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How to choose a men's shirt in size, style and quality?

A shirt is a business card of a man and an important element of the wardrobe. A well-fitting shirt allows the owner to look solid and impressive, and in order not to be mistaken with the choice of a suitable cut, a table of sizes of men's shirts will help a man.

A huge assortment of different textiles gives the man the opportunity to choose a shirt for all occasions, whether it be a business meeting, an office option, a gala event, a romantic date or a walk in the fresh air.

How to find out the size of your shirt

To determine your size, you need to take a centimeter tape and spend several minutes of free time.

Often guys make a mistake when they buy a shirt, focusing on only one parameter. For example, the collar sits perfectly, and the sleeves are large. To avoid problems with such situations, you need to know all the parameters: girth of the neck, chest region and waist.

So, you can make measurements in the following way:

    Stand straight, straighten your shoulders and relax. No need to retract the belly, otherwise it may affect the tailoring of the future shirt. Measure the collar area. An ideal place for measuring the girth of the neck is located under the Adam's apple. There should be a small distance between the collar and the neck, about 2 centimeters. So you just pick up the shirt just right, not causing a sense of tightness. Successfully measured collar area will allow you to freely move your neck without uncomfortable sensation.

If a shirt with a large collar, you should not wear it, since a tie can deform its shape, which is bad for the appearance. If the size of the collar of the shirt is incorrectly selected, the presence of a jacket will not hide an obvious drawback. When buying a men's shirt, pay attention to the double designation. For example, OSH 41 cm, so you need to buy 41 sizes. With an OSH of 41.5 cm, you can purchase a double size 41/42.

  • When choosing a men's shirt, you must consider the length of the sleeve. Apply a centimeter from the beginning of the palm to the shoulder. By measuring the parameters of the sleeve, bend the arm at the elbow. Fix the received value. Then measure the distance from the protruding vertebra of the neck to the shoulder. Add the number to the size of the sleeve. If you get a number less than 81 cm, then you made erroneous measurements. Indicative figures should be in a radius of 81 cm to 94 cm.
  • Measure your chest and waist. Add another 10 centimeters to the result. The final value is a parameter for determining the ideal size of the men's shirt, which will not hamper the movement and fit the figure tightly. Divide the total number in half. So you know your size. For example, a waist circumference of 100 cm is equal to the 50th size of the shirt, that is, we divide by two.
  • On some shirts you can see the inscriptions on the labels: regular fit - tailoring for tight men, slim fit - for a slim physique, that is, tailored to the figure, with narrow sleeves, extra long - models of elongated shirts for very tall men.

    Men's Shirts Size Chart

    In various countries, manufacturers install their own dimensional grids, which are different from each other. This discrepancy causes frequent difficulties for buyers. Using comparative tables, you can choose the right size.

    Some foreign garment factories use dimensional nets that do not differ much from Russian tables. But there is one point - American and English manufacturers take an inch equivalent to approximately 2.54 cm per unit. Accordingly, to calculate the foreign parameter, you need to divide the Russian size by 2.54 cm. For example, the domestic 44th size will be identical English 17th.

    To determine the parameter of the European manufacturer, it is necessary to take the size of the neck circumference as a basis. For example, the European S (37-38) corresponds to the neck circumference (37-38) cm. But the same S (37-38) is similar to the 44 or 46 size clothing of Russian manufacturers.

    Neck circumference (cm)RussiaGermany, Turkey, FranceEngland, AmericaInternational

    Use a simple and convenient table to compare values:

    Russian size (cm)4244464850525456586062
    European size (cm)XSSMLXLXXLXxxlXxxxl___
    Size / Height (cm)42/16444/17046/17048/17650/17652/18254/18256/18858/18860/19462/194

    Definition of dimensional values

    European S (37-38) - a product of a classic or fitted cut corresponds to Russian shirts 44-46.

    M with OSH (39-40) - classic or fitted models with Russian parameters 48-50.

    L with a girth of the neck (41-42) - standard sewing of models is identical to the domestic 50-52.

    XL (43-44) - designed for men of large physique with a dimensional grid of 54-56.

    XXL with a girth of the neck (45-46) - classic tailoring for men of high stature. Correspond to the Russian parameter 54-56.

    For each next X in the marking you need to add one Russian size.

    How to choose a men's shirt

    When choosing your favorite model, pay attention to the following points:

    • The cuffs of the shirt should be 1.5-2 cm below the sleeve of the jacket.
    • Check out the shirt material. Preferred models made from soft cotton. Such products are pleasant to the touch, let in air, which allows the body to breathe. Products with one hundred percent cotton quickly crease. Buy a shirt with the addition of synthetics. Synthetic fabric is easy to wash and iron. In the cold season, you can replenish your wardrobe with a shirt made of knitted material.
    • Choosing a shirt for a jacket, give preference to light colors. So you will make a contrast between a dark suit and a light shirt.
    • Check the number of stitches on the shirt. According to GOST, quality products must contain 8 stitches per centimeter. Buttons should be sewn in the correct location and match the color of the model. The very last button is sewn a couple of centimeters below the belt, otherwise it will bulge out from under it and expose the stomach. A sign of a good shirt is the presence of buttons with a mother of pearl shimmer.

    If you are unable to determine the parameters of your shirt yourself, contact your sales consultant for help. He will determine the measurements and, based on your tastes, select the model.

    How to choose a shirt by designation

    Many manufacturers leave a written designation on the product label:

    "Small" - corresponds to a sleeve length of 81-84 cm and a collar girth of the neck 37-38 cm.

    "Medium" - identical to the length of the sleeve 81-84 cm and the collar OSH 39-40 cm.

    "Large" - corresponds to a sleeve of 85-89 cm and a girth of the collar zone 41-42 cm.

    X-Large - corresponds to the size of the neck 43-44 cm and the length of the sleeve 85-89 cm.

    "XX-Large" - a gate with a parameter of 45-46 cm with a sleeve of 89-92 cm.

    If you correctly measured your parameters, comparing with the table and calculating the desired size will not be difficult. A successfully selected men's shirt can turn an inconspicuous man into a handsome handsome man.

    Rules for choosing a style and style?

    To decide how to choose a shirt for a man, you need to understand the classifications and styles of such a wardrobe item. Stylists advise men to primarily distinguish a classic shirt from sports models, knowing their features and distinctive features. Classic shirts have the following properties:

    • concise and restrained colors,
    • the absence of pockets and prints on them, let's say a barely noticeable pattern,
    • Tight collar shape to wear a tie,
    • the curved shape of the bottom of the shirt,
    • thin weaving and softness of the fabric.

    Sports shirts can radically differ from the classics, be bright in color and print, with decorative elements, shortened, spacious or narrowed models, with a soft collar of various shapes or without it at all. Next, a man should familiarize himself with the basic styles of shirts that today are offered by designer and fashion designers. Namely:

    • Slim Fit Slim Fit Men's Shirt,
    • a classic shirt for a pantsuit and tie,
    • Custom-Fit shirt with a loose cut for any shape to match with a jacket.

    Three models of shirts are recognized as real men's classics, the first model is more suitable for young and strong physique for men, the other two are universal and can look spectacular on a man of any age and equipment. No less important is the shirt collar, which is an indicator of style and men's fashion. Today, stylists advise distinguishing the following types of collars:

    • wide-necked French shark collar
    • a butterfly collar, in the rack of which sharp edges extend along the sides at an angle of 45 degrees,
    • collar tab with a jumper-hauling and a fastener on a button or button,
    • batten-down dense resistant collar of a turn-down form with the extended edges fastened to a shirt,
    • Crombi collar of a rectangular wide shape with the edges down,
    • the collar is varno-sealed with standing edges that do not touch the shirt,
    • the mandarin of the gate in the form of a narrow strip wrapping around the neck due to the standing position.

    Choice of fabric and quality

    To choose a shirt for a man who will serve for more than one year, you need to pay attention first of all to its quality and production materials. In addition, tissue can directly affect a man’s health, for example, if he is prone to allergic reactions. Under a classic trouser suit, a shirt consisting of 100% cotton is ideal.

    Synthetic impurities in fact can only improve the quality of the shirt, if provided no more than 10%. For casual style, stylists recommend shirts made of silk, linen and denim, linen shirts will help protect against the cold season. Denim models are more suitable for grunge style or sports wardrobe, a lot depends on their style and cut. High-quality models are primarily offered by well-known brands of men's clothing.

    Color schemes

    The choice of color and print of the shirt directly depends on its style, general image and dress of the man, as well as the nature of the event for which the shirt will be worn. Stylists believe that a white shirt should be in the wardrobe of every modern man, regardless of age and style of dress.

    For everyday wear, you should prefer plain, calm colors, 2-3 color combinations in it are allowed. Pastel colors are suitable for official meetings, bright colors - for entertainment events.


    In the wardrobe of a modern man, there should be several shirts at once, differing in style, color scheme, style load. One should be a classic and restrained color for work and formal occasions, the other should be spacious and calm for everyday wear, regardless of events in life. It is also necessary to have a model in the wardrobe that will be bright, stylish for the holidays and meetings with friends. It remains only to calculate your size and perfect style for the figure.

    We learn about different dimensional values ​​in more detail.

    Depending on the style of the product, the Euro-size of the shirts S corresponds to the Russian values ​​44-46 or 46-48. Such products are available in classic cut (regular fit), in fitted cut (slim fit), or extra long - for buyers of high growth.

    Euro - size M - this is 46-48 or 48-50 Russian dimensional values. As for the EUR S size, classic or fitted styles are available, as well as models for tall extra long.

    Euro-models of size L (neck circumference 41-42 cm) can correspond to the Russian values ​​of 48-50, as well as 50-52. The gradation of the models is standard: regular fit (classic), slim fit (according to the figure), extra long - for the lucky owners of high growth.

    The Euro XL figures (with a collar size of 43-44 cm) correspond to our size nets 50-52 or 52-54. For this size, standard types of cut are assumed - classic, in the waist or for large growth.

    EUR XXL, at which the neck girth is 45–46 cm, can correspond to the Russian dimensional grid 52–54, or 54–56. They can be produced in a classic, fitted form, or in the form of models for tall.

    If the girth of the gate was from 47 to 48 cm, then this means that the shirt must be bought with the marking XXXL, which corresponds to the Russian 54-56 or 56-58 sizes. From existing models, you can choose the appropriate: classic, waist or tall man.

    Such models on large men with a neck circumference of 49-50 cm can have a Russian size 56–58 or 58–60. Unlike previous sizes, these products can be produced in a classic form or for large growth.

    The value XXXXXL implies a girth of about 50 cm, which is assumed for men who are suitable for 60 - 62 Russian sizes. For a large size range, the following cut models are offered - classic or growth above average.

    What you need to know before buying

    And finally, a few valuable tips:

    • The sleeve cuff of a classic shirt should protrude 1.5-2 centimeters beyond the sleeve of a jacket or blazer.
    • When choosing your favorite model, take a closer look at the composition of the material. It is best if cotton prevails in it - such products are hygroscopic, allowing the skin to breathe without causing excessive sweating. However, 100 cotton is also not the best option - such a shirt will wrinkle quickly and strongly. Best of all, if the composition of the product material will be 20-30% synthetics. Such a fabric not only retains its shape well, but absorbs dust and moisture less. This quality allows clothes to stay clean longer.
    • And one more universal rule - a shirt should be lighter than a jacket or suit. Although sometimes the combination “dark shirt - light suit” looks very interesting and unusual.

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    How to choose a shirt for a man

    1. A shirt is an essential element of any man’s wardrobe. A wide selection of products does not prevent you from identifying the right model. You only need to know the main nuances that will be your support in the selection.
    2. Initially, you should determine the size of the gap (distance) between the collar of the shirt and the neck. This little detail is actually very important. Please note that for men with a thin neck, this gap should be about 1 cm, and for those with a full and short neck, 1.5-2 cm.
    3. Another important nuance when choosing a men's shirt is the shape of the collar. It can be determined based on the type of person. For men with a thin face, shirts with rounded collars are great. And to hide too long a neck is quite simple with the help of a stand-up collar. If your face is full, a shirt with a turn-down collar and long corners will be the best option for you.
    4. The quality of the shirt can be quickly determined by the number of stitches at the seams. A large number of them indicate high quality, and vice versa. The ideal option is a minimum of 8 stitches per 1 cm of seam.
    5. The collars of high-quality shirts are equipped with plates, thus preventing deformation of their shape after washing.
    6. Carefully examine all the seams on the shirt, they must be smooth and accurate. This is necessary so that the fabric between them does not deteriorate after washing.
    7. Attention: double seams are the main sign of poor quality of any shirt. In order to reduce the time for its manufacture, many manufacturers use two needles at the same time. The use of such a technique results in a number of disadvantages for buyers.
    8. Pay attention to the buttons on the men's shirt. Their color must be pearlescent.
    9. Check for gusset.It serves to strengthen the angle between the shelf and the back, so its presence is required.
    10. On the bottom of the sleeves, at the junction with the cuffs, there should be folds. And the cuffs themselves are usually provided with buttons so that the sleeves do not swing open.
    11. Make sure button loops are horizontal and the sewing is done by hand.
    12. The size of a high-quality shirt always meets the standards, because good manufacturers do not save material. Take a model that is not too short and does not knock out of the trousers on the sides or on the back.

    Knowing how to determine the size of a shirt and following these simple recommendations, any man can easily choose for himself a good model that perfectly combines with other items of clothing.

    How to determine the size of the shirt by the collar

    In order to correctly determine the suitable product, study the table of sizes of shirts for the collar and the values ​​indicated in it.

    The sizes of shirts, as a rule, are denoted by two numbers indicated through a slash. The first digit indicates the volume of the neck, and the second - the length of the sleeve. These designations can be calculated in inches or centimeters.

    Surely you are thinking about how to determine the size of a men's shirt by the collar? Very simple. Take the most common sewing meter and make only two measurements: sleeve length and neck volume.

    How to determine the shirt collar size? Measure the girth of the neck at its very base, in the most voluminous place. Consider the important point - the meter should not squeeze the neck too much. Do not leave too much distance between them. Otherwise, the shirt by such standards will be tight for you or, on the contrary, too loose.

    To take measurements from a sleeve, use someone's help. Because with the right approach, a man should stand straight, and both his hands should be lowered down along the torso. Attach the meter to the middle of the neck and extend it down the shoulder, through the elbow to the wrist. The resulting figure in centimeters will help determine the length of the sleeve. This value is the second most important in shirt size.

    The dimensions of the sleeve and the circumference of the neck are enough to correctly determine the suitable model from the table of sizes of shirts by the collar. These sizes automatically include indicators of growth and fullness of the man.

    Different countries use different systems to determine clothing size. Therefore, size comparison tables (for example, English and Russian) were developed. Thus, knowing the two main measures will help you determine the size that is right for you in any circumstances.

    Surely you saw on some shirts the size designation not in numbers, but in letters (S, M, L, XL). How to determine the collar of a shirt by the size of clothes with such markings? If you do not have the opportunity to try on such a shirt, do not rush to refuse to buy it. You only need to find out the parameters that are hidden in these letters.

    Size S indicates the following sizes: neck volume - 37-38 cm, sleeve length - 81-84 cm. Shirts for men of large sizes are marked with letters from "XL". For example, a shirt with the designation “XXL” is designed for men with sizes: sleeve length - up to 92 cm, neck circumference - 45-46 cm.

    Knowledge of the Russian size allows you to determine the desired European size. So, people with 44 sizes can wear clothes with the designation “S”. 46 means “M”, 50 means European “L”, and 52 means “XL”, respectively.

    Now you know how to determine the size of the shirt collar and, using just a couple of parameters, choose the ideal model for you.

    How to determine shirt size by shoulders, sleeves and height

    The most accurate result will require outside help. By measuring yourself, you can determine the wrong data due to improper body position, because you need to stand upright.

    To correctly measure the shirt in the shoulders, stand straight and keep it free, do not bend or straighten the shoulders. Then ask your assistant to measure the distance from one shoulder to the other. You can use the well-known method: measure the distance between the shoulder seams on your old shirt (T-shirt) that sits well on you.

    Wrong sleeve lengths can significantly spoil the look. Try to carefully check the sleeves when buying a shirt.

    To determine the size of a shirt by sleeves:

    1. Bend your arm.
    2. Measure the length of the arm (from shoulder to wrist).

    Another tip on how to determine the size of a man’s shirt: its size should correspond to your height. This means that the length should be optimal, with the ability to tuck the shirt into pants or jeans. Then she will not jump out with every movement.

    How to determine the size of a shirt for a girl

    Shirts for women are diverse in styles, but even the most loose products should not be chosen “by eye”. To accurately determine the size of a shirt, a woman needs to know the following parameters:

    • height,
    • chest girth (OG),
    • waist circumference (OT),
    • hip circumference (OB).

    The circumference of the hips and chest should be measured at the most prominent points. And the waist circumference is, on the contrary, in the thinnest part. The most important condition is the measurement of all parameters in the natural state of the body, with normal posture. Hold the meter horizontally. It’s best and most convenient to use the help of another person. After all, with accurate measurements it will be much easier to determine the appropriate size of the women's shirt, and the result will be optimal.

    If necessary, measure additional parameters: the length of the back to the waist, the length of the sleeve. The length of the sleeve is measured by the distance from the shoulder to the wrist with a slightly bent arm, and the length of the back is from the collar to the waist line. Sometimes these data are necessary in order to more accurately determine the size of the tight-fitting models of women's shirts.

    To quickly find out how to determine the size of a shirt by international marking (XS, S, M, L), use the special table.

    How to determine the size of children's shirts

    How to determine the shirt size for a boy and a girl? Children's sizes can be determined as follows:

    • the size corresponds to the circumference of the neck (OS) or the collar,
    • size corresponds to age and height (P).

    These dimensional nets are used by many Russian manufacturers. Calculation example: a child at 10 years old with a height of 140 cm and a neck circumference of 32 cm will have 32 sizes.

    For instance: Children's shirts are often divided based on the gender of the child.

    The most accurate and accurate data for a suitable size children's shirt can be obtained by measuring additional parameters:

    • chest circumference (OG),
    • shoulder width (SHP),
    • sleeve length (DR).

    For instance: a child with a chest circumference of 81 cm, a shoulder width of 35.5 cm, a sleeve length of 47 cm and a neck circumference of 30 cm, fits the 30th Russian size.

    Different approaches of different manufacturers in determining size:
    How to determine the shirt size for the smallest? For children under four years old, some manufacturers indicate a size similar to their height (with a standard physique). So a child with a height of 62 cm has a 62nd shirt size.

    Important: the above data are necessary in order to determine the proportionality and complexion of the figure.

    You can also use the tables by age, as well as the circumference of the chest (OG) and neck (OS).

    Then the shirt size can be determined:

    • for girls - in the semicircle of the chest,
    • for boys - around the circumference of the neck.

    General tips on how to miscalculate with shirt size

    1. Buy shirts at specialized points of sale to avoid the risk of buying low-quality goods and try on your favorite model on the spot. Follow the guidelines below when trying on.
    2. Make sure that the buttoned collar does not bite into the neck. Between him and the neck should be two connected fingers.
    3. When changing a shirt, change also a jacket. Ideally, the sleeves of the shirt should be visible from under the sleeves of the jacket by 1 cm.
    4. Make sure that the shirt cuffs fit tightly on your wrist and at the same time make it possible to see the dial of the watch.
    5. Carefully study the composition of the fabric. An excellent option would be not completely cotton material, but with a content of 5-10% synthetics. Such a shirt will not sit down after washing. If you still prefer pure cotton, choose a shirt among the most expensive models. Such shirts are made of fabric pre-treated with hot steam so that it does not sit down.

    Where to buy quality shirts

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    Shirt by the type of figure

    The easiest way is for owners of an athletic type of male figure. Absolutely all shirt models will suit these handsome men. The fitted styles, sports, asymmetric look especially effectively. Slender young people can not be afraid of bright colors and decor - they will add additional accents to the image, help create a bright presentable bow and, of course, demonstrate the relief results of work in the gym.

    For men of athletic build fit fitted shirts of bright colors

    Those who are guided by the principle that “there should be a lot of good people” are better not to abuse the catchy colors. The optimal shirt palette for the heroic type of male figure is muted pastel colors, gray, olive, calm shades of brown. The shirt style for the type of male figure with a tummy is better to choose a free one. Avoid the balloon effect. In this case, tightening the form is contraindicated.

    The type of male figure with narrow shoulders is suitable for shirts of light colors of a sports or military style. Such an element in a cut as textile overlays on the shoulders - “a la shoulder straps” - will help to add the missing volume in the shoulders. "Extra places" in the figure will be successfully hidden. The color in this case is better to choose the appropriate military style - dark green and its combination with brown, beige, canary.

    The straight style of the models visually slim and gives the silhouette a static

    How to choose a men's shirt in style, color and decor

    For fashionable, business men, a presentable, modern appearance is significant. Shirts give solidity, a certain style to the image. We’ll tell you how to choose a men's shirt, taking into account the color, style, decorative details.

    Pantsuits, tuxedos with traditional shirts are selected for special occasions. Pay attention to men's shirts of gentle, pastel shades. Suitable for a solid image of a shirt with a delicate, floral ornament, in a thin, light strip. You can combine traditional snow-white shirt with narrow trousers and a smart tuxedo.

    How to choose men's shirts for everyday wear depends on the color scheme. Dark brown, gray or burgundy tones are comfortable and practical. Choose stylish color men's shirts as an addition to calm, plain jeans and trousers.

    Choose stylish color men's shirts as an addition to relaxed, plain jeans and trousers.

    Often men wonder how to choose a men's shirt in a suitable style. For a strict dress code, choose an ensemble from a straight, slightly loose shirt. They differ in collars: for ordinary ties, bow ties, stand-up collar. Choose stylish models with button closures and cufflinks. It is convenient to wear such shirts by rolling up the pullover sleeves to demonstrate beautiful cuffs.

    More laid-back men's shirts have a semi-fitted silhouette. And how to choose such models will tell fashion trends. These are shirts from denim, cotton with patchpockets, inserts, stripes, epaulets.

    The question is how to choose men's shirts simple and complex. Choose styles that are suitable for your figure, feel free to combine colors. The decision to choose stylish shirts will be easy and enjoyable!

    Feel free to combine sets with T-shirts, T-shirts, ripped jeans, sneakers

    Classic men's shirts: timeless style

    Classic shirts are the foundation of modern gentlemen's wardrobe. Classic men's shirts are not interchangeable both in everyday life and at celebrations. We will talk about fabrics, cut details of classic men's shirts and their specific features.

    Classic shirts are made from natural, cotton fibers, processed materials, without the addition of synthetics. Сasual shirts are made of dense, coarse Oxford fabric. Thanks to special processing, this quality material is soft, body-friendly and practical to wear.

    Men's traditional twill twill shirts look interesting and rich. She has a special herringbone pattern that creates a three-dimensional fabric structure for classic men's shirts.

    Create individual stylish looks with classic men's shirts and draped jackets, silk shawls, ties

    Decorative elements of classic men's shirts have their own characteristics. The traditional shirt has several shapes and designs of collars. It depends on the style of your image.

    The classic form is a strict, official version of the collar of a men's shirt. It has sharp ends that are located at some distance. The classic collar is suitable for wearing a neckerchief and tie. To keep it in shape, use a special support plate for the shirt.

    A turn-down collar with rounded, oval-shaped ends is called a shark collar. Its ends are turned in different directions and form a small triangle. Classic men's shirts with shark collars are worn with traditional ties.

    Specialized shops and clothing stores are full of models of classic men's shirts. Good fitting and shopping!

    Denim shirt - selection for wardrobe

    A denim shirt does not get tired of hitting us every season. In the summer and autumn of 2018, denim shirts inspired inspiration from designers. Male models are presented in classic, casual, sports and social styles. In other words, a denim shirt can be matched to any occasion and at the same time be able to competently fit it with other elements of the wardrobe.

    In variations of clothes for office, a jeans shirt is better to choose a low-key, no frills in the decor and creative solutions in a cut. This is not at all difficult to do. In the summer and autumn of 2018, a plain denim shirt in saturated blue, sky blue, as well as check colors in accordance with the latest trends in Casual style, is relevant. Solid models can be safely combined with fitted single-breasted jackets.

    The casual-style, which modern men choose for walks, romantic dates, going to the cinema, allows to enter prints and drawings into the world of jeans shirts.Here we see models flavored with original prints, geometric shapes, inscriptions and drawings.

    A special place in the fashion collections of jeans shirts is occupied by applications that designers placed on pockets, lapels, collars, cuffs and large-scale on the back. You can effectively demonstrate the most outstanding details of a thing in combination with jeans or breeches, which are two or three colors different from a jeans shirt. For a secular party or a night club, fitted models are perfect. Color, print, decor - here you can not be shy. The brighter the image, the louder your success.

    Denim shirts will look elegant and organic in a duet with denim and linen trousers.

    Pink men's shirts: models in pink

    Many modern men are no longer afraid of pink in classic clothes. The popularity of the pink palette extends primarily to the chemise. If you want to buy a men's shirt in this particular range, it is important to choose the right shade that will be combined not only with the suit, but also with your skin:

    1. Firstly, stylists do not recommend buying men's pink shirts if your face easily acquires a reddish hue. In extreme cases, you can try on a version of a light shirt with a subtle pale pink rose.
    2. Secondly, men with a pale skin can buy a man’s shirt in a cold pink palette. Very bright, “dynamic” and frankly “puppet” shades are better avoided. Warm pink options are good for tanned skin - from peach to coral. But if your skin is more likely olive, measure and buy a man’s shirt of juicy pink color - such a bold thing will only decorate you.
    3. Thirdly, do not forget about the suit, which will frame the purchased men's shirt. As part of the business dress code, pinks combine well with two blue and gray (for “cold” skin) or brown and blue (for “warm” skin) colors.

    In addition, one should turn to fashion trends: pastel pink shades are relevant this year - that is, soft, from under which a white sheet appears to shine through.

    If you still doubt whether you need a pink shirt, remember: according to statistics, men who wear pink at work tend to achieve greater success than their conservative colleagues. The whole thing is decisive and positive.

    Buy such a man’s shirt, and you are guaranteed to get into the trends

    Shirts with short sleeves: convenience and style

    Fashion surprises with a variety of short-sleeved shirts. Popular outfits for men attract attention with their color, style and decorative details. With summer, comfortable models it is easy to experiment and create your own, unique image.

    Shirts with a short sleeve - a real find for men! Fashionable combinations and variations of shirts are relevant with classic ties, creative bow ties, neckerchiefs. To create a laid-back look, you can wear them without fastening the top button.

    Traditional short-sleeved shirts have a pointed collar. With trouser suits, elegant shoes, shirts look strictly and in a businesslike way. Use white short sleeve shirts to create a business look. Add accessories: watches, briefcase.

    If you like to wear fashionable shirts without ties and butterflies, then feel free to purchase summer models without a collar. They have a slightly deflated armhole and resemble a men's vest.

    These stylish short-sleeved shirts are suitable for creative, extraordinary men.

    The polo shirt looks harmonious and spectacular. Men's outfit made of fine textured knitwear with characteristic details of the cut diversifies the wardrobe. Combine such a short-sleeved shirt with jeans, skinny trousers.

    The color scheme of short-sleeved shirts includes plain, calm colors, as well as bright and bold colors. Refined pastel, gray, blue shades of men's dresses look fresh and stylish. Shirts with short sleeves of red, purple, blue, green colors will delight you with noticeable shades.

    Short-sleeved shirts are ideal for a harmonious masculine look. Stay tuned for the latest trends!

    How to choose a tie: an important accessory to your chosen shirt

    How to choose a tie? This question excites almost all representatives of the stronger sex. Many are guided by personal preferences and a passing impulse, but these options are not always successful. As a result: the appearance is ridiculous, and the image is spoiled. We will tell you how to choose a tie according to all the rules of style to get an elegant and effective look.

    The surest advice is to choose an accessory a tone darker than a shirt. Make sure that he does not dazzle. Its purpose is to emphasize elegance and give a stylish accent to the image. How to choose a tie for a monochrome shirt? Accessories with prints or without drawings will do. How to choose a check shirt tie? Here are your secrets. An accessory of a color similar to stripes on a shirt is best suited.

    The best option for any event is a white shirt, with which ties of any color are equally well combined.

    If you like ties with small peas, then the pattern should be in the color of a shirt. Tall men fit accessories in large peas. But, remember, the finer the print on the tie, the more elegant the outfit.

    How to choose a tie according to the season of the year? In summer, narrow silk patterns of pastel colors are appropriate. For winter, choose ties made of dark-colored wool.

    A tie should always be darker than a shirt

    Today, bow ties are in trend. Black and white options will suit a formal event. Wear casual accessories with casual outfits and casual shirts.

    All men should know how to choose a tie correctly in order to look elegant, neat and stylish.

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