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How to improve sperm quality

Increasing spermogram folk remedies is quite effective. Buy drugs, perhaps ready or make yourself. An excellent means of improving the quality of seminal fluid is considered a decoction of plantain seed. A spoonful of crushed raw materials is poured into a glass of water, brought to a boil, kept on fire for another 5 minutes. Therapy lasts 4 to 6 weeks. The drug is taken in two tablespoons 4 times a day.

To make a spermogram better, she advises:

  1. on an empty stomach eat pumpkin seeds mixed with honey,
  2. a couple of hours before a meal, take a chilled decoction of elecampane rhizome. Cook it for 20 minutes,
  3. eat wheat seeds, cedar nuts,
  4. drink a rosehip broth three times a day 100 ml. Dry berries boil for 5 minutes, then insist a couple of hours,
  5. eat a mixture of honey, milk, butter and walnuts in the morning.

A good folk remedy is tincture of walnut. 10 pieces are crushed, filled with cold boiled liquid, insist for several hours. Then honey is added, the resulting slurry is eaten in two doses.

Analysis, norm indicators

Spermogram morphology is a study that determines the numerical data on the content of sperm in the ejaculate, which have a natural structure, and they must also be capable of fertilization.

The results of the analysis will help to collect information about the patient’s health, to identify possible pathologies in the reproductive system, for example, prostatitis.

Indications for analysis:

  • Vasectomy - measures are being taken to control its result, the absence of sperm in the ejaculate,
  • Childlessness of sexual partners - the study confirms or, conversely, excludes the sterility of men,
  • Sperm donation is carried out only on the basis of this analysis,
  • Cryopreservation of ejaculate.

In the process of semen analysis, the following points are taken into account:

  • With successful conception, the volume of sperm: 1 milliliter - up to 20 million, normal condition - more than 40,
  • There should be no different mucous inclusions, lumps,
  • The amount of seminal fluid that is released once is 2-5 ml, a decrease in volume is an indicator of a deterioration in reproductive function in a man,
  • Sperm motility: norm - 60-80% of viable sperm, dead volume - not more than 20%, inactive - up to 15%. The predominance of dead sperm, i.e. motionless, shows the presence of infertility in a man, or indicates the occurrence of inflammatory infections in the genital area,
  • Specialists also evaluate the speed of sperm movement, ejaculate viscosity, fatigue, study the time period of liquefaction,
  • The normal color of sperm is white with a milky tint. Other colors indicate the presence of pathologies, for example, a yellow or green hue - there are inflammatory diseases, infections.

How to improve sperm quality? To conceive a child, male sperm must be composed of live and healthy sperm. At least half of the total should have excellent mobility. You should know - even healthy males have motionless sperm.

The sperm maturation process lasts 10 weeks. Ripening takes about 2-3 weeks.

A man who plans to have a baby should give up harmful addictions in 3 months and establish his diet of proper nutrition.

Many doctors advise to increase this period to six months.

How to improve spermogram morphology? Before the change process begins, a man needs to undergo a thorough andrological study, namely:

  • Genital ultrasound
  • A blood test for hormonal indicators,
  • Bacterioscopic testing of ejaculate.

The spermogram motility is also analyzed. Only after all the examinations, the doctor with the results of the analyzes can determine the causes of the pathologies and draw up a treatment regimen for this patient, taking into account the characteristics of his body. The main objective of the course of treatment should be the elimination of phenomena that lead to the occurrence of negative pathological processes.

How to Improve Bad Sperm Results

To improve the result of spermograms, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not drink alcohol and especially beer before taking tests,
  • No smoking,
  • Go in for sports, preferably in the fresh air,
  • Do not keep the phone near the genital organs,
  • Less sitting at the computer monitor,
  • Eat a balanced and high quality diet, consume more vegetables, fruits, vitamins and minerals,
  • Eliminate stress
  • Wear natural underwear,
  • Do not go to baths and saunas,
  • It is not always possible to improve the sperm count with this technique and additional treatment has to be done,
  • But it’s still worth it to conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.
  • It helps to watch the video when a man can relax and follow the actors' love game,
  • If you experience the first symptoms and dysfunction in the genital area, consult a specialist,
  • Know everything about the structure and function of the genitourinary system,
  • Only through masturbation can you get sperm for analysis. Do not use a condom. You can also find out how to get sperm here.

Vitamins for improving spermogram

To improve the quality of spermograms, it is necessary to take the following vitamins:

  • Thiavmine hydrochloride,
  • Vitamin C,
  • zinc,
  • folic acid,
  • Vitamin E
  • selenium.

Vitamin complex can significantly improve sperm quality and you can get them with a diet. But even the most highly balanced diet will not be able to fully satisfy the need for vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo preventive treatment using a complex of vitamins.

Preparations for improving spermogram

To improve the quality of spermograms and sperm, doctors recommend taking vitamin complexes:

  • Spematon. The composition of the drug includes zinc, L kartin and vitamin E. The vitamin complex helps with problems with conceiving a child, will help increase the quality and quantity of motile spermotazoids,
  • Folacin. The composition includes folic acid, which blinks to increase the process of conception. It can be taken by women and men at the same time to accelerate the conception and birth of a child,
  • Spermplant. The composition includes medicinal herbs of nettle and tauran, which have a positive effect on the reproductive system.

Alternative methods that improve sperm quality

The following folk methods also improve sperm quality:

  • Reduce alcohol intake,
  • Eat healthy and quality food,
  • Keep the weight normal
  • Reduce the intake of legumes and cabbage,
  • Eat foods rich in folic and ascorbic acid,
  • Additionally take the vitamin complex,
  • Elecampane root, rose hips.

How to correctly prepare for spermogram delivery

To obtain a qualitative result of the study of ejaculate, you need to properly prepare for it

It is very important to establish the right diagnosis and get treatment.

Proper and competent preparation for the sperm examination procedure includes the following aspects:

Refrain from sexual intercourse 2 days before the test, but not more than a week. These rules need to know what to improve the quality and result of a spermogram. Frequent sexual intercourse can lead to a decrease in sperm count and sperm quality. You also need to know that prolonged abstinence from sex for more than 7 days will lead to the fact that old spermatozoa die when thrown into the seminal vesicles. Even greater abstinence from sexual intercourse will lead to the complete death of sperm, and they will not be able to fertilize the egg,

Exclude the use of alcoholic beverages 7 days before the study. Alcohol reduces sperm motility, their shape and increases the death of motile sperm. The delivery of ejaculate is a very responsible procedure and its result can determine the cause of male infertility. Therefore, it is better to completely abandon the intake of strong drinks, as well as drugs

This is an important condition on how to pass the analysis of sperm. As a result, even in the absence of any abnormalities, the ejaculate will not have the ability to fertilize the egg,

If there is inflammation in the reproductive system of a man, then you need to start a course of treatment

Sperm can be handed over for analysis in a week, after full recovery and with good laboratory parameters. During this time, all medications that were prescribed during treatment should leave the body. Otherwise, traces of the drug can significantly affect the result of the study,

It is also not recommended to take a spermogram with the development of colds and viral infections, which lead to an increase in temperature indicators. The presence of intoxication will lead to an unreliable and low sperm test result. To improve the spermogram, you need to take an analysis 14 days after recovery. Elevated temperature worsens the rate of analysis,

Overheating of the body also reduce the result of spermogram. The scrotum has a temperature of 34 degrees, which is optimal for the production of motile and viable sperm. Immediately before passing the analysis, it is necessary to exclude visits to the baths and saunas,

Stress and depression are also detrimental to the outcome of the study. It boosts momentum in the brain. All these phenomena are fraught with a failure of the hormonal background in a man and distortion of the analysis result,

When undergoing prostate massage, it must be excluded before undergoing the procedure. This can affect the quality and quantity of sperm,

Before taking the test, you need to sleep well, rest otherwise it can affect the erection and the result of the analysis.

How to take a spermogram?

Rules and features of spermogram delivery:

  1. An analysis must be taken in a specialized clinic, in a separate warm room,
  2. The man is in the office himself and the doors are tightly closed,
  3. Ejaculate is collected only through masturbation,
  4. It is forbidden to use the following actions:
    • Oral medication
    • Do not use interrupted sexual acts,
    • Use gels
    • Do not collect sperm from a condom,
    • Sperm is collected in a clean vessel made of plastic or glass,
    • The container is issued by medical personnel who are responsible for conducting the spermogram.
  5. Before passing the analysis, the following form is written out for each patient:
    • Surname, name, patronymic,
    • Date of birth
    • Term of abstinence from sexual intercourse,
    • Analysis collection time,
    • Sperm volume and whether all seminal fluid is in the container.

A man cannot pass sperm for analysis in the following conditions:

  • Over the past 60 days, there has been a rise in temperature above 38 degrees,
  • If antibiotics were taken for 3 months.

Sperm negative factors

Of course, the most correct for a bad spermogram will be an appeal to a specialist. There are a number of special drugs that are used to improve the properties of ejaculate. However, there are a number of simple methods that have been tested by time.

With age, everything is clear, this process is natural and cannot be adjusted. What about the state of health? You can make a list that undermines the well-being of men, at the same time worsening spermograms and ejaculate quality. These include:

  • Stress and overload - this couple is perhaps the worst enemy of sperm. Avoiding stress is quite difficult, but at least it is necessary to reduce them to a minimum mark. You can reduce the working pace, improve the quality of rest, apply relaxation methods.
  • Harmful substances, including alcohol, drugs, nicotine and caffeine, no less negatively affect potency. Improving spermograms requires, if not 100% rejection of such weaknesses, then at least reducing them to a minimum level.
  • Improper nutrition.

Ways to improve sperm morphology

So, how to increase spermogram morphology? To improve sperm quality, men are recommended to use medications, vitamin and mineral complexes, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. It is not forbidden to use folk remedies - practice shows that they are highly effective in treating fertility disorders.

To improve sperm quality, it is recommended that you follow these tips:

  1. Balanced diet. Refuse bad eating habits, alcohol, fatty, spicy, spicy and salty foods.
  2. For normal sperm maturation, an optimal temperature in the testicles is required, so a man should avoid overheating and hypothermia.
  3. Wearing underwear made from natural materials that does not compress the genitals while wearing.
  4. If the profession is associated with a lack of movement - a sedentary lifestyle, you need to get up every hour to normalize blood flow, to prevent stagnation in the pelvis.
  5. Optimal physical activity - running, swimming, playing football, etc., if there are no medical contraindications. If available, a consultation with a doctor is required.
  6. Timely treat any pathology, undergo a preventive examination by doctors of different specializations. If disturbing symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.

To increase fertility, you can make a decoction with plantain. For its preparation, a tablespoon of seeds is poured with 250 ml of boiling water. After insisting for two hours, filtered. Take a few tablespoons up to five times a day. The duration of the treatment course is 2-3 months. No less effective is sage. The tincture is prepared as follows: pour two teaspoons of 300 ml of hot water, leave for 12 hours. To filter out. Drink a teaspoon three times a day. Reception is 30 minutes before meals. Duration of use is 2-4 months.

Medical measures

Medicines to improve spermogram morphology are prescribed without fail. They are able to improve the structure of spermatozoa, their motility, the amount of seminal fluid and other indicators of laboratory research. The choice of a particular medicine is the prerogative of a medical specialist. It is not recommended to be taken alone, since there is a high probability of the absence of the desired effect.

How to improve sperm morphology? The following drugs help restore the normal structure of sperm:

  • SpermPlant. The composition of the product includes such components as L-carnitine and L-arginine, taurine. These substances are aimed at increasing the quantitative component of sperm. They help to increase the functionality of the reproductive system due to the normalization of the rush of blood to the genitals. Studies of the drug were conducted, they revealed that the reception improves the quality and quantity of germ cells in men,
  • Vitaprost - a medication is often included in the complex treatment of fertility disorders, as active substances improve sperm morphology, increase sperm motility,
  • Wobenzym. Tablets are used in the presence of inflammatory processes localized in the genitourinary system. The composition contains several substances of an organic nature that improve the qualitative characteristics of seminal fluid.Against the background of reception, the immune status increases,
  • Speroton. Dosage form is a powder. Based on it, a solution is made for oral administration. It contains mineral components, folic acid, beta-carotene. The medicine stimulates the process of sperm formation, enhances their activity, increases the number,
  • Tribestan is a drug aimed at increasing sexual desire, improving erectile function, increasing testosterone production. In addition, the tool has a detrimental effect on pathogenic microorganisms, eliminates headaches, and fights atherosclerotic plaques. Used in complex therapy,
  • Ecostimulin is a hormonal drug that promotes the development of germ cells in the testicle, increases the concentration of testosterone, and the number of sperm.

Speman is a drug that helps improve metabolic processes in the glandular organ. Reception improves spermatogenesis, local blood circulation. Against the background of application, sperm motility is significantly increased, the rate of seminal fluid viscosity decreases. Also, the drug helps to reduce hypertrophy of the prostate gland.

When a spermogram is prescribed

For a young couple in the first year of marriage, the probability of conceiving a child with regular sexual intercourse without contraceptives is 90%.

If a woman does not become pregnant during full time during this time, then a suspicion arises of a man having fertility problems. It is in such cases that the doctor recommends making a spermogram.

Spermogram results show the total sperm count in the seed. The data obtained during the spermogram are compared with established standards: a lack of sperm and a decrease in their activity indicates potential problems with conception.

That is why it is so important that, with prolonged and unsuccessful attempts to have a child, two partners come for examination at once. A spermogram is prescribed to study the agglutination process - the ability of sperm to stick together and group together

A spermogram is prescribed to study the agglutination process - the ability of spermatozoa to stick together and group together.

Another spermogram can be prescribed to detect the presence of sperm in the seed. They stick to the head, which makes the normal process of conception impossible.

In order for the spermogram to demonstrate a real picture of the condition of the male seed, a man needs to adhere to some rules.

The main one is the need for sexual abstinence for 3-5 days before analysis. This period is optimal for studying the quality of the ejaculate with a spermogram.

Refusal of sex for 5 days will increase the accuracy of the analysis results.

Many men are wondering how to improve sperm counts. One way is to stop drinking alcohol two weeks before the test.

Some doctors, in order to improve the spermogram, recommend refusing from drinks containing caffeine, for example, from various energy drinks, coffee and even tea.

Sperm is taken from the sperm obtained after the first ejaculation, since it contains the highest concentration of sperm.

Laboratory assistants determine the number of sperm in 1 ml. The norm is the presence of 1 million sperm in this amount of analyzed material.

If the indicator is lower, then you should think about how to improve the spermogram.

In addition to the quantity, sperm activity is also checked whether they can group or stick together.

Such properties are part of the agglutination process for the production of anti-sperm bodies.

An overabundance of these bodies in the male seed complicates the fertilization process due to the fact that healthy sperm can adhere to the head or walls of the vas deferens and remain there without entering the woman’s body.

Medications to improve sperm counts

The main way with which you can correct the condition is to take drugs to improve the quality of sperm.

Table 1. The main drugs used to improve spermogram

Name of medicinesAct
SpermPlantThe composition of the drug includes substances such as L-carnitine, L-arginine, taurine. These components contribute to an increase in sperm count. Their action is aimed at maintaining erectile function due to the increased rush of blood to the genitals, increasing the number and improving the quality of germ cells.
VitaprostThe drug is often used in the treatment of infertility, since its active ingredients improve the quality of germ cells and contribute to their mobility.
WobenzymThe medicine is used in case of inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system. Wobenzym combines several enzymes of plant origin that contribute to improving sperm quality. Taking tablets guarantees the removal of the inflammatory process and the provision of an immunomodulating effect.
SperotonThe product is released in the form of a powder, on the basis of which a solution for oral administration is prepared. It is rich in components such as zinc, vitamin E, beta-carotene, folic acid. Speroton stimulates the process of sperm formation, improves their motility, increases the number.
OmnadrenThis is a hormonal drug, since fractions of testosterone are included in its composition.
TribestanThe medication allows you to increase sex drive, has a beneficial effect on testosterone production, and enhances erection. In addition to improving indicators on which male fertility depends, tribestan negatively affects bacteria and viruses, helps to eliminate headaches, and is also a prophylactic against atherosclerosis.
SpemanWhen taking this drug, there is an improvement in metabolic processes in the prostate gland, spermatogenesis and local blood circulation are activated. Sperm activity is increased, and the viscosity of the ejaculate is reduced. Speman also helps reduce prostate hypertrophy.

  • Selenium. The substance has an antioxidant effect, allows you to increase sperm activity and increase their content,
  • Zinc, involved in the production of nucleic acids, carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as having antioxidant activity,
  • Royal jelly that improves sperm quality,

Vitamins for improving sperm quality:

  • Taurine. This substance allows you to increase the mobility of germ cells and increase their viability,
  • Folic acid. If it is contained in the body in sufficient quantities, the risk of defective spermatozoa (with the absence of components) is significantly reduced,
  • Vitamins of group B. They take part in the production of testosterone and improve the activity of germ cells,
  • Vitamin C. This element provides blood flow to the genitals, is involved in the production of male reproductive cells, and improves potency.

The list of vitamin complexes that contain the elements necessary for high-quality sperm includes the following items:

  1. Selenium Forte with Vitamin C and Selenium,
  2. Alphabet. The complex contains taurine, Siberian ginseng extract, polyphenols,
  3. Men’s Formula. The preparation contains vitamins to improve spermograms A and C, iodine, potassium.

The average price in pharmacies vitamin "Alphabet for men" 370 rubles

Drugs for men that affect the composition and quality of sperm should be prescribed by your doctor.

It should be borne in mind that unsatisfactory spermogram indices are often the result of varicocele surgery. Surgical intervention is required if the pathological process is at the second or third stage of development. If varicocele was detected in the first stage, then there is a chance to improve the composition and increase the amount of sperm. If infertility is not treatable, ICSI, IVF or WMO are alternative ways to conceive a child.

Possible diagnoses

  1. Normospermia - the owners of this diagnosis have no problems with sperm, all indicators are normal.
  2. Oligozoospermia - low sperm concentration (less than 20X106 / ml). It happens both congenital and acquired. There are several degrees. 1 degree - such a diagnosis is comforting and gives a 30% chance of becoming pregnant. It does not require medical treatment, but the diet will have to be changed and all external factors affecting sperm quality negatively eliminated, and bad habits abandoned. 2 degree - the possibility of fertilization is reduced to 15%. Treatment includes stimulant therapy, hormonal drugs and antibiotics. The result depends on what factor affects such violations. Grade 3 - the chance of becoming pregnant with such indicators is negligible - no more than 3%. Treatment is possible, but the results are not always positive. Most often, it is necessary to treat it by the surgical method. Grade 4 - the lowest content of active sperm and there is practically no chance of conception. With this diagnosis, only surgery is recommended.
  3. Teratozoospermia - cell morphology is violated, and their number exceeds 50% of the total. Treatment consists in finding and eliminating the factors that caused the pathology. Prescribe vitamin preparations, dietary supplements that affect the structure of sperm (L-carnitine, Iodomarin, Verona and others). The body is strengthened by taking bee products, ginseng tinctures. Bad habits should be discarded.
  4. Asthenozoospermia is a diagnosis that is made with a low rate of active sperm. There is a chance of becoming pregnant, but it is small. Factors of this position may be a low speed of movement, or increased viscosity of sperm. There are three degrees of the disease: 1 degree - more than 50% of the detected sperm show a certain activity, 2 degrees - 30-50%, 3 degrees - below 30%. Despite the degree, in 90% of cases, the treatment bears fruit. It includes taking drugs that improve spermogenesis, vitamins, immunomodulators, strengthening dietary supplements, antibacterial and hormonal agents. Actively used prostate massage, physiotherapy. Only in extreme cases can surgery be prescribed.
  5. Oligoastenozoospermia - a low content of active sperm is combined with their low mobility. The disease is divided into the following degrees: low content of active sperm - not higher than 50%, moderate - from 40 to 30%, severe condition - from 20 to 10%. Depending on the causes of the disease, the specialist prescribes therapy and medication. A man needs to avoid stressful situations, establish a daily routine and diet.
  6. Azoospermia is a severe pathology, the complete absence of sperm in the seminal fluid. For reasons, they distinguish: obstructive azoospermia - in this case, blocking occurs, and sperm have no opportunity to exit, nonobstructive azoospermia - the process of production of seminal fluid is disrupted. Depending on the pathology, medication is prescribed to eliminate the causes of the condition, or surgical intervention.
  7. Aspermia - complete absence of sperm.

What foods contain the necessary vitamins

Vitamins that can improve the quality of male sperm are contained in the following products:

  • wholemeal bread,
  • leafy green vegetables
  • liver,
  • bean
  • yeast.

In the composition of these products there is a lot of folic acid. With their regular use, the production of low-quality sperm is sharply reduced. Under poor quality should have sperm containing the wrong number of chromosomes. A healthy male sperm contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. According to the results of medical research, a deficiency of folic acid in the male body leads to a deterioration in sperm quality, as a result of which the number of chromosomes can increase or decrease.

These products contain many antioxidants that protect male sperm from various kinds of toxic substances and improve its quality. It is recommended to abandon the use of heavy fatty foods.

According to statistics, the sperm of a healthy man contains about 4% of sperm with the wrong number of chromosomes. This can lead to infertility, miscarriages and the birth of babies with Kleinfelter syndrome, Down syndrome and Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome. As a rule, doctors recommend that men over 19 years of age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid daily.

Hungry millions

Nowadays, 15% of couples are faced with the problem of infertility, and in 35% of cases the whole thing is sperm quality husband. And then the quality of the spermogram becomes one of the most discussed topics of women's gatherings, which is very unnerving for the strong half. But, fortunately, not everything is so scary. Doctors say that if within 12-18 months after a series of fruitless attempts to become a father, a man monitors his health, abandons bad habits and eats properly, the couple succeeds in conceiving an heir or heiress.

Quality or quantity?

In medical practice, the quality of male seed is evaluated by spermogram. A standard spermogram takes into account physical parameters: sperm volume, its color, viscosity, pH (level of acidity), as well as parameters regarding the cellular composition of the ejaculate. In fertile (capable of fertilization) sperm seminal fluid should be at least 20 million per milliliter, of which at least half are progressively motile, without pathological changes. Scientists have long noticed that the number and motility of sperm depends on what a man eats. Let's try to make an approximate diet of the future father and see how to improve the quality of sperm.

The sperm must be sober

The first thing that doctors focus on is the refusal of the future father from alcohol. No wonder spermogram should be taken only after a week of abstinence from alcohol. Greek mythology indicates that the goddess Hera gave birth to the lame god Hephaestus from intoxicated Zeus, and modern medicine confirms that alcohol toxins adversely affect the "health" of spermatozoa, increasing the proportion of pathological gametes and impairing the mobility of normal ones. The concept of a healthy diet of a man planning a conception does not include beer. A foamy drink contains estrogen-like substances (an analogue of female hormones) and inhibits the maturation of gametes. Sperm reproduction is also adversely affected by narcotic substances (including nicotine and “light” marijuana), as well as steroids - hormonal drugs that athletes use to build muscle. Turning to the topic of hormones, it is worth focusing on the fact that the hormonal background of the body of a man is a key component of the success of conception.

Fat fat strife

It is known that in men prone to overweight, spermogram deterioration is most often noted. Excess body fat can “confuse” the endocrine system and increase the level of the female hormone estrogen to the detriment of the amount of testosterone. If the problem of excess weight has grown into the stage of obesity, then another difficulty is added - adipose tissue often leads to overheating of the groin and testicles, while the male reproductive system is useful cool. Hence the second simple advice on the nutrition of future fathers - limit fatty and heavy foods. Roast, kebab and fast food are formidable enemies of your sperm.At the same time, doctors advise that you do not need to give up products containing semi-unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 under the general name vitamin F). Overlay fish with fatty and bold varieties (salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel, tuna, trout, etc.), mollusks. Do not be afraid to fill salads with vegetable oil.

Vitamins "for children"

The fertility of men is positively affected by the active consumption of fruits and vegetables. Their secret is a high content of ascorbic (vitamin C) and folic acid (water-soluble vitamin B9). Scientists have proven that vitamin C directly affects sperm production. Deficiency of ascorbic acid in the diet of male animals can lead to seed depletion and even testicular atrophy (!). At the same time, only a 4-month course of taking vitamin C at a dose of 200 mg per day will increase the number of your sperm cells by 60%, and their activity - by 30%. This is easy to achieve: just eat 3 medium-sized oranges per day. It is important not to smoke, because, in addition to the well-known health risk, nicotine helps to bind a third of vitamin C entering the body and can reduce the benefits of fruit consumption to nothing.

Folic acid, another important component of the healthy diet of the future dad, is found in green vegetables, lettuce, parsley, celery, legumes, and in bread from wholemeal and liver. Men ’vitamins should be present daily in the diet of a man (found in products of marine origin, liver, cheese, eggs, carrots and citrus fruits), group E (in foods rich in vegetable fats, such as nuts). Nuts will enrich your sperm with proteins. Do not forget about minerals. Knowing that sperm quality is significantly impaired by a lack of zinc, pay attention to the fact that one tablespoon of wheat bran gives the daily rate of zinc. So, bran bread is a useful help for couples planning a baby. As well as seafood and red meat.

Soya free!

As for such a common supplement as soy, its use when trying to conceive a baby is extremely undesirable. In the medical literature there are frequent reports that soy contains compounds that reduce sperm count, reducing the chances of fertilizing an egg. Therefore, containing soy sausages, sauces, milk, margarine and semi-finished products in the supermarket should be avoided.

A healthy diet is an important factor affecting a man’s fertility. However, it is worth remembering that proper nutrition only complements your efforts to conceive a baby, and in no way can be its basis. Do not let chronic diseases, living and working conditions out of your sight, limit yourself from stress and regularly visit a doctor - this is the answer to the question of how to improve sperm quality. You need to maintain health comprehensively, and then the happiness of paternity will be ensured.

What is a bad spermogram?

A spermogram is usually prescribed during a comprehensive examination of the couple to determine the causes of infertility. Thanks to this analysis, all the main characteristics of sperm are determined. The number of spermatozoa is calculated, their qualitative characteristics are determined and all violations in spermatogenesis are detected.

A high-quality spermogram allows a man to become a father in a natural way. A spermogram that does not meet WHO criteria is considered bad. At the same time, the main characteristics of a spermogram are its qualities:

  • color, quantity,
  • sperm count and their motility,
  • pH acidity, viscosity,
  • liquefaction indicators,
  • percentage of rounded cells
  • the presence of inclusions (red blood cells, white blood cells, microflora).

What could be determined in the analysis if the spermogram was considered bad?

Bad Spermogram Options

For sperm analysis, their own norm criteria are defined. If these criteria do not meet, the spermogram is considered bad.

Options for deviations with a spermogram can be:

  • insufficient sperm (with impaired testicular function after injuries or inflammation of the genital organs),
  • reduced sperm concentration (low sperm count with normal sperm volume),
  • immobility of sperm or their anomaly (occurs in men after past diseases of the genital area or is genetically determined).

In conclusion of the sperm analysis, terms may be present with indications of deviations in the spermogram in the form of:

  • normozoospermia: with small deviations in semen that do not affect reproductive properties,
  • azoospermia: in the absolute absence of sperm,
  • necrosperospermia: with insufficient live sperm,
  • asthenozoospermia: with poor sperm motility,
  • akinozoospermia: with complete immobility of sperm,
  • cryptozoospermia: in the presence of single sperm,
  • hemospermia: in the presence of red blood cells,
  • leukocytospermia: with an excess of leukocytes.

Sperm pathology

The causes of any pathology during sperm delivery are identified by a reproductologist. At the same time, they approach the problem comprehensively, determining the causes of a bad spermogram.

  1. For example, a lack of semen (less than 1.5 ml of ejaculate for the entire volume of semen) is often the result of trauma to the genitals or transferred sexually transmitted diseases. Appearing scars on the testicles seriously worsen these indicators.
  2. Lack of live sperm (less than 12 million per 1 ml of sperm) occurs with a low hormonal balance or cicatricial lesion of the testes. This situation cannot be resolved naturally. The only solution here is artificial insemination or IVF.
  3. Sperm immunity may indicate a problem within the body or negative external influences. The reasons for this violation can be hereditary pathologies, bad habits (alcohol, smoking), radiation, vibration, immune or hormonal pathologies. Often, to correct the situation, a man needs to leave bad habits, change harmful work, undergo stimulating therapy.
  4. Lack of sperm motility significantly reduces a man’s ability to conceive a baby. There are 4 degrees of mobility (normal activity, rectilinearly moving, inactive and absolutely motionless). Normally, at least 25% of sperm should be of normal activity. Inadequately active male cells are found after infectious or inflammatory pathologies.

Causes and types of spermatogenesis disorders

Sperm production can be impaired by exogenous and / or endogenous factors.

The most common causes that negatively affect sperm are:

  • urogenital infections, especially STDs,
  • diabetes and other diseases of the endocrine system,
  • pathologies of the hypothalamic-pituitary complex (hormones of the pituitary and gonads closely interact and depend on each other),
  • renal, liver failure,
  • genital injury
  • varicocele, dropsy,
  • congenital malformations,
  • severe poisoning with toxic substances,
  • irradiation
  • taking certain medications, cytostatics, antibiotics are especially dangerous,
  • bad habits,
  • unhealthy diet
  • inactive lifestyle leading to congestion in the pelvis,
  • vitamin deficiency
  • stressful situations
  • some types of professional sports (equestrian, weightlifting),
  • long living in a polluted environment.

Even with a healthy lifestyle, sperm can be of poor quality.

Therefore, men with suspected infertility are assigned a spermogram that will determine sperm counts and show whether their characteristics need to be improved.

When planning pregnancy, it is recommended that all prospective fathers do a semen analysis so as not to risk the health of the unborn baby. The results will reflect the volume of seminal fluid (from 1.5 ml), the number of cells (39 million), their concentration in 1 ml (more than 15 million). Also sperm quality: motility (40% and more), viability (from 58%), progressive (rectilinear) movement (from 32%), morphologically normal forms (4%). If sperm counts are within such limits (plus or minus), then the man is capable of reproducing offspring. The exception is idiopathic infertility, when the cause is unclear and immunological, when the body produces ASAT (antisperm antibodies) that destroy male germ cells.

The study allows to identify these types of pathologies:

  • Violations
  • Value
  • Azoospermia
  • Lack of seed in the ejaculate
  • Asthenozoospermia
  • Gametes are inactive
  • Akinospermia
  • Complete stillness
  • Oligozoospermia
  • Low germ cells
  • Oligospermia
  • Insufficient semen
  • Teratozoospermia
  • Changes in sperm morphology
  • Necrospermia
  • Lack of live gametes

There is still such a thing as aspermatism, in which there is no ejaculation, but spermatogenesis itself occurs normally. In this case, as a treatment method, intrauterine insemination can be suggested.

Sperm adsorption in the partner is carried out with a needle directly from the testicle. The fluid is examined and transferred to the female uterus.

Ways to improve sperm

A bad spermogram is far from always a sentence of childlessness. The doctor identifies the causes of this pathology and gives recommendations on how to improve the spermogram. In so many situations, the patient himself is able to improve its performance. Re-analysis of sperm is usually done after 2 months.

The main methods for improving the quality of spermograms are:

  1. Medications.
  2. Lifestyle correction.
  3. Proper nutrition.


Theoretically, a man can become a parent to a very old age, since the process of spermatogenesis never stops (with the exception of organic pathologies), it only slows down over the years. In older men, sperm are more lazy, and there is a greater likelihood of chromosomal rearrangements, resulting in inferior children. Therefore, it is ideal to have a child in an active reproductive age, that is, until about 40 years old.

This, of course, is individual, but on average after 35-40 years of age there is a decrease in sperm quality.


Often, a couple believes that if you abstain for a long time, you will get "better." This is partly true, but there must be a middle ground here. Before conception, you can abandon sexual activity for 2-4 days, no more. If the partner does not have sex for less than two days, then there may be little sperm for conception.

If abstinence lasts 5 days or more, then sperm counts may deteriorate. In this case, if fertilization occurs, the risks of giving birth to an unhealthy baby increase.


Medications can only be prescribed by a doctor. The same treatment for infertility in men does not exist.

Medications can solve problems:

  • relieving various inflammations in the urogenital organs of the pelvis (antibiotics, antiviral, antifungal drugs),
  • hormonal correction (Klost, Klostilbegit),
  • effects on sperm (Sperman, Speroton, L-carnitine, Spermactin, Wobenzin, Androdos, etc.),
  • vitamin therapy and the introduction of missing trace elements (folic acid, vitamins C, A, E, group B, vitamins Velmen, Omega-3, zinc, etc.) that protect male germ cells from free radicals.


Improving sperm quality will help consume healthy foods rich in trace elements and vitamins. So, zinc takes a direct part in the formation of sperm, accumulating spermatogonia in the mitochondria. With its lack, the rate of sperm formation decreases, the cells become less mobile. Lack of zinc provokes the death of male gametes. Most of this element is in wheat bran, pine nuts, legumes, cheeses, egg yolk, milk powder, and beef. Useful foods containing calcium, beta-carotene, ascorbic acid, vitamins E, D, Omega 3 acid.

In the "special row" is folic acid, which is vital not only for expectant mothers, but also for fathers. Men with vitamin B9 deficiency have more defective sperm, which is fraught with spontaneous abortion or the birth of a child with congenital malformations. By consuming foods rich in folic acid, you can improve the quality of the ejaculate. These are lettuce, beans, citrus fruits, pasta.

It is advisable to consult a doctor what multivitamin complexes or dietary supplements to take. The doctor will select a drug containing the necessary bioactive substances for the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

Lifestyle correction

The man himself can use the following recommendations:

  1. Eliminate stress, which is the main enemy of normal fertility. To reduce their harmful effects, men are recommended walking, light jogging, swimming, playing with the ball in the air, cardio training. Infertility problems are especially common among office workers, many seated. At the same time, the testicles shrink and become very hot. Therefore, prolonged sitting should be interspersed with active walking or, at least, standing. Movement improves the hormonal background. However, heavy training also worsens spermatogenesis.
  2. Regular sex life: at least 1 time and no more than 3-4 times a week (for normal hormonal balance).
  3. The viral infections carried over the course of their life can have an erased course, but they seriously worsen the spermogram. Hence, it is important to increase general immunity by all available means.
  4. Overheating of the testes destroys spermatogenesis. Do not wear tight swimming trunks or underwear made of artificial fabrics. Also, do not put a laptop-book on your lap and overheat the genitals.
  5. Minimization of bad habits, and better their complete elimination (alcohol, smoking, coffee). Harmless coffee, strong tea, energy, chocolate in large quantities are also detrimental to sperm quality. Nicotine reduces sperm count and motility. Alcohol is permissible only in minimal doses.
  6. To exclude the influence of external factors that worsen spermatogenesis (occupational hazards, X-ray irradiation, household chemicals, paints and varnishes, products with preservatives and dyes).
  7. Many drugs (tranquilizers, antifungal agents, antidepressants, antiallergic drugs, etc.) lead to inhibition of spermatogenesis. Therefore, with a bad spermogram, drugs should be abandoned as much as possible.
  8. Many favorite beer not only forms a “beer” tummy, but also increases the amount of female hormones (estrogen). And this hormone displaces the effect of testosterone, which is responsible for all the main sexual functions of men.
  9. Stop wearing a mobile phone in the pelvic area. Time limit at the computer.
  10. Revision of nutrition and the addition of necessary products to the diet (oysters, sea red fish, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, bananas, almonds, celery, tomato juice, etc.)

What to refuse

Improving sperm quality contributes to the rejection of:

  • smoking - at least 3 months before the planned conception, it is during this period that mature sperm are produced. Nicotine inhibits their production, reduces mobility, worsens morphology,
  • alcohol - when drinking alcohol, zinc is absorbed worse, sperm production slows down, cells develop defects. And attempts to conceive with alcohol intoxication should be completely eliminated,
  • narcotic drugs - the risk of miscarriage increases,
  • stress reactions - try not to be nervous, although this is problematic.Malfunctions in the nervous system negatively affect not only reproduction, but also sexual function,
  • long workouts - you can go in for sports no more than 3-5 hours a day,
  • the use of fast food, trans fats - with an excess of cholesterol, gametes reduce their activity. Trans fats can disrupt the structure of cell membranes. You need less to consume red meat, processed foods, margarine, chips, sweets, mayonnaise,
  • caffeine cola
  • medicines - the greatest danger is antibacterial, cytostatic, hormonal, pain medication. These groups are called “groin strikers." This also applies to athletes taking steroids. If testosterone preparations are stably taken, then the hormone stops being synthesized by the body. At the same time, there is testosterone in the blood, and in the gonads, where it is needed for sperm production, it is not enough or not at all. If therapy is needed, then individually selected drugs with minimal side effects, dosage, course duration.

For normal sperm quality, body weight is crucial. With increased BMI, fertility not only worsens, but libido, potency, and sexual life suffer. This is due to the fact that adipose tissue produces estrogens, while the synthesis of testosterone decreases. With a low BMI, structural changes occur in sperm DNA.

To improve the ejaculate and the quality of the gametes you need moderate daily physical activity, good nutrition, psycho-emotional discharge, good sleep.

How to improve spermogram folk remedies

Many people use these recipes as recommended by doctors to improve spermatogenesis.

  1. Several types of dried fruits (figs, dried apricots, dates, raisins, walnuts) are chopped together with lemon through a meat grinder with honey and used three times a day for a tablespoon.
  2. Using a salad of onions, eggs and nuts with sour cream, and at night an orange with a green apple and a glass of bio-ether.
  3. Daily dairy or sour-milk products, any kind of nuts plus a decoction of elecampane courses. To do this, a tablespoon of the roots of the plant is poured with a glass of boiling water and simmers over low heat for 10 minutes. Within three days, the broth is taken 3-4 times a day for 1 tablespoon. A break between courses is 7 days. In many forums, it is elecampane that is given maximum preference.
  4. Pumpkin seeds are ground and mixed with honey. It is taken in the morning on an empty stomach in a tablespoon.
  5. Apply a multivitamin decoction of wild rose 3 times a day for half a glass with a teaspoon of honey.
  6. A decoction of plantain seeds is often praised for improving sperm quality (a tablespoon in a glass of water boil for 5 minutes), apply 2 tablespoons three times a day for a month.

Do not despair after a bad spermogram. Like many other health indicators, the results of this analysis often change throughout life. After correction, at least 60-70 days should pass before a new sperm test. In this case, it is important for a man to use all the medical recommendations and deal with his health comprehensively. And the reward for all the efforts is an opportunity to soon pick up a native baby. Health to you and future children!

What are the problems with spermogram

Problems with seminal fluid in a man of any age are associated primarily with malnutrition, a sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, lack of walking and sports. Most young people work in strict discipline offices in an eternal time pressure mode, therefore they cannot fully have lunch or relax, and experience stress and depression.

If a person is diagnosed with chronic infertility, then conception is problematic or impossible, but proper therapy to improve the quality of sperm will certainly help to restore reproductive function in full or in part.

Problems most often arise with deformed and sedentary sperm, as they cause not only infertility in young people, but also a series of miscarriages in their sexual partners. If pregnancy does occur, then there is a high possibility of having a baby with physical disabilities or genetic abnormalities.

For this, it will be possible to take medications, vitamins, establish a balanced diet and drinking regimen. Experienced doctors are strongly advised to pay attention to medicinal herbs that can qualitatively increase the ability to conceive.

Why sperm are deformed

Ideally, the indicator of high male health should be seminal fluid, in which there are full and maximum active sperm. The mobility of only one healthy sperm allows him to get to the egg and fertilize it, and if there are a lot of such male cells in the sperm, then the probability of conception and obtaining healthy offspring after is quite high.

Any full sperm has an oval head, three and a half microns long, and its width does not exceed five and a half microns. The neck firmly adjacent to the head normally has a length of one micron, and nine tenths of the entire length will be occupied by a regular flagellum, which has no bends.

You can talk about the excellent analysis if in the seminal fluid there are more than fifteen percent of correctly built and active sperm. If the body has only four percent of such germ cells, then we should talk about a very bad seed and the presence of great prerequisites for infertility in a man.

The main causes of sperm deformation can be called:

  • infections that are transmitted through sexual intercourse,
  • inflammatory processes in the genitourinary system,
  • chronic sexually transmitted diseases
  • work in radiation conditions,
  • living in adverse environmental conditions,
  • ingestion of toxic substances,
  • work at night,
  • sleep less than eight hours a day,
  • increased nervousness and depression,
  • alcohol abuse
  • chronic uncontrolled smoking,
  • taking psychotropic or narcotic substances,
  • hormonal disruptions amid low testosterone hormone production,
  • thyroid problems
  • steroid abuse while building muscle,
  • inflammation of the prostate gland,
  • chronic prostate adenoma,
  • varicose veins in the scrotum,
  • orthitis or vesiculitis,
  • the presence of cancer
  • diabetes,
  • sperm genetic mutations,
  • failures of several stages of sperm production.

In this case, it will not be possible to improve the quality of sperm, since infertility is guaranteed in ninety-five percent of cases, therefore, IVF will have to be used by donor sperm to conceive a baby.

How to improve sperm quality indicators for conception

Specialists have long been able to develop many natural and simple tools and the rapid increase in its volume. You should never engage in self-treatment of a pathological condition, since this inevitably leads not only to complications, but also to the loss of erectile function of the male genital organ.

Be sure to contact a urologist or andrologist, who will be able to diagnose the presence of a problem condition and help to choose drugs that improve the quality of the seed.

Specialists conduct a comprehensive examination and prescribe a number of necessary tests that will identify the cause of the problem and prescribe an adequate treatment for the pathology.

To do this, you have to go through a series of examinations and pass tests:

  • clinical blood test,
  • general analysis of blood and urine,
  • blood test for infections,
  • back sowing of urethral discharge,
  • smear of seminal fluid for bacteria,
  • IDA test
  • Semen analysis with DNA defragmentation
  • blood test for hormones.

Urologists on the sites of medical centers on the Internet advise to improve spermograms:

  • for inflammatory processes and infections, use antibiotics,
  • in the presence of macrophages or an increase in the number of leukocytes, drugs are used that are selected depending on the diagnosed urological pathology,
  • when determining malfunctions in the hormonal background and the operation of the thyroid gland, a specific hormone in tablets should be taken,
  • in case of genetic malfunctions or low immunity, it will be important to act on the circumstances, having received advice from specialized specialists.

After the cause of the disease and the pathological condition of the seminal fluid is established, the man will have to completely change his lifestyle, stop overeating and rest more often.

Drug treatment

Before you increase the quality of spermograms, you should understand that dietary supplements and vitamin complexes, food and beekeeping need to consult with your doctor.

Before improving the quality of spermogram, an illness is definitely diagnosed, from which it is necessary to recover. This process does not take more than one month, provided that you regularly take medications.


  1. The most effective and proven - Mighty Tool. They write a lot about him, reviews can be read here.
  2. You can use different exercises to enlarge the penis.
  3. Using enlargement devices such as an extender.
  4. And, of course, the surgical route is a dangerous operation, but it is 100% working.

You should pay close attention to such drugs that can improve the quality indicators in the seed, such as:

  • SpermPlant is a natural preparation that improves sperm activity, forms male germ cells that are healthy in morphological structure, but cannot cure deformed spermatozoa,
  • Vitaprost is a drug that is not addictive and qualitatively cures problems associated with inflammation of the prostate gland, and it can be taken exclusively in tablets and in tandem with vitamin complexes,
  • Speroton - during regular intake, it significantly increases the fertility of men, it can increase the volume of secreted ejaculate, the activity of sperm and improve their morphological structure, is released in the form of a powder that dissolves in water,
  • Speman is a natural remedy in which mineral elements and medicinal herbs are combined, which can significantly reduce the inflammatory process in the body and increase sperm production, increase potency and reduce the possibility of premature release of seed material,
  • Viardot is a biologically active supplement that can increase sperm fertility, and take it realistically constantly, but after consulting with doctors,
  • SpermActive is a dietary supplement that is produced in Germany and raises the usefulness of sperm for men after forty years of age, in parallel, the medicine can increase male libido, enhance sensations during sexual contact or increase erectile function without harm to human health,
  • Spermastrong is a natural medicine that can improve fluid production and at the same time has a positive effect on the prostate gland, removing excess secretion from it and eliminating inflammatory processes,
  • Duovit is a natural vitamin complex consisting of seventeen vitamins and minerals, and they are distributed for use at different times of the day in order to be absorbed faster and establish sexual function, increasing sperm quality,
  • The alphabet is a male complex of thirteen vitamins, nine minerals and ginseng roots, which increases the potency and quality of seminal fluid.

Almost all drugs are prescribed exclusively after consulting with doctors, since self-medication leads to problems with reproductive function.

How to improve indicators in a spermogram folk methods

Before you increase the quality of sperm by collecting herbs, you should determine the absence of individual intolerance or allergic reactions in a particular man.

In traditional medicine, the use of fees from:

In the pharmacy you can find not only herbal teas and tinctures, but also rectal suppositories, injectable solutions, tablets, which are supplemented with classic medicines. Hot compresses and baths with decoctions of herbs are strictly prohibited.

Watch the video: 5 tips to ensure healthy sperm - Jesse Mills, MD. UCLA Health Newsroom (February 2020).

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