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How to behave with a girl in a relationship and at the first meeting - what can and cannot be done

When you started dating, everything seemed so rosy, and happiness knew no bounds! And it was believed: what will only be better next, and relations will develop in an increasing way - to new heights of trust and love. But some time passed, and the girl began to treat you not as before, but more scornfully or as if you must constantly fulfill all her whims and wishes. What happened? How to fix the situation so that the girl begins to appreciate you more? Analyze the mistakes made, and on this basis you will understand what measures you need to take.

Common mistakes

Certain behavior characterizes us in the eyes of other people (and lovers) in one way or another. If a girl has ceased to value you - it means that you yourself made it clear that you deserve such an attitude towards yourself:

  1. They showed how much you need it, looking for meetings, talking on the phone for a long time about anything.
  2. Rush at the very first request to render her a service, but most often not too important.
  3. Complain about the life of a tyrant-boss, a goat-neighbor, a bitch-former and others of the same kind.
  4. Overly jealous of your girlfriend.
  5. They allowed her to suspect herself of pettiness (cursing with a waiter because of a lack of 38 rubles in delivery or paying special attention to trifles).

Try to fix it

Of course, if you made a mistake or even a few - this is unpleasant. Moreover, if these mistakes led to a significant change in the girl’s attitude towards you. But not everything is as scary as it seems. Mistakes can often be corrected or made up for - by other worthy deeds make you forget about these oversights.

Show: you have interests besides her

Demonstrate that in addition to your girlfriend, you have many other interests that also need to be paid a lot of attention. But you should not lie about non-existent successes in business, sports or tough friends. Find a new activity - a gym, German courses, a pool or training for beginner businessmen. Show that you have very little free time.

Help the girl, but without fanaticism

Let your friend know: you are not an errand boy and not a servant who fulfills any request. You are a support, a person whom she can always count on when she needs help in a difficult issue or support. Therefore, you need to contact you to solve serious problems.

Never complain

Tearful complaints about the injustice of life and those surrounding from the lips of an adult man sound at least strange, not to say repulsive. Do not demand that you be comforted on trifles. Remember: women love strong men. And those who will be pitied under the influence of emotions will be picked up for a while and very soon abandoned.

Excessive jealousy is the enemy of relationships

Everyone knows the statement “jealous means love”. But it is not harmful to recall another wisdom: "everything is good in moderation." Jealous of the girl for other young people is normal, but constantly because of this, finding fault with any of her looks or words is already a pathology. In addition, showing your jealousy, you give your girlfriend another reason to make sure: you are very attached to her, and the capricious beauty can now twist ropes from you. Remember: the less she is sure that she won your heart, the more she will appreciate you.

Avoid petty deeds

Do not let the girl suspect that you are shaking over every penny or want your plans to be carried out to the smallest detail. If you know such a weakness and have already made such a mistake - do something urgently that will show you from a more favorable side.For example, give a generous tip to the waiter, give her a bunch of balloons, or buy an expensive ticket for the concert she dreams about.

Change your attitude

It is important to change the attitude towards the girl: stop giving the girl a lot of time, reduce your calls and the number of SMS-ok, you can even become inaccessible for a while. It should be made clear that you can find a replacement for her at any time (but do not say it out loud). A friend realizes that something has changed between you, you yourself have become different and no longer consider your relationship as something most important to yourself. Having ceased to receive all your attention, she will want to return it, but try to avoid such mistakes in the future.

What the girl looks at when meeting

There are five main criteria, which are primarily noted in men by the fair sex of all ages.

  1. Appearance. It is important for a woman to see next to a man with a toned body, in clean and stylish clothes, with a neat haircut and a pleasant aroma of perfume.
  2. Education. This does not mean that the interlocutor should have several diplomas of higher education. It will be enough to listen to how he says, what he is fond of, whether he reads books, what cultural events he likes to attend, what films he most often watches.
  3. Manners. Most girls like it when they open the door in front of it, give their hand when leaving the transport, help put on a coat and other manifestations of gallantry.
  4. Character. Important features of the masculine nature of women often include kindness, sincerity, determination, determination, care, and the ability to be in charge.
  5. Reliability. It is important for the girl to feel support and support next to her, and not to be in a relationship with the person who needs to be sponsored. If a guy does not work, he has no goals and potential, he will not be able to win over a woman.

Also, the fair sex pay attention to the smell of a man's body. If it is pleasant and fresh, then the lady will be attracted to you, like a magnet.

Popular Phobias

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  • Pursuit mania is a mental dysfunction that may also be referred to as.
  • How to behave with a girl

    It is generally accepted that there are rules or patterns in how to behave properly with a girl. The popularity of this myth is due to the great desire of young guys to get ready-made instructions that lead to good relationships, mutual sympathy and even some moments of influence on the girl’s behavior. Of course, there is no single and only correct way of behavior, and such a conclusion comes to the person only with a huge number of mistakes or unsuccessful attempts. An increased level of anxiety and a slight decrease in self-esteem can provoke a desire to find guarantees of success.

    There are no unambiguous recommendations on how to behave with a girl, because for each situation, not only your own special style of communication is suitable, but also words and topics, given the two personalities encountered for interaction. However, there are some classic and general areas, taking into account which will help to set up relations in the necessary way, as well as improve the level of understanding and sympathy in existing ones.

    Tips for guys

    Tips on behavior will have fairly general recommendations, but each guy will be able to adapt them to their own situation, temperament, as well as relationships that cause difficulties. Initially, you need to work on your own positioning and presentation - the primary self-presentation, and not a sleek appearance.

    Girls prefer confident, slightly cold-blooded men, striving for achievements and having their own clear-cut position on each issue.It’s difficult to play such qualities, and it turns out to be a short period of time, and then the girl encounters reality and stops communicating. Therefore, it is necessary to spend time, look inside, evaluate your value and semantic attitudes, reflect on a lot of things and understand your attitude towards them, so that in a situation of a dialogue not to hide behind someone else's opinion.

    It is necessary to discard the main desire - to be good and try to please. People without flaws are boring, the right boys get bored, and the desire to impress only brings tension, both to the guy and to the whole dialogue. Therefore, a pleasant bonus that allows you to build harmonious relationships is the freedom from the need to strain. In fact, the main task is to ensure that you feel comfortable communicating and not be afraid to show qualities or some features that are usually recognized as flaws. How you will ensure a comfortable state during communication depends on personal preferences - you can choose a familiar environment or work out a meeting with a psychologist, or you can think through a meeting to the details or do soothing breathing exercises before going out.

    So that the girl generally understands with whom she communicates, what you need, how similar and what is happening now between you, you must be able to talk about yourself. This does not mean constant self-praise and retelling of the biography, but the ability to correctly convey your desires and feelings about what is happening. We are all looking for a response from other people to our external manifestations, trying to understand what is possible and what is not, to establish the internal boundaries of interaction. Therefore, there is a constant urgent need to talk about desires and honestly show dissatisfaction with some manifestations of a girl. Perhaps you will be the first to comment on the behavior of deliberate demonstrativeness, the purpose of which is to obtain a ban-concern to behave this way.

    Guys should remember the only win-win pattern - the main thing in the manifestation of a non-verbal. Therefore, you can especially not listen to the text regarding any event or your person, but focus mainly on further non-verbal expressions of interest or rejection. When she refuses to go to the cinema, but smiles broadly - do not stop trying to invite somewhere else, or just grab tickets and pick her up. If she says that this joke is vulgar and insulting, but her eyes lit up, then this devil is present in her character. When a girl tries to show indifference, talking with everyone except you, but her body is turned exactly in your direction - this is a game to attract attention. A lot of such examples can be given, and the point is that women's decisions and actions are controlled by emotions, which can be hidden by text, but not by the body.

    Do not forget about the classics - a neat appearance, cultural appeal, a demonstration of respect, education, erudition. Any charisma can be nullified by dirt under the nails or a message with nine errors. Girls are rather scrupulous in such matters and not because a cleanly ironed shirt is more important than the fact that you can kill a dragon for her, just the female world is based on slightly different values, given that you can make a better impression and avoid many scandals.

    How to behave when meeting

    The tension in communication causes the first meeting or the first minutes of the meeting. It is not clear what to talk about, the scan has not passed, in what mood the interlocutor is and what can be expected, the guy does not know whether the girl shows sympathy, as well as many other factors that create a feeling of complete unknown.The cheat sheet of behavior during a meeting comes down to simple actions that help to establish a real emotional contact so that the acquaintance is successful, and the previously agreed meeting began pleasantly.

    You should pay attention to the greeting, including minimal physical contact. You can kiss a girl's hand or just shake it, peck on the cheek or hug - it depends on the norms and conditional proximity. But the first touch of minutes is necessary to indicate one’s position. If you have a previously unfamiliar girl, then invite her to chat, discuss some issue or take an interest in her opinion, but in no case talk about acquaintance as a goal - girls do not like to feel like an exhibit or trophy, therefore they abruptly stop similar moments. If you are having a conversation on an interesting topic, then you may not even ask for the name of a stranger - it will be safe for her.

    Build the whole conversation at a meeting with a dominant and leading position, while avoiding dictatorship. You need to gently guide the girl, since it is unlikely that she has a clear plan where you will go, what you will do and what topics are relevant to discuss - she will wait for the initiative from the man. Of course, you need to pay attention and respect to her personal space, so have a few options, suggesting a choice or ask about the option of spending time.

    In general, try to demonstrate confidence, and the presence of several plans for the development of the situation will help. Do not try to guess her mood and adapt to it, it is better to ask directly. Also state your desires and preferences.

    A separate item is to highlight compliments and various signs of attention. They are pleasant to any woman, but must be adequate to the situation and sound sincere. Erased phrases, prepared cliches, flowers bought in the next stall, with which all the girls go on this street - a terrible bad manners. Better humor with notes of sarcasm about her being late due to preening than memorized phrases. Insincerity at a meeting creates a high level of tension for all subsequent communication, so maintain your comfort and take care of the girl's condition. A direct recognition of the desire to spend this evening in her pleasant company is a more pleasant compliment than quotes that smell like mothballs, and besides, truth cannot be felt behind it.

    Prepare for a meeting as if meeting a stranger from online space or meeting your own bride from work. Create a small present, calculate the most pleasant or short route, take coffee or an umbrella along the way for it. You can draw a cool poster, uplifting or pick up heavy bags - the main thing is to show that you were waiting for this meeting and somehow prepared, thinking about the girl.

    How should a guy in love behave?

    Many people think that in a relationship a guy is obliged to give gifts to a lady. But this is not so. Money and materiality are not the main thing here.

    But he is obliged to provide various signs of attention. It can be:

    • Gifts in the social. networks
    • Compliments
    • Romantic walks
    • Flowers (even if not purchased).

    Also, the guy should not hide anything and pretend that his girlfriend is stupid. If this happens, then he hardly loves you.

    It is important to note that you should not get hung up on only tenderness and compliments. Overly tender guys annoy many. So, your MCH should think coldly from time to time, and not just fly in romantic dreams.

    What should a guy not do in a relationship?

    There are many stereotypes about this. And the main ones are:

    1. Unquestioning obedience. You are not a dog guy!
    2. The constant compliments and praises of the girl. That's bullshit,
    3. Marriage after a first date. Mommy’s stereotype,
    4. Always writing first in all social. networks
    5. Eternal reassurance of an eternally offended girl.

    Do not succumb to such stereotypes. A guy is also a person with his rights. He owes the lady as she owes him. If the girl “owes nothing to anyone”, then she is better off being alone.

    Is it worth it to bother?

    In relationships, the main thing is understanding and mutual respect. If you feel good together, then you should not think about how a guy should behave in a relationship, and how a girl should behave.

    Many different myths are imposed by parents who want their daughter's happiness, but they themselves do nothing for such happiness.

    Often, relationships where everything is demarcated and arranged quickly collapse. After all, love cannot be built according to a pattern. Therefore, do not use books or the experience of others. Live your life and everything will be fine.

    And even if the guy does not behave a little correctly, but you like it, then there is nothing wrong with that. It’s unrealistic to find the ideal man. And every sensible girl knows about this.

    How to behave with a man? There are documented and unwritten rules regarding human behavior that determine permissibility and upbringing, courtesy and compliance with certain traditions - all these types of behavior tell us from childhood, but it’s not always customary to tell the girl how to behave properly with a man, and in some this topic generally tabooed. However, with a certain line of behavior, you can improve relations or break them down completely, choosing how to behave, you choose the fate of the relationship.

    To deal with such a sensitive issue is to determine how to behave with a man at the beginning of a relationship, since it is better to initially build everything in a comfortable way for you than to spend years and thousands on your own and paired psychotherapy in attempts to edit what happened. And difficulties usually arise due to the fact that at the initial stages people are rarely quite frank, but try to play some role, certainly something similar to the true picture, but still less voluminous and real. This behavior is dictated by the desire to like, and then you can watch a woman laughing at not funny jokes, eating junk food, although before that she aspired to veganism, hides her aggressiveness and criticism of her companion, hides some facts of her biography (for example, radical views or love for extreme).

    Some try to squeeze into the replicated image and are touched by children, portray responsiveness, enjoy cooking as the last happiness. Such metamorphoses are caused by the desire to hide their own shortcomings and exaggerate the qualities considered among men as positive, but there are times when a woman does not express her open opinion, confuses the tracks in answers to questions in order to maintain her own safety, close sore spots that are not yet close to a person I don’t want to open, but that can significantly affect further relations. What was the reason for such a theatricalization, the result is the same - a woman cannot stand playing the chosen role around the clock, and relations are getting closer, and if being a smiling modesty twice a week is not difficult, then portraying this around the clock, being the director of a construction company, will lead to the collapse of either a relationship or a career.

    Any one comes up, for some families this happens after the birth of children and a rather long joint life experience, but then the man leaves, confronted with irreconcilable traits, or even reconciled, but the fact of deception gives rise to such a high level of distrust that no further deep interaction is no longer possible.

    How to behave with a man so that he himself reaches for a woman - psychology

    In order not to be mistaken and understand how to behave with a man at the beginning of a relationship, you should imagine that you are communicating with a long and close friend or relative, with that person who does not need to be impressed and meet the standards, but you can be yourself in any state and any manifestations. Talk about your discontent, and do not swallow irritation in the hope that you can endure it, go out without makeup, if this is normal in your daily life, show your character and do not try to seem specially weaker or dumber - in general, behave naturally. Firstly, such sincerity captivates and includes interest, secondly, a man immediately notices that a person and a living person are nearby, and not a convenient doll in a beautiful package, and thirdly, such honesty will allow you to avoid your own stress, because he who does not suit who you are will not continue the relationship. And this is perhaps the most profitable investment of such a course of action - you do not filter out your people right away, ensure yourself safe for the future, because terrible secrets will not be revealed, and save time for worthy or your own pleasure.

    This is not a tricky one in voice acting, but a problematic rule for starting a relationship is easier for those who regularly deal with issues of their own souls, mechanisms and features, since the absence of sincerity and strangers is necessary due to the presence of complexes or severe emotional wounds, children's introjects, not allowing to open and appear before the world in that quality, which is a real presentation of personality.

    When the first stages of the relationship have been completed and everything is fine with you, the question arises of how to behave properly with a man, so that the relationship is not eaten by boredom or scandals, and the cute one is constantly attracted to interacting with a woman.

    How to behave with a man so that he does not go to another? It is worth starting not with the most important thing, but the most frequent one - it is maintaining your own external attractiveness. On the one hand, looking closely at each other over the years, they will forgive you a lot, but to aggravate the situation to the point that a woman preens only before going out and walks in a terrible form when she is husband, or forgets about her appearance and adjusts for twenty kilograms, is contraindicated. Take care of the healthy state of your own skin and body, keep your hair and nails in order - the minimum requirements for self-respect, and it is with it that the interest of others begins. Chasing liposuction and plastic surgery is overkill, but do not forget about perfumes, beautiful underwear and stylish clothes, and sports should not be aimed at pumping piles of muscles, but at maintaining good health and proper metabolism.

    Men want attention and care. An important nuance is that the care should not be maternal (“put on a scarf, don’t walk with the guys for a long time”) and not intrusive (when a woman, by her eyes, has learned to guess the wishes of a man and fulfills them, forgetting to herself). Care should reflect male-female relations, and he has a mother, a maid can be ordered in the appropriate service. Here it is worthwhile to focus on maintaining the conversation, when he will talk about his significant topics, as well as pay attention to his preferences (you can - support an intimate experiment or prepare what he asked for dinner). Timely praise, notice good even in a disastrous situation, wisely point out mistakes and shortcomings, it is perceived as concern if it is expressed correctly and in accordance with the situation, and in the future he will increasingly want to come back for your opinion. As for the material side, sometimes pamper it with completely useless, but desired things, create a cozy atmosphere at home. If you think that you and the house are different, then you should know that many men note how cold and empty it became in the house when the wife left.

    Avoids complete fusion and dissolution in his adored man. Many women abandon their lives and completely immerse themselves in the life of the husband, at first it looks like a support of his interests and a desire for spending time together, but as a result it turns out that you need periods of rest from each other, your own space. But by the time of understanding the need for rest, usually a woman has already lost her own hobbies, and is trying hard to impose her society or control on her husband. Respect for the interests of others is absolutely untouchable to the rules. The man should have time and resources for his own hobbies and not friends with the woman. At the same time, the requirements of the report, constantly naming and monitoring it, are humiliating for both. About the inviolability of his mail, phone and social profiles will not be mentioned again. To keep yourself from such pressure, maintain your own non-related activities and learn to have a cool time no matter where you are.

    The way to solve problems and express your own discontent also plays a role - if you do it in a manipulative manner or scandal, find fault, itch every day, then the man is likely to run away. All claims and disagreements should be discussed in an open form, without trying to put pressure on feelings, from a position of cooperation, because relations are a joint product.

    And so that even after quarrels, a man reaches back to you, you will need a spiritual community, which is achieved by joint interests and activities. But people can spend a lot of time separately, work in various fields and absolutely do not understand each other's hobbies, but have a strong relationship. The secret is in the same life goals, set priorities and unspoken spiritual claims, ranking the significance of events and ways to achieve goals.

    In general, for a man to reach for a woman himself, she must be a psychologically adult open personality, with her own convictions and the ability to build a productive contact if the man himself is psychologically formed. The infantiles will always look for mummies, and no one of your internal organization will force him to return, except for absorbing care, habitual control and the woman’s ability to bear double responsibility.

    How to behave with a man so that he falls in love

    One-sided love is an excellent inspirer for creativity, judging by the number of works devoted to suffering, but those who have fallen in love already no longer have verses and paintings. If you still do not want to choose a creative path, then you can direct the energy level that has risen against the background of a hormonal surge in the direction of falling in love with you an indifferent object of adoration. A man can easily be captivated by his own beauty, an interesting meeting, some kind of proposal, but not always a passion develops into love. The mistake is that without information about the man, having obtained a piece of individual attention, the woman believes that everything has worked out well, and now he will bathe her in champagne, and the man loses interest that quickly flashes up and disappears from the radars after a couple of joint evenings. So constant attention, the manifestation of active interest and analysis of his words, reactions, actions will help to translate enthusiasm into a deeper interest. Your ability to support topics of interest to him, your ideas that coincide with his opinion are tools aimed at establishing a more interesting contact.

    But watch your own behavior, not turning into a detective, eliciting information. A woman is attracted, first of all, for her femininity, distinctive softness from the male world, playfulness and openness. Speaking of feminine manifestations, dresses and lipsticks immediately pop up in my head, but feminine behavior, the ability to build phrases and own my own voice are much more important for men.The ignorance of the female world is fascinating and captivating, and men seek to unravel secrets, so naturalness is welcome, but the opening of all the cards and the story of their full biography should not be allowed. Leave the place of his imagination, which is your most faithful assistant, because you can not tell about yourself as tempting as he can imagine. Feel free to share general information, but try not to talk about deeper or more intimate things or to nicely avoid answering with half-hints and smiles.

    Show interest in a man, communicate, but do not impose. Independence makes you want to do something for you, the absence of questions about his feelings makes you shout about it all over the area, some coldness and lack of fear of losing it makes you fight for you. the hunter works religiously, and the more difficult the prey met on the way, the more interesting the man is, therefore, the more independence you show, the more he will fall in love with you. You can miss his call, go out to dinner with a friend, but don’t forget to show that he is interesting to you - such emotional swings make men emotionally invest in relationships, and they usually don’t leave what they put a lot of effort into.

    Expand and deepen your own special and social knowledge. The times when a woman was only interested in her appearance were long gone and now being interlocutor in various fields is the norm. And besides, the rich dialogue provides opportunities for planning and building a joint further pastime, while after a naked sex there is no interest in connecting strings, and there is nothing more to meet.

    Develop yours because talking with a man only on topics of interest to him, you run the risk of losing his attention soon. The enthusiasm for community passes, but the brain’s need for new information remains, so the time will come when it is necessary to gradually reveal the whole depth of one’s own spiritual world, in which a man can experience a variety of emotions. Let it be a delight or a desire to convince you, a desire to join or prohibit - any reaction will give rise to further development of relations.

    But not only in conversations is the power of the birth of love, but in the tenderness of the touch, which happens as if by accident, in passing, is almost imperceptible. This is a rapprochement of psychological distance, establishing contact with his body and imprinting in it not only as a spiritual medium of information, but as a completely living physical object of the opposite sex.

    How to behave with a man so that he is afraid to lose

    The creature’s women are restless and at first worry about the relationship starting, then the depth and severity of what is happening between the partners coincide, and then they are afraid of losing the existing one. It is this kind that gives rise to the need to settle him in his man, because for the woman herself it is a proof of love and a kind of guarantee of stability and reliability in the future.

    The inviolability of someone else’s physical and spiritual space, as well as the ability to keep distance allow the relationship not to wither and protect against quarrels and scandals due to excessive control. With the skillful dosing of your own presence in the life of a man, you get what you want - it will be he who will show more attention and activity in your direction and be afraid to lose your location. A woman who does not stick to family affairs, attends various events, and with both her man and without him does not cause cloying. If the time devoted to oneself is used to advantage (and it doesn’t matter if you spent that day in a spa or training, visited an exhibition or did a new hairstyle), then the man’s interest in such a woman doubles.Understanding her value and versatile development, the man adequately assesses his chances and understands that simply lying nearby on the couch will not be enough and someone more interesting can completely capture the attention of his woman. Absorbing in everyday life, you lower the bar of your importance and the bar of male and achievements. A man strives and wins for the sake of the goal or to keep the booty, and for the sake of an ever-sticking whim, with which you can only talk about the fallen off wallpaper, he is unlikely to move his finger and will be very worried about its presence or absence in his life.

    Choose a policy of relations as between good friends, instead of the Soviet house-building and total patriarchy. When you can maintain any conversation with your man and he doesn’t have to strain his brain, which threatens to discuss another topic (, scandal, reproaches), then the level of frankness in the relationship will increase endlessly and he will not have to go to other people for an understanding word (not necessarily a mistress maybe friends, but the value of a misunderstood woman is minimal). Respect his opinion and interests, remember, because you will express your disagreement to your friend, calmly argue why, but leave it to him and choose how to live on, continuing to accept him and this choice, why do you need to build a totalitarian regime with the only right one in relation to your own man opinion. Again, do not give in to your interests and do not let your loved one squeeze your own point of view, as you do not live by friendly orders. Listen, ask for advice, but don’t allow to command - such relations are possible only in a bilateral mode and, not respecting a person’s choice, you have no right to demand respect for your own decisions.

    Do not stay the same, choosing a once perfectly working line of behavior - this is a mistake, because it was not the line that worked, but the innovation that it brought. When a man eats up your modesty or independence, he ceases to delight it, and eventually begins to annoy, and not quality, but the constancy and immutability of your personality. A woman, first of all in men's eyes, is a storehouse of various emotional sensations, so do not be afraid to show both your own anger and defenselessness. The more diverse the spectrum of emotional reactions and information a man will receive from you, the more spontaneity will appear (not to be confused with critical unpredictability that can lead to hysteria), the more you will be appreciated and afraid to make mistakes in your own actions towards you.

    Do not force a person to change according to your vision of rules and choices, accept it and when you want to show your concern, do it in a way that a particular man will appreciate. Those. if you prefer hiking and pizza over the net over the game, you don’t need to drag him to an Italian restaurant, there are oysters - it’s awkward and stressful for everyone, but if you put him a tray of burgers and leave for your girlfriend while he and the other players go through another raid, then You can return under his praise of you on Skype to your companions complaining about wives.

    Do not forget about the intimate side, because men forgive everything to excellent lovers - a mess in the house, boorish behavior, idleness and outright stupidity. And the point is not in the notorious “all one needs”, but in order to get maximum pleasure you will have to learn a lot in terms of techniques, master the foreplay and massage, understand the intricacies of the influence of colors, smells, temperatures, products. And this is only the beginning, which needs to be applied creatively every time in different ways, subtly feeling at the empathic level the state of the man and the environment. Men don’t need girls who spread their legs at the first hint - they are full of them, they need a woman who knows how to feel him and deliver the necessary psychological states through physical influences - relaxation, confidence, inspiration, strength, humility, the ability to look from the other side.

    The principle “if you want to keep it, let it go” works one hundred percent, because then the decision to be with you is a man’s sincere desire, and is further spurred by external factors of your independence.This adds strength, joy and energy, while constant monitoring and interrogations simply kill all desire, except the desire to quickly hide behind the horizon.

    Probably, there is no perfect recipe on how to behave in a relationship. Each situation is individual, each person needs his own approach.

    Try to be easy to communicate, friendly and always in a good mood. Do not load the person with your problems. Sincerely try to share with him his hobbies and passions. May every meeting with you be a holiday for him.

    It is necessary from the very beginning to behave correctly. Suppose that from the first date the initiative comes from a man, and you quietly “add fuel to the fire” and inflame passion in him. A girl who seems to be interested in communication, but seems to doubt a little, will cause more interest than the one who immediately laid out all the cards on the table and confessed her love forever. Men are attracted to what needs to be won. If at some point it becomes clear that the girl is ready to endure everything, with her, perhaps, it will not be interesting.

    Behave in a relationship you need to be proudly, but not proudly. Every girl should respect herself. If in the course of the play the young man offends you with something, you should wait a while until he comes to you and apologizes, and not pretend the next day that there was nothing, no matter how you attach to him.

    On the other hand, the reaction to all actions should always be adequate. Situations are different, sometimes you need to call first and throw a bridge for communication.

    Encourage the man to give you signs of attention, to fulfill your petty whims. This will educate him in responsibility, teach him to take care of you. Just don't overdo it. Remember that everyone wants love and affection. Do not be afraid to show your feelings for the chosen one. It is important to find a middle ground between healthy egoism and pure altruism.

    No need to be as cryptic as Fermat's theorem and as cold as the snow queen. Show sincere interest in a man, let him know that it is pleasant and fun to spend time with him and be at the same time a little unattainable.

    Try to be seductive, tease the imagination of men and do not rush to go too quickly to an intimate relationship. The more effort he takes to get you, the more he will appreciate.

    If you have any problems, always try to talk with your loved one. Sitting silently offended or staging jealousy is not the best tactic. Try not to make big scandals. Affectionate and tender girl will surely find a way to the man’s heart.

    In the process of developing relations, try to become a reliable rear for a man. Let him know that if he wants to, he will be able to talk with you on any topic, and if he does not want to, they will not bother him with unpleasant questions. Men do not like to admit their failures, and if the girl does not begin to raise painful topics, but shows with all her appearance how confident she is in the abilities of the chosen one, then both people will only win. Why do some husbands break and get drunk? Because some wives constantly saw them, demand a lot and often say that they are losers.

    You need to become the rear, but not the shadow. You should always remain as bright and attractive as the day you met. Let the man see that others are staring at his girlfriend, but at the same time he must be sure that his chosen one will not go left.

    Through your actions inspire the man with the idea that he will not find anyone better than you. Pamper it with something tasty, create a pleasant comfortable atmosphere around you. Become a breath of fresh air for him after a tiring working day. Let him forget about everything with you.

    Take a closer look at his mother. In many ways, the man sees the ideal of female behavior in her.Pay attention to how she behaves, to what kind of communication and care her son is used to.

    Observe how your girlfriends behave correctly in the relationship, and at the same time, make sure that you are not copying the mistakes of others in your relations. A vivid example is always indicative.

    In a relationship of two, third parties should not intervene. Always solve your problems yourself. Do not let your girlfriends get in the way with their tips. Never rule out the possibility that they may have not quite noble intentions.

    Try to put yourself in his place, try to look at the situation with his eyes. Such an approach will help to more objectively assess the relationship and save from biased opinions.

    Listen to your heart. That it is better than smart books and psychologists will tell you what to do. And remember, it’s always better to regret what you did than what you didn’t.

    The hackneyed opinion that men and women are different biological subspecies, to put it mildly, is not true. But with the fact that the perception of the world and the understanding of many things between the opposite sexes are really very different, you can not argue. Often it is very difficult for a guy to understand what the representative of the beautiful half of humanity really wants, what she thinks about, how she perceives his words and actions. It is not easy to consider true thoughts and desires beyond her phrases and actions.

    It is especially difficult to understand the intricacies of female psychology for young and inexperienced young men. Even harder for lovers ...

    There comes a time when every young man has a question about how to behave properly with a girl? Try to help.

    How to understand her?

    Mysteriousness and even mystery of the weaker sex is connected with the fact that it is very difficult to immediately understand when a girl behaves naturally and when she “plays”. Guys who, by nature, are mostly straightforward both in the manner of speaking and in the manifestation of emotions, are unaware that girls can behave differently, depending on circumstances and surroundings.

    Young people need to rely on the knowledge that in most cases the young lady plays in public, in deciding how to behave properly with a girl. The psychology of the weaker sex is such that its representatives tend to please everyone, without exception, guys, and only then figure out which one to give preference to. If a young man noticed that the girl was clearly trying to please him, this does not necessarily mean that she laid eyes on him. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity always climb over their heads to in a better light. And not only in front of the young men they like.

    Girls most often do not show their miscalculations and failures with guys, play the role of cheerful and happy. But this is far from always true. A lover should watch the young lady in various situations and try to understand how natural she is. This will help him choose the tactics of conquering the beauty or understand that doing this is generally not worth it.

    How to behave with a girl? Psychology of the weaker sex

    The desire of women to unnatural behavior can play a cruel joke with a man also because, judging by herself, she also suggests a secret meaning in his behavior. Although in most cases it is simply not there.

    But if the guy is really insincere, it certainly won’t pass by. After all, the weaker sex is strong in its intuition, girls notice and for a long time remember such trifles that men do not even pay attention to. Naturally, sometimes this feature of the female psyche can prevent the representative of the weaker sex from evaluating the events or actions of others adequately. But more often it helps! It is on this feature that the famous female intuition is based on noticing subtle movements, gestures, shades of intonation. One could advise the guys to monitor their non-verbal behavior, but most likely, they still will not succeed.Due to the natural straightness.

    How to correspond with a girl on the Internet

    Many boys and girls in the modern world get to know each other and start chatting on the Internet. Such virtual “meetings” are much easier to hold than real ones, especially if it is only correspondence.

    Online? Cute young ladies are spoiled by interest in them. Therefore, you need to try very hard to attract attention to your person. The guy has a difficult question about how to correspond with a girl? An example of such virtual communication, as a banal "Hello! What are you doing? ”, The beauty is unlikely to interest. If a guy really wants to meet a girl he likes, he should forget about standard phrases and be original. But what to write to a complete stranger? What to ask about? You can advise a guy to study the status of a potential girlfriend on social networks, they can tell a lot about her inner world.

    What and how to write to a girl

    You can use a simple trick, thanks to which the girl will certainly send an answer to the virtual interlocutor - ask a question at the end of the message. And so that she completely answered him, the question should be clear and understandable. At first it’s better not to ask philosophical ones, otherwise it will most likely take a long time to wait for an answer. Do not give preference to questions that can be answered in monosyllables (yes or no), the conversation in this case is unlikely to begin.

    Guys should not forget that virtual letters should be literate, because for girls this is a proof of the mind and education of the interlocutor, which is very important for them.

    It's time to move on to real communication

    If the young lady has neglected the letters of the virtual boyfriend, he should not despair, it is better to write to other applicants.

    If sympathy is reciprocal, success must be consolidated by searching for common ground, and finding topics that are of interest to both.

    And most importantly, do not delay the correspondence, but as soon as possible meet in real life. According to statistics, if this did not happen within two months, the chances of translating the relationship into the real plane fall to almost zero.

    The first real meeting with a virtual girlfriend is a very crucial moment, because making an impression in life is much more difficult than on the Internet.

    First live chat

    An intermediate point of communication with a girl "from the Internet" between simple correspondence and a real meeting can be a conversation by phone or Skype. If the virtual interlocutor gave the guy a phone number or shared a Skype login - this is a good sign and the first step to a real relationship.

    And such a chance should not be missed. A man should think in advance what to talk about.

    If the conversation is scheduled on Skype, it is important not only to look good in the frame yourself, but also to make sure that the picture in the background is not ashamed.

    A girl will definitely appreciate if her boyfriend begins the first video conversation with a compliment to her. Communication should be positive and interested. And if the guy understands in his course that he was not mistaken in the choice, he can take this opportunity and invite the girl to a real date.

    First date

    How to behave with a girl on a first date? It is difficult to overestimate the importance of a first date. How to conduct a relationship with a girl at the same time?

    The main task facing a man is to make such a good impression on a potential girlfriend that she wants to meet him again. And first of all, you need to look good and ... smell. Even a very nice and witty boy will push the girl away if he comes to meet her in unclean shoes, untidy clothes or with hair that has not been seen with hairdressing tools for a long time.

    About the smell. It is very important to sprinkle a good cologne, but this is not enough. The guy must be clean himself, and his clothes are also washed and ironed.

    But according to clothes, as you know, they only meet. The main component of how to behave properly with a girl is the ability to communicate. The first impression of a person is formed in just 20 minutes of conversation. Recall that girls notice every little thing. Therefore, it is very important to look into her eyes, often call her by name. With the help of these simple tricks, a subconscious connection is established between the interlocutors, which should not be neglected.


    How to have a conversation with a girl? It is advisable to think over topics in advance, and not to let this important component of a date go by itself. The knowledge of her interests gleaned from virtual communication will help in this. The ability to conduct a conversation is relaxed and easy.

    If young people meet in real life and still don’t know anything about each other, it’s better to start a conversation with neutral topics: discuss each other’s musical preferences, talk about literature, sports, where and how each of them likes to spend leisure time.

    A man can ask a chosen one if she loves animals. A general passion for dogs or other pets can be the beginning of an interesting conversation, which subsequently has a better chance of developing into a more serious relationship.

    The girl will certainly be interested in a guy who has something to surprise her or what to teach. If the young lady will be interested with her companion, she will definitely want to continue the relationship.

    Dialogue rules

    How to conduct a dialogue with a girl, so as not to frighten her? It’s definitely not necessary to question the girl on the first date. But if she herself wants to tell about herself, the companion must listen to her carefully, ask questions, and show interest in every way. The young lady will like the guy’s interest not only in his biography, but also in her dreams and thoughts.

    How to behave with a girl if a man feels that the conversation is burdensome or uninteresting to her friend? He should switch to another topic as soon as possible.

    In the cafe

    Want to know how to behave with a girl in a cafe? If the guy decided to take the girl on a date in a cafe, he should know the basic rules of behavior in this institution.

    If the trip to the cafe takes place in the cold season and you need to take off your outer clothing, the guy first helps his companion do it, and then he undresses himself.

    Going to the table, the gentleman pushes back a chair for the lady and invites her to sit down. It is better to choose a more prestigious place for the girl - it is advisable that she sit facing the exit. Thus, the man expresses his companion his respect. Only after that does he sit down. The etiquette guy is supposed to sit opposite the girlfriend or to her left.

    You can call the waiter to the table with a wave of your hand or a nod. Doing it with a loud scream, snapping fingers or knocking is indecent.

    If any of the people approached the table, he must introduce him to his companion.

    And of course, a man should pay for what he has eaten and drunk.


    How does a guy behave correctly with an ex-girlfriend? Meeting her is not a good idea. But if this cannot be avoided, one must adhere to certain rules when communicating with her.

    The guy should inform his current girlfriend about this meeting if it is really important for him. Knowing in advance about the place and time of meeting with her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, today's passion will not be jealous.

    When talking with a former man, a man should not be interested in her personal life and share his details. Talking better about work, mutual acquaintances.

    But it is not recommended to recall past relationships. It’s better to behave as if nothing had happened. Strongly do not hug an ex-girlfriend and generally touch her. After all, we must, first of all, remember the current relations and value them. So tomorrow and today's love does not become the former ...

    Despite the fact that the psychology of men and women is different, to establish close relations for a guy, it is important not only to have knowledge about the characteristics of female perception and behavior, but to just try to make your chosen one happy. How - love will tell.

    Entering a new relationship, a woman sometimes makes irreparable mistakes, after which it is difficult to return the man’s former love. However, representatives of the fair sex are primarily responsible for building a harmonious partnership, since the goal of a woman is to show wisdom and patience.


    A man by nature is a hunter and appreciates the object of admiration from the beginning in appearance. Unfortunately, most women forget about this important rule and stop paying attention to such details as neat and stylish clothes, fresh manicure and pedicure, clean and timely cut hair, and well-groomed skin. If you live with your soulmate for a long time, then do not ignore the desire of a man to see you attractive in any situation. Come up with new images periodically and change endlessly. So you will become mysterious and unpredictable for your chosen one.

    Ban on scandals

    In no case do not arrange scenes of jealousy or hysteria to your loved one in public. A man who is set up for a serious relationship with you will not appreciate such an act and harbor a grudge for a long time. Try to calm down and find out the cause of the conflict at home, or better the next day, when the primary aggressive emotions disappear. At the same time, you will look worthy in the eyes of your partner and show that you have wisdom and endurance. Also, never insult or humiliate a loved one with friends or mutual acquaintances. Otherwise, it will lead to a final break.

    Patience and understanding

    Women tend to rush things and sometimes begin to actively correct the apparent shortcomings of a partner. If you sincerely love a man, then show respect first of all and do not try to change your character. One of the components of love is the acceptance of a person from both the negative and positive sides. Therefore, you should admit to yourself that the desire to break established habits or character traits of the chosen one is not the best way to prove your case. The best option is a frank conversation about what does not suit you in your beloved, but without accusations and a desire to control.

    How to behave with a stranger girl

    Most often, difficulties arise in men who do not know the rules of conduct when meeting a girl. In this case, it is extremely important to have a positive impression on the stranger in order to encourage further communication. You can meet a lady you like in the most inappropriate places, for example, in a subway or a noisy restaurant full of visitors, where in a hurry and bustle you need to take the first step without missing a beautiful stranger.

    Seeing a girl you like, a man needs a few simple rules on how to behave:

    1. Finding a moment to meet. You can wait until she goes outside to breathe fresh air, in the club you can just invite her to a dance, get off at the metro stop at her stop and speak when the opportunity arises.
    2. Calm and confident behavior. Despite the inner excitement, a man needs to remain calm and confident, but without going too far.
    3. Originality in moderation. Not all girls show understanding if a man uses a creative approach and phrases, like "Does your mom need a son-in-law?" Much more appropriate would be a simple conversation, introducing yourself and the proposal to meet in tandem with compliments.
    4. An act for her. You can offer a girl help, for example, bring a bag, order dessert for her table, give way to the subway, etc.
    5. Meeting invitation. If the situation is comfortable and the girl is in no hurry, you can invite her to go to a nearby cafe for a cup of coffee.Slow and delaying a date can lead to the fact that a man will simply not have such a second chance.

    If the girl gave her phone number at the meeting, the man needs to accurately indicate the time of the call and fulfill the promise. If the attempts were unsuccessful, the girl gave a clear refusal to get acquainted, it is important to maintain self-control, not to show emotions of frustration. It is better to make an effort to get to know each other, even if they will be inconclusive, rather than inactive and sorry.

    How to behave, on a first date with a girl?

    Next, a man needs to understand for himself a few basic rules on how to behave with a girl after meeting, if she agreed to a first date. It is here that the prospect of relations will be determined, since most often after the first date the girl understands whether she needs a man, and the man leaves the most important first impression about himself. Psychologists advise to pay attention to several points:

    • It is important to choose the right place for a meeting so that you can have a comfortable time and chat without obstacles. You can clarify the girl’s preferences when communicating, but do not forget about your features. For example, if a man is afraid of rides, he will not be able to behave with dignity in such a place.
    • A man needs to help the girl in every possible way to get rid of embarrassment and excitement, you can use a sense of humor, say a few compliments about her appearance. It is important to conduct topics of conversation in which she will understand, which means she can support the conversation.
    • It is important to behave confidently and calmly, without showing inner excitement. You can make a list of topics for yourself in which both he and his companion will be competent.
    • If the thread of the conversation is suddenly lost, and the man cannot find a new topic, you can transfer the conversation to it, being interested in her life, hobbies, occupation, etc. However, it is better not to touch on some personal topics at the first meeting, whether it’s a past relationship or family matters.
    • It is important to show your interest in the girl, to be gallant and polite, without using rude words, sarcasm and excessive familiarity. The girl will appreciate the naturalness, smile and kindness of a man.

    The same rules of behavior can be used with a girl friend if the man seeks to please her and translate the format of relations from friendship into romance. When meeting, it is better to present a small gift to show the generosity of the soul and the seriousness of intentions for the girl. It can be flowers, sweets that girls love so much, a small souvenir, the main thing is that the gift is inexpensive, otherwise the girl will consider the act of boasting.

    What should be the talk about?

    Many men do not take such a responsible approach to the question of what to talk about with a girl on a first date that they often encounter embarrassment and communication difficulties. In fact, psychologists advise in advance to think over a list of neutral topics that would be interesting to both, without introducing anyone into an impasse with awkward pauses. The main topics in which both are competent can be as follows:

    • favorite films and music, on the basis of this information you can plan new dates (going to the cinema or to a concert),
    • hobbies of men, thanks to which you can show your good sides,
    • hobbies girls, on the basis of this information you can also come up with options for new meetings,
    • occupation of man and girl,
    • humor and funny stories from childhood that touch girls and make communication easy.

    If a man feels a reciprocal interest on the part of the girl, is confident in establishing contact with her, you can talk about love topics, but only superficially. The girl can be asked her views on family life, what kind of man she wants to see next to her, whether she loves romance, etc.

    How to behave with your girlfriend so as not to lose her

    Many men who are already in a relationship, during periods of crisis and chill in a pair, ask questions such as "how to behave with a girl to be drawn to me" or "how to behave with a girl so as not to lose her." Such excitement is approved by leading psychologists, offering several ways to build relationships, namely:

    • taking care even in the smallest details,
    • maintaining passion in the intimate sphere,
    • organization of dates and romantic surprises to combat everyday life,
    • manifestation of affection and tenderness, despite masculinity and brutality,
    • compliment regularly
    • interest in her affairs, dreams and hobbies,
    • establishing relationships with her parents and friends,
    • the ability to listen is an important condition, even if the topics of her conversation are far from male,
    • spending time together and doing things together
    • truthfulness even in the smallest details
    • excessive criticism in her direction will be perceived as a manifestation of dislike.

    Any manifestations of aggression in her direction, humiliation and insults will lead to the end of the relationship. Even if a girl is wrong at some point, a man always needs to remain a gentleman, maintaining his composure.

    How to behave with any girl

    Many men are so immersed in the advice of specialists on how to behave with their girlfriend, with a younger girl, with a stranger, with their wife or girlfriend, that they forget about contraindications and prohibited practices. At the same time, psychologists especially emphasize which men do not like girls, namely:

    • Jonah,
    • unconfident,
    • miser,
    • whiner
    • coward,
    • a man with bad habits
    • immoral type.

    It is contraindicated for a man to use rudeness, swearing, vulgarity, aggression and cruelty aside a girl. Also, the girl will be turned away from the boyfriend by his excessive boasting, provocative behavior and neglect of her. You should not use one model of behavior with all the girls, because due to different characters and temperaments this number can go through with one lady, and it will fail tremendously with the other.


    There is no definite and clearly formulated recipe for how a man needs to behave with a girl so that she is afraid of losing you. It is much easier to build relationships with the one you like, but with a stranger you need to strictly follow the rules of conduct from specialists in order to make a positive impression on her. In any case, women love calm and confident men who show interest, care and attention towards them.

    3 examples of different situations, how to behave with a girl

    Do not behave with all the girls the same way - this is a deliberately losing strategy. It is necessary to consider not only the nature of the young lady that you are trying to conquer or hold, but also the circumstances.

    Suppose, if we are talking about a stranger who you just want to invite to a first date, then you need to behave with her completely differently from the girl with whom you have a long love relationship.

    2. How to behave with a friend whom you secretly fall in love with?

    We sometimes fall in love with completely unexpected people, for example, a childhood friend or classmate, whom she did not pay any attention to for three years of study at the university.

    Of course, there is hope for mutual sympathy. In this case, it is enough to just hint about your interest if you are a girl, directly tell about your feelings and invite you to a date if you are a guy.

    But how to behave if a friend of a girl with whom you are in love has only friendly feelings for you, moreover, builds relationships with another guy?

    And you need to behave with such a girl as follows:

    1. Always be there - she should know that she can rely on you at any time.
    2. Help the girl when she needs her.
    3. To give her what she requires at the moment - the girl needs a vest to cry on “this reptile”, become such a vest.
    4. Be better than her boyfriend.Surely the girl was telling you what she did not like about her boyfriend, so start acting differently than he did.
    5. Flirt. Friendly jokes, ambiguous jokes, compliments - sooner or later she will understand your sympathy.
    6. Make her jealous - the stunning beauty next to you will cause jealousy even the best friend. So the girls are arranged.
    7. Do not create problems for her. The girl next to you should be easy and comfortable, so do not torment her with whining, complaints, tediousness and so on. Let her feel this contrast: she is much better with you than with him.

    Important ! Do not push too hard if she refused immediately after the declaration of love. Do not put ultimatums: "Or together as a couple, or nothing." This will not work. Grasp the opportunity given to you: “Let's just be friends” and become the best friend in the world. Even if you behave only as a friend, the girl will know about your feelings. And if she feels good with you as a friend, then why can't she be as good as with her beloved guy?

    Relations with a girl. How not to behave?

    Why are girls disappointed in men?

    How to behave with a stranger

    Often, guys have difficulty meeting a woman. Not everyone can immediately make a good impression. Many guys are wondering how to approach the girl you like in the subway, cafe or right on the street. For this, psychologists have developed a number of simple rules.

    1. Search for the right moment. Wait until the girl leaves the restaurant to breathe fresh air, at a disco you can invite her to dance, go out to the metro at the bus stop and start a conversation there.
    2. Confident behavior. The guy should overcome internal excitement, speak confidently and behave calmly.
    3. Originality, but without bending sticks. Not every girl likes phrases like “Does your mom need a son-in-law?” It's much better if you compliment her, introduce yourself and start a simple conversation.
    4. Act. You can offer your help, for example, to bring a heavy bag, or to give a sign of attention and send a cocktail at her table.
    5. Meeting invitation. If the woman is in no hurry, then invite her to a cafe for a cup of coffee or ice cream. Indecision can lead to the fact that you will lose the only chance to get acquainted with this particular woman.

    If the girl at the meeting gave her phone number, then the guy should clarify when it is convenient to call, and keep his word. If attempts to get to know each other were unsuccessful, do not get angry or upset. Learn to maintain composure, then another time you will be lucky. Do not despair and do not be afraid to make efforts to get acquainted so that you do not regret your inaction later.

    How to behave on a first date

    If the girl agreed to go on a date with you, it is important to consider five basic rules of behavior so as not to disappoint her.

    1. Choose a comfortable place. The meeting should take place without obstacles, calmly and naturally. You can ask about the preferences of the girl, but take into account your own characteristics. For example, if you do not like to ride extreme rides, then you cannot relax and prove yourself at the meeting in the best way.
    2. Help companion get rid of excitement and constraint. You can make a compliment about her appearance, connect a sense of humor to the conversation. It is important to choose topics for conversation that are interesting to the girl, and in which she knows no worse than you.
    3. Behave confidently, without showing inner anxiety. You can prepare for a date in advance and think through topics that will be of interest to both of you.
    4. If suddenly the conversation has reached an impasse, then it is important to quickly navigate and switch to another topic. You can ask about the girl’s occupation, what she is fond of, how she spends her leisure time. It’s important not to touch deeply personal topics on the first date, such as family matters or past relationships.
    5. Show the girl your interest, be courteous, considerate and gallant, do not use rude words and ridicule in the conversation. The interlocutor will like the kindness, politeness and smile of a gentleman.

    You can be guided by these rules of conduct if you want to transfer relations with a girl from a friendly to a romantic format. When meeting, surprise the chosen one with a small gift so that she appreciates the generosity of your soul and the seriousness of intentions. Enough of a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a small souvenir. The main thing is that the present is inexpensive and does not oblige you to anything, otherwise the girl may feel awkward.

    What to talk about on dates

    Many men do not care in advance about how to talk with a girl, and often encounter difficulties in communicating. I highly recommend considering a list of neutral topics to keep your meeting from awkward pauses. The main topics that both understand are:

    • favorite music and movies
    • hobbies with which you can surprise the interlocutor and show your best side,
    • a girl’s hobby, on the basis of this information you can figure out how to conduct the following meetings,
    • everyone’s occupation,
    • funny stories from childhood that touched the interlocutor and make dialogue easy.

    If a guy notices interest on the part of the girl and sees that they have managed to establish contact, you can superficially touch on love topics. For example, to learn about what character traits are important to her in a man, about her views on family life, whether she loves romance, what men's habits are unacceptable to her, and so on.

    It is forbidden at the first meeting to ask questions of an intimate nature and to touch on the topic of former relations. This can piss off or push a girl away.

    Modern ladies

    How to behave with a man? Women ask a similar question every day more and more. But, as a rule, this happens when it is too late to change relations with a man.

    Modern ladies are full of cares and affairs. They often have enough of the usual relationship with a man, but there is simply no time to think about how to communicate with the opposite sex.

    At the same time, one can notice how the girls complain - young people are constantly dissatisfied with something, they demand something from the fairer sex. In fact, men in relations with women are very primitive. Therefore, you can just remember a few rules of conduct for a lady. They are suitable for dating, and for family life.

    No irritation

    How to behave with a man? The most important and first rule is not to irritate the representative of the stronger sex. No negative - no problem.

    Usually, if a girl enters into a relationship with a guy, she expects attention, love and care from him. To get this, you must not annoy the young man.

    Does he not like the hairstyle? Clothing? It's time to change all this! Annoying manners and habits? Will have to be corrected.

    How to behave with the opposite sex? The proposed first rule applies to women. That is, with new acquaintances, the girl herself should not be annoyed. Aggressive attitude only repels people. And not just men.

    Self respect

    The next tip is to respect yourself and be confident in your behavior. Thinking about how to behave with a man, girls often come to the conclusion that in a relationship they just forget about their needs, they lose their self-esteem.

    Any psychologist will say that as long as a person does not love and does not respect himself, they will be treated badly. Modern men prefer confident women who respect them already because they are representatives of the stronger sex.

    Refusal of insults

    Some will have to work hard on themselves in order to attract the attention of a young man. The fact is that when dealing with guys you have to forget about humiliation and insults. Especially if they happen in public.

    No man will tolerate humiliation of self-esteem. This is quite normal. How to behave with a man? Follow your words when talking. No swear words, humiliating comparisons, humiliations. Only cultural communication!


    How to behave with a man when meeting and in a long relationship? In no case should you exaggerate your advantages, as well as hide the flaws. We will have to abandon the opinion "I am a woman, therefore I am always right."

    Nevertheless, a mystery must remain in the girl. When meeting a guy, you should talk about yourself honestly, but in a measured manner. Deficiencies are cleverly veiled by female charm, honesty and virtues.

    There are things that are best kept silent during the first communication. As a rule, these are significant shortcomings - hysterical or jealous in nature, past active sex life, and so on. You can hint at them, but only if the man himself has already revealed, as it seems, all his negative sides.

    How to handle a girl so as not to lose her

    Not all men who are in a relationship know how to deal with a chosen one during periods of crisis and the appearance of a chill. To solve this problem, psychologists have developed such recommendations:

    • take care of your beloved daily,
    • maintain passion in an intimate life,
    • organize romantic meetings
    • make unusual presentations
    • compliment regularly
    • show tenderness and attention,
    • be interested in the affairs of the beloved, her hobbies, dreams,
    • build relationships with her family and friends,
    • spend more time together
    • don't lie even in the little things
    • to be able to listen without interrupting
    • Do not over-criticize if there is a reason.

    Anger, aggression, reproaches, insults and humiliation will lead to a break in relations. Even if a girl is wrong, you need to behave with dignity and not lose your temper.

    How to communicate with a girl

    I will give you some simple tips on how to talk with a woman.

    1. Do not be a bore. Any story should be told emotionally, and not monotonously and tediously. Women value intelligence and erudition in men, but at the same time you need to be able to arouse interest and excitement for further communication.
    2. Speak quietly and slowly. You should not chatter incoherently, otherwise the interlocutor will not understand anything, and too much flow of information will tire her and cause irritation.
    3. To speak a little. You do not need to spread all the information about yourself to the girl at once, otherwise the dialogue will turn into a monologue.
    4. Be original. Do not load the interlocutor with household problems, work stories and pets. Be able to present information in an interesting, humorous way to surprise a woman.
    5. Ask the right questions. Pick up questions that can be answered in detail. Then a woman will be able to think about something new, express her point of view, and philosophize.
    6. Get to know each other. A man should inspire confidence in the interlocutor. Try to be honest and sincere in communication. You can talk about your family, remember a couple of funny stories, but do not embellish them.
    7. Turn on fantasy. So that communication is not banal, come up with interesting questions so that a woman can prove herself. For example, you might ask which animal she associates herself with or how she would spend a million dollars.
    8. Do not put pressure on the girl. If it suddenly comes to sex, watch her reaction. If the girl smiles sweetly and is not angry, then you can continue. Treat her with understanding and try to feel her reaction to your words.

    You can learn more about how to communicate with a girl correctly on our website and from the video.

    How not to behave with a girl

    When communicating with a girl, it is important not to show the following character traits:

    • self-doubt,
    • greed,
    • cowardice,
    • indecision
    • talkativeness.

    Women don't like overly chatty men. For frequent and long conversations, they have girlfriends.First of all, a woman appreciates reliability in a man and how he fulfills his promises. She will be fascinated if you yourself make some significant decision and bring it to life.

    No normal girl will like it if you start praising another with her. At a minimum, she will take this with suspicion, and at the very least, she will think that you are prone to cheating. Then the development of relationships does not shine for you.

    If a girl asked you for something, but you didn’t do it, she will remember this and in the future may turn not to you, but to another. In addition, a scandal is not ruled out. However, it is not necessary to run errands and fulfill all women's whims. It is better to voice your opinion and decision immediately, regardless of whether you can fulfill the request or not. Behave like a man, not dodge.

    I do not advise women to do a favor. If you did something, it was of your own free will, because you decided so. Do not show that you are waiting for something in return.

    You can’t promise a woman that you can’t or don’t want to do it. It is better to first refuse, and then think and agree at will, and not vice versa.

    If a woman is in a bad mood and is full of emotions, the best way to find out about a problem is to ask in a calm and gentle tone what is bothering her. A heartfelt conversation will help her calm down and share her feelings with you.

    Girls do not like when men criticize her tastes, interests, hobbies and outlooks on life. Such interlocutors try to exalt themselves in this way, which means that they have problems with self-esteem. If you think that the chosen one is mistaken, do not stop her from expressing her point of view. Otherwise, she may find a more delicate man with common views and preferences.

    Learn more about men's mistakes at the stage of dating a girl can be found in the video:


    Ruthlessness and heartlessness, determination and masculine power often win female hearts. The rudeness of a man does not always tell girls about poor parenting. They sometimes think that a rude partner can achieve a lot in life and never stop halfway. And successful men are always popular with women.


    Some women like resourceful and cunning men who can emerge victorious from any situation. These ladies are not at all embarrassed that, on the way to achieving the goal, their chosen ones will trick and manipulate people. Perhaps someone will consider this wrong and stop communicating with the sly, but there are women who immediately trust the leader and will sincerely admire his success.


    A man who admires himself may be liked by a woman because he exudes confidence. She will be pleased to be in the company with someone who knows her strengths and is not afraid to tell others about them. However, you should not constantly talk only about yourself, otherwise the woman will soon become bored.


    Eat right to feel at your best. It’s better to make a salad and a steak for yourself, and not preheat a semi-finished product in the microwave. Try not to eat cheap and low-quality foods. Such a way of eating will negatively affect mood and health, take away strength and energy.


    Men with a small salary do not feel confident, they can not give a bouquet of flowers when meeting a woman. Often they consider themselves losers who can not achieve anything in life. If you are not comfortable with your current income, be sure to change your job. Try something new, do not hold on to a familiar, but low-paying place.


    In the article we considered recommendations regarding how to behave with a girl who likes, how to invite her to meet and what should not be done so as not to disappoint the chosen one.It is much easier to build a relationship, knowing that a girl likes you, but with a stranger it is better to strictly follow the rules of behavior from psychologists in order to leave only a pleasant impression about yourself. In any case, only a confident and calm man who shows attention, care and interest can attract the attention of a girl.

    And how do you usually behave with girls? Share tips with us in the comments!

    About the disadvantages

    In fact, there have always been conflicts between boys and girls. You cannot completely exclude them. But the first communication (acquaintance) is often very good for a woman’s forces.

    How to behave with a man? In no case should one stoop to the discussion and recognition of one’s shortcomings. Exposing them is also not recommended. The same applies to the shortcomings of a man - it is forbidden to point to them and strongly emphasize them.

    Only between two

    Another great piece of advice is not to make dirty linen in public. How to behave with a man in a relationship? A woman should not discuss and condemn her young man with others. For example, with mom or with friends. Even if the fairer sex needs support now.

    Everything related to the relationship in a pair should remain between a man and a woman. No one else should know about the negative aspects of your young man.

    Monotony and hobbies

    How to behave with a man? This question is often asked by women who have been in a relationship for a long time. Especially if the spouse or cohabitant has lost interest in his lady, have ceased to pay due attention to her.

    Men do not like monotony. And therefore it will have to be avoided. This advice applies to a long relationship - when meeting each meeting will have its own zest.

    In addition, girls should respect the hobbies of their halves. Does a guy like football? Let him do it. Does the young man enjoy playing computer games in the evenings? Have to be sympathetic to this.

    If some hobby takes up too much space, a woman should interest a man with something else. There is no uniformity in the relationship - there will be harmony.

    Boredom and interest

    It's hard to believe, but if a girl wants to “fall in love” with a young man, she will have to talk less about what she misses.

    A man is by nature a conqueror. If a woman constantly talks about how she misses her chosen one, how bad she is without him, the guy will consider that "the fortress has been conquered." And accordingly, he will lose all interest in relationships.


    Another tip is to give your partner freedom of action. A husband or wife is not the property of a spouse. These are individuals with their desires and needs. They must be respected.

    The basis of any relationship should be mutual respect and trust. Of course, there is a limit to everything. If a man behaves as if his girlfriend is just a non-binding application, you will have to subtly hint that such behavior is unacceptable. It at least shows disrespect for the fairer sex.


    Even all of these tips will not help if the girl talks too much about her past. To tell what the man asks for (no frills) is permissible. But past relationships, lovers, first love are all banned.

    A woman needs to put herself in the place of a young man - would she like it if the guy was constantly talking about the past? Unlikely. Therefore, what was before should remain in the past.

    5 rules of conduct

    How to behave with men to fall in love? There is no exact recipe. After all, love is a chemical process. But it can be both awakened and repaid.

    Five simple rules will help communicate with men (when meeting and not only). It is necessary:

    • to be attractive
    • always take care
    • respect the personal space of a man and not put pressure on him,
    • Do not belittle manhood
    • remain an interesting person.

    Perhaps this is all.But, as practice shows, men and women often have different attitudes towards caring and understanding personal space. Because of this, conflicts often arise.


    Some tips on how to behave with a man on your first date. Often, further relationships in a couple depend on this meeting.

    • flirt and flirt, but in moderation,
    • to be attractive
    • Do not lose femininity
    • listen carefully and hear the young man
    • do not chat without ceasing
    • not behave openly and openly,
    • keep natural
    • look into the interlocutor’s eyes,
    • “warm up” the conversation with leading questions,
    • do not allow long pauses.

    About talk

    And what to talk about with a man? Topics for a first date are usually diverse. People do not know anything about each other, they want to find out as much information as possible.

    The following topics are best preferred:

    • hobby,
    • movie,
    • books
    • entertainment,
    • travels,
    • news,
    • sport,
    • features of interpersonal relationships.

    In fact, it is better to talk on topics that are detached from the advantages and disadvantages of the interlocutors. With spouses, you can talk about anything, but without screaming and attack.

    How should a girl behave in a relationship with a guy?

    Acquainted with a guy you like, a woman often doubts how to behave properly. After all, I don’t want to scare or push away a new acquaintance.

    There are some rules, the observance of which will help to promote relations to a new level:

    • Keep up the conversation . You do not need to be silent all the time, even if you are shy about speaking. You will become boring of your new passion. But you too should not speak too much. He doesn’t need to know where your girlfriend went or when you should go for a manicure

    IMPORTANT: Do not overload the guy with unnecessary information, otherwise he will quickly run away from you. Follow the middle ground in a conversation

    • Don't bother . This is a very common mistake girls in starting relationships. Do not call him every hour with silly questions. On the contrary, wait for the time that he himself wanted to call

    • Don't beoverlymoody . No need at first to be offended by trifles that could well have been overlooked. If you already at the beginning of a relationship start to pout your lips from resentment and wait for an apology, your boyfriend will simply stop answering calls sooner or later. After all, if this happens immediately, then what will happen next?
    • If the young man looking after you is nice to you, then give him this understand . No need to say any words, just take his courtship and do not push him away from you
    • If you decide to start a serious relationship with a guy, then don't overdo it with bitchiness. At first, a guy may like this character, but after a while he will want to be near a kind and affectionate woman

    • Do not lie . Men are very repelled by such women
    • Watch your appearance: do light makeup, manicure, pedicure, hair removal. You can’t allow to meet a guy with peeling varnish or hair on his legs

    IMPORTANT: It is not necessary to apply a ton of cosmetics at each meeting. This will only scare away your new gentleman. Be natural and beautiful

    • Let to your young man care about you. Even if you yourself can bring a bag of groceries to the apartment - let him help you if he wants, of course. A man likes to feel like a helper

    IMPORTANT: If a woman does not receive enough gifts, then the reason may be in her inability to receive them correctly.

    It is through her behavior that a woman can kill any desire of a man to give gifts. Therefore, follow the following rules, so as not to kill that same man’s hunt:

    • Sincerely rejoice a gift. Even if the gift is not exactly the one you were waiting for
    • Do not skimp on emotions . If your man sees how childishly you enjoy his gift, he will want to give them again and again
    • Notget starteddisassemble gift "byshelves ". Those.if a man gave you a dress, then you do not need to first look at its composition. Try on, tell how you like it and hug your man. Already after alone with a gift, see what interests you

    IMPORTANT: Your first emotion is important to a man. And if, instead of joy, you begin to carefully and meticulously consider everything, it will seem that you don’t like the present

    • If you didn’t like the gift, then hug thank your man. In the first 10 seconds you cannot hide your disappointment in the eyes. After hugs, play the role of a contented woman
    • If the flowers are not your favorites - too rejoice because these are good too. Only then after a couple of days inadvertently tell me which flowers are your favorite

    IMPORTANT: If you didn’t like the gift, don’t talk about it right away. After a while, accidentally go to the topic and gently say what exactly you didn’t like

    Rules of etiquette at work

    What woman doesn’t like to be a coquette and catch men's looks on herself?

    However, work is an inappropriate place for such actions. So how to behave at work?

    • Appearance. You should always be well-groomed and tidy. Do not allow yourself to go to work with a dirty head or in a crumpled sweater
    • Makeup . You can apply makeup, but it should be as natural as possible and not attract attention. No smokey eyes should be
    • clothing . The choice of clothes should, first of all, depend on the internal “dress code”. Do not try to wear a black bottom and white top if the manual allows you to wear clothes to your taste. Show your personality. But no mini skirts and deep neckline. You cannot afford to create the image of a frivolous girl

    • Workinga place . Keep your workplace clean and tidy. You are a woman. You must be careful in everything. Avoid dust on the table or crumbs from lunch. Also, do not put on the table a frame with a photo of you in a swimsuit, for example. If you really want to see your family in the photo always - then choose the most restrained photo
    • Punctuality . Do not be late for work. For your superiors this will be a bad sign, and for your colleagues - a frivolous approach to work
    • Greeting . Always greet the boss first and smile a little, even if you are in a bad mood. The boss should see you as a positive employee

    • Don't fallspirit . If something does not work out - do not despair. Do not be afraid to ask your colleagues for help, especially at first. Try to find the right information anywhere. Your task is to be a strong and promising employee for your superiors
    • Notflirt with colleagues openly. Of course, if you have a mutual sympathy, then you can flirt. But this flirtation should not be defiant. And it’s unacceptable to flirt immediately with the entire male half of the team

    IMPORTANT: These are general rules. Depending on your place of work and position you may be either more open or even more restrained

    The etiquette rule at a party at the table for girls

    How to behave when you are invited to visit ?

    Nine Not at a party:

    • Not be late. Tardiness looks very disrespectful to the owners
    • Not arrive earlier than the appointed time by more than 5 minutes. Arriving earlier, you can embarrass the owners who were just finishing the last preparations for your arrival
    • Not walk empty-handed. No need to buy any gifts. Just take something for tea

    • Not rush immediately to the table. While no one is sitting at the table, you should also refrain: sit down while in a chair and wait
    • Not Choose your place. No need to sort out all the places at the table in search of a more suitable one. If the owners have not clearly identified your place, then sit on any you like
    • Not attract attention to yourself. No need to speak louder than other guests or laugh too loudly

    • Not criticize food.Be sure to tell the hostess what dish you are delighted with. She will be very pleased
    • Not talk on the phone at the table
    • Not linger when all the guests are already starting to disperse. If you are the only guest, then look at the hostess / owner. If she looks at her watch every now and then, starts yawning and talks about how much she’s doing tomorrow, then you should have left a long time ago

    IMPORTANT: Of course, it is of great importance who invited you: your best friend or groom to meet your parents

    You are invited to a restaurant by a man or a group of friends - you must behave like a real lady. Which of the rules it is worth sticking to:

    • If you go to a restaurant with a man, then let him open the door in front of you and help you take off your outer clothing
    • If your man is going to push you a chair - let him do it
    • When choosing a dish, choose an option in the middle price range
    • No need to say that you do not care what he orders. Choose what you like
    • No need to tell a man that you are on a diet. Just silently select the best food for your diet.

    • Let the man order an alcoholic drink, but specify your preferences
    • If your dish was brought earlier, then it’s worth the wait until they bring it to your gentleman
    • There is no need to look at the table in the mirror
    • Leave your phone in your purse
    • If the handbag is small, such as a clutch, then it can be put on the edge of the table. If the bag is larger - then hang it on the back of the chair or put on your knees

    • Do not go through cutlery and especially wipe them with napkins. Your man may think that you have a bad opinion about the restaurant he has chosen
    • If you are stuffy, you should not wave a napkin in front of your face. It is enough to tell your man that it would be nice to turn on the air conditioner. And the man should understand your subtle hint, if he was a real gentleman
    • Even if you are very hungry, you should not eat very fast. Eat slowly
    • Do not laugh out loud or speak too loudly in a restaurant. People at adjacent tables should not pay attention to you. But you too should not be too clamped

    • If you ate, then place the devices parallel to each other so that the handles are on the right
    • If you have not finished eating, then place the cutlery cross on the cross. This will save you awkwardness when the waiter wishes to take away your dish

    • By the time the waiter brings the bill, and the man should ask for it - you should already decide whether you will pay for yourself
    • You can not discuss who will pay in front of the waiter
    • If you pay for yourself, then tip 10% of your order.
    • Leaving the restaurant, the man will still be in front of you

    Being in society and observing the following rules you will make a pleasant impression not only on men, but also on the female half of society:

    • Watch your externalkind of . This is the business card of any woman. Eliminate outfits or worn hoodies from your wardrobe. Dress neatly. Read more about etiquette in clothing in a separate subsection below.
    • Notcome out from home with a dirty head and shabby manicure. It is better in the latter case to erase the varnish and completely from the nails

    IMPORTANT: Do not be vulgar - this is the most important rule for any girl

    • Notswear obscenities. So you only show that you lack the mind to express strong emotions more culturally
    • Notsmoke in public. A smoking woman is a very ugly picture.
    • Betactful . If someone uttered unflattering words or uncomfortable questions towards you, just raise your eyebrow slightly. So, your interlocutor will understand that he said too much. And you will remain the same literate and wise woman. Read more about how to communicate read in a separate subsection below.
    • At least sometimes be interestedthe news in the world so that you can keep up the conversation
    • Notbearrogant . Such women do not at all attract the sympathy of others.

    Etiquette rules for a girl on a date: the rule of three dates

    Notnecessarylosethe head from the received date invitation. Remain the same wise girl.

    • When meeting, do not rush to the neck of your boyfriend. Extend your first hand to him. And if your boyfriend is well-mannered, then he will kiss your hand a little
    • No need to talk about your past relationships
    • Keep an eye on the conversation. Do not bore the chosen one with boring stories about your friends or shopping. But it’s also not worth keeping silent, because your boyfriend will consider that you are bored and uninteresting with him

    • If you go to the cinema or theater - skip the man forward to lead you to your place
    • In a restaurant and cafe, behave as suggested in the subsection above “Restaurant Etiquette”
    • It is better to turn on the phone to silent mode. If he still rings, say you will call back later
    • At the end of the meeting, do not ask the first question: "Will we see you again?" Do not impose
    • When a man asks such a question, one should also not shout loudly, “Yes, of course.” Answer with more restraint: “Yes, I would love to meet with you again”

    IMPORTANT: Rule 3 of dates does not mean that you are obliged to put him to bed on your third date. It only means that you shouldn’t do it before.

    Russian speech etiquette for a girl

    It is worth the girl to observe speech etiquette to complement the impression of herself as a whole. Observance of speech etiquette speaks of your upbringing and literacy.

    • Atmeeting say “Good afternoon”, “Hello”, “Glad to see you” (to mark your joy from the meeting)
    • If you have to to disturbwhomthen (for example, in public transport) - say “I apologize”, “Could you”, “Be kind”
    • Is always give thanks if you have done good, helped: “Thank you”, “Thank you”
    • At getting to know say “Glad to meet you,” “We'll know each other”

    • Leaving , say “See you”, “I will be glad to see you again”, “Goodbye”

    IMPORTANT: No matter how you use the right words, swear words will kill all the good impressions of you. Do not swear!

    Telephone etiquette

    The etiquette of a telephone conversation is not at work, but in everyday life is quite simple:

    • See the rules of speech etiquette above and follow them even by phone

    IMPORTANT: Your emotions are transmitted by telephone, despite the lack of visual contact

    • If you are interested in communicating, then smile, be cheerful. Your interlocutor will definitely feel it

    • Do not eat while talking. No matter how you try to eat quietly, your interlocutor will convict you of this. And this is bad taste
    • Do not talk while lying down. The interlocutor will also notice the strange timbre of your voice and consider it indifference

    IMPORTANT: With your loved ones, of course, you can be more free in communication

    Clothing etiquette for a girl

    Clothing etiquette is a big topic for thought.

    Direct clothing selection dependsfrom :

    • Your figure
    • Your age
    • The event you are going to

    • Clothing should decorate you. Even if short shorts with a high waist are in fashion, and you do not have slender forms, you should not wear such an outfit
    • Clothing should not be defiant. You can wear a short dress with fishnet stockings to dance a private dance in private with your man. But not for a trip to a cafe
    • Do not overload yourself with accessories. If your dress has a colorful floral print, then the shoes and bag should be restrained in shape and color. If the dress, on the contrary, is plain and very simple in cut, then complement the image with accessories
    • Match your age. This does not mean that if you are 50 years old, then you should dress in a hoodie that most peers wear. But also to wear youth gym shoes will also be inappropriate

    IMPORTANT: Everything in clothing should be moderate and appropriate.

    Some women feel that the “real man” does not exist - it is impossible to find. Others do not want someone like him. On the other hand, some guys are sure that they fit the definition of “real man”. Others believe that this is not about them. The truth is that those men who think that they are “real”, and those who do not think so, are most often mistaken.

    To understand whether a “real” man is, it is necessary to observe his actions. The behavior of a real man is very different from a narcissistic boy, and the difference is hard to miss. He must be a gentleman - and not just the first few months. A real man behaves in such a way that it’s hard not to fall in love with him.

    1. A real man loves and respects his woman as she is

    He may not love her all the time, but he loves her. Not only her body, property or status, but everything in her. He knows, over time, physical beauty disappears. Therefore, he focuses his love and attention on the true beauty, which is in her feelings and personality. He treats her like a lady, with dignity and respect. He does not mind cooking her favorite dish, inviting dinner and paying the bill. But he expects the same love and respect from her.

    2. He fully focuses on relationships

    A real man does not cheat. He is faithful to his partner and knows that he needs to work hard to keep the relationship strong and healthy. He never forgets about his woman. It nourishes and strengthens relationships through ongoing communication and teamwork. If you are with a real man, you know that you can trust him. He will remain faithful regardless of circumstances and expects the same from his partner.

    3. A real man protects his partner physically and emotionally

    This does not mean that a woman cannot stand up for herself, but he is nearby in any case. He protects her in various ways, including ensuring financial security, comforting her and making her feel that everything will be in order. He is ready to fight, if necessary, to protect her from physical danger. Nevertheless, he thinks before acting. He will never take a step if he is not sure that all the details are in order. All his actions are calculated, thought out and confident. Abuse is not a problem when you are with it. He surrounds you with care and attention.

    4. He satisfies his partner morally and sexually.

    A real man knows that most of the time in a relationship has to do something that is not at all sexual. He not only reminds his beloved how beautiful she is and how he wants to be alone with her when he returns home, but also discusses plans for life and does everything possible to revive joint moments. He uses his intelligence and sensitivity to be not only timely, but also charming.

    5. A real man takes the initiative

    This is because he “wears pants” in a relationship. Of course, a woman chose them for him, but he is still a leader in relationships. He takes a step forward and boldly considers all issues in a relationship. He does not wait for a woman to solve all problems. If he is not sure how to do this, he will seek help or advice. Some men avoid first roles because they do not want to be criticized. But just not a real man. He takes the initiative to solve all the issues that meet on his way.

    6. A real man takes steps and makes tough decisions.

    It is he who makes decisions in the relationship, as his opinion is decisive. He does not shift all the problems to his partner. But when making a decision, he seeks to understand her views and takes them into account in his decision. He does not seek to control people to improve his position. If you are reluctant to make decisions, you are most likely shy and afraid to make a mistake. Women do not like indecisive cowardly people.

    7. He takes responsibility for his actions and decisions.

    A real man does not shift his guilt to others (especially to a partner), and does not try to justify his mistakes. He simply admits that he made a mistake and apologizes for it, remembers this lesson and tries to fix it. Saying “sorry” is easy for him. He knows that this will not affect him as a man. In fact, when a man says that he regrets, he demonstrates his confidence, courage and honesty in order to admit his mistakes and correct them.

    8. He always says what he thinks.

    He is not afraid to be timid to say what he thinks. He will say no and will not be afraid that he disagrees with someone. He will discuss with you even those topics that he considers uncomfortable, and at the same time he will not lose his composure. He will just talk to you on an equal footing, and after that he will allow you to draw your own conclusions and do what you want. This does not mean that he treats you badly, or that you are indifferent to him. He simply does not agree with you. He knows that a person who constantly says “yes” cannot be called a real man.

    9. A real man defends his relationship

    Sometimes friends, family, or even strangers may ask uncomfortable questions about your relationship and say that you are not suited to each other. In such cases, a real man will defend his relationship. This means that he can express himself in the presence of others, protect his woman and act as an adult.

    Watch the video: How To Act After Taking A Break In A Relationship. The SECRET That WINS Her Back! (February 2020).

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