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Tie clip: 9 errors

One of the important attributes of a business style and an elegant addition to a classic men's suit is a tie clip. This is not just a wardrobe item or decoration, but a very practical and necessary thing, the purpose of which is to fix a tie to a man’s shirt. With the help of the holder, the tie is fixed and does not twist, does not wrinkle, does not develop in the wind, does not fall when tilting or actively moving. Sometimes men think that a clip is used only for beauty and does not fix a tie with it, as a result of which they get into ridiculous situations, for example, when there is a clip, and the tie develops in the wind.

The holder, like cufflinks, emphasizes the social status of the holder, impeccable taste and perfectly complements the image. Stylists consider clamps, watches and cufflinks to be the main accessories of a representative and business man.

The ancestor of the fixative was a clothespin, which was used to fix the folds on the clothes of the emperor in ancient China. The modern look of the clip was formed more than a hundred years ago, when the British created a tie in the form of a ribbon. Previously, men used a pin, thus securing a neckerchief.

Modern accessories are made of precious metals, they look elegant and are made in a large assortment by leading jewelry houses.

Types of Tie Clips

Today, manufacturers produce the following types of holders:

  1. Holder - clothespin: a popular type of clip, the appearance of which really resembles a clothespin. It is convenient for classic, wide ties, for the production of which only dense fabric is used. One side, on which a series of cloves is located, the holder is attached to the shirt, and the other smooth side to the tie.
  2. Holder - clip: this type of retainer is in great demand among men. It is convenient for a narrow tie, for the manufacture of which only thin fabric is used. In this type of clamp, all sides are smooth.
  3. The holder is a chain: the view is quite outdated, it has the function of additional fastening. A chain is put on one of the buttons of the shirt slightly above the place where the latch will be attached directly. This type of male accessory is used mainly by big rarity lovers.

All types of hairpins differ from each other by the type of material. Some are made of stainless steel, others are made of precious metals: platinum, gold or silver. There are even wooden clamps.

Well-known brands offer men accessories complemented by diamonds or rubies, engraving in the form of a coat of arms, a symbol and various signs.

How to choose a tie clip

There are three basic rules for selecting pins:

  • Size - it is not recommended to wear the clip wider than the tie; its optimal length should cover 75% of the surface. Let the accessory length be shorter than its edges protruding beyond the line of the tie.
  • Combination - the accessory must be combined with other details of the man’s clothes. Be it watches, cufflinks or belt buckles. When choosing an accessory, you need to pay attention to the structure, color and metal of the remaining accessories of the men's wardrobe. The clip is not worn with a vest or sweater. It will not look harmonious and not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Massive retainers with an excessive amount of expensive jewelry look vulgar and rude.
  • An important role is played by the correct combination of the color of a business men's suit and hair clips. Gold clips are perfectly combined with strict classical suits of warm tones, silver are more suitable for suits of black and cold shades.
  • After repeated use of the fixative on the fabric, traces of cloves may appear. To make them invisible, it is advisable to try to mount the holder always in the same place.
  • Location - the latch should be attached to the front strap of the men's shirt and capture the inside and outside of the tie. You need to place it between the third and fourth buttons, which are located at the level of the lower part of the chest perpendicular to the tie and not at an angle to the floor, but parallel to it. In this case, the hairpin will not hide under the side of the jacket and will look pretty beautiful and elegant.

How to wear a tie clip: instructions

The hairpin gives the image of a man solidity and reflects his status. To achieve this effect, you must be able to wear it properly. Mounting Instructions:

  1. Put on a shirt and tighten a tie in front of the mirror near the shirt collar. The shirt and tie should fit perfectly to the body, since after fixing it with a retainer, they will not be able to correct,
  2. Activate the accessory mechanism by hooking on his shirt. Make sure he sits tight
  3. Fix the clip so that its front side is located on the top of the tie. The back side of the mechanism is attached to the strap of the men's shirt,
  4. Next, the clip is installed between the third and fourth buttons of the shirt parallel to the floor,
  5. If the latch is with a chain, then you need to attach it to the button. The clamp is placed close to it. Only after the chain is installed, you can fasten the button on the shirt.

General recommendations

The hairpin must match the status of the man. The perfect suit and exquisite accessories can give strength and confidence to the owner. To make the accessory look exquisite, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Before fixing the hairpin, you need to pull the tie up a little.
  2. A large tie pattern absorbs the appeal of a stylish accessory.
  3. It is necessary to combine the accessory with a pattern on a tie. A clip on a tie with a small or plain pattern will look more appropriate, if the pattern is asymmetric and large, it is better not to put on a hair clip.

Incorrect mount

Many people know that the clip is designed to fix the tie on the shirt, but not everyone does it right. The clip should not connect the front and back of the tie, but fasten them (both parts) to the edge of the shirt, namely to the double layer of fabric where the loops and buttons are located.

Steel tie clip Diplomat Capetown TB-20


One of the most important points. In addition to a single set with cufflinks, you need to pay attention to the color, tone and structure of the metal used for clamping. It should match those on other accessories - watches, rings.

Important! Do not wear a clip made in gold shades under silver jewelry. In all, harmony must be respected.

Watch a video that explains how to choose the right accessory:

The clip is not worn with a vest

A tie clip is never worn with a vest, since the vest itself performs a similar function. The same goes for cardigans.

Silver tie clip "National Property" 3207046037-3-nd


Do not forget that the clip is an accessory for a tie. It would be foolish if they did not match each other:

  1. LongMassive looking clips should be used for wide, large ties.
  2. Forthin, narrow, tidy miniature items are perfect.

Choose a clip for a tie and shirt

The clamps are different: most often there are “slides” and “trailers” with or without teeth. For thin fabrics of shirts and ties, minimalistic “slides” are more suitable, and for thick fabrics - trailers, which will provide a more reliable fit. When choosing this accessory, be sure to think about what you will wear it with. Pay attention to the correspondence of the material of which the tie is made and the design of the clip: sometimes decorative elements can leave puffs on the fabric.

Golden tie clip "National Property" 17010-nd

Color spectrum

Compliance with the color scheme is not the last thing to pay attention to:

  • golden shades perfect for the warm colors of the suit and shirt (brown, terracotta, ocher, olive),
  • silver will perfectly complement clothes of cold colors (blue, emerald, gray), as well as black colors.


Before using the clip, look in the mirror. Make sure that the tie is tied to the appropriate length, the shirt sits as it should, and together they represent the perfect combination.

The same applies to the components of the costume.

Important! After fixing the clip, the elements of clothing are fixed, so the appearance should be appropriate.

Correct installation

The appearance largely determines whether the clip is correctly positioned. The classic provides for its position between the fifth and fourth buttons.

But current trends are such that the installation is made between the fourth and third buttons of a men's shirt:

  1. If it is a clip with a chain, then its fastening is carried out for the third button.
  2. If wearing a shirt with a jacket, it is better to place the accessory closer to the cutout of the jacket than to the collar of the shirt.


Classic version - the clamp is located onparallel to the floor surface. But the location variations are quite acceptable, and the current fashion offers the installation of the accessory at an angle.

More often it makes up the order 45 degrees. This will add originality to your image.

How to wear a tie clip is described in the video:


The spring mount on the clip is pretty stiff. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it carefully, after having sufficiently widespread disclosure.

Otherwise, you can spoil the fabric both on a tie and on a shirt - puffs, protruding threads and torn sections will not make the look better.

Permanent location

In connection with the everyday use of the clip, small traces of wearing it form on the tie. They look either in the form of small folds, or small numerous indentations.

To avoid such a pattern across the entire surface of the fabric, you should mount the accessory constantly in the same place.

reference! There are special types of clamps - stamped - fastening which is made only parallel to the floor surface.

Clips for ties - an accessory that is inherent in a men's wardrobe. The interest among men in him is constantly growing, which is associated with the greater popularity of business suits.

Observing all the specified nuances of wearing it, you can achieve a spectacular appearance that will fascinate with its style and concise execution.

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