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The most popular after shave lotions for men

No matter how good your razor is, in any case, micro-cuts remain on the face, traumatizing the epidermis and causing redness or irritation. Correct aftershave lotions guarantee complete skin care, performing a set of tasks:

  • soothe the skin and remove redness, eliminating the effects of mechanical damage,
  • disinfect wounds, contributing to their speedy healing,
  • prevent the occurrence of irritation or inflammation,
  • refresh and tone the face,
  • protect the epidermis from the negative effects of the environment,
  • give a pleasant aroma.

It is worth noting that this product will be useful not only to those men who remove hair on their chins. The cosmetics industry offers to try beard lotion, which helps pacify sticking hairs without forming a greasy film on the vegetation.

Pros and cons of after shave

After shave lotion for oily skin can be a real find, giving the man a well-groomed and neat look. In addition, its advantages include:

  • light texture, thanks to which the shaving lotion is easily distributed and quickly absorbed,
  • anti-inflammatory properties of after shave products for men to prevent redness,
  • the presence of special additives in the composition, providing a moisturizing as well as nourishing effect.

But, such after-shave cosmetics for men are not suitable for everyone. Some may encounter such unpleasant consequences of its use, such as:

  • redness of the epidermis or severe burning caused by a large amount of alcohol in the composition,
  • individual intolerance to or allergy to ingredients,
  • Lotion for men can have a pungent odor present throughout the day, which can lead to headaches.

Having noticed the problems described above, it is better to refuse to use the product by choosing an alternative product (after shave balm or after shave gel).

How to use aftershave?

  1. After hair removal, thoroughly cleanse the skin of the remnants of the foam or gel with water.
  2. If you notice cuts, treat the wound with alcohol (only if your product does not contain it).
  3. Lightly pat your face with a towel, leaving your chin moist.
  4. Pour a small amount of liquid in the palm of your hand and blot it out with your hands.
  5. A more economical way is to apply the product using a cotton pad - just moisten it and wipe your face.
  6. After a while, apply a little face cream to the skin, preferably from the same series as the aftershave lotion and gel for men.

Experts recommend using the lotion in the morning, as it gives a boost of vigor. And how to use after shave balm is up to you: they are absolutely neutral by the time of use.

After shave lotion for men: rating

According to reviews on the Internet, the TOP-15 best products included:

  • Nivea - This tool is designed specifically for owners of sensitive skin. It contains no alcohol, but there is vitamin E and chamomile extract, thanks to which the skin softens and mycoporesis heals faster.
  • Gillette - After shave lotion with the aroma of mountain air and sea breeze. The product softens and moisturizes the epidermis, saturating it with glycerin. Gillette also has a calming effect, protecting the skin from irritation.
  • Old spice - the invigorating aroma and pleasant texture ensured the dedication of many men. Highly active components soften and moisturize the skin, providing anti-inflammatory and tonic effects.
  • L’oreal - Its effective formula provides skin with protection against bacteria, inflammation and irritation. The unobtrusive aroma of the product guaranteed him popularity among business and serious men.
  • Mennen - The content of provitamin B5 gives the skin freshness, as well as tones and protects it. One of the secrets of the popularity of the drug was its low cost.
  • Adidas - A product created for active guys whose life goes on in constant motion. Its use will save you from irritation, help to heal small cuts. A patented cell system protects the face from premature aging.
  • Proraso - A cult Italian product with a subtle classic smell. Eucalyptus and menthol in the composition refresh and tone the skin, giving a feeling of coolness. Also, the product moisturizes the skin, restores damaged cells, gives a boost of vigor. It has an antiseptic effect.
  • Chanel - a double-acting product that not only moisturizes and closes pores, which provides protection against external contaminants. In addition, it is able to relieve irritation and activate regeneration. Do not forget about the pleasant masculine aroma.
  • Dolce & gabbana - quickly eliminate itching, redness, or inflammation without leaving a greasy film on the chin. This product has a classic aroma, the use of which in the morning will set the atmosphere of elegance and sensuality for the whole day.

  • Avon - Lotion and after shave gel for men, characterized by quick absorption and a pleasant smell. They make the skin more elastic, giving it velvety. Also perfectly retain natural moisture.
  • Payot - balm with a delicate texture, avoiding burning or redness. It has no alcohol in its composition, and its formula is enriched with components of plant origin, which provides delicate skin care.
  • Shea moisture - a female product that disinfects the skin after shaving, hair removal with wax or shugaring. Soothes and softens the epidermis, nourishing it with shea butter and tea tree. Relieves itching and redness, prevents the ingrowth of hairs.
  • Liberty - Vitamin F in the composition is responsible for elasticity and hydration, allantoin for softening and regeneration. Rosehip extract saturates with useful vitamins, moisturizes and tones. Provitamin B5 restores cells.
  • Clean line - suitable for sensitive skin, has a healing and refreshing effect. Eliminates burning sensation, restores damaged areas, helps to avoid irritation.
  • New dawn - budget alcohol-containing product with aloe extract. It has a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect.

You can choose the best after shave that suits you specifically only by trial, because everyone is looking for something different in the lotion.

Modern cosmetics manufacturers have begun to pay more attention to men's skin care lines. Therefore, it is not difficult to choose the best after shave for men.

Why do I need aftershave?

In order to choose the right lotion, it is important to understand why it is needed. This product is used for men after shaving. It helps to take good care of the skin and heals it. So that the lotion does not interrupt the smell of perfume water, you can pick up the smell that looks like yours.

Lotion does not replace perfume, as it has few fragrant particles, it complements the entire composition of care products. This is a cosmetic product:

  1. softens the skin
  2. heals wounds
  3. thanks to alcohol, it disinfects the wound,
  4. It has a pleasant and persistent smell.

Some men replace the lotion with perfume, but this is wrong, since perfumes do not moisturize the skin and do not repair damaged cells.

Advantages over other means

If you choose a lotion or cream, then it is better to give preference to the first remedy, as it has several advantages.

  1. Leaves no greasy residue,
  2. Dries quickly
  3. Instantly absorbed
  4. The formula is more pleasant for the body.

Lotion heals wounds well and restores damaged cells. This property is very important, because if the wounds heal for a long time, the skin becomes inflamed and causes many inconveniences. The rating of cosmetics showed that the lotion in many ways surpasses other products.

Composition and features

When buying a lotion, it is important to read its composition and choose the one that suits your face type. Having dry skin, a man should not buy an alcohol-based product, as it will dry the skin even more. Buy alcohol-free products or those with a small amount of this substance.

With sensitive skin, you need to buy products that include:

  • Aloe,
  • Allantoin
  • Vitamin C promotes wound healing
  • Vitamin F soothes the skin,
  • Panthenol
  • Vitamin A.

Consider the features of your face and its susceptibility to certain components. Lotion is a necessary after shave, it helps restore skin and moisturize it.

Mode of application

In order for the lotion to fulfill all its functions, it is important to know how to use it.

  1. Wash your face with water after shaving.
  2. Smear the hand for 2 seconds.
  3. Open your palms and hold them for a couple of seconds so that some alcohol disappears.
  4. Apply lotion to a damp face.

This use will minimize the burning sensation, improve aroma and contribute to a better effect of the main components on the skin.

Which to choose?

It was said above how to choose a remedy and which is better. It is necessary to consider the type of skin, it is of four types:

Having determined your skin type, carefully read the composition and choose that lotion, which includes elements that are suitable for you personally. Pay particular attention to the amount of alcohol.

Advice! Before using the lotion, test for allergenicity. To do this, you need to put liquid on your hand and see the skin reaction to the composition of the cosmetic product.

Dolce & gabbana

The famous dolce brand is not only famous for its pleasant scent of perfume, but also for the unusual aroma of lotion. The product softens and moisturizes the face. Using this lotion, you will not only enjoy the pleasant smell, you will heal your skin.

Dolce gabbana lotion like many men, so you can choose the smell that suits you.


The French company Loreal has created special after-shave skin care products. The lotion softens the skin and takes good care of it. Ice cream lotions are popular. The main elements moisturize the skin and hold it in the cells of the epidermis.

The composition of the product includes various vitamins and caffeine. Due to this, the skin does not peel off, does not become dry and does not feel a burning sensation after applying the product. The ice effect refreshes the skin and gives vigor.


The brand Adidas is used by athletes, as it has a fresh smell. After him, the man is charged with energy. Active and active people use this aroma. Only these advantages alone prompt many men to choose this remedy.

Lotions help a man emphasize his style. The main components perfectly nourish the skin and restore damaged areas after shaving.


Oriflame is in great demand due to its availability. Shaving lotions instantly soften the skin and quickly absorb into it. Thanks to oils, the product protects and soothes the skin. Lotions help you feel comfortable even if a man is injured while shaving.

It is believed that the best aftershave produces oriflame.

Nivea men

Nivea series male lotion consists of vitamins and chamomile extract. Due to this, it has a neutral smell and is quickly absorbed into the skin. This lotion does not include alcohol. Chamomile and vitamins perform such functions:

  • Heals the skin
  • Relieve irritation
  • Soothe the skin
  • Moisturize your face
  • Give freshness.

Such products are suitable for sensitive and dry skin. Natural ingredients do not cause irritation or allergies. Also, the absence of alcohol protects the skin from overdrying.


Gillette helps make shaving your favorite treatment; its smell resembles a sea breeze or mountain air. A good lotion should not only heal and moisturize the skin well, but also have a pleasant aroma.

After shaving, the skin looks irritated and damaged, lotion from the Gillette line will help you get rid of it. The composition of the product includes glycerin. This component can both dry and moisturize the skin, it all depends on its amount in the product.

For reference! Human cells themselves produce glycerin - it circulates water.

Old spice

A series of Old Spice skincare products has a good effect. After shaving, the skin becomes dry, irritated and may even be damaged. To restore healthy skin to your skin, you need not only to burn wounds. It is important to fill the skin with nutrients that soothe the face and nourish it with vitamins.

Clean line

The clean line always attracts a lot of buyers, due to the fact that it produces products that have a natural composition. Some even say that the clean line makes healing products that regenerate the skin.

Lotions clean line, thanks to natural ingredients, nourish and restore the skin. The main components disinfect the face, eliminate irritation and relieve the inflammatory process. Aloe is one of the main components of the lotion, it regenerates the skin.


Freedom Lotion consists of:

  • Vitamin F
  • Nettle extract
  • Chamomile extract,
  • Betaine.

Each of these components plays the following role:

  1. Gives the skin a natural look
  2. It has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  3. Restores blood circulation,
  4. It has an antiseptic effect,
  5. Soothes the skin.

The lotion comprehensively cares for the skin, nourishes it with vitamins and helps the man to feel comfortable after shaving.


Menen contains provitamin B5, which moisturizes the skin after shaving. It tones and protects the skin from germs. Such a lotion is pleasant to use and it helps not to feel discomfort after shaving. The pleasant smell of this product will cheer you up for the whole day.

The price of lotions varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The cheapest product is a clean line. Lotion from this line costs 150 rubles. The price of the product largely depends on its brand.

What else moisturizes and protects the skin?

To protect and improve the skin after shaving, you need to use good lotions. However, sometimes this is not enough. Healthy food and clean water have a positive effect on the skin. Try to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables. Only this approach will help you have healthy skin.

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