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Choosing a beard trimmer: which are better and why?

Facial hair needs to be constantly looked after, and the easiest way to do this is with a trimmer. We considered what to look for when choosing this device in order to be satisfied with the purchase.

Beard trimmers appeared a long time ago, and during the existence of this device many of its varieties were created. Even in the assortment of one manufacturer, several lines of trimmers are usually presented at once, not to mention situations when you need to choose from a dozen models of different brands. It is easy for an unprepared person to get confused in all this variety, therefore, if you are going to get a trimmer, before going to the store you need to find out what important points you should pay attention to. We will understand this difficult question on the example of Philips trimmers.


Most modern beard trimmers are powered by built-in rechargeable batteries, but there are also models with mains power and even ordinary batteries.

The last option is exotic, which, however, also has the right to life when used somewhere far from civilization. It is preferable to buy a trimmer with a built-in battery that can work from the network. This is an important nuance, because some models, when connected to the network, immediately begin to charge the battery and, until it is charged, they will not cut. Keep this in mind if you do not want to get into a situation where you have to sit and wait half an hour to dobrit the other half of the face.

Autonomy and charging time

Autonomy is another important parameter on which the usability of the trimmer depends. Modern models, as a rule, can run on a single charge for about 40 minutes, although with some Philips trimmers, autonomy reaches a record 75 minutes. This is quite enough for several cutting cycles, which allows you to take the trimmer with you on trips and trips. More budget models are designed for 30 minutes of work, so if you want to save money, you must remember to put the trimmer on charge after each haircut.

Charging time also matters. For models with a large margin of autonomy, it is not as important as for compact trimmers with a small battery. If you choose the latter, be sure to pay attention to the presence of the quick charge function. It will help out in cases where the battery is discharged at the most inopportune moment.

And further. Well, if the battery indicator is really informative, and not just for show. This will further reduce the likelihood of unpleasant situations when you need to put yourself in order, and the trimmer is discharged.


Blades are an important part of any cutting tool, and the trimmer, of course, is no exception. How long it will serve you depends on the quality of the blades. They come from ordinary steel and stainless steel (there is still ceramics, but it does not occur in household trimmers). But the thing is that the trimmer blades are not an ordinary knife and you won’t be able to sharpen them yourself. If there are replacement blades from the manufacturer, they will cost so much that it will be easier to buy a new trimmer. Therefore, in good trimmers, self-sharpening blades are installed. Philips uses stainless steel blades that are sharpened right during operation and never lose their sharpness.

If you do not want to buy a new trimmer every six months to a year or put up with the fact that he will pull hair, you should choose models only with self-sharpening blades.

Length adjustment

Perhaps the most important parameter for the trimmer. Depends on the length adjustment range and its step, whether you will be able to realize this or that image. Adjustment with interchangeable nozzles is the least preferable because it complicates the selection of length and does not allow to evenly cut all the hairs of the bristles. In good modern trimmers, the length is adjustable with the widest range of blades. So, in Philips models, a special wheel on the handle adjusts the length from 0.5 to 10 millimeters in increments of half a millimeter (and in some even 0.2 millimeters). At the same time, the length is displayed on the case, so you do not need to guess and look at the nozzle in order to understand what length is installed.

Choose a trimmer with fixed length settings and minimum pitch. This will create the effect of a three-day or weekly stubble, while at the same time making the beard neat and well-groomed.

What are the types?

If you translate the term "trimmer" from English, literally it turns out to "trim" or "tidy up." The first such device was developed back in 1972, and today all well-known manufacturers of men's shaving accessories offer a wide selection of trimmers with different functionality and capabilities. The features of such a device are its compactness and low weight, as well as the ability to work with hard-to-reach areas.

Today, manufacturers offer two types of trimmers - professional and household, and which trimmer is better to choose, a man must determine for himself. Professional devices are mainly used in salons, barbershops and hairdressers, these trimmers serve longer and involve many nozzles and additional functions. And household trimmers are suitable for home use, they are equipped with a small knife and cloves.

What features should a good trimmer have?

In general, the choice of a beard trimmer should be based on the preferences and needs of the man, as well as the functionality and capabilities of the device. A good trimmer must have such functions that provide a man with an easy and even haircut for his mustache, sideburns and beard. The device should also be able to shave off excess facial hair without irritation and cuts on the skin of the face.

A high-quality device of this plan should have nozzles with different levels of length, so that a man can regularly cut off the regrown hairs, returning the beard and mustache to the correct shape and size. The pitch of nozzles should be 1-2 mm on average, and nozzle levels should be between 1 and 12 mm. Modern trimmer models can include many more levels, from 1 to 18 mm in increments of 1 mm.


And now the most interesting part is additional options. There are a lot of them, but, as in the case of a car, you should choose only really necessary and useful. Unfortunately, it is impossible to understaff a trimmer or refuse unnecessary ones, as in cars. This is another reason to take a closer look at the characteristics.

  • Vacuum system A really useful thing, thanks to which the cut bristles do not scatter throughout the bathroom, but are collected in a container.
  • Wet cleaning. If the trimmer supports this function, then it can be washed right under the tap, rather than wasting time on painstaking cleaning.
  • Laser pointers. Laser guidance system that allows you to achieve perfectly flat lines when forming a beard and mustache of complex shape (currently only implemented in Philips trimmers).
  • Voltage switch. Some models are able to operate from a network with a voltage of 100–240 volts. Choose this if traveling to different countries.

In fact, all additional functions are useful and add convenience in use, but to some they may seem superfluous. When comparing models, pay attention to such features of the device and think about whether you need them.

Criterias of choice

You can choose a machine for cutting a mustache and beard according to technical characteristics, such as the functional purpose of the device, power from the mains or autonomous, the number of levels in the nozzles, additional features. Most modern trimmers involve power, both from the network and offline using the battery. They can be standard with additional features.


So, before buying a trimmer, you first need to determine the type of food. It is best to dwell on models with a combined version that work on battery and mains. It is desirable that the trimmer had a quick charge function, and the battery life was 40-60 minutes. The blades are only self-sharpening and only stainless steel. Length adjustment should be taken as the most important parameter and choose models with a minimum setting step. Of the additional options, the vacuum system and the wet cleaning function are clearly considered useful. Everything else is up to you.

A good starting point for your search for the perfect beard trimmer is the official Philips website, where you can compare all existing trimmer types and visualize the benefits of different models. Have a nice shopping and a thick beard!

Additional equipment

Many manufacturers are constantly improving existing trimmer models, including all new features and additional features. Experts advise giving preference only to those additional functions that will really be useful and in demand. These may be the following features of the device:

  • built-in vacuum system for collecting cut hairs into a container,
  • the possibility of wet cleaning of the device directly under running water,
  • the ability to charge from the cigarette lighter and the operation of the trimmer from it,
  • laser pointers, namely the guidance system to obtain perfectly even contours and lines of the beard and mustache of the most complex forms and types,
  • self-sharpening blades for long and trouble-free service,
  • additional voltage switch 100–240 volts, which is appropriate for men who travel,
  • Highlight for detailed visibility.

Some of the above functions may be redundant and unclaimed for some men, as well as ideal for others. Therefore, in this case, the choice of trimmer is a purely personal and individual matter.

The best manufacturers and models

To make it easier for a man to decide which trimmer is better to choose for modeling, shaving, and cutting a beard and mustache, specialists made a rating of the best manufacturers of such devices. The following world brands are in the top list:

  1. Aeg - A world famous brand that is a link in Electrolux. Trimmers from such a manufacturer are reliable and high quality, demonstrating the ideal price-quality ratio.
  2. Philips is a popular brand that holds leading positions in demand and popularity worldwide. Trimmers are equipped with the latest features and capabilities, so they can be used at home and in salons. Many models will work autonomously for up to 50-60 minutes.
  3. Moser is a German brand that produces high quality shaving accessories and appliances. Specialists attribute these trimmers to the category of high prices and professional equipment.

Three world brands today are actively engaged in the development and production of new models and improved modifications of shaving machines, trimmers and hair styling for men’s face. Manufacturers offer inexpensive models for beginners, as well as professional devices for use in salons and hairdressers.

Why trimmer

This small appliance, due to its size, is unsuitable for a high-quality haircut or for a full shave. Its advantage is lightness and miniature size. These qualities make it possible to perfectly remove hair in hard-to-reach places, and to exactly repeat the intricate contours of the chin.

To choose the best trimmer of 2019, you need to pay attention to several criteria:

  • possible cutting length
  • number of modes (levels),
  • the presence of interchangeable nozzles and their number,
  • vacuum bristle removal system,
  • recharge time
  • battery life
  • type of food
  • the quality of the blades and the possibility of replacing them.

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Trimmer selection rules

To choose a good trimmer for a beard and mustache, as well as other parts of the body, you need to consider several rules:

  1. The width of the cutting part. The more corners and zigzags your hair beard has, the narrower the trimmer head should be. This, of course, will slow down the process a little, but using the trimmer will become much more convenient.
  2. Replaceable nozzles. Their presence and number significantly increases the cost of the device. Therefore, before buying, think about what nozzles and why you really need.
  3. The ability to adjust the height of the haircut. Such a function is available in the vast majority of models. But the number of levels can vary.
  4. Blades. They come in stainless steel or ordinary steel. The trick is that you cannot sharpen them yourself. Dull blades must be replaced. But their price is often comparable to the cost of a new trimmer. So the choice of trimmers for a beard and mustache with self-sharpening knives is one of the most faithful.
  5. Blade cleaning quality. There are three possible options: dry, wet and vacuum. The latter, of course, is most preferable, but such models are much more expensive.
  6. Battery life. Before buying a trimmer, ask how long it can work without a break. For most models, this figure is at the level of 45-50 minutes. But there are also “centenarians.” Some devices are capable of working on a single charge for 1.5–2 hours or more.
  7. Full recharge time. Of course, it is best to buy a device that restores its performance faster. But you can give preference to the fact that they charge 3-4 hours. They often cost a lot less. And if you are not going to use the device all the time, this may be enough time.
  8. Ability to work from the network. Some models do not have an electric cord and can only work on battery or battery. It is very convenient when traveling, but very disadvantageous in everyday life.
  9. Availability of items to care for the equipment. Many models come with a carrying case, cleaning brushes, and special oil for moving parts.
  10. Voltage switch. There are trimmers that can work from the mains in the range from 100 to 240 V. This can be a powerful argument for those who often travel to different countries.
  11. Options Some 2019 models are equipped with laser pointers to achieve perfect lines. This is very important when forming model hairstyles from a mustache and beard.
  12. Reviews Here, it is rather important not even the presence of positive comments, but the absence of negative ones. Probably not worth explaining why.

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Braun BT 3040

Elegant design, comfortable grip. It works from its own battery for 1 hour. It restores a charge of 8 hours. The indicator informs about the charge level. Ample opportunities for a perfect haircut will provide 39 length settings. Allowable haircuts from 1 mm to 20 mm. Two nozzles. Wet cleaning. The length is adjusted with the regulator or by changing nozzles. Additional elements: brush for cleaning, razor Gillette Fusion ProGlide, two nozzles.

The cost of 2490 rubles.

  1. Dry and wet shave.
  2. Weak vibration in working condition.
  3. Not buzzing.
  4. Easily takes coarse and curly hair.
  5. Accurately follows the contour and bends of the face / neck.
  6. Purely whiskeys.
  7. Flexible settings - as many as 39.
  8. Perfect precision.

  1. It takes a long time to recharge.
  2. Nozzles do not lift hair well. Need to adapt.
  3. The battery fails after 6 months of operation.

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Panasonic ER-GB40

The model is almost in the same price segment with Brown - 2340 rubles. 10 minutes less battery life, and charge recovery 8 hours.The charge indicator in time will warn of a drop in energy. There is only one nozzle, but the stainless steel blade. A smaller number of length settings is 20, and the possibility of cutting lengths from 1 to 10 mm. The knife is optimal width - 2.7 cm, light weight - 150 g, ergonomic handle with rubberized inserts. The body colors to choose from are blue or red. Wet cleaning. Additional items: charging stand, oil and brush for cleaning.

  1. Easy to rinse under water.
  2. It shaves cleanly and painlessly.
  3. Not noisy.
  4. The handle material is pleasant to the touch.
  5. It’s great to lay down in your hand.
  6. Due to special grooves, shaved hair does not scatter around.

  1. Long charge.
  2. Dimensional docking station.
  3. There is no indication of the charge level.

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Philips QT 4015 Series 3000

Strict classic black case design, 32 mm wide knife with rounded blades. The available haircut length is from 0.5 to 10 mm, the number of settings is 20, as in Panasonic. Compared with the first two models, it works longer autonomously - 1.5 hours, less restores the charge - 1 hour. The charge indication in time will warn about the need to recharge the battery. Wet cleaning, adjusting the length only with the regulator, one nozzle. Additionally, the package includes: a case for storage and transportation, a brush for cleaning.

  1. Compact.
  2. Holds a charge for a long time and restores it very quickly.
  3. Easy to care for.
  4. One adjustable nozzle, which is very convenient.
  5. Good gradual step setting.
  6. Fully consistent with the price.

  1. The indicator does not show the remaining energy, but only the charging process at the docking station.
  2. Shaved hairs scatter around.

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Remington MB4120

The budget model is 2 times cheaper than the first three - 1219 rubles. Powered by 2 x AAA batteries. One nozzle, a sufficient number of settings - 11, a good step in the length of the haircut from 0.4 to 18 mm. Wet cleaning. One nozzle. The length of the haircut is adjusted by the regulator. The kit additionally comes with a brush for cleaning.

  1. Inexpensive.
  2. Batteries can always be selected and purchased.
  3. Easy.
  4. Sharp blades.

  1. No case included.
  2. Buttons are not ergonomically located.
  3. The battery cover has a slight backlash.
  4. Big step.

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Braun EN 10

The case is silver in metallic color, a comfortable wide handle with small anti-slip “pimples”. Autonomous food from one AA element. Battery life up to 1 hour. Wet cleaning. Additional elements: protective cap on the knife, spare battery. 2 year warranty. The cost of 1277 rubles.

  1. Ergonomic, convenient to use.
  2. Good alkaline battery included.
  3. Does not pull out hair.

  1. Do not shave.
  2. It is necessary to adapt so that the hair falls into the cleft of the head, otherwise it does not shave and pulls out.

Philips NT3160 Series 3000

The price is 50 rubles more expensive than Brown. Stylish design of the case, a combination of colors black with steel and bright orange for the nozzle. Rubberized anti-slip inserts on the handle. Stainless steel blades, the width of the knife is 2.1 cm. Powered by a single battery A 30 minutes. Light model - 120 g. Wet cleaning. Included are two nozzles, a protective case, a pair of combs to trim the eyebrows.

  1. Ergonomic handle and light weight.
  2. Quiet at work.
  3. Good equipment.

  1. Does not shave the first time.
  2. It is difficult to insert the eyebrow nozzle.
  3. The nose processes efficiently, and the eyebrows are terrible.
  4. Inconveniently located knives, too long inoperative zone on the nozzle.

Panasonic ER-GN30

The budget model is 948 rubles. Original design and shape of the case. It is slightly bent, which adds to the comfort of use. Power, as in previous trimmers - from AA batteries. Handle with rubberized inserts. Wet cleaning. Additional elements: brush for cleaning, protective cover.

  1. Great trimmer for little money.
  2. It works for a long time on a single battery charge.
  3. Well fit all the details.
  4. It cuts nose hair well.

  1. Incomprehensible symbols on the case. It is required to carefully study the instructions.
  2. It's hard to buy a replacement knife.
  3. In 30% of users, after 3-6 months, the device began to make a cracking loud sound, pulling out hair instead of shaving.

Remington PG6030

Universal set. Two types of power from the network and 40 minutes from an autonomous source. There is a charge indicator. Knife length 3 cm, titanium blades. 6 nozzles. Wet cleaning. Anti-slip insert on the handle. Haircut length from 2 to 24 mm, adjustable with a regulator or interchangeable nozzles. The package includes: stand for charging, a pair of trimmers - one 0.02 mm, the second for the nose and ears, a razor-nozzle, a pair of comb-nozzles. The cost of 1640 rubles.

  1. The trimmer is lightweight and comfortable for the hand.
  2. Shears well even at high speeds.
  3. Beard, mustache, whiskers cuts perfectly, does not tear out hair.
  4. Good accessories.
  5. Reliable attachment of nozzles. Do not fly off during work.
  6. Light and not noisy.
  7. The battery lasts a long time.
  8. Moisture-resistant housing, washable.

  1. Not suitable for cutting hair.
  2. Smooth running, difficult to glide on the skin.
  3. It restores the charge for a long time.
  4. Not hard material nozzles, bend under pressure.
  5. Not a rotary type of nozzles for the nose and ears, unpleasant sensations from use.

Polaris PHC 3015RC

Like Remintong, a universal kit. Two power sources, one from the mains, the second from the battery for 45 minutes of operation. 8 hours charge recovery. 3 cm wide knife, stainless steel blades. 10 tips for cutting 0.5-12 mm long. Correction of the dyne parameter by the regulator or by changing nozzles. The charge process is highlighted by an indicator. Additional equipment: charging stand, comb, 3 trimmers: 0.5, 3, 3.8 cm, nozzles: 3/6/9/12, telescopic 3-7 mm., Brush for cleaning, oil, mini razor . The price is 300 rubles higher than in Remington.

  1. Powerful and convenient.
  2. It fits comfortably in the hand.
  3. Holds a charge well.
  4. Gently and evenly glides, does not pull out the hair.
  5. It smooths and cuts the beard well, and shaves the neck and sideburns with a mini-razor.
  6. Full set.
  7. Simple cleaning.

  1. Sometimes it buzzes and tweaks hair.

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Braun MGK 3060

Model only with an autonomous energy source. It works longer than Remington and Polaris - 1 hour. It takes 8 hours to restore charge. Like in Polaris, stainless steel blades. The number of length settings is greater than in Remington and Polaris - 26, and the step start is 1-21 mm. Wet cleaning. The length is adjustable with a regulator or a change of six nozzles. Additional items: nose / ear trimmer, Gillette Fusion ProGlide signature razor, cleaning brush. The cost of 2845 rubles.

  1. Very beautiful in appearance. Original stylish design.
  2. The blades are sharp and do not blunt for a long time.
  3. It shaves without plucking, smoothly.
  4. Moving razor.
  5. Easy to clean.
  6. Stable work.
  7. A rich set of nozzles.
  8. Large selection of lengths, convenient step.

  1. Weak handle.
  2. There is no case for transportation.
  3. There is no shaving head in the nose, it does not cling or cut.
  4. It takes a long time to charge.

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Rowenta TN-9130

Aesthetic design. High speed motor 6500 rpm, versatility. Powered by own power supply 60 min. To restore the charge requires 480 minutes. An indicator indicates the level of replenishment of energy. Blades, like Brown's stainless steel. The smaller the number of settings is 7, but the more nozzles are 7. The minimum length of the haircut is 0.5 mm with correction by the regulator or by changing nozzles. Completely waterproof case, use under a shower is allowed. Additional items: Charging stand, 2 trim tabs for ears / nose and narrow, brush for cleaning, oil. It costs 240 rubles higher than the Braun MGK 3060.

  1. High speed motor 6500 rpm - excellent shaving quality.
  2. The battery is capacitive, the charge lasts for 1-2 months without recharging.
  3. A good set of nozzles can be selected for individual needs.
  4. Complete protection against water.
  5. High-quality assembly, all parts are firmly installed, nozzles dress easily.
  6. Narrow mesh razor - ideal for styling contours.

  1. You can not cut the hair on the head, pulls.
  2. Included are non-separable nozzles that cannot be cleaned.
  3. Only one comb up to 7 mm.
  4. It’s not clear how to clean the nozzles. The instruction does not tell.

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Philips MG 7730 Series 7000

The most expensive rating model is 3,700 rubles. Added body shaving function. Also, as in Rowenta, Braun has autonomous power, but the operating time is 2 times longer - 2 hours. High-speed capacity recovery - 60 min. More nozzles - 16 pieces. Wet cleaning. On the handle rubberized inserts. Adjusting the length with a regulator or changing nozzles. The package includes: trimmers for contour and ears / nose. Razors: nozzle for the body, nozzle to protect the body. Combs: for beard with adjustment, 2 for bristles, 4 for hair, 2 for body.

  1. Capacitive battery.
  2. A rich set of nozzles.
  3. Compact charger.
  4. Self-sharpening blades.
  5. Waterproof housing.
  6. Fast recharge 5 min.
  7. Easy fixation and removal of nozzles.
  8. Multifunctionality.

  1. A terrible bag case.
  2. Not fully rubberized handle, only around the buttons.
  3. The on / off button during transportation switches on spontaneously. There is no protection.
  4. There is no case for storing nozzles.
  5. Poor Philips service. If the part is rusted, then it is not changed, but simply advised not to use it.

Philips BT9297 Series 9000

Only for beard and mustache. It works autonomously for 1 h 20 min and from the network. 60 min recharge Light weight 246 g. Stainless steel blades. 3 nozzles. Wet cleaning. The run-up of the length settings is 17. The blades are rounded. The haircut length of 0.4 -7 mm is adjusted by a regulator or three nozzles. Wet cleaning. Laser guidance. The kit includes a transport case, a trimmer for the contour.

The cost is 3990 rubles.

  1. Knives with rounded tips do not scratch the skin.
  2. Interesting design.
  3. Easy to use, fits well in the hand.
  4. Two sources of energy.
  5. It works on the battery for a long time without recharging.

  1. In the kit, they called the case a regular bag.
  2. The front side is slippery gloss.
  3. Big size.
  4. Laser for decoration, do not use.
  5. Without a crest, the main wide nozzle can cause cuts.

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GA.MA GC 614

Unlike Philips - a universal set for a beard, mustache, haircuts in the nose / ears, hair. There are also two power sources - autonomous for only 50 minutes. Long recharge - 480 min. The greater number of nozzles is 9. The smaller the number of lengths is 12. Self-sharpening knives. The maximum length of the haircut is 3 cm. The case is beautiful copper color.

Additional elements: trimmers: wide, narrow, for cutting in the nose / ears. Accessories: combs for a wide trimmer - 2 pcs., Guide for a narrow trimmer - 1 pc. Cleaning brush, oil, charging stand, scissors, nozzle for thinning. The price is 600 rubles less than Philips.

  1. Multifunctionality.
  2. The grade is excellent.
  3. Two sources of energy.
  4. It works for a long time without a network.
  5. Comfortable for girth, light weight.
  6. Original stylish design and color.

  1. The flimsy plastic.
  2. No instructions.
  3. Of the nozzles, workers are only 2: 3 and 6 mm.
  4. The main purpose is to cut a beard, not what is listed.

Wahl 9818-116

Unlike the GA.MA GC 614, it is completely universal, including the body. But it works only from an autonomous source. Charge recovery 60 min. Less nozzles - 7 pcs. The run length of the haircuts is 0.5 - 12 mm, the adjustment is only nozzles. Additional elements: charging stand, case, comb, nose / ear trimmer, brush, oil. The cost is 1.6 times higher than Philips - 6720 rubles.

Of the pluses, only a beautiful design is noted.

There are more disadvantages, professional barbers use the products of a trade brand, but not this model.

How to choose a trimmer for cutting a mustache and beard. Which beard and mustache trimmer which company is better to choose

The companies included in this rating are well-known to buyers, as they are giants in the market of large and small household appliances for the home. But today, a company with a lesser known name, specializing in the production of mainly hair care products for men and women, was also able to enter the leader list.

Let's take a closer look at each company:

  • Panasonic is a large Japanese corporation, one of the world's largest manufacturers of electronic devices. The range of her beard trimmers, clippers and electric shavers for men impresses with its diversity. All of them follow the contours of the face, create a smooth, neat and aesthetic bristle.
  • Philips - the proposals of this major manufacturer are interesting in terms of reliability, versatility and quality. He has in his assortment models of trimmers for shaving and cutting a beard and mustache, hair on the head and nose. They collect up to 90% of vegetation and do not “litter”. There are devices that work both from the network and autonomously.
  • Braun - the company sells products for men's shaving with the best value for money. It gives absolute, 100% accuracy control over the style. The devices have a competent scale for cutting length, flexible settings, sharp blades.
  • Remington - one of the activities of this company is the creation of electric devices for shaving and cutting men. She has both budget trimmers and premium cars with excellent handling.

How to choose a beard trimmer trimmer. Which is better: a trimmer or a hair clipper?

In the market of small household appliances, there are many models of trimmers and clippers. They are designed to facilitate and simplify the process of working with hair. However, they are not only bought by professionals. A hair clipper and trimmer will help to trim the child, trim the beard and mustache, align the line of bristles on the face. Therefore, many people purchase these devices for home use. For an uninitiated person in the subtleties of hairdressing services, it is not clear how the trimmer differs from a hairdressing machine, because they are both designed to cut hair.

Distinctive features and purpose of the trimmer

  • The main thing that distinguishes the trimmer from the clipper is its size and weight. It weighs a little, compact, fits perfectly in a purse. It’s good to take it with you on a trip.
  • A trimmer is distinguished from a razor and a clipper by a wide range of possibilities, additional nozzles allow you to shave the bristles on your face, trim the whiskers, form a beard and mustache, trim the line of hairstyles, it is more convenient for hairdressers to carry out modeling with their help.
  • Trimmers are distinguished by the fact that they can not cope with very stiff and very long hair.
  • Suitable for specific work (removing hair from the ears and nose), small hair trimmers with a narrow rotating head are used to remove hair in places of poor accessibility.
  • Used when an unusual hairstyle is performed, a pattern is created from the hair on the head, and are used for intimate haircuts.
  • The minimum pitch of the device is 0.5-0.7 mm. This step creates an advantage over other hairdressing devices, allows you to cut and trim hair in sensitive and inaccessible areas.
  • After work, the cutting nozzle is simply rinsed in water.
  • A trimmer or razor works almost silently compared to a machine,
  • The battery lasts for a long time.
  • Wireless models hold a charge longer, but their cost increases because of this.
  • Some models have a backlight for working in the dark.
  • It does not need to be connected to the mains, as the device operates on batteries or on battery power.
  • Its main purpose: trimming hairstyles, fringing facial hair.


Braun is one of the leaders in the production of household appliances, including appliances that allow high-quality self-care. For almost 100 years, the company has been producing useful and quality products.

Production is carried out in the EU and China. The range of hair trimmers from Braun contains a large number of items that take into account the various wishes of customers.


The Remington brand appeared in 1937 as a manufacturer of household appliances for beauty and personal care. Today, the brand belongs to the American concern Spectrum Brands. Production facilities are mainly located in China. Remington produces many devices and devices for hair, face and body care, this is the main activity. The assortment is wide - razors, trimmers, hair styling devices and much more. The brand is widely represented in Europe and is popular due to the fact that the manufacturer captures and implements modern trends in fashion and beauty, while taking care of the quality of the products.


A Dutch company with more than a century of history is widely represented on the Russian market as a manufacturer of lighting products, health care products and consumer goods for various purposes, including household appliances. Philips personal care products are characterized by quality, an innovative approach, convenience and reliability. In Russia, the company is deservedly one of the leaders in sales of small household appliances.


The Japanese company has long been recognized as one of the best manufacturers of household appliances and electronics. Not surprising, because her motto is "Improving life, improving the world." Qualitatively and consistently satisfying the desires of consumers is a task that Panasonic has been successfully managing for almost 100 years.


The German brand is famous for its high quality, excellent product characteristics, exquisite design and price range, in which everyone can find a model that suits him in terms of cost and parameters. Moser is a brand that has established itself as a manufacturer of professional hairdressing equipment.

How to choose a beard trimmer. How to choose a trimmer based on the type of beard

There are many varieties of beards, each of which not only suits a particular type of face, but also implies the use of certain instruments for modeling.

If there is no desire to change the shape of the vegetation on the face, then when buying a trimmer, you can focus on simplified options with the right types of nozzles.

If you wish to experiment, it is better to purchase models with additional options.

Types of beards and their features:

  • Russian beard (the beard covers the entire lower part of the face, to maintain its shape you can use nozzles of the maximum size, it does not require significant care),
  • "Bretta" or a Hollywood beard (hair length should not exceed three millimeters, vegetation is present only around the mouth and on the edge of the lower jaw, it is difficult to make such a beard on its own due to the use of several nozzles with different blade widths and working lengths),
  • extended goatee (tanks are trimmed, and the mustache and chin line are slightly trimmed, a nozzle with a maximum size of the length of the working surface is used to model such a beard),
  • “Balbo” (visually such a beard is similar to the Russian type, but there are no whiskers, the length can be grown at your own discretion, using nozzles with different working surfaces and blade widths for cutting and modeling),
  • “Anchor” (the vegetation under the lower lip is longer than on the other parts of the beard, with the help of a trimmer, all excess hairs are removed from the minimum long working surface and modeling is carried out, the elongated part is corrected by standard type nozzles),
  • “Three-day bristle” (a nozzle with a minimum working surface is suitable for modeling this type of beard).

Trimmer Function

The trimmer can be:

Professional models do not make sense to start at home: they are equipped with a more stable battery, so they cost significantly more. Such a long operating time is not necessary for using the house - standard one and a half hours without recharging is more than enough!

Home trimmers are similar to professional ones, but work without recharging less - one and a half to two hours.

Universal trimmers are created not only for cutting beards and mustaches, but also for styling hairstyles. This is possible due to the change of nozzles. Convenient and time saving!

Type of power and battery life

There are two options. Or your trimmer works from the network, and the wire is always interfering with shaving, but the device will not turn off at the most important moment. Or no wires - charged the battery, and you can induce beauty until the charge runs out.

Experts recommend a hybrid option, when the trimmer can be plugged into an outlet for a long process and disconnected from it if you are up to five minutes.


The trimmer configuration depends on what goals you can achieve with it. So, the kit may include a nozzle for modeling a beard and mustache, a shaving nozzle, a nozzle for modeling eyebrows, a nozzle for styling a hairstyle. Small additional nozzles are designed to combat vegetation in the ears and nose.

Additional features

The trimmer can be equipped with additional features for your convenience:

  • built-in backlight will allow you to work more accurately, without missing a single section,
  • vacuum suction will collect all the hairs, preventing them from flying around the room,
  • the blade height adjuster allows you to accurately set the length of the cut ends.

Beard trimmer with vacuum system. Tips from professional barbers: How to choose a trimmer (machine) for a beard and mustache?

Trends in modern fashion tell us that a beautiful beard has undoubtedly become one of the key attributes of a male image. If earlier it was required to regularly visit a hairdresser so that he would give the facial hair the right shape and fashionable look, now it is easy to do it yourself. All that is required of a man is to purchase an inexpensive but good beard trimmer.

To make the right choice, experts recommend paying attention to 7 main characteristics when buying.

  • Quality and manufacturing technology of blades. Commonly used blades are stainless steel or stainless steel. A key feature is that they cannot be sharpened on their own. In budget models, after 12 months of intensive use, the blades become unusable and require replacement. Their cost is about 30-40% of the total trimmer price. It is recommended to choose models in which there are self-sharpening knives with a titanium coating.
  • The width of the working area. The narrower the width of the cutting head, the better quality you can make on the beard characteristic angles, curves and “zigzags”. Using such models is difficult, but they provide an opportunity to get a beautiful result.
  • Cutting height adjustment levels. All trimmers are equipped with this function. Moreover, the number of levels of high-quality expensive models is much higher and reaches up to 20 modes. They allow you to adjust the length of the haircut in the middle range from 0.5 to 13 mm.
  • The presence and number of interchangeable nozzles. You should immediately determine what shaving tips are required. The choice depends on the style of the beard and the stiffness of the bristles. A large number of nozzles opens up opportunities for experiments, but the price at the same time doubles.
  • Cleaning technology. To clean the blades of hair, there are three variations: dry, wet and vacuum. The latter is considered the most innovative and high quality. But the price for trimmers with vacuum blade cleaning will be much more expensive.
  • Battery modes. The trimmer is considered a compact portable accessory and can be useful on any trip. The vast majority of models are able to work without recharging no more than 45-60 minutes. In this case, the battery recovery time can take up to 3-4 hours. In professional models, the charge is designed for 1.5-2 hours of continuous operation.
  • Type of recharge. Few people know, but not all devices are equipped with a 220 V socket. Some models work exclusively from batteries or a battery station. If you do not have time to make a haircut in the allotted time, you will have to postpone the machine and wait for its restoration. Good devices have several options for use. Consider this when choosing.

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