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How to wear a tie with a shirt: general rules, color combinations, rules for matching with a jacket

A tie is an accessory of any business man. It is almost impossible to imagine negotiations or other important meetings in which people without ties are present. This attribute emphasizes dignity and will be appropriate if it is in harmony with the shirt and suit. Therefore, the question often arises, how to wear a tie?

In order not to stand too long near the mirror and the cabinet, choosing the suitable option, it is better to familiarize yourself with the selection rules. This question affects all aspects: width, color, length. All this must be combined.

Types of Men's Ties

There are a large number of men's ties, but you can divide them into four or five main types:

  1. Classic, it includes Regatta and Windsor.
  2. "Six and seven additions."
  3. Solemn are Ascot, Plastron and Shar Pei.
  4. Butterflies, bows.
  5. Tie Bolo.

If you look at them a little more broadly, you can conclude for yourself which one is best to wear.

  1. Classical - This is a familiar item of clothing from school. It has a standard length of 147 cm and a width of 9 cm. If you are not a fan of wearing ties, then in your wardrobe you can find just such an accessory.
  2. Regatta differs in that it does not need to be tied. Around the gate he holds on an elastic band with a clasp. For many, this kind of tie made men happier.
  3. Windsor has a large length as well as width. The node turns out to be quite voluminous. This type of product is distinguished by elegance and solemnity.
  4. Six and seven additions - this product does not have an inner lining, the density is achieved due to the fact that it folds several times.
  5. Ascot has an unusual appearance. On the part of senior officials won recognition and love. Count Vinsdorzky wore it when he played golf, and musicians in the 60s fell in love with this accessory. In some countries, today it is considered the subject of a wedding dress.
  6. Plastron Designed for special occasions, pinned with a pearl tip. It is better to wear with a vest, almost completely hiding under it.
  7. Butterfly Dressed in a tailcoat or tuxedo, most often you can see her at orchestral musicians.
  8. Bow smaller than the previous type of product. It has a flat shape with narrow edges. It is already sold in a tied form, there is a fastener with an elastic band.
  9. A bolo is a tie with a wide leather cord and a movable brooch made of expensive wood, metal or stones.

Color selection

Men's ties in color are selected depending on the event, appearance and type of clothing.

  1. Red color will distinguish a man from others. But, given business etiquette, such accessories should not be worn by persons in high posts.
  2. Burgundy, blue, and blue are very suitable for festive or family events, meetings in an informal setting.
  3. A black product is a symbol of severity, so they can often be seen on the staff and waiters.
  4. A brown tie can be used for everyday wear. But, for business negotiations on etiquette is not the best option.
  5. Gray is a great option for everyday use. But, only it is necessary to select very carefully so that it does not give a painful appearance to a person. Saturated gray shades will be suitable.

It is often asked whether short-sleeved ties are worn. The answer is yes. Only for this you should choose a tie that will be several tones darker or lighter than the shirt itself. Skinny models also look beautiful.

Modern fashion is a free style of clothing. Do not be afraid of something new, but you must have excellent taste and constantly develop it. What to wear non-standard options with? To do this, create an image that will help emphasize the individuality and originality of the chosen style.

A precisely matched tie visually corrects the figure, the main thing is to adhere to simple rules:

  • tall and thin men fit ties with horizontal stripes with a print,
  • monochromatic items with a vertical pattern will be more suitable for low and chunky guys,
  • a great option for obese men is a colorful tie and a short sleeve shirt,
  • big and big guys need to choose wide models of the accessory.

General rules for those who wear a tie

Here are the rules that apply to such an accessory in any look:

  • The width of the product should be combined with the width of other elements. If the tie is narrow, then the lapels of the jacket, as well as the collar of the shirt should also be narrow.
  • Length. Determining the length is simple: the end of the accessory should reach the belt on the trousers - do not overlap it, not be lower, but reach exactly the beginning, to the maximum to the middle. If it is about trousers, the distance between the tie and the belt is generally not allowed. With jeans, things are different - with a low fit, a small distance between the accessory and the belt is quite possible.
  • Node. Learn several options for a tie knot - for business images and special occasions. When mastering this or that knot, consider with what shirt you will use it, whether you will wear a tie without a jacket. Volumetric options are suitable only for wide gates and in combination with a full suit.

A shirt can be as simple as possible, cotton, with a small amount of synthetics. But the tie must be performed flawlessly, otherwise it will make the whole image cheap. Choose cotton, silk, wool and other natural materials. If the tie is textured, with the fabric on which the pattern is viewed, it looks best with the simplest material possible. A tie with a shirt should also be combined according to the density of the fabric - if one material is too thick and the other too thin, it will look bad.

The width of the tie is an important parameter.

Men's ties are not only of different sizes, but also in shape and width. There are three common sizes: 9 - 9.5 cm, 8 - 8.5 cm, 5.5 - 6.0 cm.

Choosing a certain type of product, it is necessary to take into account the shape of the face and physique. It is also necessary to the business style, so that the width matches the width of the lapel of the jacket or jacket. Before putting it on, it is important to know how to wear a tie with a shirt, and to consider what event you are going to go to.

There are also certain rules regarding the width of a tie:

  1. So that he does not peek out from under the collar, the width of the narrow part should be calculated correctly, taking into account the height of the collar.
  2. If the shoulders of the jacket are wide, then the tie should be narrow.
  3. In the presence of a large complexion, the product should also be wide, and a narrow model is more suitable for thin.

How to choose a tie

A tie is able to correct the figure, hide imperfections, as well as visually change the proportions. Following some rules, using a tie you can focus on the merits and divert attention from the shortcomings.

Rule 1 Tall and thin men (in the common people “dead wood”) need to pick up ties with a horizontal pattern, and short and stocky ones with a vertical or plain color.

Rule 2 Large tall men should avoid narrow and thin ties, and give preference to wide options with a geometric or vertical pattern. Short men "with a belly" can safely choose a tie with colorful colors or small patterns.

Rule 3 You can wear both a suit and a tie with stripes and / or a cage, but at the same time, the sizes on both should not be identical.

Rule 4 In principle, in men's suits different options can be combined: all three things are monophonic, two are monophonic and one with a pattern, or two things with a pattern, and one is monophonic.

Rule 5 The color of the tie and shirt may be the same, or may contrast. Below are pictures of possible options for combining shirt color with the color and pattern of a tie.

Straight Jeans

Jeans fashion changes almost every year: “mother's” jeans are in fashion today, and tomorrow they lose their relevance and they are replaced by skinnies. However, straight classic-cut jeans with a normal fit (the line of the belt runs just below the belly button) never lose their relevance. Universal jeans should be dark blue without scuffs and other "defects" and, of course, not shortened.

  • What to wear: Classic cut jeans - this is perhaps the most democratic thing in the wardrobe. Any upper and any shoes can be worn with them, and the style can be different - from romantic to country. They easily adapt to any look: the same jeans can look different with tucked or straight trousers and belts of different models.

Why do men like ties

There are two main reasons:

  • the tie as if “collects” the image of a man in a suit and gives along the finished look. A man in a tie looks intelligent and businesslike, and it is precisely this impression he seeks to make on the people in whom he meets during the day. The void between the lapels of the jacket, vest or pullover looks unaesthetic, a tie fills this space and neatly pulls off the collar of the shirt,
  • men also want to somehow decorate themselves, and a tie is a great opportunity to diversify business looks and sets in casual style. Since this accessory is located on the face, the correct choice of the shape of the tie, its fabric, color and pattern will allow you to make a favorable impression on the person you are talking to.

However, men often make some mistakes in wearing a tie, as a result of which the image looks cheap or even ridiculous. What are our dear men doing wrong? There are 6 most common mistakes.

  1. Wrong length. Once upon a time, short ties were in fashion, but today there are clear rules in choosing the length: the end of the tie should be at the level of the belt buckle. By the way, dear men, if you put on a shirt with a tie, do not forget about the belt - belt loops on the trousers are designed just for this. Otherwise, the image will cause bewilderment among others. If a man wears a model of high-waisted trousers, the tie should be slightly longer.
  2. Wrong tie width. The accessory should be selected taking into account the width of the lapels of the jacket and the features of the figure.
  3. Too bright color. Bright ties will suit men with a dark skin tone, otherwise all the interlocutors' attention will focus on this active accessory.
  4. Failure to comply with proportions between the tie knot and the shirt collar width. A massive knot with a small collar and a thin knot with a wide look equally unaesthetic. The photo shows that sometimes even the prince can forget about how to tie a tie!
  5. Inadequate tightening of the assembly. Very often, men leave space between the collar and the knot. At the same time, they get an unassembled and even slack look. Instead, you should "fit" the knot under the collar as much as possible.
  6. Incorrect combination of patterns shirts and ties. If there is not enough contrast between the patterns, it seems that something is missing. Colors and patterns should be selected taking into account several criteria:
    • color saturation
    • type and size of the pattern.

Common Tie Wear Errors

There are some errors that do not allow to reveal all the advantages of this product.

  1. A few decades ago it was worn tied very short, but today the rules are different. If the end of the accessory does not reach the level of the buckle, then this is not the correct length, which is a mistake.
  2. If the shirt is with a small collar and the knot is knotted massive - this indicates that the proportions are not respected and the appearance is inharmonious.
  3. The remaining unsightly gap between the knot and the stand of the collar gives an inaccurate appearance.
  4. The colors of the shirt and tie do not have enough contrast. The necessary harmony occurs when the patterns are clearly separated. It is necessary to select so that the saturation, appearance of the pattern and scale create a panorama pleasant to the eye.
  5. The colors of the tie itself are too bright. It looks beautiful if a man has dark skin. Otherwise, the product will attract more attention than the face. Vibrant colors look pure without additives bright colors. Energy, freshness will add unobtrusive, but vibrant shades.

How to wear a narrow tie

A narrow tie should not be worn by full large men, as well as by age people. It is more suitable for young people, because it is appropriate in an informal style of clothing.

It will look good with single-breasted and double-breasted European models. A thin tie should not be worn at formal events, but it will look great on a date or at an interview. A massive wristwatch should not be worn with such an accessory. You can tie it playfully, a little disheveled. It will go well with a short-sleeved shirt, which cannot be said about a classic tie.

And, most importantly, a narrow tie is good for an informal style, so it is often made in the most incredible colors and stylistic solutions.

Extra long jacket

The jacket (and this is exactly what they call the women's jacket), which got into the wardrobe of the beautiful half of humanity thanks to Coco Chanel, has undergone many transformations during its existence. Single-breasted and double-breasted, with buttons and without, up to the waist and almost to the knees, black and pink - there were a lot of options for jackets during their existence.

However, it is the elongated jacket that invariably remains in fashion, especially its classic double-breasted version with two rows of buttons. As for color, it is better to give preference (if we are talking about a universal model) to neutral colors: black, white, dark blue.

  • What to wear: With anything. A pleated skirt and pencil skirt, classic jeans or boyfriends, with a blouse, shirt or naked body - the main thing is to choose the right combination of colors.

Features of choosing a bow tie

It is even more difficult to choose the right bow tie, which in recent years has been so loved by young men. This accessory can slightly dilute the severity of the image, add a touch of humor to it. But remember: the butterfly is a bright element of the image, so try not to overdo it when choosing a fun, frivolous model. It can easily turn you into a clown.

If you still want to show others your taste and style, remember a few general rules:

  • Observe the proportions between the size of the butterfly and your face.
  • Discard the butterfly if you do not plan to wear a jacket, pullover or vest. Only waiters wear a bow-tie with a shirt.
  • Do not buy ready-made bow ties that do not need to be tied (pre-tied). It seems to many men that this option helps those who do not have the skills to tear / untie, but in fact, such an accessory looks cheap. You will not begin to wear a tie on an elastic band with a fixed knot, as five-year-old boys do?
  • Categorically refuse butterflies from leather, wood and other alternative materials. The fact that they are sold in stores does not mean that they can be worn.

If you want to wear a bow tie and a pocket scarf at the same time, try not to make them from the same fabric.A stylish man will be able to choose a harmonious combination of fabrics, and the finished set looks too right.

How to wear a tie without a jacket

In the summer, when you sweat even in a short-sleeved shirt, wearing a jacket seems to be a mockery, so you need to wear only a shirt and tie. Due to the lack of a jacket that “hides” flaws when wearing a tie, you have to carefully select this wardrobe item. What you should pay attention to?

1. Higher demands must be made on the shirt. She should fit well, not emphasize her flaws (hanging belly, too wide sleeves or hem of the shirt).

2. For wearing without a jacket, narrow or thin ties should be preferred, although a herring tie will also not work.

3. Watch the length of the tie: it should be up to the level of the badge of the belt. In extreme cases, you can tuck a tie between the third and fourth buttons on top, the so-called military tuck-in (military style).

4. The tie should not be bright and colorful colors.

5. Tying a tie under a shirt with a short sleeve, you can easily turn into a sales assistant. It is better to roll up the sleeves of a long shirt or choose a shirt with a stylish cut in shape.

6. If you don’t go to a business meeting, you can put on a tie with a cool pattern or unusual color under the shirt.

How to wear a tie with a vest

Separately, you should talk about wearing a tie with a vest or sleeveless jacket. With the wrong combination, a man may look like a penguin or a waiter. In principle, the vest can visually stretch the silhouette, especially when combining a dark vest with a plaid shirt, but in this case, the tie should be discarded. A classic is a vest and trousers in a light gray or black and white cage, combined with a light shirt and a dark tie. Or a light monophonic vest in combination with the same shade of a prince of Wales checkered shirt, but in this case a dark tie should also be tied.

It must be remembered that vests are of two types:

1) open vests or backless, which are characterized by a deep V-neck in front and an open back. The front strap of such a vest is decorated with corners. It is worn with a bow tie or a thin tie, and is an attribute of the clothing of waiters or head waiter. It is better not to tie ties to them in everyday life.

2) closed vests or fullback, they are characterized by a closed back and a strap-pull on the back, emphasizing the harmony of the figure. On the front there is a small cutout specially for a tie, which should be the same color as the vest itself. Often it is included in the set of a three-piece suit.

The most common types of ties in combination with vests are:

1. Tie "Ascot", which in fact is a neck scarf tied in a special way. It is worn in combination with a closed vest in especially solemn occasions (weddings, awards). It is tied in the same way as a classic tie, but thanks to the soft silk fabric, the knot turns out to be large and voluminous, and a pin with a diamond head is attached in its center.

2. Tie "Regatta", which is convenient because it does not need to be tied. He already has a factory knot, and fastens behind a neck on a special fastener. Such a tie in combination with a vest is issued to representatives of law enforcement agencies or bank employees.

3. The Shar Pei tie, it is also considered a version of the Escot, because it is a mixture of a tie and a neck scarf and is made of soft silk fabric.

4. Tie “Plastron”, it is often confused with “Ascot”, but, unlike the latter, “Plastron” does not need to be tied. It is sold ready-made, fastens according to the "Regatta" principle.

5. A bow tie is most often seen in combination with a vest. This, as they say, is a classic of the genre. A black butterfly dresses for a tuxedo, a white one for a tailcoat.


The classic option remains the ratio of the tie, the lapels of the jacket and the bend of the collar of the shirt.

Wide models the stats of a large man are emphasized subtle options it’s better to leave a slim physique for guys.

According to etiquette node size also should not argue with the width of the tie and the gate.

How to wear a tie with a shirt

In order to wear a shirt on the run, you need to have a very slim figure and not have problems with being overweight. In principle, young men can afford it. An adult impressive person himself will be embarrassed for his appearance. If you really want to put on a shirt on the run and tie a tie to it, then you should opt for a tandem in a single color scheme. It is desirable that the color and pattern of the tie be similar to the color and pattern of the cuffs and collar of the shirt.

A plain gray, white or black shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbow in combination with a thin black tie will look beautiful. It looks especially stylish with jeans (on a slim figure.).

Young people can afford to wear a tie with a plaid shirt with a short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve, but adult uncles do not need such experiments.

Correct length

The tie should lightly touch the top of the trouser belt. The norm is also considered a belt overlap for a couple of centimeters. When trousers with low or high waist are guided by the physiological line of the belt.

However, the latest fashion trends welcome the amazing metamorphosis of wearing:

  • It is allowed to tuck a tie into pants if a vest is put on over the shirt.
  • An interesting look is a tie tucked into a shirt at the level of 3-4 buttons. So you can visually adjust its length.
  • According to etiquette, it is indecent for a man to wear short styles, unless this is required by a special dress code for a party or any event after 19.00. The exception is the butterfly.

The necessary length is created if properly tied. It is important that the part adjacent to the body is shorter, but experts do not advise tightening the knot tightly. This creates the effect of flatulence and constriction.

Classic pants

Another item of men's wardrobe, adapted to the female figure of the same Coco Chanel and entered the female fashion thanks in large part to Marlene Dietrich, is an integral part of the so-called basic wardrobe. To make the model of classic trousers fit any look, it is worth giving preference to models sitting on the figure with a straight or slightly flared cut from the hip and a waist fit sewn from quality fabric, and preferably black or dark blue.

  • What to wear: In addition to a business look with classic blouses and pumps, trousers allow you to create sets in casual style. They can be worn with a T-shirt, vest, and bomber jackets and jackets of various lengths, including elongated, and leather jackets, are perfect as outerwear.

How to wear a tie with jeans

A favorite option for American men's clothing is a combination of jeans, a jacket and a tie. Although this is against the laws of fashion and style. However ... What ties would be appropriate for jeans?

1) the Bolo tie is an invention of the Indians. And he is not a tie as such. Rather, a clip on two ropes, but it looks stylish, and you can combine it not only with jeans, but also with leather trousers.

2) a narrow tie with jeans of the same color, preferably dark blue, would be appropriate.

3) jeans with a shirt and tie look good in the same style and color scheme. This outfit can be complemented with matching sneakers.

4) plaid ties will be combined with jeans. Then all the elements of the wardrobe need to be selected not to match.

5) jeans and a short-sleeved shirt are combined with a tie if the shirt pattern is identical with the color of the tie itself.

6) jeans and a tie can also be worn with a jacket, but then you will look like a poor student.

7) young people can afford a combination of jeans, a tie and sneakers.

How to wear a tie - common mistakes

Possessing the wrong tie is like trying to put a square in a circle: it does not fit, annoys, causes despair and bewilderment. The most common mistake that men make when buying a tie is to choose a tie that does not fit either with their wardrobe.

Either it is not combined with their external data, or with both.

Fisherman's sweater

“Fisherman's” (or Aranian) sweater, which came into world fashion from the wardrobe of Irish sailors, has become an integral part of not only men's, but also women's wardrobe. Such sweaters are easy to distinguish from others in a pattern resembling interwoven ropes symbolizing fishing nets. “Fishing” sweaters, as a rule, have natural colors: white, beige, green, gray, brown, but if you want to buy a universal thing, you should give preference to white or beige models.

  • What to wear: Long pleated skirts, jeans of any cut (from classic to skinny), woolen shorts or denim shorts, classic trousers or skinny - all these wardrobe items are perfectly combined with an Aranian sweater, diluting its brutality.


Shorts of this style were invented for the British military, located in Bermuda. Initially, they had patch pockets, but over time, a model appeared without them, which became an actual subject of women's wardrobe. To make the model universal, you should choose neutral Bermuda 10 cm above the knee, with a waist fit or slightly lower that resemble classic pants.

  • What to wear: Depending on the season and material, they can be worn with a shirt, t-shirt, vest, jacket, bomber jacket. Creating an image for work, one should not forget that the business style does not allow bare legs, so in this case, under Bermuda, you should wear flesh-colored tights. Shoes can be anything, the main thing is that it harmonizes with the image.

What shirts are worn?

A tie is a great addition to almost any men's shirt. There are a very small number of restrictions associated with a combination of tie and shirt. This accessory is never worn:

  1. with hawaiian color shirts.
  2. With thick cowboy shirts with stripes, epaulets and hinged pockets.
  3. With shirts made from crushed fabric (i.e. from fabric deliberately wrinkled during production).

The best option for a combination is a classic men's shirt.

Shirt and sleeve length

The length of the shirt itself does not play a significant role, because usually it is tucked into trousers. However, the sleeve length is a rather controversial and controversial issue.

Around the acceptability of wearing adult short-sleeved shirts there is a lot of talk and debate, but in most cases everyone agrees that usually a tie does not fit well with a short sleeve. There is always a risk of turning a stylish look into the uniform of a security guard or consultant in a store.

If you really want to put on a short sleeve with a tie, you can find a way out by rolling up the sleeves of a regular shirt by ¾ or to the elbow.

White sneakers

Every season, sports (and not only) brands offer us a large number of white sneakers of a very different design - from shoes on familiar soles to creepy models with a hidden platform that were recently at the height of fashion. However, it is sneakers that invariably remain popular - you can meet them not only on the streets of cities, but also on the podium. For sneakers to be truly universal, you should choose a classic model - with laces and a flat sole of standard height.

  • What to wear: Despite the fact that white sneakers are a thing from the “unisex” category, they can be part of a very feminine look, because they can be combined with wide skirts with floral prints and dresses in linen style. Sneakers can be complemented with a denim set, a classic suit, and an elegant outfit with a tuxedo. But creating an image in a sports style requires certain skills and the ability to balance on the fine line between taste and bad taste.

Shirt off

Wearing a tie with a shirt on the run is an extremely risky step. In order for such a combination not to look ridiculous, it is necessary to have a slender fit figure, and the shirt should sit tight.

Moreover, it should not be too long.

In any case, this combination refers to the informal style and will most successfully look at a fashionable youth party.

Tie without a jacket

Wearing a tie without a jacket is only permissible in an informal setting. (see previous paragraphs). The strict classical style of clothing implies a tie as an integral addition to a classic suit, and a suit is unthinkable without a jacket.

Without the upper part of the suit, you can easily turn into the notorious sales assistant or waiter. So at serious events, you should either wear a tie with a jacket, or abandon both parts of the wardrobe.

It is worth noting that such restrictions do not apply to cases when you take off your jacket in a hot room and carry it in your hands, or hang it on the back of the chair on which you are sitting.

Classic Wool Coat

Although a camel coat is considered a classic coat, it is more demanding in terms of color combinations. Therefore, if you need a model that complements any set of clothes, you should give preference to the black, white or dark blue version. Do not buy an oversize coat, it is better to pay attention to fitted or straight double-breasted coats with or without a belt, knee-length or slightly lower. Models without buttons are also better left aside, because in cool weather they will not be very comfortable.

  • What to wear: Perhaps this is one of those rare wardrobe items that can be combined with almost any clothes and shoes: turtlenecks, sweaters, blouses, jeans, dress pants, maxi and mini dresses and skirts, boots, shoes and even sneakers. The only thing you should not wear a classic coat with is frankly sporty.


Perhaps the most controversial thing on our list, which is most often treated as a thing from a tourist’s wardrobe. However, you should not look so narrowly at the park, because it has long migrated from mountain hikes to the wardrobe of fashionistas and to the catwalks. In addition, it is a great alternative to fur coats made of natural fur, which all leading fashion houses have abandoned. As in most cases, when it comes to a universal thing, preference should be given to one-color models of calm shades, and best of all, a neutral color.

  • What to wear: Despite the seeming limitations, the park can be worn not only with jeans, but also with dresses, skirts, complementing them with both boots and shoes and tight tights. In addition, with a certain skill in the parks, more classic and business images can be supplemented.

Black turtleneck

Black turtlenecks came into fashion back in the 1960s and were so fond of fashionistas that for almost half a century they have not changed. These turtlenecks were worn by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and modern celebrities are happy to wear them. Despite the variety of colors, it was a black turtle neck sweater that became a fashion classic and must be in the wardrobe of every owner of good taste.

  • What to wear: With anything. Whatever image you choose, what style of clothing you prefer, a black turtleneck can be worn anytime, anywhere.

Tie and vest

Vest - the third part of the classic costume, made in the form of a tight-fitting sleeveless jacket. Usually a vest looks great in combination with a tie. Many consider this option to be very courageous and elegant.

However, as in the case of wearing a short-sleeved shirt, a man must have a taut figure, not have excess weight and a “beer belly” in order to safely put on a vest with a tie and look one hundred percent.

Dress shirt neutral color

Dress shirt, although it resembles one of the most important men's wardrobe items, but it is an ideal basis for any, even the most delicate image. Despite the variety of models and colors, those who want to invest in a universal thing should pay attention to the models of the same neutral colors and classic cut, namely those that look like a regular, only elongated men's shirt.

  • What to wear: Dress-shirt can be both an independent subject of wardrobe, and "work" complete with other things. It can be worn with skinny jeans, tied with a belt at the waist or unbuttoning buttons, and under a sweater or jacket. Pumps, sandals, sneakers, sneakers and even boots - all this goes well with this style of dress.


Loafers are an example of how boring at first glance classic shoes can be the subject of a special love for a real fashionista. Loafers are similar in shape to moccasins, but they are distinguished by a hard sole, the presence of a small heel and buckles (jumpers) or tassels. Loafers gained popularity in the 60s of the last century (in many respects thanks to Grace Kelly) and still do not lose it. To choose a model that suits both a skirt and jeans, you should pay attention to brown or black shoes with metal or leather jumpers and a heel of a classic height for this model.

  • What to wear: Of course, a win-win version of the look completed by the loafers will be business-style clothing: pants or a skirt, a jacket and a blouse. But if you choose the right colors, then with jeans of any model, loafers will look stylish and organic. Do not be afraid to wear them with dresses that emphasize femininity - some coarseness of the shoes will make the image even more tender.

How to wear and choose a tie?

The basis of the rules for choosing a tie is a combination of things of different colors in different proportions.

When wearing three plain things, you should adhere to the following combinations:

  • a dark suit, a light shirt, a tie a tone darker than a shirt and a tone lighter than a suit - the perfect classic combination.
  • A suit of medium tones, a light shirt, a dark tie is another common stylish option.
  • A light suit, a shirt of medium tones, a dark tie - a more risky combination. Such a gradation from the edges to the center is not suitable for all men.

When combining two plain things and one object with a drawing, there are such combinations:

  1. plain jacket and shirt, tie with a pattern.
  2. Plain jacket and tie, patterned shirt.
  3. A jacket with a pattern, a shirt and a tie in plain color.

For a successful combination of two things with a picture and one plain object, it is recommended to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • with a monophonic jacket, the drawings of a tie and a shirt should vary in character and match in color.
  • When combining a patterned jacket and tie and a plain shirt, it is important that the patterns of the tie and jacket are similar, but differ in scale. So you avoid at the same time excessive variegation and draining of various items of the costume.
  • When wearing a plain tie with a jacket and shirt decorated with a pattern, the following rule must be observed: the patterns must match in color and be different.

Most common mistakes

Mistakes occur when wearing any thing, to say nothing of such a difficult accessory, like a tie. The misses listed below are most typical when choosing and wearing this wardrobe item. Try not to let them, if you want to keep your appearance attractive and neat.

  1. The most common mistake is the wrong tie length. Ideally, its tip should reach the belt buckle. If you wear jeans with a low waist, the tie should not differ in length from the standard option - you do not need to pull it down strongly.
  2. Another common mistake is the wrong width. The width of the tie should be in harmony with both the lapels of the jacket and the height of the collar. It is also unacceptable to wear a “herring” by large people, as well as wearing a tie 8-9 centimeters wide by short fragile young men.

Such options look disharmonious and simply ridiculous. A tie, like any other thing, should be chosen "size".

  • A tie knot is the most important detail, without which this accessory would not have its recognizable appearance. Losing options: a large knot with a small collar, a small knot with a high collar. Also avoid massive artsy knots. Most often, they look out of place and do not add style to you at all.
  • Incorrectly selected colors can merge a tie and a shirt into a single, illegible mass.

    It is important to observe the contrast in the colors of these details of the wardrobe.

  • Too bright, colorful ties can not only give you an infantile, frivolous look, but also cause an attack of a headache in the interlocutor.
  • The gap between the tie and the stand collar looks ugly and messy. Of course, slight negligence can add special charm to your image, but only in two cases. First - you are able to correctly formalize negligence. The second - you do not use this technique in a strict business style.
  • A tie with an elastic band - without. If you are not a primary school student and not a bodyguard who does not have a ribbon stretched around his neck for duty, forget about this accessory once and for all.
  • Tie with jeans

    It goes well with denim trousers if you choose a shirt with a short sleeve or a classic dress or a herring and put on a jacket over it. This is a traditional street style ensemble. Classic shoes are suitable for them.

    Important! Jeans are best chosen strict, blue, without print, abrasion, patches and holes.

    Tie with a vest - trendy combination. Sleeveless can be knitted, flannel, tweed. In this case, the accessory should be correctly tucked into trousers or between buttons.

    Knitted tie with a knitted vest looks elegant.

    Neck scarf

    The progenitor of a classic tie looks cheeky, but right. Combining it with a traditional costume is allowed at informal meetings, but when you need to impress.

    Beautifully accentuate the neck length of the scarf, which is also matched to a vest or jacket. Wearing a scarf on one shirt is allowed for hooligans and motorcyclists.

    The bow tie

    This is one of the options for the traditional style, which is worn to a light, better white shirt with a starched collar. A black tuxedo remains the prerequisite - the perfect ensemble for a festive gala event. If the purpose of such clothes is evening, light suits are allowed.

    It is believed that it’s right to tie a butterfly yourself, from elastic models, so as not to spoil the reputation, it’s right to refuse.

    Women's ties

    From movies about emancipated women and from the life of stewardesses came female styles. Everyone can wear them correctly. It is enough to choose a short cut accessory, short (just below the chest). Tie it loose. A slightly relaxed knot will give out a stylish but sensual woman.

    It is not difficult to combine it correctly with clothes. It is enough to choose a business suit or dress made of heavy materials - and the elegant ensemble is ready.

    The color palette of clothes and accessories should be in harmony - warm colors do not mix with cold ones.

    Blazers and sports jackets

    Like classic suits, blazers require a tie and are usually combined with club or striped ties. Sports jackets are more informal and, depending on the type and tone of the fabric, can be complemented by ties with a woolen texture, or silk neckerchiefs.

    In any case, considering how to wear a tie, you should adhere to all of the above principles of compatibility.

    Watch the video: 5 Tips Matching Ties Shirts & Jackets. Rules On Matching Clothing. Suit Shirt Tie How To Match (February 2020).

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