural swarthiness or acquired tan from a favorable side.

Cocoa Shirts: White Mountaineering, Hermes, Versace, Kolor

TOP 7 women's shirts

Stylish shirts are the basic element of the wardrobe of all women. Beautiful and original shirts give the image a conciseness. Women's shirts are characterized by convenience and practicality, and a properly selected bottom allows you to wear one model for a festive event or a business meeting.

In the new season, designers presented a huge variety of shirt styles. We will show you the most fashionable female options. Photos of selected bows will give an idea of ​​what to wear a shirt with.

  1. Classic shirts will never lose their uniqueness. Among the classic models, black and white blouses sewn from chiffon or silk are popular.
  2. The most fashionable in the new year - denim shirts. Fashionistas can boldly combine them with trousers and skirts, and put on under sundresses and overalls. In addition, we offer you to read more about how to wear women's pants.
  3. The strip is popular among females and males. The striped shirt looks stylish and helps in creating a restrained look.
  4. Shirts on one shoulder with an asymmetric cut are at the peak of popularity. The model deliberately looks carelessly.
  5. Shirts with a smell are gaining popularity among all lovers of stylishly dressed. These shirts are decorated with various original belts.
  6. Dress-shirts are another popular fashion solution. These are standard elongated shirts.
  7. Asymmetric blouses are a practical option. It is multifunctional and can be combined with any bottom. Great for business bow.

Big fashion for striped shirts for men in 2018

Not only trendy men's shirts with bright prints, but also with a classic stripe. It is from striped materials that fashionable men's shirts of the brands “HAIDER ACKERMANN”, “KENZO”, “Y / PROJECT”, “VAQUERA”, “TOPMAN DESIGN” and “BAND OF OUTSIDERS” are made. With the help of a correctly selected model of a striped shirt, a man is literally transformed. Striped shirts are the choice of many famous show men. Since the television screen has the ability to add a couple of extra pounds, the striped shirt saves the situation.

With print

If a man prefers to stand out from the crowd with a creative and fresh outfit, he should look after a printed shirt. With the help of such a print you can create a summer, romantic and airy image, plant and animal drawings are in fashion today. The main rule of such a shirt is moderation, as the Hawaiian print style is already outdated and not relevant today.

Checkered shirts

Men's plaid shirts have long ceased to be an attribute exclusively of youth, punk lovers in all its manifestations or the harsh Canadian lumberjacks. Fashion gurus offer to have in the wardrobe several similar gizmos, differing in color and purpose. All cell varieties are relevant, except for the excessively large one. A variety of styles will help you choose a checkered shirt for everyday wear, for work, for business meetings, for relaxing and going out. The cell is perfectly combined with a monophonic bottom, so you will not have problems with creating outfits.

Fashionable men's plaid shirts 2018 photo

Men's plaid shirts have long ceased to be an attribute exclusively of youth, punk lovers in all its manifestations or the harsh Canadian lumberjacks. Fashion gurus offer to have in the wardrobe of 2018 several similar gizmos, differing in color and purpose. All cell varieties are relevant, except for the excessively large one. A variety of styles will help you choose a checkered shirt for everyday wear, for work, for business meetings, for relaxing and going out. The cell is perfectly combined with a monophonic bottom, so you will not have problems with creating outfits.

Olive military

The widespread craving for a military style could not but reflect on such a man’s wardrobe detail as a shirt. Patch pockets, thick fabric, heavy shiny buttons - all this gives the image strength and masculinity.

Military Style: Lemaire, Salvatore Ferragamo, Yohji Yamamoto, Valentino

TOP 7 men's shirts

Fashionable shirts for men 2018 - 2019 are distinguished by a strict cut and concise design, and only minor details make these clothes so popular in the new season. We have compiled a list of the best models of men's shirts:

  1. Classic never expires, so classic shirts top the ranking. They go well not only with a strict trouser suit, but also with jeans.
  2. Military-style shirts are at their peak today. The informal style of clothing attracts many men because it is comfortable. The most fashionable color for military shirts is cornflower blue.
  3. Plaid shirts have not been considered an attribute of farm guys for a long time. To date, any cell size is relevant, except for being too wide.
  4. The strip has long been a classic. An especially stylish solution is an ultra-thin vertical strip. She gives the image sophistication and efficiency.
  5. Denim is popular at all times, and now denim shirts are used not only as an element of a working uniform, but also occupy the top places in the ratings of stylish clothes.
  6. Fashion trends 2018 - 2019 could not do without the presence of massive prints. In the current season, it is important to combine multiple prints on one model.
  7. The fitted zipper shirts complete the list. Fashion designers like to simplify clothes, so the original zippers came to replace endless buttons.

Shirts go well with sneakers. In order to think over the image in advance, we suggest reading an article about fashionable men's sneakers.

Flowers for men

Stylists recommend men's shirts with embroidered flowers or floral prints as the latest novelty of 2018. Magnificent models of the DRIES VAN NOTEN brand with an alluring floral design will not leave indifferent any beautiful woman. Fans of complex images will definitely appreciate a shirt with flowers, which will look equally good with plain jeans and with printed trousers. See for yourself spectacular men's floral shirts on the photo.


If a man is puzzled by the question of which men's shirts are fashionable in 2018, a striped shirt will be a win-win option. Stylists believe that such a shirt style must be present in the wardrobe of every man, since it is universal and practical, appropriate in any situation. Vertical stripes visually slim and make a man taller, asymmetry ideally hides excess volume at the waist.

Fashionable men's shirts with zipper 2018 photo

Do you want to become original, do not know how, replace the classic buttons with a zipper, evaluate the effect. In 2018, zippers are not inherent in classic shirt models, but in special, quite diverse products that can hardly be attributed to a standard men's wardrobe. Let's look at the new ideas of designers.

Denim shirts - hit men's fashion for the upcoming season

Denim shirts are perfect for those men who prefer freedom of movement and sporty style. Denim models are so stylish in 2018 that even a true intellectual who prefers classic shirt options can doubt his preferences. The famous brands “TOD’S”, “VALENTINO”, “3.1 PHILLIP LIM”, “WHITE MOUNTAINEERING” and many others offered men original variations on the theme of men's jeans shirts of the season.

To match trousers

The classic version - a shirt to match the pants or a little lighter. The choice of men who prefer a laconic style to perishable trends.

Trouser Shirts: Pal Zileri, Ralph Lauren, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo

Striped shirts

Such shirts can be called classics, especially when it comes to ultra-thin vertical stripes and strict cut. Such clothes have been worn for work since Soviet times. In the context of modern fashion, the width of the lines, as well as their color and arrangement, can be absolutely anything. So, along with boring models, you have a chance to choose something funny and catchy and not look funny or ridiculous at the same time.

For boys

Little mods love to dress beautifully and stylishly. Basically, all their images copy the preferences of parents in clothes, since they instill a sense of style in children.

Shirts for boys - a universal item, suitable for both walking and school. For adolescents and children, the main thing in clothes is quality, convenience, and so that it does not hamper movement.

Designers embodied the reality of children's desires and created a comfortable polo shirt. She combined the details of a regular shirt and the silhouette of t-shirts. Polo shirts are characterized by the presence of a turn-down collar and a pair of buttons as a decorative element.

From denim

Denim shirts today again at the peak of popularity, being the face of casual clothing style. Using a denim shirt, you can create a non-standard and informal look, they are worn under jeans and under trousers. Denim can be dark blue, you can wear plain trousers under it, and it can be light, combining favorably with jeans and summer models of trousers.

Fashionable men's shirts for the release of 2018 photo

By and large, each shirt can be worn for graduation, but in 2018 there are views on this issue:

  • firstly, the shirt must be selected either perfectly in shape, or rather voluminous - the third option is excluded,
  • secondly, the graduation shirt will look spectacular with a stylish jacket or seasonal jacket,
  • thirdly, some original models are tailored a little longer than traditional ones. In this case, do not overdo it with the length, always take into account the proportions of your body.

Fashionable men's shirts: a game in blue shades

A blue shirt is a great option for creating an everyday look that is perfect not only for business meetings, but also for romantic dates with a beautiful woman. Just look at the blue shirts with miniature ties of the same tone that the DRIES VAN NOTEN designer offers. You will surely make a splash in such a shirt not only in the office, but also at the party. By the way, shirts in blue tones are sewn from high quality cotton materials, which allows you to give a man a feeling of lightness and comfort.

Contrast inserts

Appliques and inserts on sleeves, shelves and pockets are an elegant touch of the coming spring of 2018.

Men's shirts with contrasting inserts: Paul Joe, Comme des Garons, Raf Simons, Hermes

Denim Shirts

Denim men's shirts are a classic of the genre. Once used as a uniform for workers, they underwent many changes and became one of the top elements of the wardrobe of a strong part of humanity. There are a great many models of denim shirts and all of them are relevant in the context of modern fashion. A denim oversized shirt worn over a naked body, T-shirt, T-shirt, slim cardigan or even another shirt will be a great choice for everyday wear. The fitted model looks strictly, which means it will help out on dates, outings or will be a great option for going to work. Pay attention to denim total bow - an outfit fully assembled from jeans. Such vestments will certainly appeal to stylish men, and their companions, we think, too.

For girls

Among little fashionistas, shirts with a large number of prints are popular. A favorite design idea is to complement the classic shirt with prints in the form of your favorite cartoon characters.

In addition to brightly decorated shirts, denim shirts are in great demand. Jeans is a trend of 2018 - 2019, so variations of shirts from it are numerous.

With zipper

Shirts with zippers are a real hit of 2018, such models look perfect on stylish, extravagant and slim men. Shirts of this style are often made of classic calm colors, for example, brown, black, beige colors. A print is a rare accompaniment to a shirt with a zipper, designers appreciate the spirit of minimalism and rigor in them.

Black models of men's shirts: fashionable and comfortable

In 2018, the famous couturiers of such brands as YULIA YEFIMTCHUK +, HAIDER ACKERMANN, RICK OWENS and 99% IS offered excellent options for men's shirts in black. Black color has never let anyone down! Models of black shirts are suitable in the coming season for overweight men, because due to the cut, the shirt will be able to hide extra pounds or a beer tummy. There is one more minus of black shirts - since the time they have the property of fading, in contrast to light materials.

Fashionable shirts

In the new season, a variety of color combinations are popular. The more bright colors there are in a female bow, the more stylish and original the selected image looks. A special place among a large number of color ideas is occupied by three shades: red, blue and gray.

  • Red is a fiery color, it attracts the attention of people around. This juicy and catchy color is preferred by self-sufficient women.
  • Shades of blue are no less popular. Blue symbolizes reliability and stability and refers to the shades of a noble group. He is chosen by sophisticated ladies.
  • Gray color is universal, it is easily combined with all shades of the palette. Gray makes clothes prestigious and expensive.

Among men, all shades of blue are relevant, traditional black and brown colors, shades of khaki, mustard and lime.

Popular shirt colors for men 2018

In 2018, the fashionable colors of men's shirts are more often light shades that rejuvenate and refresh the look of a man.

Win-win options are shirts of white, beige, dairy, gray, pastel color. If a man prefers rich colors, then he should look after a burgundy, wine, green, blue and black shirt.

Variations of yellow-swamp shades in the original models of men's shirt-2018

Men's shirts made in swamp shades look very stylish, which proves showing the latest collection of the DRIES VAN NOTEN brand. Dirty yellow shades look spectacular on men. Such models emphasize the elegance of style and are perfect for any pantsuit.


Checkered print is a controversial pattern that is not suitable for everyone. However, sports figures, the cell will give stability and massiveness.

Checkered print collections: Paul Smith, Public School, Canali, White Mountaineering

Print Shirts

Putting a print on the fabric of a fashionable shirt is a very responsible business for designers. We must try to ensure that the print fits into the general trends of the season and at the same time attracts the attention of men as buyers. Let's appreciate their work, choosing the most fashionable items for yourself. Striped shirts are always in fashion, but the designers decided to go further and used a similar pattern as a partial detail. Overlaying prints on top of each other and combining fabrics of different patterns in the design of one shirt model is also relevant in the season.

Checked Models

The cage is undoubtedly one of the current styles of the upcoming season. The model is in demand among both sexes.

The cell varies in pattern style, size and color schemes. Checkered print adds extravagance and brutality to the image.

At the peak of fame are shirts that imitate the Scottish style. They are made in red and black with crossed lines in the form of cells.

The checkered model is combined with old worn trousers and denim shorts. Cell size depends on the type of human figure. A large cage is suitable for people with large forms, and it is recommended that slim people wear a shirt with a small checkered print.

With long sleeve

In the fall-winter season, long-sleeved shirts will look especially trendy. They are sewn with a straight cut, so they hamper movements a little. The model is suitable for formal dress code. The shirt has a strict silhouette and is not overloaded with details. In men's models, sleeves look standard, and as for women's shirts, long sleeves are made in various forms.

Shirts with voluminous sleeves are the trend of the current year. Corrugated sleeves add romance to the look. The model is perfect for creating an evening look.

TOP 5 fashionable images with a shirt

These images will help you figure out which shirts to combine with:

  • School girl chic - formal school style. Classic shirts combined with a short skirt and a jacket look original. To complete the bow, you need to add a bow tie.
  • Straight trousers in combination with a black shirt and stylish oxfords will show the status of a man and talk about his incredible taste in clothing.
  • Elongated fashionable dress-shirts, complemented by leather leggings and a leather jacket, in the complex turn into an informal and free bow.
  • Total jeans look - a popular style among men. Style implies an image consisting solely of jeans.
  • Pairing a lapel shirt and a light shade with elongated khaki shorts is a popular beach outfit.

An image with a shirt will perfectly complement a fashionable backpack, so we recommend that you read the article on fashionable urban women's backpacks.

Fashionable men's silk shirts 2018 photo

Undoubtedly, fashionable silk shirts 2018 are suitable for a special occasion. The model may have a cutout on the chest, which gives the male image a romantic mood. It is in such a shirt that you need to sing serenades under the window for the chosen one. For many hundreds of years, natural silk has been ranked among the most elite fabrics. His life is not diminished by any life upheaval.

Fashionable children's shirts

For the smallest trendsetters, fashion designers have created stylish riveted models, because young children are not able to cope with numerous buttons. To facilitate the dressing process, shirts are equipped with special buttons that fasten quickly and easily.

Body shirts are another trendy model. It is suitable for both boys and girls. The model has an interesting cut: the upper part looks like a shirt, and the bottom is fastened between the legs and imitates underwear.

Summer models

Summer collections of shirts are filled with stylish elements. Summer models surprise with a variety of prints and colors. In the upcoming season, complex and original details will be the most trendy.

Short shirts returned to fashion again. Collections of famous designers are full of models with a length just below the waist.

Chiffon shirts with a print in the form of massive flowers or with cats and birds set the tone in the summer season. Such models look fresh and attractive.

In addition, transparency is trending today. Models made of silk organza perfectly complement short shorts and skirts.

Men with the onset of the summer period want to change already boring strict models to lighter ones. For them options with short sleeves are relevant. Among the many styles, the most beloved are shirts with lapels and shirts with zippers.

For full

In the new year, a special color block blouse was created for full girls. This is an elongated shirt, the basis of the creation of which took the cut of the tunic. She has contrasting geometric shapes. A well-chosen color block shirt will allow the owner of magnificent forms to look not only fashionable, but also much slimmer.

In addition to the aforementioned model, striped print shirts are popular. But you need to choose the right strip, since the horizontal print visually makes the figure wider. Blouses with multidirectional lines and a vertical stripe are relevant.

Vertical multi-colored strip

Summer style is moderately bright and expressive, thanks to the uneven width of multi-colored vertical stripes on the shirt.

Vertical stripes on summer shirts: Ami, A.P.C., Ami, Lou Dalton

Small cage: big effect of new combinations in men's shirts 2018

The competent approach of designers when creating new shirt models allows you to create unique pieces, especially in a cage. Interesting checkered products are presented in the latest collections of 2018 “DRIES VAN NOTEN”, “WOOYOUNGMI”, “WHITE MOUNTAINEERING”, “DSQUARED2”, “BANANA REPUBLIC”. More and more, a plaid shirt is moving from the category of classic to sports. When choosing a shirt with an ornament in a cage, pay attention to the color scheme. Thanks to the free and creative cut, you can create a stunning masculine look.

The older a man becomes, the more he prefers towards a classic design shirt. Take the choice of an indispensable item from the basic wardrobe seriously. Many branded models of men's shirts are seriously different from the previous ones, but even in the luxury lineup there may not be a suitable option for a man’s shirt, but on AliExpress (despite low prices) there is the right model.

In order not to forget interesting and informative moments and not to miss anything, keep the publication of fashionable men's shirts -2018 on your page on the social network!

Zip Shirts

In the modern world, it is customary to simplify everything in order to make life more convenient and allow you to spend your time on more important activities for yourself. Fashion does not lag behind this trend. An example is shirts, in which instead of endless buttons there is a zipper. Caring designers made this little thing in a classic and casual version, so that it could be used in any situation.

Shirts for graduation

By and large, each shirt can be worn for graduation, but this season has its own views on this matter:

  • firstly, the shirt must be selected either perfectly in shape, or rather voluminous - the third option is excluded,
  • secondly, the graduation shirt will look spectacular with a stylish jacket or seasonal jacket,
  • thirdly, some original models are tailored a little longer than traditional ones. In this case, do not overdo it with the length, always take into account the proportions of your body.

Roll up your sleeves

Advice! Do not forget to buy a deodorant so that your shirt does not soak later. After all, you have a busy schedule of work and life.

That is what the most fashionable promise to be Men's shirts 2018, which will soon appear on the shelves of branded stores of world brands of fashionable clothes.

Fashionable men's shirts in the style of military 2018 photo

Military - a very popular style in 2018. He wanders from season to season, and it seems that he will never go out of style. But this is not necessary - things in this style look excellent. Especially men's shirt. Patch pockets, shoulder straps and khaki color - all this adds to the man not only taste and style, but also brutality.

Fashionable men's shirts without a collar 2018 photo

Men’s clothing designers are becoming bolder every year and are showing more and more imagination and creativity. To follow the latest trends or not is everyone's individual choice. But there are items of clothing that should be present in the wardrobe of every stylish man. Various shirts can be safely attributed to them: from classic to Hawaiian. In 2018, a shirt without a collar is rapidly added to mast-head items. It would seem like a shirt without a collar. But the rules exist to break them, especially if it comes to fashion. So many designers in the last season presented among their works a shirt without a collar. By the way, there are also options for sleeveless shirts. Of course, all these models look albeit unusual, but very stylish.

Fashionable men's fitted shirts 2018 photo

Among classic shirts, one can find slim fit shirts, which also include extra slim fit shirts. This model is ideal for slim men, as it has fairly small gaps in width. Therefore, the shirt will fit the figure well, while not forming excess space at the waist and chest. Giving preference to shirts of this cut, it is necessary to competently treat standards.

Stylish details and accessories

The main decorating detail of fashionable shirts in 2018 are patch pockets. The famous Hermes, Oliver Spencer and No. 21 brands presented such shirt models at the latest fashion shows, offering safari shirts with large pockets. Moreover, the author declares that the larger the pocket on the shirt, the more fashionable it will look.

Shirts without a collar is another fashion trend that many famous designers and fashion designers have demonstrated in their collections. It is only important to remember that such shirts should not be worn with a tie, in addition, such models are often also with shortened sleeves, which is an informal style.

Another hit of 2018 is patches, prints in the form of flowers, roses and other decorating elements. Such shirt models can be seen in the collections of Emporio Armani, Valentino and Dries Van Noten. It is better to wear such shirts with spacious styles of trousers, like cargo or classic jeans.


The shirt in past times was an indicator of wealth, nobility and luxury, passed down from generation to generation. Today, with the help of shirts of various colors, models, drawings and prints, men manage to demonstrate their subtle and impeccable taste, sense of style and originality. A constantly updated collection of fashion designers and famous designers only provide a limitless selection of bold and fresh ideas.

Black and white shirts

In the fashionable series of white shirts, it is worth highlighting a couple of the most trending products by the appearance of the collar: models with a stand and a bow tie. Ethnic motifs are also in fashion.

As for black, even despite its penchant for unconditional elegance, all the examples from our review look pretty simple and very relaxed.

The contrast of black and white looks very organic and spectacular.

Stylish shirt details

The most fashionable shirt in 2019 will be a classic model with an adjacent silhouette, a long sleeve and a turn-down collar. Men who prefer a military style should pay attention to shirts with a stand-up collar. Patch pockets and scallops also complement the look. Original pockets and hidden fasteners are details that will complement the look of 2019.

This is not to say that shirts with short sleeves should be put away in the closet. Polo is still relevant for the summer. Not enough time for training? You need to always pack fast, but be trendy? In this case, pay attention to shirts without buttons. Zippers and buttons are what replaced them. Collars-ties and “butterflies” are considered trendy. And also models without a collar at all.

How to choose a shirt

A men's shirt should not only correspond to the fashion trends of 2018. In order for her to really look stylish, the size, shape of the collar, sleeve length, cuff volume must be suitable. It is also important that the tailoring is of high quality.

Size is determined by the collar, corresponds to the circumference of the neck. Measuring this parameter, it is necessary to make an allowance for a loose fit. There are a couple of tricks:

  • if the neck is thin, the allowance is 1 centimeter,
  • if thickened, one and a half centimeters.

The back-to-back gate will crush, it looks ridiculous even for the most fashionable men's shirt for the summer of 2017. Too wide for a thin neck will focus on her thinness.

For fitted silhouettes, fitting is important. The fabric should not fit the body, but should not be too loose.

Floor lengths should be sufficient to tuck at least 10 cm into the trousers. If the model assumes a “run-out” sock, it should not be too long, and with raised hands should not open the skin above the belt.

The shape of the collar of a men's shirt is selected not only according to the fashion of 2018, but to the face, it even helps to visually correct it in the photo. So, rounded or shortened ends look good on men with narrow faces. Classic fits full. Elongated tips correct a small chin. Those with a long neck should choose high collars.

The length of the sleeve is measured along the bent arm from the neck to the beginning of the thumb. When trying on a 2017 novelty, selected in a store or from a photo from a catalog, the cuffs of a man’s shirt should cover the brush to this place. The shoulder seam should be located exactly on the shoulder fold.

Sewing quality is determined by the line. It is believed that at least 8 stitches should fall per centimeter of its length. There should also be a shoulder coquette on the back, gusset. The quality of a men's shirt is difficult to determine from the photo, even if it is in fashion for 2018, it is important to see how button loops are swept over. Best if done manually.

The volume of the cuffs should allow you to freely move the sleeve up, beyond the line of wearing the watch. He should peek out from under his jacket sleeve, but no more than a couple of centimeters. Here is another sign of the quality of a men's shirt for the summer, spring or autumn of 2018 - an additional button on the cut.


In addition to the fact that the selected model must be suitable in size, clean and ironed, there are certain rules for wearing it. Business style does not allow short sleeves. The collar must be stiff; its ends are hidden by jacket lapels. The informal atmosphere allows for the absence of a tie. Men's fashion allows you to unbutton a button or two, but so that the hairs do not peek out from under the shirt.

Judging by the photo of the shows for 2018, men's shirts with short sleeves still do not remain “overboard”. Such models, if properly worn, look very impressive and stylish. Below are the selection and wearing rules:

  • With a business suit and tie, these options do not wear. Exception - uniform, special dress code,
  • The silhouette should be fitted. Although most models are sewn with the design of wearing on the run, it’s better to refuel them. This will emphasize the hands,

  • It is impossible for a men's short-sleeved shirt fashionable in 2019 to fit the torso too much, but it should not resemble a swelling sail,
  • The sleeve should not be wide, but not tight. Its length reaches the middle of the biceps, if necessary, a twist is allowed. Having muscle is a must.

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