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Broad beard and shovel

salary - See ... Dictionary of synonyms

Salary - Salary, oh, oh, ist. About the beard: wide and thick. Explanatory Dictionary Ozhegova. S.I. Ozhegov, N.Yu. Shvedova. 1949 1992 ... Explanatory Dictionary of Ozhegov

Lucid - See the complaisant V.V. Vinogradov. History of words, 2010 ... History of words

Lucid Adj - The full width of the face (about the beard). Explanatory Dictionary of Ephraim. T.F. Efremova. 2000 ... The Modern Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language Efremova

salary - okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladisty, okladny, okladny, okladisty, okladny, okladny, okladisty, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, okladny, oklad…

salary - okl heddy ... Russian spelling dictionary

salary - ... Spelling dictionary of the Russian language

salary - th, th, dist, a, oh. Wide, the whole width of the face (about the beard). The guest grinned at the broad beard ... Encyclopedic Dictionary

salary - th, th, dist, a, oh. Wide, full-width of the face (about the beard) The guest grinned at the broad beard ... Dictionary of many expressions

salary - oh, oh. 1. Wide, full, well-fed. ► Ovsyanikov: What is sick? Cross yourself thicker, and the face is, God be with him, lucid. // Turgenev. Notes of a hunter // 2. Wide, thick (about a beard). ► The fourth was a man, very handsome, with ... ... A dictionary of forgotten and difficult words from works of Russian literature of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

The meaning of the term

The term itself for modern realities sounds rather unusual. As fashion tends to return to the past, it is becoming more and more famous.

The nasal beard received its name due to its characteristic appearance and shape. This is a dense vegetation that can cover not only the lower part of the face, but also the neck.

To grow it, it will take a lot of time, but before for men it was not a problem. They hardly spent as much time on looking after their descendants.

The characteristic appearance entailed the emergence of phraseology "beard with a shovel." The so-called hairline on the lower part of the face, which was very impressive and wide, even, rectangular in shape, resembling a shovel.

Today, the purpose of this detail is to give a man the appearance of a "person from the past." He immediately looks more wild, primitive. A lumberjack, hunter or forester comes to mind. However, the hairs should not grow wildly and randomly, they need careful care. They need to be trimmed regularly.

What are these types

A full beard is not just hairs sticking out in different directions. There are several subspecies:

  • lumberjack
  • verdi
  • Garibaldi
  • old dutchman
  • Russian.
  1. The lumberjack is a variant of a lush long beard. It hides the chin, the entire lower part of the face and even part of the neck. Such a beard completely hides the throat, right up to the collar of the shirt. Despite this, such a "beard" should still look smooth and have a uniform structure.

    Verdi - attention is paid not only to the hairs on the chin and cheeks, but also to the mustache. Particularly creative give them interesting shapes, twisting them. This beard also hides a significant part of the face, but its length is longer, and therefore the hairs can reach almost to the chest. They give it a rounded shape.

    Garibaldi is another species that includes a mustache. A rectangular beard - this trick allows you to emphasize the cheekbones.

    Old Dutchman - this beard is distinguished by its splendor. Often it is made not very long, but at the same time they shave their mustache. As a result, the hairs only border the oval of the face. The cheeks as well as the upper lip remain smooth.

    Russian is where it is not just a decoration, but a symbol of courage. Remember the image of the warriors who cannot be imagined without a beard. Failure to grow such an object of pride could raise doubts about the degree of courage of a warrior. The presence of mustache varied, but more often than not they were. For Russians, it also had a slightly rounded shape, covering the entire lower part of the face, connecting with long hair on the head. True, today it has a more well-groomed appearance, because the hairs are trimmed and laid more carefully than they did in the past.

    Who is suitable for

    The presence of different forms of a full beard allows it to grow almost any man. With its help, you can both emphasize the cheekbones and adjust the overly rounded face by visually stretching it.

    The ability to have enviable vegetation can be affected by the thickness of the hairs and the peculiarities of their growth. Just as not every woman can boast a long and voluminous head of hair, so a man instead of a heroic one can get a rare beard.

    The length of the hairs can remain medium or long, but there is only one condition - they must be magnificent.

    The skin should not be visible through the beard: it should be hidden by a dense layer of hairs. If you find it difficult to grow even a uniform bristle, it is better to choose another option for changing the image.

    Professional barbers recommend thinking about this option for those who want to visually expand their faces.

    If it is square or excessively thin and elongated, then splendor will help to correct the flaws. In these cases, a mustache is a necessary element for the overall composition to have a finished look. It is better if the end is either pointed or rounded. Holders of an oval shape should avoid the whisker.

    The advantage of such a beard is versatility. Curvy is suitable for both young guys and more mature ones. She perfectly adds masculinity and emphasizes status.

    There is one more reason to have something more substantial than light bristles - according to surveys, lush and well-groomed vegetation is very attractive for women. Many of them note that such men look much more seductive. Due to their natural appearance, there is no impression that they give the appearance too much attention.

    In history

    Since this is one of the secondary sexual characteristics, it is not surprising that, turning from a boy into a man, there was a desire to emphasize this with vegetation on the lower part of the face. It is assumed that she appeared to enhance the status among fellow tribesmen. Overgrown hairs meant that the young man became mature and passed the period of childhood.

    The high status of such an element of the image is confirmed by the fact that only Pharaoh had the right to wear it in Ancient Egypt.

    All the rest were forced to shave cleanly. The Romans avoided excess vegetation, and even the hair on their heads was cut short so as not to associate themselves with the savages. But Emperor Hadrian changed this tradition, because he had flaws that he hid with the help of vegetation.

    In Western Europe, the periods when men got rid of facial hair alternated with periods when fashion appeared on them again. This was influenced by hairstyles. As soon as they became lush, the need to grow stubble or something more voluminous disappeared.

    The English knights were very fond of facial vegetation. When they ordered the armor, the helmet was selected in such a way as to take into account the splendor of their mustache.

    Mustaches and beards became popular by the end of the Renaissance. Then they were again forgotten until the 1848 revolution.

    At this time, the beard became the main element of the appearance of men. One of her fans was the French writer Victor Hugo, as well as the artist Claude Monet.

    The real fans of the wild and primitive in the image are the inhabitants of Germany.

    German men most of all love a magnificent and voluminous beard. Hans Holbein the Younger painted more than one painting, where men were portrayed with chic vegetation. One of them is the Nobleman of King Henry VIII of England.

    Among the famous Americans, the image of which is difficult to imagine without a mustache and a dense addition to them, Ernest Hemingway can be called.

    In Russia, merchants, nobles, and peasants wore vegetation. In the pre-Petrine era, it never occurred to anyone to get rid of vegetation. She was a symbol of masculinity, strength, experience. It was believed that the larger its volume, the better the person has a "breed".

    Mustache, unshaven and longer variations constantly appeared and disappeared. They became popular when the corresponding image of the ideal man prevailed in society.


    Stars bring fashion to many things. Facial hair is no exception. Below is a list of stars whose image has become brutal with its help:

    According to reporters, the actor decided to grow it, because he did not really like the attention of annoying photographers. So he hoped to "disguise" himself and become less interesting for the paparazzi. Although the actor hid half his face, loyal fans recognize him as such. Jim carrey

    Famous personalities like to change familiar images. Jim did the same, growing hair not only on the head, but also on the lower part of the face. The actor also experimented with her, because the length of the vegetation sometimes reached both the clavicle and was small. Jamie Dornan

    In the first part of the sensational film, Jamie's hero, Christian Gray, was smoothly shaved. Fans considered his image not courageous enough, and in subsequent parts the lower part of the actor’s face was covered with bristles. However, at events he often appeared with much more magnificent and long hairs. Oleg Nazarov

    What does a broad beard look like?

    Correctly selected beard, mustache and whiskers can give a man's appearance individuality, originality and sense of style. When choosing the type of beard, it is important to take into account the individual characteristics of the structure and appearance of the hair, as in some men the facial hair is dense and evenly growing, while in others it is rare and growing in a chaotic manner.

    To get a broad beard, you will have to spend a lot of time only on its cultivation. We are talking about this kind of beard, which is most similar to the wild and ancient image of a man. Before deciding on such changes in appearance, it is worth familiarizing yourself with information about who such a beard is suitable for, how to cut it, and most importantly, how to care for such an important element in the image.

    What does it look like?

    In fact, a broad beard is far from the only accepted form and shape of a beard; several species of a beard can fall into this category at once. Namely:

    1. The beard of a lumberjack is a thick and long vegetation on the face that hides the face and chin of a man as much as possible, but has a well-groomed and uniform structure.
    2. Verdi is another voluminous broad beard with a mustache, thanks to which you can close the lower part of the face, adjusting its shape or hiding any imperfections. A lush mustache and a rounded shape of a beard require constant care.
    3. Garibaldi is another variety of beard with a mustache, which gives the beard a rectangular shape and emphasizes the cheekbones of a man.
    4. Old Dutch or Old Dutchman - such a thick and long beard does not accept mustaches and vegetation in the upper part of the face, but densely fills the lower part of it.
    5. Russian beard is a voluminous beard with a medium length mustache, imitating the image of the warriors in Russia.

    Who is it for?

    In fact, this type of beard is suitable for almost all men, regardless of face shape, features in appearance. But about the structure and growth of hair there are several nuances. The full beard should be medium or long, but always thick and lush. Not every man can grow such a "head of hair" on his face, if the hairs are sparse, loose beard does not happen.

    If we consider in more detail, specialists in this field advise wearing a voluminous beard to those men who need to expand their lower part of the face. For an oval-shaped face, such a beard should be without tanks, and for a square face, such a beard at the end should be sharpened or round. From the point of view of barbers, a broad beard is a universal beard for men of all ages and appearance.

    How to grow a beard?

    A noble and broad beard is, first of all, a laborious and long process, work on your own image and creating an image. Only patient men with good genetics will be able to grow such facial hair. It is possible to grow hairs on the face if you have endurance and consistency in character. At the initial stage, the beard can cause itching, blush and cause irritation.

    But, despite this, the razor and the machine will need to be abandoned for several weeks. So that the skin does not itch, you can wash yourself with a decoction of chamomile. Further, regrown hair can be cut with scissors on its own to trim and give it the right shape. After the beard reaches the desired length, the barber can set the initial shape of the full beard.

    Proper care

    Male facial hair requires compliance with the main rule of care - cleanliness. To do this, after each meal, the beard will need to be wiped with a napkin or rinsed under the tap. Untidiness and greasy shine of a beard will spoil the external charm and attractiveness of a man. Also, it will be necessary to wash the beard with shampoo or soap 1-2 times a day during water procedures.

    Next, the hair is thoroughly combed with a small thick comb, and castor or coconut oil can be applied to the hair so that the broad beard obediently takes a tedious shape. The shape of the beard should be fixed with the help of special cosmetic products - wax, gel or spray. Periodically, the skin under the beard needs to be cleaned with a scrub. There should be no stubble around the beard, so you need to shave as the hair grows.


    Within Russia, the concept of a broad beard is more often understood as a Russian beard of medium length and density. The lucky owners of such a beard are men who naturally have dense and lush facial hair. Despite the charm and color of the beard, it requires a long sprouting and daily comprehensive care. If the shade of such a beard is lighter than the hair on the head, experts advise tinting the beard.

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