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9 Ways to Make Pen Pals Interesting - Phrase Examples

Today, chatting on the Internet is a popular way to make new friends. Also, boys and girls often use various social networks, dating sites and regular messengers for a serious relationship. In this article, we will look at a few secrets and ways that will help you fall in love with a pen pal.

Search for a girl on the Internet

To fall in love with a pen pal, you first need to find her on the Web. To do this, keep these key secrets:

  1. Add the girl to your friends. This method will help you start communicating with the girl, she can immediately accept your application or write a message in the style of “Do we know you?”.
  2. You can find a girl on the forums or in various groups. So you will be able to find a soul mate with similar interests, and communication will be less difficult.
  3. Many boys and girls register on dating sites. Fill out the form, add some cool photos, hobbies and more to attract attention to your profile.

How to fall in love with a girl through correspondence?

If you want to fall in love with a girl by chatting on the Internet, you need to know what you can write and what is not worth it. Many girls are afraid of new acquaintances, so they can be easily scared away.

How to conduct a conversation?

To fall in love with a girl VKontakte or in another social network, adhere to the following rules:

1. You need to write correctly and without errors. Almost all people do not like mistakes, missing letters and punctuation marks.

2. One must remain polite. Do not use rude words, profanity in communication, or discuss the person you are talking to.

3. Emoticons can be used, sometimes even necessary, but in moderation.

4. Write to the girl, but not constantly. Regular communication can develop a habit, so girls often get bored of maintaining communication.

5. Do not forget about the compliments. Girls love compliments, most importantly, they need to be said at the right time.

6. Respect her interests, desires and dreams. Ask her questions on this topic, be interested in her life, hobbies, etc.

7. Be sincere. No need to wear a mask on yourself, you need to be real in front of the interlocutor.

What should not be done if you want to fall in love with a pen-pal girl?

If you want the communication to last long, you need to avoid these actions:

1. Lies

No need to lie in correspondence with a girl. Do not tell her that you are very rich, in the garage you have a brand new BMW, etc. If you want a strong relationship, you have to tell the truth.

2. Declaration of love

Do not confess your love to a person in the first letter. A girl may decide that you are a maniac who is watching her or just a liar, a joker.

3. vulgarity

Do not write vulgarity to girls if your relationship has not moved to the second stage. Believe me, at the beginning of a relationship, not every girl will appreciate this.

Psychology of Interest

Many “pickup” coach and NLP specialists can bring a bunch of practices and techniques to gain the girl’s interest. However, they all forget that there are several basic principles on which any communication is based.

Important! Maintaining interest is not a one-time message with a beautiful phrase or spiciness. This is the ability to maintain a conversation in any situation, even when the conversation is “stalled” or the interlocutor is not positioned to communicate.

There are many non-verbal signs by which you can determine the interest of the opposite sex. But what about when your interlocutor is sitting on the other side of the monitor, and you can communicate with her only through messages.

Do not despair. The letter also contains signs of sympathy.

Let's take them in order:

  1. A pile of exclamation points, question marks, as well as smiles or emoji. Women are very emotional in nature. If a girl puts a bunch of extra characters or emoticons, know that you are interesting to her.
  2. Wonders and admiration. This works both in simple communication and in flirting. The girl subconsciously wants to see a strong man in her interlocutor. Therefore, she tries to praise him.
  3. Additional questions. If your interlocutor sprinkles with counter questions - you are interesting to her. In principle, this is the basic principle of any communication.
  4. Quick transition from formal to informal communication style. The girl suggested switching to “you” - this is a good sign. Thus, it shows that your conversation has moved to a new level of communication.
  5. Laughter. At this point, you need to distinguish between laughter and excessive punctuation with a series of smiles. Usually people emphasize their interest in a good joke or wit. This is immediately apparent. Most women love fun people and respond well to a good sense of humor.

The listed signs to one degree or another indicate interest.

Of course, there are girls with a very poor sense of humor, as well as mercantile ladies who are only interested in the size of your wallet. For such women, conversation is a formality that does not carry a semantic load.

Reference! To make a girl really surprised, find out everything you can about her. Social profiles can help with this. networks, as well as common friends in real life.

Ask all about her interests, favorite music, books, movies. In correspondence, mention her favorite writer or musician. A positive reaction will not keep you waiting long.

The video describes the main signs that a pen pal likes you:

How to win a female heart?

Conversation is a flexible substance. Communicating, a person shows his culture, the wealth of the inner world.

You should not approach this issue schematically, or shoot memorized phrases like an automaton. Also, you do not need to use “speech scripts”. It is better to be prepared for any turn in the conversation.

To do this, you need to know the principles of communication that will help to win a female heart.

Communication Rules

To be an interesting conversationalist enough:

  1. To be able to listen. Women love to hear and listen to them. For the letter, this statement sounds a little awkward, however, this principle also works in non-verbal communication. In a conversation, you can always determine that the interlocutor has completed his logical chain of thoughts. Know how to find this line in correspondence. Let the girl speak and she will respond with sympathy.
  2. Do not be a boor and not be rude. Some believe that light rudeness and pressure can seem attractive qualities. And it really works. But not at all, and only in real life. To attract interest in the network, it is better to choose quiet and polite turns. Until the girl offers to switch to "you".
  3. Do not share. Excessive "weeping" or toadness is not pleasant to anyone. Especially a woman. This is a weakness that should be avoided.
  4. Interested in her hobbies and hobbies. Girls love to be interested in them. Especially when it comes to their personal interests.
  5. Do not scatter stamps and cliches. Remove from the speech “hello, how are you” and “beauty, your mother does not need a son-in-law”. Come up with a couple of original phrases that will talk about you as an extraordinary person, and not about the next "son-in-law for mom."
  6. To joke, but not to go too far. Girls love men with a good sense of humor. This is an axiom. However, do not play a trick on the appearance of a woman. This is fraught with the end of the conversation.
  7. To compliment. Again, do not flatter and sprinkle with beautiful words like from a cornucopia. Falsehood is felt even through the screen of a computer or smartphone. One or two interesting compliments will give a pair of points to your piggy bank and will not scare the representative of the fair sex.
  8. To be self-confident. Never complain or mention your weaknesses at first. Women do not like wimps. Interest out of pity will quickly fade away.
  9. Make an unexpected offer. You do not have to call to the cinema or to the street. Make an offer to go to the zoo or wax museum. Women love vivid emotions.

These are general tips that can help attract interest to your person.

According to most women, the man’s sexiest organ is his brain. Remember this!

Reference! Sometimes acquaintance takes place on specialized Internet sites. In this case, the initial information about a person is very small. To fix this situation will help the search for a person in the social. networks through "image search" on Google.

Save the avatar images to your computer and run it through the search engine. In this way, you can find the page in the social. networks with full information about the interlocutor.

The rules for correspondence with a girl are described in the video:

Phrase Examples

Based on these principles, you can consider several examples of phrases that will help in establishing initial contact:

  • "Good afternoon! Welcome to the Lovely Girls Protection Fund. Our diagnostics revealed sadness in your eyes, can we help you? ”(Laid-back cheerful greeting),
  • “What a wonderful day to start talking” (neutral, non-standard greeting),
  • “Tell me why you have such big and beautiful green (blue / brown / blue) eyes” (neat compliment),
  • “Hello, did you hear the song (call the musical idol)?” (Common interests),
  • “I think I lost my sense of humor, didn’t you find it?” (Non-standard greeting),
  • “Yes, you damn good-looking!” (An unusual compliment-greeting),
  • “Let's go to the forest?” We will buy nuts and feed the squirrels from our hands ”(unexpected offer).

Important! These examples are given as a sample. Do not blindly copy them. Remember - your personality is the key to success. Come up with your unusual phrases, and you will receive recognition among the fair sex.

The video tells how to start a conversation with a girl:

To be interesting means to be an attentive, cheerful and intelligent person.

Learn and grow. Feel free to experiment with different phrases in the dialogue, and very soon you will become a very interesting conversationalist.

Retreat from stereotypes! Originality is everything

You can’t buy a girl with beautiful flowers and gifts, so you don’t need to storm the door of her house, as well as torture couriers to deliver flowers several times a day. Gentle and romantic reposts on a page on a social network are also not the most productive idea, a girl should show interest in you.

It is necessary to interest the lady, to show herself as an interesting and sincere interlocutor, she should dream of seeing you, she should wish to continue dating.

Communication should be rich, do not be afraid to touch on any topics, even those that you are not good at. She should see you as a person, not an ideal robot, whose IQ rolls over. This may frighten the unfortunate, she will decide that it is stupid for you and communication should be stopped before the feelings have appeared.

Relations are a complex structure that requires maximum attention and return from both partners. They can be built only on sincere feelings, without falsehood, lies and hypocrisy. Men are also capable of actions, romance and tenderness, and the girl should know about it!

The image of a brutal macho, at the feet of which piles of fans fall, pushes the ladies, those who are in search of a serious relationship.

The main task is for the girl to wait for your appearance on the network and write to you more often than you do to her.

Sincerely, having forgotten about generally accepted ideals, a person can mope, a mood can go bad and it is not necessary to hide and mask it. If the lady sees that you are honest, do not be ashamed to show the experience, she will answer the same.

The image of a pessimist and romance in depression is not good, she is not a personal psychologist, sparing and helping with advice - she is a girl!

Girls love with their ears, don’t skimp on compliments, don’t cross the line, vulgar remarks can scare you, she will think you are a maniac or a worried man, they don’t fall in love with such people.

Ask her questions, she should feel that you are interested in her life: how was her day, success at work, what she ate for dinner. You will prove yourself gallant and caring gentleman, really interested in her life.

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Dating sites and messengers: what is the difference and features of communication

What to write to a stranger girl on a dating site and what to write to a friend girl who likes are two fucking big differences.

Take a screen and send to a friend!

Let's look at this from the perspective of the goal and subgoals.

The key goal of any correspondence with a girl is dating and sex.

And now we break this goal into smaller subtasks.

For a dating site, the scheme will look like this:

Interested → Like → Take phone number → Date.

For vibe or telegrams, the scheme is different.

After all, since you have her number, then you already know her and she already liked you. Therefore, you have three options - three interaction scenarios depending on:

Her locations (whether she lives in your city or in another, for example).

Option One:

Keeping in touch → Date.

Option Two:

Keeping in touch → Date.

Option Three:

Heated interest → Date.

As you can see, in the case of dating sites, the path from dating to dating is longer. At the same time, you have advantages:

Time to think during correspondence.

The opportunity to file yourself on the beneficial side.

To create the impression that is beneficial to you.

In the case of correspondence in vibers / telegrams, the path to a date is much shorter. Wherein:

You already created your first impression of yourself during your acquaintance and you won’t replay it the second time.

However, since you have her number, this impression was good enough to give you contact.

Correspondence in instant messengers immediately removes the objection “I don’t know you”, “we are new to each other” and three times increase the chances of sex on a first date.

To find out all the details of the correspondence in each individual case and see examples / anti-examples in communication - read on.

How to meet on the Internet: what to write a girl?

Most often, the most difficult stage in correspondence with a girl for a guy is the question of dating. Many do not dare to take the first step, wondering what she would write such to attract attention. The basic rule is that there is no commonplace, as girls really do not like boring and boring guys asking the same questions, such as “how are you” or “what are you doing”.

The first message should be concise, concise and not loading the girl’s perception. At the beginning of communication, three questions must be discussed:

  • who is a man (his idea),
  • why does he start communication,
  • why among all the girls he singled out this particular girl.

The first message may be due to the fact that the guy with the girl has common interests and points of contact. You can also start communicating with a request for help, for example, asking for a hint what to give your sister the same age as the girl. And you can start a discussion about music or new movies, consisting in one community or forum. The main thing is that it does not look like a way to seduce a girl, but rather, how easy and easy conversation.

Dating sites and social networks: what to write to a stranger to answer

Come on. Let's start with the key. Look at my page, for example, on Instagram, and now on yours. And again: first on mine, then on mine. See the difference? Found 10 differences?

My page in Insta

Now answer yourself these questions:

What does a girl think looking at your profile on a dating site, in a tinder, in insta?

Does she want to respond to a nerd who has a blurry photo on the avatar on the background of the carpet in her mother’s bedroom?

He wants to flirt with a dude who took a picture with someone else’s random car?

Does your round belly get under her alcoholic shirt?

She is delighted with your tense pose and a thoughtful look into the distance in a production photo?

You understand that in life they are greeted by clothes, and on the Internet by avatar and page. What you wrote, what you took a picture and laid out - all this speaks either for you or against.

Therefore, the first thing you need to start online communication with is to upgrade your profile.


This is your business card. Your face and your image. By ava, the girl understands who is in front of her - an office hamster who shifts clips in an open space, a student party-goer or an interesting successful guy.

The photo should be high-quality, bright. You are on it - in good quality clothes, with decent expensive accessories - a watch, belt, for example.

Pose and facial expression - a normal adequate man, not a ghoul. No need to build a Stetham - be relaxed. The person should be disposed to communication, and not cause a desire to urgently throw you on the black list.

Your page - your profile on the site

Consider this - your presentation. No need to paint all your life, all your hobbies, favorite films and yard philosophy.

Do not be boring, do not be boring! Write briefly and in essence: what is important for you, a couple of jokes. This will cause the girl emotions and a smile. And emotions are a direct way to the girl in bed.

You can read more recommendations on upgrading your profile on dating sites and social networks here.

And we turn to the most interesting. What to write to a stranger to accurately answer

Good news, man. Even two:

If she is on a dating site, then she is looking for a man (read - sex).

Since she is here, then in ordinary life she has problems with this.

And this means that it’s enough for you to be adequate, to the best of your jokes, to show that you are not some jerk off - and the girl will gladly respond and enter into correspondence with you.

The main rule: do not write her any nonsense that (as you think) will be original. Will not. She just decides that you are another fool who wanted to play uniqueness.

Your peculiarity should not be in cunning tricks, but in the fact that you are an interesting, active interlocutor.

How NOT to:

Steaming and giving birth to the first message for a long time. You risk sticking, sorting through the options and eventually write complete garbage.

Overstate its significance. No Goddess / Princess / Most Beautiful. No need to lick her.

Speak from a position from below. From the series “Maybe I'm not good enough for you”, “Suddenly you will refuse me”, “May I ask you? May I invite you? ”- fu write like that!

How to:

1. Directively. For example, I liked you, we drove to drink coffee!

2. Situational. Example: "Hi! They drove to make a snowman ”if it's winter. “Hi, let's go sunbathing”if summer. And so on - you look at the situation and become attached to it.

3. A compliment. Example: “I liked you, I want to see you live”. Notice! No drooling and licking, clearly and to the point.

4. Tresh.“Ku-ku” / “Mur-mur” / “You are so thin, you urgently need to be fed pizza!”

5. Confident.I looked at your photos - I wanted to hug you ”,“ I need to come to you to sleep. ”

Do you want to communicate with the girl in the same language? Do you want to understand her? Do you want to conquer her?

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1. The causes of their problems with the girl,
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6. Original.“Well that's it, now we're a couple”(If you matched the tinder). “They drove to rob banks!”. By original messages you not only attract her attention and force her to answer, but also test her for a sense of humor, adequacy. If she is already starting to dull here or turn on a dull one, then further communication with her simply does not make sense.

Use this template, not exactly.

Life hack: always write more than one message. so you stimulate her interest in opening a chat and reading everything that you wrote. When she sees one unread. That approximately understands what is written there, when two or three - she wakes up interest!

Basic rules on how to fall in love with a pen pal

Few of the guys believe that in a pen pal you can seduce and even fall in love with a girl. In fact, such skill is possessed by skillful pick-up men who call the 8 basic rules that work in this direction. Namely:

  • literate speech without errors,
  • correspondence should not be ordinary, but rather with a romantic bias,
  • don’t be embarrassed to talk about your virtues, but only without boasting,
  • humor is the main condition for falling in love with a pen-pal
  • you need to ask more often about the girl’s life, her interests, goals and priorities,
  • in letters you need not to repeat so as not to be known as a boring guy without imagination,
  • communication should be natural and laid-back, you do not need to build from yourself who you are not.

Following such simple rules, a man will be able to most adequately present himself in the eyes of a girl, subdue her with his charisma, goals in life, humor, intelligence and kindness. Do not forget that girls love with ears, so during the correspondence it is important to make unobtrusive and most truthful compliments.

Effective ways to please a girl

To like a girl through correspondence on the Internet, you need not only to use a pun, but also to be a virtuoso in cupid affairs. It is clear that a guy at the age of 14 will be difficult to comprehend such an art, but for experienced men who are versed in female psychology, several effective tools will help falling in love with a girl, namely:

  1. Poems - you can send girls someone else's creation, but it would be much better to compose a verse yourself to win her heart.
  2. Images - almost all girls love romance, so along with poems you can send pictures with landscapes, different photos of couples in love, funny animals and flowers.
  3. Compliments - a powerful weapon that helps to win the female heart, of course, these are compliments, the main thing is that they are not vulgar and banal.

Each girl wants to feel the attention to her person, so during the conversation you can note her kindness, sincerity, external and internal beauty, etc. A man needs to try to build a dialogue in such a way that he is interested in her life, interests, preferences, and leave a little intrigue about himself and understatement to fuel her interest.

1. Originality.

Do not think stereotyped, do not write stereotyped, do not be a nurse or a whiner. Do not grind and lick her ten messages in a row.

Make an original move, do not write her “Hello, how are you?” - throw her some joke, a joke, a vidosik. Write a small and custom SMS. Surprise her, arouse emotion so that she does not twist while reading your message, but at least smiles.

“Hope you dreamed of pink penguins?” Or something like that. Do not be afraid to be different than everyone else, be special. Make her smile and join the game.

What can not be done?

In order to build friendship and sympathy between young people by correspondence, it is extremely important for a man to understand for himself the main contraindications in communicating with the opposite sex. Often, under the influence of sympathy and desire, she will like it, many make typical mistakes, namely:

  • lies - no need to ascribe to others the merits of others, to adorn their capabilities and achievements,
  • declaration of love at the beginning of a meeting - any girl will consider such a guy either a joker or a madman,
  • empty promises - unfulfilled promises will be considered for frivolity of intentions,
  • fawning - women love strong men with character, therefore it is also impossible to fulfill all her whims and wishes,
  • vulgarity, rudeness and swearing - in this case, the girl will immediately give a lapel turn,
  • pressure on her - Intrusive behavior can forever alienate a girl and block access to communication with her.

Having mastered all these tricks and rules of behavior, any guy will learn to competently communicate with the opposite sex, leaving behind only the most positive impressions and emotions. The main thing is that live correspondence with mutual interest in time develops into a real acquaintance.

2. The right questions.

The right questions are open-ended questions. They cannot be answered with one word or one phrase.

Examples of open questions: “How does the evening go?”, “How did you work out today in the hall?”, “Was in the movie?” And what are your feelings after watching? ”

An open question is a guarantee of a detailed answer and an invitation to a conversation. And an appeal to her feelings and emotions is a guarantee that she will turn on completely. Because the girl always feels and perceives the surrounding world through emotions.

Therefore, do not ask how are you, ask how the mood!

3. The ambiguity.

This is a game that girls adore. They like to fantasize, read between the lines, think and think out.

Do not neglect this quality, but use it to your advantage. Always use and invest a few meanings: “I thought of you and the mood rose. Now I’ll take you and let's go to dinner! ”

When she went into the shower or exited the shower: “Oh, you're so wet!”

Believe me, a cool girl willingly join in this game!

4. Humor.

To start communication with a joke, a joke, a funny photo or video is ideal. The main thing is not to go too far. There should be a measure in everything. Do not turn into Petrosyan, just add a touch of humor, lightness and liveliness to your communication.

Do not boil and shower her with questions if she does not answer for a long time. Ask: “Are you alive?”. She will definitely want to answer in some original way, she will join in the conversation, begin to think about you.

5. Do not jerk her up.

Do not write her ten times a day, forget about it! Do not expect an instant response from her and do not throw her crying emoji if she did not answer immediately.

Do not write too much text.

Don't bombard her with compliments.

Be calm and calm. Behave so that she understands not think. that the whole point of your life has now been reduced to chatting with her. Remember: correspondence in the messenger is for maintaining contact / heating interest, and not in order to bombard it with messages that will lead to nothing.

6. The wheels correspondence itself.

Remember: here the leader is you. You begin correspondence and you complete it. She should always miss you, she should always have you deficit. Be able to choose the moment to beautifully end the conversation and leave a little understatement.

Do not give the girl the opportunity to steer your conversation, take the alpha position from the start and lock it in it. You decide when to write. You decide when enough is enough.

7. Invite on a date.

We talked and that's enough! If you see that the girl reacts vigorously, responds and communication is normal - pull her out of the alpha position on a date. No kilometer sheets of correspondence can replace live communication.

While you will jerk off her messages in the messenger, she will go on a date with another and give him. Do you like this layout? Not? Then act!

The structure of messages in the messenger. What, what and how to write about?

Let's go through the content now.

1. Greetings.

Clear-red, to start communication you need to say hello. Try to show your imagination and not be a cliched blank, write something bright, easy and in the mood. Examples were higher.

2. Remind who writes to her.

No need to write the whole story of your acquaintance and tell how you were stunned by her long legs. Simply: “This is Sasha, in a bar yesterday we hung out.”

3. Establish a connection.

Ask the right - open-ended questions. To joke. To cause a smile in her, emotions, participation.

You can take off your photo if you walk somewhere. A photo from the gym from a workout or from the fitting room of the series “What do you think norms t-shirt?” To take, not to take? ”

This takes your communication to a new level, and she has the feeling that you have known each other for a long time.

In general, you yourself must conduct a dialogue like that. as if you have known each other for three hundred years - this will greatly facilitate communication with you and her.

4. While it’s hot, call out a date.

Do not turn into Mr. Pisyulka. We talked and forward - on a date.

Except in a situation where the purpose of the correspondence is simply to maintain communication and contact. In this case, you periodically remind the girl of yourself, conduct her with a certain frequency, so that, if the opportunity arises, she can easily and quickly get out on a date.

What to write about? What should she tell?

Everything is simple here. No need to reinvent the wheel.

The main source of topics and content for correspondence - this is your daily life. You are a living person, something happens every day, something happens, you make interesting discoveries and observations - and share this with her. Just ask: do it easily and lively, and not like a boring old lecturer.

Jokes and jokes from the Internet. Subscribe to a couple of publics on telegrams or facebook, where funny pictures and jokes are regularly posted. Choose those who can tell the girl a little about you, who really will amuse her, and not offend her, and to which she will respond 100% positively.

There are templates that I share in my paid Viber War course, and they work great.

Should I write to a girl every day? How often can I write to her?

Look, there is no scheme according to which you need to write once every three days or twice an hour. You yourself decide what and when you want to write to her. Are you fucking

I give you recommendations, but only you decide how to build your communication with the girl.

It is important to consider two aspects:

You should always be missed. The effect of light slipping and understatement. Agree, what interest will she have on a date with you, if you have already fucked her up to white-hot correspondence in correspondence, if everything is clear with you already?

Do not stick on it. Wrote - and forgot. You should not expect that she only does what she sits and waits for when you write to her. I didn’t answer today - well, ask her tomorrow “Are you there, alive?”and don’t throw hysterical messages like “Where are you. ”

And so, write when you want it. In general, I am for you to do what you yourself want, but only from a position of strength, and not from the position of “what if she will forget me if I do not write to her every half hour?”

I am sure you see the difference between: write, because you want to write, because you are afraid.

Take a screen and skidCall on a friend!

And if you have a friend who is constantly stupid in correspondence - drop him the whole article.

With faith in you and your success

personal growth coach, founder of Akloni Academy,

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What to write in the first message

You can intrigue the beauty only with politeness, an extraordinary approach and sincere attention.

The first thing you need to do is to evoke emotions (preferably positive) in order to please the girl.

The second is to create a connection, emotional contact, so that the girl constantly thinks about you.

And the third is the logical end of SMS flirting by making a real date.

You can write something like this:

  1. Hi, I have not used SMS for 100 years. Do you think this is a romantic way to meet such a beautiful girl like you?
  2. I think I'm not the first who wants to meet you. But I am the best. Do you want to prove it?
  3. Let's meet today in a cafe at a table by the window. We will drink champagne, eat ice cream and kiss. Let the gloomy passersby envy us.

The “erroneous” messages are very intriguing, as if they were intended for another girl. Come up with some important force majeure information and send it to the coveted number. Women are inherently very curious and responsive. She will definitely call you back to find out who wrote it, to find out the circumstances, to offer her help.

Online dating is simple, which, of course, is beneficial for the stronger sex. Agree, here you will not need charm, a languid look and a bewitching intonation of a voice. It is enough to shoot a couple of sensual phrases, and the woman will show sufficient interest for further acquaintance.

So, how to fall in love with a pen pal? The first rule is to be easy to communicate. Do not crouch in front of the interlocutor, obviously boast of material achievements, and also talk only about yourself. Believe me, a stranger is unlikely to be interested in the result of your trip to boutiques or the price of a recently bought perfume.

Interest and nothing more

Teachers and psychologists unanimously argue that communication is built on mutual interest. It should be noted, the golden rule says the highest minds! Girls are very subtle creatures, with their quirks and character traits. And if an attractive person has an overestimated self-esteem: incredibly beautiful, not deprived of attention, is popular - be prepared to prove yourself fully armed, use the most unconventional ways to maintain interest in your personality!

Since falling in love with a pen-pal girl is not easy at first, give her the idea that you are not like everyone else. Unobtrusively pay attention to the best qualities of your personality: care, kindness, responsibility, reliability. These character traits of the fair sex are worth its weight in gold.

Many “pickup” coach and NLP specialists can bring a bunch of practices and techniques to gain the girl’s interest. However, they all forget that there are several basic principles on which any communication is based.

There are many non-verbal signs by which you can determine the interest of the opposite sex. But what about when your interlocutor is sitting on the other side of the monitor, and you can communicate with her only through messages.

Do not despair. The letter also contains signs of sympathy.

Let's take them in order:

  1. A pile of exclamation points, question marks, as well as smiles or emoji. Women are very emotional in nature. If a girl puts a bunch of extra characters or emoticons, know that you are interesting to her.
  2. Wonders and admiration. This works both in simple communication and in flirting. The girl subconsciously wants to see a strong man in her interlocutor. Therefore, she tries to praise him.
  3. Additional questions. If your interlocutor sprinkles with counter questions - you are interesting to her. In principle, this is the basic principle of any communication.
  4. Quick transition from formal to informal communication style. The girl suggested switching to “you” - this is a good sign. Thus, it shows that your conversation has moved to a new level of communication.
  5. Laughter. At this point, you need to distinguish between laughter and excessive punctuation with a series of smiles. Usually people emphasize their interest in a good joke or wit. This is immediately apparent. Most women love fun people and respond well to a good sense of humor.

The listed signs to one degree or another indicate interest.

Of course, there are girls with a very poor sense of humor, as well as mercantile ladies who are only interested in the size of your wallet. For such women, conversation is a formality that does not carry a semantic load.

Ask all about her interests, favorite music, books, movies. In correspondence, mention her favorite writer or musician. A positive reaction will not keep you waiting long.

Hitrim using tactics!

What questions can a correspondence girl ask her to wait for each message from you? At the longer stages of acquaintance, it is important to correctly apply the following tactics.

Start in the literal sense of the word annoying with messages about well-being, about deeds, about worries and so on. Learn about the events of her life, ask questions about the most secret secrets. Do not be afraid, because women love brave men who are much stronger than her both physically and spiritually.

But do not go too far. Feeling the notes of irritation of your interlocutor, immediately stop, apologize and behave as befits a gentleman (that is, as at the beginning of the meeting). However, in most cases, the fair sex is pleased with such attention, they try to maintain a conversation at all costs.

And now, when everything is bright, sunny and radiant, abruptly stop communication. Yes, stop writing a lot, ask less, create an atmosphere of abstractness and lack of interest. But remember yourself that this is an appearance. As a rule, this behavior acts like a red rag on a bull, and the girl unwittingly makes contact herself, tries to start a conversation.

Correspondence seduction instruction

If the girl answered your first message, then this is a small victory. She is interested in you or just well brought up, but in any case, do not relax and do not make the following mistakes:

  • Do not ask the girl questions that can be answered in monosyllables - yes or no. The more she writes you, the better.
  • Your messages should not be much larger than her replies.
  • You don’t need to be too polite and courteous, it looks cloying and false.
  • Do not use jokes and phrases that you read on the Internet, rephrase or invent something of your own. Surely she already received similar messages from someone else, but why do you need such embarrassment.
  • Do not breed long social conversations on SMS, it is physically inconvenient. Your goal is to seduce, not tire.
  • No need to make excuses, to ask for something, to beg. Girls do not like whiners.
  • Write correctly. If in doubt, check back online. If rare typos are permissible, then gross grammatical errors are annoying or confusing, but not exciting at all.
  • Correspondence should not be delayed longer than two weeks. Intrigued, carried away, agreed on the time and place of the meeting. All. No need to torment yourself with the question "How to seduce a girl using SMS", in the messages you will not have sex. Act, do not stomp on the spot. Your indecision can ruin everything, and the girl will lose interest in you.

This is an ideal dating option for timid, shy and inexperienced guys.

The only thing that slows down the process of seduction is huge competition. A girl can correspond with several men at once and you need to stand out against their background. You can always come up with a fun topic to talk with the girl.

Internet Communication Features

Finding the one on the World Wide Web is not so simple. There are a number of features of communication on the Internet, which at the same time complicate and facilitate the solution of the problem of how to fall in love with a girl by correspondence.

  1. Anonymity. The minimum set of information presented on social networks is not enough to understand the nature of a person. The user may hide information or intentionally distort. In addition, the complexity of such communication lies in the fact that it is sometimes difficult to find out if a girl really likes you.
  2. Features of perception. Information received about the girl during correspondence is perceived due to stereotypes and presets. Often the image of a partner does not coincide with his real personality, he is embellished and exalted. This can become an obstacle when contacting outside the network. A girl can even specifically hide her true feelings and attitude towards the interlocutor.
  3. Lack of emotionality. Some phrases may not be interpreted correctly due to an indescribable emotional context.
  4. Contact / voluntariness. Finding a girl to communicate on social networks is easy and fast. Most often, the fair sex themselves are ready for communication, but they can also quickly interrupt it.
  5. Creation of the "image". The girl on her page seeks to create different images. Someone wants to seem like a good housewife and post recipes, but someone likes the “Turgenev girl” and quotes from classics. This does not exclude the possibility that in her life she only cooks sandwiches, and the last time she read the tale of Kolobok.

How to meet on the web?

Before falling in love with a girl through correspondence, you need to find this very girl. To do this, it is possible:

  1. Add her as a friend. This is the most simple and simple way. If the girl accepted the application, then the first step to success has already been taken.
  2. Communication in forums or in groups. This allows you to find the second half with similar interests. In addition, starting communication in such communities in the future, you can go to private messages immediately at a new level.
  3. Register on a dating site. Now, not all girls are waiting for the first step, but are actively looking for their prince. An attractive photo and an intriguing profile can attract attention to a young man.

How to interest an interlocutor?

After the meeting took place, it is necessary to warm up and maintain interest in your own person. This is possible if:

  1. There are similar interests or hobbies. For people who have long and hopelessly loved the same music, travels or books, finding a common language is much easier. In addition, there are always topics for conversation.
  2. Show attention to her personality. In search of an answer to the question of how to fall in love with a girl in VK, you can find a simple answer - talk about her. The fair sex is very fond of discussing themselves, their character and hobbies. The main thing is to know the measure and not to make one actor’s theater out of correspondence.
  3. Show her your best side. Even if there are no common ground, the principle that opposites attract is still not canceled by anyone.

How to conduct a dialogue correctly?

How to fall in love with a girl by correspondence in Contact or another social network:

  1. Write correctly. Nobody likes mistakes, missed punctuation marks and incorrect speech speed.
  2. To be polite. Do not use profanity or disrespectful words.
  3. Use emoticons sparingly. Their excess looks ridiculous.
  4. To write inconsistently. Regular communication will develop a habit, and it will begin to get bored.
  5. Say compliments. A good word, as you know, is nice to a cat. Girls, indeed, cannot live without compliments.
  6. Respect her interests and desires. Ask questions about her life, friends, dog.
  7. Be sincere. The best way is to be real. No need to hypocrite, lie or exaggerate.

What is not worth writing?

Things to Avoid in Online Communication:

  1. Obsessiveness. Excessive attention can scare away.
  2. “Thick” hints of continuation and regular intimate conversations. In some cases, the girl starts them herself, but you should not constantly be the initiator of this topic exclusively.
  3. About your ex. Not everyone is interested in stories about past relationships, especially since you don’t need to speak negatively about the girls with whom the relationship ended.

10 ways to strike up relationships in real life that work flawlessly

Of course, many guys know how to fall in love with a pen pal, examples of such relationships can be found at every turn. However, full feelings are not able to develop on the Internet. Sooner or later, communication must be transferred to the real world. There are many ways to conquer a girl in person. You can read about how to behave with a girl in order to interest her, for example, at school in this article.

Useful video

An unequivocal answer to the question: “How to fall in love with a girl by correspondence?” - It is not possible to give. All the girls are different: someone is attracted to music, someone is traveling, and someone is cooking. It is clear that the topics for conversation will also be different. But using the general tips from the video will definitely not be superfluous:

About gifts

You cannot do without gifts, but carefully! Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity love gifts, but persistence scares and suggests that you need a reciprocal service. She will get used to the constant presentations and will demand them constantly, which seriously affects the budget.

If the present is expensive, a sense of duty will appear, or she will not accept it. Cute toys, useful things such as photo frames, flowers with a postcard in the first stage are enough.

Having spoiled the chosen one with gifts you will lose her, attached and interested, but only as a source of presents, surprises and material assistance. Want to fall in love with a girl, not a kept woman? Caution and modesty will help in this difficult matter.

It is not superfluous to mention in passing that gifts are pleasant and to you, if you receive a return present, you are on the right track. Girls love to bring joy and cheer up, not to take and demand.

Simple rules on how to fall in love with a pen pal

Do not violate the boundaries of personal space. Understanding how to fall in love with a pen pal while criticizing her actions and controlling her is a bad idea. She has every right to go to a cafe with friends or to watch the premiere at the cinema alone.

Do not forget about your social circle and meeting with friends - this is normal and it is not necessary to hide it. If you refuse any contacts in favor of communicating with her, then it is easy to become a henpecked, completely lose your own opinion and become dependent on her messages. It is unlikely that the man of dreams seems to be just that. Falling in love with a lady is not easy, but possible.

If her actions seem wrong and illogical, it is impossible to attack with aggressive criticism, this will humiliate and offend. A person has his own character, and you are no exception, it is better to tactfully keep silent or gently point out her mistakes, without condemning or ridiculing. She will be grateful for valuable advice and support. Stock up on patience, strength and continue to storm her heart.


You must also be able to communicate on the Internet, because non-verbal communication cannot convey all those feelings and emotions, which means that the risks of being incomprehensible are much higher. But if you learn all the rules and recommendations of experts on how to communicate with a girl by correspondence, you can not only get to know the person you like, but also cause her mutual sympathy. And sooner or later this will develop into a relationship.

Lack of complexes

When thinking about how to attract a girl by correspondence, forget about communication complexes. Remember that you can completely relax behind a computer monitor.If you do not wish to meet, then no one can force you to do this.

Communicate freely, forgetting about all the failures and shortcomings, you are not on the red carpet. This behavior will create an atmosphere of masculine confidence. In addition, all women pay attention to those men who know what they want. The lack of complexes in virtual communication will only play into your hands!

General rules for virtual dialogue

In order to win the girl you like by correspondence, you need to correctly approach the construction of dialogue in the virtual space. Interesting women will help compliance with the basic rules of conducting conversations on the Internet:

  1. Always be polite. A pickup truck urges men to be persistent in order to win the lady’s heart. But often they try to comply with this instruction, using rudeness, bloated conceit and pretentious arrogance. Such a fatal mistake scares girls not only online, but also in real life. In order for a woman to like the conversation, the guy needs to carefully select the words, not to use the mat and keep his distance.
  2. Avoid one-way communication. Make sure that the topic of the conversation during virtual communication is interesting to everyone. If the girl is silent, then it is time to change the tactics and direction of the conversation.
  3. So that the correspondence does not end 5 minutes after the first message, try to answer in detail the questions of the interlocutor. This will allow the girl to know a new friend better. Avoid questions that can be answered monosyllabically: “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know”.
  4. Take an interest in the interlocutor. A woman will be flattered by the attention to her own person. In addition, the versatile facets of her personality will make it possible to find a suitable path to her heart.
  5. In correspondence, errors in the text are clearly evident. When sending another message to a lady, do not be lazy to re-read it and eliminate defects. An illiterate young man can scare a woman away.
  6. To brighten up the dialogue, feel free to show a sense of humor. Jokes and funny stories are sure to bring together a virtual interlocutor.

Only an interesting and tactful conversation will be successful and continued. Without observing important rules, you should not expect a positive outcome of dating on the Internet.

How to start a dialogue

Writing the first message in VK to a lady you like is always a little scary, because you want to make a good impression on her. To start a conversation with a stranger on the network, carefully consider her page:

  • analyze the information about a hobby and favorite books that a woman posted in her profile,
  • view profile photos,
  • view posts and saved demotivators,
  • study the groups in which it is composed
  • View the music and videos in your account.

All this information will help to find a common topic for the first entry into the dialogue.

Coming up with the first message, forget about the commonplace. “Hello, how are you?”, “Meet you?”, “Good evening, beautiful” - such statements should not be.

The first message should reveal the essence of the man and his goal of entering into dialogue. For a girl to want to answer him, it must contain the following information:

  1. Who you are? A man must introduce himself - write his name, even though the page on the network is already nominal in nature.
  2. For what purpose are you writing a message? The young man needs to immediately indicate his intentions: I want to talk, find a virtual friend, ask about the resort in the photo, discuss the book, and get an opinion on the film.
  3. Why did the girl fall out of the many women's profiles? The guy should explain what attracted him: he found a general hobby, noticed interesting photos on the page.

A message with detailed information will interest the lady, especially if the man was attracted not by the beauty in the photo, but by the girl’s interests.

You can write a message to the lady as follows: “Good afternoon, Anna! I saw in your profile a video from a concert of my favorite band. Going to buy a performance ticket. Share your impressions on whether to go. By the way, I'm sorry, I completely forgot - my name is Nikolai. ”

Intrigue and diversity

How to interest a girl by correspondence? There are a lot of examples, and most of them are associated with witty jokes, versatile phrases and interesting conversations. The usual thing doesn’t fit here: “Hello, how are you?” Here, creativity, a little mystery and positive come first.

And even more girls like unusual questions that you can reflect on. How to attract a penpal girl? Write a phrase of the following nature: “If all the relatives left the burning house, but you still had the opportunity to return for any thing, what would you take?” Another example: “What would you do if you were given a million?”

Conversation topics

In order for the girl to like the correspondence on VKontakte or any other social network, the man needs to prepare in advance a list of topics that will be affected in the conversation. This will help to avoid awkward pauses, so the woman will have a pleasant experience about the communicative skills of the interlocutor.

To get closer to a girl on the Internet, touch on the following topics for discussion during correspondence:

  1. Occupation: where he studies, what profession he wants to get, where he works, why this activity attracted.
  2. Hobbies: what sport does a lady prefer, why is King her favorite author, how does she like to spend weekends, what sites does she visit.
  3. Art is an extensive topic of conversation, which helps to find out the interlocutor’s look at situations filmed in films. Favorite musical compositions, painting, attitude to theatrical productions - all this information may come in handy in the future, when a man will conquer a girl in a real meeting.
  4. Traveling: what places did you manage to visit, which countries would you like to visit. Ask the girl about pleasant impressions of the trip, ask about the culture and architecture of her native city.
  5. Eating preferences is an extensive topic of conversation, which in the future will help in choosing a restaurant for a date.

Gradually, there will be more common topics with the interlocutor. To get closer to the girl on the network, try to find a common lesson. For example, watch the same movie together, and then discuss it, spend time on the same forum, helping other users solve important strategic issues.

The phrases that will melt her heart

When pleasant conversations on the Internet became a daily ritual, it's time to move on to more "heavy artillery." Women love ears. Correspondence on the network does not always allow you to implement this method of conquering your sweetheart, although many instant messengers and social networks (VK, Vatsap or Viber) make it possible to send voice messages.

To melt the lady’s heart, use romantic phrases during the conversation that will not only caress her eyes, but also excite the soul.

It should be noted that the psychology of women plays an important role in the perception of pleasant words. If the lady is not ready to get close, any hint of romance will be accepted with hostility. But do not give up, perhaps such a girl needs more time to direct communication in a love plane. Gradually accustom her to affectionate words, then over time she will begin to need them.

Check out examples of phrases that will surely melt the heart of a virtual girlfriend:

  1. This morning I remembered you as soon as I opened my eyes. I really wanted to wish you a nice day!
  2. It’s so strange ... We’ve been chatting recently, but I already feel lonely when the cherished inscription online is not lit in your profile.
  3. It’s a pity that kilometers separate us. With pleasure I would like to be near you now, to wish you good night in your ear.
  4. I am glad that we began to communicate. I have been looking for just such a girl all these years.
  5. Once I saw a shooting star and made a wish - to meet the woman of my dreams. You know, it seems to me that it came true that day when I first wrote you a message.
  6. Today I dreamed of walking in the park and holding hands. Too bad it was just a dream.
  7. I looked at your profile photos today and I wanted to take one of them and put it on the screen saver of my PC. Can? I love when there is a beautiful picture on your desktop!

Compliments to girls are always pleasant. Write them from the heart, then the lady will not be able to resist such a seduction.

Duration of conversations and ... relationships

A small amount of fair sex will agree to a short relationship. Most girls and women prefer to maintain constant communication, and it’s not so easy to get into their circle of friends. It is important to convince her that you are serious. You can use life examples, tell stories, or express your point of view about a particular situation.

Do not make hasty conclusions. Girls are cunning creatures that do not show their feelings when they first come across. How do you know what a pen pal girl likes and wants to make a real acquaintance with you? Extremely simple: invite on a date!

What you should not write about

One wrong word can ruin a relationship with a virtual friend. To avoid this, consider the basic mistakes of guys:

  1. There are situations when it is not possible to immediately respond to a message in Odnoklassniki or VK. Do not write to the girl immediately after the answer: “Finally! Why did you answer so long? ” Such persistent and selfish behavior will frighten away a lady.
  2. If a woman writes that she is in a bad mood, that means she wants the man to support her and asked about the reasons. Often the guys, having heard this, send messages of the following content: “Well then, let's chat!”. Indifference to a woman’s problems will not lead to her feelings.
  3. You should not ask the girl intimate questions, especially if the conversation began a few minutes ago. The woman will decide that the guy is only interested in sex, so you should not spend your time on him.

  1. Do not write about former passions if a friend did not ask about it. Do not mention them in a negative or intimate manner.
  2. If the girl is a vegetarian or is a representative of a movement that you do not support, do not write your negative attitude towards this. She will consider such behavior as an attempt to offend her.

Always keep an eye on the conversation. If the girlfriend’s mood worsens, perhaps the conversation flows into the wrong direction. The faster you eliminate the interference, the better for the future development of the relationship.

Transition from virtual to real communication

If the correspondence with a beautiful girl lasts more than three months, it's time to think about the development of relations. The man’s task is to show the woman that he wants to build love in real life, and not in virtual space. For this:

  1. Start chatting with a lady on other planes. Take her phone number and periodically write nice SMS.
  2. Invite to chat. Call at any time suitable for her and discuss all issues by phone.
  3. Use video communication for communication. Share real emotions with a webcam.

When the girl happy to support all the ideas, it's time to start a conversation about a real walk. Make an appointment in a comfortable place and continue acquaintance face-to-face, not only seeing each other, but also feeling touch.

Do not rush to switch from a virtual conversation to a real one. Get to know the girl better, then there will be no problems when meeting with people.

How to charm her? Few rules

To understand how to fall in love with a penpal girl, you need to understand what she likes, is interesting and whether she wants a relationship with you. Faddishness, show-offs and self-confidence should be “moved away”, she will feel your sincerity and will reach out to you.

First priority, she will like it! In reality, this is easier to achieve, but the work schedule and daily worries do not always allow you to make time for real acquaintances.

Tell her what you think, she should consider that you are special: gentle, understanding, sincere and real.

Related article: How to communicate on the Internet. A culture of communication exists on the Web, which we talked about in this article.

There is no need to chivalry and talk pompously, quoting Mandelstam and Omar Khayyam, but you can talk about literature and poetry.

Find as many common interests as possible, but lying about the fact that you love to embroider a cross while you have no idea how to do this is not necessary.

Do not advertise yourself, but find in your character a trait that no one has, let her be interested.

Pay attention to her, even if you urgently need to sleep and in the morning the plane to another continent, warn her and apologize. So she will understand that you are not indifferent and you are really busy.

Show gallantry and courtesy, do not start communication on intimate and vulgar topics, even if there was a burning desire to ask a question of this type, specify whether this can be done.

Do not talk about how many girls you had and how long they ran for you, such tackles work to find a lady for one night, and not for a life partner.

Drop the complexes, open to her and do not lie. It is not necessary to talk about tricky situations on the first day of acquaintance, but you can mention that you can still keep your favorite teddy hare.

Intrigue her, be sensitive and attentive, she should have the feeling that you are next to her, in the same room. It is impossible to insist on a personal meeting an hour after meeting, it is fraught with getting into the black list.

In words, everything is simple, relationships are very hard work and, to form a couple, you need to make a lot of effort.

A few words in conclusion

There is no single answer to the question of how to fall in love with a pen-pal girl, since each person is individual, each person is a personality, and the template method may not work. If there is a kinship of souls, the heart will tell you how to proceed.

Not every man can achieve reciprocal feelings, and this is normal if in the past there was an experience of unsuccessful relationships, it is impossible to project past problems and difficulties onto a new girl, you risk being left with nothing.

Water wears away the stone, many strong couples began their relationship with friendship, it takes time to generate true feelings. Do not defend her in any situation, you can reproach her a little for misconduct. Make a note so that she is not offended, but takes your advice. This gives rise to a feeling of gratitude, from which just a step to falling in love and love.

Let this step be taken and she will appear a strong couple whose relations are built on trust, love and mutual understanding.

P. S. And remember: mindlessly copying examples of correspondence from pickup sites is not worth it. So you simply create a false image about yourself that will collapse sooner or later, and the consequences will be unpleasant. Think with your own head.

Watch the video: 5 Awesome Pen Tricks Anyone Can Do. STM Episode 17 (February 2020).

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