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Beard correction: instructions for different tools

Since ancient times, the beard for the Russian man is a symbol of strength, courage and strong spirit.

Despite the fact that in the 18th century Peter I carried out the “Europeanization” of the Russian male face, today the number of adherents of the main male dignity is constantly growing.

Today, society requires careful care of appearance not only from women, but also from men. A beard needs constant care, the most important component of which is the ability to trim and trim correctly.

We will talk about how and how to trim a beard in this article.

Necessary tools

To trim and trim the mustache and beard, regardless of their length and type, you need a simple and inexpensive set of tools:

  • scallop comb with small cloves. It’s best if it captures as much hair as possible, so massage or with large cloves will not work,
  • sharp and narrow scissors. For maximum accuracy, the scissor handles should lie comfortably in your hand,
  • trimmer or a regular hair clipper with nozzles to adjust the length. The principle of operation is the same for both, the difference in the thickness of the shaving blade. This is a matter of convenience and price. Correction of a beard without using a trimmer is possible, but not so convenient,
  • shaving machine and gel / shaving foam. Given the not everyday need for this tool, disposable machines are enough.
  • large mirror, which would not have to be held by hand or tilted / moved for a more convenient view.

Instead of professional scissors, ordinary stationery is suitable, instead of a branded razor, a disposable one is suitable. With skillful handling of scissors, you can do without a machine. The choice depends on your skill and financial situation.

In addition to haircut tools, don't forget about beard care products. In the modern market are widely represented beard oil, wax, balms.

Features of the procedure

After reaching a certain length and density of facial hair, it is necessary to correct the beard and mustache. The initial steps are taken with the help of a barber or a stylist, later a man can look after her independently at home.

The frequency of procedures depends on:

  • hair growth rates,
  • overall beard appearance,
  • its density.

Shaving of unnecessary bristles, protruding hair and excess length is carried out up to 3 times a week. In men of the eastern type of appearance, the beard grows faster. For them, corrective procedures must be carried out every 48 hours.

Correct the shape of the house

So, how to trim the beard correctly and do it yourself? The procedure for cutting and equalizing the beard at home is quite simple and does not require much time and effort. Before starting, make sure that no one bothers you and will not say anything by hand.

The process of cutting and equalizing the beard consists of several stages:

Free up space in front of the mirror, there will be a lot of small hair. Prepare all the necessary tools so that you don’t get distracted again. The place of cutting and alignment should be well lit so that you can control this process as much as possible.

Comb your beard and mustache. It is advisable to do this from the chin up so that the hair "stands" at a right angle.

A comb with small cloves will do it in the best way. So it will be much easier to cut and control the length.

Cut the length you need with scissors. It is more convenient to do this by restricting the hair to a comb.

If you doubt the choice of length, it is better to cut the hair in stages and grab less hair with scissors than was originally supposed (you can’t return the cut off one already).

Many people ask how to trim a beard? It is most convenient to use a special machine or trimmer.

Give the beard the desired shape with a trimmer. The form depends only on your desire and imagination. The required length of the beard can be adjusted with special nozzles on the machine.

Cut off the hair from the neck and mark the line of the end of the beard using a razor. It is more convenient to shave from the bottom up, from the base of the neck to the chin. This will make the neck smoother and more accurately indicate the line of the end of the beard.

Rinse off any remaining facial hair with water and let the beard dry. After that, you can adjust your work with a trimmer or razor. Remember to smile at yourself in the mirror.

As you can see, cutting a beard at home is not so difficult, especially after studying step-by-step photographs beforehand: how to trim a beard, presented in the next section.

How to cut a beard? A photo

See below: how to trim a beard with a trimmer, beard correction photo

Some Care Tips

Now you know how to trim a beard at home. But, this does not end caring for a beard.

Regular care required.

With proper care for true male pride, you, like our ancestors, will embody courage and strength. A few recommendations for beard care and safety:

Keep your beard clean. It is enough to clean the remnants of food from it and wash it with soap every day. To prevent hair from getting tangled and sticking out in different directions, comb it in the morning.

Keep the tool clean and in good condition.. The scissors must not be allowed to rust and the trimmer blades become dull. After use, wash the scissors and comb with water, wipe them with a special cloth or towel. From a trimmer or hair clipper, brush off all the hair, treat the blades with special oil (usually included).

Trim and level the beard in places convenient for cleaning. Small hairs can cause blockages in the sink or bathtub. Uncleaned remnants of your procedure on the floor or in other places can become a haven of dust and dirt. Keep clean.

Be extremely careful. Incorrect movement with scissors, a trimmer or a shaving machine can injure you. This will not only bring discomfort or pain, but can also cause severe irritation or even leave a scar. Try to avoid getting water on the trimmer or hair clipper. This can lead to a breakdown of the instrument and to electric shock.

If you decide to grow a beard for the first time, before shearing and leveling, let it grow fully for at least a month. The hair should completely frame the face and be soft compared to the bristles. If you are in doubt whether it will be possible for you for the first time to independently perform the haircut and equalization procedure, contact the hairdresser. Professionals will do everything beautifully and give recommendations for the future.

With these simple tips on how to trim your beard and mustache, your beard (goatee, balbo, Hollywood) or beard (Russian, skipper) will become a real symbol of tradition and masculinity in the modern world. In a world where individual style and personal care has become an integral part of any man. In a world where the beard has again taken an honorable and respected place.

Watch the video: how to care for a beard without a special trimmer, using a hair clipper and razor.

What is beard correction and why is it needed?

Any barber in a special salon for bearded men can advise on how to trim the beard and give it the desired shape. A man only needs to grow a medium-length beard, which takes an average of 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the individual characteristics of the male body. And only after that comes the moment when the initial correction of the beard will be necessary.

Correction of the beard shape is necessary for several tasks:

  • giving the beard the desired shape, length and volume,
  • alignment of lines and length of a beard,
  • elimination of excess vegetation on the cheeks, chin and neck,
  • the formation of a loose and neat beard.

Professional correction also implies barber’s recommendations regarding the appropriate beard shape according to the type of man, as well as about proper care for the beard with cosmetics. Proper correction is symmetry and clear lines, accuracy and presentability of the beard.

How often do the procedure?

Correcting and leveling the beard is necessary initially after the man has reached the desired length and density. Initially, a barber or stylist can teach correction and care for a beard, and in the future, a man can independently level and give the beard the desired shape at home. The frequency of correction depends directly on how quickly and densely the beard grows. Removing unnecessary bristles, protruding hairs and excess beard length will be required 2-3 times a week on average.

What is beard correction and why is it needed?

Correction is the process of giving a beard a neat and regular shape. For light bristles, this procedure is rarely performed. Most often, beard correction is necessary when the size of the hairs reaches a sufficient length. Typically, the procedure begins to be performed after 3-4 weeks of growth. A correctly performed procedure will help to even out the contours of the beard, give it the desired shape and length, reduce the volume and carefully lay the hairs. It is also carried out in order to remove excess vegetation on the neck, cheeks or chin.

Now there are many barbershops where, on a professional level, they perform beard correction taking into account all fashion trends and customer wishes. But with the right approach, you can adjust the shape of the beard yourself at home.

Step 1. Beard Preparation

We comb the beard with a wide comb, with teeth down, then up, against the direction of hair growth. This technique will help to fluff the beard, which will be very useful, as fluffy hair is easy to style and no less than trimmed.

How to trim a beard with a typewriter at home?

The most standard and familiar tool is a beard razor, although many have already got used to adjusting the shape and length of the beard with a trimmer and a clipper. Initially, the barber will be able to adjust the shape of the beard quickly and easily, and already according to his recommendations and advice, the man will correct the facial hair with a razor and a typewriter himself.

The principle of action, how to properly level the beard, is as follows:

  • hair should be prepared for cutting and combed with a comb,
  • Next, you need to think over the lines along which the haircut will be made (lines can be drawn with a pencil),
  • you can fix the lines with a comb,
  • with the help of a comb, the unnecessary length of the beard is separated, after which the machine is carried out along the comb for shearing,
  • during such a haircut, it is important to comb at the right angle relative to the lower jaw and chin,
  • comb the mustache with a comb, remove the extra length with a comb and a machine,
  • shave off excess bristles after cutting the length of the beard.

It is possible to straighten out the beard, its length and shape only by smooth and careful movements with a razor and a machine, as sharp hasty manipulations often cut off excess hairs and form irregular corners according to the selected shape. Tools must be sharp and sanitized.

How often do you need to perform beard and mustache corrections?

To master all the subtleties of beard correction on your own is quite simple. To learn, you can initially seek help from a specialist, see how a hairdresser does it. You can also find many videos on the net about how to adjust the beard at home. Personal experience is the best, try it and it will work out. Depending on the speed of hair growth. On average, it is recommended to adjust the shape of the beard 2-3 times a week. You need to look at the condition of the hair. Someone needs correction once a week, someone once every few months.

Tools necessary for self-correction of a beard.

For self-correction of a beard, you do not need to have a complete set of barber tools. Moreover, without a special “technique” it will be difficult to give the desired shape to the beard. We will describe the minimum set for home beard correction:

  • Toothed scallop,
  • Trimmer for the correction of the beard line and its length / clipper,
  • Small scissors, can be manicured, but with straight blades,
  • Shaving products,
  • Machine for shaving excess hair.

Correction must be performed in front of the mirror and in a room with good lighting, if necessary, you can provide additional lighting or a magnifying mirror so as not to miss a single detail.

How to trim a beard at home with a typewriter?

A clipper is the most common and familiar tool that can be used to correct a beard. With its help, it is quite simple to give it the desired shape, the main thing is to adhere to a few simple rules:

  • Before you start cutting, comb your hair and style it well.
  • you need to smooth out the contours along pre-thoughtful lines, if necessary, the haircut lines can be drawn with a pencil,
  • for a more accurate haircut, you can use a comb,
  • to cut off the extra length of the mustache, you need to hold the hairs with a comb, this will make even edges,
  • shaving of excess hairs should be carried out only after the haircut is complete with a machine.

Using the machine at home, you need to be extremely careful and think through every movement. Even a small mistake can lead to undesirable consequences that even professional barbers cannot fix.

Self-correction of beard trimmer.

The trimmer is also often used to correct a beard at home. It is important to maintain the tool in good condition, clean it after each use and regularly lubricate the blades. During the haircut, you need to make sure that the trimmer blade fits snugly on the skin, this will provide the most even haircut. You need to trim the hair with a trimmer against their growth, and shave off the excess bristles, moving from the ears to the chin. In order to get symmetrical and even lines as a result, it is important to hold the tool at the same angle. You can use a trimmer to remove excess bristles only with a long beard, with light unshaven it is better to use a razor, because the contours should be even.

How to trim the contours of a beard with a razor?

To make the contours perfectly even and smooth, you need to use a razor. Such a tool is especially relevant in the case of bristles. Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to steam the face with warm water and comb the hairs well. It is better to shave the bristles using a gel or shaving foam, regularly rinsing the machine with running water. To avoid irritation, it is recommended to apply a special cosmetic product after shaving on the face.

Given all of the above, we can conclude that a beautiful and well-groomed beard needs constant correction. Such care does not require a lot of money and time, it is enough to regularly carry out the described actions in order to maintain the ideal form of a beard.

Beard trimmer by yourself trimmer

Separately, experts give recommendations on how to level the beard with a trimmer yourself, as this tool is increasingly in demand and is used at home to correct the beard. Use the trimmer as follows:

  • the trimmer should be regularly cleaned of hairs and lubricated with blade oil,
  • while shaving and cutting, the trimmer should rest entirely on the skin of the face,
  • you need to cut or shave off the hairs of the beard opposite the hairline,
  • before shaving and cutting, you need to comb the beard with a comb,
  • shave off excess bristles from the ears towards the chin,
  • during the formation of the beard, you need to hold the trimmer at the same angle to achieve symmetry,
  • at the end of the work, the tool must be cleaned of hairs.

If a man is wearing a short beard, removing excess bristles with a trimmer would be inappropriate. In this case, the beard accepts smoothly shaved cheeks, neck and other unnecessary skin areas, and for such a result, work with the machine is required.

How to trim a shape with a razor?

Using a razor, it will be possible to achieve perfectly shaved areas of the face where the selected beard style does not accept the presence of hair. Of course, using a razor to adjust the length of the beard will be difficult, only a highly qualified specialist can do it. But to trim the shape of the beard is quite possible, for this it is necessary:

  • first face skin and hair need to be steamed with warm water,
  • the machine is also placed in warm water,
  • comb your beard in the right shape
  • visually or with a pencil, the lines of the beard are drawn, separating unnecessary areas,
  • shaving gel is applied to the skin,
  • further machines shave off excess hairs along the growth line,
  • rinse the machine as often as possible with water,
  • at the end of shaving, rinse your face with cool water and apply after shaving.

As a rule, a man manages to shave off unnecessarily areas of the neck and cheeks where there should not be a beard. We are talking about neat forms of beards of short length, which accept only smoothly shaved areas for the contrast of hair and clean skin without bristles.

A man can remove stubble with a machine, razor or trimmer at home as often as his beard and mustache grows quickly. In addition to correcting the beard, a comprehensive and competent care is necessary so that the facial hair is always neat, salable and looks stylish. Daily care consists of the following procedures:

  • combing with a hair comb on a mustache and beard,
  • washing the beard 2-3 times a week with special shampoos for the beard,
  • moisturizing and nourishing the hairs for their softening and obedience with oils and balms,
  • the use of waxes and varnishes for fixing and precise styling of beard hair.

With the help of cosmetics, a man can make hairs on his beard and mustache healthy, silky, well-groomed and obedient to styling. Sticking out and curly hairs can be corrected with a comb and styling cosmetics. And to make a beard look stylish, you need to choose the right shape and regularly level it.


A beard itself can look beautiful in rare cases when a man has awarded nature with soft, shiny and obedient hair.

For the rest, to create a fashionable image and image, the beard needs to be correctly modeled, trimmed and adjusted regularly using a trimmer, machine tool and razor in the cabin or at home.

Correction is performed 1-2 times a week, as well as hygiene procedures.


Beard haircut - step by step instructions with lifikami and photos

“I can say that it’s much cooler without a beard, but the birds stopped sitting on me and the children stopped holding out a trifle at the deli.”

Unlike Ivan, we will not be so categorical about cutting a beard: we will consider various methods and variations at home that apply to a wide variety of types of men. So, if the feeling of light coolness on your face is the only reason that discourages your desire to shave, then let's get started.

As an experienced bearded man, I realized that cutting a beard beautifully is not a success. The real achievement is the beard, which makes a good impression after shaving. This is possible only after a competent decision with the form of “hair” on the face. The formation of a beard directly depends on the shape of your head, hair color and type of face.

Our bearded plan:

  • Define a haircut style, starting from the type of person.
  • Collect inventory.
  • Prepare your face and hair for a haircut before shaving.
  • Cut your beard and mustache.
  • Continue to care after shaving your beard.

Trimmer or machine?

To make you happy with the result, you need to decide on the tool. You have, in fact, only two options.

  1. Clippers / razors
  2. Trimmers.

Frankly, from my own experience: a trimmer is more convenient, cheaperand more practical. When I flew to the Philippines with a clipper, my tip broke. And I could not find her anywhere on the island. I would be with a trimmer, I could calmly trim my beard without a nozzle. I had to shave everything off.

Now consider where you can buy a trimmer.

  • If you have 5-10 thousand rubles, then go to some M-Video or Eldorado (I do not advise you to take cheaper in stores, because you will buy a frank “G”).
  • Buy in specials. a store that specializes in a particular product (the so-called "one-page"). They are not spent on advertising, other product groups and have a good discount from the supplier - therefore, in such stores offers are always cheaper. Moreover, the goods are selected qualitatively. Is always. Do not count for advertising, I bought a trimmer here. Convenient, universal, with nozzles. He served me for a year and so far without breakdowns.

In this case, of course, you decide, depending on the thickness of the wallet. More about additional tools later in the text.

How to Wear a Beard for Chubby Men

Dear chubby friends, a big tip to you: avoid a whisker, put a beard and mustache (there should be no lush beard on your cheeks). Your goal should be to lengthen the shape of the head, where your savior will be a long or triangular shape of the hair. Also, you can safely resort to such solutions:

  • goatee,
  • goatee,
  • duck tail,
  • island,
  • anchor.

Goatee goatee
Duck tail
Beard Anchor

Instruction manual

Correction at home can be done in several ways:

Initially, the hairdresser will help to correct the vegetation, in the future the man carries out the procedures on his own.

Standard care algorithm:

  • preparation: combing, thinking over haircut lines (they can be marked with a cosmetic pencil),
  • with the help of a comb, determine the unnecessary length of vegetation, draw a typewriter along the line of the scallop,
  • while cutting the machine, drive at an angle with respect to the chin and lower jaw,
  • comb the mustache with a comb and also shorten
  • shave off excess bristles.

Alignment of vegetation is carried out by smooth and accurate movements, jerking will lead to cutting excess hairs and the formation of irregular angles.

Before starting the procedure, check all instruments for sharpness and disinfect.

The tool is most often used for adjustment. You need to use it according to a certain scheme:

  • before cutting, comb the beard with a comb with frequent teeth,
  • when cutting, press the device firmly against the skin of the face,
  • shave against the growth of bristles,
  • keep the trimmer at an angle to create symmetry,
  • After the end of the manipulation, wash the tool from the hairs.

With a short beard, it is not practical to use the tool - for a smooth shaving of the cheeks, neck and individual sections of the skin, a machine is required.

With its help, they achieve perfectly smooth skin in areas where vegetation is not provided. Adjusting a beard with a razor is a complex procedure performed by an experienced hairdresser. The tool can only trim the bristles - provided that they are used correctly:

  • steam skin and hair in warm water,
  • comb the beard in the right direction,
  • with a pencil or mentally draw the lines of "hairstyle",
  • apply foam or shaving gel,
  • remove excess hair with a machine, rinse your face with water more often and apply foam again to better see lines,
  • After shaving, wash your face with cool water and apply after shave.

The machine is used for neat forms of beard with a short length, where next to it are empty areas from the hairs.

How do professionals

One hour is enough for the hairdresser to use a comb and a hair clipper to trim the length of the vegetation and give it a well-groomed appearance. The process takes place in stages:

  • facial hair is thoroughly combed,
  • hair alignment occurs
  • a certain form is attached to the vegetation - this is a figured clipping of the bristles.

At the end of the procedures, special cosmetics are applied to the hairline: balms and oil. A visit to the barbershop allows you not to think about the difficulties of self-care of any type of beard, to have a neat appearance.

Cosmetology service

Laser correction of certain areas on the face refers to convenient options for solving the problem of excess hair.

Such a corrective method helps to draw a beard line for a long time - in some cases, hairs in certain areas of the face permanently stop growing.

After exposure to the laser beam, a small fluff remains, the skin becomes soft, the effect of its partial rejuvenation may be observed.

Laser hair removal is based on the following principles:

  • rays affect the coloring hair enzyme - melanin,
  • follicles heat up under its action, hair slows down growth,
  • the effect is observed after 3-4 sessions.

The man remains to maintain the desired shape of the beard, you can not think about the bristles in other places.

Experts indicate the following characteristics of the technique:

  • ideal for people with sensitive skin,
  • the full course is 5-10 sessions - the duration depends on the structure and type of hairs,
  • between procedures, an interval of 1-2 months is observed,
  • unpleasant sensations are suppressed with special creams with an anesthetic effect or cooling nozzles.

The advantages of laser hair removal zones:

  • maintaining skin integrity
  • lack of mechanical injuries, redness, irritation, as when using a machine,
  • after the procedure, you can forget about the need to shave for 5-10 years,
  • Unlike wax removal, there is no problem with ingrown hair when treated with a laser.

Laser procedures have a number of contraindications. They do not occur if the patient has:

  • mechanical damage to the skin: open wounds, scratches and cracks,
  • dermatological diseases
  • diabetes
  • after a tanning bed or a recent visit to the beach,
  • with spider veins and the visible expansion of blood vessels,
  • nervous pathologies and epilepsy.

Laser correction allows you to forget about the daily shaving and the consequences of using a razor. If a man has at least one of these contraindications, then only classical methods of care are suitable for him.

Beard correction is a prerequisite for creating the perfect look. Without special procedures, she will look untidy, instead of the image of a brutal man, an image of an overgrown savage will turn out.

How to make a beautiful beard for triangular face owners

For visual expansion of the lower part, men with this type of face are best suited for such haircut options:

  • balbo
  • Hollywood, "zakos" under Ryan Gosling,
  • full classic
  • Spanish beard.

Hollywood Beard Example
Full classic beard

Your goal is to hide one third of the face (count from the chin) with vegetation, so that the image turns out to be harmonious and complete.

Inventory "bearded man" or how to cut a beard

A big mistake for many men is to save on beard shaving tools: using a disposable razor more than once, for example.

From my own experience I can say that it’s better to spend some money and walk with neatly cut hair than to save money and wander around with nothing.

After all, you do not save on parts for a car? For cutting a beard, I advise you to purchase these shaving products and other items:

  1. Scissors for cutting a mustache and beard. Such beard scissors are usually smaller than usual. The tool has a convenient shape - trimming the beard with such scissors is much easier.
  2. Trimmer or electric machine for mustache and beard. Often used to equation the length of a beard. Putting the nozzle on the machine and adjusting it in one direction or another (depending on the type of trimmer) you control the length of your beard.
  3. A comb for mustache (with small teeth) and for hair on the cheeks (with wide teeth), since you must be able to comb it properly.
  4. A dangerous razor, as in the movie Sweeney Todd the Demon Hairdresser.
  5. A large mirror or a more convenient cosmetic mirror with magnification.
  6. Towel.

The inventory is ready, go to the preparation of the face before the haircut? Now let's figure out how to form a beard.

Preparing face and hair for haircuts

It is customary to think that cutting a beard and mustache in men is accompanied by woodland, an ax in his hands and a serious expression on his face, as in the photo in the advertisement. Alas, everything is not so prosaic. I will tell you honestly that your facial hair looks neat and you feel good, you need to carry out a number of procedures - preparation before shaving, so to speak.

How to wash facial hair and how to steam facial skin before shaving

Facial hair is distinguished by its delicate structure, and to be more precise the roots, respectively, pouring shampoo into them is not an option. An exception may be shampoo in small quantities, and provided that the composition of this consists mainly of natural ingredients. If the procedure takes place at home, then I advise you to wash your beard and steam your face in the shower, at home.


We need this part in order to straighten hair and get rid of unnecessary curls. You need to comb in the direction of hair growth: comb along the jaw. Start combing from the ears and further to the chin. To make a mustache obedient, you need to comb them on the same principle.

More to the point: how to trim a beard?

Finally, we come to the final stage, where we will analyze several methods of cutting, which will be applied depending on the length and density of your beard.

Step by step, consider the universal design of a beard at home:

  • Sweeping cheeks and neck. Here I use a trimmer and its longest nozzle. I shave my cheeks and neck with smooth measured movements.
  • How to cut a mustache. Scissors will help you with this: at your discretion, align the contours of the mustache, according to the chosen style.
  • The bottom of the face. You will also cut the chin, starting from your own choice. The only thing I can tell you is to use scissors, so you can give shape.
  • Final actions (fringing) - it remains only to trim the remaining hair on the neck and trim the hard-to-reach areas of the hair, where a trimmer without a nozzle will help you. The beard line should run along the jaw line.

Correct definition of the beard line

As you have already seen for yourself, making a beard beautiful and tidy is not so difficult.

How to shave a beard? How to shave a beard so that stubble remains? Dry shave

In addition to scissors and a trimmer, you don’t need anything else. You will use scissors so as not to hammer the trimmer. The beard shaving technique adhere to universal. After you shave your beard, you will still have a slight stubble, remove the nozzle and walk again. At the end of the procedure, apply a moisturizer that is appropriate for your face type.

  • After completing the haircut, you can use basic methods of caring for facial hair: rinse it again, apply oil or apply hair with a special wax.
  • As you already managed to make sure, cutting a beard at home is quite a worthy occupation, since cutting hair is a kind of art and we are all artists to some extent.

How to trim a beard at home with a trimmer

Full information on the topic "how to cut a beard at home with a trimmer" - all the most relevant and useful on this issue.

Beard trimming is one of the most important components of caring for your appearance, and it is not so difficult to do it at home. It is not necessary to contact hairdressers or stylists, to look for barbershop reviews, when everything can be done independently. To create the right image, you only need to know a few subtleties.

Choose the right shape

A beard is not just a symbol of maturity and masculinity, but also a fashionable trend. With its help, you can favorably emphasize individuality, create your own unique style. Today, there are about thirty different types of beards. Consider the most common options.

The vegetation cover has a square shape, therefore it well corrects the shape of the face, gives the external image of masculinity. Assumes slightly elongated whiskey and mustache.


It is a short beard and mustache. A universal option that does not go only to chubby chubby men.


Represents the inverted letter T and a mustache. A very common type, suitable for men with a square face shape.


Sideburns connect vertically with the mustache, and the chin is smoothly shaved. Suitable for rectangular and oval face shapes.

Hollywood beard

It involves vegetation around the lips and along the lower jaw. This type of beard is worn by George Clooney, Hugh Jackman and other American celebrities.


Sometimes it is also called "Russian." This type is suitable for owners of very dense facial hair, thin hair will not work here. A classic beard does not require much care, it just grows naturally. But if you wish, you can give it the desired shape at any time.

Duck tail

It has an external resemblance to a Russian beard, but it looks more neat and has a pointed end.

Short beard

It resembles light unshaven, combined with short and long haircuts.


This is a short-cut beard and mustache. Popular due to its brevity and restraint.


Despite the unattractive name, it is in demand among modern youth. It is a strip of hair from the lower lip to the chin.


Hair in the middle under the lower lip, lack of mustache. A universal option for any face shape.

Perhaps, after a successful haircut, you will want to play with your bearded image, like Isaiah Webb (Mr Incredibeard), who became popular on Instagram thanks to his beard.

The process of self-creation of the above types of beards can be seen in the training videos on the Internet, as well as get acquainted with the schemes and photos of other haircut options.

Haircut preparation

Before you start cutting, you must first wash your beard. It is advisable to use a special shampoo or moisturizing soap in order not to dry the skin. Then the hair needs to be dried with a towel and combed thoroughly.

Remember that combing is recommended for hair growth. Thus, they will straighten, and it will be easier for them to give the necessary shape. For a haircut, it is better to choose a polygonal type mirror so that you can see yourself from all sides.

Pay attention to good lighting to avoid cuts, bald patches or missing hairs.

A beard can be trimmed with a clipper, scissors or trimmer. It is worth approaching the choice of a tool responsibly, since the result of work and your own safety depend on it.

  • Scissors should be sharp, preferably professional hairdressers, and not ordinary stationery. Otherwise, the tool in the process of cutting will not cut the hair, but pull it, and it will be impossible to give the beard the desired shape.
  • When using a trimmer, check the battery charge level. It is advisable to have an extra battery in case one fails or runs out.
  • The machine should be chosen with ceramic knives that do not require lubrication. It is desirable that a sufficient number of nozzles be attached to the tool for competent modeling of the shape of a beard. The network function in case of battery discharge will be useful.

Remember that you should not save on beard trimmers. Give preference to trusted manufacturers with a good reputation. This is a guarantee that the device will last a long time and will not fail at the most inopportune moment.

Swift beard right

So, the beard has thoroughly dried out after washing, and you can begin to cut it with a machine. To do this, you can not only use the algorithm below, but also watch a detailed video. Also ensure that the tools are clean before use.

  1. To give the vegetation the necessary density, the haircut should start from the places where there is most hair - from the neck and cheeks. In this case, a machine with a laser pointer is well suited. Decide on an imaginary line on the neck and remove excess hair from below.
  2. Now you can start modeling the mustache and hair from the side. Remember that a mustache must be combined with a beard. Start the haircut from the nose to the corners of the lips, removing the protruding hairs with sharp scissors.
  3. Next up is whiskey. They need to be cut according to the chosen type of beard, so that they completely complete the image. With the help of sideburns, you can simulate the desired face shape. For example, short whiskeys are suitable for owners of a narrow or triangular face, and long ones are suitable for chubby people and those with a square shape.
  4. Shave off any unnecessary stubble. It is advisable not to walk the machine several times in the same area. It is better to stop, comb your hair and remove individual hairs with scissors. Unnecessary vegetation on the cheeks can be removed by removing the nozzle. Hair should be removed with a soft smooth movement, moving from the ears to the chin.

The procedure for cutting with a trimmer is no different from working with a machine. It is also necessary to cut the beard symmetrically, with gentle movements along its growth. Nozzles will help control the length of the vegetation, not allowing to cut off the excess. Scissors can be used to cut separately growing hair in remote places.

Observe safety precautions. Mowing electrical appliances should be done in a dry place away from water to prevent short circuits.

Care Tips

The beard should be washed regularly with shampoo or moisturizing soap. However, you should not do this every day, otherwise you can damage the natural fat layer of the hair and dry the skin.

Despite the fact that the vegetative cover on the face is much stiffer in structure than the hair on the head, it is advisable to use conditioner after washing. It will make the beard softer and more obedient, and also prevent the appearance of static electricity.

For thorough combing, choose a comb with wide teeth, so as not to pull the hair very much.

Look courageous and attractive today is very simple. It is not necessary for this to go to a barbershop or to stylists, because daily daily timely care of your appearance is enough. Only 10-15 minutes of free time will help you look beautiful and stylish at any time!

Step-by-step instruction: how to trim a beard with a hair clipper or trim it nicely when making adjustments?

The beard is a stylish and fashionable part of the image of a modern man, giving his wearer masculinity and attractiveness. But it looks beautiful only with proper care and accurate design.

  • Care necessarily includes a haircut.
  • Regardless of the length of the beard, it must be cut regularly so that when the hair regrowth it does not lose its shape and neat appearance.
  • One of the most affordable ways to cut a beard is with a clipper.

Auxiliary tools

You will definitely need the following additional tools:

  • trimmer or razor will be needed for the design of contours.

You can also outline the contours with a clipper, however, a trimmer or razor will cope with this task much better.

It is also much more convenient to trim the mustache with a trimmer.

Comb combin which one half has rare teeth and the other has frequent teeth.

You can find such a comb in any store, but the main thing is that your comb does a good job combing your beard. Also, the comb helps to draw clear, even lines.

To do this, use a haircut on a comb.

Small but sharp hairdressing scissors will help you do fine work: With their help, you can give the beard a perfect shape and remove individual protruding hairs.

Of course, this can be done with a regular machine, but you run the risk of cutting off more hair than necessary, using only it.

Keep a dry shaving brush ready, a sweeping brush or a dry towel to brush off already trimmed hair from the beard and face.

Removing the cut hair will help to see what happens during the haircut, and you can immediately make corrective changes if a flaw is found somewhere, for example, an unevenness has formed in any area.

Mirror. Of course, in order to properly trim the beard, you need to see yourself in the mirror. This is especially important for maintaining symmetry. It is advisable to use a large mirror. You can also use a small magnifying mirror as an auxiliary.

Nowadays, a huge number of all kinds of tools of very different quality from various price categories have appeared on the market.

After all, it is known that avaricious pays twice. The ideal option is to find a high-quality and at the same time inexpensive machine and trimmer. And in an extreme case, instead of hairdressing scissors, sharpened office scissors with small narrow canvases can be used. Such tools are quite suitable for home use.

How to cut a beard with a hair clipper?

For various reasons, it is not always possible to trim the beard of a master barber. If the beard has a small length that needs to be maintained and adjusted from time to time, this can be done independently using a clipper.

Step-by-step haircut:

  1. after the necessary preparation, carefully comb the beard for hair growth.
  2. Depending on the shape of the beard, designate for yourself the areas on which the haircut will be performed. It can be the whole beard or its individual parts: the base, mustache or tanks.
  3. Choose a suitable nozzle to create the desired length. Usually in the kit there are nozzles with the machine, leaving hairs 3, 6, 9 and 12 millimeters long when cutting.
  4. Start your haircut with your cheeks. The machine should move in a direction against hair growth, from the chin to the ears. Do not try to cut off everything at once, for a quality haircut, the sequence and sequence of actions are important.
  5. Each time, brush hair from the face to see the result and make the necessary changes in time.
  6. When the hair on one cheek is cut to the desired length, start cutting the hair on the other cheek. Repeat the same steps.
  7. Start cutting hair on the neck and lower jaw. To do this, raise your head up and stretch the skin. The machine should move from bottom to top, first in the center, from the Adam's apple to the chin, and then on the sides of the neck towards the cheeks.
  8. Stretch the skin on the chin and cut the hair with a hair clipper against their growth.
  9. Pull the lower lip and carefully trim the chin and front sight (hair growing between the chin and lower lip).
  10. Pull your upper lip and cut your mustache with gentle movements against hair growth.
  11. Shake off the hair and make sure that your beard is not trimmed areas, bumps and other imperfections. If any, walk through these places with the machine again. Minor flaws can be eliminated by cutting individual hairs with scissors.
  12. Remove the nozzle from the machine and mark the upper and lower contours, shave the excess hair to zero.
  13. Thoroughly brush off all the cut hair, wash, wash the beard with a special shampoo, blow dry it with a hairdryer.

Trim beautifully at home

If you don’t have the opportunity to go to a professional barber, you can try to adjust your beard yourself using a hair clipper. Also, do not neglect the help that the closest people can give you: for example, you can very well entrust your girlfriend to level difficult areas.

In order to adjust the shape of the beard with a machine, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. prepare your hair for a haircut and comb it thoroughly by hair growth.
  2. Depending on the desired length and shape, designate for yourself the lines along which the haircut will be performed.
  3. Look in the mirror and enter the comb into the beard along the desired line that repeats the outlines you have outlined.
  4. Pass the machine through the comb, cutting the hair sticking out between the teeth. This will cut off excess hair and create a clear outline of the selected beard shape.
  5. When performing a haircut, enter the comb at the desired angle with respect to the line of the chin and lower jaw. This angle depends on the shape of your beard. For example, when adjusting the duck tail beard, the comb should be kept at an acute angle with respect to the chin line, so that the result is a sharp wedge.
  6. If the corner is too sharp somewhere, it can be smoothed out using a machine or scissors. At the same time, you need to try not to make a mistake and not to cut off the excess, otherwise the length of your beard after the adjustment can significantly decrease.
  7. Trim the mustache on the comb.
  8. When the shape of the beard is finally corrected, indicate the upper (and, if necessary, lower) contours, the extra bristles should be shaved.


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Big friends to you!

Step 3. Avoid Over Trimming

Pay attention to the ends of the hair. Treat the beard in small sections and at the same time, trim only the tips. In such a simple way, you will definitely achieve a neat appearance of a beard.

Tip. Do not deepen the comb too much, keep it as close to the ends of the hair as possible to keep the beard full.

Step 4. Go to the other half of the face

Now that we have cut one half of the face, we comb our beard in the right direction and look at the results. If you like everything, go to the other half of the face. Take your time, be patient. Bring the result to the ideal.

How to care?

In addition to haircuts and shape adjustments, beard care includes many other items.

By following these recommendations, you can maintain your beard in excellent condition and maintain a well-groomed, neat appearance:

  • combing a beard is a mandatory daily procedure. Without this, the hair will tangles, the beard will take on an untidy, wild look.
  • From time to time, the beard must be washed. Use special shampoos for this.Do not overdo it: wash should be done as the hair gets dirty.
  • To give the hair softness and obedience, various means are used, for example, oil-fluid.
  • If the beard during the day is often disheveled and tends to lose shape, do not neglect styling. For this purpose, soft fixation wax is used.

Step 6. Wash and style the beard.

Tip. In conclusion, washed and dried, you can lay a beard with a comb.

Now that you know how to cut a beard at home, you need to practice a little. Over time, putting a beard in order will take a few minutes and not cause any problems.

We recommend to read alsoTell your friends!

Beard trimming is one of the most important components of caring for your appearance, and it is not so difficult to do it at home. It is not necessary to contact hairdressers or stylists, to look for barbershop reviews, when everything can be done independently. To create the right image, you only need to know a few subtleties.

How to choose a beard shape

This is probably the most common question that arises for almost all men: “Which beard suits me?” Of course, it all depends on the shape of the face, since a correctly selected beard will be able to visually correct the face, hide imperfections (for example, scars), remove the beveled chin . Also, when choosing a beard, it is necessary to take into account the growth of a man: for example, you can experiment tall and safely make volumetric options, but low ones are best to refrain from a long beard and make shorter and smaller forms so that they do not visually make it even lower. In addition to these factors, it is worth thinking about the thickness of facial hair. If there is a lot of vegetation, then you can safely grow a voluminous beard like in hipsters. But if there is not enough facial hair, it is best to choose “Hollywood” (a short beard that goes near the lips and lower jaw and is combined with a narrow strip of mustache) or “balbo” (the main difference from the “Hollywood” is the lack of a unifying strip).

Preparing to trim a beard

The more carefully you prepare to cut your beard, the better this process will go and the less time it will take.

  1. Wash your hair and steam your face. First, the beard must be thoroughly cleaned of all contaminants. This can be done using ordinary shampoo, beard shampoo or a special soap that does not dry your skin.
  2. To dry. After you have washed your beard, pat it dry with a towel, thereby allowing it to dry out a bit. You can also use a hairdryer, just do it after combing your beard.
  3. Comb your hair. Be sure to comb your beard before you begin to cut it. This is best done in the direction of hair growth: starting from the ears, lead the comb to the chin.

How to properly and beautifully trim your beard with scissors?

If you chose to cut with scissors, make sure that they are sharp and of the correct length (it is important that the tips do not rest in the eye, as this is hazardous to health). It is best that they are professional scissors, then the slices will be clearer. It is necessary to cut as carefully as possible, as any improper movement can lead to damage to the beard or scars.

In order not to cut off the excess, be sure to use the comb: it must be applied to the temple, and then hold them in the direction of the chin, while cutting off the regrown hair. Please note that the comb should not touch the skin to avoid inadvertently cutting a longer beard.

The first step is to determine the contour and move the scissors from the ears to the chin, and then move on to the outside of the jaws and begin to cut the hair toward the ears. Comb your hair periodically to see the result. Only then comes the mustache haircut line: they should be cut from the middle, heading to the edges. The final stage is the design of the temples. They can be both long and high, it all depends on whether you need to adjust the shape of the face.

Haircut machine at home

At first glance it seems that cutting with a machine will be easier than with scissors, but this is not so. First you need to choose a nozzle: it all depends on what length of the beard you want to make, but it is best to start with a longer length, so that if necessary, cut off the excess.

Smoothly move the machine along the hair growth, moving from the ears to the chin. Cut the beard symmetrically and alternately so that it is even.

The second stage is a mustache haircut: swipe the machine from the nose to the corners of the lips, and then to the chin (lips should be squeezed at this moment so that the hair does not get into the mouth).

And only at the very end, proceed to cutting the neck. You can completely remove the nozzle or choose a short one so that the border between the neck and beard is minimal. You need to move from the neck to the chin. At the very end, the beard can be trimmed a little more by walking along the edges with a typewriter.

Step-by-step instructions for cutting a beard with a trimmer

  • The easiest way to carefully trim your beard is with a trimmer, provided that you have the necessary tips (they will not allow you to cut too much hair).
  • It is necessary to start the haircut with the cheeks, neck and temples - these are exactly the places where the most hair.
  • It is necessary to shave only protruding hairs that spoil the entire form.

Then we go to the mustache haircut, we act in the same way as when cutting the machine. Remember that the mustache must be combined with a beard.

How to keep clean?

In addition to the fact that the beard needs to be constantly cut, it must also be looked after. In your arsenal should be a moisturizing shampoo that will look after your hair and soften it, as well as conditioner. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time washing your beard, you can use a 3 in 1 shampoo: for example, Redken Brews 3-in-1, which nourishes the hair and moisturizes the skin.

It is also worth exfoliating the skin to clean it from dust and other impurities. This is best done with a facial scrub that removes the stratum corneum.

TOP 3 necessary styling products for a beard

As you already understood, a beard needs daily care, but besides this, it also needs to be laid so that it does not stick out in different directions and acquire the desired shape. For this you will need special tools.

  1. Oil for beard and face skin - it softens the hair and nourishes the skin, and also protects it from harmful external factors and facilitates combing (Redken Brews has a great option).
  2. Beard Balm - Its texture is denser than that of oil, which allows it to create a neat beard design. In addition, he also nourishes and restores hair.
  3. Mustache Wax will create a stable styling. It is necessary to apply the product on a cleaned and dried mustache.
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Tool preparation

First of all, you need to purchase a trimmer that is best suited to properly trim your facial hair. A trimmer may require replacement batteries. It will be very nice to have a mirror of triple or polygonal type. This will allow you to inspect even areas of the face that are difficult to see. Next, you need to prepare a place in order to collect cropped hair. If you plan to do a haircut in the bathroom, then it is better to close the drain with a stub. This will prevent hair from getting into the drain and further clogging.

Nozzle selection

In order to properly trim the beard, you need to pay great attention to the choice of nozzles. Most devices have replaceable plastic nozzles. Thanks to this equipment, you can make an even, neat beard haircut. In addition, a high-quality nozzle will make it possible to clearly measure the length of the hair, since no one wants to remove the excess. If you do not know which one is best for you, then it makes sense to use the option that will leave hair longer. They can then always be made shorter. Each trimmer has clear instructions that indicate the types of nozzles that are suitable for this device, as well as options for high-speed modes. If you want to completely shave your beard, the trimmer is used without nozzles.

Method of working with a trimmer

To shave a beard yourself, you can not do without a trimmer. After you turn on the device, you need to start processing the face from all sides with confident, but gentle movements. Facial hair is shaved along the growth using the method of long stitches. This must be done symmetrically from all sides of the face. It is necessary to start from the ear and then go down. Using nozzles will help protect your skin from irritation. In addition, they will not let you cut more hair than necessary. Next shave a mustache with a chin. They begin to shave under the nose, and then slowly move to the corners of the lips. Only after this they begin to chin. It is necessary to pay maximum attention to the areas that are directly under the nose.

If you have a long beard, then you can use special scissors. The beard cut ends with bare blades. They are used to shave the remaining bristles. In this case, you should always focus on the jaw line. You can also trim your beard with a safety razor and foam.

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Stylish beard photo

How to care?

A man can remove stubble with a machine, razor or trimmer at home as often as his beard and mustache grows quickly. In addition to correcting the beard, a comprehensive and competent care is necessary so that the facial hair is always neat, salable and looks stylish. Daily care consists of the following procedures:

  • combing with a hair comb on a mustache and beard,
  • washing the beard 2-3 times a week with special shampoos for the beard,
  • moisturizing and nourishing the hairs for their softening and obedience with oils and balms,
  • the use of waxes and varnishes for fixing and precise styling of beard hair.

With the help of cosmetics, a man can make hairs on his beard and mustache healthy, silky, well-groomed and obedient to styling. Sticking out and curly hairs can be corrected with a comb and styling cosmetics. And to make a beard look stylish, you need to choose the right shape and regularly level it.

Watch the video: How to Trim Your Beard at Home (February 2020).

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