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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Top 10 best men's haircuts 2018-2019

The basis of impeccable style and attractive appearance is a haircut. And this rule is equally acceptable for both women and men. Any haircut for a man is first of all one of the ways of self-expression. Therefore, before deciding on one of the hairstyle options, men should carefully look at the fashion ideas. That were proposed to us by leading stylists, and choose the option that is most suitable for the type, style of clothing and field of activity. With some original hairstyles, we are ready to introduce our readers right now.

Fashionable men's haircuts: general trends of 2020

In most options, men's haircuts of the 2020 season are presented in a short length, which makes this choice very convenient in everyday hair care. But there is a category of men who prefer the original hairstyles to medium hair, or even prefer long hair and wear it in bundles, revealing for everyone the original shaved temples and the back of the head. Canadian, British, haircuts with shaved temples, boxing and semi-boxing, underker, tennis, military style and many other models are just a small part of the variety of stylish models that were demonstrated on the catwalks of fashion houses.

"Tennis" - a fashionable men's haircut

Such a haircut is more common for men and refers to the classic hairstyle options, but is no less fashionable in contrast to other models. This style of the year is characterized by almost bare, but not shaved whiskeys, the absence of bangs and a neatly trimmed crown.

Men's haircut "Boxing"

One of the most popular haircuts this year is the Boxing Model. It is very common among the younger generation, but no less relevant among older men. This is welcomed and allowed, because this model visually reduces the age of its owner and allows you to always look well-groomed, but has its own limitations. Boxing haircut has the ability to emphasize thinness, ideally fits the oval shape of the face and, unfortunately, does not suit chubby and chubby men.

"Half Box": fashion ideas and photo 2020

This example of a male haircut has a unique quality and is performed depending on the wishes of the man. Shaped whiskey, a considerable length of top hair, and often this is a stylish crest on the head. This model is included in the list of classic hairstyle options and is very popular.

Classic men's haircut "British"

The British is performed on slightly regrown hair and is ideal for men and guys with curly or curly hair. This option is characterized by elongated locks on the crown of the head and neck, which are shortened in the area of ​​the temples. The difference in length is not particularly important, the main feature is a neat and smooth transition between the strands.

Stylish haircut for men "Canadian"

This model is a bit similar to the previous hairstyle, but differs in longer locks in the forehead and crown. Canada is perfect for men with an oval or round face, as well as owners of curly hair. The bangs of such a haircut can be combed on its side or fixed with means for styling back.

Anderkat haircut: bold ideas for brave men

This original model is a very short cropped hair on the back of the head, with a contrasting length of strands on the crown. Also, one of the characteristic features of this model is a side-shaven parting and the temporal part. A slightly extreme transition between the strands of the owner of such a haircut, boldly distinguishes it from the total mass.

Elvis-style hairstyle: new ideas and photos

Such a hairstyle is suitable for young men who can boast of thick hair and have time to style such a haircut. The shape of this model may vary, but the highly laid out long bang always remains unchanged.

Grunge: haircut 2020

In this hairstyle, a certain masculine brutality and elegance are very interestingly combined. This option is ideal for men with curly hair and is distinguished by neatly trimmed temples with a sufficient length and correspondingly long bangs.

Military: Extraordinary Ideas for the Strong in Spirit

This style is a variant of the traditional boxing model and symbolizes the army, and owes its origin precisely to the appearance requirements of military personnel. For 2020, military is a sporty, restrained style of a neatly shaped men's haircut with some elements of classic boxing. In this model, assumptions of asymmetry are possible and a longer bang.

Princeton: a fashion trend of Hollywood stars

This model can not be called a variant of the classic hairstyle, it does not look too courageous and has nothing to do with the military style, but enjoys considerable popularity with famous stars. Princeton is perfect for everyday wear and is characterized by some kind of mess on the head. When performing a haircut in the upper part of the head, a poorly guessed small crest is performed that perfectly complements the light bristles.

Top 10 best men's haircuts

If you do not choose your perfect haircut, then this list of the most fashionable hairstyles for men is a small but very useful cheat sheet. What do you prefer today - short or long hair, careless strands, stylish boxing or classics - we do not know. But we know for sure that with a new hairstyle, life is changing - Britney Spears proved.

Men's hairstyles for the season 2020

Men with chic hair, increasingly opt for a hairstyle with a bun, which is very simple in execution and looks very stylish. Fashionable preferences of 2020 offer not just to collect hair on the head with an elastic band, but to shave the temples and the neck area, and thus create a contrasting parting between the length of the hair on the head.

Hairstyles that are offered to men this season can be attributed to the youth trend, regardless of age. Such stylish models emphasize the masculine sides of any image and serve as an excellent complement not only to the athletic structure of the body. Men's haircut in 2020 has ceased to be trivial and is based on striking decisions.

Types of men's haircuts with emphasis on the shape of the face

Modern men's haircuts are a tribute to the past with a good pinch of fresh ideas: photos on the Internet will not let you lie.

What was fashionable among the Roman emperors still takes place - however, in a slightly modified version. Well, in order not to be considered a retrograde or urban madman, you need to choose modern men's hairstyles so that they best emphasize the oval of the face and hide the existing flaws. That’s the whole secret!

Experienced barbers have not yet come up with the names for all men's haircuts and hairstyles, which can only be imagined on the client's head, however, it is worth telling about the main types. Always shaved under the "zero" gentlemen to read especially carefully - your time has come for experiments with appearance!

Fashion trends

Beautiful men's haircuts also have a variety, as well as women's. And fashionistas have a great desire to comply with modern rules of fashion and beauty. Men also often visit beauty salons to change the shape of their hairstyles. But, it is important to remember that the type of appearance plays a big role in the choice of styling. Also, fashionable haircuts can be performed on different hair lengths.

The choice should be made, taking into account the features and structure of the hair, because they are thin, tough, curly and rare. The top men's hairstyles for this year include:

  • strict and romantic,
  • sports
  • military.

All of them are fashionable, especially among pop guys considered hairstyles on the side device, pompadour or Undercut.

Top - 10 modern men's hairstyles

Men's hairstyles, which will be described in this article, deserve attention and that your beloved men use them. You can be sure that regardless of age, each of the men will be able to choose several of the following hairstyles for themselves. They are able to give style and charm.

Neat male haircut with a machine

The first half of the 2000s was particularly sad in terms of trends in men's haircuts and hairstyles. Slurred bangs, too clear highlighting and this terrible noodles on the head of Justin Timberlake - brrr. However, there was something good in these years - let’s recall Brad Pitt’s hairstyle, which often appeared in public with a short haircut.
In the last couple of seasons, this man’s (and, by the way, female, too) hairstyle, called “buzz cut” in honor of the characteristic sound made by the machine, more and more often flashes on the catwalks - it’s obvious that the mods are tired of the shaved nape and return to the origins. The good news is that such a short men's hairstyle can be easily done at home, but for those who need to hide the irregularities of their heads or scars, it is better to turn to professionals.

10. Hedgehog

"Hedgehog" opens a list of the most popular modern hairstyles for men. Refers to military-style haircuts ("army haircut"). She gives an image of masculinity and creativity. The advantages of such a haircut are very simple care. "Hedgehog" is suitable for those men who have hard hair. Representatives of the stronger sex, having soft hair, will have to use a lot of special styling products to maintain their hairstyles.


This year it is one of the most fashionable haircuts. In addition to being effective, it is also versatile. With this haircut, a man will look beautiful both in a business suit and in loose stylish clothes. It can be laid in such a way that it is suitable for both everyday life and for the holiday.

This popular haircut appeared back in the 60s and so did not go out of fashion. It is very common among young people, since the look is stylish and original.

An important component of the haircut is short hair (1 - 2 cm), on which strands are superimposed longer, hanging slightly from the crown. Then the long part covers the shaved whiskey. There is no smooth transition between the elongated and short parts of the hair.

Undercut is included in the top hairstyles for men and creates a spectacular look. It does not require much care. If you have thick straight hair, then this is your option. If you have coarse or curly hair, it will take a little patience to shape the haircut using cosmetics. Such top haircuts require special gel products, varnishes, mousses. Long bangs can be removed back or laid on its side.

Hair "tennis": for the most athletic

If you prefer medium-length hair, in 2018 you can traditionally turn to a tennis haircut. Thus, this men's hairstyle was named for a reason. Mostly tennis players used to cut their hair like this, because long locks and bangs prevented them from training. Men's tennis haircut is very popular today, mainly due to its simplicity. It is suitable for people of any complexion, young and more experienced, with a head of hair of any thickness and with almost any oval face.

The standard men's tennis hairstyle is:

  • Slightly elongated hair on the crown
  • Short haircut of the temporal and occipital zones,
  • No abrupt transitions.

Smooth transitions without dramatic drops in hair length - this is the main feature of this male haircut. Well, the length of the hair in various variations of the “tennis hairstyle” can be different.

9. Canada

"Canadian" Perfectly suits all men and does not take much time to install it. The hairstyle looks good with almost any style of clothing. The name of the haircut speaks for itself where it came from. From Canada to Russia, the hairstyle came back in Soviet times and gained great popularity. "Canada" is worn with pleasure by many Hollywood stars and foreign singers. A feature of the haircut is a large amount of hair in the top of the head and forehead, in the remaining areas the hair is made shorter.

Comb over

This type of haircut requires long hair that fits on one side. It is noticed that most often this is done with the exact line of the side parting. One of the varieties of such a cool hairstyle is Push Over. But, she looks great on curly, curly locks. The use of a razor gives the hairstyle volume, which cuts obliquely the hair from the top to the temporal zone. In order for the hairstyle to always be on top, it is necessary to support it with means intended for fixing.

Comb-Over is performed on long hair, and gives it randomness and disheveled. Such a haircut looks beautiful with jeans and a pure white T-shirt. In this case, contrast plays a role. Hype haircuts such as James Dean (2016) have a fuzzy transition from short strands at the nape to a certain length at the crown. This option opens a clipped area in an arc near the ears. Due to the fact that the hairstyle is universal, it suits both business people and athletes.

Haircut boxing: simplicity and comfort

A short men's haircut “boxing” will suit anyone, as this is the perfect combination of style and simplicity. This hairstyle is preferred by many famous athletes and movie stars: all the same Brad Pitt, Tom Hardy, Jake Gyllenhaal, etc.
Hairstyle “boxing” completely reveals the face, looks quite succinctly and neatly. In the case of this haircut, the edging of the hair is done above the nape, and the nape itself is left open. The length of the hair at the top can reach 5 cm.

8. Boxing

"Boxing»Refers to the classic types of men's haircuts, which over the years does not lose its popularity. This hairstyle emphasizes the gallantry of a man and at the same time gives it an image of brutality. "Boxing" is a short cut hair with shaved very short temples and a nape. This type of hairstyle is perfect for a business masculine look. A haircut resembles a “half box”, but there are characteristic differences between them.

The half-box: for those who love more authenticly

As in the case of “boxing”, “half-boxing” opens the face well, accentuates the forehead and cheekbones and is suitable for any hair. The differences are as follows:

  • The strands at the top are left longer (up to 5-7 cm),
  • The hairline is below - on the back of the head or under it,
  • The length transition is more smooth.

This short men's hairstyle is suitable for those who like to stay on a neutral wave, but sometimes experiment with hair, as the long hair length provides more options for all kinds of styling.

7. The half box

"Half Box" for a long time now it has been included in the list of the best men's hairstyles. She focuses on the masculinity and leadership qualities of its owner. The haircut was especially popular with athletes. "Semibox" means the complete shearing of hair in the lower part of the nape and sides. In the upper part of the head of the hair, it also undergoes significant adjustment. At the top of the head is the average hair length, which should not exceed a couple of centimeters. During the process, the master produces two fringing lines, one of which passes on the hairline, and the other combines the temples and the nape of the neck. This is the main difference between a “half box” and a “box”.

Canada: haircut for centuries

Men's hairstyle "Canadian" came to us from the northern country of Canada.Fifty years ago, the national team of this country flew to the USSR for a hockey match, most of whose players wore such haircuts. Our athletes and fans quickly adopted the idea of ​​hairstyles, greatly puzzling local hairdressers.

A Canadian haircut is a larger volume of hair on top, around the forehead. The hair on the sides and on the back of the head is sheared much shorter, but the transitions are smooth and not too noticeable. "Canada" is suitable, if not all, then very many, and fits perfectly into the appearance of the dudes of the XXI century. By the way, the first variations of this hairstyle can be found not only in the photo of the 70s. King George V of Great Britain was a real mod, and his reminded hairstyle with a clear parting would have looked appropriate even today.

6. Grunge

«Grunge - One of the most fashionable men's hairstyles today. Such a haircut allows the representative of the stronger sex to express his personality more than brightly. A feature of the “grunge” is sloppy styling, which gives the overall image of audacity and brutality. A haircut is performed on long hair, so that the most daring ideas can be realized. To create an elegantly careless look, shaving of the temples is carried out and high styling is done. To give a special originality, you can make coloring. It should be noted that "Grunge" is not fully combined with the classic style of clothing. This is the style of guys accustomed to walking in ripped jeans and a checkered shirt.

Romantic men's haircut: creative personality style

When we think about the 1990s, it comes to mind the frames from films with Nicolas Cage, the images of crazy rave parties and the sounds of high-quality brit-pop music, which we now call “Indie”. At that time, the hippy trends of the 1960s entered the world of fashion, which was tormented by the echoes of the past - including textured elongated men's hairstyles. A great example of this is the soloist of the notorious Oasis team Liam Gallagher, who is called "the coolest man of the 90s in Britain."

A romantic men's haircut can be anything, but if you want to look like Gallagher in his best years, just bring the hairdresser photos of the artist. The peculiarity of the musician's haircut is the presence of a bang (and rather short) and carelessly laid long hair on the side and back of the head. Such a celebration of style will look different on different types of hair, but an experienced hairdresser will figure out how to make a real rock and roll out of your hair, and not a dull mop.

Top Knot

This hairstyle is very similar to Man Bun. It has been fashionable since ancient times and looks like a folded knot on the top of a long strand of hair. For contemporaries, TopKnot hairstyle is known as the presence of shaved temples. You can watch it in the pictures of Japanese samurai. This haircut is caused by a fine aesthetics, as well as practicality. Nowadays, she is considered the most popular men's hairstyle. The clipped whiskey allows you to perfectly adjust the oval of the face, after which it becomes more elongated. With this haircut, guys feel extraordinary and more free. Men who wish can successfully emphasize with this haircut creative energy and temperament.

Who will be beautiful with such a hairstyle? Guys with an oval as well as a round face look great. But, if there is the right combination with a well-groomed beard, then every man can wear it. It is recommended to exclude only thin guys with an elongated face shape.

Inside, you need to consult and make sure that your hair type is suitable. It is advisable to have straight and not curly hair. In addition, they must not be thin in order to create sufficient volume.

Top Knot - these are the best hairstyles that allow the master to freely fantasize and determine the length of the temples, because they can not always be shaved.

5. British

"British" is on the list of best hairstyles that came to us from the UK. This is eloquently indicated by its name. The advantages of this hairstyle is that it gives the image of a man a special charm and brutality. Many foreign stars choose "British". This type of hairstyle is suitable for almost any representative of the stronger sex. The only condition for creating this type of haircut strands should not be excessively rare and liquid. Another advantage of the "British" is the simplicity of installation, which does not take much time.

Men's hedgehog haircut: classic sports

Haircut for men “hedgehog” is very athletic, although it always looks great in the framework of even the most classic bow. Hairstyle "hedgehog" is universal, easy to use (washed his hair and went), looks fresh and perky. This haircut is not suitable, except for those who have protruding ears - in this case they will have to come up with something else.

In the “hedgehog” haircut, the hair at the top reaches 2-4 cm - longer strands are much more difficult to put in the same “thorns”. Well, if you have naturally tight curly hair, you can turn to the origins and make a man’s hairstyle “High Fade”, which was proudly worn by representatives of the golden years of hip-hop. At some point, this men's haircut became a real form of art, and barbers competed in the skill of creating the cleanest lines and clear edges of this “cap” of hair.

However, it’s not necessary to create exactly such a long hairstyle on your head as in the 1980s - more acceptable low and medium fades will come to the rescue.


The hairstyle got its name thanks to one of the favorites of the French king Louis. An innovator in a similar direction of such a haircut is Elvis Presley, a famous singer. Then fashion was set by famous people. This trend has remained to our time. No matter what a lot of time has passed since then, but the haircut, as well as the styling of Pompadour, remained the same. Its main elements are shaved sides, on the top of the head are long locks that are thrown back or stacked high, like a "crest".

This haircut is suitable for men, regardless of their age. It has a variety of styling methods, depending on the type of activity and structure of the face. Pompadour hairstyle and some of the above are the best hairstyles for men.

During the haircut, it is necessary to take into account the fact: the hair should be cut so that the skin is not visible.

Modern men's hairstyles, accompanied by shaved temples - this is a trend. There are many varieties of them. They differ in the width of the strip that is shaved, the shape and the main hairstyle on top. Stylish men's haircuts can have different hair lengths. A classic can be called short whiskey, which smoothly transitions to elongated hair on top. Each of the options may vary depending on the shape of the hair and length.

4. Bob

"Bean" - refers to unisex hairstyles that look equally good on both men and women. This haircut looks very stylish and attracts the attention of others. The main volume falls on the top and back of the head, which is a hat. At the temples, the strands are made shorter. The hairs on the sides can be given a diligent, straight look, or alternatively deliberately careless. The bang with the “bean” remains long, which must necessarily reach the eyebrow line. It falls straight or goes a little sideways. The difference between the male "bean" from the female is that in the first version the crown is not lush, but smoothed.

Men's hairstyle "Grunge": eccentric and romance

In addition to the widespread obsession with disco music, the 1970s are known for the fact that men for the first time in the last couple of centuries decided on long hairstyles. And this trend was firmly entrenched in the 1980s, when screens were flooded with daring long-haired idols - the River Phoenix, Stephen Tyler and Kurt Cobain.

The extended men's hairstyles in grunge style are elegance and negligence in one bottle. And this is not necessarily a long haircut to the shoulders: a relatively short haircut is enough without a clear parting with a slight effect of wet hair, which is achieved with wax. It can also be a stylish haircut with shaved temples and light coloring - the main thing is not to overdo it and not slide into the highlighted 2000s.

Side part

This hairstyle is English, the main emphasis of which is considered a side parting. Whiskey is shortened and laid with gel or wax. The upper part is adjusted, but remains unchanged. Most often, this part of the hair is given volume to highlight the style.

This hairstyle was especially popular in 2014. But, she did not go out of the trend, her business men are increasingly using her. Side Part emphasizes confidence and a sense of style. The classic version can be modified using a thin line, which is performed by the machine. Partition will begin with it. A very suitable option for those guys who are used to wearing bangs on one side. Does not require special care. The basic rule is regular adjustment and constantly clean hair.

3. Graduated caret

«Graduated Caret " - a hairstyle that has its roots in ancient Egypt. Her "founder" is Cleopatra herself. Since that time, such a haircut has gained popularity among the population, including men. In the Middle Ages, all dignitaries had such a hairstyle. The men's square looks incomparable, giving the overall image of nobility, sexuality and special magnetism. This hairstyle is worn by many famous people, including musicians, singers and actors. The square is suitable for almost all men, the main thing is that the master correctly selects her appearance for your face. The graduated version is best suited to representatives of the stronger sex with a rigid hair structure.

Men's military haircut: a rigorous look for a true winner

The short hairstyle of Military was almost always in fashion - its popularity among most men is due to the lack of need for styling and long-term drying of hair. However, in order for this male hairstyle to look harmonious, its owner must have a skull of perfect shape, without scars and other skin defects. But the hair can be any, even very thin or curly.

Man bun

Over the past year alone, this haircut has gained many fans. It pleases with its variety of execution and simplicity. Hairstyle Man bun allows you to create unusual images while emphasizing the beauty of not only hair but also the face. There are various options for its creation:

  1. The knot is loosely assembled on the crown with a look, as if it is now crumbling.
  2. A beam gathers ahead, a shaved area at the bottom, like a visible border.
  3. A knot of hair that is laid in the direction of "forward", "back", and then fixed with an elastic band.

Performing such hairstyles on wavy hair is quite difficult. Most often, they straighten out before work starts.

Photo of fashionable men's hairstyles 2018-2019

Times are changing, men's hairstyles are changing. If you want to adjust your appearance or change the stylish look, you can start with a haircut. From long rock and roll strands to simple laconic options for all time - men's haircuts of 2018-2019 delight with variety and complete freedom of choice. Nowadays, you dictate fashion: feel free to take the best trends of past years as a basis and transform them into comfortable and beautiful hairstyles - of course, with the participation of an experienced barber. It remains only to decide whether you are ready to mess with hair styling - however, you can get used to it!

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2. Voyage

«Voyage - one of the best men's hairstyles, which is suitable for any type of hair. However, the Voyage looks best on thick and straight hair. To create a haircut, the length of the old hairstyle should be more than average. The peculiarity of this haircut is the presence of a clear line that separates the volume of the strands of the parietal region and the exposed occipital and temporal-lateral zone. Often this hairstyle is called a hat because of its characteristic feature. For styling hairstyles, it is best to use not a natural dryer, but a hairdryer. As auxiliary tools you will need a skeletal brush and mousse. Volume begin to create, starting from the roots, gradually moving to the ends.

1. Sagittarius

"Sagittarius" included in the list of the best men's hairstyles, which is perfect for any structure of hair and face. Its uniqueness lies in the subsequent possibility of creating a different type of styling, suitable for the mood and style of clothing. A feature of such a haircut is a high side parting with an elongated bang. The temple appears to be open, its edging is performed by the "corner". Styling with this type of hairstyle is best done with wax on wet hair, creating strands. You can also first dry the hair, and then draw along it with a comb, the teeth of which must first be greased with styling. In order to give volume with such a haircut, it is recommended to carry out hair milling on a hat.

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