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What is useful for potency

What is beneficial for the potency of men and what is harmful is necessary to know. The erectile function of a man is a very complex process, which depends on a large number of factors. Many young people are unaware of what causes a detrimental effect on libido and erectile function. The modern world offers a wide selection of food products, various sports loads and advanced technologies. It is necessary to find out what is beneficial and what is harmful.

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How does an erection arise and what does it depend on?

The potency of a man lies in the correct process of erection and sexual desire. If one of these factors is impaired, then the potency in a man falls.

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Erection is a complex process consisting in the work of soft tissues of the genitals and the neurovascular system. Violation of the supply of blood vessels or the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain leads to a lack of arousal in men.

Sex drive is completely dependent on the hormonal system of the patient. Nerve impulses transmit a signal to the brain. Hormones are released into the bloodstream. The prostate gland starts the production of seminal fluid and testosterone. A man has an arousal. If, for any reason, the hormones are not functioning properly, the man has no sex drive. Nervous tension and prolonged stress also adversely affect sex drive. If a person is depressed for a long time, the brain ceases to transmit an excitation signal, and attraction decreases.

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Potency can be impaired due to a variety of reasons:

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  • Excess weight,
  • Neurological disorders
  • Hormonal changes,
  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Various diseases of the genitourinary system.

If a man reveals one of the above factors, then the potency is impaired. It is possible to eliminate the disorder of the genital sphere by treating the revealed pathology. If the potency is impaired in a healthy man, then he needs to choose the right diet and sports loads.

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What foods should be consumed

Great benefits come from certain types of foods. The main condition for cooking is the absence of fried dishes. Frying foods is mainly carried out using oils and fat. This is very harmful to the health of the whole organism, it harms the potency of men.

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Scientists have developed a dependence of increasing potency on certain vitamins and minerals. Food products are selected from this relationship. The following foods are included in the list of wholesome foods:

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  • Sea mollusks,
  • Calf meat
  • Quail eggs
  • Greens,
  • Beekeeping products.

Seafood has always been of great value for increasing potency. Most seafood contains essential amino acids that enhance testosterone production. Fish is the main source of omega-3s. This acid affects the proper formation of the vascular system, improves tissue elasticity.

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Crustaceans and oysters lead the list of wholesome foods. They contain in their composition a substance that is a natural analogue of the male hormone. Oysters are popular with men at all times. The mollusk contains the maximum amount of homon and zinc. Making a healthy meal is very simple. Oyster should not be heat-treated. Shellfish just need to sprinkle with lemon juice and pepper. Often you should not eat a dish. Seafood can infect a man with some infections. Bacteria from seafood are very difficult to treat.

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The calf meat contains a large amount of vitamins A, C and E. Veal is rich in iron. The substance helps to be produced by red blood cells. Continuous blood cell renewal is useful for potency. Cells capture oxygen molecules and carry them to organs and tissues. If blood is rich in red blood cells, then the tissues are constantly saturated with oxygen. Trophic tissue improves. The organs involved in sexual arousal begin to work correctly.

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Quail eggs contain proteins and amino acids necessary to improve potency. The product must be prepared by boiling in water for three minutes. Prolonged heat exposure can kill beneficial amino acids. Do not abuse the dish. 5 eggs are allowed per week.

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Greens can be consumed in unlimited quantities. The most useful are parsley and spinach leaves. Parsley contains apigenin. The substance prevents the production of female sex hormones in the male body and stimulates spermatogenesis. Spinach contains a huge amount of useful vitamins and minerals. Particular attention is paid to androsterone. The substance is equal to testosterone. One hundred grams of spinach leaves restores the weekly rate of the hormone.

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Bee products are good for the whole body. For potency, a man should pay attention to perge. The bee bread consists of pollen. Pollen is the male reproductive cells of various plants. The product helps to normalize the work of the endocrine gland and testicles. Perga normalizes testosterone production and protein digestibility. Bee products saturate the blood with fructose and sucrose. Glucose from bee bread is well absorbed and normalizes energy metabolism, stimulates a man's working capacity.

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Harmful factors

Many men believe that alcohol has an exceptionally positive effect on the state of love affairs. Allegedly, it helps to relieve a little tension, increase the duration of sexual intercourse. This statement is categorically incorrect. When the stimulating stage has already been passed, alcohol strikes with alcohol intoxication in the liver. The production of testosterone, a hormone directly affecting male potency, is halted. As a result of this, the lobes of the brain that are responsible for libido and sperm formation begin to work passively, and sexual desire fades.

Of course, small doses of alcohol are beneficial. This fact has long been proven by scientists. However, it should be remembered that alcohol tends to accumulate and be stored in the body, and frequent use of even small portions poses serious problems. The scourge of modernity - beer alcoholism, has become a prime example. Regular consumption of a seemingly harmless drink causes an increase in the amount of female hormone - estrogen. Beer lovers often begin to develop mammary glands and a pelvis. Testosterone production, on the contrary, decreases. In addition, excess weight appears - another negative factor incompatible with healthy potency.

Too high cholesterol and pressure are constant companions of fullness. The fact is that these factors affect blood circulation. As a result, erectile dysfunction occurs due to poor blood flow to the genitals.

Nicotine is another enemy of potency, working in much the same way as being overweight. Just a few smoked cigarettes cause a spasm of small blood vessels, millions of capillaries. All this results in an increase in blood pressure, blood circulation throughout the body deteriorates sharply. The consequences are impotence, heart attack and even stroke.

Also, some medications adversely affect male strength. Among them, antispasmodics (painkillers), drugs for arterial hypertension, allergies, all kinds of sedatives. In case of frequent misfires, talk with the doctor, he will tell you a replacement.

Stress is a real killer of any sexual joys. When we are nervous, scared or angry, the body produces adrenaline. This hormone causes our arteries to become harder, damaging them. It would seem - no big deal, but the consequences are actually sad. Strong arteries make the penis softer. Try not to load at work, but at home create a comfortable environment.

What kind of drinks are harmful?

Great controversy among scientists around the world is the benefits of coffee and beer. Coffee contains natural energy caffeine. The substance has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system of a person. Some scientists argue that prolonged intake of a coffee drink causes nervous strain and a detrimental effect on potency. Other experts believe that coffee activates blood flow, and stimulates the nutrition of urogenital organs. The abuse of coffee drinks can lead to the formation of hypertension and impaired heart function. Prolonged use of caffeine disrupts the kidneys and leads to the accumulation of fluid in body tissues.

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Beer drinks are very popular among modern youth. A natural drink contains beneficial substances and trace elements. The stimulating effect of beer is to enhance metabolic processes. Only natural beer has these properties.

The drink is made from hops, malt and brewer's yeast. The finished mixture is not subjected to heat treatment, but is prepared by insisting in a barrel. The shelf life of such beer does not exceed 14 days. A man is allowed to consume no more than 200 ml of this drink per day.

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Modern beer cannot boast of such properties. The product is prepared industrially. To do this, the finished powder is mixed with distilled water and alcohol. The dry concentrate is stabilized with certain substances. They do not bring benefits to the body, but have a detrimental effect on the potency of a man. Prolonged abuse of beer can lead to impotence. Many men are not aware of the high estrogen content in it. This is a female sex hormone.

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Men need to be careful about their health. Proper nutrition and sports will strengthen the immune system and improve potency.

Proper nutrition is one of the factors that is beneficial for potency.

There are products that have a positive effect on sexuality. All of them are rich in vitamins A, B and E, which can enhance the transmission of nerve impulses, and, as a result, increase excitation.

  • Chicken and quail eggs. An ordinary breakfast is an omelet, due to the fatty acids and animal protein contained in it, trace elements and vitamins A, E, B6 it can affect potency. However, eating more than two eggs per day is not recommended, they contain a lot of cholesterol.
  • Meat. After its use, energy metabolism in the body increases significantly. Low-fat fresh meat contains lysine and iron compounds, which have a positive effect on male sexual activity, and substances that give flavor also have an effect on libido. Beef, turkey, rabbit or chicken - just perfect.
  • Onion and garlic. Familiar to a Russian person, they increase testosterone production, increase blood flow to the genitals. Their use is the prevention of prostatitis. These vegetables contain selenium, called the "trace element of longevity", indispensable for men. Due to its ability to enhance sex drive, garlic and onions were even banned in monasteries.
  • Dairy. Cheese, kefir, milk also contain vitamin B6, minerals and proteins necessary for the body.
  • Fish and seafood. Flounder and mackerel are especially famous in erotic cooking. Zinc, omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are at the heart of shrimp, salmon, oysters, crayfish and squid. These substances are actively involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone. Taurine, enclosed in squid, in the blood lowers cholesterol, is in favor of stabilizing the pressure.
  • Vegetables. Beta-carotene to maintain potency is extremely effective and is found in carrots. Vitamin C indispensable for health is rich in cabbage, radishes, dill, salad.
  • Nuts. Pine and walnuts, unsalted pistachios and almonds are a real storehouse of an amino acid called arginine. Due to the ability to increase blood circulation, it affects the erection just fine. The nuts contain a lot of fiber, essential oils, proteins. There is an old folk recipe, designed to increase potency. For its preparation, we need walnuts, as well as any other nuts. They need to be slightly chopped and mixed with natural honey. Take received dainty recommend 1-2 tsp. three hours before going to bed.
  • Greens. Apigenin - this component of parsley suppresses the production of female hormones in the stronger sex. Spinach, cilantro and parsley in the composition contain androsterone - a natural analogue of testosterone. St. John's wort, thyme, mint and even an ordinary dandelion are useful, the leaves of which (no more than 3 pieces) can be added to the vegetable salad.

Reasons for decreased potency

Problems with an erection in a man can occur situationally or permanently for many reasons. If they happen occasionally and have easily identifiable obvious reasons, for example, fatigue or drinking, then do not worry. But when repeating episodes of erectile dysfunction for more than 1 month, you need to contact specialists, as this can be a signal of serious problems in the body and genitourinary system. Men who have certain chronic diseases that indirectly affect potency usually already know the cause themselves and should receive appropriate treatment.

The erection mechanism involves the largest systems of the body. The combination and close interdependence of their work for the sexual function of men can provide difficulties in the diagnosis of reproductive disorders. There are several main groups of factors that influence the development of problems with potency:

  • diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system affect the mechanism of erection through circulatory failure in the pelvic area, genitourinary organs and filling the penile cavernous bodies. This can be various anomalies in the development and functioning of the heart muscle, as well as a hereditary or acquired tendency to varicose veins, fragility of the venous walls. Perhaps local squeezing by neoplasms and the formation of stagnation due to insufficient blood circulation,
  • disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, brain or spinal column for congenital and acquired reasons, as a result of illness, accident or surgery. Such diseases as diabetes mellitus, sclerosis, Parkinson's syndrome, infectious infections, ischemia, etc. can lead to the degradation of neural connections. Destructive effects on the nervous system are also the abuse of alcohol and drugs. Taking certain medications, especially antipsychotics, can inhibit brain activity and indirectly affect potency,
  • diseases of the endocrine system of the body create a hormonal imbalance. The causes are hereditary or congenital malformations of the gonads, pituitary gland, etc. The work of hormone secretion organs can be disrupted due to diseases that have external factors, for example, diabetes mellitus, lack of testosterone, hyperprolactinemia and other disorders.Typically, such ailments have a whole range of symptoms in addition to erectile dysfunction and require serious long-term treatment,
  • inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary organs, including infectious, directly affect the state of the reproductive system. Various kinds of prostatitis, urethritis, sexually transmitted infections contribute to problems with potency. Inflamed ducts and glands increase in size, provoke the appearance of pain, constriction of blood vessels, circulatory disorders. This can be fraught with suppuration, sepsis, the subsequent formation of internal adhesions and obstruction of the seminiferous tubules. Such diseases contribute little to the normal functioning of the genitals, bring great discomfort in everyday life and can cause incurable infertility in men,
  • psychological problems in men make up the lion's share of all causes of situational or permanent erectile dysfunction, especially at a young and middle age. If no physiological disturbances are detected in the functioning of organs included in the mechanisms of the reproductive system, the sources must be sought in an emotional state. The influence on a man’s sex life is provided by upbringing, social environment with certain moral and religious norms, a general psychological background in relations with people at home and at work, personal complexes and self-esteem, as well as the possible presence of mental disorders. Constant exposure to stress can develop anxiety and phobic conditions that affect the physiology, nervous and vascular systems, and indirectly affect the development of erectile dysfunction.

A man should always remember the health of the major major body systems involved in the erection mechanism. Not only illnesses and injuries can negatively affect them, but also an unhealthy lifestyle, which in itself is stress on the body. Reduced physical activity contributes to impaired vascular reactions, the formation of blood stasis in the pelvic organs, which adversely affects sexual function. Non-observance of sleep and rest, as well as a lack of necessary nutrients, are depressing for all life support systems.

1. Oysters

Their advantages are that:

  • this product helps delay a quick finish in bed,
  • activates testosterone production,
  • enhances men's health,
  • increases libido.

Rumor has it that Casanova loved to eat 50 oysters in the morning and loved this food.

Not recommended for people with gastritis or diabetes.

How does male potential depend on vitamins

The usefulness of his sex life largely depends on a healthy and balanced diet of a man. Therefore, as products should be present on the menu those in which there is the amount of nutrients and vitamins necessary to maintain potency.

The list of products useful for good reproduction is quite large. The best to increase potency are considered such the products, which include the following vitamins and minerals:

  • vitamin Aknown as retinol. Effectively increases sexual ability, has a positive effect on the immune system. Approximately 5000 IU is the daily norm of this vitamin for an adult male,
  • B vitamins able to significantly improve the quality of sexual life. This group contains several different elements. In particular, vitamin B3 (nicotinic acid) strengthens the blood supplying tissues of the penis to the vessels that are directly responsible for a high level of erection. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) significantly increases endurance, promotes the production of hormones serotonin and norepinephrine. Fortunately, the hormone serotonin, which increases the brightness of an orgasm, synthesizes vitamin B6 (pyrodoxin) in the body. The nervous system and the brain are supplied with energy by vitamin B1 (thiamine),
  • arginine is very important for men's health. It is an amino acid that regulates the nitrogen content in the blood. Arginine, necessary for good potency, enters the body with protein products,
  • vitamins D and E increase the amount of sex hormones in the male body, which has a beneficial effect on the performance of the seminiferous tubules and testicles,
  • selenium very important for men who care about their productive function and sperm quality. This element accelerates the production of testosterone in the body, which is necessary for the health and excellent functionality of the genitourinary system,
  • vitamin C responsible for the production of dopinamine - a hormone on which male libido depends. In addition, the element activates and normalizes the tocopherol lost by the body,
  • zinc of great importance as a male potency. Along with participating in testosterone production, zinc supports prostate health,
  • carotene increases sexual desire and strengthens the immune system. This element is indispensable in the treatment of the prostate gland,
  • calcium and magnesium participate in the synthesis of testosterone, the amount of which depends on the level of potency.

These are only the most important vitamins that should be enriched. products that increase the potency of men. In addition, food with a capacity of glycine, tyrosine, trionin, histidine and fiber will be useful.

Some men try to reimburse the balance of vitamins with pharmacy drugs. Although vitamin-mineral supplements are able to maintain the state of the body as a whole, it will not work out completely to replace them with proper nutrition. It should be understood that men who want to increase potency first of all need to normalize their diet, taking into account their physical activity and individual characteristics.

2. Some species of marine fish

  • flounder (used in many forms, except for fried, positively affects the combat readiness of the body),
  • mackerel in boiled form (increased desire, male hormones, it has phosphorus).

It is better to choose sea fish than river fish, because sea fish is richer in useful substances and minerals.


Due to their high prevalence, products that are harmful to potency, which are so imposed by advertising on TV, are the daily diet of most men. In general, to determine what kind of foods they are, it is worth knowing which food is harmful to the whole body, and not just to the genitourinary system. This is due to that the sexual functions of men are closely related to the functioning of many systems and organs.

First of all, such food lowers the libido of a man, in addition, it negatively affects the quality of sperm, the circulatory system (which means erectile function), hormonal levels and immunity. Known fact that overweight and high cholesterol are also prerequisites for impotence. Therefore, nutrition adjustment is the first step to eliminating any dysfunctions and disorders of the reproductive system.

3. Turnip

  • beneficial amino acids
  • Vegetable seeds themselves improve libido and drive.

Therefore, turnip belongs to the list of products for potency in men, useful and readily available in the market.

Only it is not recommended for people with diseases of the nervous system or hepatitis.

Useful products for men

The male body in relation to sexual relations is different from the female. His sexual activity directly depends on how and what a man eats. It should be noted that in most cases the diet of representatives of the strong half is far from perfect. A lot of men eat chaotically and monotonously, preferring at the same time a variety of synthetic taste enhancers.

What are healthy foods for men? must be present in the diet for increase potency? To support the full functioning and health of the reproductive system, nutrition must be balanced and proper.

Product List for Male Potency quite extensive, so when choosing any of them, you should first study the table of properties and incoming components.

What is harmful to potency?

The most harmful foods are those that are manufactured industrially.for example, chips and crackers with a mass of flavor enhancers and additives, pizza and fast food, GMO products. It’s also the food that boosts cholesterol. - mayonnaise, fried potatoes, hot dogs, etc. All of them disrupt the production of testosterone, lead to atherosclerosis and impotence.

Specialists in the field of andrology and urology answer the most common questions about junk food for male potency:

  1. Are pills harmful to potency? Today, a huge list of special drugs is supposed to correct sexual dysfunctions and disorders. After numerous studies and the experience of millions of men, no significant threat has been identified from such pills. Most often they are not addictive, the only threat is psychological dependence.

Pills for potency can be harmful in the following cases:

  • under 18 years old
  • over 60 years old
  • concomitant use of tablets and alcohol,
  • unstable pressure, ailments of blood vessels and heart.
  1. Is mint harmful to potency? Such an incorrect argument appeared after the experiments of American scientists. On the example of experimental mice, it was found that the constant use of mint water instead of plain water led to dramatic changes. In fact, peppermint is used for hypersexual men in order to reduce excessive arousal. At the same time, mint does not in any way negatively affect potency, but in tandem with other herbs, on the contrary, it increases it.
  2. Is coffee harmful to potency? Coffee is primarily an aphrodisiac, thanks to which you can saturate the body with energy, enhance sexual desire, fill the intimate life with new sensations. But it is also known that in large doses, this drink can negatively affect the male reproductive system.

  1. Are dietary supplements harmful to potency? Today, most dietary supplements are just a marketing move, they do not bring any benefit to human health, except for financial costs. Among the numerous linden supplements, it is quite difficult to find a true helper of male potency. Harmful are those additives that are produced chemically by artificial means. Only a medical specialist can answer unambiguously about a particular dietary supplement.
  2. Is atorvastatin harmful to potency? Atorvastatin is the most powerful type of statin to date, which fights cholesterol. It is cholesterol that is a great threat to the human heart and blood vessels, because of it, people gain excess weight, suffer from circulatory disorders, which means erectile dysfunction and problems with potency. But the fact that atorvastatin can excessively excrete cholesterol, including useful, is also known. Therefore, drugs with this component can only be used under the strict supervision of a physician.
  3. Is beer harmful to potency? Beer is undoubtedly a threat to male sexual activity. It contains plant hormones, similar to the female ones, that negatively affect testosterone. Lowering the male sex hormone, libido and potency suffer, a man begins to grow fatty tissue. Therefore, the consumption of such a drink must be minimized.
  4. Is hookah harmful to potency? Such smoking begins with tobacco and coal, but the smoke obtained from the hookah is saturated with moisture, so it lingers much longer in the body, clogging the receptors. In addition, hot smoke contaminates the lungs with resins and metals. Regular consumption of such smoke leads to a deterioration in potency, after a few years this negative effect will lead to impotence.
  5. Are proteins bad for potency? Protein is a natural component of the human diet, which is an ordinary protein. The resulting sports supplements, they are also proteins - this is only the extracted dried whey of milk, which is purified from lactose, carbohydrates and fats. If you rationally consume such additives, you can only increase the energy and activity of men, as well as improve muscle mass and seed quality.

For potency, all products are considered useful, in which there are many vitamins, especially groups B, E, A and C. They are responsible for immunity, the state of blood vessels and blood circulation, for the quality of the reproductive system, the state of the nervous system and hormonal levels.

Eggs in the diet of men

This product enhances testosterone production and increases physical energy. The eggs contain a large amount of folic acid, which accelerates the production of ejaculate and increases the level and quality of sperm. Regular use of this product significantly increases the performance of men, prevents the development of cardiovascular pathologies, strengthens the skeletal system, improves memory and promotes a full sexual life. Just do not eat egg dishes in unlimited quantities, because the body will have an excess of cholesterol contained in the yolk.

5. Camel Stomach

Camel Stomach is also called rennet.

It is enough to accept it in advance of intimacy, and the effect will not take long.

The only negative is that it is hard to find.


  • no harm
  • the effect is already felt from taking in small amounts of 2-3 grams,
  • enhances the performance of the genitals,
  • increases the duration of intercourse.

6. Mussels

  • increases the amount of seed
  • getting more male hormone in the body,
  • contains a large amount of zinc needed for a strong sex.

Consider the following foods that increase potency in men.

What should be the diet for potency?

In order to constantly maintain your genitals and functions in an active and healthy state, you need to properly draw up your diet. In preference should be the food, which contains a lot of zinc, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Calcium is primarily an excellent antidepressant, it is found in cabbage, tomatoes, beets, dairy products.

Magnesium is a source of benefits for the nervous system; it can be found in seafood, nuts, and cheese. In addition, vitamins, in particular, A, B and E, play a huge role in these matters. Experts advise to consume eggs, sour cream, garlic, celery, herbs, honey, lean meat, ginger, seeds and much more.

7. Seafood

  1. squid
  2. crayfish
  3. shrimp
  4. meat of stingrays or sharks.


  • improve male strength, attraction to the opposite sex,
  • contribute to seed production,
  • contain zinc and selenium, improving stamina with a loved one.

Sunflower seeds and nuts

Products of this group occupy an important place in the diet. For increase potency in men nuts are among the most effective and are the best products. Ideal in this regard are walnuts, almonds, pistachios, as well as pinecones. They are rich in vitamins E and B, and elements such as arginine, selenium and zinc. In addition, the product has a large amount of fatty acids that stabilize blood circulation and lower cholesterol. The daily norm of nuts for a man is 100 g of nuts. Only they need to be consumed raw, if the product is fried, then it loses its useful properties.

8. Quail eggs

Quail eggs can be eaten raw, they have no harm.

You can also make omelet with seasonings from herbs.


  • contain phosphorus and amino acids,
  • enhances libido and drive
  • improving erectile function of organs.

Therefore, quail eggs are also included in the list of products that affect the potency of men in a positive way.

Honey and Propolis

Quite effective products that increase potency in men - This is honey and propolis. To restore male strength and enhance sexual activity, these products have long been popular. Honey belongs to the category of those products that, regardless of the age of the man, must necessarily be included in his diet. Concerning increased potencythen honey of flower varieties and chestnut is the most valuable product.

Almost the entire periodic table is contained in propolis, honey and perge. These substances increase the elasticity of blood vessels and normalize the production of hormones. By consuming 2 teaspoons of honey daily, a man can completely cure erectile malfunctions and significantly increase his own libido.

It is very good to combine honey with nuts. The first enhances sexual capabilities, the second further enhances the effect.

Seafood and fish

Seafood (oysters, mussels, shrimps, crab) and fish (flounder, mackerel) are considered to be one of the best in the ranking of products for increasing sexual activity. In addition to minerals and vitamins useful for potency, these products are considered champions in terms of zinc capacity.

According to the theory of scientists, seafood contains a rather rare amino acid that increases hormone production and sexual arousal. But for the beneficial effects of seafood on increasing potency, they should only be eaten raw. Cooked dishes are also allowed, but fried foods will not provide any effect. If you can’t eat fish raw, it’s best to steam it. The use of steamed tuna, mackerel or flounder significantly increases the sexual attraction of men to the female sex.

10. Beekeeping Products

  1. Perga.
  2. Honey.

  • high protein content for a rich, intimate life,
  • improves blood flow to male dignity, normalizes blood flow,
  • contain fructose and glucose,
  • helps in the production of testosterone.

Hence, one can confidently say that honey and other beekeeping products will also be the answer to the question of which products increase potency in men from the list of available food supplies.

Contraindicated in people suffering from cancer, a base disease.

11. Chocolate

What is it good for:

  • Contains a special chemical substance that causes a person to feel in love.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Increases attraction, testosterone levels.

Better to take dark chocolate (the percentage of cocoa is not less than 70), and most often it is bitter. White or milk chocolate is not suitable here.

12. Watermelon

Useful in that:

  • dilates blood vessels, which improves the combat readiness of the organ,
  • amino acids are activated in the body,
  • prostate cancer prevention,
  • It is recommended for impotence and menopause, which occurs in the stronger sex with age (we talked about it here).

13. Avocado


  • regulates hormone secretion,
  • contains folic acid - sex drive enhancer.

It is an exaggeration to say loudly that avocados are a product for increasing male potency in instant action.

The effect will be, just not all at once. Everything needs time.

14. Pomegranate

  • Improves blood supply to male dignity. Other ways to accelerate blood circulation in the body, we wrote in a new article.
  • Pomegranate dilates blood vessels.
  • Used as a prevention of prostate cancer.
  • If you drink pomegranate juice for a month at 200 ml, the effect in bed will already be noticeable.

15. Some berries

  1. Blueberries (increases libido, improves blood flow and develops alertness dignity).
  2. Raspberries (improves endurance in bed, promotes the production of testosterone, advised in the treatment of infertility).

16. Meat and dishes from it

What meat is allocated:

  1. bovine or lamb testicles (exotic dishes),
  2. horsemeat,
  3. rabbit meat
  4. turkey,
  5. beef,
  6. a hen.


  • the excitability of a man increases
  • high protein content.

In other articles of the site, we also examined the answer to the question of how to enhance potency using techniques.

Our next video talks about the most useful foods for male potency.

For those who want to be handsome in the bedroom with their beloved, physical exercises are also useful, which we talked about in another guide.

18. Dried dates

These dried fruit dates are useful in that:

  • increase long intercourse with a woman,
  • increase the efficiency of male organs.

You can combine dried fruits with other ingredients to get a healthy and tasty mixture.

19. Fresh juices from some fruits and vegetables

What is especially useful to drink:

  1. Pomegranate juice (improves blood circulation in the pelvis).
  2. Pumpkin juice (rich in zinc, useful for the health of the reproductive system).
  3. Celery Root Juice (strengthens the level of testosterone in the body at times).
  4. Other juices rich in vitamin E.

The subtleties of juice

You can combine drinks and drink several different per day from the above.

It is better to drink just freshly squeezed juices, rather than analogues from the store shelves.

Those who are looking for the answer to the question of how to increase potency at home in 1 day, we advise you to be patient. And then the result will come.

Thus, you will not be in this constant search for products for the potency of quick action in men.

20. Koumiss

  • mare’s milk improves reproductive ability,
  • improving activity in bed, strengthening immunity,
  • increases the body's ability to have sexual intimacy.

Not recommended for people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

21. Nuts

For instance:


  • enhance the working capacity of male dignity,
  • combat readiness increases
  • improving the erectile functions of the body (how to do it in other ways, we wrote in a new publication).

You can combine the use of nuts with honey, meat or dried fruits, which will only enhance the effect.

22. Dairy products


  • They also improve seed production, reproductive function.
  • Increase the duration of intercourse. In another of our articles, we talked about how to increase the duration of sexual intercourse.
  • They collected a complex of many essential vitamins. Therefore, milk and dairy products are a good answer to the question of which products are beneficial for male potency.

24. Greens

  1. celery,
  2. parsley,
  3. greens,
  4. dill,
  5. spinach,
  6. lettuce leaves.

Celery comes first. Behind him is another green.


  • increase stamina in bed,
  • beneficial effect on the production of sex hormones.

25. Grapes

  • Improves blood circulation.
  • It contains a lot of magnesium.
  • It treats male infertility.
  • Useful and the grape juiceespecially freshly squeezed.

Remember these nuances, apply them, and you will know a lot on the topic of what they eat for potency and what foods increase sexual desire in men.

26. Some vegetables

  1. White cabbage,
  2. bulb onions,
  3. beet,
  4. carrot,
  5. garlic,
  6. Tomatoes


  • normalize hormones,
  • increase attraction.

They can be used both separately and as a side dish for other dishes.

You can eat raw or cook.

What is worth giving up

  1. smoked
  2. alcohol,
  3. beer (contains female hormones),
  4. excessive consumption of sugar or salt,
  5. avoid very large consumption of cilantro (in small doses it is harmless),
  6. coffee,
  7. power industry
  8. fast food,
  9. soy contains an abundance of female hormones,
  10. oil fried food
  11. spicy and fatty foods
  12. soy products
  13. foods high in cholesterol (mayonnaise, margarine, sprats, liver paste and others),
  14. yeast white bread.

That's all. Now you know 26 good products for potency and improve male activity in bed.

To achieve the desired effect in this matter, we also recommend the use of drugs on our site.

In my area, many gardeners grow pomegranate. I also do not lag behind others and really love them. He, indeed, is considered with us the fruit of love, that is, it improves the blood circulation of the body. And as already noted in the article, pomegranate affects the circulation of blood in the pelvis and pelvic organs. I myself advise many friends to drink the juice of this fruit. Sometimes I dilute it with water, and sometimes I just drink it directly. It all depends on the tolerance of the body in humans. Many can’t just drink undiluted pomegranate juice from a mug due to intolerance to high acidity. Those who love these fruits have a minimal risk of any cardiovascular pathologies. I will not list all the vitamins that are there. Anyway, no one will remember. But the fact that pomegranate strengthens the human immune system helps with anemia and also cleanses the stomach.
It’s just that I myself looked at this plant for a very long time before growing it myself, and I know about many of its positive properties. For example, there is a positive effect on your eyes from eating pomegranate. In a poorly lit space, visibility improves, eyes begin to adapt better in the dark. And it was very interesting to learn from the article about other good natural gifts that help the strong half to solve their delicate problem. After reading, I identified for myself several products that improve potency in men and quickly increase activity in bed with my wife.

I thank the authors for such work and writing valuable material. With me, much has resonated from what I read. I want to say that I also use quail eggs. I often even eat them raw and don’t bother. They can not be compared with chicken. Chicken, although cheaper, but there is a greater risk of grabbing some unpleasant thing if you use them raw. Therefore, quail in many aspects will be better. Yes, and I also like bananas, not for nothing that the authors advise them. Tasty and sweet in taste, the children are very fond of and quickly swept off the table. So you have to buy thoroughly a few days in advance. Bananas give me a good and pleasant state of health. For example, in childhood I was denied a lot of things, and for me all these sweet fruits were somehow difficult to access. Now everything is different, and if there is an opportunity and desire, then in no case do I refuse neither myself nor the children to eat these exotic goodies. I was convinced from my bitter experience that it is important to eat meat. Especially us, the stronger sex, I consider it necessary. Before, I tried to switch to vegetarianism, and realized that I had turned the wrong way. I just lost muscle mass and realized that I could not stand it for so long. Your articles have helped to open a lot of eyes. I already began to better understand some issues on the topic of which foods improve the potency of men and affect hormones.

By the way, I tried to give up meat. Completely excluded it from the diet. The result did not please me. Depleted, lost weight, became weaker. Perhaps, before dealing with such matters, you need to talk with specialists or a nutritionist. Well, that’s okay. Yet all this affected the performance of my dignity. Began to encounter some disappointments in bed. This all depressed me. I realized that after all, meat increases the level of testosterone in our body, gives a lot of strength. Depriving themselves of all these vitamins, sharp disruptions in the body's work begin. It is better not to make these mistakes and eat normally, hearty and plenty. Still, the times of famine have long passed, and everything we need is easily accessible to us, do not ignore all these resources. After all these tortures, other pathologies appeared. For example, I noticed that my hands began to tremble more often. Just for no reason. I talked with one knowledgeable acquaintance. He said that I have a tremor, and he is of a psychological nature. I think he is right, but it still seems to me that this is due to weakness in the hands, lack of vitamins. Now I run into chicken, especially boiled. And the authors also advise eating different types of meat. Thanks to this article, I began to understand more clearly what natural products to increase potency in men I should pay attention to. Thank you

I watched one video where some specialist said that pumpkin seeds are useful for solving the problem. And here you also recommend them. I tried to drink pumpkin juice myself. I have not experienced any super unusual taste sensations. But you are particularly stressed that the seeds have an effect on hormones. And they, I think, are closely related to the work of the main organ in the pelvis. Earlier at a younger age, my testosterone level was what I needed. Now with age I no longer observe the previous symptoms. I feel that I have become calmer, softer and less impulsive. And my friend doesn’t quite listen to me as it was before. And I also like your recommendation to eat nuts. Now many dishes can be made with them. For example, in salads you can put a variety. Or grind it and use it as a sandwich mix with honey. You can come up with a bunch of options. Seafood I like mackerel. I love smoked, but, on the contrary, you do not advise eating smoked. And I even agree with this, because all the unique properties that a fish has in its fresh form are lost. I tried to cook mackerel the other day, and I really liked the cooked dish. Greens to taste. In general, you can come up with many different dishes from those edible items that are listed in the article, if you include imagination and a little ingenuity. Food lovers will find a way to gracefully combine several ingredients at once to benefit their health. Thank you for your good advice on the use of the best products for raising potency in men.

I am a fan of dairy food. I love semolina, for example. From childhood I was fed decoy. Now, of course, I can cook myself. Usually I just add sugar to taste and that’s enough to enjoy the meal no matter what they say. Well, a loaf may still be needed. And so, you can let the jam go there, it turns out even tastier. For example, I used to make cherry jam. Here, the authors in the article advise the stronger sex to eat blueberries or raspberries. So, it is possible to put jam from these berries into semolina, too, will be overeating. I also love milk itself, and if I don’t have time to drink it, I already get a completely different sour-milk drink. Kefir also has its advantages. Sometimes I make a kind of yogurt and add finely chopped banana to yogurt. It turns out a delicious mixture. I like to pamper myself with such home-made yogurt in the morning or treat them to my loved ones. I also love cheese. I will share one simple secret that I discovered for myself. I like to pass the cheese through a grater, crumble it and crush it in a crushed form on top of some dish. Then I put it in the microwave and get a completely new dish with melted cheese on top. It is unrealistically delicious. For example, even having done it with ordinary pasta, then it all eats in a completely different way. You can also do something similar with vegetables and fruits that increase male potency. All of them are well described and indicated by the authors of the article. Good luck.

Guys, it is advisable to refuse and be careful with the following foods:

  1. sausage
  2. sausages
  3. cutlets
  4. minced meat
  5. also discard dumplings forever.

I am a food service technologist by training and I know what this listing is made of! In my youth, of course, I did not know anything of this, but listen ... My story is the following.

A girl appeared, met, everything was fine and normal until the first sex. I thought everything would be great, however, no.And it was all so bad that it came to depression and an emotional bomb. And from that moment I began to understand what, in fact, was the matter. I’m an athlete, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I have a mobile lifestyle.

So I came to this conclusion. I visited my girlfriend very close enough and ate accordingly. What did I eat? And I ate sausage, bread, then sausages, minced meat patties. So I ate it 3 times a week and you know what I understand? Buy frozen meat or fresh from the manufacturer and cook yourself!

As soon as I stopped eating all this soybeans, my life began to boil and there was already “no tearing away” from a woman.

Soy - a real enemy of men's health!

The list of products recommended for this potency of men recommended in this article really has a positive effect on libido. Well, you think again, before buying such food as dumplings ...

What affects potency

Almost every man faces the problem of impaired potency sooner or later. And few representatives of the stronger sex decide to seriously deal with the problem. Often this is due to the fact that it is not typical for men to discuss the trouble that has arisen.

Potency is negatively affected by such factors:

  • Chronic diseases of the prostate
  • Hemorrhoids. The negative effect of hemorrhoids on potency is due to the fact that at a late stage it gives the man a lot of trouble. They affect the normal course of sexual activity,
  • Diabetes. It often leads to obesity, which is extremely negative for potency,
  • Impaired blood supply to the brain,
  • Varicocele. Pathology of the spermatic cord often leads to erectile dysfunction,
  • Wrong lifestyle, including beer fights.

Mint and ginger for potency

To preserve potency, there are many tasty and healthy foods. Their regular use will certainly have a positive effect on male strength.

First of all, mint is good for men. It has a good effect on erection. Peppermint essential oil can arouse passion. An equally important product for men's health is ginger. Traditional medicine considers ginger an excellent tool for improving male potency. Official medicine has the same idea: it is believed that ginger is able to stimulate erectile function, strengthen desire. By its properties, to increase the potency of ginger is compared with ginseng. It invigorates well, rejuvenates the body.

The beneficial properties of ginger are primarily associated with the fact that its active substances exert their effect at the cellular and molecular level. So, they start the rejuvenation processes of the male body, thereby positively affecting potency. Ginger perfectly activates blood circulation in the pelvic area.

True, in the use of ginger there is one problem: it is very sharp. This can be fixed by using ginger as a seasoning for various dishes. Then the sharpness will perfectly set off the main taste of the dish.

Parsley for men's health

Among the products useful for potency, parsley is very prominent. It has a complete set of vitamins and minerals useful for potency and for the functioning of the endocrine glands. Parsley contains apigenin with the strongest antioxidant properties. And parsley is an immunomodulator and activator of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. That is why it is especially popular among men, because it is better than the most expensive means to increase potency.

True, parsley has some limitations: it should not be consumed too much. After all, it contains an alkaloid, which in large quantities can cause hallucinations.

What is potency?

To understand what factors can be harmful or useful for male potency, for a start it is worth deciding on this concept as a whole. The term originates from the Latin language, namely "potentia", that is, the ability to act. The concept of potency must be understood:

  • libido level, i.e. men’s sexual appetites,
  • ability to achieve an erection state,
  • ability to have sexual intercourse (its duration),
  • the opportunity for a man to please a woman.

A man may have different potentials, creativity, physical and intellectual potentials, but he is most concerned about the state of sexual potential.

Factors Affecting Male Strength

You can find the most useful remedy for potency or eliminate any risk factors for lowering potency, if you know for sure what factors can affect it.

In medicine, consider three groups of factors that determine the type of impotence, namely:

  1. Physiological factors - they are more often observed in men aged 40 years and older. Namely:
  • low immunity
  • the presence of systemic or chronic diseases,
  • impaired circulation in the pelvic area,
  • overweight and obesity,
  • lack of testosterone
  • pelvic injuries,
  • infectious and inflammatory diseases,
  • injuries to the spinal cord or brain,
  • genital injuries.

  1. Psychogenic factors - they are more often observed in young men with problems in the genital area. These may be the following disorders:
  • self-doubt,
  • fears and panic attacks,
  • bad experience in the past
  • psychological trauma in childhood
  • Depression
  • stress
  • conflict with a partner,
  • insomnia,
  • nervous disorders, irritability, isolation of men.
  1. Common factors - such causes mainly indirectly affect the state of potency and are observed in combination with other factors affecting potency. Namely:
  • poor nutrition and vitamin deficiency,
  • adverse environmental conditions of residence or work,
  • passive lifestyle,
  • bad habits,
  • taking potent drugs.

In general, the state of potency directly depends on the state of health of the man, his physiological and psychological health. Impotence never occurs for no reason, but is the result of prolonged exposure to one or several irritants at once.

What is beneficial for potency?

For potency, the prevention of any disorders in the body indicated above is useful. In addition, medical specialists call a number of techniques that guarantee an increase in the sexual potential of men. Namely:

  1. Food - in the diet of a man there should be as many sources of vitamin A and C. as possible. These are greens, cabbage, rose hips, black currants, carrots. Proteins, zinc, amino acids are no less important, they are present in seafood, eggs, lean meat. And vitamin E can be obtained from vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.
  2. Physical activity - it is important for a man to lead a mobile lifestyle in order to prevent stagnant processes, as well as help the circulatory system to reach the genitals. To do this, you can regularly walk, arrange jogging, swimming or cycling.
  3. Mode of work and rest - for the body to work smoothly like a clock, you need to go to bed and wake up at the same time, and also do not overdo it with physical and mental stress.
  4. Cold and hot shower - best tones the body and improves immunity contrast shower. In addition, dousing with cold water stimulates blood flow to the pelvic organs.

What reduces a man’s sexual activity?

Particular attention should be paid to what is harmful to potency in order to timely prevent the risks of lowering potency. The following irritants and factors can negatively affect potency:

  • diseases of the genitourinary system of an infectious or inflammatory etiology,
  • disturbances in the endocrine system,
  • overweight and obesity,
  • the abuse of sweets and carbohydrates,
  • debilitating physical activity or vice versa sedentary lifestyle,
  • taking drugs, for example, antidepressants, diuretics, glucocorticoids, tranquilizers or psychotropic drugs,
  • taking steroid anabolics for muscle growth,
  • stress, depression, conflict, chronic fatigue, insomnia, etc.,
  • drinking alcohol, drugs or smoking.

Ecology is also an important factor that can negatively affect the sexual sphere and potency of a man. Harmful production or living conditions in the region can lead to low potency or complete powerlessness.

The role of proper nutrition for potency

In order for a man to be able to maintain his body, and reproductive function, including, in good condition for as long as possible, there is a very simple set of rules. It is important to maintain physical activity and have a sufficient amount of physical activity. This contributes to the preservation of muscle mass and the healthy regulation of hormonal levels. The regimen of rest and sleep should be established, it is not necessary to give an overload to the nervous system, this will sooner or later affect potency.

It is impossible to imagine a healthy lifestyle without a proper diet. A man should take care of the receipt of the necessary amount of food, appropriate loads, and the balance of his diet. The lack of certain vitamins and nutrients can disrupt the functioning of various vital systems and indirectly affect reproductive capabilities. At the same time, excessive consumption of food leads to obesity, jumps in blood sugar and a malfunction of the pancreas.

Gaining excess weight by increasing the percentage of fat mass negatively affects the condition of the heart, blood vessels, joints, spine and hormonal regulation system. The body is forced to carry additional heaviness every day, which contributes to the development of hypertension, increased cholesterol and blood sugar, the appearance of varicose veins, shortness of breath and other unpleasant consequences.

Fat by itself produces certain hormones, and if it is excessive, it can upset the entire balance of the body and negatively affect the functioning of the pancreas and gonads. A decrease in testosterone secretion is possible, which is detrimental to the male body in terms of maintaining reproductive function and overall health. Especially dangerous is visceral type obesity, which leads to fouling of the internal organs, and not only to an increase in the subcutaneous layer. This is fraught with the development of diabetes and other serious diseases that reduce potency.

To correct weight, a man needs to maintain a regular regime of physical activity, both aerobic and power. Nutrition should be consistent with everyday energy costs and balanced in terms of the necessary substances and vitamins. Certain categories of products that fall into the list of what is harmful to potency should be excluded from the diet. You can also use various sports nutritional supplements as needed.

The most useful tools and recipes

You can increase potency with various folk remedies and recipes. Traditional medicine is different in that it comprehensively affects the entire body, and also does not have strict contraindications and side effects. Experts call the top list of the best means to increase potency, it includes:

  • ginseng root,
  • Rhodiola rosea,
  • Schisandra chinensis,
  • sage,
  • sagebrush,
  • calendula,
  • yarrow
  • nuts.

From the listed funds prepare decoctions and tinctures. If folk remedies do not help, the doctor may prescribe medications. For psychogenic impotence, drugs such as Glycine are used, for physiological impotence, erection stimulants (Viagra, Levitra) or vitamin complexes, for example, Mildronate.

Potency harmful products

The exclusion from the diet of certain foods and drinks that can indirectly harm a man's reproductive function is usually due to their general negative effect on the body. First of all, it is worth following the recommendations of the attending physician when choosing a diet, especially in the presence of chronic diseases. It is necessary to refrain from food, which negatively affects the state of the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the body. They regulate sexual function in men together with the endocrine glands.

The list of what is recommended to be excluded from the diet includes the following categories of foods and drinks:

  • fried and fatty foods, as their excessive consumption contributes to the formation of excess weight, problems with the stomach, liver and gall bladder. Such food causes an increase in cholesterol in the blood, the appearance of plaques on the walls of blood vessels, their blockage and subsequent disturbance of blood circulation, including in the pelvic organs. Excessive consumption of ordinary fried foods and the so-called trans fats found in some foods also cause harm. These include lamb, pork, lard, butter, etc.,
  • foods high in simple carbohydrates provoke a quick set of fat mass and frequent jumps in blood sugar levels. With the abuse of such food exponentially, the chances of malfunctioning of the pancreas and the risk of diabetes mellitus increase. In the future, this disease leads to neurodegenerative processes and a hormonal disorder, which always negatively affects a man’s ability to lead a normal sex life. Such products include most sweets and pastries, fast food, fried potatoes, chips and snacks, drinks with added sugar, some processed foods, etc.,
  • smoked products from stores in the form of meat, fish, lard or sausages are harmful to the stomach and the body as a whole, as they often contain, in addition to fat, flavors and artificial colors,
  • excess caffeine inhibits the central nervous system, overloads it and increases the risk of vasospasm. The invigorating effect of this drink is achieved only in strictly limited quantities. An overdose of caffeine instead of arousal, on the contrary, brings lethargy, drowsiness, tremors and uncontrolled vegetative manifestations in the form of dizziness, jumps in blood pressure, palpitations and even panic attacks. Daily busting with this drink creates a permanent effect of fatigue in a man, and in this state it is difficult to have a normal sex life,
  • alcohol in any form has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system, especially in large quantities and frequent use. It doesn’t matter in principle whether a man drinks strong or low-degree alcohol, if he does it regularly, the body is still harmed. There is a myth that among alcoholic beverages, beer is the most harmful for male potency, as it supposedly contains phytoestrogens that affect testosterone levels. But there is not a single study proving the existence of such an effect. Phytoestrogens falling into the beer with hops are a negligible amount that cannot affect the hormonal background in any way. But the alcohol contained in this drink is very capable of harming not only potency, but the entire body,
  • excessive salt intake contributes to the accumulation of water in the body and increase blood pressure. This negatively affects the state of the vascular walls and blood circulation in the body, including in the pelvic organs, as well as on the mobility of the joints. Do not abuse pickles, canned foods, chips, sausages and other high-salt foods.

All of the above products, of course, need to be excluded from the diet not only for men suffering from problems with potency.In the treatment of any disease of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive systems, such food is not recommended or even strictly forbidden to eat. If a man does not care about his health, does not move much, does not observe a rest regimen, constantly stuffs his stomach with anything, is addicted to alcohol, smoking and psychoactive substances, he will quickly be overtaken by difficulties in sexual life.


Potency is the ability of a man to achieve an erection, have sexual intercourse, end it with ejaculation for the subsequent conception of the child. To prevent violations in the sexual sphere, it is important for a man to know all the factors that can negatively affect her. And knowing the means and factors that are useful for potency, it can be strengthened and increased as necessary.

Potency Products

After listing what is considered harmful to male potency, you should find out what kind of food it is advisable to eat for the longest possible maintenance of libido and sexual health. By the content of useful vitamins and minerals, as a rule, several groups of products stand out:

  • containing potassium, magnesium, calcium and zinc, which help to form and nourish the nervous system and improve neural activity. These include dairy products, greens, bananas, buckwheat, legumes, oatmeal, some seafood, dried fruits, etc.,
  • products with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E, which are involved in the formation of immunity, metabolic processes and strengthening the walls of veins and blood vessels. This is, first of all, food rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6, for example, some varieties of fish and vegetable oils: sunflower, olive or linseed, nuts and seeds,
  • foods with sufficient protein and amino acids needed to build muscles, ligaments and other components of the body. These are low-fat varieties of meat, poultry and fish, dairy products, legumes, chicken or quail eggs,
  • as natural aphrodisiacs, it is recommended to consume oysters, dark chocolate and strawberries in a limited amount. People believe that beekeeping products, such as honey or bee bread, contribute to an increase in potency.


Sea cabbage enriched with polysaccharides and iodine helps to rejuvenate the body and increase male immunity. This is an excellent plant product, which not only increases the stamina of the body, but also contributes to a longer duration of sexual intercourse. Laminaria is rich in hormone-like elements with a high antisclerotic effect and is very valuable for the human body, especially the male.

Bitter chocolate

A very effective aphrodisiac that accelerates the production of endorphins is dark chocolate, in which at least 60% of the composition is cocoa. The use of even a small amount of this product soothes and improves mood, lowers anxiety, promotes the stability of sexual relations and gives a man confidence in his sexual abilities.

Root vegetables and vegetables

The presence in the diet of vegetable dishes has a beneficial effect on the intimate life of men. The most healthy vegetables potency enhancing products - turnips, garlic, onions and carrots. Men's health is very well strengthened by the roots of celery and ginger. These products contain many minerals and antioxidants, on which sexual activity depends. A serving of fresh vegetable salad daily increase a man’s sexual desire and give productivity a sexual intercourse.

Of fruits, preference should be given to watermelon, pomegranate and bananas. They contain a lot of vitamin C, and in watermelons there is also citrulline, a useful amino acid that, when it is ingested, is converted to arginine.

Bananas belong to effective aphrodisiacs. By eating two bananas a day, a man is able to significantly increase libido and not doubt his male strength.

Milk products

In the diet of a man who is worried about his sexual abilities, sour cream, cottage cheese and kefir must be present. These products are rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, which are simply necessary for the production of testosterone necessary for the male body.

In addition, a rich amount of calcium is found in dairy products, and this element is necessary to control the level of testosterone, prevent early ejaculation and high sexual activity.

Seasonings and Meat Products

For those who appreciate aromatic seasonings, anise, ginger, mint, cloves, hot peppers, cardamom and cloves are very good in this regard. A variety of herbal teas will also be beneficial, especially with honey added.

In the diet of men should also be meat. The most useful dishes will be made from beef, veal, liver and tongue.

Dishes for fighting impotence

If you carefully study what products most effectively increase potency, then from them you can make a fairly diverse and balanced menu. A salad of eggs and onions seasoned with sour cream is very useful.
A few more simple and effective recipes to combat low sexual activity:

  • stew with carrots, turnips, onions and lean meat to improve health and increase sexual energy is considered very useful. Meat itself is a protein product, and it has many minerals that are beneficial to the body, and in particular arginine,
  • green salad with nuts or seafood has powerful aphrodisiac properties. As greens, you can use chives, parsley, ruccola and basil,
  • a delicious and healthy dessert for men will be a fruit salad of watermelon, orange and banana, seasoned with yogurt mixed with lemon or pomegranate juice.

The main rule in drawing up a diet to increase potency is that, together with food, a man receives the necessary trace elements, amino acids and vitamins, which are responsible for the level of sexual strength and male capabilities.

Online Calorie Calculator

You can also calculate the diet for a man using the online calorie calculator

The product's nameWeight gSquirrelsFatsCarbohydratesCalories
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Total per 100 grams0000

Products harmful to sexual activity

If a man is firmly aimed at improving his sexual viability, then he first of all needs to exclude the following products from the diet:

  • fatty and fried meat, especially fat and pork. Replace them with fish, rabbit, turkey or chicken,
  • canned foods and sausages in the fight against low sex drive will be superfluous because they inhibit the functioning of the reproductive system,
  • white bread and sweet pastries slow down blood flow, which negatively affects the health of the penis,
  • spicy and salty foods lower erections. This does not mean that you can’t salt dishes, you just should not abuse spices and salt,
  • alcoholic beverages, beer, coffee, energy and carbonated drinks disrupt reproductive functions, and in addition disrupt the work of all organs,
  • sports nutrition should be taken with extreme caution, since some supplements adversely affect sexual desire,
  • fatty dairy products and butter are rich in calories. They provoke a violation of blood supply and lower erectile abilities.

In addition to these products that are harmful to potency, a deficiency of certain vitamins can be caused by a monotonous menu. Therefore, do not eat only nuts or eggs. The menu should be properly balanced and complete in relation to the presence of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

What else affects potency?

The fact that men's capabilities directly depend on proper nutrition has been proven by time. This is also confirmed by the numerous reviews of men who, with the help of a well-composed diet, regained their male abilities and increased libido.

But in addition to malnutrition, low sexual activity can be caused by injuries and diseases, high mental and physical stress. The hereditary factor should also be considered for those who suffer from reproductive system disorders.

Good and trusting relationships with a partner are also among the factors that determine the success of a sexual life.

Proper nutrition, sports, good rest - these are the main rules on which the quality of a man’s sexual life depends.

Are nuts good?

To achieve the greatest effect, you need to buy it is unpeeled nuts. In peeled or roasted nuts, the biological value is reduced. First of all, for men, especially aged, pistachios are useful. If you use them every day, it will practically nullify the risk of tumor processes in the prostate gland and will significantly increase potency.

Nuts in combination with honey also increase potency. This is the oldest drug for men who want to always be confident. Walnuts are best suited for this. For better assimilation, they must be ground. And every day you need to eat at least 15 nuts.

And if a man includes pine nuts in his daily diet, he will not only increase potency, but also save himself from problems with the circulatory system.

Watch the video: 5 tips to ensure healthy sperm - Jesse Mills, MD. UCLA Health Newsroom (February 2020).

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